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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 5, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(steve) tonight -- criminal charges have been filed against two men following the deadly ghost ship fire. hello -- i'm steve aveson.(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. it was just over six months ago.. when a fire ripped through a party at the oakland warehouse.. killing 36 people. now police have arrested derrick almena and max harris... both men are charged with multiple counts of involuntary manslaughter.(steve) prosecutors say almena rented out space in the illegally converted warehouse and "knowingly created a firetrap." harris is accused of organizing the dance party of the night of the fire.(vicki) tonight we have reaction from family members who lost loved ones.. first --
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kron4's alecia reid is live with more on the criminal case. derek almena was booked into the santa clara jail at 7'o clock this evening...after making a brief court apperance in lake county.the former tenant i spoke with has no sympathy for the two men that were arrested . pkgoh hell no. hell no. hell noooo. i remember they were doing a little gypsy dance when i was leaving and telling them they were gonna pay, so i'm glad this is derek almena's booking photo from this evening. the alameda county district attorney says he and max harris are to blame for the 36 lives that were lost in the ghost ship fire back in december. i'm not surprised. i'm surprised they haven't been arrested more often for more thingsalmena was arrested earlier today in lake county harris in la. both men have been charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter and could face up to 39 years in prison if convicted of all the charges being brought against them.they're animals, they're evil. they're everything i
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said they were, but they are not the crux of the problem. it's everyone that allowed them to do what they did. there's so much documentation of people not doing their jobs and it just sucks that people had to die before all that shelley mack doesn't believe the two men are the only ones to blame for the deadly blaze. i'm glad they were arrested but they're the low hanging fruit. there were a lot of agencies involved in allowing them to do what they did, including the city, the police department, the fire department, and cps. the housing department, pg&e knew we were therestanduppg&e is one of the companies being sued by far, the agency is cooperating with the investigation.reporting live from oakland (steve) our team coverage
10:03 pm and friends of loved ones killed in the ghost ship fire tell us they feel criminal charges are just one step in a long journey to get justice. kron 4's justine waldman spoke with a mother today who lost her daughter in the fire.
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(steve) our coverage of the ghost ship fire continues
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online. we have details on the criminal charges filed today. we also have information on all 36 victims who died in the's all at kron 4 dot com.
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in closing arguments, the defense had urged the jury to spare garcia torres,' life....that justice doesn't have to be an eye for an eye. brian matthews/defense attorney:"we're thankful for the jury's verdict, we're still going to fight for him, we're very thankful..."jeff rosen, district attorney:" the jury made it so he will die in prison and never take another breath as a free man..."laurie smith/sheriff: "if garcia torres has once ounce of humanity in that cold murderer's heat of his, i call on him now to tell us where she is so we can bring her home...." (grant) 15 year old sierra lamar disappeared in march of 20-12...when she was on her way to school in morgan hill. her dna was found in garcia torres' car. (grant) we have video of
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antolin garcia torres' they left the courthouse today.. they didn't make any comments about the jury's decision. but sierra lamar's family... and some of volunteers who have searched and are still looking for her...had plenty to say. kron 4's haaziq madyun was there.
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our lives" >now that garcia torres life has been spared, sierra lamar's mother, marlene, says he has an opportunity to finally be honest about the role he played in her daughter's murder
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download the kron4 mobile app and be the first to know about breaking news when it happens in your area. (steve) a fire along highway 24 created some major traffic problems this afternoon. it burned under a half a square mile -- but took several hours to get under control. it started just before 1:00. a sedan parked along the side of highway 24 westbound caught fire and sparked a grass fire that quickly spread up the hillside. crews form orinda, san ramon valley and calfire all responded. the chp shutdown several lanes of the highway so firefighters could get equipment into place... creating a huge backup. crews worked on foot to surround the burnzone -- while flame retardant was dropped from the air to keep the flames from spreading north. 25 acres were burned -- mostly grass. . . no buildings were lost and no injuries were reported. (vicki) i'm here in the
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kron4 weather center with chief meteorologist brittney shipp.. tracking fire danger...(brittney) dry and seasonable weather today into tuesday. some cooling starts by wednesday ahead of the next weather system. on thursday a late season cold front will likely bring some light rain to the north bay down to around the golden gate. lingering showers and cool on friday. dry with a warming trend next weekend.
