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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 18, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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so what's driving the hype? well, simpson's 2008 armed robbery conviction has its roots into the trial of the century, and that story has again captivated the country. >> no one planted any evidence. >> just last week, espn's oscar-winning documentary, "o.j.:made many america" was nominated for six emmys and he has cleaned up since last year's emmys. winning nine. cuba gooding jr. played o.j. >> will you have a conversation with him when he comes home? he'll talk to you about that. >> if he wants one sh p. >> o.j.'s state of mind right now, he is not in the right stayed state of mind. he is upset about the media. >> the author of "guarding the juice" is worried the return of the spotlight will derail his role. still, he claims o.j. is hitting the gym. >> he is trying to get in shape. he is walking again. he is lifting weights again.
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he is just trying to get himself in shape for the streets. >> i think there is just over a 50% chance he gets paroled in this case. >> if he wasn't o.j. simpson, i would say 90 plus percent, but because he is o.j., you don't know. >> seems like the gamblers agree. get this. you can place bets online if o.j. will be set free, and betters are expecting o.j. to get paroled. >> the hottest hollywood buzz is actually happening 5,000 miles away in germany, and that is where kevin frazier is hanging with oscar winner charlize theron. hi, kev. >> welcome to day two of the charlize theron european tour. you know, we are here in berlin, and the world premiere of her new movie, "atomic blonde," and she is so tough in this film that it has started a legitimate discussion she could be the next james bond. so of course, i had to put her on the spot when i talked to her on the carpet. did you hear what chris
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hemsworth said? >> what did he say? >> she could be the next bond. she cared the hell out of me. she embodies every sort of ounce of strength and ability and dignity, and integrity that that character should have. >> do you have that check i sent you? thanks, dude. i got your back. oh, wow. that's -- that's so insanely generous and nice. i don't even know what to do with that. that's really sweet. >> high praise coming from her snow white and the huntsman co-star. we think chris might be onto something. she was looking hot in her bra, and high waisted mini. >> i find it very flattering, but it's a little overwhelming. >> charlize is, in fact, a different british spy in "atomic blonde." centering the fall of the berlin wall, and just like bond, she gets the girl. in this case, co-star sofia. >> you made contact with the french. >> obviously. >> there is that kiss.
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>> but back to all that bond talk -- >> take that gig. >> why would you put me on the spot right now? >> it would be groundbreaking. >> can you? you got the job because i'm not going to take that job away from you. are you cray cray? >> no. >> you cray cray. >> i am. >> bond 25 is kpchted to start filming next year, and daniel craig has signed onto play 007 for the fifth time, although no official announcements have been made. let's turn to aaron carter's disturbing arrest. the former teen idol was busted on suspicion of dui and marijuana possession. he is fighting back against the police and his own brother, nick. and aaron opened up about it all when he sat down with our jennifer pe roes for an exclusive interview that quickly turned emotional. >> i don't know how long i'm going to be able to, like, not do this. i can't stop. i believe in jesus christ.
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i believe in god. my dad died five weeks ago. >> what are your first thoughts when you see this? >> i'm a broken man. broken. heartbroken. >> you know, people see this mug shot, they think, you know, this is a picture of a drug addict. are you a drug addict? >> no. >> are you on any drugs at all right now s? >> no. >> what do you take? >> i take the xanax, and high blood pressure medication, and i ago okaysy codon for my mouth. >> are you sill on that? >> no. >> from promising child star to this mug shot, 29-year-old aaron who says he hasn't slept in four days and even performed at a concert last night believes his arrest was a result of being targeted for his celebrity. >> i was profiled. >> why? >> because i was driving a white suburban and i have tattoos.
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>> did the cops recognize you? did they know who you were right away? >> of course, they did. somebody said i was driving recklessly on the road. >> a police report said a 911 caller said you were swerving. >> but the alignment was off on my car, so i went to autozone to see if i could do anything about it. the police approached me. i wasn't even in the vehicle. they pulled me outside, and they said, is there anything illegal in the car? and i said, i have marijuana in the car. >> you did have marijuana with you. were you smoking beforehand? >> was i smoking? like, nine hours before that. >> what do you smoke marijuana for? >> anxiety. i smoke it to eat, and i have my medical license right here on me. >> aaron's 28-year-old girlfriend, madison parker, was also arrested. aaron tells us he is hurt by his backstreet brother's tweet. >> i want to read this. i love you no matter. if you want to reach out, i'm willing to help you get better.
