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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 12, 2017 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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skateboarder kept bombing down the hilland several were allowed to go thrubut then one cop on the scene moves into the path of one oncoming skater. and that sends him into and then over the police cruiser.and then lands down hard on the asphalt.some are saying the cop clotheslined the skateboarder intentionally. he put himself right in the path of that skater and held his ground and he could've easily step of the way in the would have been okthat skateboarder identifed by the friend who took this picture only as anthony.reportedly suffered a broken ankle, tore a ligament in his knee and sprained some fingers.while skateboarders are reviewing videos of the crash from different perspectives being posted online.a sfpd spokesman says they are too and so far say it's unclear what the video shows. (nat) they are investigating the incident and will be reviewing police body cam video as well. police say after the crash several bottles were thrown at the officers by people in the crowd and they had to take a defensive line around the area and close some streets as a safety precaution. but no one was arrested.police say the sargent seen in the video was
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also injured in the crash and transported to the hospital where he was treated and released with non lifethreatening injuries. maureen kelly kron4 news (grant) happening now... crews are mopping up after the latest fire in the tinder dry foothills of east san jose. one home was destroyed when the brush fire erupted late yesterday afternoon...(grant) chasing people from their homes. this is just above lariat lane and claitor way in the boulder neighborhood of san jose. (vicki) kron four's rob fladeboe joins us now live from san jose to bring us up to date on the fire. rob? (rob live) i'm here on boulder drive just below the fire where you can see how it burned across that ridge before it was stopped from advancing further into the neighborhood just below. the fire is now about 75 percent contained but firefighters will continue to watch forhot
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spots as the winds pick up this evening. the main casualty of the latest fire to strike the east san jose foothills is this house on lariat lane. the owner, a man named rick, was understandably to preoccupied to speak to the press. but kendrick cheung, who lives next door, says it was his neighbor who first warned him about the fire.kendrick cheung/chased from home by wildfirethis was the scene just after 4:30 tuesday afternoon when the fire broke out in the steep canyon just above lariat lane. san jose fire crews battled the fast moving flames on the ground while calfire joined the fight with helicopters dropping water and fire retardant from above. it was hot and windy and an abundance of waist high, bone dry grass made for extremely erratic fire behavior says san jose fire captain brad cloutier. capt.brad cloutier/san jose fire".....the fuels are dry
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because of all the winter rain and the winds were also a factor, creating a very dynamic fire behavior. sometimes the fire would jump from one area to another and that presented a real challenge for crews to stay out ahead of it...." 24 hours later, you can see how the fire scorched about 120 acres, burning down the canyon and into alum rock park, which is closed indefinitely as crews continue to mop up hot spots and make sure there are no hidden embers that could rekindle a fire in the hot days ahead. the main casualty of the latest fire to strike the east san jose foothills is this house on lariat lane. the owner, a man named rick, was understandably to preoccupied to speak to the press. but kendrick cheung, who lives next door, says it was his neighbor who first warned him about the fire. kendrick cheung/chased (rob live) one home destroyed, two other suffered some periheral damage. three firefighters were injured. one was hospitalized for a time. the evacuation
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orders have been lifted. the cause and exact origin of the fire are under investigation. live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news (vicki) and we first told you about yesterday's fast moving wildfire in san jose... through a push alert. be the first to know when breaking news happens in your area... by downloading the free kron four mobile app. you can also find the latest information on this story... on our website kron four dot com. (grant) san francisco fire fighters are now in butte county... battling a massive wildfire that has burned thousands of acres and several homes. the 'wall fire'
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started last week... and has burned nearly 6-thousand acres. 41 homes have been destroyed and 57 other structures have been damaged. some good news tonight - the fire is now 60-percent contained.... and all evacuation orders have now been downgraded to evacuation √°warnings. governor brown has issued a state of emergency and the national guard was also sent in to help over the weekend. (grant) and cal fire crews are battling a large wildfire near i-80 in truckee. the fire is burning in sierra county... near the california / nevada border. 80 was completely shut down yesterday as crews worked to contain the fire. as of today, all of the eastbound lanes have reopened. however, one of the westbound lanes remains closed. the fire has burned more than 600 acres and is only 20-percent contained. (vicki) a fire in newark has scorched several vehicles and damaged the outside of a commercial property. there were no injuries. the fire was first reported around two this morning on central avenue. three trucks caught fire in front of the building and
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some of flames spread to the exterior of the business. crews say a sprinkler system helped prevent the fire from getting inside the building. the flames extended into a nearby lumberyard and cabinet shopbut the fire was extinguished in about 15 minutes. no word...on what caused this fire. (vicki) a shelter in place order has been lifted in san leandro after a fire at a metal salvage yard. the fire started around 4-30 yesterday afternoon near doolittle drive and davis street. it took firefighters nearly four hours to get the blaze under control. crews are now on scene cleaning up the damage... there were no injuries reported during the fire. (grant) the man accused of killing a woman near san jose state university last week... has been arrested at the mexico border. border patrol officers have taken daniel zeratsion of san jose into custody ... on suspicion of homicide. the 19-year-old is accused of fatally shooting 20-year-old myla dang back on july third. it happened at a home in san jose on south tenth street. officers where
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called to the home after hearing gunshots... that's when they located dang who had been shot and killed. zeratsion is now being transported back to san jose...where he'll be booked. ( vicki ) 100-thousand dollars. that's the new reward being offered for information that could help solve an unsolved murder in el cerrito. last october 27th... east bay attorney jim gilliland was shot to death outside his home on mira vista drive. police say it appears the murder was not random.. adding though that leads have dried up in the nearly nine months since the homicide. and, investigators have not determined a motive. with the help of gilliland's friends, the reward money has been doubled. brian colucci/friend and colleague- "it's been very difficult. certainly for me and for, um, and for my co-workers. um, most of all we miss our friend."(vicki) gilliland practiced law in the bay area and across the country for more than 35 years. police say it's possible his job played a role in his
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killing. the el cerrito police department says it did collect surveillance video from various parts of gilliland's neighborhood the night of the murder... but so far, the video hasn't produced many leads. ( grant ) the massive construction fire in oakland has sparked action from oakland's mayor today. while the search continues for clues as to what caused the fire... mayor libby schaaf is telling builders she is committed to keep construction projects in her city safe. kron 4's dan kerman was the only reporter there when the mayor met with concerned construction managers.. and is live now in oakland with details. wednesday atf investigators combed through the rubble of this valdez street construction site that went up in flames friday, searching for a cause. at the same time, oakland mayor libby schaaf met behind closed doors
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at city hall with developers who have projects throughout oakland.sot libby schaaf/oakland mayorour job was to provide confidence that this city is in partnership to ensure these projects are successful and safewith three construction site fires already designated as arson, developers are naturally feeling uneasysot john protopappas /real estate developeri'm concerned for out sites, we have a huge investment we are making in the city of oakland and i'm also concerned about our neighbors because when there is an event like this its not just the site that is impacted but the whole neighborhoodthe mayor says the city has committed to track down the arsonist responsible for the san pablo avenue fires, to review certain city regulations that might need to be changed.sot greg mcconnell/jobs and housing coalitionwe asked the city has comitted to reviewing its regulations and also to provide additional police and fire safety checks when projects are at their most vulnerable. it's what developers wanted to hear.sot
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(vicki) another outspoken political commentator is headed to u-c berkeley... still ahead on kron four news... ben shapiro... a conservative columnist is scheduled to speak.... and it is already sparking criticism. (grant) then, following the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland... several cities are cracking down on building code violations. we'll have a look at the latest crackdown. (vicki) but first, a group of women ransack a cvs in the north bay... and now police are asking for your help identifying the thieves. a look at the video - next. (brittney) i'm chief meteorologist brittney shipp, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break.
