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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 19, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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baking ... the state is burning.thousands of acres up in flames tonight.whoosh brittney shipp does wx tzwhoosh those high temperatures putting a strain on the state's power grid.thousands of pg&e customers in the dark tonight.what you can do to lower your chances of a blackout.whooshand the tragic end to a child custody dispute in the north bay.(something from jr)you're watching kron four news in prime time. (pam) now at 8. fire fueled by dangerously hot and dry conditions. at one point.... burning close (pam) now at 8. fire fueled by dangerously hot
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and dry conditions. at one point.... burning close to homes and an east bay high school.(pam) thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. power alerts issued and records shattered as triple digit heat scorches the bay area. and it's not over yet. kron-4's charles clifford joins us live from moraga where that fire had threatened homes. but first chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here with a closer look at the concerns with this dangerous heat. although temperatures will be a little cooler compared to sunday, very warm to hot conditions will continue through thursday. a heat advisory also remains in effect for most inland areas through thursday. more substantial cooling is then
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expected from friday into the upcoming weekend.
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(pam) to the east bay now where a fire burned close to homes and a high school. (steve) it burned in moraga behind campolindo high school. that's where we find kron-4's charles clifford. he joins us live ...and charles this fire had neighbors on edge well, as we head into the evening hours this fire appears to be under control but for several hours this afternoon this wildfire was touch and go, giving neighbors around the burnzone some tense moments. natsmonday afternoon, a fast moving wildfire broke out on this hillside in moraga. it quickly escalated to a four alarm fire mostly due to the fact the the hill is surrounded on all side by
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homes including the home ike one point the fire was less than a mile from his back yard, with nothing but dry brush and grass between the flames and his fence. he wasn't home at the time.sot ike brandel says i was at starbucks having a cup of coffee when my daughter called me.ike raced home, navigating through around fire trucks and closed streets, and then set work doing the only thing he could think of.sot ike brandel says i'm gonna go in the back yard and start watering down the fence on the side where it might possibly come down the hill.fortunately, a gentle breeze was blowing the fire away from ike's house and an aggressive attack by multiple fire agencies kept the flames at bay. by around 5 pm, the wildfire was mostly contained, much to the relief of ike and his neighbors.sot ike brandel says so far everything seems to be alright. just a lot of fire trucks. fire crews are going to be here throughout the evening keeping on eye on this fire. making sure it doesn't flare back up. and finally, at this fire crews are (steve) california is calling
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on people to conserve energy during the heat wave. a power alert asks for voluntary conservation tomorrow and wednesday between 2 p-m and 9. the state's power grid operator says you should avoid using major appliances during those hours. it's all to ease strain on the power grid. officials expect usage to exceed 47-thousand megawatts... the record is around 50- thousand back in 20--06. the grid's capacity is around 70-thousand megawatts. the last time a power alert was issued was exactly one year ago tomorrow. (steve) more than 2- thousand people are still without power tonight. the heat-related outage peak on sunday.. at more than 19- thousand. stay on top of the heat wave by tracking the weather in your neighborhood...using our kron-4 app. you can get weather alerts, follow forecasts and stay on top of breaking news including any fires fueled by the heat wave. all by using our free
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mobile app (steve) a community in shock tonight after a disturbing crime in santa rosa. (pam) that's where a father killed himself and his two young children... kron-4's j-r stone is live near the apartment where police made this gruesome discovery. j-r what can you tell us santa rosa police are investigating a double- murder suicide... it all started at a home on slater street, near college avenue around 10- this morning... police recieved calls about a dispute between a husband and wife - they were arguing over a child custody violation. when officers arrived at the home - they found the two children, a 6-year-old girl ... and an 18- month-old boy, both dead. the cause of death of the two children has not been released.... the father was found hanging in a bedroom nearby.
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(steve) prayer and (steve) nearby.bedroom hanging in a was found the father released.... the father was found hanging in a bedroom nearby.
