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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 2, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(pam) a serious health warning tonight involving tuna ..... served in several local restaurants. hello i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. the frozen tuna tested positive for hepatitis "a". three san francisco restaurants.... a san rafael restaurant and a san carlos restaurant... all recieved shipments of the contaminated tuna..(pam) new tonight -- kron4's hermela aregawi is live in san carlos -- outside one of the affected restaurants. hermela -what do people need to know? hermela: noelani's is one of the handful of local
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restaurants affected.the owners had no comment..but i talked to customers who say.. they would still eat here. packed house at noelani's in san carlos- one of the five bay area eateries that may have gotten yellowfin tuna carrying hepatitis a.fenix in san rafael has also had its tuna recalled.and in san francisco - blue hawaii cafe and o food trucks, poke shack and bonito poke.lillian lim/restaurant goer: man i better stay away from those food trucks in san francisco. the source is hawaii-based hilo fish , which gets its tuna from two overseas distributors. sustainable seafood in vietnam and santa cruz seafood company in the phillipines.we spoke to people that frequent noelani's. they say although it's scary, they trust that the owners are taking care of the issue. lillian lim/restaurant goer: we really like noelani's. we know them. we go there. we really trust them. we know know they would you know, if there was something that was going on, we know they would take care of it. we do really trust them.todd tweedy/restaurant goer: we go there all the time. we love
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it. they have a lot of great food and you know, i'm sure they're as careful as they can be with whatever their product is.the recall targets a dozen other restaurants and retail locations in california. as well as those in texas and oaklahoma.according to the cdc, hepatitis a is a liver disease that can be transmitted through food or skin to skin contact.(hermela aregawi)so far, there have been no reports of illness. reporting live in san carlos, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (steve)(fs)according to the centers for disease could take 15 to 50 days to develop symptoms of hepatitis a.symptoms include fatigue, abdominal pain, jaundice, abnormal liver tests, dark urine, and pale stool. people with hepatitis a may not have symptoms until 15 to 50 days after consuming a contaminated food or drink. some
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children may not show any symptoms. (pam) a popular seafood restaurant is the east bay is back open tonight... after it was forced to close earlier this week because of a rat problem. on wednesday, customers at lin's buffet in concord... reported seeing rats and rat droppings inside the restaurant. contra costa county health inspectors confirmed the existence of rats... and quickly closed lin's buffet. health officials say, lin's buffet has a history of complaints and code violations. (steve) tonight...a murder in one of san francisco's nicest neighborhoods has tourists and lots of other peopleon edge. one arrest has been made...but more could follow...after an austrailian...visiting the city...was beaten to death. grant lodes is here to explain what happened. (grant) police were called to the divinci villa hotel ... on van ness ave and filbert .. just after 2 am. two men have been detained,
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although only one is being called a suspect in the fatal beating .. police say, it started as a verbal altercation that soon turned violent. it's unclear what the issue was in the first place....but polcie say weapons like guns or knives were not used on the victim. some tourists staying in the hotel say, they woke up to police knocking on their doors. tourist: "i think it's kind of insane for this area because i've been here for a day and a half and i haven't seen anything that would indicate this is a dangerous area but it happens in every city and this time it was san fran." (grant) police are reviewing surveillance video from the scene. the austrailian who died has been identified as 33 -year old matthew bate .
