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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 30, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight -- is adele retiring from touring? >> this is the beginning of the end. i only have four shows left. >> what her cryptic handwritten note to fans revealed. then -- j-lo and a-rod's family ged getaway. >> she is a role moldle. >> he is so forthive. >> is an engagement next? forget those billion billion's breakup rumors. then, the big easy takeover with the cast of "girl's trip." >> i'm losing my mind right now. >> we're very proud. the "spider-man" premiere, plus "battle of the network stars" is back, and why harry styles is taking cover. >> there's an explosion happening over here.
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>> now for june 29, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." did adele just announce she is quitting performing for good? hi, everybody, and welcome. always good to have you. >> always good to be with you. >> kevin frazier joining us from new orleans where he is feeling it. hey, kev. >> how are you doing? i'm here in new orleans with the cast from "girl's trip." latif latifah, are gina hall. the producer. we're going to talk to them, and that's coming up in a moment. but right now, we're going to do our thing. >> thanks, kevin. he is having a lot of fun. the band is rocking. and tles let's get tour big music story today. adele shocking her millions of fans. ♪ rumor has it rumor has it >> we have confirmed that adele included a copy of this handwritten note at the london concert program. it writes, quote, i don't know
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if i'll tour again, and so i want my last time to be at home. she also added on stage. ♪ so hello from the other side >> adele is wrapping up a 15-month worldwide tour with four shows at wimbley stadium. ♪ >> it has been a huge success so why would adele stop touring? ♪ but i set fire to the rain >> i get really nervous. it doesn't feel that comfortable being on a stage with a massive spotlight. people want to be entertained. ♪ >> adele also calls herself home yn body, and she talks about it on stage in new zealand. >> i'm not really much of an artist, i always wanted to be at
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home eating chinese. ♪ there's a fire starting in my heart ♪ >> adele's family may be another factor. she is a 4-year-old son, anglo, and this year, adele con if i wered she married simon konecki, she told "vanity fair," quote, if my relationship with simon or anglo started to fwlounder a bit now, i would pull out of my tour. if i don't have a real life, then it's game over anyway. well, adele has worked so hard on this tour. 123 shows, and 103 of them away from england where she lives with simon and anglo. >> don't go, adele. and "shades of blue," j-lo has her man, alex rodriguez close, but she love him enough to say i do again? a-rod is getting along great with her twins, and here is the proof. ♪ >> j-lo hashtagged the pics,
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about last weekend. her man by the pool, later the twins asleep. so this is what j-rod's family looks like. ♪ and with the couples at work, he stays close. that's a-rod yesterday onset of "shades of blues j gts. >> she is the hardest working lady, and i like that for my daughters and he is a roadle. >> he is a support irveg person, and he is so lovely. >> so after four months of dating and a summer of loving that includes a whirlwind four-day vacation in france and a getaway weekend in the hamp n hampto hamptons, the question now, is an engagement next? >> i have a lot of love to give. >> a source tells us, quote, i don't think marriage is on jennifer's radar at the moment. she has been married three times already. she has two beautiful kids who are the focus of her life. alex is a gentleman. they balance each other well.
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i don't think she needs another engagement ring or marriage certificate to be happy. >> it's about being happy on your own no matter what, and knowing if somebody great comes along, great. if not, i'm still fine. everything's fine, and that's how all people should be. ♪ >> either way, she is content and happy. nothing like a j-lo smile, and she is getting myy kal yen tay on her album check out the artwork for her first single looking ultra glam, isn't she? in that marigold custom glam. and the song, it means neither you nor i, and it's out tuesday. >> if you weren't in love with me, i'm just not sure where -- >> that comment, on bachelorette season ten, and he tried three more times. popping the question to vanessa on the show, and there have been breakup rumors ever since, and nick and vanessa, they are
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sticking it to the naysayers. >> i mean, everything's great. >> there's love and then there's sharing a bathroom. a source tells ethnic and vanessa officially moved in together this week, renting a pad in downtown l.a., and despite rumors of a split, coat quote, they are still very much together. >> i love you. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> after getting engaged on "the bachel bachelor," the couple faced a speed bump after nick went to dts dts. their interactions seemed, quote, a little bit forced to benefit the cameras. >> we make time for each other at the end of the day. that's what counts. >> they went on, quote, the marriage begins to look stronger and more natural as a couple. vanessa is focused on her charity, traveling back and forth to montreal. nick is working on his grooming products and while they are committed to each other, the source adds, there are ups and downs where every relationship.