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allergy medication... the target of four women who appear to have stolen bags full of the products from a c-v-s store here in the bay area. the pharmacy's surveillance cameras recorded the whole thing. kron four's haaziq madyun shows us who police are searching for. benicia police spokesperson irma widjojo is giving me a close look at surveillance video of four women who rushed into this cvs store on columbus parkway monday night and loaded multiple bags full of allergy medications and left without paying
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spokesperson: "i don't know how many times they may have done this before but they knew where they were going for sure">you don't see it in this video but investigators say at one point the store manager confronted the four womenbenicia police are releasing the video hoping that someone recognizes the female suspectsthe four women were seen leaving the cvs parking lot in a newer model charcoal grey nissan altima with blue paper plates, similar to the one you see benicia haaizq madyun kron4news
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(grant) police in cotati need your help tonight. they're looking for a woman suspected of using counterfeit money to buy baked goods at a fundraiser. investigators say this woman approached a food booth on east cotati avenue and pulled out a fake $100 dollar bill. the food boothwas set up by the rancho cotati high school music program monday afternoon. after presenting the fake hundred police say the woman asked for and received $80 dollars in change. a student noticed the fake benjamin and chased the woman has she sped away in her dark colored, older model honda. recognize the suspect? if so ... the cotati police department would like to hear from you. (vicki) u-c berkeley is going to try again to bring a conservative speaker on campus..... this after similar events were canceled after protests that turned violent.(grant) catherine heenan is here with the latest challenge to the school -- to accommodate a
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speaker representing what some consider an unpopular viewpoint. (catherine) the invited speaker is ben shapiro - a conservative columnist scheduled for a september appearance. the challenge - will he actually get to speak? the recent track record at u-c berkeley is not good... the school has issued a statement saying that 'mister shapiro is welcome on the berkeley campus.'adding that its police department will begin a 'security assessment.' if there's a scramble to appear might be because both conservatives'and' some liberals say u-c berkeley has become the epicenter of intolerance when it comes to conservative guests....with free speech taking a beating. today we talked to students about the upcoming event.. student - i personally don't have a problem with it. there are security issues that need to be addressed with the speakers but it don't think they should stop them from speaking. student - i think it's more about what the students want. the university is here to serve them. it's not what administrators want it's whatthe students students say no it's like majority rules kind of thing. i don't see why you're bringing them out. earlier this year
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the berkeley college republicans tried hosting two other controversial speakers....which led to protests that turned violent. in february for example, chaos broke out over a scheduled appearance by milo yiannopoulos.protestors threw rocks and firecrackers at police, lit a propane tank on fire and broke windows. there was more than 100-thousand dollars in damage to the campus. grant and vicki? (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. little change expected across the region today into thursday with temperatures
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near seasonal averages and areas of night and morning coastal/valley clouds. a warming trend is then expected late in the week with hot conditions again likely for inland areas away from the coast this weekend. conditions then cool back to near average early next week as high pressure over the region weakens.k. (grant) take a look at this... a massive iceberg weighing more (grant) take a look at
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this... a massive iceberg weighing more than one- trillion tons has broken away from part of antarctica. a two-thousand mile section of an ice shelf broke away earlier this week. experts believe the iceberg has remained intact.
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scientists believe the iceberg has a volume that's double the volume of lake erie. experts say there will not be an immediate impact from the iceberg breaking off. and that there is no evidence to link this directly to climate change...though that is being studied as we speak. (vicki) whether or not today's news about the massive iceberg in antartica... is contributed to climate change... governor jerry brown is not taking any chances. governor brown is racing to persuade lawmakers to extend california's signature program to confront climate change. the cap-and-trade program has been closely watched around the world... as a market-based way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - but it expires in 2020. the way the program works... it puts a price on carbon to create an incentive for polluters to reduce their emissions and save money. the state assemly and senate are scheduled to take up the legislation next week. (grant) coming up, a texas couple is warning other parents - about an online game... that they say - led to
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their son's suicide. the warning signs you should be looking for. (vicki) and next, chp officers are asking for your help tonight. how you can help save the state √°millions√° of dollars.
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(vicki) california highway patrol is asking for you... to report out-of-state registration violators. you can easily spot georgia, maine and many more out-of-state plates on bay area roads. california law gives a 20-day grace period to complete the registration without paying a penalty. some people are visiting... while others could be migrant workers from other states, or californians.... breaking the rules to save cash. that's why chp is asking residents for help, using the "cheaters" website to report out-of-state license plates. (sot) "we see a lot of vehicles on the coast. maybe ferrari, lamborghinis. those vehicles typically are just trying to avoid the high cost of registration, which could be in the thousands." for those who travel
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between california and another state for work... chp says those drivers can get dual registration... keeping the title of their car in the other state and pay the california registration for part of the year... (grant) dozens of artists in sacramento are being forced out of their studios... after a city code enforcement inspection declared their building dangerous. the scrutiny follows oakland's deadly ghost ship warehouse - that killed 36 people. steve large has more on the new safety concerns. --nats--in this setting meant for inspiration ....--nats-- there is now an artist exodus.....--nats--david davis: it's really tough on the artists here who have to scramble and find a place... thirty artists renting space at sacrmento's panama pottery studio given orders to vacate...within 10 days.david davis: the city's just pretty much given everybody the boot...the century old one time ceramics factory made of aluminum, brick and wood, and
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converted into studio space a decade now declared too dangerouscity code enforcement issuing the orders for artists to vacate after finding 13 building code violations including.. inadequate exits, faulty electrical wiring, and poor ventilationthe inspection-- based on an anonymous tip-- comes after the oakland ghost ship fire at an artists make-shift studio that left dozens dead.david davis: we are not anything close to the ghost ship, we don't have anyone living here, we don't have party's."--nats--david davis is a manager here. he says the owner is working with this city on safety improvements, but says the city should give displaced artists more help to move. david davis: we just don't have the resources to do that we don't have places to go. it's hard to start up a whole new business.--nats-- sacramento artists livelihoods suddenly in question...after the city forced their studios closed for their own safety.