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(pam) another big story tonight: diplomas handed ouat san ramon valley high school.. marking the end to a year that saw the danville school in a negative spotlight. there's been a series of campus controversies involving students. most recently .... parents of a teen girl criticized the school's response... after their daughter was recorded using the restroom... then that video was posted online. today, the school leaders say, they have taken more action against two students involved. kron4's charles clifford talekd to the victim's parents. last fall, a 17-year-old female student here at san ramon valley high school apparently used a cell phone to video a 16-year-old female student using the restroom. the 17-year-old also posted the video online where it was seen by dozens of other students. when school officials learned about what happened, they suspended the 17-year-old for three days and then allowed her to return to classes and extracurricular activities. the parents of the victim felt that punishment was inadequate.sot
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says we are throwing the perpetrator back into the same environment and the same environment my daughters in. she's suffering in.but, upon further review the san ramon valley school district has apparently decided to take additional steps. on friday, the district released this letter which states that "as a result, the district took action to ensure that the two students involved will never be enrolled at the same san ramon valley unified high school campus again."because of the age of the students involved, the district wouldn't elaborate on exactly what actions they have taken but the parents of the victim say they are encouraged.sot sean lynch says its seems the issue has come to a resolution. sotdenise lynch says the letter that was sent out today is very promising to us.they also hope their daughter can put this behind her and return to school next fall with a fresh start.sotdenise lynch says this is what she always wanted from the beginning. it's a relief for her.
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(steve) tonight - we now know the names of a man and woman shot and killed in happened early this morning on 85th avenue.police say 47 year old kenya levias and 45 year dennis johnson were sitting in a car when someone came up and opened fire.they were both pronounced dead at the scene. the killer is still on the loose. (steve) the chief deputy coroner in marin county pleaded ánotá guilty to a series of felony and misdemeanor charges of sex crimes with a young girl. rrel harris is charged with several different child sex crimes dating back to 2008...and continuing until earler this year. santa rosa's police department is handling the case because harris often works with marin county law enforcement agencies. the 46-year-old from san rafael has worked in the marin county coroner's office for 15 years... harris posted 750-thousand
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dollar bail and was released. he's is on paid administrative leave and will be back in court later this month. (steve)
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(steve) world surfing icon who pioneered the wetsuit, has died. 94-year-old jack o'neill died of natural causes earlier today at his santa cruz home. the eye-patch wearing ocean lover died peacefully, surrounded by family. he began wearing a black eye patch after his surfboard hit his left eye while riding a wave. o'neill moved with his wife to san francisco's ocean beach neighborhood in the early 1950s. looking to surf longer in the frigid california ocean, he began experimenting with various materials until he invented the first neoprene wetsuit. by the 1980s, o'neill had become the world's largest recreation wetsuit designer and manufacturer. lawrence karnow: it's time to get ready for the weekend. it
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was a beautiful day with sunshine all the way to the coast. temperatures in the valleys warmed into the 80s and 90s with 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. if your're going out this evening the breeze is picking up near the coast. low clouds fog will form again and return to the bay and valleys. we could even see some drizzle near the coast. an area of low pressure will bring cooler temperatures this weekend. we'll have a full breakdown of the temperatures coming up in a few minutes.
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made that saved that child's life. (pam) and next:six months after the deadly ghost ship fire... we take you back to the warehouse ... where dozens of people lost their lives. have assembled. spider-man... black widow... captain america... and eddie? so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal. come celebrate the all-new guardians of the galaxy-mission: breakout! during the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up! (steve) it is six months to
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the day that a deadly fire ripped through the ghost ship warehouse in oakland taking the lives of 36 people. families of the victims of have filed a lawsuit.(pam) they are blaming the city of oakland and p-g&e for the tragedy... among others
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tonight kron 4's ella sogomonian met with a woman who lost her best friend in that tragedy as well as a council member.she joins us live from the warehouse in oakland. the friend tells me although six months have passed that wound is still fresh for herself and others who've lost a loved one to this tragedy while oakland council member noel gallo says the city has doubled up on fire inspectors. six months since the deadly flames ripped through the ghost ship warehouse in oakland people continue to lay down flowers and candles at a this day esi olizar who lost her best friend to the fire can't bring herself to visit the site.sot: esi olizar, lost friend to fire//"it's terrifying and it's painful and no matter how many people i know are in it i know everyone i've talked to you feel very alone at times." her friend 22 year old cash askew was one of the 36 people who died in the fire during a