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(steve) prayer and mourning for the victims of last week's deadly rampage at a u-p-s facility in san francisco. workers and residents gathered to remember those who were killed.(pam) and tonight .... questions are growing about security at that facility after the triple murder of drivers, by a co-worker. (steve) kron-4's dan kerman tells us now the worker's union wants answers. ups prayer service 0619176pkg more than a hundred people gathered outside ups's san francisco customer center during the noon hour monday to
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remember benson louie, mike lefiti and wayne chan, the three drivers who were shot and killed last week by fellow driver jimmy lam.sotall of them were good friends, it's just a sad thingthe interfaith prayer service was coordinated by the san francisco archdiosese as a way of bringing healingsot each of these men should have had many more years to laugh and to learn ,to relish love and share memories many of those in attendance were ups customers sot leo parker/ups driverit just shows the love they have for their drivers we take care of a lot of people and everybody loves us , we have a job, we go out and do it and people respect us for what we do.also on hand co-workers of those who's lives were lost.sot chris heifner/ups driver it's tough to be here where all these terrible things have happened, it changes the mood and atmosphere of the place so it is difficult in the meantime, questions tonight about how the shooter got a weapon past the metal detectors at the facilities 4 entrances sot
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joseph cilia/teamsters union they do have metal detectors here, whether they operate to the levels , obviously something happened here a weapon was brought into the facility.the union that reperesents the drivers wants some answerssotin this day and age they need to beef up security everywhere./security everywhere (steve) new at 8. we now know the name of the manfatallty shot in concord. (pam) police have
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identified the victim 41- year-old robert frazier. he was shot and killed saturday morning in front of nica lounge on salvio street. a few hours later. authorities went to a home in oakley to attempt to arrest a suspect in connection with the homicide... but he was not there. officers later learned, the murder suspect had been involved in a vehicle crash elsewhere.. and was taken to the hospital. and a k-nine...injured during that suspect search in recovering tonight. police say hancock the k- nine ...was attacked by a pit bull who broke free from its collar. the loose dog bit hancock on the leg and neck...that's when an officer shot and killed the dog. hancock is expected to make a speedy recovery. ahead at eight.. new acts of terrorism in london. this time the violence targeted muslims. plus. the dangerous chemical found in samples of baby food. what foods were most susceptible...and why experts think it's happening. and next. prosecutors reveal disturbing new details
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about the bay area doctor accused of abusing children. putting news first. pam moore. steve aveson. brittney shipp. and gary radnich. the kron4 news at 10 every night.
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new details tonight on a case involving a former santa cruz brain surgeon shows, according to prosecutors... he
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has been molesting children for years. kron 4's vicki liviakis is here with the latest. (vicki) yeah pam, more disturbing details are coming out, tonight... the neurosurgeon was in court today to face new sexual assault charges. dr. james kohut is accused of sexually assaulting several children -- including a three-year-old boy. two of his nurses are also accused in the abuse of children. now, the newest allegation comes from a woman who says he abused her thirteen years ago in louisiana. prosecutors have added that to the charges against him. last week, the doctor pleaded not guilty to ten felony charges of molesting two boys and a girl under the age of 14. the santa cruz district attorney's office says kohut also attempted to impregnate the women. kohut is scheduled to be back in court on june 28. pam, steve? (steve) an american college student, who was detained in north korea for 17 months has died in ohio.
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otto warmbier (warm-beer) was in a coma when he was released by north korea. the 22-year old was sentenced to 15 years in prison -- after confessing he tried to steal a propaganda banner. doctors say he returned to the u-s with severe brain damage, but it wasn't clear what caused it. his family released a statement saying -- "the awful torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the north koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today". (pam) a pair of terror attacks in europe today... one directed against muslims in london.. the other against security forces in paris.(steve) in france, a car filled with gas canisters tried to ram a police van on the champs- elysees.the driver was killed but no bystanders or police were britain a van plowed into a crowd of worshippers leaving a mosque.
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(pam) the driver reportedly said, he wanted to kill all muslims. he is now being held on suspicion of murder and terrorism.. natit happened just after midnight on monday morning in the largely muslim neighborhood of finsley park in north londoni see a white van. i see people screaming, shouting, extremely devastated. "a big van crushing the people in the mosque."i was shocked. we were screaming. the van stopped and angry members of the crowd tried to attack the driver.he was a big muscley guy. he was really shouting and aggressive. he was spitting on us"he was shouting 'i did my bit' and 'you deserve it' and stuff like this. thanks for our imam...who went quickly and grabbed the guy. the people there was trying to hit and kick the guy, but he saved him, kept him safe until the police arrived."even after being loaded in a police van, he tried to provoke bystanders by blowing them kisses.