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(vicki) president trump's pick to lead the f-b-i is in the hot seat tonight... answering questions about potential russian interference in the 2016 election. what we are learning about the investigation. (grant) plus, history buffs are debunking a new photo that claims to have sovled the mystery behind amelia earhart's disappearance. we'll explain - coming up.
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"i'll be very candid with you, i'm going to vote yes. i see him as being a good fbi director. how good, the proof is always in the pudding. (grant ) the top democrat on the senate judiciary committee gives the thumbs up to president trump's nominee to replace james comey as head of the f=b=i. christopher wray promised to resist any pressure from the white house. ( vicki ) his testimony today came after the new revelations of contact between the trump campaign and russia. catherine heenan is here with the latest from capitol hill. (catherine) christopher wray told the senators today that he does not agree with everything donald trump says.
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and that his low=key demeanor should not be mistaken for a lack of independence, ""no one asked me for any kind of loyalty oath at any point during this process. and i sure as heck didn't offer one." "you don't think director comey is a nut job, right?" "that's never been my experience with him."wray disputed president trump's opinion of the bureau's former leader, and of the muller investigation. "do you consider this endeavor a witch hunt?" "i do not consider director mueller to be on a witch hunt."on donald trump junior's efforts to get russian campaign dirt on hillary clinton ... "let me ask you this. if i got a call from somebody saying the russian government wants to help lindsey graham re-elected, they've got dirt on lindsey graham's opponent -- should i take that meeting?" "well, senator, i would think you'd want to consult with some good legal advisers before you did
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that."last night on fox news, trump junior downplayed his meeting with a russian lawyer. "for me, this was opposition research. they had something that may be concrete evidence to all the stories i'd been hearing about, but were probably under-reported for, you know, years."today his father tweeted, "my son donald did a good job last night. he was open, transparent and innocent. this is the greatest witch hunt in political history. sad!"but on capitol hill, even more questions are being raised. i mean, what else was said at the meeting? how many meetings were there? i mean, they had denied existence of any of these things until recently, now they're acknowledging it. a top white house adviser refused to comment on possible further revelations.".is this the end of the line on this?"< dr. sebastian gorka / deputy assistant to the president > "i'm going to stick with what the president said. and anything else should be taken up with donald trump jr. and his legal counsel""this individual who's not an employee of the government, released all of his emails when hilary clinton deleted 30,000 of her emails so transparency is what we're (catherine) president trump told evangelist pat robertson today that vladimir putin would have preferred to see hillary clinton in the white house. in an interview for robertson's christian broadcasting network, he said clinton would have weakened the u.s. military and driven up energy prices. vicki? (vicki)one california democrat has filed an article of impeachment. . . in an effort to remove the president from office.representative brad
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sherman filed the paperwork earlier today. . . it accuses trump of obstructing investigations including russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. and in part. . .by firing former fbi director james comey.some democratic leaders have distanced themselves from the effort. . .believing that it energizes trump's base.sherman filed the article a day after the president's son. . donald trump junior. . . admitted to meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign. (grant) some legal experts believe the policies for gps, or ankle monitors, worn by california juveniles are so strict they're sending the minors into a jail cycle. a supervising attorney at the east bay law center says policies can often be too difficult for teens to follow. that can lead to them unintentionally violating the rules and being sent back to juvenile detention centers. those legal experts also found that the current system, disproportionately impacts
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young people of color. and in several counties around the state... families are required to pay for the ankle monitoring though monthly usage and installation fees. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. little change expected across the region today into thursday with temperatures near seasonal averages and areas of night and morning coastal/valley clouds. a warming trend is then expected late in the week with hot conditions again likely for inland areas away from the coast this weekend. conditions then cool back to near average early next week as high pressure over the region weakens.k.
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(grant) a passenger on
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board - an air canada jet that nearly landed on a taxiway at sfo... where four other planes were sitting... says he never knew his life was in danager. federal officials are still investigating why the pilot mistakenly made his approach towards the taxiway last friday... instead of the runway - which was right next to it. the passenger, dave jones, says passengers were not told about the near- collision... even after the plane landed safely. instead, jones says the pilot told the 140 passengers on board... that there was more traffic than usual and everything was fine. jones says he knew something was wrong... and describes the incident as disturbing. (vicki) and still ahead... rats running on a restaurant counter.. right in front of bay area customers and employees. the action taken by the health department as it tries to drive out the vermin(grant) and - the online game so popular with kids.. what it is about "blue whale"
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that has has some parents sounding the alarm. (vicki) and on wall street.. the market close in positive territory. the dow ended up just over 123 points... the nasdaq up almost 68.. and the s-and-p up over 17 points.
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(vicki) a father is reaching out to anyone who will listen, hoping a deadly internet game, he claims
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ended when his son took his life, will come to an end. (grant) it's called the blue whale challenge and it is basically a dare that has spread through social media. josh skurnik brings us the story. pictures of his smile is all he has left as he plans his son's funeral."we had no signs at all. isaiah was isaiah," jorge gonzales said.the father said on saturday morning they found isaiah hanging in a bedroom to the teen they found a cellphone propped on top of a shoe, broadcasting the act using social media.the family believes isiah's death is the result of the blue whale challenge.san antonio police said this is the first they've heard of it.the game involves predators mysteriously contacting potential victims through cellphone apps and chat rooms.there's been media coverage around the world, but it's unclear how many lives it's claimed or where to find it. some reports have the
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administrator threatening to harm the victim's family if he or she doesn't complete the tasks.the final task is suicide.having heard about the game online, jorge gonzales said he asked his kids if they knew about it. he said isaiah told him he had heard of it, but would never participate."i want them to go through their phones, look at their social media," jorge gonzales said, as a warning to other parents, "if they're on that challenge already, they can catch that from happening."with activities like listening to strange music and drinking bleach, the gonzalez family now knows isaiah sent pictures of him completing tasks to his friends, saying what the final outcome would be. (grant) still ahead... the three men who helped thwart a terrorist attack... on a train bound for paris... are headed to hollywood. the new movie the sacramento boys are
5:42 pm
set to star in.