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music event hosted at the warehouse on december second. sot: esi olizar, lost friend to fire//"i look at the invite list on the event not anymore because i try not to look. but it affected everyone i know everyone i know could have been there."(nats: reading names)friday oakland city council member noel gallo paid a visit on the anniversary to share his sympathy. he says this disaster served as an unfortunate wake up call for the city, tenants and landlords not just here but throughout the country to make sure structures are up to code. that oakland has since hired more fire inspectors to do their part but believes those in charge of the property are to blame.sot: noel gallo, oakland city council member//"because we have a good number of properties that we have discovered since the ghost ship fire that were in similar conditions. but at the end of the day the owners of this property clearly know the regulations. and they clearly know what their responsibilities are and they failed to take action."since then a consolidated civil lawsuit was launched by victims' families against more than a dozen people and businesses including the city,
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property owner and manager and the latest defendant utlity company pg&e. olizar like many others says the bay area housing crisis played a major part but cautions cities with this - sot: esi olizar, lost friend to fire//"unless you're ready to provide housing for the people you are displacing for all of the retrofitting it's going to take to me buildings in the bay area safe. then it's not helping." olizar stresses high cost of living continues to push people into dangerous spaces and that's a problem that needs to be focused in on. live in oakland ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) a historic church in berkeley, that went up in
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flames back in october - is now set to reopen this weekend. y are looking at video of the massive flames that destroyed the first congregationalist church on channing way. the fire started near a brick chimney ... investigators have yet to release a cause. this coming sunday, first congregationalist church will offer services for the first time since the fire. (pam) services will be held from 10- to eleven sunday morning... and a coffee hour will held afterward .... firefighters who worked to put out the fire - will also be there. (steve) another big story tonight: in light of president trump's recent decision to pull the united states out of the paris
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climate accord. protest are expected to begin this weekend. reporter mary maloney is tracking the fallout from the controversial decision. the climate warmed at the white house as presidential aides gave different answers to the same question.reporter: "does the president believe today that climate change is a hoax?"sean spicer/white house press secretary: "i have not had an opportunity to have that discussion."gary cohn/sr. economic adviser to the president: "president trump believes is hewas ected to grow the u.s. economand provide great job opportunities."kellyanne conway/counselor to the president: "the president believes in clean air, clean water, a clean environment." scott pruitt/epa administrator: "all the discussions we had through the last several weeks have been focussed on one singular issue is paris good or not for this country."president trump says he pulled out of the paris climate accord to support american workers.president trump: "they don't put america first. i do and i always will." the decision made waves overseas.while explaining his opposition -- french president
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emmanuel macron invited american scientists and other concerned parties to move to france.russia's vladimir putin appeared to defend mr. trump's choice.vladimir putin/russian president: "we should not create a big noise on this issue."major landmarks across the world lit up in green as a silent form of protest.others around the country weren't as silent."climate justice!the epa administrator insists the white house is still open to a new climate deal.but nations around the world.. including key u-s allies maintain that is not going to happen.i'm mary moloney reporting. ( pam) a live look outside this friday night... ( steve) meterologist lawrence karnow has the forecast.. lawrence karnow: it's time to get ready for the weekend. it was a beautiful day with sunshine all the way to the coast. temperatures in the valleys
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warmed into the 80s and 90s with 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. if your're going out this evening the breeze is picking up near the coast. low clouds fog will form again and return to the bay and valleys. we could even see some drizzle near the coast. you can see a little northerly component to the wind today that helped clear most skies even at the beaches. a weak low pressure system will move in this weekend to bring a few more clouds and cooler temperatures. if you're traveling around the state expect hot 90s and maybe even 100's in the central valley with 70s in los angeles and san diego. there will be a few clouds at lake tahoe with highs in the 70s. highs around the bay area tomorrow will be a little cooler. highs will be in the 70s to mid 80s well inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s along the coast. the next 7 days get interesting. i think we will continue to cool through sunday before warming again on monday and tuesday. a late season storm system will bring more clouds and cooler temperatures starting on wednesday with a slight chance
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of showers next thursday and into the weekend. (steve) still ahead -- be careful who you rent to.... meet a woman who had her home turned into drug house.
