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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 27, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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what's that mean? (pam) new tonight at ten:a very unusual mistake ... has a north bay neighborhood seeing red -- literally. a cal fire air tanker accidentally dropped fire retardant over homes in windsor. good evening i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. it made a big mess -- houses, cars and sidewalks -- all covered. we're going to have more on that in just a moment... but first.. (steve) happening now: police are looking for the man who attacked a woman in oakland. the assualt was
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unprovoked... it happend as the victim was walking in the city's fruitvale neighborhood. as kron4's charles clifford reports -- the woman is now worried she could lose sight in one eye. this is surveillance video from july 20th recorded near 40th avenue and international boulevard in oakland. the victim in this incident can be seen coming around the corner. . . here. she then comes face to face with a man walking down the sidewalk. when she steps aside to let him pass, he elbows her in the face. . . she falls backward and strikes her head on the curb. he jogs away without even looking back.. . .the victim, who lives nearby, declined to be interviewed for this story out of fear that this man might seek revenge on her for speaking out. sthe victim's sister, maria claros, says her sister is very upset. sot"maria claros says she's sad and scared."maria says they have never seen this man before and that her sister was simply walking to the store to
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buy groceries.sot"maria claros says she walked to go pick up food for the family."the oakland police department said on thursday that they are aware of the incident, that they have recovered this surveillance video and that they are conducting a follow up investigation. so far police have not identified the suspect.maria hopes they find this man soon before he attacks someone else.sot"maria claros says find the guy. because he could do it to more people. more ladies. he's very dangerous on the streets." (steve) an hours long standoff in san leandro is over... with two suspects in police custody. it all started around 2:30 earlier this afternoon with a shooting near davis street and douglas drive and took off... two
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victims were shot and but are expected to be okay... there was a shelter in place issued for the area around two.. with the help of a swat team, k-9's and helicopters they were able to find the suspects in the area around arthur boulevard and jean way... (pam) another big story tonight:the deadly accident at the ohio state fair -- triggering a shutdown of similar rides around the world -- and in the bay area. tonight -- we look at the local amusment parks that have closed the ride due to safety concerns..(steve) but first -- kron4's catherine heenan has the latest on the ohio tragedy -- including new eyewitness accounts. (catherine) this is the end of july, the height of the state fair season, and all across the country, thrill rides like the one in ohio have been shut down. witnesses say they'll never
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forget what they sawthis little girl's face she was screaming for her moma black shroud covers the broken arm of the fire ball ride. witnesses say the seats snapped off, sending riders flew off. everybody like falling "i heard a girl scream 'help!' and i look over and i see someone fly out and then i see it slam flat into the ground.""the whole car broke off, with about four of them in it."today, safety inspectors swarmed over the damaged ride ... as well as more than seventy others at the ohio fair. "there is an investigation that will be underway here that will be conducted by the ohio highway patrol." "we've still got the machinery, it's still here. it's still in the condition it was when this terrible accident happened"the fire ball is designed to swing passengers 40 feet above the ground, while spinning them around at 13 revolutions per minute.this cell phone video shows its moment of failure ... just hours after passing a
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safety check. "my grandchildren ride this equipment, so our guys do not rush through this stuff. we look at it, we take care of its our own."today, the marine corps picture of who died from his injuries.jarrell had enlisted in the marines just a week ago.the dutch manufacturer k-m-g says there are 43 such rides around the world, including 11 in the u.s. it says the accident was the first such serious malfunction on one of its rides..and is telling operators to stop all operations until it's clear what caused the malfunction. (pam) california has a separate division which oversees the permits and inspections of amusement rides. today, agents with cal- osha were on scene at cal expo in sacramento... going over every inch of the 'fire ball' ride there. inspectors are also going to take a look at the five other similar rides in california. a spokesperson says, they have asked california amusement parks to shutdown similar rides indefinately.. until they find out what caused the accident -- and if a fix is needed. california amusement park rides receive annual inspections, as well as unannounced visits... to
