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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 4, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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house passage of a bill replacing obama care.why democrats say he may be celebrating too early..whoosh students in the east bay are suing their school for disciplining them over their postings on social mediawhoosh and the winter snow melt delivers a spectacular show at're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) an upscale neighborhood rocked by violence. after a couple is murdered inside their home. san jose police say the killer --- a 24 year old man who shot and killed his ex-girlfriends' parents.(steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. the shooter was taken down by police. but not before a tense confrontation in san jose's willow glen neighborhood.(steve) kron-4's grant lodes joins us now with what is the second
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deadly san jose police shooting in two days. (grant) it's down a private road in san jose's willow glen neighborhood where everyday tranquility... was shattered by gunfire and murder last night. police say about 9:00, the 24 year old suspect entered a home on laura ville lane, off lincoln avenue...and shot and killed the parents of his ex-girlfriend. the ex girlfriend was not at home at the time, but her two brothers ages 20 and 13 were. the 20 year old managed to escape and call police but the 13 year old remained inside the suspect eventually did let the 13 year old boy go unharmed...but his parents are now gone. the upscale neighborhood was and kim vosterman/heard gunshot: we could hear the bullhorn and police asking him to come out with his hands up eddie garcia/san jose police chief: it's just a tragic tragic
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incident perpetrated by evil, i don't know how else to put it sot holly troche/heard gunshot: i'm just sad for the family and the situation they've gone through is horrendous so my thoughts and prayers are with them.(grant)crisis negotiators were brought in but police say the suspect appeared eventually... pointed a handgun at at least one fatal shot was fired at the suspect. police say he had a history of domestic violence and an active criminal restraining order , in addition the suspect had a history of mental illness. (grant) last night's shooting comes less than 24-hours after another fatal police shooting that took police in east san jose tuesday night. a man was shot outside a home on mount frazier drive. officers responded to a call about a family disturbance. police say a 28-year-old man came out of the garage and charged at one of the officer's with
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kitchen knives in both hands. an officer fired his gun. the man was shot and later died. the officer involved in tuesday's shooting is a 15- year veteran. this is, make no mistake, this is a repeal and replace of obamacare. make no mistafe(pam) the president needed 216 -votes.he got 217.... as the house approved the 'american health care act' that could bring major changes to how much you pay for insurance and what that insurance will cover.(pam) two shot that bill still has to be approved by the u.s. senate.... which has its own ideas.(steve ) all that didn't prevevent president trump from calling house repobulicans to the white house for a celebration in the rose garden. we don't have to talk about this unbelievable victory. we don't have to say it again. but it's going to be an
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unbelievable victory when we get it through the senate. among the unbelievers, virginia democrat tim kaine. "just on the republican side you have some who are saying that it's not conservative enough, and some who are saying it's way too conservative."democrats are united against it.the bill is passed and laid upon the table not a single democrat vote in the house.instead a song predicting a voter backlash. hey hey hey goodbye "republicans are going to rue the day they voted for this bill." "let me just say that they have this vote tattooed on them."here are some of the changes in the republican bill. pre=existing conditions ... insurers will be once again be able to charge higher rates if you have a history of anything from cancer to asthma. subsidized premiums: they will be based on age, not income, meaning young people will pay less, older people will pay more.medicaid: in the next ten years 880 billion dollars would be cut from coverage for low income's possible the senate will try to reverse some of these
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changes,but then the battle returns to the house. "if they make changes, it has to be somewhat consistent with the outlines we've mapped out here. (steve) bay area leaders are reacting to the g-o-p repeal bill. democratic senator kamala harris said quote "nearly half the country will be back at risk of bankrupt if they get serious illness or injury." and oakland representative barbara lee called it an "evil bill that rips health care from 24 million americans." (steve) in the east bay, a group of students at albany high school is suing the school claiming that their first amendment rights have been violated.(pam) the students were disciplined in connection with racist images which were posted on instagram earlier this year, but they now want their records wiped clean ... because they believe, the
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school does not have the right to punish them. kron 4's charles clifford was in albany today. he has that story. earlier this year, racist images appeared on an albany high school student's instagram account. some of the images targeted other students at the school and at least one member of the faculty. the school eventually disciplined more than a dozen kids including several who only liked or commented on the images. sot attorney darryl yorkey reprensents four of the disciplined students. he says three were suspended and one is facing expulsion. in a lawsuit filed against the school, the students are claiming their first amendments rights were violated because instagram isn't owned or operated by the school, therefore the school doesn't have the right to punish them for something posted on that service.sot