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] comedian kathy griffin is
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under fire after a controversial photoshoot. she apologized for her recent picture showing her with a severed head that looks like the president's. but now -- she says president trump is taking the whole thing too far. reporter jasmine viel has the latest. kathy griffin, comedian:"so the donald, it's me, the kathy. if you guys don't know this, if you meet him , he wants you to call him the donald, which i always thought was weird."veteran comedian kathy griffin, from cracking jokes to breaking down in tears.kathy griffin, comedian: "he broke me. he broke me. he broke me. /tears up/ and then i was 'no, this isn't right, this is just not right.'" speaking inside the law officers of lisa bloom, her high-powered attorney, griffin reiterated her apology for going too far with the bloody mask of president trump during a recent photo shoot.kathy griffin, comedian:"the apology
10:25 pm
still absolutely stands, i feel horrible."but she says trump has now gone too far's been three horrifying days of death threats, job firing and bullying by the trump family. kathy griffin, comedian:"i'm not afraid of donald trump. he's a bully, i've dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life, my whole career."griffin says she used the prop to make fun of donald trump when he made a comment about former fox news anchor megyn kelly.kathy griffin, comedian:"we put about five-minutes thought into this. i apologize, i really screwed up. it was the end of the day, we've been doing all those sillphotos and i said, as i said on tape, 'l's getn trouble, let's give him something to talk about.'"lisa bloom, attorney: "as she said in her social media post, accompanying the photo, quote 'i captured this, there was blood coming out of his eyes. blood coming out of his wherever.' it was a parody of trump's own sexist remarks." though critics have now called her the bully, on wednesday cnn relieved her of her new year's eve duties.president trump called her action sick on twitter and talked about the impact to his family. griffin admits she is worried about losing her career over
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this, but says she will go down fighting.lisa bloom, attorney:"i only know hot to do comedy one way, in-your-face comedy. i keep it real, i'm gonna make fun of the president and you know what, i'm gonna make fun of him even more now." (steve) griffin has been taking fire over the photo since it was posted on tuesday. at let 5 of her upcoming shows have been canceled... including one scheduled in napa. (pam) coming up -dramatic video shows how a woman put herself in harms way.. and saved the life of a child. (steve) and next:we take you inside san quentin.. where dad's behind bars are getting a chance to spend time with their kids ahead of father's day.but there is one certain conditn.
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who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. (steve) children whose dads are incarcertated miss out on many things.. like spending time together on special occassions... (pam) but that changed today... thanks to a program where kids were able to see their dads up close and celebrate an early father's day.(steve)
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there was one catch... kron4's terisa estacio explains -- from san quentin. (terisa estacio)early in the morning the buses rolled through the gates of san quentin - one of the states toughests prisons, including housing death row inmates. some of these kids had gotten up around 2am to get here. nats -prison gate shutting - and this is what it was all about - front and center with their dads. nats - ugh. meet fernando junior, his uncle, marcos and his dad, fernando senior. besides the prison uniform you might think there was noing unusual about this family get together sittin playing chs. but fernando has been behind bars since 2011 for assault and battery. this meet up is part of a program started 17 years ago by the state to help nuture the bonds between children and their incarcerated parents. this year, 52 buses will bring nearly 1200 children to various prisons. fernando lopez, jr. "this is my 3rd time, and it may be my last. more on that in a moment. over here, this hayward family has it's own unique story. eric moody, senior. i have not seen this young one ever. denise moody, i had some issues, couldn't see him for years, but now we are here back. nats: "what is my favorite food." and it wasn't just dads, but grandfathers at this get together. "one a scale of 1-10, how great is this? i broke the scale!