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((grant))a popular san francisco-based kids clothing store may be closing up shop soon.((dbl bx))that's one of the stories we're working on for kron 4 news at six...pam moore is live in the newsroom with a preview...pam? (pam) that's right grant...gymboree, filed for bankruptcy protection last month today we learned... the popular store, which operates about 12- hundred locations... will be forced to close more than 300- outlets across the united states. it is the latest brick and mortar store to struggle, as shoppers shift to online sales. coming up at six... we'll tell you when the gymboree stores will start to shut the doors. be sure to stay with us for that story and much more on kron 4 news at six((dbl bx)) grant....back to you. (vicki) it appears the amelia earhart mystery remains unsolved. the history channel recently aired a documentary that claimed to possibly show a picture of the legendary pilot. now, that theory is being
5:46 pm
debunked... the photo showed a number of people on the dock in the marshall islands. the documentary claimed that's where she crashed and was then taken prisoner by the japanese military. now two bloggers say they found the same picture in a travel book that came out in 1935. that was two years before earhart disappeared.....she was still safe in the u-s at that time. earhart and her navigator fred noonan disappeared in 19-37 as she attempted to be the first woman to fly around the world. (vicki)clint eastwood is set to make a new film about the 2015 attempted terror attack on a paris-bound train.(glo) but the best part is. . .actors will not be portraying the heroes involved.instead. . .the real-life heroes will be playing themselves.anthony sadler, alek skarlatos, and spencer stone are the thee men who rose to fame. .. when they helped stop the would-be terrorist.a french national and a man from the u-k helped them subdue the gunman who had
5:47 pm
opened fire.eastwood's film. . . "the 15-17 to paris" will tell the story of the three americans. .. starting in their childhod and showing their friendship leading up to the attack. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. little change expected across the region today into thursday with temperatures near seasonal averages and areas of night and morning coastal/valley clouds. a warming trend is then expected late in the week with hot conditions again likely for inland areas away from the coast this weekend. conditions then cool back to near average early next week as high pressure over the region weakens.k.
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(vicki) turning now to the warriors-- it's been a productive off season for the dubs front office as they've retained their championship nucleus... and bolstered their bench. (grant) 'strength in numbers' rings true once again going into next season. mark carpenter introduces us to the sharp-shooter who will come off the bench, and add even more firepower to the warriors lineup. the signing of omri casspi isn't one that's going to jump out at
5:50 pm
the casual nba fan, but it has frustrated executives around the league as the world- champion warriors have added another weapon-- a 6-9 forward that can shoot threes."pre, you know free agency we said we wanted to be in a winning situation, we want to be in a winning franchise and i was fortunate enough to be with the best, so that's a blessing." and casspi has not only found himself a wining franchise, he's also discovered a place that he could call home. since entering the league in 2009, he's been on 7-different teams... and just last season alone-- the 29-year-old was a king.. a pelican.. and a timberwolf. so now, he's hoping he's landed the right mix of sustainability...and success. "this summer, i literally took a day off and started working on my game and working on everything that i need to do to become a basketball player and work on the stuff that i do good to stay good and do even better. i can't way for the season to start. i have so much to prove and a big chip on my shoulder to go ahead and do the stuff i need to do to help my team win."'somehow the warriors are within three and then there's another three from casspi!" and casspi fights right in on the warriors roster because he already knows what it's like to play with a hot hand at
5:51 pm
oracle. two years ago-- he and steph curry turned a game into a three-point shooting contest... as casspi dropped 7 from downtown in the first half... and the mvp answered by ripping off 17-points in three minutes. "it's fun you know. it was one of those moments and it doesn't happen often that you make shots, some guys make shots, but then you guys like steph who come right back and do it even better, it was definitely one night to remember and hopefully, we relive it back again." and casspi will have more than enough opportunities to light up the scoreboard. mark carpenter, kron4 news (grant) (grant) (grant) up next, a rat invades a popular food spot in the bay area ... why the owner says they aren't doing anything wrong.
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(grant) a rat gave customers quite the scare at a restaurant in daly city... and it was all caught on camera. (vicki) in a story you will only see on kron four... kron 4's j.r. stone spoke with witnesses... and the restaurant's owners - who are now defending their business. this is video showing a rat walking along the counter in a daly city restaurant called upside down burger. video
5:55 pm
that has gone viral since it was posted on saturday night. sot when i first seen the rat it's like anything i jumped out of my body i mean seriously i don't want to get bit by the thing i mean i'm a big guy but that will take you down.robert bell recorded this and says he was with his family eating what was a good burger when things took a turn. sot the lady she jumps up.she is screaming, she's yelling, runs and says i'm not eating here i'm not eating here and she points towards the flower jug. sot we here the other lady she drops her water jug she screams i'm like what's going on.sot simotaneously the wife looks at the plant and see the mouse the rat.bell says his family ran out but he stayed in the restaurant to get his refund and recorded
5:56 pm
video of the rat as he waited. as for who's to blame for the rodentthat's to be determined but the health department is now involved. in two inspections since saturday. upside down burger, has passedso has the dominos two doors downnot the case for house of sisig located right next door to upside down burger. the san mateo county health department has shut them down due to evidence of vermin infestation. we asked the owner of house of sisig, who did show us his restaurant being cleaned, if he is to blame.sot so are the problems coming from your restaurant? i don't think so it might be coming from all of us i don't knowsot they said they saw some infestation said i have to clean it up and everything. the owner of upside down burger disagrees saying this isn't a building problem or attic problem or the health department would have made sure everyone closed. he allowed kron 4 access to his restaurant tuesday saying he has nothing to hide. he
5:57 pm
stores just a small amount of food in a small refrigerated area under the grills, even going so far as showing us his contract with a cleaning company that comes every night. robert bell says he doesn't know what happened, why it happened, but says people need to beware. sot the thought of mice rats roming around throughout the day. i can only imagine what happens at night.just that thought had my stomach turning. (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(granti) steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. (pam) still a big story tonight.. (pam)the video showing the skatboarder and the police officer that left both of them injured.... and now the questions yet to be
5:58 pm
answered..(steve) plus .... one house gone.. and the other homes that were threatened in a fast move wildfire in the south bay. the warning tonight about how dry it really is out there... as we head into another hot weekend.(pam) and doubling the reward to solve a murder in el cerrito. we have more local news tonight.... coming up at the top of the hour.. on kron 4 news at six.