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>> we have our difficult times, of course. >> they seem to be going strong, but they haven't yet set a date for i dos. >> will there be wedding? >> of course. we're focusing on our relationship. >> there will be a wetding? >> maybe. >> of course. >> is he invited the your wedding? >> of course. peta and her man, maks, tie the knot a week from saturday. nick and vanessa have to start planning. >> get it together. >> we have got to talk about former "dance moms" star, abby lee miller. she is serving her year and a day sentence for bankruptcy fraud. when we talk to her, she has been riddled. >> that's a huge, dark cloud that hangs over my head every minute of every day, and it's the unknown. >> yb say is taking her new reality one day at a time. >> i catch myself getting into a funk, and going to a place that
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is dark. and sad. >> we spoke exclusively to the 50-year-old just before she was sentenced this spring. >> i regret everything. >> her once thriving l.a. dance studio is up for lease. quote, abby is understandably nervous, is is anxious to put this all behind her. "e.t." has also learned she has filmed a new lifetime special documenting her days before heading to jail. >> there are some reality stars who have been in jail, and these south america is one of them. do you look at her, or have you reached out to her? >> i have not. i heard that she has told some real horror stories about her time, and i don't want to look at that. >> she is scared. there is a lot of rattled nerves there. last night, here in l.a., there was a different kind of nervous energy. i was there as "spider-man" star, tom holland shut down hollywood boulevard at his huge
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premiere. >> i'm losing my mind right now. >> we're very proud of tom. >> i am sweating. >> tom's spiedy senses were on overload despite high praise from this man himself. but having his family in l.a. with him seemed to put him at ease. he even instagrammed their day, leading up to the main event. >> the premiere. we have a big old spot here, and the frizz is real. come on. >> who is here tonight? >> i got my mom, my brother, harry, my brother, patty. patty! >> did he make you work out with him today? >> no. i decided to try it along with him. >> oh. he is a beast. >> tell me this. how proud are you of your big brother? >> very proud. yeah. i try to be like him. >> good answer, pad. >> this picks up where "kaps
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america" picked off, with peter parker in high school. in real life, these two are such good friends, they are wearing each other's clothes. >> we're the same size, but i have this, like, really nice athlete jacket and he was, like, running out of clothes on the press tour, and he was, like, i'm going to take it. so i didn't know, he was going to literally take it so, he has it somewhere, and thank you for reminding me, because i need to let him no that he needs to get that sent back to me. >> how good does she look? >> like cotton candy in that dress. >> she has the stylist to thank. >> he does a great job. >> he does. coming up up next, it's back. >> here you go. inside the battle of the stars reboot with a "facts of life" reunion. >> all right. ♪ harry's new direction inside his dangerous big screen role. >> natural reaction and stuff. plus -- >> i'm having a blast.
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especially now that you are here. >> kevin's exclusive with queen
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. we chatted with pick six star about the pressures of bringing his real life romance to the
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inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz. including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. from the lead contestant in new york, billy crystal. >> look at how young he looks. remember " "battle of the
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network stars". ? it was a. ten favorite show in the '70s and '80s. it's back. >> madison hits is set as classic stars return for a rematch. >> there you go. >> the abc reboot features a much larger dunk tank than the one that sank tom selleck in 1981. >> this is for roseanne! >> no. >> red team captain, mma superstar ronda rousey took out tom arnold. and two of ronda's teammates are "ringers" from an '80's classic sitcom. ♪ >> don't start there with lisa welch welchel chel. >> blair and trudi from "the facts of life" both competed in the original battle of the network stars back in 1984. >> lisa whelchel with the victory. >> we love each other. we always have we had a wonderful time and we're still really, really close. >> alright, sis. >> i've known lisa since i was 9
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years old and she's still the same wonderful person. >> the '70s and e8 '80s ratings juggernaut is one of those shows making a comeback. >> were you fans of the original show? >> i never heard of it. >> you didn't? >> enever heard of it. "battle of the network stars." what's that? celebrity "wipeout"? >> her kpet kpet tore is demarcus ware. is he coaches the blue team. >> heed admits his team isn't t most athlete. >> you ask them, have you did any running? they say, i haven't run in 30 years. i say, you're going to do the obstacle course. >> not exactly a long strider at all. >> by the way, cameron madison wasn't just recording for "e.t.." he also competed in the show. he teamed up with inzing's lance bas. >> he can do anything. and look good while doing it. stale head -- >> girl --
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>> how kevin's girl trip turned into mardi gras. plus, how harry styles is soldiering on, and is this the new one direction? >> you have all got potential. closed captioning provided by -- the best w
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. ♪ that is jada pinkett smith from the hilarious new movie, "girls trip" attempting to zip line across boushen street, and i sat down with the ladies today. just a few blocks from here on bourbon street to talk about the girls gone wild moments in the film. all right, ladies. how does it feel to be back in new orleans?