10:31 pm
really, it is that good, it is awesome." terisa estacio, reporting. while all said it was great to be here, to take part in this unique program, some say it is a bit akward to explain to other sthat they spent the day in prison. dezha boynton, father incarcerated "it is not something you can tell everyone, but it is something you want to, to tell everyone you get to spend time with your dad, bc it is a big deal." marco lopez, brother incarcerated. "yeah, it is a bit weird to say my brother is in prison, but then i see them together and it is great. as for fernando, and why this might be the last time to see his dad here well, his dad is scheduled to get out at the end of the year.nats: happy birthday to you and another thing.. today was fernando's birthday, making this day even more special. at san quentin, terisa estacio
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(steve ) a madera county homeowner says she came home to find that her renters had nearly destroyed her house... this week... holiday manly says authorities found more than 400 pot plants in her home. she says renters tore apart the ceiling for ventilation... added another room in the garage and even re-wired the electrical system. closets were destroyed and mold is growing from the ceiling. manly says the
10:33 pm
damage is shocking... but the betrayal is even worse. the total cost of the damage has not been calculated yet. manly says she does not think her insurance will be able to cover all of the reapirs. (pam) new video tonight... and it truly takes your breath away. an out of control car... pins two people against a stone wall. police say, a woman who saw what was happening... likely saved a child's life, by throwing herself in front of the little boy. grant lodes is here to walk us through what happened. (grant) this was in bridgeport connecticut...and everyone survived. and if you have young kids up...a heads up, thisvideo is
10:34 pm
innse. these two peop here are the ones who take the brunt of the force. we'll play the video...then slow it down...and when we slow it down you'll see this woman instinctively turn into a hero. it happens so fast. this woman didn't know the little boy, but she her name is shanta jordan...she tired to push the little boy out of the way, but there wasn't time for that. but, police say her body absorbed much of the impact, saving the child's life, though he was seriously injured. state and local leaders will pay special tribute to jordan in a ceremony at city hall next week...currently she' still recovering in the hospital. chief a.j. perez, bridgeport police:"if she did not step in, the child would be in direct contact with the motor vehicle against the wall and most likely, he would have perished, he would have died." as for the little boy,
10:35 pm
doctors initially thought they would have to amputate bothlegs, but surgeons in the hospital spent hours operating and saved his legs.the driver is also hospitalized -- he's facing reckless driving and other charges... (steve) apple is getting for its big annual tech show in silicon valley next week. it brings together thousands of developers, apple engineers, and members of the media..... to show off that they have been working on for the last year. tonight we have a preview. gabe slate /tech reporter says:
10:36 pm
under way monday at 10am where tim cook will take the stage and unveil new hardware and software here's what we expect.">this annual wwdc show is focused on software apple will show off a preview of ios 11 the next operating system for iphones and ipads so a look at new features coming to new feature expected group facetime, meaning that you'll be able to video conference multiple people from your phone. tim cook has mentioned several times how excited he is about augmented reality. so he may show off how they intend to implement augmented reality in the upcoming iphone 8 this fall powered by ios 11. gabe slate /tech reporter says: this would be a stand alone gadget that would sit in your home connected to your wifi and have siri on
10:37 pm
call waiting for you voice to ask questions or make commands gabe slate /tech reporter says:
10:38 pm
behaving badly (pam) but first -- he is a legend in the music business... a crooner among the greats. still ahead -- my interview with johnny mathis about growing up in the bay area, san francisco's club scene.. and his incredible 61-year recording career.