5:59 pm
(pam top vo) the "fire watch" continues in the foothills of east san jose .. that's wherefirefighters are mopping up after tuesday's brushfire bruned homes....(pam 2-shot) good evening... i'm pam moore(steve) and i'm steve aveson.. flames erupted late tuesday afternoon on a ridge above lariat lane and claitor drive.. those flames touching off
6:00 pm
a fast moving grass fire that destroyed one home and forced the evacuation of dozens of residents. kron four's rob fladeboe has the latest now from the scene. rob fladeboe/san jose".....i'm here on boulder drive in the east san jose foothills....take a can seehow the fire burned across that ridge and down the canyon before firefighters stopped itfrom moving further into the neighborhoods below...where residents were chased from their homesthe main casualty of the latest fire to strike the east san jose foothills is this house on lariat lane. the owner, a man named rick, was understandably to preoccupied to speak to the press. but kendrick cheung, who lives next door, says it was his neighbor who first warned him about the fire.kendrick cheung/chased from home by wildfirethis was the scene just after 4:30 tuesday afternoon when the fire broke out in the steep canyon just above lariat lane. san jose fire crews battled the fast moving flames on the ground while calfire joined the fight with helicopters dropping water and fire retardant from above. it was hot and windy and an abundance of waist high, bone dry grass made for extremely erratic fire behavior says san jose fire captain brad cloutier.
6:01 pm
capt.brad cloutier/san jose fire".....the fuels are dry because of all the winter rain and the winds were also a factor, creating a very dynamic fire behavior. sometimes the fire would jump from one area to another and that presented a real challenge for crews to stay out ahead of it...." 24 hours later, you can see how the fire scorched about 120 acres, burning down the canyon and into alum rock park, which is closed indefinitely as crews continue to mop up hot spots and make sure there are no hidden embers that could rekindle a fire in the hot days ahead beneranda arias/evacuated from home "....i went out on the balcony to see what was going on and i saw that the fire was right there in front of my house so i said we've got to get out of here..."rob fladeboe/san jose all those evacuated have now returned home. one home was destroyed.two others suffered peripheral damage. three firefighters wereinjured, none seriously. the cause and exact origin of the fire are still under investigation. in san jose rob fladeoe kron 4 newss
6:02 pm
( steve ) this is one of several recent fires in san jose. at the end of june, we saw three erupt in one day all near the mount hamilton area. one of them came dangerously close to homes but neighbors and firefighters managed to knock down the flames. so far, we have not heard of a cause for that fire. ( pam ) there is outrage being vented online ... after several videos posted... show
6:03 pm
a police officer andskateboard er crash... at an unsanctioned contest on dolores street in san francisco last night. we talked to one person who captured the collision on his cell phone. police were there responding... to assist another skateboarder who had been injured. skateboarders continued to zoom past the officers. then one officer on the scene ... moves into the path of one oncoming skater. and that sends the skater into and then over the police cruiser . and then lands hard on the asphalt. some say.. the officer knocked into the skateboarder intentionally. the witness we talked to said, there was no way for the skateboarder to react in time. with the speed he was going and the way the cop stepped right into the path. you can even see the skater try to avoid the cop, no one ever wants to run into anyone. yyou never want to hit someone else on your skateboard because its going to hurt them it's going to hurt you. the skater definatley did not go out there to try and hurt someone. ( pam ) police say,
6:04 pm
they too are reviewing the different angles of the video posted online ... as well as their own body cam video. at this point they say... it is not clear what the video shows. a friend of the skater sent us this picture, identifying him only as anthony. he reportedly suffered a broken ankle and tore a tendon in his knee. the officer who was hit was treated and released for non- life- threatening injuries. kron 4 spotted federal investigators going through the rubble today... as the try to figure out what sparked the massive construction site fire on valdez street in oakland. and as they were looking for clues, just blocks away... the city of oakland held a high- stakes meeting with developers. with several suspicious fires within the last year in the east bay... the city wants them to know... it is okay to build their projects. kron 4's dan kerman was the only reporter at city hall when the mayor sat down with construction managers. he found out about some of the
6:05 pm
security changes that are being made. dan? while the cause of friday's valdez street construction site fire has not yet been determined, three other construction site fires were intentionally set and that has real estate developers in oakland concernedsot greg mcconnell/jobs and housing coalitionwe believe there is an arsonist out there, we need to stop this and bring it too and endoakland mayor libby schaaf called developers to city hall wednesday for a closed door meeting to hear their concerns and promise the city will keep their projects safesot libby schaaf/oakland mayorwe made several commitments today to assure these developers that we are partners with them in ensuring the success of their addition to helping track down the arsonist, oaklands' police and fire departments will now be notified when construction projects are at their most vulnerable so they can provide additional site checks sotwe also committed to examine certain laws and regulations that potentiallyl could be adding risk, for example we were asked to examine the prohibition on barbed wire at
6:06 pm
the top of construction fences at least temporarily.the city will also hold a meeting to determine the best practices when it comes to keeping a construction site safesotwe're looking at all sorts of tools, cameras motion detectors , how to prevent access via scaffolding, which was a factor in the san pablo fire, whether or not dogs on the site may be a deterantsot i was very impressed with the city's response.many of the developers that attended the meeting liked what they heard sot john protopappas/ madison park financial corp. developerthe city is actively trying to advise how to keeps these incidents from occurring and that advice is very helpful 143/very helpful
6:07 pm
(steve) we have this update on neighboring 180 grand avenue tonight. that people... still closed off.... it is easy to see why. crews today were busy boarding up some of the broken windows. we should note that nobody lives in the building... but there are plenty of businesses that have their operations based out of there. no word on when it will reopen. an overnight fire outside a business in newark did significant damage.. and investigators have been on the scene.. catherine heenan is here with more on what happened o.. utside the 'cardinal kitchen and bath' store..
6:08 pm
(catherine) that fire began a little after some vans and trucksparked outside the business... this is just outside a kitchen and bath business on central avenue in newark..the fire spread from the vans to an overhang of the building, which was damaged. an obvious question --- whether someone intentionally set the vehicles on fire. fire crews sounded a second alarm to make sure the rest of the building and a lumber yard next door weren't damaged. battalion chief robert petersen when we arrived we found several vehicles on fire in front of the kitchen and bath. we extinguished the fireand made sure there was nothing on the interior. the business has a sprinkler system so that protected the buildingfrom the inside out. the lumber yard wasn't damaged....and no one was injured... investigators haven't determined yet exactly how the fire started. pam and steve?