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ensure safety. (pam) this was the scene in santa cruz - the fireball ride shut down there as well. a spokesperson for the santa cruz beach boardwalk says they are in talks with the manufacturer... and the ride will stay closed until the state gives them the all clear. (steve) and great america has a similar version of the fireball ride... but it's called delirium... and it is made by a different company than the one that manufactured the fireball at the ohio state fair delirium sat idle all day today... since great america is one of six parks in
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california that voluntarily shutdown their version of the fireball ride... people we talked to are glad that they are taking precautions... < feel like that's a safe move to do, it can cause a lot of fear, so i think it's a good idea to check on that to give a sense of safety back to the peoplewe were still not going to go on it because when its right there are the forefront, i would rather be safe than sorry.> (steve) no word on when the delirium ride will reopen. (pam) back to the story we first told you about at the top of the hour.. a cal fire air tanker accidentally dropped fire retardant over homes in windsor. kron4's hermela aregawi shows us the big mess. a messy surprise for this windsor neighborhood.just after noon, a cal fire
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helicopeter mistakenly poured bright pink fire retardant on more than a dozen vehicles. about nine homes and over bushes and sidewalksmatthew henry/witness; we looked outside and saw red drops. so we opened the door and it was amazing how much red was in the neighborhood. i mean our neighbors car which was is white was just drenched in pink and red. so the first thing was is it going to stain our cars. is it going to stay on our buildings. we were immediately grabbing houses and trying to wash it off with whatever we can find. windsor city staff covered the storm drains to make sure the retardant didn't get in there. and fire officials showed up on scene to wash down houses and cars.neighbors who showed up in the aftermath initially though the worst had happened. richard daniel/witness oh my god i think there is a fire at the house because they were over here. parking in front of here. parked right in front of my house and so as i drove up a little closer they had the street blocked off and i just saw all the red fire retardant. people that live in the nieghborhood were concerned that the substance was unsafe for their children and pets. karen danie/witness because they're out bad during the day. and my concern was that it had come across and had gotten in our backyard. it didn't obviously hit them so they were fine. and actually the firefigher said if it did let us know. we'll make sure they're okay.a cal fire spokesman says the retardant is not toxic and there are no health concerns.(hermela aregawi)we know the calfire tanker was making a landing at
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the nearby sonoma airport when it sent the fire retardant down.but why it happened is still under investigation. reporting in windsor, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (grant) now to breaking news we're tracking in the nation's capitol... a much anticipated healthcare vote in the senate. tonight the non-partisan congressional budget office released its report on the republican plan...saying 16 (grant) 4 news. (grant) now to breaking news we're tracking in the nation's capitol... a much anticipated healthcare vote in the senate. tonight the non-partisan congressional
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budget office released its report on the republican plan...saying 16 million americans would lose healthcare coverage if it passes. here's what's on the table...and gop senate leadership only revealed this a few hours ago... what's known as the "skinny repeal bill" would repeal the individual and employer mandate...meaning people and companies would no longer be required to have insurance. it would also get rid of the medical device tax...which taxes businesses selling medical devices and is much less controversial. the bill would keep medicaid expansion and keep protections for pre-existing with pre-existing conditions. for seven years...republicans have been talking about repealing and replacing the affordable care act...known as obamacare. what's being vote on tonight is known as
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senator john mc-cain, who flew to d-c after having a brain tumor removed earlier this thought to be a key vote...maybe the deciding vote. republicans can only afford to have two of their gop senators oppose the bill. a 50-50 tie would mean vice president mike pence would cast the tie breaking vote.breaking vote. the tie mike pence vice president would mean a 50-50 tie would mean vice president mike pence would cast the tie breaking vote.
