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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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what's that mean?
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carry it live here on kron-4. reaction to the decision has been coming in all day.... (steve) we are following multiple angles of the story tonight. we start with kron 4's j.r. stone who has been live in carson city nevada since yesterday...(grant) tonight he has details on the decision that was made. j.r., what's next for o.j. simpson? (j.r.)in his mind florida is next up. tonight he is in the lovelock correctional facility where he has spent close to the last nine years. that after parole board commissioners aprroved his release at this location earlier today. o.j. simpson may be one step closer to freedom right now but when it comes to getting back to florida, the state
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where he resided before the armed robbery, it's a waiting game. waiting for approval and waiting for his sentence to commence.sot he will stay at lovelock and we will develop his release parole plan.a plan that will allow him to walk out of prison as early as october first. simpson has requested he live in florida. officials there will have 45 days to either approve or deny that request. they'll look at the reasons why the parole board here approved his release which include no prior convictions before this case, a positive record in jail, support from the victim, and family support. sot we just want him to come home we really do we want him to come home and i know in my heart that he is very humbled. sot in the case of either a returning resident or resident family the acceptance rate as long as there is a valid plan of supervision is highthe nevada department of corrections warden was asked about keeping simpson safe for his remaining months behind bars.sot because he talked about it today in the hearing.
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that prisoners have a tendancy to do things for stupid reason so if someone had it out for him and wanted to jeopardize his parole.they have had nine years to do that hahahaha. (j.r.)if o.j. is granted permission to go to florida when he is released he will still be under strict guidelines mapped out here. there is a slew of them that includes things like drug testing. if any of these rules are broken it's back to a nevada jail for him. live in carson city, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (grant) also speaking today at the hearing... one of the robbery victims... bruce fromong. fromong says he's known simpson for over 20 years... and they are friends. he even asked for a
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lighter sentence during simpson's trial. today fromong made it clear...indicating simpson has more than paid the price for what happened. (steve) simpson also had family show up and support him - including his oldest daughter. her statement was fairly brief but emotional... pleading for her father's release.
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that he is remorseful, he truly is remorseful and we just want him to come home so that we can move forward... for us."> (steve) tonight we heard from legal analyst jim hammer.(grant) he gave perspective after the parole board's decision... he says... o-j wouldn't have served that much time if he had committed the crime here in california. (grant)(grant) several bay area people
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felt that the justice system got it right.(grant) k-r-o-n-4 was at lucky's barber shop in oakland where people were watching the hearing closely. simpson could have served the entire 33-year sentence. but instead, he's getting out after nearly nine years. people at lucky's told is... it was the right decision.
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trials... "no transcription available"
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(steve) the cost of o-j simpson memorabilia may see a decline due to recent news of simpson being granted parole. in the bay area you can find simpson memorabilia... like in this video taken at world's sport memorabilia in san jose. the last simpson item sold here was a jersey for 3-hundred dollars. now store owners believe simpson being in the spotlight might generate some money... but not enough. (grant) our coverage of o-j simpson's parole hearing continues online at kron4 dot
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com... there we have highlights of the hearing and the hearing in it's entirety... as well as a 1991 interview with simpson by gary radnich (steve) in san jose a toddler bit by a police dog as police searched the home for a wanted felon... the girl is recovering from six stitches...(grant) and now the family is demanding answers from the department... kron 4's ella sogomonian spoke with the family who is now looking for a lawyer. (steve) we want to ááwarn you... the images you are about to see are graphic.... pkg sot: ella sogomonian, san jose// "san jose police say they were serving a search warrant at this home on bird avenue when their police canine attacked the little girl."a san jose police dog
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bit and dragged 18 month old arabella onto the floor off this couch as officers say they searched for a wanted felon in the home last friday night at 9. sot: maria pena, grandmother// "she's in stress she doesn't want to eat. when she sees somebody or somebody knocks the door she says oh mom, grandma, is the dog coming again to bite me?" arabella had to get 6 stitches on her back where the dog severely bit her. sot: maria pena, grandmother// "the police and the dog that to my granddaughter he had to fire this police because he's not professional. and i don't know the dog because the dog is animal is not human, but have to learn, teach how to do a good job you know."or "i don't say the animal is guilty but the one who takes care of the animal, he's the one responsible for this happening." vildan muhtesip opened the door to police then was forced to wait outside until 2 a.m. sot: vildan muhtesip, roommate// "within seconds of them going in i heard screams, shrieking and screaming. and i thought, 'oh my dog what happened?'" arabella's grandmother says the girl has been traumatized ever since.when the door bell rings or someone comes knocking she asks "is the dog back?"the family plans to sue the department for the horrific ordeal. sot: ella sogomonian, san jose// "san jose police released a statement saying it was an accident but didn't respond whether the canine officer will face disciplinary action.
