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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 6, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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our top story tonight at eleven... criminal charges filed against two men for the deadly ghost ship fire. i'm steve aveson.(vicki) and i'm vicki for pam moore. that devastating fire six months ago ripped through a party at the oakland warehouse.. killing 36 people. tonight... derrick almena and max harris are in custody facing manslaughter charges. ((steve))kron4's alecia reid has reaction from a former tenant of the warehouse...(pkg) derek almena was booked into the santa clara jail at 7'o clock this evening...after making a brief court apperance in lake county.the former tenant i spoke with has no sympathy for the two men that were arrested . pkgoh hell no. hell no. hell noooo. i
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remember they were doing a little gypsy dance when i was leaving and telling them they were gonna pay, so i'm glad this is derek almena's booking photo from this evening. the alameda county district attorney says he and max harris are to blame for the 36 lives that were lost in the ghost ship fire back in december. i'm not surprised. i'm surprised they haven't been arrested more often for more thingsalmena was arrested earlier today in lake county harris in la. both men have been charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter and could face up to 39 years in prison if convicted of all the charges being brought against them.they're animals, they're evil. they're everything i said they were, but they are not the crux of the problem. it's everyone that allowed them to do what they did. there's so much documentation of people not doing their jobs and it just sucks that people had to die before all that shelley mack doesn't believe the two men are the only ones to blame for the deadly blaze.
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i'm glad they were arrested but they're the low hanging fruit. there were a lot of agencies involved in allowing them to do what they did, including the city, the police department, the fire department, and cps. the housing department, pg&e knew we were therestanduppg&e is one of the companies being sued by far, the agency is cooperating with the investigation.reporting live from oakland (vicki) six months after the deadly fire... a memorial for the victims remains outside the ghost ship warehouse. donna kellogg was one of the three dozen people killed that december night. her mother-- sue-- remembers donna as a vibrant red-head who loved to laugh. sue says her daughter loved to dance-- which is why she went to the warehouse party that night. but sue firmly believes donna would not have gone to the party if she knew how unsafe the building was. sue spoke to kron 4 news over the phone from her home in salinas. (sue slocom/daughter died in fire): "it is horrifying to think they didn't even have chance...these two men set up a death trap for our children
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and they need to be held responsible for their actions." (vicki) sue says she has waited a long time for the d-a's office order the arrest of almena and harris. she is pleased that the case is moving forward and says it's time for someone to be held accountable for her daughter's death. (vicki) our coverage of the ghost ship fire continues online. we have details on the criminal charges filed day. we also have information on all 36 victims who died in the's all at kron 4 dot com (steve) all lanes on highway 24 have reopened. this afternoon a fire along highway 24 created some major traffic problems it burned under a half a square mile. it took crews several hours to get under control. a car parked along highway 24 westbound caught fire and sparked a grass fire. c-h-p shutdown several lanes of the
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highway -- so firefighters could get equipment into place... creating a huge backup. 25 acres were burned -- mostly grass. . . no buildings were lost and no injuries were reported. (steve) new at 11. police say a motocyclist was killed in a crash on westbound state highway 37 in vallejo. it happened just after noonjust west of skaggs island road. the motorcyclistwho's identity hasn't been released tonight died at the scene. police are currently investigating if drugs and or alcoholplayed a roled in the deadly crash. (vicki) happening now in the penisula. a san mateo couple claims police went too far during a traffic started when they say they honked their horn at another driver.and as kron 4's jr stone shows ended with cops drawing their guns. (pkg) (grant) another big story...
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today it was a unanimous decision from the jury...death without the possibility of parole...for antolin garcia torres...a few weeks after that same jury convicted him of first degree murder...for killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. the jury rejected the prosecution's call to show the 26-year- old... no mercy... because he showed none to sierra lamar. in closing arguments, the defense had urged the jury to spare garcia torres,' life....that justice doesn't have to be an eye for an eye. (sot) brian matthews/defense attorney:"we're thankful for the jury's verdict, we're still going to fight for him, we're very thankful..."jeff rosen, district attorney:" the jury made it so he will die in prison and never take another breath as a free man..."laurie smith/sheriff: "if garcia torres has once ounce of humanity in that cold murderer's heat of his, i call on him now to tell us where she is so we can bring her home...." (grant) sierra lamar's dad
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said today's ruling was frustrating. the 15 year old disappeared in march of 20-12...when she left her house and was on her way to the bus stop. her dna was found in garcia torres' car. i'm gl, k4n. ( vicki) summer is quickly approaching...but rain is in the forecast for parts of the bay area.(steve) chief meteorologist brittany shipp is back with how the weather will look.... in your neighborhood.
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dry and seasonable weather today into tuesday. some cooling starts by wednesday ahead of the next weather system. on thursday a late season cold front will likely bring some light rain to the north bay down to around the golden gate. lingering showers and cool on friday. dry with a warming trend next weekend.
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