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.high pressure building over the region will result in a slight warming trend through the weekend that will likely last through much of next week. inland areas can expect temperatures to remain above seasonal averages while coastal areas remain cooler as a result of influences from the pacific ocean. (pam) coming up:be careful outside... we'll show you where in the bay area... there has been a rise in yellow jackets. (steve) then -- new a ten: a bay area veteran says he is unable to live in his college's housing -- because he is "too old". it's a story you'll only see on kron4. (pam) and next:a wild
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crash caught on a security camera... in a quiet bay area neighborhood. tonight -- what one person who lives on the block says.. led up to the violent collision. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ strummed guitar travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. with a glass of wine in one hand,
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and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. (steve) take a look at this: dramatic video of a crash in san jose. tonight - in a story you'll only see on four.. kron4's rob faldeboe talked to the viewer who sent us the video.. she says this was a street race that went out of control.
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you are watching security video of a crash here at the corner of scott and willard avenue that knocked down a utility pole and shook the house where shivali sharma was fast asleep.shivali sharma/worried about speeders sharma contacted me about the speeding problem a day after i reported about chronic illegal dumping here. she also points out the growing number of abandoned vehicles that are taking up scarce parking in the crowded neighborhood. shivali sharma"....there are cars here that look like they haven't been driven in months and when the cops come they just move them a couole of inches and nothing changes....."san jose police were working a vehicle abatement detail on wednesday and the city has since sent crews haul away trash but residents tell memore dirty
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mattresses appeared overnight. pleased about action on the blight, residents want something done about the speeders too.shivali sharma "....this is a regular occurance on this street, several poles have been hit by drivers who lose control and kids have been hit too...."in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. tonight -- we have learned a thirteen year old girl was killed after being hit by a car in sunnyvale.. the collision happened just after noon today on fremont avenue. the girl was transported to the hospital and later died. her identity has not been released. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. (pam) another chapter
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tonight ... in the widespread sex scandal that has rocked bay area law enforcement agencies. today -- a former contra costa county sheriff's deputy .... learned whether or not he will be put on trial. and the woman at the center of the case testified once again . kron 4's haaziq madyun was in the courtroom .... and has the graphic details. "i was 17." that text message from jasmine abuslin to ricardo perez was read as pretrial evidence in court here at the alameda east county superior court house in dublin. perez was a deputy in the contra costa county sheriff's office at the time he is alleged to have had sex with abuslin, formerley knownas celesete guap, who is now 19-years-old. perez has been charged with one felony count of oral compulation with a minor and two misdemeanor counts of committing a lewd act in publicabuslin told the court that she and perez met through facebook back in 2015 and that shortly after they
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began having consensual sex. she testified the two had sex six times while she was underagepretrial testimony focused primarily on sexually explicit text messages between absulin and perez. those text messages showed at one point a rift occurred between the two when abuslin's cellphone was taken from her by an oakland police officer. she felt the oakland officer was sharing info found on her phone with perez. in a january 2016 text she wrote "i am going to snitch on you trick just like i did with brendan" brendan o'brian is the oakland police officer who committed suicide in connection to the police sex scandal. she continued refering to her age in a text when she wrote "you never suspected i was 17, meth addict hooker"? in once response wrote that she was 17...perez simply replied the defense attorney client didn't know she was 17. in fact abuslin told the court that she lied about her age when (pam) happening tomororow. a san francisco police officer will appear in court.... authorities say, he is facing several child pornography charges. officer joshua enea .... was arrested yesterday in san
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francisco. an investigation into enea was launched back in february. kron4 sources say, multiple child pornography images were found on his computer at his antioch home. enea is a ten- year veteran of the force. he has been placed on leave without pay. (steve)live look outside at san francisco.. (pam)chief meteorologist brittney has the forecast. .high pressure building over the region will result in a slight warming trend through the weekend that will likely last through much of next week. inland areas can expect temperatures to remain above seasonal averages while coastal areas remain cooler as a result of influences from
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the pacific ocean.