6:09 pm
( steve ) a big story tonight: president trump's pick to lead the f-b-i gets grilled in a senate judiciary committee. ( pam ) the former federal prosecutor... answering questions for nearly five- hours ... many stemming from the latest news about potential russian interference in the 2016 election. stacey cohan ... with our partners at c-n-n.. has the key exchanges. the man tapped by president trump to lead the f-b-i vows to act independently of political pressure. christopher wray/fbi director nominee: no one asked me for a loyalty oath at any point during this process and i sure as heck didn't offer one. alleged interference by russia in the u-s election is clearly top of mind for many senators ...following days of news surrounding donald trump, junior's meeting with a russian attorney. south carolina republican senator lindsey graham demanded to know how a politician should respond if offered election help from foreign government. sen. lindsey graham/-r- south carolina: should i take that
6:10 pm
meeting?christopher wray/fbi director nominee: well senator i think you'd want to consult with some good legal advisors before you do that.sen. lindsey graham/-r- south carolina: so that answer is should i call the fbi? christopher wray/fbi director nominee: i think it would be wise to...sen. lindsey graham/-r- south carolina: you're going to be the director of the fbi pal"wray then instructed everyone in the room to notify the f-b-i of such an inquiry,meantime, the man who nominated wray and fired his predecessor, james comey, tweets support for his son, donald trump junior and his appearance tuesday night on fox news."my son donald did a good job last night. he was open, transparent and innocent. this is the greatest witch hunt in political history. sad!"wray offers a different opinion about special prosecutor robert mueller's russia investigation. christopher wray/fbi director nominee: "i do not consider dir. mueller to be on a witch hunt."wray is a former prosecutor with the bush administration and a criminal defense lawyer. senators hope on his nomination before the summer recess. in washington, i'm stacey cohan. ( steve ) wray did leave a pretty good impression on senator dianne feinstein.
6:11 pm
take a listen to her comments immediately following the hearing. if confirmed... wray's term is for 10 years. however as we have seen, the president could decide to end it much sooner. ( pam ) an odd story has found its way into a san francisco courtroom. we will explain the battle over a selfie... taken by the monkey. ( steve ) plus another sign tonight of just how much snow we saw this winter in the sierra. the dam that is overflowing for the first time in six years.( pam ) an bay area lawyer... gunned down in front of his home. the new effort tonight to find his killer.. i am chief meteorologist brittney shipp... we have changes on the way... i will tell you when a warm up is going to arrive. the forecast is coming up in less than ten minutes.
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
( steve ) almost nine- months later... and, the murder of a beloved east bay attorney remains unsolved.( pam ) last october, jim gilliland was shot to death outside his home in el cerrito. today, kron four's philippe djegal reports, his friends and family are escalating efforts to close this case. (philippe) little did jim gilliland know that he would never see his friends and
6:15 pm
family again on october 27th... when that night he returned to his home on mira vista drive in el cerrito after church choir practice. police say it appears someone was waiting for him... shot him multiple times on his porch... then the gunman vanished.brian colucci/friend and colleague- "we worked very closely together." brian colucci (co-lew-chee) worked with gilliland at a law firm. he says jim had a lot of friends... friends who have banded together since the homicide... now, doubling the initial reward offered in this case from 50 to 100- thousand dollars... for information leading to an arrest and conviction for the murder.brian colucci/friend and colleague- "we're hopeful that, continuing to let people know that we have not forgotten about this and that we're not gonna simply, simply let it go, um, we're hoping that that's gonna create some additional awareness about this and hopefully lead to some more information." as an attorney... gilliland practiced law for more than 35-years in state and federal courts... the police department says it has not ruled out that his homicide may be tied to his
6:16 pm
capacity as a robert de la campa/el cerrito police dept.- "we can't rule it out, because we don't know the true motive at this time." so far, police say surveillance video gathered that deadly night, has not been helpful. later this week... jim's friends will put up a billboard outside oracle arena announcing the increased reward money.brian colucci/friend and colleague- "we're a group of people with, with resources to do what we can and we're going to do it as long as we need to." this was one of two homicides reported last year in el cerrito. philippe djegal, kron four news. (steve)in the east bay. . . two murder suspects were due in court today. . . 25-year- old giovanny ortiz of san jose and 18-year-old eric carter of santa clara. . . were to appear at the santa clara hall of justice.both were arrested friday at a modesto motel. . . in connection with a shooting on july 5th.17-year-old alexis gutierrez was killed in the shooting. ( pam ) an east bay high school student has filed a federal lawsuit against the san ramon valley unified school district. the teenager made a video ... while running for class president.. it depicted images of terrorists. the
6:17 pm
student won... but was temporarily removed from the position. in the lawsuit, he claims the school district violated his first amendment rights. his lawyers say, the district cannot punish a student because they do not like what he says ... or how he chooses to say it. the school district has not commented on this lawsuit. ( pam ) the 9th- circuit court of appeals has taken up a rather interesting case. it is listening to arguments over who has the rights to a monkey "selfie." the court questioned a lawyer representing the "people for the ethical treatment of animals" known as peta... over why the group had the authority to sue on behalf of the primate. peta wants all proceeds from the photograph to go to the monkey. the pictures were taken in indonesia in 2011, when the animal picked up a camera belonging to a british photographer. the photographer says ... he holds the copyright. the case is here in the bay area because the photographer used software from a san francisco company .. to publish the pictures in
6:18 pm
a book. (steve) a massive wild fire in yolo 95 percent contained tonight. the winters fire has burned over two-thousand acres since flames were first spotted last thursday at state highway 128 and pleasant view road. all road closures have been lifted and evacuation orders are no longer in place. four firefighters battling the flames suffered minor injuries. about 200 personnel are currently mopping up hot spots in the area. the cause of the still under investgation. another sign tonight of just how much snow is in the sierra... and the runoff from when it melts. for the first time in six years... water is rushing over the gates at the friant (fry-ant) dam into the san joaquin river. it is north of a fresno.. at the millerton lake reservoir. about 2- thousand cubic feet per second of water is being released down the spill way. officials say this rarely happens in july... typically water releases of this magnitude happen in may or early june.