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mallard says it's unnaccepatble. it shouldn't be tolerated. zero tolerance means just that.> is the father of one of the students who was targeted by the instagram images. he feels that because pictures his daughter and other kids were posted on instagram, it was appropriate for the school district to cast a wide net in disciplining those involved.sot
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in their rebuttal to the defense's closing arguments, the district attorney told the jury, there is no explanation for the d-n-a .... other than - garcia torres is the killer. hugs and prayers awaited sierra lamar's father steve.. as he left the courthouse. steve lamar/sierra lamar's father" it's been a long trial but it was just a blink of an eye compared to how long we've been without sierra..."" now we wait, we wait and we pray for justice for sierra....." (pam) the jurors will continue deliberating tomorrow. they can acquit garcia - torres or find him guilty of either second or first degree murder. a first- degree murder conviction carries a special circumstance allegation ... and that would make garcia - torres eligible for the death penalty. (steve) let's get a look at the forecast into the weekend with chief meterologist brittney shipp..
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look for additional cooling into the weekend as an upper level trough affects our region. in addition, a slight chance of showers are expected saturday into sunday, yet widespread rainfall is not likely at this time. breezy conditions friday into saturday especially along the coast and higher elevation spots.
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(pam) tip-off tonight at oracle arena. the warriors take on the jazz in game two of the conference semi-finals. the dubs looking to go up two- oh in the series. kron-'s alecia reid joins us live from the arena where fans have playoff fever. the game tipped off about half hour ago, and it is roaring inside. the excitement level is on high right many fans from all over are here having the time of their lives. the warriors delivered on tuesday just like everyone
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expected.and tonight fans are expecting more of the same.i spoke with a nummber of people today that are celebrating birthdays.and where else but here at oracle with their favorite team???one dubnation super fan made his way here from canada to celebrate his big day with his grand dad. they were here for game one against the jazz, and they're back again tonight.they're really making the best of their time in the bay area. dubnation fans have no doubt the warriors will take home another win tonight.sotsotsot sotsoti think it's safe to say warrior fans have their eyes on the championship.
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they're just going through the motions right now, waiting for this sweep to happen so they can move on to the next round. reporting live from oracle. ahead at eight.. california voters could be heading to the polls sooner. why officials want to change primary voting day. plus. record -setting snow this winter is making for some stunning displays of nature. we take you to yosemite for the breathtaking views. and a south bay school destroyed overnight... leaving dozens of families with no place to send their children. putting news first. pam moore. steve aveson. brittney shipp. and gary radnich. the kron4 news at 10 every night.
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and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. (pam) head to yosemite
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national park and you are bound to see something spectacular... even more so this year, and particularly this time of year -- when the melting snowpack is resulting in powerful waterfalls.(steve) kron four's philippe djegal shows us the stunning views from the valley. (philippe)nats- waterfall after managing to catch her
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breath from the stunning sight of bridalveil fall... lorraine snaps a few photos of the powerful waterfall before heading back home to new york. lorraine/visiting from new york- "so much water, so much volume, so beautiful." the 617 foot waterfall flows year- round, but this year with even more water because of the melting snow.lorraine/visiting from new york- "we heard you had about ten feet of snow up on the mountains, and i said to my husband, it's a great time to go when the snow melts." and, she isn't kidding.linda conradi/visiting from valley springs- "i mean it's just breathtaking." linda conradi and her husband bill proctor spend a lot of time at yosemite national park... and, even they're impressed.bill proctor/visitin g from valley springs- "i've been coming up here for 50 years and this is the most water i've ever seen in this valley. (philippe) how special is this? (bill) it is very special." and, if you
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were planning on coming out here with your family, now may be the best time to do it... before the big crowds arrive in the summer.lorraine/visitin g from new york- "the last time we couldn't even get lodging, this time we were able to get a place to stay overnight and its been incredible." families from all over the world are making the trip to see the spectacular... these two traveled from thailand and south korea. and, they won't leave disappointed. quite the opposite... especially after checking out yosemite falls... the highest waterfall in the park. dr. sharon hatherley/visiting from visalia- (steve)(steve) a live look outside (pam)chief meteorlogist brittney shipp has weather details through the weekend.. look for additional cooling into the
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weekend as an upper level trough affects our region. in addition, a slight chance of showers are expected saturday into sunday, yet widespread rainfall is not likely at this time. breezy conditions are likely for friday into saturday especially along the coast and higher elevation spots.
