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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 6, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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of a toddler in berkely's people's park.whooshan uber driver in jail in the east bay ... because of what his passenger said he did to her. now police are looking for other victims.whooshguns, a mask and a deadly threat ... police say it's the evidence against a cancer patient arrested for plotting to kill the doctors who treated him.i think there would have been bloodshed herewhooshas graduation time nears at cal state=east bay ... meet a woman who overca some extraordinary odds to get her's like a whole new world you're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) now at 8. attempted homicide of a two year old boy. after the toddler is fed a potentially deadly drug in an east bay park. thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson, (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. a suspect is arrested in the un-imaginable encounter. it happened in berkeley. that's where we find kron-4's j-r stone. he
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joins us live. and j-r --- this crime has to have people on edge. more people were shocked than anything else. one man told me he saw the officers here at this park yesterday but didn't know why they were here.this is 36 year old sayadinna thomas who was arrested for attempted murder. she even smiled in her mug shot. police said she admitted to putting meth in a 2 year old's mouth. that youngster was here with his nanny. when the nanny checked his mouth she didn't find anything in it. she then took him to the hospital. he is still recovering in the hospital. i talked with a man who knows thomasthis is what he had to say.she hasn't hurt anyone i guess except for what she did to that kid i hear that she put meth in a 2 year old's mouth is that concerning to youyeah that's bad..i wouldn't give it to anyone it's like poison.there are a
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lot of people who live in this park. there is a slide and swings but i haven't seen any kids and talking with some of the people here they are surprised that someone would bring a child to a park like this. live in berkeley, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (steve) staying in the east bay. police are looking for more potential victims of an uber driver who was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting his passenger. (vicki)kron four's spencer blake is live in martinez, where the driver was booked into jail.spencer, where and how did the assault happen? the assault actually happened
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in moragaand it was right inside the uber driver's car. if it happened once, it may have happened other times. police chief jon king says it was after midnight on may 26th when the victim got an uber ride to take her from oakland to visit friends in moraga.she was about a mile away from her final destination when the driver suddenly pulled over in a residential area on camino ricardo in moraga. "when he did so he got out of the car, climbed into the back seat with her and sexually battered her, restraining her in the back seat."(vo)king says the victim took some actions to interrupt the assaultto the point where the driver stopped, actually got back behind the wheel, and continued on to the destination.the woman reported it immediately, and with her description, surveillance video, and traffic cams, investigators i-d'd the car.
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from there they tied it to the driver, leonid beker, whom they arrested on suspicion of sexual battery. he was booked here into the contra costa county jail.7 did post 50 thousand dollar bail, got out.7 d-a's office looking at charges - could possibly be more than just sexual battery. live in martinez, spencer blake, kron four news. (steve) like something out of a horror film... we're learning shocking details of a cancer patient's alleged plot to murder his bay area doctors.(vicki) police say they stopped the stage 4 cancer just in time...preventing bloodshed. grant lodes is here with the disturbing details. (grant) police say when they stopped yue san jose...he had driven from his home in visailia in the central valley...and in his rental car... there were
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guns, ammo, a mask and a manifesto outlining his plans. police in the bay area say there were alerted by law enforcement in visalia...who had gone to the 58 year old's home late last month after his family reported him missing. visilia officers say his guns were missing from his home.and court records reveal they found a note... threatening to kill the doctors who had treated him...because he thought they were evil. an all points bulletin was put out... to be on the lookout for chen...abnd the chp spotted him on 101 in san jose. lt. james reifschneider, palo alto pd:"they went out to take initial missing persons case had not recognize pretty early on that just was much more than that then i think there would've been bloodshed here. those guns were loaded with high-capacity magazines one was loaded with more than 30 and then rounds the other was loaded with 16 handgun rounds so we believe having trouble three hours from his home to the bay area with those guns within hands reach." (grant)the 3 doctors who chen
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was allegedly gunning for work at u-c-s-f and stanforda police avidavit included this letter that chen had with him. reads why do i kill?1. revenge.2. to tell professional people that you can't treat people like animals. police say chen planned to kill the doctors and them himself. he's been charged with three counts of attempted murder. he's scheduled to enter a plea on june 28th. he's being held without bail. (steve) attorneys for derick almena --one of the men charged in the deadly oakland ghost ship fire ... will host a public meeting friday. they're expected to talk about the charges almena is facing and their defense strategy. derick almena, the former master tenant of the ghost ship warehouse, was booked into the santa rita jail overnight after making a brief court appearance in lake county yesterday. almena and another man, max harris have both been charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. the devastating fire in december killed 36 people. both face up to 39 years in prison
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if convicted. (vicki) police are on the hunt tonight...for two people....they say abandoned a small child near the san francisco zoo. last night police say san francisco paramedics saw two adults leave the child near the intersection of the great highway and sloat boulevard.... then drive away. police showed up and found the child uninjured. specific details on who police are searching for... have not yet been made available. (vicki) the man accused of killing an australian tourist outside of a san francisco hotel pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter, assault and battery charges today.(steve) kron 4's justine waldman was inside the courtroom.... and is now live in our newsroom. justine, the man charged was painted as a calm, loving family man... how did his public defender explain... what happened? (justine) his appointed attorney clams... his client acted in self-defense. that this is his first time ever getting in trouble with the law... that he would not intentionally hurt anyone. it was a fight, that he says, anyone could have gotten into.