6:19 pm
let's take a look outside right now for the current conditions in the bay area... (steve) chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with the forecast. little change expected across the region today into thursday with temperatures near seasonal averages and areas of night and morning coastal/valley clouds. a warming trend is then expected late in the week with hot conditions again likely for inland areas away from the coast this weekend. conditions then cool back to near average early next week as high pressure over the region weakens.k. (steve) a recent documentary
6:20 pm
6:21 pm
claimed to have evidence that famous pilot amelia earhart survived her crash over the pacific... but a recently unearthed photo might 'not' be the big discovery some thought... (pam) there are millions of open jobs in the united states ... so why aren't they being filled. the change in policy being pushed ...that could alter workplace rules.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
another recent round of amelia earhart mania has been shot down...and the mystery of her disappearance 80- years ago... remains unsolved... catherine heenan is here with news about a recently unearthed photo thatwas the subject of a documentary.. (catherine) the photo that launched a history channel documentary has been debunked. it's yet another theory as to how the legendary pilot died - that went nowhere. the photo supposedly shows amelia earhart alive - and sitting on a pacific island jetty in 1937. the theory - she crash-landed, was picked up by the japanese and imprisoned until her death. another figure in the photo was said to show her navigator, fred noonan. now - two bloggers say that they've found the same picture in a travel book that came out in 1935.that's two years before earhart disappeared - when she was still safe in the u.s. there were skeptics from day one - since the photo is
6:25 pm
so blurry and grainy. adding insult to injury - the bloggers say the person the history channel thoughtwas earhart - might be a man. earhart and noonan disappeared in 1937 as she was trying to become the first woman to fly around the world. pam and steve? (steve) congressman steve scalise is out of intensive care. scalise was released from i-c-u today...but remains hospitalized. you may remember last month kronfour reported that scalise was shot in the hip... when a gunman opened fire on a republican congressional baseball practice in virginia. he was first released from intensive care june 22nd following multiple surgeries, but was re-admitted to the i-c-u last week due to infection concerns. the congressional source says scalise is in serious condition. (pam) tonight.. the bay area company that says... it needs to close hundreds of stores ... and the locations in our region which will be shut down.(steve) it all started with the honking of a horn. see what the owner
6:26 pm
found inside his car when he went to check on the vehicle parked in the driveway.(pam) and there are millions of jobs that need to be filled in the united states right now. six million to be exact. the change some people want to make that they say would make the hiring process... easier.
6:27 pm
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my belly pain i could build a small city with all the over-the-counter products i've used. enough! i've tried enough laxatives to cover the eastern seaboard. i've climbed a mount everest of fiber. probiotics? enough! (avo) if you've had enough, tell your doctor what you've tried and how long you've been at it. linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children less than six, and it should not be given to children six to less than eighteen. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. ( steve ) today a congressional
6:29 pm
committee met to find ways to fill the 6 million jobs u.s. employers cannot seem to fill -- even though the labor department says 7 million americans are unemployed. ( pam ) one suggestion .... is to expand paid parental leave. kron 4's washington corrspondent jessica smith... explains how that move would effect businesses ... and the workforce. diana furchtgott-rothmanhattan instituterep pat tiberi (r-oh) trt 1:29pkg university of michigan professor betsey stevenson told congress if us employers want to attract more workers -- they need to offer more programs, like paid family leave.stevenson: "research has shown that female labor participation would be 6 % points higher in the us if we had access to childcare and paid family leave that other countries have." stevenson went on to say paid leave would help the entire workforce -- not just women: stevenson: paid family leave policies creates better
6:30 pm
attachment of women to the labor force and that greater attachment leads to greater wage growth, which increases overall participation. but not everyone on the panel agreed. "it basically raises the cost employment. we've already been decrying the lack of job opportunities. any mandated cost on employers, increases the move to technology. the substitution of technology for workers." stevenson told us, she believes paid leave can actually save employers money in the long run. stevenson: they're able to keep workers, they come back and they cut back on the recruitment costs, the heavy turnover cost. the committee chairman ohio congressman pat tiberi --- the said forcing employers to offer paid leave could hurt small business. tiberi: what we don't want to do is mandate on all employers additional regulations. even though he doesn't support a mandate -- tiberi said businesses should explore offering paid leave to be more competitive when recruiting talent. in washington, i'm jessica smith.
6:31 pm
( pam ) here is a closer look now at the other side of the coin... the unemployment rate. nationwide... the rate for june came in at 4-point-4 percent. california is slightly higher at 4-point-7 percent. but when you take a look at the nine bay area counties... the job market is strong. every single county is below the national average on unemployment numbers. ( steve ) last month we told you about san francisco based gymboree filing for bankruptcy. today we have learned about 350 stores are going to be closing. the children's clothing store announced five locations in the bay area are on the list. it is all part of a restructuring plan and at this time, gymboree plans to keep most of its other stores open. the company is working to erase a 900-million dollar debt. here is the list of stores: san francisco, mill valley, palo alto, newark and fairfield. one "jack and jill" and some "crazy 8" stores will also be shutdown. (pam) takata
6:32 pm
is adding nearly three- million more airbags ... to the largest automotive recall in u-s history. the japanese company says, a chemical drying agent could cause driver side airbags to rupture.faulty inflators, which can blast shrapnel into drivers and passengers, have resulted in the recall of tens of millions of vehicles.they have also been linked to more than a dozen deaths around the world.the airbag scandal has led to a slow and painful demise for takata, which started out as a textile manufacturer more than 80 years ago. here at this valdez street construction site atf investigators are coming through the wreckage to determine to cause of fridays fire. at the same time oakland mayor libby schaaf called developers toa meeting to assure them the city will do whatever it can to keep their projects safe. among other things the city has committed to relaxing or removing regulations that
6:33 pm
might make a construction site less safe. they will also convene a meeting to determine the best practices for keeping a construction site secure. in oakland dan kerman kron 4news.
6:34 pm
in el cerrito... more money is on the table to solve attorney jim gilliland's murder. he was shot to death outside his home last october 27th. the police department says since gilliland's murder, leads have dried up. a 50-thousand dollar reward was offered by friends and family for any information leading to the arrest and conviction in this case back in november... and, those same friends and family have now doubled that reward to 100-thousand dollars. in el cerrito, philippe djegal, kron four news. here in san jose firefighters have all but contained a wild fire that scorched at least 120 acres in the east foothills. one home was destroyed and at least two others suffered peripheral damage when the fire erupted late tuesday afternoon off lariat lane near boulder drive. three firefighters were injured none seriously. all of those evacuated have returned home. the fire burned into parts of alum rock park, which remains closed. the cause is unknown at this time. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news
6:35 pm
chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now... little change expected across the region today into thursday with temperatures near seasonal averages and areas of night and morning coastal/valley clouds. a warming trend is then expected late in the week with hot conditions again likely for inland areas away from the coast this weekend. conditions then cool back to near average early next week as high pressure over the region weakens.k. (steve) a car gets trashed and torn apart. the picture of the culprit
6:36 pm
responsible for all the weakens.k. the region over as high pressure early next week as high pressure over the region weakens.k. (steve) a car gets trashed and torn apart. the picture of the culprit responsible for all the damage.