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in san jose ella sogomonian kron 4 news." (grant) the man killed in hayward yesterday while pushing his infant boy... in a stroller... has been identified.(steve) alameda county sheriff's department has identified him as 29-year- old daniel del-toro.(steve) authorities say del-toro was shot and killed near his home yesterday afternoon. del-toro was pushing his 3-month old baby boy at the time. alameda county sheriff's say they are not ruling out that this case may be gang-related. the description of the gunmen or car has not been released. no arrest have been made. (grant) in pittsburg... police are looking for a 19-year-old responsible for shooting and killing a man outside of a ice cream store. police say larry neal junior shot at a 43-year-old man outside of baskin-robbins yesterday afternoon. the victim was transported to a nearby hospital where he later died. police say neal is considered armed and dangerous. anyone with information is advised to call pittsburg (steve) coming up on kron4 news at ten... o.j. simpson is back in the
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headlines after he was granted parole... and when you think of o-j you think of the famous white bronco... we'll tell you where it is... (grant) plus.. the hot and dry conditions pushing mountain lions into the neighborhoods... find out where they were spotted... (steve) and after the break... the massive wildfire burning in mariposa county is getting bigger tonight... we'll tell you the latest containment numbers and hear from from people affected in a live report...
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(steve) a mountain lion was spotted in the hills behind the clark kerr campus of u-c berkeley wednesday afternoon... campus police are urging hikers to walk the trails with a partner and consider carrying a stick to ward off any big cat that comes near you and to keep children and pets next to you... u-c berkeley police have found the carcasses of several animals that appear to have been mountain lion prey in the area... that is at the western edge of the claremont canyon reserve. (steve) another mountain lion was spotted this afternoon in someone's backyard... it was seen on viewridge drive near laurelwood park in san mateo... the resident's backyard backs up to laurelwood park, where there have been previous mountain lion sightings. the witness says the mountain lion was not aggressive... in
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came out of the wooded area and then went back in. the california department of public health announced today there was an increase in valley fever cases in 20-16.. (reveal) the new report says there were more than five thousand new cases last year. health officials say that is similar to the most recent peak in 20-11.(reveal) kern county saw 22-hundred cases...the highest amount reported..(reveal) valley fever is usually caused by bacteria that infects certain types of soil...then when that soil is stirred up by wind..... people can then breathe it in and get infected. a building ridge of high pressure will lead to
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warmer temperatures into the weekend. patchy drizzle and fog at the coast is also likely during the overnight hours. (grant) (grant) a massive fire
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burning near yosemite has now destroyed 99 buildings... 50 of them homes... and 15- hundred more are threatened tonight...(steve) thousands of people have been evacuated as the detwiler fire has burned over 70-thousand acres...(grant) kron-4's hermela aregawi is in merced tonight where she spoke to some residents who are still not able to go home tonight... hermela, how are they dealing with this?
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residents describe it as apocalpytic.ashley braselton/evacuee: at first you think you know things are going to be fine. eh we live in the mountains. fire happens almost every year, not a big deal. once you start getting ash in your yard, you kind of think a little differently. power goes out. phone goes out. you start worrying a little bit more. amy conway/resident: to be honest this fire has been terrifying. i didn't think it would get as close as it's gotten and as many homes would be evacuated. it's not just inconvenient. it's the terror of it. you know what's going to be left when everybody goes back to their homes. who is going to have homes to go to.businesses are also suffering.downtown mariposa looking like a ghost town thursday.we spoke with people who owned the hotels there.they say they're losing thousands of dollars a day and counting.mia gloor/business owner: not knowing where when we get here we can leave, when we're home
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if we can come back. we just can't. we haven't left out business and the challenges are we have empty rooms and we wish we can utilize those rooms for people that are here helping us save our town.the blaze is continuing to spread - while more than three thousand firefighters from across the state and neighboring states work 24 hours shifts to contain it.ken kremensky/verona fire dept sd: there's a lot of hot embers still burning underneath the brush there. you can see it looks green there in the bottom end but there's a lot of hot stuff underneath that can torch up and get the canopy going potentially spot across the our crews are putting hose lays in and we're mopping that up real deep, a couple 2, 300 feet in so that we can secure this lower part of the line so that it's no more a threat to the town of mariposa.three hundred feet deep.that's why officials say the threat is more than meets than eye.and they'relooking at days if not weeks of work ahead of them..