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(pam) johnny mathis is a musical great.. a crooner in the ranks with bing crosby and nat king cole.. he spent almost all of his young years in san franicisco.. going to college at s-f - state.. his musical career called him away from college before he could graduate, so he came back last month... to get his honorary degree.. i got the opportunity to talk with him about growing up in the city .. and his wonderful career. johnny mathis says: "i love singing.. love it ..absolutely love it".. "hey johnny" and
10:46 pm
his fans absolutely love it too .. johnny mathis has been a recording artist for 61 years .. mathis sings: "wonderful-wonderful" he's 81 now.. and music has been his life since he was a kid .. born in texas, he grew up in san francisco .. and graduated from george washington high ...his musical life... inspired early on by his dad..mathis says: "my dad who was my best pal ... he had seven kids. he was singer.. none of the other kids wanted to sing but i did, so he grabbed me johnny mathis was singing in san francisco's rich club scene in the 1950's and 60's .. he was barely out of elementary school.mathis says: "even though i was 13-14 years old i did go to these venues.. the blackhawk.. ..bruno bantucci's the hungry i " "here i am in san francisco. everyone was, ok kid go on -sing the song and then get out of here and that's what i did" he sang all through school, while taking
10:47 pm
vocal lessons then in 1954, he went on to s-f-state mathis was an amazing athlete at state .. setting a high jump record of 6-feet- 5 and -a- half inches .. in fact, in 1956, he was asked to compete in the olympic trials. mathis says: "i hadn't quite decided yet what i was going to do and along came this opportunity to make my first recording"music was calling .. an executive with columbia records heard him at a local club and offered him a contract in fact, one of his early classics has roots in san francisco's club scene "misty"mathis singing: " i get misty the moment you're near -piano then ...mathis says: " i fought for that song. " my dad used to take me to the blackhawk and and i listened to all these jazz performers.. included earl garner and i loved that song but there were no lyrics. by the time he signed his contract and got started .. there were lyrics .. marthis sings: "you can say that you're leading me on.. but it's just what i want you
10:48 pm
to do" .. one of his very first recordings turned into an all time hit..mathis sings: "chances are, when i wear a silly grin.. the moment you come into view tada " pam reacts: "tada" ..laughs.. thank you. mathis singing: "chances are..."so i asked - what is it about johnny mathis and love songs mathis says: "i sing a lot of romantic songs.. even when i sing songs that aren't romantic.. they sound romantic.. there's nothing i can do about it.. " mathis sings ""look at me.. i'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree" ( pam ) johnny mathis has a
10:49 pm
new recording project due out later this year with producers "babyface" and jay landers.. he is still performing and will be back in the bay area in concert in the fall... ... talking with him was a delight. lawrence karnow: it's time to get ready for the weekend. it was a beautiful day with sunshine all the way to the coast. temperatures in the valleys warmed into the 80s and 90s with 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. if your're going out this evening the breeze is picking up near the coast. low clouds fog will form again and return to the bay and valleys. we could even see some drizzle near the coast. you can see a little northerly component to the wind today that helped clear most skies even at the beaches. a weak low pressure system will move in this weekend to bring a few more clouds and cooler temperatures. if you're traveling around the state
10:50 pm
expect hot 90s and maybe even 100's in the central valley with 70s in los angeles and san diego. there will be a few clouds at lake tahoe with highs in the 70s. highs around the bay area tomorrow will be a little cooler. highs will be in the 70s to mid 80s well inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s along the coast. the next 7 days get interesting. i think we will continue to cool through sunday before warming again on monday and tuesday. a late season storm system will bring more clouds and cooler temperatures starting on wednesday with a slight chance of showers next thursday and into the weekend. the warriors may be getting their leader back for game two of the n-b-a finals. according to a report -- steve kerr could be back on the sideline this sunday. it all depends how he feels in the next few days. ker has been feeling wellhrough out the whole week, but if he has any setbacks he will not coach game two. last night he watched game one with former assistant and lakers
10:51 pm