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they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] new at ten: a shoot out
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in crockett has the community up in arms. sheriff's deputies counted about 45 casings in the some are pointing the blame at a local bar and music venue. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in crokett with the story you'll only see on kron4. locals aired out their frustration while toot's tavern bar owners stood their ground over the shooting in a meeting at the crokett community center tonight.
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locals aired out their frustration while toot's tavern bar owners stood their ground over the shooting in a meeting at the crokett community center tonight.pkg bullet holes remain on homes and businesses in downtown crokett after a shootout on may 19th at around 11:30 at night.contra costa sheriff's deputies found about 45 casings.sot: rich haisley, neighbor//"frightens anyone, you think about it somebody could be getting shot." luckily, no one was hurt. locals are pointing the blame at toot's tavern - a bar and music venue that has been at the corner of ceres and second street for more than a century. sot: rich haisley, neighbor// "everything can't be blamed on a bar. the get a bunch of people together though, the more people you
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have the more problems you have."sot:john simon, business shot//"i've been to toot's many a night and there's been absolutely no issues."off camera a concerned resident said they suspect a hiphop concert that night may have attracted a hostile crowd that led to the shooting. alastair bolton lives in a building that was shot.sot: alastair bolton, home shot//"around 8 rounds hit the building, two of them penetrated windows. it's just crazy." monday night the shooting was brought up in a community meeting. a contra costa county lieutenent and deputy were questioned whether there are enough patrols in the town of around three thousand at last census check.sot: lt. tricia england, contra costa sheriff's office//"crokett is encased in our beat 1 area which also encompasses rodeo so there's one deputy assigned to double duty."the unincorporated town contracts the sheriffs office. deputy balea patrols four days a week on her own.on weekends 1 deputy patrols across three towns on a ten hour shift. those hours are adjusted around community events. sot:john simon, business shot//"there certainly could be more police presence that time of night."toot's tavern owners say they work together with deputies before big events but this time around it was a small one, so no need. sot: laura easterling, toot's tavern owner//"we follow the rules of everything federal, state, irs, abc. so we don't want crime we don't want violence."bar owner matthew easterling also in attendence told kron 4 news in the 5 years he's owned toot's tavern this is the first incident of its kind after a hip hop event. he believes this was a drive by shooting that didn't start
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at his business.sot: alastair bolton, home shot//"this type of band have had problems before, and they know this. they need to have more concern for the neighborhood."tag locals ask why the toot's tavern doesn't hire armed security for their events. owners say it would cost too much to handle that liability insurance. as far as public safety it's up to crokette residents if they want to create a bigger bugdet for more deputies to patrol the in crokette ella sogomonian kron 4 news. locals ask why the toot's hire armed security for owners say it too much to liability insurance. public safety crokett they want to bigger bugdet for more deputies to patrol the in crokette ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (steve) in florida. a gunman opened fire in an orlando factory... killing five of his former co- workers... before turning the gun on himself. police say 45-year-old john neumann ... targeted his victims and had a "negative reltionship" with one of them. eight others were able to escape the rampage. police have identified the bodies of the
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five victims. neumann a former employee of the factory sparred the life of a woman who started working there... after he was fired in april. upon leaving the r-v awning business -- the woman called police. it is believed that this wasn't an act of terrorism. (vicki) another big story we have been following... we have now learned the identity of two of the three men responsible for killing seven people in london over the weekend. reporter andy rose explains why at least one of these men was already on their radar. at a vigil monday, london mayor sadiq khan honored those killed saturday night, and condemned those behind it... london mayor, sadiq khan: "as a proud, and patriotic british muslim, i say this. you do not commit these disgusting acts in my name... and you will never succeed in dividing our city."authorities have identified two of the three men who carried out the attack. the men, khuram shazad butt and rachid redouane, along with a third man, killed seven and wounded 48 others.butt, was a british citizen who was born in pakistan. police and counterintelligence officials
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were familiar with him, but say they had no reason to believe an attack was being planned.redouane, 30, had said he was moroccan and libyan. he was not on the authorities' radar. the name of the third attacker has not yet been released.on sunday, authorities descended on the east london neighborhood of barking where at least two of the attackers lived. neighbors were stunned, describing one of the men as a quiet family man. mos (neighbor): "the man i know ishe was a wonderful guy. i would never never expect him to do such horrific and horrible things."police arrested 12 people in connection to the attacks, but by monday evening, all of them had been released without charges.36 of the injured remain hospitalized, 18 of whom are still in critical condition.i'm andy rose, reporting. (steve) a live look outside at
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san francisco. a nice day today -- but some rain in the forecast.(vicki) chief meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking what's ahead for the week. dry and seasonable weather today into tuesday. some cooling starts by wednesday ahead of the next weather system. on thursday a late season cold front will likely bring some light rain to the north bay down to around the golden gate. lingering showers and cool on friday. dry with a warming trend next weekend.