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>> out of the other options he had, how about calling me in jail? i don't need nick's help. i don't need help. what i need is people to understand that i'm human, and i make mistakes. >> if nick is watching this right now, what would you want to say? >> i will always love you, and i will always have forgiveness in my heart for you. >> important family, aaron. hope things work out for you guys. there were more tears which aaron shared his struggles with the medical reasons he is so thin, and what plastic surgery has he had done in you will hear those revelations tomorrow. ♪ when you get a season premiere on "game of thrones," even if you are already a grammy-winning artist like ed sheeran, you're probably jumping for joy, but i bet he is second guessing himself. >> it was a cameo, but the reaction to it was huge, and it
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was vicious. did it force him off twitter? >> i feel like my cameo is being built up too much. >> worst place in the world. >> ed wasn't in love with his "game of thrones" hype, but what about the hate? ♪ >> pretty song. >> while a record number of viewers made season seven seven's debut, the most watched ever, his dialogue was enough for some to wage their own war against him. twitter lit up with comments like, nothing takes me out of a fantasy world like an ed sheeran appearance. and i can't stand ed sheeran's cameo. did he retreat from twitter? ♪ i'm in love with the shape of you ♪ >> this singer's account did disappear yesterday for a bit. the unexplained shutdown comes just over a week after he addressed lady gaga fans caused him so much hate he quit
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twitter. >> i'm choosing not to read it. >> today, ed's page was back up, but he deleted anything before april 2015, and he will be showing up on another popular hit. sheeran in cartoon form will appear on "the simpsons kwn for its 39th season on fox. he instagrammed a shot of his character. okay, ed. i can dig it. now speaking of music, we have new details about beyonce's twins because we got our hands on their birthday certificates. rumi came first, and then sir, and they were delivered by the kardashian doctor. he has been interviewed many times on "keeping up with the kardashians. janet jackson shows her post-baby figure, and how he is getting in shape for her new tour. then after the bachelorette's most heartbreaking hometown date ever, we talk to the man
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this inconvenient sequel, al gore talks about the possibility of teaming up with
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here in alaska. >> it makes you feel good singing all the time. >> everywhere she goes. >> while oprah may not seem like a wilderness kind of gal, she is having a blast on her alaskan adventure. that is as long as she doesn't come face to face with a bear. >> get up as tall as you can and yell as loud as you can. that's going to help, i'm sure. >> bear spray. i was just in montana. carried around bear spray everywhere. >> that's the way to go. i'm with you, oprah. bachelorette rachel just hit four states for her hometown date. >> in colorado, dean confronted his father over their estranged relationship. >> you have admitted to not being there.
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how is that a bold statement when it's true? >> you have one foot stuck in the past. >> how did you feel watching last night's episode? >> there's a little bit of uncomfortableability watching. i was not very happy with the way that conversation ended. >> dean's mom passed away when he was just 15. afterwards, his father converted to the sixth fate. his uncomfortable hometown date with rachel was the first time he had seen his dad in two years. >> we can go over here right by the fire. >> i'm really kind of done. >> okay. >> how did you feel about the way he spoke with rachel? >> i wish he would have handled it better. >> despite telling rachel he was telling in love with her, he was sent home on last night's episode. >> the feelings weren't reciproca reciprocated. >> it was a pure shot, and i didn't think i would go home. >> dean will get another shot at finding love on "bachelor in paradise." a hookup between corinne and demario led to a shutdown of the
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production, and then resumed two weeks ago. >> we got the promo. did you see it? >> i saw it. >> summer was almost ruined. paradise was almost gone. until it wasn't. >> paradise is back! >> paradise. >> it was very surprising to see the way they kind of approached that, but yeah. people were pretty bummed that paradise was off the air, so it's nice we're table to get back to it. >> but dean would not say whether he found love in paradise. >> we have to watch to find out. still ahead, celine dion's summer of outrageous fashion. her over the top styles on the streets of paris. and janet jackson without with her 6-month-old son. >> i have putn quite a few since i had the baby. >> she has been very candid about her weight struggle. we'll tell you how much she has lost. then what we just learn about a new mariah carey drama based on the diva's life. >> it's the most important event that ever happened. closed captioning provided by --
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rihanna turned the black carpet at the "valerian" premiere at the run rey. she sturned in a pink high-low ensemble with a super long train, those sleeves and those laced up stilettos. she seemed to be going for a fantasy look, and i think she nailed it. and the movie's leading lady, cara dela vigny, with the movie's sci-fi scene, donning in a metallic dress that gave aup space suit vibes. >> just, you know, trying to go for it. >> yeah, cara. so much incredible fashion last night. one after the other on that red carpet. let's talk about celine dion because she has been putting on a fashion extravaganza pretty much every day in france. >> weshtd call her the style queen of the summer. paris fashion week is over, but celine's fashion goes on and on.