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(steve) you better prepare for an early primary election in the golden state... the california senate has move up the state's presidential primary to the third tuesday in march... instead of the current june primary. the legislation says june's primary is too late to give state voters a say in selecting the republican and democratic nominees for president. they also say an early primary would make candidates more likely to address issues important to californians. the bill is now headed to the assembly. (pam) a disturbing crime in the south bay someone ransacked a daycare overnight causing thousands of dollars in damage. (steve) these are pictures showing you the damages... it forced families to scrambleto find care for their kids until the business can reopen. kron 4's hermela aregawi is in san
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josewhere she got a closer look at the destruction and spoke with the school's owner this was the scene joyce brown walked into at 6 this morning. broken windows.shattered glass. office trashed.and toys and diapers senselessly thrown all over the place.joyce brown/owner and director, tomorrow montessori: it's really overwhelming. i have a wonderful community of families and parents here. we've been here for 16 years. and to just have it maliciously destroyed. it's just devestating to me and also to have to start calling over 100 parents and telling them i can't provide care to their children today because somebody did this to it. it's just. it's not okay.thursday was supposed to be a special day for the 111 kids at tomorrow montessori. a big end of the year star wars day party was planned.light sabers and spaceships ready to go.a treat for all the kids learning their that party is on hold.joyce brown/owner and director, tomorrow montessori: ive got a pile of diapers that cant be used and i mean not even by these children but by any
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child. the amount of destruction and waste. i dont understand how someone can do this.meanwhile parents like diane kelley are helping each other with care.she's watching her infant, her 4 year old and anoth parent's child.diane kelley/kids attend school that was vandalized:oh we were devastated. i couldn't believe it.i work full time. my husband works full time. so finding care. just back up care within itself is tough, let alone having to figure out for the next couple of days. i've had my kids there since they were 3/4 months old and so you kind of build relationships with the other mothers and all the other families there. and watch your kids grow together so its, it really hit home for us.parents have set up a go fund me page to help with the cost of hopes of getting tomorrow school up and running as early as next week.(hermela aregawi)joyce brown tells me she's working to step up security by surveillance cameras.particularly there's a lot of happening around here - to be inviting strangers into the san jose police are far no suspects.san jose, aregawi, kron 4 news. still ahead at 8. this may make parents think twice about handing over a
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device to children. the negative way it could impact their health.(pam) plus. it was his first week on the job.... then he got a call. a young girl trying to shoplift. how the officer's response is making national headlines. ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little bit later in this broadcast, of course, we'll update you what's happening with the warriors and the utah jazz from oracle arena. also its being probably been my favorite story for the last couple of months, the ball family that's right the great lavar ball has a tennis shoe that'll make you a star for 695. you want it signed 995, we'll show you a little later in this broadcast". (steve)here's what we're tracking tonight at tenis facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg eyeing a run for the white house?speculation is
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growing....the billionaire is touring the country right now. hear from one analyst who say's the 32 year-old's 50- state tour...feels a lot like a campaign trail.that's tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
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((steve lead)) ((landing vo)) two of the biggest challenges engineers are working on with self driving cars is how they will react to unpredictable accidents and extreme weather conditions. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate met with one mountain view tech company that is working on technology that could solve those issues. he got a demo and found out when autonomous vehicles are likely to land in our driveways. ((pkg)) right now a dozen tech companies are driving around their self driving cars collecting data for their sensors and software so that
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one day these will be safe for people to take a nap in during their morning commute.racking up all those miles is good to teach cars about staying in lanes and the signs.. but what about when things go wrong? laszlo kishonti /aimotive says: gabe slate /tech reporter says: in the same way pilots learn how to deal with unpredictable incidents in the sky through simiulations.. aimotive is teaching self driving artificial intelligence software how to properly handle anything that happens around the car laszlo kishonti /aimotive says:the artificial intelligence software interprets what the cameras around the car see to safely operate the car as a human would..once the software is good enough these cameras will be as sharp and responsive as our eyes. possibly better. because we