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family and friends of the man charged.. 34-year old david murillo from san bernandino county... walked out of court without a comment. his attorney says his client is upset and scared. mark jacobs/ public defender sot he is in shock he is a gentle hardworking man with two little girls murillo is accused of killing 33-year-old matt bate. a chemist on vacation in san francisco from australia. cameras were not allowed in court. but we learned more about what attorneys understand happened...outside of the di vinci hotel on van ness avenue...friday at 2am... murillo was in the city working on a specialty drape project. when he and and bate got into a verbal argument that turned physical. it is likely alcohol was involved. sot that is what happened here someone got punched unfortunetly mr bate fell hit his head and died police arrested murillo inside
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his room at the di vinci. security cameras outside of the hotel captured what happened. that video has not been made public. the district attorney's office claims the fight was unprovoked. alex bastain/ district attorney's office sot the victim was punched and he did not see the punch coming. the judge set bail at 100-thousand dollars. an amount his attorney says is too high... for a family man with no criminal record. sot he looks big and he is strong but he is a very emotional guy he was weeping back there bate was an avid cricket player. his club posting this message on facebook... "matty bate who was taken far too soon, will be sadly missed by all." (justine) bate's family is on the way to san francisco to bring him back home. meanwhile, the man charged will be back in court for a premilimary hearing on friday. in the newsroom justine waldman kron 4 news. (steve) a former 49ers defensive back was arraigned
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on felony domestic violence charges in a san jose courtroom this afternoon. police say 28 year old tramaine brock punched his 31- year-old girlfriend in the face and tried to strangle her several times...once while she was holding their one year old child. this was in early april. officers say brock's girlfriend told the whole thing started because of an argument about what to watch on t-v. the 28-year- old has also been charged with misdemeanor child endangerment. if convicted, he would face up to five years in prison. the niners released brock after his arrest. (steve) well a pretty mild day around the bay area. kron-4's chief meteoroligst brittney shipp joins us now ... with what the rest of your work week is looking like.
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dry and seasonable weather continues through wednesday with the marine layer around 1500 feet along the coast. by thursday morning a late season cold front brings light rain into the north bay. the south bay and monterey bay region will likely remain dry and may actually warm in the warm and moist sector of the storm on thursday. cool northwest flow then develops on friday as the upper trough moves inland. high pressure begins to rebuild over the weekend with a return to dry weather and a gradual (grant) breaking news just
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in from santa rosa...where a 17 year old who just graduated high now missing. gabriella rosas-arreguin's parents say she went to look for a job yesterday morning, and hasn't been seen since. her family says this is totally out of character. they say she planned to return her cap and gown at her high school, then use a computer at the downtown library, before dropping off job applications at the santa rosa plaza. gabriella is 5 foot 5... about 120 lbs. she has brown hair and brown eyes. she was wearing a gray short sleeved cardigan, white t-shirt and gray dress pants. anyone who knows anything is asked to contact santa rosa police. we'll keep you posted on air and on ahead at eight.. an east baycity saying sorry. after a post - that some are calling inappropriate plus. a student overcomes the odds === going from living in her car --- to earning her diploma. and next. bart giving riders a new way to track crime. how you can see the same data that
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bart police see. the bathroom. when things go wrong here, you remember. quilted northern is designed to work so well, you can forget your bathroom trips. but daddy gator can never forget. "i've got to motor out of here. this is no place to raise a child." bart riders have been
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asking for more transparency about crime in the system... now they're getting a response. bart unveiling a new way for passengers to track crimes and see the same data that bart police do. kron-4's haaziq madyun talked to people about what they think about the new tool.