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miah community activist> "this is actually sending a shockwave within the muslim community. .. people are using terrorist forms of means in order to now put fear into the muslim community. maybe it's a symbolic message saying 'look something's happened at london bridge, we can do the same. british islamophobia has spiked since the london bridge terror attack on june third.on june sixth london police reported 20 incidents in 24 hours.the normal number is less than four.britain's minister for security says the suspect was not known to them. "this individual did not appear on the security service's radar, we didn't have any prior knowledge of him from the security services, and of course what we've seen across europe and the rest of the world is that some of these sudden violent extremist type attacks are both incredibly difficult to anticipate but also to counter." (steve) a live look outside at sfo(pam) a hot week ahead.. brittney has details
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although temperatures will be a little cooler compared to sunday, very warm to hot conditions will continue through thursday. a heat advisory also remains in effect for most inland areas through thursday. more substantial cooling is then expected from friday into the upcoming weekend.
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(pam) if you are looking to stay cool during this heatwave, you are not alone. (steve) across the bay
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area people are racing to buy new fans, air conditioners and even miniature pools.(steve) with temperatures reaching the nineties hardware stores were popular destinations in places like concord, pleasanton and pittsburg. store managers say sales are going through the roof but it is not uncommon for people to react this way.
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((gary sports tease))"coming up, a little bit later in this broadcast, a little warriors stuff. they have their post season press conference. nothing to complain about. we'll hear from the gm for a couple of seconds. also, giants highlights coming from atlanta. and rob gronkowski, the all-world tight-end, with his shirt off, drinking. right here on kron 4, the bay area's leader" (pam) here's what we are tracking tonight at ten... frightening moments for these fast food workers in northern california. cell phone video captures a customer trashing the place.. while families, including young children, look on. hear from witnesses who describe how the police managed to finally take him into custody.that's tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
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it is being called the largest leak of voter information in history. security researchers with "up- guard" ... are reporting a flaw they found with a cloud server.. storing information of around two -hundred - million registered voters. it included names, dates of births, home addresses, and phone numbers on people from both political parties. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate met with a cyber security expert .... to learn how this happened, and what you should do if your information was breached. "the way this happened was a third party that was being used by the republican party for analytics of data around voter information. and that company was using a cloud service by amazon and the system they were using they left it unprotected without any passwords which basically meant that anyone on the internet could access the information and get access to
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terabytes of data without any passwords or credentials" varun badwar with redlock security in menlo park specializes in online cloud security he showed me how the voter information was left unsecured on the cloud server according the researchers with "up guard" "if you select this box "everyone" than anyone can access it" he says these shared cloud servers are convienent because a lot of different people can have access to the data.. but because this precious data is managed by so many people it's easy to make security mistakes "a lot of the traditional security tools companies have invested in don't work with cloud servers like amazon so hopefully as an industry we will wake up and start security more seriously.. with just a little more care this could have been avoidable " the rnc has not made a comment on this yet. the data company behind this leak, deep root, said in a statement they take full responsibility, the
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security hole has been fixed, and it is expected that this was discovered before any cyber criminals took advantage of the unsecured cloud server. but until we know if anyone got their hands on this information who should not have redlock advises "people should monitor credit reports and credit card statements to make sure people are not using their identity" in menlo park gabe slate kron 4 news ahead at eight.. a muslim teen kidnapped then murdered from the side of the road. but police say it was not a hate crime. plus. ideas and innovation born here in the bay. tonight we take a special look at a high quality product made right here in the bayarea that people are eating in every state in the union. and
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next. from hot cars to wildfires.... a heat wave prompting warnings of danger... and there's more hot weather in store. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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(pam) triple digit temperatures as heat a wave roasts the bay area. it's also prompting warnings of fire and hot car danger.... and a statewide power alert.(steve) and it's here to stay. the first day of summer is here tomorrow...and it will feel like it. kron-4's chief meteorologist is here now with the heat advisory in effect.
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(pam) happening now in southern california... a growing wildfire burning near big bear.(steve) voluntary evacuation orders were issued for the area. more than 800-acres have burned since just this afternoon. no structures were threatened but there are road closures. and the hot and dry conditions are a concern for firefighters. (pam) fire crews worked into the afternoon to clean up a fire that broke out this morning at a wood recycling plant in benicia it started about five miles from the valero refinery. it's
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believed to have started in the piles of wood - and it quickly spread to some nearby grass. it came close to highway- 680... causing a traffic backup for morning commuters. but fortunately there were no injuries. (pam) and in sacramento... crews have put out a wildfire. the fire was burning along interstate-80 westbound.. near sutter's landing, around four- this afternoon. a car being towed by an r-v ... caught fire on the shoulder of the road... and that fire spread to the grass on the hills. westbound- 80 was closed as firefighters worked to contain the blaze... but it has since been reopened. (steve) police are reminding people about the dangers of hot cars .. after rescuing a dog locked in a car. napa officers found the dog in a car at the south napa marketplace around noon yesterday, the five year old dog was left inside while the owner was shopping. police say the temperature inside the car reached 136 degrees! the dog was taken to a vet and animal control is investigating.
