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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 5, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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>> it used to be greenstein. i like it better. >> she enlisted in the military after high school. >> you were in the army? >> i was. >> like this wonder woman thing, you're ready for it. >> it's funny, i was ready. this is the role of my dreams. ever since i became an actress, i wanted to show the stranger side of women. >> her husband since 2008 is real estate developer. before acting she was a beauty queen, crowned ms. israel 2004. she became a model which led to an acting career. her first big role was in "fast and furious" five from the "fast and furious" "fast and furious" series. she was in batman, dawn of justice. >> i don't think you've known a woman like me. >> next she played a spy in keeping up with the joneses jon hamm. >> shooting this movie, wonder woman, was such a unique,
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beautiful, amazing experience. i just can't wait to share it with you. >> there will be a sequel. we have learned that director patty jenkins is working on the script and the second movie is set to take place between 1917 and 2017. >> in addition to a wonder woman sequel we're going to see gal in two upcoming justice league movies. the first opens on november 17th. we may never see alma clooney on the big screen but she makes headlines fighting for human rights on the world stage and of course she just had twins with george clooney and all of that definitely makes alma a wonder woman. >> she gave birth exactly four weeks ago today, delivering them in the same hospital as the royals here inside the exclusive wing at st. mary's hospital. it's not just where prince george and princess charlotte were born but where diana gave
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birth to princes william and harry. george's dad was there two hours after the twins were born. >> i looked at them. they're wonderful and they're both very vocal. they were just absolutely magnificent and incidentally, alma, she looks gorgeous. >> was it an easy labor? did they say how difficult it was, how long it was? >> i've been told never to refer to any labor as easy. >> you have learned very, very well, nick, i must say. nick says alma has had a huge impact on george. >> have you seen a change in george since the babies? >> since the word came out that he was going to be a father, no question about a change. >> really? what is that change? >> the change is -- and this has nothing to do with age incidentally. it is a different kind of maturity. >> spoke to george's long time pal, randy gerber. he and his wife cindy crawford
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visited the clooneys. >> he's so happy. his life in general and having those kids is such an incredible feeling for him and alma. >> how is alma doing as a mother? >> she's amazing, a natural they're doing great. >> queen bee's ever expanding empire now includes two more kids. >> the twins haven't actually gone home to their real home where beyonce and jay-z live full time. they have a rented property in malibu, a beautiful house that overlooks the pacific ocean. >> the reports that the twins were born prematurely but are doing well and are now at this malibu mansion. >> they were in hospital for about a week until they were allowed to leave. they were receiving treatment and i would imagine that they will continue to be closely monitored. >> the luxurious property has 14 bathrooms, ten bedrooms and a 25
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foot infinity pool. it's the home of the vampire queen of louisiana in true blood. it's equipped with anything you could ever want. i'm not sure how much the newborns will take advantage of the amenities but they're paying $400,000 a month in order to stay there. >> i have a couple of name suggestions. don't know if she'll take them but i've got a couple, beyonce. now, from a mom of three to a superstar athlete about to become a mom for the first time, serena williams is due to have her baby at the end of summer and has made it official, she's not retiring from tennis. that makes her a wonder woman on and off the court. >> i definitely plan on coming back. i'm not done yet. this is just a new part of my life. my baby is going to be in the stands and hopefully cheering for me and not crying too much. >> she tells "vanity fair" she'll return as soon as january
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because, quote, i don't think my story is over yet. the 35-year-old posed for the magazine's cover wearing only a thong and belly chain. she posed with her fiance, reddit co-founder earlier this year. >> i would have never put you with a geek. >> i'll be honest, i didn't either. >> the magazine out july 11th. she says the pregnancy was unprotected and she handed tests to o'han yan who was shocked by the news and says she never considered herself the marrying type. >> when he proposed i was almost angry, not almost. i was angry because it was in the middle of my training season and i said i can't fly to rome because he wanted to take me to rome. i said, i can't, i got to win. >> still, serena said yes and went on to win the tournament squaring off against her sister venus in the finals while 8 weeks pregnant.
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>> when i put my mind to something i'm determined to reach it no matter what. >> six months before that baby is on the court hitting forehands and backhands. another fabulous female about to become a mom for the fit time is anico hart. that's not the reason she is a wonder woman but the real reason, she can handle this guy, kevin hart. >> are you ready to go back to diapers? >> no. hey, get up from playing a game and go wipe that boy's butt. i can't do it. >> the harts took a baby moon in hawaii before their baby girl arrives in november. anico is proudly showing off her growing baby bump on instagram. >> this is her first and you've done this before. >> i have been here before, so yes. >> does she want to hear that? >> no. you can't say it. this is the first time i've actually said that. you can't say it to her. whatever she says, you got to
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make like it's your first time. yeah, of course, honey. yeah, i'll read it with you. yeah, what's it say? >> until she's in that hospital. >> then that's when -- >> all hell breaks loose. >> all hell breaks loose. i don't go in the back half. i stay up. >> do you? you don't go low? >> no, no. you looked? >> i filmed it. i filmed it. >> no way. >> much more of our wonder women of hollywood special ahead. ariana grande's courage after the manchester attack. >> i love you so much. thank you. then -- janet jackson's single life in london. how much weight has she lost. plus, shania
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♪ somewhere >> ariana grande organized the event as a benefit for the victims and their families, raising nearly $13 million. the singer got emotional while addressing the crowd of more than 50,000 fans. >> i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here today. i love you so much. >> still, she put on a brave face to perform her hits for fans. sang along with some famous friends, including katy perry, justin bieber, miley cyrus, coldplay and the black eyed peas. ariana grande is just 24 years old so she wasn't even born yet when janet jackson's rhythm nation ruled the planet in 1989 and had the most successful concert tour ever. now ms. jackson is getting ready to hit the stage again but this time doing it as a new mom. ♪ nasty >> janet is now down 60 pounds since giving birth in january to her baby boy. she's been working out, dieting
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and juicing to prepare for her state of the world tour which begins in september. beaming after a recent family court appearance in london, her outfit of white shirt and pants tucked into wedge boots showed off her weight loss and was a contrast to the heavy sweats she wore out shopping in april. a source close to the jackson family tells e.t., she will be ready and fierce when it's time to hit the stage, and rid of the baby weight she talked about when she posted this video. >> i have put on quite a few since i had the baby -- can you please be quiet, randy. nobody is talking to you. >> that was her brother randy off camera. he's been living with her in london. janet and her estranged husband will co-parent their son. he's agreed to let janet bring the baby with her on tour and afterwards london will be their home base. >> i thank god for him, you guys. he's so healthy, beautiful, so sweet, loving, such a happy
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baby. >> janet's last tour stop is december 17th in atlanta. she'll be back home in london in time to relax and enjoy the holidays. still to come, celine dion on her summer of fun and fashion in head to toe tiger. plus our shania twain exclusive. >> my whole life has been a story of ups and downs. >> opening up about her public struggles, and looking at photos of the singer as a baby. >> cute chubby cheeks. and the bad moms are bad. >> you want to get drunk at the food court? >> yeah. >> we've got your first look at the sequel that's upping the star power with some naughty grandmas. >> huh? >> mom? closed captioning provided by --
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