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(steve) still ahead - new at ten...we are hearing from the photographer hit by pop star justin bieber's truck. (pam) and next: more and more yellow jackets
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turning up in parts of the bay rea. what you need to know .... to keep your family safe. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (steve) yellow jacket
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wasps are causing problems in some parts of the bay area. bee keepers say they are responding to more calls now to remove nests ...than they did last year. kron four's philippe djegal reports from contra costa county... where the problem keeps growing. (philippe) before the break of dawn...nats/david williams/bee keeper- "this nest was in a railroad tie in el cerrito." bee keeper and owner of b-z-z bee removal was digging through dirt, pulling
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out yellow jacket wasps and their nests... before they cause any more harm to the neighbor who requested williams' services.david williams/bee keeper- "they had stung he and his wife and so we removed them. stung me too, but, uh, we got them outta there." unlike bees... wasps don't lose their stingers... so, they can sting you multiple times. they also release a pheromone when swatted at or killed, attracting other wasps... which is why williams' recommends calling a professional to treat the nests with insecticide, or remove them entirely... rather than doing so on your own.david williams/bee keeper- "in my experience, a couple times, people have gone into the backyard, tried to spray them and gotten stung up, gone to the hospital and have passed on." since the start of the year... the contra costa mosquito and vector control district... says it has been inundated by calls to remove yellow jackets... with the majority of requests coming from lafayette, orinda and walnut creek.deborah bass/ccmvcd- "we're getting 63- percent more calls now then we did at this time last year because we have so many yellow jackets that are just doing really well out there." deborah bass with vector control, says yellow jackets are thriving because we experienced a wet and warm winter.deborah bass/ccmvcd- "usually, when we have a cold
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winter, that cold snap will kill off most of the yellow jacket nests. this year, they didn't do that because we had a very mild winter." if you are allergic, a yellow jacket sting can be deadly. so david williams says, remain calm around wasps to avoid being attacked. philippe djegal, kron four news. (pam) coming up new at ten: scary video shows just how close a california family, with a newborn baby, came to becoming victims of a robbery. (steve) then: an expletive-laced rant from the new white house communications director. who was targeted in his tirade --- and what he is saying now about the profanity. (pam) then: only on kron- 4.. hear from a veteran who says, he is being forced out of his college housing... because he is too old. [ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back:
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the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. an army veteran awarded a
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purple heart is now pursuing higher education back home in the bay area.(pam) the problem is .... the college he has been accepted to attend .... denied housing to him, along with other veterans, only a month before school starts. kron 4's ella sogomonian reports from notre dame de namur university ... in a story you'll only see here.
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combat veteran ivan zamora is now working toward a bachelor's degree at 31- year-old after he retired from the army with a purple heart. sot: ivan zamora, veteran// "i was actually in math class when the whole 9/11 happened and i knew at that moment what i wanted to do when i got out. i wanted to serve."but the other day zamora was denied on campus housing at notre dame de namur university in an email that explained he is over the age limit of 25 years old to qualify. a rule that wasn't enforced last semester when he lived in the dorms. sot: ivan zamora, veteran// "it's called new hall. it's the only hall that they offered and they said that i'd be able to stay there. it's the only hall that you could drink alcohol in. and anybody that was an upperclassman could stay at that hall."but this fall the rule is being implemented although zamora says applicants weren't notified before sending in their paperwork along with a $50 non redundable fee.this leaves him and at least six other veterans scrambling for an apartment within a month before classes begin - amid sky rocketing rent in the peninsula.sot: ivan zamora, veteran// "it's not enough time. they said by mid july it's now end of july. they really didn't care the kind of situation they'd put the student in."air force veteran francisco rodriguez said off camera he too was told there would be no problem when he applied to the univeristy in
10:31 pm
the spring.but he was also denied housing this week.they are now left looking for a studio that averages around 25- hundred a month. zamora says the g-i bill offers around 3 thousand but is used for more than just rent.sot: ivan zamora, veteran// "and it's just hard to know that you come back and you're not welcome with open arms.'a notre dame de namur spokesperson says they're looking into the situation and couldn't say more at this time. in belmont ellasogomonian kron 4 news. é (grant) breaking news... health care vote underway. (grant) we're keeping a close eye on the breaking news in washington...where a vote on now to the other big