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(steve) and a reminder you can track the weather in your area using our free app. there you can find forecasts and stay on top of important alerts. all on the kron-4 app. ( pam ) from san francisco to san jose... the bay area is the birthplace of ideas.. and innovation. but many of the companies headquartered here, such as apple and gap, have world class products that are made somewhere else.( steve ) well tonight a product made right here in the bay area that people are eating in just about all 50 states..( steve ) it had a modest beginning at a local farmers market but now is competing to beat the two biggest food companies on the planet by making the worlds best soy. for some americans soybeans got their start as a bland alternative to hamburgers on the grill. but soy has come a long way, and now burgers, noodles and nuggets are the go
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to protein for many top chefs and a west oakland company is leading the way. john notz co- founder"well hodo we are re- introducing tofu and other soybean foods to america " john notz and minh tsai are co-founders of hodo soy. their collaboration started at bay area farmers markets where minh would sell the breakfast food that reminded him of vietnam, where he was born. "our goal is to get people to eat what i grew up eating at the highest quality" that quality starts with beans. minh tsai: "so these are all u.s. grown soybeans from 45 iowa, illinois oklahoma we work directly with farmers organic farmers they been genetically tested 100% organic" what hodo does to process the beans is critical to their success. two big companies control 80% of world soy production. their products are made by machine. what makes hodo different is how much is done by hand. over a
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100 employees making soy products the way they've been made for hundreds of years. it's twice the time and twice the cost but the owners say you can taste the difference. hodo makes yuba, a unique soy product that fine chefs use in a variety of ways from pasta to philo dough. and the approach has begun to pay off eric chou marketing director eric chou: "it's been amazing we are in almost all 50 states including hawaii and alaska." (steve) exacting standards organic artisanally made is one way they've taken on the big guys and a few years back they got some big recognition so that now what's made in the bay area is made all across the country. aj seliga, marketing strategist, chipotle: " hodo soy in oakland makes all the sofritas for all our chipotles across the country " and it's a popular item. last year chipotle sold 16 million sofritas that's 300 tons of
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hodo soy product every month and the numbers are rising which is a good sign for a strong future for this made in the bay area company. (steve) things are going well for hodo soyso well that the east bay company is in the midst ofa big plan to expand and employ more workers in another facility.stay tuned! (steve) a virginia man is charged with murder after police say he assaulted and killed a muslim teen near a mosque.(pam) now family members are speaking out.... questioning why this happened. (pam) nabra (nah-bra) hassanen (ha-saw-neen) was with her friends when she was assaulted. the group was heading back to the mosque after grabbing a bite to eat. police say, they believe the killing was sparked by a fight martinez-torres got into .... with a teenage boy on a bike. that's when he allegedly starting chasing
8:38 pm
them .... armed with a baseball bat. he is accused of stricking hassanen.... then taking her in his car and throwing her body in a nearby pond. the brutal act has hassanen's father asking why..
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pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. (steve) a new alarming
8:41 pm
report out tonight shows - baby food could contain lead. (pam) kron 4's vicki liviakis is here to give parents a better idea what might be inside that jar of baby food... and what you can do about it. (vicki) yeah pam and steve, you want to give a youngster the best start at life. but this new study may make you think twice before you feed your baby - baby food. sure, you have to worry about lead exposure from the soil and paint chips and contaminated drinking water. but baby food? that report by the environmental defense fund found detectable levels of lead in 20 percent of more than two thousand baby food samples. the toxic metal - found in fruit juices such as grape and apple, root vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots, and some teething biscuits. lead can cause problems with attention and behavior, brain development, the heart and immune system.