6:37 pm
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(pam)a north carolina family is in the market for a new car. . . (steve)that's after an unexpected situation left their car totaled.take a close look here. . .a bear got trapped inside the couldn't get out . . .which lead to a total thrashing of the interior.chunks of a seat were missing. . . an airbag dangling from the ceiling. . . and much more damage.the family wasn't aware of what was going on until a deputy showed up at their doorstep. . . after a neighbor called it in.a game warden later showed up and opened the car door. . . the bear took off.luckily. . .insurance will cover the car damage. in sports... the n- f-l hit the raiders with a pretty expensive relocation fee... but by league standards, it's relatively cheap...... and the warriors introduce their newest free agent... gary has that story... and all the sports... coming up
6:41 pm
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6:44 pm
the warriors introduced their latest free agent signing todayomri (ome-ree) casspi the 6-9 forward averaged a little more than 5 points- per-game for the kings, pelicans and tomberwolves last seasonhe signed for the veteran's minimum reportedly turning down alomost twice as much money 4.5 million from another teamcasspi is from isreal he says the warriors are big news in his native country(sot: casspi) "the warriors is like a rock star in a sense...people are really excited...i'm really excited...i feel like it's going to be a great fit...and i can't wait to start...a team like the warriors is obviously very well known all over the
6:45 pm be a part of this and be part of this culture and coaching staff and everything here is a blessing" patrick mccaw and the warriors in bracket play in the las vegas summer league mccaw has been the warriors star during the league and he didn't dissapoint today scoring 26 points on 10-16 shooting including a couple of circus shotsthe warriors win 77-69 for their first summer league win (1-3) they advance to the 2nd round where they will play the boston celtics tomorrow the raiders were hit with a relocation fee by the nfl today....the team has to pay 385-million-dollars to the league for their move to las vegas in a couple of years... they will begin paying it in
6:46 pm
their first year in sin city which could be as soon as 2019... relocation fees are based on the team's projected increase in franchise value... the los angeles rams and los angeles chargers have an even higher fee....ringing up at 645 million dollars per team... (wipe to most valuablefranch ises) the raiders made forbes list of 50 most valuable sports franchisestopping the list are the dallas cowboys at dollars followed by the new york yankees at 3.7 billion and three international soccer teams manchester united barcelona and real (ree-al) madridflip it over to the local teams the 49ers made the top 10 coming in at number 9 at 3-billion the giants are 19th at 2.54- billion the warriors are 20th at 2.6-billion and the raiders 34th at 2.1-billion getting a bump from the upcoming relocation to las vegas the giants will come out of the all-star breakwith the
6:47 pm
worst first-half record in franchise history at 34-56 27 games behind the 1st place dodgersafter starting last season on fire they are 64-98 over the equivilant of a 162-game seasonexecutive vice president brian sabean gave his thoughts in an interview with the san jose mercury news saying "all of us are scratching our heads at how we've flatlined like this and fallen off the map... it's beyond frustrating... almost like we've forgotten how to win... we'll have players available at the deadline." roger federer is in the wimbledon semifinals again....
6:48 pm
the seven-time champion took down "mee-lohsh row-nich" (milos raonic) 6-4...6- advance to his 12th semifinals appearance.... federer lost in last year's semi's to "row-nich"... who advanced to the final before losing to andy murray...the 35-year old federer will now face "toe-mah ber-dix" (tomas berdych) on friday for a spot in sunday's final...(wipe to judge hit by ball) more wimbledon action... and this one hurts... a judge gets hit by the ball she tries to dodge the 129 mile-per-hour serve...but it gets her on the shoulder...but she shakes it off and gets ready for the next serve... tour de france stage 11 a farmer sends out some love to the riders hay bales forming
6:49 pm
a heart shapemore race fans dressing up some wine barrels german sprint specialist marcel kittel won the 126- mile stage his 5th stage win thus farchris frome (fro-may)... retains the yellow jersey as the overall leader
6:50 pm
(pam) you might say... christmas came in july for amazon. the astonishing record... the online retailer set in just 30 hours.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
,$8drwblack friday and cyber monday.. a weekday in the middle of july has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year.( pam ) online shopping giant amazon held its annual prime day yesterday... and set a company record for sales. it is estimated people spent close to 3-billion dollars during the 30- hours of reported deals being offered. to put that in perspective, amazon says, prime day sales were higher than when you combine both black friday and cyber monday from last year. the most popular item by the way... amazon's echo dot smart speaker.
6:54 pm
last weather and goodbye final look at the weather with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. a full hour of entertainment news is on the 7:00 it's the insider, followed by entertainment tonight at 7-30. then we're back with kron 4 news at 8:00
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>> "the insider" -- tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one -- it's full speed ahead for ben affleck and lindsay shookus. but what about jennifer garner? >> you're the best thing that ever happened to ben. >> did she confront lindsay about their relationship? we're breaking down fact from fiction. then inside maks and peta's fairy tale wedding. >> we enjoy partying together. >> new details about their royal "i do's". >> make some noise! >> and number three -- kim kardashian shuts down drug rumors. >> i don't play li that. like i'm -- come on. >> why the moment confused even her. >> after all that, this table in the background -- >> plus your "insider" bonus. the stars open the doors to
7:00 pm
their homes away from hollywood. >> we wanted some land and privacy. >> plus -- >> you just came from the edit suite. >> i did. >> how's looking? >> i -- i like it. >> first images from oprah's "a wrinkle in time." but which costar couldn't shake the lady o effect? >> she'd be like, you know what book i really love? and everybody would get silent. >> now "the insider," tracking hollywood from the inside out. did jennifer garner confront ben affleck's new girlfriend? this so-called hollywood love triangle continues to be the number one tracking story. >> as ben and lindsay shookus take their relationship public, his ex continues to be the paparazzi's other favorite target. >> you look lovely this morning, jennifer. do you care about the media stories? >> sweet talking as an attempt to get jen to comment on her ex ben affleck's new girlfriend. >> your fans got your back, and friends, jennifer. don't worry about nothing. >> flashing a smile but not saying a word, jen power


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