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(steve) still ahead... first is was the millbrae bart it's a station in the east bay... find out which bart station parking lot is being targeted by theives. (grant) and next... a wedding day debacle... after a camera with all the precius pictures on it...were stolen. where the local crime occurred...and the reward being offering tonight.. stay out front with tempur-pedic. our proprietary material
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automatically adjusts to your weight, shape and temperature. so you sleep deeply, and wake up feeling powerful. find your exclusive retailer at [ intense music playing ] ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (steve) an east bay couple...
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devastated after someone stole their wedding photos. the bride and groom were married early this week in san francisco... and shortly
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after the ceremony the camera containing a memory card with the pictures was stolen from a car.... the pair is now hoping that whoever took the pictures will give them back. kron 4's charles clifford has that story. sotit was a bit crazyon monday, enzo and giavanna acosta were married at san francisco city hall. they had a hired a photographer to take picture before and after the wedding.sotgiavanna acosta says after the ceremony we did pictures with family.but the next day, giavanna received a phone call from the photographer stating that the pictures were gone. apparently, the photographer had stopped at san francisco's presidio to use a bathroom and while she
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was away, someone broke into her car and stole the camera that held the acosta's photos. giavanna is devastated.sot giavanna acosta says shocked. i didn't believe it. i cried. the couple do have a handful of photos from the ceremony that were taken by friends and family, but these pictures can't replace those taken by the professional.sotgiavanna acosta says she was the one up front and center during our ceremony. those are the ones we really wanted to see.the acosta's plan to reshoot the photos as best they can but they're really hoping that whoever stole the pictures will give them back.sot giavanna acosta says would like the ask from the bottom of my hear that they return the memory cards at least so we have photos of the most special day of our lives. now, giavanna and enzo are offering a 1000 dollar reward for the return of the pictures. in livermore, charles clifford kron 4 news. (grant) still (grant) (grant) still ahead... the u-c berkley college republicans group at the center of yet another scheduling issue.... as another conservative speaker is set to speak on campus... the change in position that has one side thrilled tonight. (steve) plus... president trump is making some bold statements about his attorney general... hear what jeff session has to say about it... (grant) and after the break... o.j. simpson back in the spotlight after he was granted parole...
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for special offers now. (man) hmm. ♪hat do you think? (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (grant) o-j simpson is back in the headlines -- and it may bring to mind his famous 19-94 police chase... after the death of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ronald goldman.(steve)
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so whatever became of that famous white bronco? from our partner's at c-n-n christi paul went and found out... "i'm gonna have to interrupt this call. i understand we have live picture in los angeles.""i think i just saw o.j. simpson on the 5 freeway. he's headed north.""police believe oj simpson is in that car.""the authorities were trying to phone the bronco." june 17, 1994...95 million americans watched live television as o-j simpson became the most famous fugitive in america.the former heisman trophy winner was supposed to surrender to police in connection with the murders of his ex-wife and her friend ron goldman."this is ac. i have oj in my car." instead, o-j was huddled in the backseat of his friend's a-c cowling's ford bronco."you gotta tell police to back off. he's still alive but he's got a gun to his head.""i just want to be with nicole.""you don't need to be with nicole.