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drama of the day in d- c...infighting. lot of profanity from anthony scaramucci...the president's fast talking new communication s director. in an interview with the new yorker...he went off...calling chief of staff rience priebus a blanking paranoid schizophrenic. he also used sexually charged profanity to insult white house chief strategist steve bannon. scaramucci has since tweeted tonight that he uses colorful language, and will refrain from doing so in this arena in the future. this all stems from an
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apparent fued between scaramucci and priebus...and last night... scaramucci sent a tweet that seemed to indicate priebus was leaking info to reporters. he deleted that tweet but later didn't back down from the premise...suggesting the chief of staff prove for himself that he's not a leaker....and saying he'll be forced to resign. (grant) no comment today from priebus... you wonder what president trump thinks of all this... but he's been crystal clear when it comes to his attorney general. he's been attacking jeff sessions for more than a week now and sessions today spoke about it for the first time...calling the public takedowns hurtful but vowing not to step down until he's fired or forced out. and senator linsday
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graham warned the presdient tonight that if he fires sessions...the senate will not confirm a new attoenry genral and there will be quote...holy hell to pay. (steve)back to bay area news... livermore police say four people are under arrest tonight for breaking into more than 30 vehicles in one night. investigators say the crimes started monday in
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brentwoodwher the suspects broke into 17 carsand stole one. they then drove that stolen car to livermore... and broke into another 36 vehicles . detectives say the suspects were looking for keys left inside cars... so they could steal them. tonight...police found and busted these men 20-year-old brian randolphand 20-year-old john robertson. two other suspects are juveniles so their identities are being withheld. (pam) the bay area real estate market shows no sign of cooling off. according to a recent report .... the median home price has hit a new record high. kron4's maureen kelly went to alameda county ... where prices have jumped up significantly. welcome to the treetop house here in montclairrealtor linnette edwards is showing me around a three bedroom two bath house in oakland's montclair area, asking just under 700 thousand.but the sellling price will likely be higher than that.the trend right now for homes that are priced well markete welll show well with a better locations in schools 30% over the listing price here in alameda
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countyáaccording to corelogic , this june the bay area median home price was $735- thousand a new record high. just when you think the markets going to get hit a height it continues to go right now it's strong associate in the 15 years i've been in the industry is not stopping i'm probably thinking next couple quarters of it's still going to continue to be strongáalameda county saw the biggest gains from may to june, the median price jumping up 6-percent in that span to 770-thousand.edwards says some homes in desirable areas of alameda county are selling over $1000 per square footwe are edging into san francisco territoryand competition has been stiff for those homes. this house in oakland's crocker highland neighborhood was listed for just under $1.1 million, got 7 offers..and will close at $1.6550% over asking. (standup)this craftsman in berkeley went on
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the market at just under 900- got 15 offers.the winning bid was 65% over asking. 1.333,000.all cash. its not always like that so don't freak out it's ok there are other opportunities that you can buy a dumpster diving, look at the other opportunities, or go with the second favorite, not the one everyone's going to she doesn't believe that this is another real estate bubble situation since banks are being more conservative with lending and buyers are coming to the table with higher down payments.but she expects that this red hot market will eventually cool.but probably not very soon. maureen kelly kron4 (steve) two men were caught on home surveillance.... trying to break into a house in modesto... the family who lives in the home was at the hospital... busy with the birth of their daughter at the time of the attempted break in.. rowena shaddox spoke with the family.. modesto police are searching for these two young men, seen here on surveillance video as they swiped two packages from the front door of this modesto
10:38 pm
home last sunday. a terrifying thought for husband and new dad jeremy epps.while these suspects were trying to break in, jeremy and his wife, esther, were busy with the birth of their daughter leela grace. she was just about 5 hours old when this video was captured on surveillance. modesto police tells fox40 they are following strong investigative leads on catching these two men.they hope to make an arrest. small cracks on the edges of the door - are clues left behind by the suspects who tried to kick their way inside.epps says detectives told him they have identified the suspects, they know their ages and criminal far, they believe epps' home was the only house the suspects tried to break in to.the suspected thieves did make off with two packages from the door step - a bed bassinet and swaddle carrier which were presents, meant for baby leela.