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rabia keeble is looking at crimes that have occurred in the area of the lake merritt bart station. she is doing it on her cellphone using crime mapping dot com bart officials say increasing public access to bart crime data is an important part of the transit agency's new transparency inituitive
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information out there, letting our customers know that everything we will know, you will know as well">you can access the crimemapping website for free on your desk top computer or laptop or... in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news (steve)hayward officials are apologizing for using a taco pun in an official tweet to promote a council meeting to discuss sanctuary city protections.(vicki)the city of hayward issued a tweet with an illustration of a taco, urging
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the public "let's taco bout it."a city spokesman says the meme was not related to the topic of sanctuary status. he says city officials are "upset and embarrassed" by the inappropriate tweet and tweeted an apology the hayward city council will consider whether to formally declare itself a "sanctuary city" at tonights meeting. (steve) california supreme court justices are hearing arguments over whether to block a voter-approve measure to speed up executions. proposition 66 would require death penalty appeals to be heard within five years. currently it can take more than two decades. the state attorney general's office says the goal is to meet the five year deadline.... but say that it's not enforceable. critics have argued the measure is impossible to achieve. but supporters say the case is a stall tactic to maintain a slow system of executions. (vick) a live look outside at san francisco international
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airport... it looks a bit cloudy...(steve) and some cooler weather could be heading our way. kron-4's brittney shipp is here now with the forecast dry and seasonable weather continues through wednesday with the marine layer around 1500 feet along the coast. by thursday morning a late season cold front brings light rain into the north bay. the south bay and monterey bay region will likely remain dry and may actually warm in the warm and moist sector of the storm on thursday. cool northwest flow then develops on friday as the upper trough moves inland. high pressure begins to rebuild over the weekend with a return to dry weather and a gradual
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(steve)contra costa county animal services are at odds right now. . . as they face overcrowding at both of their animal shelters.(vicki)both
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the martinez and pinole locations are offering promotions in hopes that more people will come forward to adopt.officials say that as of now. . . there are more than 500-animals housed between both shelters.about 35-animals on average. . . are dropped off per day.and the problems is growing. . . . officials say that the shelters tend to see an uptick in the summer. . . due to lost and surrendered animals.but there are ways to "number one, you can come down here and voluntee we have a range of volunteer opportunities available. we alsoave an animal benit fund which people can contribute to. even if it's just a matter of coming down and bringing some old blankets or towels or news papers. that's all stuff we can use here." of course there is the option to adopt. . . currently . . .adoption fees at the martinez location have been reduced. adoptions at the pinole location are free until the 18th. coming up at 8. a mom records her baby being bitten by a she's
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defending the controversial video.(vicki) plus. why you will soon be blocked from checking texts on your iphone while driving. ((gary sports tease)) ((steve))here's what we're tracking tonight at ten...more trouble for american airlines. this time a flight attendant is accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a flight.she says another passenger told her to come forward.her story and how the
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airline is night on kron 4 news at ten.