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♪ >> okay, celine. we see you being all drop dead gorgeous. over the top turning the streets of paris into her own personal cat walk. this look kind of says, i'm just having fun here, people. we think this looks like a boston red sox uniform. it's a home run though with these red socks and thigh high stilett stilettos. why not bring a friend? a dancer from her shows, strolled with her arm in arm while walking through the city of lights and they shopped a "e.t." chanel store. you can see she loves paris and paris loves her. keeping her company, her 16-year-old son, ray charles and the best thing about this all black outfit, how about these rhinestone studded boots with the wedge heel?
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and you know you can pull off just about anything when you rock a pair of black athlete leather farmer overalls with sun dplass and beaded high heel sandals. this might be out there, but we say chic. for one savvy dress diva to another, mariah carey's life has been lend. ever since the moment she burst onto the music scene nearly 30 years ago. it's no wornnder her story migh just become a tv series. ♪ >> we have a scripted drama we're developing about mariah's life that's going to be poignant. >> from mariah's camp, it has been confirmed that a drama based on mimi's real life experiences is in development for the starz network. >> it's the most important event that ever happened. >> she will produce the seerds just like the reality show that
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gave us a glimpse into her over the top superstar life. >> i will not seen in fluorescent lighting without my sun sunglasses. this light. >> but the drama that is set in 1986 new york, will give fans a different perspective, following the rise of a 16-year-old aspiring singer/song writer, from a difficult childhood to one of the biggest selling female artists of all time. >> i'm not cinderella. my life has not been a fairy tale. >> we haven't got b it situated. how are we going to do that? >> she is one in a million. >> one in 7 billion. >> mariah will be in oakland, california saturday with lionel richie, and we are seven weeks away from janet jackson's tour, and she has been busy rehearsing. she is making plenty of time for babies. ♪ >> miss jackson in full cud man
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with her 6-month-old son, eissa. the 50-year-old looking casual, wearing loose fitting sweats, sneakers and a smile. a source tells "e.t." social security especially important to be back in l.a. because she wants her son to have a close relationship with her mother and family. >> i have not forgotten about you. i will continue the tour as soon as i possibly can. >> that was janet's promise to fans last year after postponing her world tour to start a family, and just seven weeks from now, she launches the world tour. >> in case you don't recognize me because i have put on quite a few since i had the baby. >> that was then. this is now. getting back to exercise and eating clean, we're told the superstar lost 65 pounds as she gets ready to hit the stage. along with her massive stage show, she will bring baby eissa on the tour, along with maeb a
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camera crew. she is in negotiations to film it all the for a documentary. there is a baby boom going on in high schoolly wood because jessica alba's daugs helped her announce baby number three is on the way. and jamie lynn ziegler made extra sure she is having baby number two. she took five tests. >> the first four might have been wrong. >> it feels so good to see that positive. >> you can't be too sure, and tyler perry's movie iskron-4 ne eight:breaking news...a raging wildfire burning near yosimite shows no signs of slowing down. mandatory evacuations ordered for the town of mariposa.we'll get an update from cal just minutes. plus...first it was bart, now a muni passenger is attacked by a mob, and crime on muni on the rise?we take a closer look at the numbers.i'm grant lodes i'm steve aveson. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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travel consideration provided by -- just like all the best movie sponsors, there is no stopping maddia. tyler perry has been playing the character for more than a decade now. >> and now she is back, and we're going to review the first one. >> bye, everybody. >> enjoy. >> what the hell wrong with you? >> i hit the brakes. >> look, look, look, look. >> i got this. y'all sit in the car. >> maddia! >> oh, hell no. >> i saw this movie, and i'll tell you what they do. >> i changed my mind. now at eight: fire drama in
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the high sierra.nat firefighters flee a fast moving wall of flames hundreds of homes threatened tonight. the entire town of mariposa forced to evacuate.whooshi don't see officers on trains a former bart police chief says the department is dangerously understaffedthey could add another hundred officers and still just barebly be able to patrol the system.whooshi just saw the coyote come up to the stepsa san francisco woman says her little dog was fatally injured in the middle of the city.whooshand the tragic story of a newborn killed by a kiss.... a warning for parents everywhee,you're watching kron four news in prime time. (grant) breaking news at 8. an entire town forced to flee. after an aggressive fire spreads an


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