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(steve) police are still searching for those two suspects (steve) but first...hear from the photographer hit by pop star justin bieber's truck.
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(man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. (grant) breaking news..
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latest health care vote fails senate. samsung is on a roll.they're on track to top apple as the world's most profitable tech company for the first time reported huge earnings on thursday, posting $12.6 billion in profit in the last will be reporting earnings for the same time period next week, and analysts expect the iphone maker to pull in a couple billion dollars less than samsung. just did.this is a remarkable comeback story for samsung.less than a year ago, samsung had to recall the note 7 after videos emerged of the phone catching fire while charging.also -- samsung's de facto leader is currently on trial, charged with bribery
10:43 pm
and corruption.jay y lee's trial is linked to the huge bribery and corruption scandal that brought down former south korean president park geun-hye. lee's lawyer has denied the charges.despite all the troubles, samsung just keeps making money.this latest profit boom was driven mostly by strong demand for samsung's memory display panels and memory chips.that demand is expected to continue through the next few's chips are found in everything from data servers to smartphones -- including that means even if its rival apple is doing really well -- samsung is still winning.
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(pam) new at 10. we are hearing from the paparazzo ... who was accidentally run over by justin bieber yesterday night. the singer was leaving bible study in beverly hills at the time... and cameras were rolling. reporter jasmine viel has more from southern california. justin bieber gets into a little fender-bender in beverly hills.police say the pop singer struck a paparazzo with his truck near the saban theatre wednesday taken at the scene of the accident shows bieber lending assistance to the man who was hit.the 57-year-old victim was
10:48 pm
taken to a local hospital for minor injuries.there were no citations handed out and no damage was reported.bieber recently canceled his world-wide tour for "unforeseen circumstances." (pam) that was jamine viel reporting. no citations handed out and no damage was reported. .high pressure building over the region will result .high pressure .high pressure building over the region will result (pam) that was jamine viel reporting. no citations handed out and no damage was reported.
10:49 pm
was reported.and no damage handed out no citations handed out and no damage was reported. .high pressure building over the region will result in a slight warming trend through the weekend that will likely last through much of next week. inland areas can expect temperatures to remain above seasonal averages while coastal areas remain cooler as a result of influences from the pacific ocean.
10:50 pm
the warriors have filled out there 15-player roster with a familiar facejavale mcgee will signed one a 1-year deal with the nba champs for the veteran's minimum of 2.1- million-dollarslast season mcgee was a valuable player off the bench serving as one head of a 3-headed monster at center for the warriors his athleticism and shot blocking ability provided the team with something unique from the other playerseariler today we sat down with general manager bob myers before the agreement came out but he was still able to give some insights into bringing mcgee back(sot: myers) "it's a lot more than just the 2.1 or 2.2. for us, it ends up bring about a four-million dollar hit, so making sure that that's the position we need. we gotta lot of bigs. making sure he's the right guy. we like what he did. we think he can help us." when we start talking nfl
10:51 pm
training camp... it means football is around the corner the 49ers reported camp today. the new 49ers regime will be looking to flip the narrative of the team in recent years. new head coach, kyle shanahan is the team's fourth head coach in a span of four years. in today's press conference general manager john lynch and shanahan didn't mention this season was a rebuilding year after the team went 2-14 last season -- the new 49ers duo hope this year will be more than in past years (sot:49ers) "we think the guys have a real good idea of how we practice now, which excited us because going into camp, there's two things in camp that, first of all, as a coach, you really think about week 1 like preparing our guys up to that spot. and after week 1, what's the other stuff that you can prepare for to lead them throughout the year?" "you can tell yourself not to worry about things as much as you want to, but those thoughts creep up in your mind, so now just be able to go out and focus and take control knowing this is my team, this is my offense, it