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(steve) still ahead -- only on kron4.a couple on the peninsula wants answers about the way they were treated by police.. how honking their horn at someone ended up with them being detained at gunpoint. (vicki) then: a little girl told she can't play in a soccer tournament -- all becuse of the way she looks. (steve) but first -- apple unveils its newest product --- siri for your house.
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there's a place like no other... where a walk down main street... where a walk down main street... blah blah blah .. hey! the name's rocket and i need your help! the collector has trapped my friends, the guardians of the galaxy in this weird...freakshow... check it out...this is the joint we're in... and we need you to help us break out! got it? move it!...i gotta go!
10:23 pm there is magic for days! (steve) apple kicked off their
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annual world wide developer conference in san jose. today they unveiled the new siri powered speaker they call "home pod" this is a voice activated home wi-fi speaker. apple's attempt to take on amazon and their echo device. "just like ipod reinvented music in our pockets, home pod will reinvent music in our homes".at its core, home pod, is a wireless speaker it's connected to the internet, your itunes account so the idea is with your voice you order up the music you want to be playedbut playing music is just one of the dozen features home pod can deliver.this is apple's answer to amazon's echo speaker with alexa and google's similar "home" speaker with the built in google voice assistant with siri built in home pod is a voice assistant sitting in
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your home waiting to answer your questions or assist you with your digital life. philip schiller /vp, marketing at google says:this was a sneak peek home pod is not hitting the market until december. and when it does it will cost $350.for people who live in an itunes universe use all apple products the home pod would be a better speaker for them than amazon's echo but it's priced so high it could push people away amazon offers the dot alexa speaker for as low as $50."this is new ipad pro" and apple unveiled a new ipad pro with a 10 point 5 inch screen there already is a 9 point seven inch model and the bigger 13 inch model so i'm not sure why they needed this in between $650 size it appears they are still trying to figure out what size tablet people want the mostapple also unveiled a new line up of imac computers
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including a first ever - imac pro which they claim will be their fastest mac ever. it features high end, high performance specs it's like the ultimate mac.. but just a tease for most of us it's way to expensive. when it comes out in december it will cost $5,000. (steve) apple also showed off their next operating system i-o-s=11.. which will bring new features to iphones and ipads. for a closer look at that you can check out gabe's tech page on kron 4 dot com (vicki) fremont police announced a new exchange zone for the public to make safe online transactions. the exchange zone is located in- front of fremont's police department parking lot. the space is meant to eliminate potential scams. the parking lot is well-lit and it has 24 hour video surveillance. exchanges must be made in person -- parents should not
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use this place as a pick-up and drop-off zone for their kids. police will not allow people to make any illegal transactions (vicki) we told you a few weeks ago about danville setting up an exchange zone of its own. it too has 24- hour video surveillance... and is outside the main city offices. no appointment is necessary to use it. you just need to work out a meeting time with the person you're making a transaction with. (steve)coming up -- new video showing a good samaritan jumping into action to stop an out of control car. tonght -- what caused the driver to lose control. (vicki) then - be careful what you share on social media...the facebook posts that ended up costing students admission to harvard. (pam) and next -- new at ten.hear from the san mateo couple who says police pulled them over at gunpoint... how this situation escalated -- from a simple horn honk.
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(steve) ♪ (steve) ♪ nothing performs like a tempur-pedic. and now is the best time to buy one. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at new at ten:a san mateo
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couple says they were pulled over at gunpoint by police. they feel they were treated unfairly.(vicki)it all started when they honked their horn at another driver. an hour later and police had their
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weapons drawn..