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((anchor lead))we are entering the summer travel season and if you don't have your flights booked yet. let us help you find the best deal. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows you the best apps and websites to secure the cheapest flights. ((pkg)) gabe slate /tech reporter says: google flights offers a quick and smooth interface to find the best deal on flights. there's an android app otherwise on a computer or i-device just type google flights in a web browser and it comes up. it will
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automatically list out the cheapest flights with the least amount of connections. you can set a price alert and get emails or notifications on your phone if an airline drops the price on the flight. through a chart you can see what the particular flight was booked for price wise over the last 60 days so you can see the history of the ups and downs to better predict when it's better to book. one problem with google fights.. it does not show southwest prices and often southwest in the bay area has the best deal at the bottom of their flight price index they do have a link for southwest if you click on it it hotlinks you to southwests direct flight search for your flight showing you their price so it saves you a couple steps going to southwest and entering all the info next up hipmunk. it's a website and app it has an adorable little chipmunk mascot and a very clean easy to use interface when searching for flights it features a nice timeline layout so you can quickly see prices indexed by departure time on the side there are hotlinks to see what other sites are offering for this flight like expedia, or travelocity and like google flights you can sign up for email or phone altsf a better price comes along. and the last one kayak.. again you can access it on the web or through an app same as the two before.. it's fast easy to use.. shows you the cheapest flights available one think i like about kayak they offer their advice based on current and past prices they give you their
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prediction if the flight will drop in price within 7 days or if you should buy now before it rises with your tech report gabe slate kron 4 news. ahead at eight.. sorry --- i had to. that's what a paramedic is accused of saying after allegedly groping a patient in an ambulance. plus. united in the middle of another dispute...this time about what a passenger was told she could not bring on board---despite federal law saying she could. and next. from living in her car --- to earning her diploma... an east bay woman's story of how she overcame the odds. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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(vicki) as hundreds of students graduate from college this weekend... a hayward woman's path to a diploma is especially inspiring. brenda brown ---says at one point she was living in her car while attending classes. (vicki) now this weekend she'll be wearing a cap and gown. (steve) this afternoon, kron 4's charles clifford spoke with her about the challenges of making it to graduation and what she's hoping for in the future. soti got laid off from a job i had for over 8 years.back in 2009, brenda brown, like so many other people lost her job during the great recession.sot i was unable to find gainful employment. it was a job looking for a job.for years she struggled in vain to find a new job and make ends meet. in 2010, her unemployment ran out.soti was pretty much living on god's grace and mercy for a year before i decided i'm going back to school. brenda enrolled here at cal state east bay in the communications department. financial aid paid for school, but left little money for anything else. up against the bay area's red hot rental
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market, brendan sahead to move from rented room to rented roo at one point she was reduced to living out of her car. for months she parked on campus at night and took showers at a gym.soti told myself it's not going to last that long. i've worked to hard up until that point when i was in my car not to. at that point i could either sink of swim.but brenda kept at it. attending classes and doing whatever work she could find. this coming weekend, she will graduate, with a degree in communications. she still doesn't have a job lined up or a permanent home but she's looking forward to the future. soti'm excited to see what doors a degree will open for me.she also hopes her story can be an inspiration to anyone else who might be struggling to make ends meet. sot i would definitely recommend it. it's never to late to give up. finally ,brenda says she plans to attend grad school in the fall and that her dream gig would be working for the 49ers. in hayward, charles clifford kron 4 news. (steve) a sacramento paramedic has
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been arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor sexual battery... after being accused of groping a patient in the back of an ambulance. court documents show 32-year-old jared evans and an intern were transporting a 19-year-old woman. during that ride evans is accused of placing his hand down the woman's shirt and groping her. the intern later told a supervisor that evans allegedly said "sorry man, i had to." the sacremento fire chief says the complaint was forwarded to police immediately. and is now under investigation (vicki)united airlines says its looking to a tense encounter between a flight attendant and a musician flying with the airline.the musicians says she was told she could not take her instrument on her flight... despite federal law says she can.she says she wanted to carry her precious violin, like this, onto the plane for