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how much fun are you having? >> i'm having a blast. especially now that you are here with us. >> we took over with our own parade in the heart of the french quarter. >> hey, baby. i'm having a great time. >> which they do in "girls trip," unleashing their wild side. in on the craziness, tiffany haddish and regina hall. >> ladies get it going in "girls trip". >> i felt for the first time as a man, i really got an insight into what goes on when the ladies get -- >> for the first time? >> they don't want to -- yeah. >> they thinkst the just them. >> exactly. >> and we're cool with that. >> in a zip line stunt, jada was all about it. >> i had a blast. i had a blast doing it. >> the sad part is -- it really is me. i had to look at that, like, yo, jada. i really kind of -- you have been in a domesticated slumber.
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>> i don't know if will would agree with that, but the ladies were definitely not in a slumber here. part of the party took place during the essence mukic festival with real acts on stage. >> i was watching ma eyia cary. like mariah! >> tiffany got to look at the street, too. >> she is off the chain. this will forever change the way you look at girls trips. later on tonight, i'm catching up with hallejs berry, and she is promoting her new movie, "kidnapped". that's for you tomorrow. right here in rainy, new orleans. last week on abc's competition show, "boy band," 13 singers, including this guy, cameron armstrong, found out how tough it is to assemble a boy group the hard way because they got cut. we have a look at nick carter, spice girl, emma bunton and
1:08 am
timbaaland, as they face the music. >> what is the quality that you're looking for in these boys? what is that it factor for you? >> well obviously, they have to have the talent first. we focus on the vocals. you know, can they sing? ♪ >> they call themselves "reverb." the second of three groups of six who will perform for the "architects" but only five will move on. >> reserb verb is singing "stay" by rihanna. i don't think it would be an exaggeration to say this is one of the toughest arangsmentes i have worked on. ♪ >> whoa. my heart dropped when i heard that. if i sing like that in a performance than i might be the one going home. >> they have all got room to grow. they have all got potential, and they bring something to the party. that's when, you know, i'm looking for.
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>> 19-year-old chance from california already has his number one fan. >> can you say "boy band"? >> boy band. >> yeah. i miss him a lot. i want to be the best role model possible for my daughter. >> we wish him luck, and the pros can only take these guys so far. america, that means you. you're going to get the chance to weigh in by voting when boy band goes live. that will be july 13th on abc. ♪ one directioner harry styles hit number one with his solo album, and he is proving he has got contacting chops too, and we have a look behind-the-scenes of his first movie role. the 23-year-old chopped his trademark locks for the role of a world war ii soldier in "dunkirk." he auditioned, competing with thousands of other men. >> pretend there's an explosion happening over here. it's actually going on and then i think that just means you get natural reactions to stuff. >> harry joins fellow newcomers
1:10 am
jack lowden, tom glynn-carney and fionn whitehead, a 20-year-old unknown who before being cast, was washing dishes. >> i was coming out onto the beach and there was 1,300 extras, and there was explosions going off. and the purr panic and terror. >> director christopher nolan -- you know the guy behind christian bale's "batman" and leo's "inception" -- says he handpicked the young cast. who accurately represents the young men involved in this true story about the evacuations of soldiers from a ravished beach in france during the war. >> the traditional thing in hollywood movies is to cast 28, 29-year-olds, 30-year-olds and pretend they are younger. i wanted to cast people of the right age. and the first one to the last one to leave. >> this two-second shot in the trailer has the internet asking, does harry die? the singer gave a hint telling
1:11 am
"rolling stone," "it was hard, man, physically really tough, but i love acting. i love playing someone else. i'd sleep really well at night, then get up and continue drowning." >> you're going to watch a super intense movie. >> i mean, keep harry alive. >> those fans wontd be able to handle themselves, and if he is looking for more acting roles, he is living ngt right place here in l.a. >> as he is moving real estate, the 23-year-old lifted his west hollywood mansion for about $8.5 million. >> $8.5 million. we'll be back with a look of our favorite celebrity mansion up for sale. did you know when you buy
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travel consideration provided by -- welcome back, everyone. anna nicole smith's former home is up fur sale for nearly $3 million.
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>> tomorrow, we'll go inside the nearly 3,000 square foot mansion where "e.t." found her i "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one why princess diana's family is speaking out after her death. inside her revealing new tv special and how princes william and harry are honoring their late mother. then how did john mayer respond to being number one of katy perry's list of lovers? >> nobody wants to have sex with me now! number three "this is us" star milo ventimiglia reveals his celebrity crush. the five things you never knew about milo. including how will smith changed his life. plus your "insider" bonus summer tv has serious game show


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