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(vicki) san carlos
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residents are advised to be extra cautions following two mountain lion sightings over the weekend. around 9-40 saturday night-- a mountain lion crossed the road in front of a driver. about two hours later-- a resident spotted a cat standing on a hillside near his home on brittan avenue. in each sighting the mountain lion left the area on its own. if you encounter a mountain lion, experts say you should not run. instead try to make yourself look as big as possible by waving your arms. you should also make noise and throw rocks and other objects. ( vicki) and here are some safety tips in case you do spot a mountain lion.. - maintain eye contact - do not approach the mountain lion - don't turn around or run away - you want to appear large and threatening - and do not corner the mountain lion (steve) one of the most anticipated trials of the year began today. comedian bill cosby was in court to answer to charges of aggravated indecent assault. former
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"cosby show" co-star keshia knight pulliam accompanied him to court. it's a case that dates back more than a decade. in opening statements, the prosecution painted cosby as a calculated man who abused his fame.officials are accusing him of using a well-practiced method to drug and assault his victims. dozens of women have made similar accusations but only one will be allowed to testify. gloria allred, kelly johnson's attorney: the point of a prior bad act witness is to demonstrate that there's an absence of consent // if the jury believes gave her a pill, that she also became incapacitated // then there's a pattern, a plan, a design. the defense portrayed cosby as a flawed man false accusations because of gloria allred, kelly johnson's attorney: the point of a prior bad act witness is to demonstrate that there's an absence of consent // if the jury believes kelly, that he also gave her a pill, that she also became then there's a pattern, a plan, a scheme, a design.the defense portrayed cosby as a flawed man vulnerable to false accusations because of past infidelities. the trial is expected to last at least two weeks -- cosby has no plans to take the stand.
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(vicki) the white house has kicked off a week aimed at highlighting efforts to make good on a campaign promise. reporter karin caifa (kay- fuh) explains how president trump's tweets on the london terror attacks, his travel ban, and more, could distract from -- even complicate -- some key efforts of his own administration. president trump kicking off a week focused on improving the nation's infrastructure, starting with a plan to spin off air traffic control from the federal aviation administration, and privatize it.president trump: for too many years our country has tolerated unacceptable delays at the airport, long wait times on the tarmac, and a slowing of commerce and travel that costs us billions and billions of dollars.the administration hoping an issue that touches pretty much every
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american, will drum up bipartisan support for their whole $1 trillion infrastructure plan.but the president's twitter account could again steal the spotlight. in the wake of the uk terror attacks, he's taken aim at london mayor sadiq khan and argued for his travel ban, which his administration recently asked the supreme court to reinstate.among his posts monday morning:"people, the lawyers and the courts can call it whatever they want, but i am calling it what we need and what it is, a travel ban."justice department lawyers and some white house officials have avoided describing the executive order as a "travel ban," amid criticism that it discriminates against muslims and violates the constitution. instead, they've put the focus on inadequate vetting by the countries covered.the president's tweets could undermine the administration's legal arguments. the white house said monday,sarah huckabee sanders / white house deputy press secretary: whether you call it a ban, whether you call it a restriction, he cares that we call it national security, and that we take steps to protect the people of this country.all of this ahead of thursday's scheduled public testimony by fired fbi director james comey, also being eyed by the trump white washington, i'm karin caifa. (steve) tonight...outrage and befuddlement...after little girl playing soccer in disqualified,
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alon with her team...because tournament oraganizers...t hough she was a boy. grant lodes is here with a new wrinkle in this story...and there apparently was a typo? (grant) you heart just goes out to mili hernandez. she loves her hair short...but it cost her and her team a chance to continue in a torunament. one local station in nebraska is saying an error was made on the roster that listed her as a boy. mili is really good at soccer...she's 8 years old...but plays with 11 year olds on a traveling club team. this weekend...mili helped lead her team to the finals of a girls soccer tournament in springfield nebraska. but on yesterday - right before taking the field - mili and her team were suddenly disqualified. springfield soccer organizers
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believed mili was a boy.