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her flight to st. louis for work. she said it is hundreds of years old, costing tens of thousands of dollars. she said the supervisor told her no, that it was too big to bring on the flight. yennifer correia/violinist: "she proceeded to throw herself on top of my suitcase. so she could take the rest of the sticker from my suitcase. at this point, we're both struggling... pulling the suitcase and i'm trying to get her not to take the sticker from me."federal law requires airlines to allow musicians to take instruments on board as carry-on luggage. united said, "we're disappointed anytime a customer has an experience that does not live up to his or her expectation." (( vicki ))a muni bus driver is in hot water after he was caught on camera committing a big no no, and while muni is already working hard to make sure it doesn't happen again, they're not alone (( steve )) lot's of drivers are making the same illegal move,and instead of sharing the road with bikers they could be on
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the road to deadly problem. stanley roberts explains this is the 44 o'shaughnessy bus on laguna honda blvd in san francisco .let's stop the video right here, you see the bus while on its designated route is a we bit off course . allow me to explain nats: ambiance normally, laguna honda blvd, which just so happens to be located next to laguna honda hospital has at call a noal flow of traffic . until rush hour.. then traffic picks up considerably . but not everyone drives a car many people commute via bicycles so they have a designated bike and the bike lane is heavily used by cyclist heading to work or other locations nats: ambiance there is ample signage alerting drivers that the right lane is for bikes only but when the commute hour begins the bike lane becomes an expressway like this driver who just dropped off and is not using the bike lane as a shortcut nats: ambiance during the commute it
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wasn't hard to catch people driving down the bike lane but wait there is more. some people appear to use the correct lane until they get past the last barricade then they jump into the bike lane to bypass traffic like this city vehicle nats: ambiance even people on motorized scooters this this is a shortcut ... now back to the muni bus this wasn't the only bus i saw driving in the bike lane so it appears to be normal operating procedure for drivers but the sfmta is not very happy, in fact, the have already identified the bus driver despite he appears to put up his hand to conceal his identity nats: ambiance if you look at the barriers you can cleary see many have been run over by careless drivers. it's just a matter of time before a cyclist takes the brunt of car or bus in the wrong lane nats: ambiance remember a bike lanes are for bikes not cars and in the absence of the dedicated bike lane riders are allowed full use of the lane and you should give them at least 3 feet of space in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) you're looking live at the golden gate bridge...where some clouds are
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rolling in at this hour.. (vicki) let's check in with kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp in store for the rest of the week. dry and seasonable weather continues through wednesday with the marine layer around 1500 feet along the coast. by thursdmorning a late season cold front brings light rain into the north bay. the south bay and monterey bay region will likely remain dry and may actually warm in the warm and moist sector of the storm on thursday. cool northwest flow then develops on friday as the upper trough moves inland. high pressure begins to rebuild over the weekend with a turn to dry weather and a gradual
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still ahead at 8.
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got a text on the road? well you won't know about it. the chans plis making to keep you from being distracted while driving. and next. a snake snaps and bites a baby... the one year old's mom not only watching --- but recording.. and that's triggered some backlash.
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[ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] new i-phone feature that could
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make driving on the road a little safer.the feature will block texts while driving and it will be part of apple's i-o-s's called "do not disturb while driving." whenever the phone is connected to a car using either bluetooth or a cable, or if the car is moving, the phone will block any notifications for things like text messages or news updates. if someone does text you while you're driving, the phone can give an automated response that you're driving. (vicki)a florida woman is
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under fire for allowing a snake to bite her one-year-old daughter, then posting the incident on her facebook page. (steve) tonight, that mom is defending her action. grant lodes is back now with this debate: bad parenting...or overly critical people on social media? (grant)in the video, the one-year-old reaches into the plastic box, then the snake strikes.she says the baby was not hurt, only scared of the snake's movement. a teachable moment ...... or dangerous lesson. some people on social media are calling this mom a reckless parent highlands county sheriff's office is investigating what happened. we are not identifying this mother because deputies have not charged her with a crime. the mom says it's important her kids learn how to handle all kinds of wildlife and what to stay away from. growing up, she learned how to handle reptiles, going out on
8:41 pm
animal service calls with her father, a jupiter police she trusts her growing up, she learned how to handle reptiles, going out on animal service calls with her father, a jupiter police she trusts her methods are teaching her children a valuable lesson.the video in question has since been taken down from facebook (steve)in sports... marshawn lynch expresses himself only as he can... as he talks to the media for the first time as a raider...(vicki)... and the warriors are in cleveland preparing for game 3 of the n- b-a finals... gary has reaction from both teams... coming up