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you need to be with your family and with your kids." "please toss the gun. juice, just toss it."millions were glued to their t-v screens -- intensely following the 1993, two-door, white ford bronco leading police on a low-speed car chase across southern los angeles.nearly two hours and 60 miles later, the bronco stops at simpson's brentwood home - where both men surrendered.we all know what happened after that..."we the jury of the above and entitle action find the defendant orenthol j. simpson not guilty for the crime of murder."but what about the bronco -- one element of fascination during 'the trial of the century'? espn reports that at some point before the murder trial began, cowlings had agreed to sell the suv for 75-grand to an l.a. tour company.but he pulled the deal when he learned the company, then called "grave line tour," would re-enact the car chase, then take people to nicole simpson's grave.a couple of years later, cowlings sold the bronco for 75-thousand dollars to simpson's former agent, mike gilbert and two other people.for the next 17 years, the most famous truck in
10:31 pm
america...sat parked in space 144 in a los angeles condo...not moving an inch, according to 2012, a man with the luxor hotel in las vegas came looking for the famed put it on display under...the bright lights of sin city...the bronco sat outside the luxor hotel to promote the casino's brand new sports memorabilia exhibit.but espn reports the deal soured because the bronco was supposed to be displayed inside, not under the harsh desert sun.gilbert took the car back, stored it in a condo garage in central california- where it was hidden from the public for several more years. in june of 2016, gilbert and his associates agreed to loan the bronco to alcatraz east crime museum in pigeon forge, tennessee. since then, hundreds of thousands of tourists have been able to see for themselves, the famed white ford bronco.oh and something else... museum curators found these combs still in the glove compartment. they say they belong to cowlings.and these items were in the bronco during the wild car chase in the summer of 1994. (grant) and our coverage on o-j
10:32 pm
simpson continues online... there you can find a 1991 interview with simpson by gary radnich you can hear bay area reaction... as well as how much simpson's memorabilia is going for... you can also listen to the full hearing online... all kron4 dot (steve) attorney general jeff sessions says he will continue to do his job -- despite the harsh criticism from his boss. sessions was publicly rebuked by president trump in a new york times interview.. the president said he disagreed with session's decission to step aside from overseeing the russia investigation.
10:33 pm
meanwhile, christopher wray is another step closer to becoming f-b-i director.he received unanimous approval from the senate judiciary committee today.chirs wray would replace james comey.a senate confirmation vote for wray is expected soon. controversy over whether another conservative commentator can speak at u-c berkeley may have been averted tonight the university is saying it is not a question of if ben shapiro will speak at the university in september.. but exactly when and where. berkeley officials initially said there was no room for shapiro to speak.. now they say they have found various spots for the speech. the attorney for the berkeley college republican's says the university's history when it comes to proposed
10:34 pm
speakers does ánotá have the best track record..but she is remaining optimistic. a spokesman for u-c berkeley says he is hopeful the school can make it happen. (steve) a warning before you park your car at bart. since yesterday, there have been several car burglaries at stations across the east bay. two of the burglaries happened at this bart station in south hayward. one incident...involved a car being stolen right out of the parking lot. the other crimes happened at bart stations including oakland, at the coliseum station, the bay fair station...and the rockridge station. the majoritiy were auto burglaries where vehicles were pakred...and their windows were smashed. (steve) also in the east bay.. a man attacked with a baseball bat... and his attacker is still on the loose tonight... it happened tuesday night just before seven...on emery street near
10:35 pm
40th street... officers say when they arrived to the area... several people ran in different directions and one man was bleeding from his head. the man was treated for his head injury and he told police he did not know his attacker... officers are now looking for any surveillance video that may show what happened. (grant) three c-h-p officers have been cleared of any criminal wrong doing after shooting an armed carjacking suspect on highway 101.. the decision... comes after a district attorney concluded today that the use of lethal force...was justifiable. the incident happened back on april 28th in san mateo. two cars were involved in a crash... then one driver got out of his car and pulled out a gun. when c-h-p arrived ... officers say they asked him to put the weapon down.. when the suspect refused to...officers fired two shots...hitting the suspect. coming upwhat i want you to do is follow my knuckle go side to side with your eyes don't move your head...there are
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times when a segment actually writes itself this might just be one of those i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (steve) and a tragic story out of florida... video showing teens heckling, laughing at man drowning in a river... we'll hear from the victims fiancee and why the teens will not be punished...
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wealth of information is here... crooks .. openly buying and selling credit cards ...and sharing their dark secrets. user comments show amazon is target .. and dominos pizza may be next ..."does it make you mad that that's out there like that?papa johns: "yeah, if an 18-year-old, 19-year-old kid can buy credit card information so easily, other people can do it too, and they might use the credit card to buy more expensive stuff, not just pizza.."