head coach luke walton(wipe to warriors blowout cavs) meanwhile the team took care of business last night in game one the warriors had a dominant performance over the cavs. they beat cleveland 113-91 and remain undefeated in the playoffs kevin durant and steph curry led the way. durant finished with 38 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. curry had 28 points and six three pointers. but warriors head coach, mike brown expects a different cleveland team for game two (sot: mike brown) mike brown:"they're definitely not going to panic. they're not going to think that we have an advantage. our
10:52 pm
guys don't either. our guys, again they're a veteran group. they know what they need to do. and so the challenge for them is, or for us is, are we going to go out and do it again?" the giants opening a three game series against the phillies in the city of brotherly love bruce bochy trying to get the offense going as they started a 7-game road trip giants were rolling -- but what a story
10:53 pm
for rookie, austin slater in the 6th hits an rbi single to get his first hit in the majors -- he was called up today from the minors his family was in attendance cheering him on from the stands ty blach threw his second complete game -- held the phillies scoreless in nine (blach: 9.0 ip, 7 hits, 4 strikeouts) giants win 10-nothing the a's hosting the nationals at the coliseum washington fans still not over bryce harper's 3-game suspension the a's were no match for the nats -- jayson werth hits a solo shot to make it 7-2 washington they finished with 5 home runs and 20 hits in the game washington wins 13-3
10:54 pm
coming up at 11... six - months ago tonight... the ghost ship fire killed 36 people in oakland. we'll hear from a woman who lost her best friend in the tragic blaze ... an stl coping with the loss. keep it right here for kron 4 news at 11... all the y's big stories, and your forecast, in half the time.but first...drivers in denial stanley roberts tags along with one bay area police force, who catches breaking the rules of the road.people behaving badly is next...stick around.
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(pam) there are some people who have a sudden feeling of guilt .... when they see kron4's stanley roberts in the neighborhood. (steve) but there are others who like having him
10:58 pm
around -- and that includes some of the police in santa clara> you don't know why im pulling you over (no) not at all you're on your cell phone (no) you weren't on your cell phone there is a little river in egypt many people visit daily it's call is the driver so engrossed in her smart phone or should i say distracted that she ever noticed we were next to her until (sound of police siren) the cell phone you were using it ..let come back here in a moment when people are caught behaving badly behind the wheel the responses are well let's just say intresting this driver was stopped for not yield to a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk and he may have been a wee bit distracted are you on confrence call right now . let's talk to it a possiblity the confrence call distracted you i was actually i was paying attention to the road i i i i literely say him enter the the side from the corner of my eyethe
10:59 pm
tickets for not yelding to a pedrstrian in the crosswalk back there over on winchester right out side the church of the valley . where even the neighbors happy about the crackdown this is really bad over here yes this is (censored ) ..umm please no pranity lets try it again so tell me how bad this street is well the street is really busy they expeed the speed limt all the time infact this driver was caught at 49 in the posted 25 i wasn't aware of that though, you were aware of the signs no yes . but the signs are big . now watch this the black suv is getting flagged over but the driver ignored the forst officer but not the second so you know how fast you were going (oh its because i'm lost) oh your lost . (important to note whenever lost slowing down is the better approach )you were 41 that was too quick .. now let's head back over to el camino real you were on your phone or you were not on your phone you were not on your phone ok my turnhi you weren't on your phone were you no so that thing you had in your hand for the whole few minutes that wasn't even a phone was it no i'm not on the phone but listen to thisdid
11:00 pm
you see the light change, i see the light change then i put the phone down and go bammmm .drops mic and walks away so i'm writing you a citation for being in a vehicle on a public roadway using your cellphone what's that ive done my job ok press hard all three copies .in santa clara stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) our top story tonight... it was a massive fire that rocked the bay area... today marked six months of the deadly fire that ripped through the ghost ship warehouse in oakland... thanks for joining us, i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore... 36 people died and families of the victims have filed a lawsuit. they are blaming the city of oakland and p-g-&-e .. among others.. for the tragedy... (steve) kron 4's ella sogomonian is at the ho


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