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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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with higher prices. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (pam) tonight -- anger and frustration among raider fans in the bay area.. i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. today the n- f-l owners voted to allow the raiders to move to las vegas. (pam) tonight at eleven: we have team coverage on everything you need to know. in phoenix-- the nightmare scenario oakland raiders fans have been dreading for months became a reality this morning. as nfl owners, by a tally of 31-1, voted to approve a move that sends the silver and black to las vegas. "my father used to say that the greatness of the raiders is in its future and the opportunity to build a world class stadium in the entertainment capital of the world is one opportunity that will give us the ability to achieve that greatness."the raiders are expected to remain in the bay area for two more seasons...while their new
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stadium is constructed.mark carpenter, kron4 news here at oakland city hall, city leaders making one final play to keep the raiders in oakland, they have sent this letter to the nfl detailing specifics about their stadium plan and answering questions the nfl has. oakland mayor libby schaaf says the plan is superior to the las vegas plan sot.the only question that remains is will the raiders choose oakland and stay home. nfl owners are set to vote monday whether to allow the raiders to relocate to las vegas. at oakland city hall dan kerman kron 4 news. i am pissed. they cut out the soul of the teamhere at rickeys in san leandro the shield is broken . just like the hearts of the die hard fans that frequent this raiders bar. sots - i am
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confused and my heart is sad, mark traded us for vegas raider nation is known for it's flare the color, the costumes, the personality and loyalitlythe fans here don't think that passion will exist in vegas sot - voodoo can't replicate what we do at our stadium herethe team is still here for two more seasons most fans i spoke with will chear them on but will not pay to see a game at the collosium. sots - i will not pay to see a game and give mark davis another cent james has been a fan his whole life he is hoping the raiders reloction to las vegas will be a short one sot - james i hope they move back in 5 years. it's possible until they move back these fans will be watching their team weekly here at rickys in san leandro.. gabe slate kron 4 news.. here in oakland on monday fans are reacting to news that nfl owners have approved a possible move by the raiders to las vegas. now i spoke to one group who says they are very dissapointed but point out that it's not a done deal. the raiders will still need to find a stadium site in vegas and finish securing funding and their hoping that during that process the team will decide that staying here at the coliseum or in oakland is there best option. in the east bay chuck clifford kron 4 news. (grant) another big story we're tracking. tonight -- three people are dead -- and
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one person still missing after a massive fire in oakland. several dozen people are without homes... it's a three story building on san pablo in west oakland. the building was home to recovering drug addicts and people who were formerly homeless... 9-11 calls strated flooding dispatchers just before 7:00 this morning. firefighters rescued at least 15 people. the death toll could rise as crews are not yet able to safely search through all the rubble. the building is unstable. two adults and children were hospitalized and are expected to be okay. people inside were terrified when the fire started raging. person in building: "there were no fire alarms going off at all. i just hear fire fire fire, i grabbed my pants, couldn't see because of the smoke and just saw the glow of the flames."fire dept:"on the onset we saw at least seven individuals who were hanging from out of the windows on the second and third floors." (grant) no estimate on when crews
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will be able to search the whole building. also unclear when they'll be able to nail down a cause of this deadly fire. families displaced by the fire spent the day with the red cross, as they try to figure out what to do next. they were initially taken to a church, and have since been placed in a shelter ... kron 4's alecia reid is in west oakland... where tensions are heightened after all of this.. while investigators continue to work at this hour, people that lived in that building are dealing with a lot of anxiety tonight.pkgnatsot - it's sad.physically and emotionally drained families were agitated while waiting to find out where they'd be spending the night.sot - we need blankets, food, clothes, i mean these people lost
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everythinga number of children were victims of the fire parents concerned for their safety and wellbeing.eliza anderson - sot - i got 3 kids. all my kids have asthma. i got 3 little cousins, and 2 little girl cousins. they all have asthma and use nebulizers. they said our medicine was supposed to come but aint nothing came.all of the displaced families were initially taken to first presbyterian church, where they spent the majority of the day ... an a-c transit bus transported them to the west oakland youth center which is now a temporary shelter.sot - i was just made assured that the shelter in place tonight. they will be fed 3 meals and there will be help as far as financial assistance.because a number of buildings had to be evacuated, red cross tells me there's anywhere from 70 - 120 people that they're helping tonight. they're still trying to verify who the actual tenants of the buildings are. they believe some people may have been squatters.ed silva / red cross sot - a lot of these people could be people telling us they live in the building and we haven't been able to verify for many reasons. a - they don't have id. b - they cant get to their id because they lost it or it's in the building and they can't get to it. so it's a tough situation. although on edge, these
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tenants are grateful to have made it out alive, as the death toll currently stands at 3.irene randall - sot - there's no elevator, just a bunch of stairs, one way in one way out. no fire extinguisher, no smoke alarms, no sprinklers, nothing. the attorney representing the master tenant of the oakland building that caught fire monday morning.says the timing of the fire is suspicious.james cook, who represents urojas community services, has been fighting to let the organization keep its tenancy, or at least get more time to move outsince owner keith kim tried to usher the residents out in december.on march 17th, kim filed a 30-day
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notice to vacate.last week cook made it clear he intended to fight that notice.then the fire happened on monday the newsroom, spencer blake, kron four news. in san jose..the trial in the alleged murder of morgan hill cheer leader sierra lamar is now into it's 8th week. lawyers for the accused, antolin garcia torres, called their firstwitness monday. the jury heard testimony about surveillance video from a vta bus that failed to showthe suspect's vehicle, as claimed by an earlier witness. the defense is trying to cast doubt on the case against garcia torres, which is based largely on dna and other forensic evidence. sierra lamar went missing in march of 2012. her body has never been found. garcia torres, if convicted, faces the death penalty. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news in alamo quite the sight you wouldn't expect to see a horse followed by a mule galloping on interstate 680. steve burdo with contra costa county animal services says the animals broke through a fence about a mile away and got on
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using an on ramp.lanes were shut down before 7:30 monday morning as officers rounded up the four-legged far the mystery of where the two escaped from alamo ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) coming up .. the weather forecast is off to a great start for the bay area this week... (steve)our chief meterologist brittney shipp fills has more on the warmup - next.
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slightly cooler conditions are expected on thursday as a weather system moves into eastern california and nevada. that weather system will bring only a slight chance of showers to the northern and eastern portions of our area, and also
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result in blustery conditions near the coast and in the hills by late thursday. high pressure will redevelop late in the week and result in warmer weather once again by the weekend.
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