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take a look. cell phone video posted on social media shows a florida man drowning in a retention pond-- while five teens stand-by -- recording... and even mocking him and laughing. no one called for help... and 31- year-old jamel dun.. died. police call the incident
10:44 pm
"beyond heartless." the victim's body...was retrieved after five days of searching. those close to the victim...are still in disbelief tonight. (sot) the state attorney's office released a statement condemning the video, but saying prosecutors could find no law that had been violated. the five teens who made and posted the video have been identified and interviewed, but there is no formal punishment. (steve) it's a modern day gold rush! thanks to a wetter-than-usual winter, and a major snow melt, parts of california are seeing a boost in gold. one area seeing a bunch of nuggets and the like.....yuba city. reporter angela greenwood has more.
10:45 pm
i see a lot of gold potential there," he said. "how much gold? pounds. pounds and pounds."van camp knows his trade. he goes out at least once per week - and finds what he's looking forfor serious gold prospectors like digger bob, secrecy is of the utmost importance.prospectors don't want other prospectors to know what they've already found out - namely a good spot to mine - like on this day and this location.not long ago, an undisclosed prospector-not digger bob-found a 75-ouncer at an undisclosed location. it sold for $350,000 dollars.more recently, a 14 ounce piece was there anything like that down here? no telling, but digger bob would love to find out.he said, "because gold is so heavy it always seeks the lowest area. it
10:46 pm
constantly wants to go down." down where crews are currently cleaning up debris, and perhaps a lot more. (steve) that was angela greenwood reporting. again, people are sifting through the waters of the feather river and yuba river in the sacramento valley...looking for gold (steve) back here in the bay area... fishers are advised to avoid eating catfish in the north lake at san francisco's lake merced.because concerns about mercury. authorities are also warning the public to limit their consumption of black bass and rainbow trout. people from age 18 to their mid 40's can safely eat up to
10:47 pm
seven eight-ounce servings of rainbow trout from the lake per week. a building ridge of high pressure will lead to warmer temperatures into the weekend. patchy drizzle and fog at the coast is also likely during the overnight hours.
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gary is taking the night off... it's spencer's birthday... the family went to the bruno mars concert... we'll show a picture in a bit but first, the giants opening a four-game series against the padres it was game of thrones night at a-t and tee park tonight -- fans were able to takes pictures on the kings throne. we pick this one up in the seventh -- game tied at 2 -- madison bumgarner gets rocked for the second time in the game -- corey spangen-berg crushes a two-run jack -- mad bum allowed six hits, four runs, struck out five over six innnigs bottom eighth -- giants down by three with the bases juiced -- buster posey can't clear the bases san
10:50 pm
diego wins 5-2 the big news today in sports and everywhere else of course... o.j. simpson will soon be a free man... a four-person board in carson city, nevada granted simpson parole today... he's served nearly nine years in prison for a las vegas armed robbery the 70-year-old simpson could be released as early as oct. 1... on the field... o.j. was a standout running back at san francisco's galileo high school and city college of san francisco... he them moved on to usc where he won the heisman trophy in 1968. the number-one overall pick of the bullfalo bils... simpson went on to a hall of fame career in the nfl... ending it with his home town 49ers in 1979. our own gary radnich interviewed him back in 1991... four years before he was aquitted for the murder of his wife nicole and her friend ron goldman... o.j. talked to gary about some of the off field issues he had at the end of...and after his career... (wipe to sot: gary and simpson) " you mentioned you went through a tough time with divorce, and i know this
10:51 pm
is sensitive but i will ask you.. you lost a child in a swimming pool accident, how does one ever get through something like that?""i don't think you ever get over it, i know i haven't. you learn to live with it. i was raised with a relgious background, evergreen baptist church in san fransisco; everything happens for a reason. i woud be the last person to say that my life has not been, i've been gifted. we go to england round one of the british open. day one belong to the americans jordan speith has a great round he shot a 65 in the 17th hole -- long
10:52 pm
birdie putt puts him in the lead... he shot five under par brook koepka stays close to the 23-yea-old texan -- from the bunker... koepka eagles the 17th. matt kuchar, koepka, and speith are all tied in the lead. rory mcilroy and the world-best golfer in the world, dustin johnson had a rough day -- they shot a 71 -- seven shots off the lead as we promised you a picture of gary at the bruno mars concert tonight... gary and the family went to san jose to go see bruno for spencer's birthday. gary posted this picture on his twitter account tonight. (steve) ahead at eleven.