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only have two and see one direction at a timethey outfitted this prius with 6 of their cameras giving them a 360 view around the car and when stitched together it can give the software or the humans in the car this cool real time birds eye view of driving around. . this was something i have not seen before it was like a satellite view from above as we drove around but this video feed is actually from the cameras on the car stitched together and processed by the software. since aimotive is the forefront of this autonomous tech i asked when is this happening like when will regular people have and trust self driving cars ? laszlo kishonti /aimotive says:"by 2030 we will have these on the road"in mountain view gabe slate kron 4 news ahead at eight.. a texas student killed in a campus stabbing. tonight his heartbreaking dying wish .... to another student. plus. the dark side of may the fourth. how the star wars day triggered a high school evacuation. and next. another airline making headlines...
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after booting a california family from a flight... and threatening them with jail time. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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"so what are we supposed to do? i've got two infants, and my wife. we've got no where to stay. there's no more flights. what are we supposed to do? sleep in the airport? no, no you should've have thought about that before you over booked the flight. i paid, for that seat, i paid for that seat." (steve) it has happened again. yet another american airliner... having to apologize and explain why went wrong on one of its planes.(pam) this latest video involves delta... and a family trying to fly back to southern california after vacationing in hawaii.
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grant lodes is here to explain this situation, and what delta is saying about it. (grant) tonight delta has just released it's second statement...more apologetic than the first...and it's offering to pay this family...but the airline still hasn't been able to explain why the family was kicked off the plane. this was late last month...but the video was uploaded yesterday... here's the deal... these parents have 3 kids. two toddlers and an 18 year old. the parents sent their 18 year old home on an earlier their one year old could sleep on the red-eye... in a he seat initially purchased for the 18-year old. the flight
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crew tried to make the parents hold that one year old on their lap instead...saying federal law requires kids under two be on a parent's lap. thing is...that's not's website recommends...for safety...that kids under two ride in a carseat...positioned on a plane seat. it's uncelar if the parents transferred the ticket from the 18 year old to the one year old... but someone tells the dad his family has to get off or they'll be thrown in jail. (brain schear/ kicked off flight): "right, i bought him a ticket on another flight so that my son would have a seat and your saying that you're going to just give that away to someone else when i paid for that seat. no you need to do what right, i bought the seat... and you need to leave us alone."(grant) ultimatley the schear's decided to get off the flight to avoid further conflict.
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they had to pay another 2- thousand dollars for another flight home. (grant) now delta's latest...more contrite statement says the following: "we are sorry for the unfortunate experience our customers had with delta, and we've reached out to them to refund their travel and provide additional compensation. delta's goal is to always work with customers in an attempt to find solutions to their travel issues. that did not happen in this case and we apologize."== the airline says it is investigating. (steve) the mother of the stabbing victim at the university of texas is now speaking out about the death of her son.. 19-year old freshman... harrison brown.. is being remembered as a friendly...outgoing person... he was killed on monday when another student went on a stabbing spree at the school. harrison's mother lori says she spoke with her son just a few minutes before he was killed... then 3 minutes later she got another call from harrison's phone...this
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time it was not her son on the other end of the line.. lori brownharrison brown's mother harrison's family says a memorial will be held for him saturday afternoon in his home town of graham texas. the suspect.. kendrex white is charged with murder. (steve) a stormtrooper costume caused quite the commotion at a high school in wisconsin this morning.(pam) people near the school saw a student in costume... walking towards the back of the school... some students did not think anything of it... but other students were alarmed and called the police... police say, the costume looked like the student was wearing a bullet proof vest which caused
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alarm... so the school was evacuated as police went inside to investigate... officers questioned the boy, and say, his costume was an innocent mistake. students eventually returned to class. (steve)a live look outside.. (pam) brittney shipp.. chief brittney shipp.. (pam) brittney shipp.. chief meterologist.. has the cooling forecast look for additional cooling into the weekend as an upper level trough affects our region. in addition, a slight chance of showers are expected saturday into sunday, yet widespread rainfall is not likely at this time. breezy conditions are likely for friday into saturday especially along the coast and higher elevation spots.
