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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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hours...the fast moving fire has picked up speed...scorchi ng 22 thousand additional acres. (grant)((sidebar + vo)) here's where we stand tonight. the fire has grown over 70- thousand is just ten percent contained((reveal)) 99 structures have been destroyed. 50 of some 15-hundred are still in danger.((steve)) more than three thousand firefighters from across california are battling this fire. kron 4's hermela aregawi is in mariposa county...and has the latest. (hermela aregawi)residents describe it as apocalpytic. ashley braselton/evacuee: at first you think you know things are going to be fine. eh we live in the mountains. fire happens almost every year, not a big deal. once you start getting ash in your yard, you kind of think a little differently. power goes out. phone goes out. you start worrying a little bit more. amy conway/resident: to be honest this fire has been terrifying. i didn't think it would get as close as it's gotten and as many homes would be evacuated. it's not just inconvenient. it's the terror of it. you know what's going to be left when everybody goes back to their homes. who is going to have homes to go to. businesses are also suffering. downtown mariposa looking like a ghost town thursday.we spoke
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with people who owned the hotels there.they say they're losing thousands of dollars a day and counting.mia gloor/business owner: not knowing where when we get here we can leave, when we're home if we can come back. we just can't. we haven't left out business and the challenges are we have empty rooms and we wish we can utilize those rooms for people that are here helping us save our town.the blaze is continuing to spread - while more than three thousand firefighters from across the state and neighboring states work 24 hours shifts to contain it.ken kremensky/verona fire dept sd: there's a lot of hot embers still burning underneath the brush there. you can see it looks green there in the bottom end but there's a lot of hot stuff underneath that can torch up and get the canopy going potentially spot across the our crews are putting hose lays in and we're mopping that up real deep, a couple 2, 300 feet in so that we can secure this lower part of the line so that it's no more a threat to the town of mariposa.three hundred feet deep.that's why officials say the threat is more than meets than eye.and they'relooking at days if not weeks of work ahead of them..
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(grant) oj simpson has been granted parole and will soon be released from prison. the unanimous decision by the nevada parole board came after a lengthy hearing, where simpson apologized and said he wished this whole thing never happened. reporter chris welch has the latest from carson city, nevada.(pkg) (chris welch)david m smith / nevada board of parole commissioners: at 11:55 a.m. this morning, the nevada board of parole commissioners voted to grant parole to mr. orenthal simpson effective when eligible.oj simpson will soon be a free mandavid m smith / nevada board of parole commissioners: mr. simpson's eligibility date is october 1st, 2017 and he may be released from prison on or after the date once proposed release plans have been approved.simpson is nine years into a nine to 33 year sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery, stemming from a 2007 incident at a las vegas
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hotel but the board of commissioners determined simpson, who has stayed out of trouble while serving his time, has paid his debt to society.oj simpson / former nfl star: it wasn't worth it. you know, nine years away from your family, it just, just not worth it.if his parole plans are approved he plans to move to his home in floridasimpson is known throughout the world for his 1995 acquittal in the brutal murder of his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson, and her friend ron goldmanthe so-called 'trial of the century' came at a time when racial tensions were at a fever pitch, both in los angeles and throughout the country.a civil trial two years later found him liable for brown's and goldman's death. he was ordered to pay the family's a total of $33.5 million dollars.his story has resurfaced in recent critically acclaimed tv documentaries and dramas. today's developments yet another chapter in the saga that is the life of oj simpson. (steve) the cost of o-j simpson
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memorabilia may see a decline due to recent news of simpson being granted parole. in the bay area you can find simpson memorabilia... like in this video taken at world's sport memorabilia in san jose. the last simpson item sold here was a jersey for 3-hundred dollars. now store owners believe simpson being in the spotlight might generate some money... but not enough. (grant) we sent out a push alert through the kron four mobile app when the parole board announced its decision at 11:55 this morning. you can be the first to know about breaking news through the app... it is free for apple and android devices. just be sure to enable the push alert feature. (steve) in the south bay. a toddler is bit by a police dog... as officers searched the home for a wanted felon... the girl is recovering from six stitches... kron 4's ella sogomonian spoke with the family... who is now looking for a lawyer. we want to √°√°warn you... the images you are about to see are graphic.... (pkg) pkg sot: ella sogomonian, san
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jose// "san jose police say they were serving a search warrant at this home on bird avenue when their police canine attacked the little girl."a san jose police dog bit and dragged 18 month old arabella onto the floor off this couch as officers say they searched for a wanted felon in the home last friday night at 9. sot: maria pena, grandmother// "she's in stress she doesn't want to eat. when she sees somebody or somebody knocks the door she says oh mom, grandma, is the dog coming again to bite me?" arabella had to get 6 stitches on her back where the dog severely bit her. sot: maria pena, grandmother// the dog that to my granddaughter he police because he's not professional. and i don't know the dog is animal is not human, but have to learn, teach how to do a good job you or "i don't say the animal is guilty but the one the animal, he's the one responsible for vildan muhtesip opened the door to police then was forced to wait outside until 2 a.m. sot: vildan muhtesip, roommate// "within seconds of them going in i heard screams, shrieking and screaming. and i thought, 'oh my dog what happened?'"arabella's grandmother says the girl has been traumatized ever since. when the door bell rings or someone comes knocking she asks "is the dog back?"the family plans to sue the department for the horrific ordeal. sot: ella sogomonian, san jose// "san
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jose police released a statement saying it was an accident b but didn't respond whether the canine officer will face disciplinary action. in san jose ella sogomonian kron 4 news." in hayward... the 29-year-old man shot to death wednesday while pushing his three-month old child in a stroller has been identified by the alameda county sheriff's office as daniel del- toro. he is survived by his wife and young boy. the boy was not injured in the shooting. the sheriff's office says he is now with his mother. for now, the sheriff's office isn't releasing any information on who killed del- toro... but adds that witnesses are cooperatiing with investigators. in hayward, philippe djegal, kron four news. (dan kerman) here at uc berkeley more controversy over a proposed speech by conservative commentator. but now uc officials say it looks
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like that speech could happen after all. at first officials said there was no venue for a september 14th speech for ben shapiro. but now they say there are various venues that are available and they're willing to wave fees if fees apply. word has not trickled down to the college republicans yet but when it does they will still have sit down with uc officials to discuss security. at uc berkeley dan kerman kron 4 news. (charles clifford) ((grant)) the weather is heating back the work
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week is winding down. (( steve )) chief meteorologist brittany shipp is back with complete weekday forecast.
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a building ridge of high pressure will lead to warmer temperatures into the weekend. patchy drizzle and fog at the coast is also likely during the overnight hours.
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o.j. simpson in tears. he's going free! >> thank you. >> thank you, thank you. plod plod. >> the parole hearing of the century. blow by blow. gray haired, in baggy prison clothes, pleading for his freedom. >> i am sorry that things turned out the way they did. >> as his oldest daughter fights back tears. >> we just want him to come home. >> and whatever happened to simpson's other children? >> justice, sydney. >> plus simpson and president trump. >> the untold story of their friendship. >> he was at trump's we hadding to marla maples. >> i've been around them. they've gone through a lot of turmoil. >> then, jock mccain's


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