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association. big names in u-s women's soccer have reached out to mili...offering support...and mia hamm offered her a spot at her prestigious training academy. coming upsomething seems out of place with this video but i can quite place my finger on it nats: ambiance oh wait i know, it's a bike lane .. i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (steve) but first -- the facebook posts that cost some students their admision to harvard.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪
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need to use an app.either from a bank -- credit card -- or third party -- like paypal.but according to the consumer federation of america -- some apps -- store more information about you than you realize. like your name -- home address -- and email address.they may also keep records of your calls and texts.the contacts on your phone.your calendar. and websites you visit.apps can even track your phone's whereabouts.where you shop --what you buy -- and how much you spend.some apps may share your info with other companies. but there are simple steps to keep private information safe. lock your phone when you're not using an apps' privacy policyand know who gets what careful when using public wi-fi because hackers and scammers can access your sensitive banking time you think about paying by phone -- also remember to protect yourself.for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney
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it's the dream of many high school seniors... to be accepted into harvard. but ten students who were accepted... have had their acceptances rescinded. david robichaud explains why these students will not be attending the university next fall. it's difficult enough to get into to harvard, but ten students that been accepted are out before even stepping foot on campus.the harvard crimson reports that ten perspective members of 2021 had their admissions rescinded after alledgedly posting a obscene content on facebook. among the post according to the paper, they mocked sexual assualt, the holocaust, and the deaths of children. justin just graduated from harvard. "the stuff that they were sharing pretty egregious. i kind of wanted to give the students the benefit of the doubt, oh this sort of thing
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happens all the time, but it seems like harvard made the right move"according to the crimson, the student involved traded sexually explicit memes in a private facebook group chat"what might have been private in the past now is out there for everybody to see and hear".ed gazarian, the social media expert, who says every college and employer checks the digital platform of potential students and employees now. ed believes many millennials are used to sharing their thoughts and opinions online without considering the consequences. and an institution like harvard is not going to admit students who are perceived as wreckless on the internet. "this is a private institution that has made its brand on discretion on who it admits. the same way most employers have a lot of discretion on who they bring in to their organization. the hundred percent right on what they've done". (vicki) according to the crimson, nearly 40-thousand students applied for admission to harvard this year. but only five-point-two percent were admitted. (steve) new at ten:
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video showing a good samaritan saving the life of a complete stranger. this happened in dixon, illinois the man saw a car driving in the wrong lane. it ran a red light.. almost hitting his truck. the car was traveling at a slow rate of speed. so the man -- instinctively knew what was happening... the other driver was having a seizure. he stopped his truck... ran to the other car.. jumped through the open window... and put the car in park. the man plans to reach out to the other driver in a few days. dry and seasonable weather today into tuesday. some cooling starts by wednesday ahead of the next weather system. on thursday a late season cold front will likely bring some light rain to the north bay down to around the golden gate. lingering showers and cool on friday. dry with a warming trend next
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weekend. giants in milwaukeesausage races pam not here but we still show
10:51 pm
them the italian sausage won bottom 7th/ 2-2jezz samardzija in a one out runners and 2nd and 3rd jam but he strikes out nck franklin then jonathan villar to end the inning(samardzija: 7 2/3, ip, 6 hits, 1 earned run, 10 k's)top 8th/ 2-2 tie pinch-hitter aaron hill goes into the left field corner buster posey and brandon crawford score 4-2 giants final: 7-2 giants (24-35) samardjiza retired 19 straight hitters at one point only 12,890 at the coliseum but they were having a good timebottom 4th/ 3-1 a'sryon healy who had a 3-run home run in the 3rd hits a 2-run homer to straight-away center 5-1 a's(healy: th home run 5 rbi tonight)bottom 9th/ 5-3 a'ssantiago casilla the former giant facing the former "a" josh donaldson strikes him out to end the game (casilla: 9th save)final: 5-3 a'ssean manaea: 4th stright win the warriors in the same spot
10:52 pm