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(pam) sadly, mail theft has become a common occurrence... usually we hear about mail and package thieves.. and even with video, often there is not enough evidence for police to make an arrest..(steve) but every now and then the bad guy makes a mistake.. this is one of those times. this is a community mailbox in pleasant hill; on the box is a note which instructs people to pick up their mail from the concord post office . i have shown you similar notes before all around the bay area . this mailbox on brandy wine lane was according to a source has been hit close to a half a dozen times in just six months
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except on day everything changed we get a report from a resident on brandywine lane reporting that their mail box had been broken into and that there was a key stuck in the lock the key wasn't a key at all in fact this is what a post office mailbox key looks like . what was found appeared to be half ofa pair scissors that gets filed down that was filed down custom to fit these types of key locks this is when thing got better it was determined that there was some video of a neighboring resident from some good quality cameras the good quality camera clearly showed the licence plate and something elsethe video captured both suspects sitting in the cab of the pickup truck two woman and apparenty another officer reconized one of the ladies from a prior mail thieft case and the rest was history well not really history . they were both arrested and they were both charged y the contra costa county district attorneys office with mail theft and possion of stolen was also charged with posseing burglary tools and violating probation . i tried to get their mug shots but that didn't happen at
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least not yetthe intresting part is they pulled into a private street, made a k turn in a driveway that just happed to be very good quality camera nats: ambiance several other mailboxes have been broken into, and in some areas they have installed better mail boxes which are sturder and harder to break into for the record despite all the video evidence they are still considered innocent until convicted usually mail theft from my experience occur at night time when most residents are sleeping this one happened at 730ish in the morning i guess it's true what they say play stupid games win stupid prizes in pleasant hill stanley roberts kron 4 news coming up - it was only his first week on the job... but an atlanta police officer is already going beyond the call of duty... and his actions are going viral. and next. how screen time for kids
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may actually be harming their health.
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(pam) a new research study shows a concerning connection between screen time and speech development in babies.(steve) and it may make parents think twice about handing their children a mobile device. (steve) the study looked at kids age six months to 24-months and found that every 30-minutes in daily screen time is linked to a 49-precent increased risk of what researchers call a speech delay. they say it affects their use of sounds and words. the study did not find any connection between handheld devices and other areas of communitcation gestures body language and social interaction. (steve) a rookie atlanta police officer went above and officer went above and beyond to help a young girl who was
8:43 pm
caught stealing a two-dollar pair of shoes...(pam) it happened back in february.... officer che milton says, the girl told him she was trying to do something nice for her five-year- old sister.... she says, a two- dollar pair of shoes is too much for her family to afford... officer milton took the girl home... and that's when he saw the conditions the family of seven was living in... barely enough beds, a sofa and hardly any food in the house.... officer milton bought four large pizzas for the family. the atlanta police department soon heard the story and decided to share it... the department was overwhelmed with support for the family ... and posted all the information on how to help the family on the police facebook page.
