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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 13, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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(steve) now at 11. police are on the hunt for a woman they say used stole money from teens who were holding a bake sale.i'm steve aveson.((pam)) and i'm pam moore. it happened in cotati. police say, the suspect asked for change ...after handing over the fake $100- dollar bill. kron 4's j.r. stone talked with the teen musicians who were raising money for a once- in-a- lifetime trip to disneyland. call this woman what you want but police say her name is michelle kruse. they she's 41 years old and she scammed high school band students out of their bake sale money on monday outside of oliver's market in cotati.sot we were all really upseti was in tears all of us werelike oh my god this woman took advantage of us.officers say kruse, who is on the loose right now, used a fake 100
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dollar bill to get a rice krispie treat, brownie, and piece of cake. she gave the students the fake bill and they gave her 80 dollars of real money in changescamming kids out of money that would have gone towards their music program at rancho cotate high school in rohnert park. sotsomething the students did on their ownsurveillance video captured kruse walking around inside oliver's market before she left her cart, left the store, and eventually made her way to the bake sale. students say they have been trying to save money for their special yearly trip to disneyland.sot never really happened with any of our fund raisers and it happened to happen to us this year when we are trying to go to disney and march down main street.sot the opportunity to march down main street has been a dream of mine every since i was a kid. evan crow is a junior who was the one who noticed that the bill was fake.he chased after kruse's car but was unsuccessull in catching her. sot almost hit me..she just basically robbed us of 80 dollars because she asked for 80 dollars in change.
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(pam) in el cerrito... more
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money is now on the table to solve attorney jim gilliland's murder. he was shot to death outside his home last october 27th. the police department says, since gilliland's murder, leads have dried up. last november, a 50-thousand dollar reward offered by friends and family... for any information leading to the arrest and conviction in this case ... and, those same friends and family ... have now doubled that reward to 100- thousand dollars. (grant) aother big story we're tracking takes us to benicia where four women hit up a c-v-s ... during business hours monday. and the pharmacy's surveillance cameras recorded the whole thing. four women rushed in...made a bee line for the alegegy medication isle...and quickly loaded multiple bags...before taking off. they are described as four black women...20 to 30 years old. one's wearing a red hat
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right...another carries a purple bag. police hope someone recognizes them. and some benicia folks are worried about customers, especially older people who might need the medicine that was stolen. (grant) the four women were seen leaving the cvs parking lot in a newer model charcoal grey nissan altima with blue paper plates, similar to this one. steve and pam. (steve) a skatebaord competition...down san francsico streets..turns ugly after a skate boarder collides with a police officer(pam)
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both the skateboarder and the police officer were injured. kron4's hermela arewai spoke to authorities... who are investigating. (hermela aregawi)sfpd is frustrated because they say this chaos could have been avoided altogether if the skateboarders had gotten permits.. so that they could block off some of the streets for them to ride on.they say they're aware that people are saying the officer intentionally clothlined the skateboarder.. and are looking at footage to determine if in fact that officer did something wrong.police are responding to accusations of unnecessary roughness.after an unpermitted skatebaording competition in delores park turns into chaos.police initially responded to a call about an injured skatebaorder but then became at the center of controversy surrounding another riderthat man can be scene skating down the officer appears to step into his path.they collide and the skateboarder slams into and over the police cruiser.some witnesses are now saying - the
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officer intentionally got in the way.officer grace gatpandan/sfpd: it's very difficult to tell from the just one video the entire picture. so we will be looking at video footage from that officer who was struck. there's body cam footage from all the officers who were on the scene, as well as any of the videos that people are uploading to social media or who want to submit that to the police department. that will be part of the overall picture that we're going to be investigating.but some witnesses say.. the officer's intentions were obvious. witness:you kind of see a trainwreck about to happen.i mean he put himself right in the path of that skater and held his ground. he could have easily stepped would have been okaypolice say after the collision with the rider - people in the crowd through bottles at the officers.. (hermela aregawi)the officer in that collision was treated at the hospital for non life threatening injuriesreporting live in san francisco, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (pam) in san ramon. .. a masked man holds up a walgreens pharmacy at gunpoint... stealing hundreds of dollars worth of opioids. take a look at the pictures on your screen.police say, this man walked into the walgreens on san ramon valley at around 8-this morning. he went directly to the pharmacy counter. . .he presented a note and flashed his gun to the clerk. the suspect then took several bottles of opioids. . . valued at more than 300- dollars. anyone with information is urged to
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contact police. (steve) bay area firefighters are up in butte county ... helping battle the destructive 'wall fire' .. the san francisco fire department got a request for help on monday morning. within a few hours --- a 22- member strike team deployed. the wall fire has burned six thousand acres... and destroyed 41- homes. six- hundred others are threatened. four- thousand people have been evacuated. butte county is north of sacramento near interstate five. the wall fire.. is 70 percent contained tonight. ((pam/live))the sizzling temperatures are back... just in time for the weekend. ((steve))chief meteorologist brittney shipp is back with your complete
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little change expected across the region today into thursday with temperatures near seasonal averages and areas of night and morning coastal/valley clouds. a warming trend is then
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expected late in the week with hot conditions again likely for inland areas away from the coast this weekend. conditions then cool back to near average early next week as high pressure over the region weakens.k.
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