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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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our big story tonight... in just two days... the fate of the oakland raiders could be determined... thanks for joining us at eleven, i'm jr stone.(( change vo in mon)) all 32 team owners in the national football league are meeting and they could decide if the raiders will stay in oakland or move to las vegas. kron four's philippe djegal attended a rally and march in oakland... (philippe)fans/nats- "build in oakland, build in oakland." years of negotiations between the oakland raiders, the city and county of oakland and potential prviate partners may soon come to a head... as n-f-l owners are on the brink of deciding whether or not to keep the silver and black here or shuttle them down to las vegas. oakland mayor libby schaaf says the city has done all it could to prevent the raiders from moving for a
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second time.libby schaaf/mayor- "people are saying oakland's efforts to build a new stadium have been stalled for years. nothing has changed and therefore, the raiders have no choice, but to leave. we are calling bullsáát on that." hall of famer ronnie lott and business partner rodney pete did not attend the rally held at the oakland coliseum because they're in arizona ahead of the vote. but their teammate drew mcknight with the fortress investment group told the crowd of more than 150 fans and local leaders that his team is willing to put up at least 800-million dollars in private funds to build the raiders a new stadium on the coliseum site... and, that their plan is viable.drew mcknight/fortress investment group- "there are no questions here. these numbers work and we're here's to guarantee themfans/nats- "stay in oakland."larry reid/council member- "our deal is equal or better than what they have in vegas." fans concluded by marching around the coliseum in solidarity.
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die-hards just hoping their team stays.brian brooks/fan- 'oakland is ready to, you know, build, they're ready to dig, they're ready to put shovels in the dirt. they have the funding, they have the money. nfl can't sit by and say this is not an option for us."stand-up close three fourths of the n-f-l's thirty two owners must approve any plan to move the raiders... and, it's possible that vote can come as early as monday in phoenix. in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. (jr stone) stick with kron4 for this relocation vote.. we have you covered.... the owners meeting starts tomorrow in phoenix. and kron4's mark carpenter will be there reporting live fous tomorrow on the kron4 morning news on any developments. and while there are multiple reports a vote could happen... we are also tracking the possibility that it could get pushed back to the next owners meeting in may. (jr stone) our other big story tonight.....san jose crime is on the rise... six homicides so far this year...
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and tonight san jose police are investigating a suspicious death after a body was found near an elementary school.... kron4's lydia pantazes is in the south bay tonight with details on the case (pkg)"for this neighborhood, its super unusual."it's here on the 900 block on bard street in san jose where a man happened right next to an elementary school."this is a nice neighborhood and for it to happen here, just concerns everyone in the whole neighborhood.""i've lived in san jose my whole life and it's never been as bad as it is now."when lorri de souza and her family saw the crime scene, they rushed over to find out what happened."and they said we needed to talk to you because you guys live down the street and we had to give my name and address and they had asked us if we were up early this morning and i said yeah we were up since 530 this
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morning and asked me if i heard gunshots and i said i didn't hear any gunshots and noise."police got the call saturday morning shortly after 10.... of a person down and not breathing with visible injuries. when police arrived they found an adult male suffering from serious injuries. medical personnel pronounced him dead a short time souza says recently she's has seen in an increase in transients in the area..."the school is fenced but sometimes they will jump the fence to sleep in between the buildings in the school." for now, police are investigating this incident as a suspicious death and they have not released the victim's name. (jrstone) also in san jose... the family and friends are honoring frank
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navarro with a benefit concert. six local bands gathered at the drying shed to remember the beloved little league coach. navarro was stabbed to death last month while working security at a night club. six people have since been charged with his murder. the family is charging a ten dollar entrance fee and is selling items such as t-shirts. the proceeds will help the family with funeral and burial expenses. (jrs stone) happening now. at least 8 families are without a place to call home after flames tore through an apartment complex in pleasant hill. this is footage of the flames we received from a viewer. you're looking at the side of the apartment building. firefighters tell us that everyone was able to get out safely. this happened just after 9 last night. four of the eight apartments were affected by either smoke or flames. the building was so badly
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destroyed those in the other four apartments won't be able to go home. investigators are still unsure as to how this fire started. in this viewer video you can see the tree caught fire as well. crews were eventually able to get this under control. (jrstone) it was frightening day on the las vegas strip... when a man opened fire on a public bus. it happened around 11 a-m near the cosmopolitan. authorities say the man shot two people... killing one and injuring the other. he then barricaded himself in the bus... putting a portion of the strip on lock down for hours. officials say around 3:30 this afternoon... the man surrendered peacefully. in san francisco, house democratic leader nancy pelosi and congresswoman jackie speier held a townhall at balboa high school.the topics they touched on we're determined by polls of their constituents. they spent the most time addressing
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healthcare - including a single-payer system - and russian ties to president trump and members of his cabinet.they also addressed concerns about the environment, and ultimately asked for support in changing the make up of congress in two san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. in sf it was a ((jrs/live)) still ahead... it was a beautiful day it was a still ahead... ((jrs/live)) kron four news.spencer blake, in san francisco, years. congress in two san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. ((jrs/live)) still ahead... ((jrs/live)) ((jrs/live)) still ahead... it was a beautiful day across the bay area... but
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that won't last... meteorologist lawrence karnow will explain when we'll see the next round of rain.
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(jr stone) joining me now is meteorologist lawrence karnow with details on weather. lawrence karnow: we can expect between a 10th to quarter of an inch of rain in most places. highs tomorrow will be cooler in the 50s to low 60s. the next seven days shows cool and brisk weather on monday with much warmer weather toward the middle and end of next week.
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(soft music) - it's appalling. just, when i see the dog do this, that it's scared. it knows that something bad is about to happen and it's fearful. you just can't hit dogs and throw them on the ground. it's unacceptable. we need to either find the woman in the video, we need to find the person who took the video, or we need to find the person who owns that dog, and that's what the humane society is looking for. they wanna see if the dog was injured,


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