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hulu just went live.the streaming service launched hulu with live t-v.the name says it all.instead of waiting a day-- cord cutters can now stream their favorite t-v shows -- live .getting your shows live -- without a cable contract -- is a popular business.hulu joins competitors like sling tv -- playstation vue -- directv now -- and the recently launched youtube tv.the companies offer what's called an "over-the-top" service. meaning you can get your favorite channels on a device you already your phone -- apple t-v -- or roku. there's also no contract, so you can cancel anytime.but
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there are some drawbacks.since there's no equipment -- you can't record shows with most of these services.and not every show or network is available to watch live or even on--demand.also -- your internet speed determines how good the picture will be. there's also streaming restrictions on certain live sports or entertainment events. most of these services offer free trials for a week -- so you can give it a shot and see what works for you. mary moloney kron 4 news. down in oracle arena the warriors are taking on the jazz in game two of the second round warriors are up by 13... 60-47 at intermission. meanwhile the celtics and
8:48 pm
wizards were playing in game three in washington. isaiah thomas and the celtics trying to take a 3-0 lead over the wizards. but game three was a very frisky contest... in the second... after kelly olynk hard screen... kelly oubre gets up and bull rushes the celtics big man. there were eight technical fouls and three ejections in the game. in the third washington was rolling over boston... john wall finished with a game-high 24 points. wizards win 116-89. celtics lead the series 2-1 very bad news for the san antonio spurspoint guard tony parker will miss the rest of the playoffs after rupturing the quadriceps tendon in his left leg in last night's game 2 of the western conference semifinals against the houston rockets.parker will need season-ending surgery meaning the spurs will have to go
8:49 pm
through the postseason without their veteran floor leader.the series is tied 1-1 with game 3 tomorrow in houston. after being turned away by nike, under armour and adidas lonzo ball has his own signature shoe and it's under his father and family's "big baller" brand the "z02 prime" was unvieled today and the price is pretty unbelievablethe basic shoe will cost $495 and that's just the beginning for those men sized 14 or larger it is $695the slides that players wear before and after games?... $220and to top it off a special addition the "zo2 wet"which comes in a special acryllic box and is auto graphed by lonzo $995in response to the prices lonzo's father lavar tweeted " if you can't afford (it) you're not a big baller!"
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finally we end with the a's. they were in minnesota trying to avoid getting swept by the twins. top 2nd -- chad pinder singles down left... stephen vogt comes in to score... oakland extends their lead by two. bottom 4th -- chris giminez singles to center... it deflects off jaff decker... khris davis tries to clean it up... he throws it home... but eddie rosario comes in... to cut the a's lead by one. in the sixth ryon healy puts the game away with a home run. a's win 8-5 they'll begin a weekend series at the colisuem against the tigers. this week's lexus experience amazing ultimate highlight goes to gorkys
8:51 pm
hernandez. last night against the dodgers... the giants outfielder hit the go-ahead r-b-i double to help san francisco win 2-1 in the 11th inning this was the giants first series win since early april. tomorrow they'll begin a 3 game series against the reds in cincinnati. former bears quarterback jay cutler may be following tony romo's footsteps into the broadcast booth. last week he flew to los angeles to auditioned with fox. the network is looking for a new analyst to replace 49ers general manager john lynch. sources say he is leaning towards retiring for the n-f-l after eleven seasons... but no official word has come out.
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tonight at 10 it's tourist season in san franciscocan you do me a favor can you run a texas plate to see if you can find a phone number for the ro and not in a good way! i'll explain in the edition of people behaving badly bones is next.then, we are back at 10:00 with the day's big stories, including people behaving badly, gary has sports and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten ... right here on the bay area's news station. (pam) if your coffee is not getting you that caffeine boost.... your breakfast bagel can now help. the world's first caffeinated bagel is here. feast your eyes on the espresso buzz bagel. it's now being sold by popular bagel chain "einstein brothers".
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yes, the toyota mirai runs on hydrogen. yes, the fuel is complimentary for up to three years. yes, it has an epa-estimated range of 312 miles. yes, you will probably have to answer lots of silly questions from strangers. yes, this is a mind-blowing marvel of technology. and, yes, you can buy it today- because the future doesn't start next week, next month or next year... the future starts now. in the hydrogen-fueled toyota mirai.
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this is my favorite spot. i've only been here with boys before. (chuckling): me, too. but i love that katy perry song so much. it speaks to me, you know? totally. so... okay, just kissing. no touching things or anything. no, just the stuff that's in the song. (clattering) i hear something. it's your heart beating. no, really. there's something out there. (both screaming)


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