they were last year but this time it feels different steve kerr. his first appearance since game two of the first round gets some love from lebron jamesjames was brilliant with a triple- doublebut durant the 4th player in nba finals history with 30-plus points and 5 blocks in a game he had 33 and added 13 reboundsspeaking of triple-doublessteph curry 32 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds despite being only 4-11 from three and committing 8 turnoversafternoondurant getting on the plane for here are curry and james on cleveland for games 3 and 4 (sot: curry & james) "knowing what a road game in the finals in cleveland is like, the atmosphere is their crowd gets crazy and we have to do the little things to withstand their runs that they're going to make"lebron:
10:53 pm
i mean, are you a smart guy? reporter: i think so.lebron: you think so, right? so we don't defend homecourt, what happens?reporter: yeah, i know. that's what i'm saying. lebron: i'm asking you. reporter: well yeah, then you guys are looking at getting swept.lebron: all right. so, that answered your question. charles barkley the star of tnt's nba coverage was in nashville for the stan;ey cup finalshe even gave some hockey analysis and sounded like he knew his stuff "pekka has been amazing. murray has been amazing. even going back marc- andre fluery last series. i just, i'm just glad to be here because the nba playoffs have not been great but the stanley cup playoffs have been amazing." carrie underwood her husband predators captain mike fisher it's his 37th birthday and fisher would have a happy one as he gets the assist
10:54 pm
here on the viktor arvidsson goal 3-1 predatorsfinal: 4-1 predatorsseries tied 2-2 game 5 thursday in pittsburgh this is a good one ncaa sofball world series game 1 oklahoma vs floridain the top of the 17th inningoklahoma's shay knighten hits a 3-run home run to finally break the tiefinal: 7-5 oklahomathey lead best of 3 series 1-0 game 2 tomorrow night in oklahoma city (vicki)coming up at the top of the hour one million dollars -- that's the bail set for two men charged in connection with the oakland ghost ship fire that killed 36 people. that and all the day's big stories and your weather in half the time at 11. (steve) but firstin a brand new edition of people behaving badly. bike lanes in san franciscoare made specifically for cyclists heading to work. but when
10:55 pm
the commute hour beginsit becomes an expressway so we sent stanley roberts to check it out...stay tuned for that.
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♪ ♪ nothing performs like a tempur-pedic. and now is the best time to buy one. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at (( vicki ))a muni bus driver
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is in hot water after he was caught on camera committing a big no no, and while muni is already working hard to make sure it doesn't happen again, they're not alone (( steve )) lot's of drivers are making the same illegal move,and instead of sharing the road with bikers they could be on the road to deadly problem. stanley roberts explains this is the 44 o'shaughnessy bus on laguna honda blvd in san francisco .let's stop the video right here, you see the bus while on its designated route is a we bit off course . allow me to explain nats:
10:59 pm
ambiance normally, laguna honda blvd, which just so happens to be located next to laguna honda hospital has what i call a normal flow of traffic . until rush hour.. then traffic picks up considerably . but not everyone drives a car many people commute via bicycles so they have a designated bike and the bike lane is heavily used by cyclist heading to work or other locations nats: ambiance there is ample signage alerting drivers that the right lane is for bikes only but when the commute hour begins the bike lane becomes an expressway like this driver who just dropped off and is not using the bike lane as a shortcut nats: ambiance during the commute it wasn't hard to catch people driving down the bike lane but wait there is more. some people appear to use the correct lane until they get past the last barricade then
11:00 pm
they jump into the bike lane to bypass traffic like this city vehicle nats: ambiance even people on motorized scooters this this is a shortcut ... now back to the muni bus this wasn't the only bus i saw driving in the bike lane so it appears to be normal operating procedure for drivers but the sfmta is not very happy, in fact, the have already identified the bus driver despite he appears to put up his hand to conceal his identity nats: ambiance if you look at the barriers you can cleary see many have been run over by careless drivers. it's just a matter of time before a cyclist takes the brunt of car or bus in the wrong lane nats: ambiance remember a bike lanes are for bikes not cars and in the absence of the dedicated bike lane riders are allowed full use of the lane and you should give them at least 3 feet of space in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) our top story tonight at eleven... criminal charges filed against two men for the deadly ghost ship fire. i'm steve aveson.(vicki) and i'm vicki for pam moore. that devastating fire six months ago ripped through a party at the oakland warehouse.. killing 36 people. tonight... derrick almena and max harris are in custody facing manslaughter charges. ((steve))kron4's alecia reid


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