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. u.s. job openings hit record
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high 6 million . . . the number of job openings in the united states rose in april to a record high, but the pace of hiring slipped to a one-year low in another sign the economy is running out of people with enough skills to fill empty positions. job openings climbed to 6 million in april from 5.8 million. more than half the new openings were in the hotel and restaurant businesses. openings for better paying manufacturing jobs fell by 30,000here are the six big announcements apple just made
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. . . apple unveiled watchos 4, macos sierra and ios 11. it also launched new macs, some of which will support vr. called the mepod that offers siri integration and will cost $349. 1. watchos 4 2. macos high sierra 3. new imacs and macbook air / macbook pro refreshes 4. ios 11 5. ipad pro 10.5 6. apple homepod speaker speakerapple homepod pro 10.5 6. ios 11 5. ipad refreshes 4. ios 11 5. ipad pro 10.5 6. apple homepod speaker
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the giants are fading fast "bark in the park" night in milwaukee fans brng there dogs bottom 2nd/1-0 brewerseric sogard high pop own the left field line of matt cain brandon crawford among three giants dives but can't make the catch ball gets away two runs score 3-0 brewersbottom 3rd/ 4-0 brewerschase anderson the pitcher tags cain deep to left austin slater can't run it
8:47 pm
downbanging into the electric wall another run scores 5-0 brewers(cain (3-5): 5 ip, 10 hits, 5 runs)final: 5-2 brewers giants scored a couple in the 9th but couldn't rally with the tying run at the plate (24-36)(wipe to gennett 4 home runs) a litle history tonight in cincinnati as the reds scooter gennett ties a major league record with 4 home runs in a game. he went 5-for-5 with 10 rbi including a grand slamgennett becomes the 17th player to homer 4 times in a game among the others are lou gerhig, mike schmidt and willie maysreds beat the cardinals 13-1 the warriors in
8:48 pm
cleveland... preparing for tomorrow night's game 3. golden state is looking to go up 3-nothing...and hopefully end this series by the end of the week. at 14-and-0, the warriors have a chance to become the first team in a history to finish the postseason undefeated. "we want 15-0. that's what we want. are we 14- 0 right now? we want 15-0. that's what we want. we literally have never once mentioned 16-0. to me it's a miracle that it's even a possibility. it's so hard to do."ááánoise sounds, reporter looks concernedááá i don't know what those sounds are álaughsá it might be the plumbing?"áááloo ks upááá "yeah that thing's shaking a little bit buddy." ááágets up and leaves presserááá"that concludes today. thank you."
8:49 pm
the cavaliers also got some time on the court today. here's lebron james and tyronn lue at cavaliers practice today. despite being down 2- nothing, it doesn't look like the cavs are going to be throwing out the playbook. lue says there won't be any changes to his starting 5...and jr smith is still in the first 5. lebron today said slow down the tempo and was a little blase when asked about having to dig out of an 0-2 hole
8:50 pm
today draymond green was asked if lebron james and kevin durant were playing for the title "best player in the world""i think that the last thing on both of their mind is who's going to say who's better. at the end of the day it don't matter. you know, if you don't win, someone say he's the best player in the world... i mean, what do you get from that? but you get a lot more from getting a ring." marshawn lynch spoke today for the first time as a raider... he said he made the decision to come out of retirement as soon as his hometown raiders announced they were leaving his home town of oakland.lynch says it was always a dream to play in oakland and it became
8:51 pm
even more important when the raiders were approved to move to las vegas in 2020.lynch says he wants to give kids in oakland a chance to cheer for someone who grew up in their usual he stated his love for oakland quite colorfully(sot: lynch) "just to play in oakland is like a 'beep' dream come true. i'm at home i'm doing what i do at home so its just giving me more time to do the same 'beep' i would have been doing. i got the whole town, you feel me though, riding with me, so that's good with what they got going on; all that good 'beep' you just said. the way we feel just about where we are from and why we represent where we are from so hard is because we know what the struggle is and how we get down. every home game that i get to come to in this 'beep', i will probably be riding with the whole town."
8:52 pm
a scare at the america's cup in burmuda todayduring a race the boat from new zeland capsized some of the crew jumped out and swam to safety others were stuck inside the boat on one sideluckily no one wqas injured and the boat and remainder of the crew was towed to safety
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tonight at 10 i'd say this is a case of people behaving very, very badly in the willow glen neighborhood of san jose, things are vanishing somebody's trying to save money on a wedding?i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (stevei) the x-files... is next then, we are back at 10:00 with the day's big
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stories, including people behaving badly, gary has sports... and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten ... right here on the bay area's news station.
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previously on the x-files: my name is susanne modeski. i was an organic chemist for the advanced weapons facility. i need to expose the united states government's plot against its own people... tell the truth. reach as many people as you can with it. that's your weapon. my name is john fitzgerald byers. i was named after our 35th president. and i keep having this beautiful dream. in my dream,


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