10:52 pm
kind of eliminates that you can just focus on the football side of it" the a's were trying to avoid getting swept by the blue jays in toronto. the
10:53 pm
5th inning was a tough one for the blue jays umpire, will little tosses john gibbons -- then throws out marcus stroman and russell martin. toronto's pitcher wasn't too happy leaving the mound in the 10th -- game tied at four... steve pearce hits a walk off grand slam... for the second straight game the a's lose on a walkoff terrible road trip for the oakland... they lose 6 out of 7 (pam) coming up.. the votes have been tallied in the latest attempt to repeal obama care...details on the latest blow to the presidents agenda.. stay tuned for kron 4 news at 11..the day's big stories, and your forecast, in half the time.(steve) but first it's tourist season in the city... stanley roberts takes a look at why they are being targeted.. people behaving badly is next
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(steve) there is an
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epidemic of auto burglaries in san francisco. the bad guys know there are very few consequences for the crimes they commit.(pam) if they get busted, some say, even before the ink is dry on the police report, they are back on the street doing the same exact thing. but there are ways to help fight this problem.... as our stanley roberts explains. we were here visiting; we went to the ferry building and decided since i already fed the meter instead of driving to just walk nicely down the street to the penny arcade jennifer and family visiting from texas walked about a mile and a half walk along the embarcadero. however while they walked something bad happened nats: ambiance san francisco police responded to a report of suv being broken into at the intersection of broadway and davis the read side window had been shattered and unknown contents were removed nats: i would love for them to just show up that because the items that were not stolen were sitting in plain view for easy pickings. so now officers need to enter the suv so they can secure the
10:58 pm
items that were not stolen nats: auto alarm items which included a gun safe, some electronic items, a digital camera and a pouch containing social security numbers there was still two hours left on the meter which means all their belongings would be exposed for more thieves if action were not taken nats: would you do me a favor could you run a texas plate to see if you can find a phone number officers scramble to try and locate the registered owner of the suv or
10:59 pm
else they would have to tow it to avoid more problems(for the record if towed it would not cost the victim any money) finally the family was located at pier 41 so what was stolen my daughter lost her laptop her whole backpack which she is heading to a month in florida and he flight leaves in a couple hours and now she has nothing it's tourist season in san francisco but not in a good way that's why all around the city which are hot spots for visitors like lombard street and the palace of fine of arts where there is evidence of auto burglaries you can see the on the streets. there are signs telling everyone your valuables near lombard signs reading don't leave any bags in your car and while it may too late for jennifer and her family staying in reno so driving to reno with a broken window or staying here making arrangements to get it fixed i don't know what i'm you can avoid don't leave thing in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) another devastating blow to the republican senators... as an obamacare repeal fails once again.... thanks for joining us i'm steve aveson... (pam) and i'm pam moore... grant lodes joins us now with details on the decision to defeat the "skinny bill" grant? (grant) the so-called skinny repeal bill failed...a big fat blow for republican
11:00 pm
leadership in congress and in the white house. republican senator john mc- cain...battling aggressive brain cancer...lived up to him maverick moniker and went against his not against the republoican alternative to obamacare. he was one of three gop senators to oppose the bill. here's what was on the table...and part of the issue some had senate leadership only revealed this a few hours ago... would have repealed the individual and employer mandate...meaning people and companies (grant) the so-called skinny repeal bill failed...a big fat blow for republican leadership in congress and in the white house.senator john cain...battling aggressive brain cancer...lived up to him maverick moniker and went against his not against republoican alternative to obamacare. he was one of three gop senators to oppose the bill. here's what was on the table...and part of the issue some had senate leadership only revealed this a few hours ago... would have repealed the individual and employer mandate...meaning people and companies woul


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