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no particular brands are identified, and the levels of lead are thought to be relatively low. still, pediatricans agree there's no safe blood lead level in kids. some experts recommend limiting fruit juices like apple and grape to cut down on lead exposure... not to mention the high sugar content. pam, steve? (steve) one man was injured on father's day-- during a fight at a chicago- area starbucks. police say it alledgedly started after a 26-year-old california man "verbally abused" a barista after messing up his latte order. an illinois man intervened and told him to "stop being a jerk..." police say that's when the california man got physical -- forcing the illinois man to take out his pocket knife. when the california man grabbed for it -- he cut his hand. paramedics treated both at the scene for minor injuries. neither man wanted to press charges (pam) in
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sports... it looks like good news for the warriors concerning finals m-v-p kevin durant...(steve)... and the giants... you may want to close your eyes for this one... gary has those highlights... and all the sports... coming up
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deal will change how you buy food forever .. . for anyone in the business of selling, supplying or hauling groceries: things just got's $13.7 billion purchase of whole foods instantly makes it a major player in the u.s. grocery industry and that leaves a lot for shoppers, retailers and other companies involved in the industry to
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chew on.the online seller is bringing its firepower to a grocery industry plagued by razor-thin profit margins. despite airline scandals, carriers' stock prices keep climbing . .. apassenger is bloodied as he is dragged from his seat. later that same month, a family flying home from a hawaiian vacation is booted from a delta air lines flight after a dispute over seating for an infant. in may, violence erupted at fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport in florida after spirit airlines canceled several flights because of a labor dispute with pilots. but despite such ugly incidents involving the nation's airlines, their stock prices have continued to rise.
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new tonight at ten... thousands are still without power as this heatwave grips the bay area.among those in the dark...dozens of businesses at a busy east bay mall. we caught up with them to see how they're getting by. that story...tonight on kron 4 news at 10. the giants had a 45 minute rain delay in atlanta before they got to play their
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first gaame in the brand new suntrust park they probably wish it rained all nighttop 1str.a. dickey the knuckleballer was good striking out buster posey swinging (posey: 0-3, hitting .347)(dickey: 7 ip, 3 hits, 0 runs, 6 k's)bottom 3rdender inciarte doubles into the right-centerfield gap off a hard-luck johnny ciueto posey can't put the tag on jordan carmago 1-0 braves(cueto (5-7): 7 ip, 5 hits, 2 runs) things come apart in the 8th the braves score 7 runs off josh osich and derek law including this 30run home run by free agent danny santana off law to finish the scoring 9-0 bravesfinal: 9-0 braves giants 20 games under .500 (26-46) the a's appear to have a favorite of the three prosposed sites for a new stadiumthe a's appear to have
8:49 pm
a favorite of the three prosposed sites for a new stadiumaccording to the s.f. chronicle the team appears to be leaning toward a site next to laney college near lake merritt where the offices of the peralta community college district sit.the other two proposed sites are howard terminal near jack london square and the current coliseum sitethe pluses of te laney site are the proximity to bart and the surrounding neighborhood but lack of parking would be a concern
8:50 pm
nothing is official yetas free agency doesn't start until july 1stbut kevin durant is reportedly returning to the warriorsdurant will decline his player option, become a free agent (briefly) on july 1 and then re-sign with the warriors according to espn's chris haynes.durant is willing to take less than a max deal in order to help the warriors retain some free agents. namely andre iguodala who reports have possibly looking elsewhere
8:51 pm
because of nba rules bob myers can't talk about any deals or negotiations so he had to play it coy about durant today (sot: bobmyers) "i think he was happy with the season personally and obviously for the team and i don't know if it could've gotten any better for him, so i look forward to sitting down with him and doing whatever is fair but we certainly want him back and i think he wants to be back. so when you win, those exit interviews are pretty good." speaking of tattoos... and this raiders fan is an even bigger khalil mack fan getting this likeness of mack tattood on his forearmit was mack himself that posted this photo when he met the fan the caption reads "didn't know what love was till i came to oakland! sheesh!
8:52 pm
it seems not everyone is too happy with the team moving to las vegasthe "raiders are coming" sign has been stolen. yesterday the clark county commission chairman tweeted these pictures of where the welcoming sign should be.he says "the sign may be missing, but don't worry the raiders are still coming"there are no who took it new england patriots tight end rob gronkowski enjoying offseason in connecticut casino with rapper flo rida... gronk and "20-man party crew" ordered 160 bottles of champagne and racked up over $100,000 bill.. but there is a good chance casino footed enormous bill as promotional stint for gronk and his friends
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coming up/ tonight at 10 i'm glad he's out here busting carpoolers there are so many cheaters, i pay money for electric car no cheaters .. love you crackdown on carpool cheaters in san jose . i'll explain in the next edition of people badly last weather and goodbye
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