10:53 pm
a fast moving wildfire burning near yosemitehas grown to over 70 thousands acres. forcing more families to evacuate. keep it right here for kron 4 news at 11... all the day's big stories and your forecast, in half the time (steve) plus kron4's stanley roberts takes us to the peninsula...where bad drivers are keeping police busy. part 2...of a brand new edition of people behaving badly is next.
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811 is available to any business our or homeownerfe. to make sure that you identify where your utilities are
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if you are gonna do any kind of excavation no matter how small or large before you dig, call 811. keep yourself safe. (( grant ))when traffic officers hit the street their main purpose is to look for people breaking the law behind the wheel.(( steve ))sometimes they have to search for the problems ..... and then there are times when the drivers bring their problems to them stanley roberts expains what i want you to do is
10:57 pm
follow my knucklego side to side with your eyes don't move your head...we'll come back to this in a moment ..there are times when a segment actually writes itself allow me to explain . the san mateo county saturation traffic enforcement team also know as step stopped over 130 drivers in pacifica
10:58 pm
for behaving badly behind the wheel . like this driver who was on his cell phonehow are you doing, so where's your mount? (where's my?) your mount for the phone (oh i have a mount but my phone wasn't on the mount) you know that's the purpose of tha mount, it's to mount it. (that's, true) apparently he isnt new to the gameis this your first time (second time) second time in a couple of months you're killing me smalls the second ticket jumps from one hundred and 61 dollars to more than 250 dollars then there was the driver stopped for speeding but confessed to breaking the hand free law how are you today, i'm fine, what happened i was just on my way to try to get him to an appointment but you kinda confessed to something that i know i thought at is what i was originally getting stopped for .you're getting a warning for the cell phone but i appreacate your honesty . but she was ticketed for doing 47 in a 25 the base fine is 70 but tack on all the penalties and court fees and it jumps to four hundred and 9 dollars and then there were these 4 passing though pacifica on their way back to southern california the driver ran the stop sign while the passenger was chugging a budweiser you cant make this stuff up feet toes ankles touching togetherafter searching the car . more booze was found . they claimed the empty bottle of whiskey was being saved for recycling.. oh and the rum was in the lap of another passenger the passenger chugging the beer was cited for drinking in a vehicles 409 dollars the driver who passed the field sobority test the reason why i wanted to talk to you was the stop sign then i saw your passenger acutally drinking a beer as he was going throught the
10:59 pm
intersection so here is the stop sign violation and the registered owner container in the vehicle both tickets combined amount to seven hundred and 76 dollars total . guys where part of the saturation enforcement program there's a bunch of us from san mateo county who working oin pacifica trying to do traffic safety today can respect and understand the reason for when it involves alcohol and vehicles. they were permitted to put the unopened booze in the trunk .. and skedaddle one final note, no yorkees were ticketed in the making his segment in pacifica stanley roberts kron 4 news ((steve)) firefighters from all over california...are in mariposa county...battling a relentless wildfire i'm steve aveson.((grant))and i'm grant for pam moore. the detwiler fire is burning out of control. in just the last 24
11:00 pm
hours...the fast moving fire has picked up speed...scorchi ng 22 thousand additional acres. (grant)((sidebar + vo)) here's where we stand tonight. the fire has grown over 70- thousand is just ten percent contained((reveal)) 99 structures have been destroyed. 50 of some 15-hundred are still in danger.((steve)) more than three thousand firefighters from across california are battling this fire. kron 4's hermela aregawi is in mariposa county...and has the latest. (hermela aregawi)residents describe it as apocalpytic. ashley braselton/evacuee: at first you think you know things are going to be fine. eh we live in the mountains. fire happens almost every year, not a big deal. once you start getting ash in your yard, you kind of think a little differently. power goes out. phone goes out. you start worrying a little bit more. amy conway/resident: to be honest this fire has been terrifying. i didn't think it would get as close as it's gotten and as many homes would be evacuated. it's not just inconvenient. it's the terror of it. you know what's going to be left when everybody goes back to their homes. who is going to have homes to go to. businesses are also suffering. downtown mariposa looking like a ghost town


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