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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 5, 2017 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight, "e.t.'s" big fall previews. >> i would pay big money to see that. >> the new shows, comebacks, and cliffhangers. >> will you marry me? >> and sheldon and amy. will amy say yes? >> they're doing things you never saw us. plus, the "this is us" cast spills secrets about their favorite scenes. and is eleven being loose-lipped about season two? and the return of "will and grace," why the remake is sexier than the original. and -- >> cocoa butter is sexy. >> and shammon moore is known for shooting sexy love scenes. >> now for september 4th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." from "will and grates" to
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"scandal" to the gang of "the big bang," we have everything you need to know about your favorite tv families. >> let's start with the pearson posse from "this is us," the emmy-nominated cast. they're dropping secrets and on-set upgrades. >> we've got new trailers. >> like what happened was justin had a trailer that he had to use for a scene. it was like a big baller trawler. once he got the ball eer traile everybody was like, yo, "this is us," baby. when we going to step it up the trailer? >> brand-new trailers and $250,000 bonus for each of the cast. yeah. that's what happens when you're emmy nominated. fans and critics love you. and you get to work with this guy -- >> just worked out with stallone. i know. really fun. >> a picture of you punching him. >> i know. it was all his idea. i would never be so presumptuous. >> have you included him in your file -- >> not yet. but if you want some, he can get
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some. i skarain't scared of nobody. i'm kidding. i am scared of him. >> he shows up in episode three as justin hartley's co-star in a war movie. as to fans finding out how does jack die -- >> wait until september 26th. there will be a giant hint as to what happens with jack. >> we were with the entire cast, milo showing off a mini man bun. and we got secrets behind some of our favorite scenes. >> when you are running into randall when he's having his panic attacks -- >> yes? >> how much running were you doing? >> i bet you i ran a mile and a half total. in dress shoes, though. in the rain. >> take us back to the pilot when you're filming that terrible towel scene. your bum is out -- >> i wasn't nervous about only having a small piece of fabric in front of my manhood. i was okay with it. >> if they call and said "this is us" has won the most outstanding drama, show me the face in you do win.
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>> ah! >> i'll have to wait and see if it is or isn't -- or is or isn't or is. >> you can lose like this -- or you flip a table. like -- come out of your mouth. >> going to do the teresa -- >> tommy -- >> oh, my gosh! he will not. >> where is the table to flip? but i want to see that. i will pay good money to see that. >> oh. >> thank you for clearing that up, mandy. no tables at the emmys, justin -- >> i got five on that flip. i want to see it. nichelle turner has a "big bang theory" preview. >> the season 11 premiere is around the corner. this is what we all want to know -- will there be a wedding? >> at the end of last season we saw sheldon get down a knee, propose to amy. >> will you marry me? >> honestly, one of the most fun things working on a show as long as we have, when you have writers as good as they are and as committed and passionate as they are with the characters, they're constantly doing things
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you never saw coming. they're so fun to play. i feel like she'll say yes, too, but that may not be what they have in mind. i don't know. >> the entire cast was back to work three weeks ago, and myam revealed the premier episode leaves off where we left off. same body position, same robe for me, and barely any make-up. was everybody really crying off camera -- >> i don't know. i tried to ignore them. sentimentality makes me crazy. but no. i think it was very sweet. >> that's a milestone moment. >> huge. huge. if you told me ten years ago that the character would propose to somebody, i would have been like, i don't know how you're going to work that. >> he's got to say yes. there has to be this wedding. by the way, later on, we're going to have more from jim parsons along with his younger tv self. i am with both sheldons and will tell you why this was love at first sight. meanwhile, love is happening on the "how to get away with murder" show this season.
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viola davis and the family affair. >> did you know your husband, julius, is going to be joining us this year? >> yes. he did an episode, and we loved working together. we really did. genesis came to set -- we just had a blast. >> it the parents of the 7-year-old have been plotting to get julius a guest spot on the shonda rimes show for years. fans will have to wait until season four premieres to find out more about the role. >> i can't tell you anything because i might lose my life. >> i would rather die than go to jail. >> do you feel like you and julius will be running lines together at home? >> i don't know -- i hate running lines. >> really? >> i hate running lines. i don't talk about work at all. you wouldn't even think i was an actor. you would think i was just -- you know, regular joe schmo, viola davis. and another shonda rimes show, "scandal" gearing up for the seventh and final season. kerry washington and company have been instagraming shots of the cast back to work including
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katie lowes who eight -- who's pregnant on and off the show. how will it go out? with white hats on, gladiators running full speed off the show. and here, items of what to steal from the set -- >> my goodness. they built me a beautiful new residence. inside it, i was like this carpet is stunning. and kerry actually, being always the live one, she's like, that might go home with you when you're done with this. i was like, ah! that's a thing? maybe a carpet. >> they call me kleptobecause i'd be taking everything from the white house. in the final scene, it would be a blank room. >> you'd be creating your own scandal. i know you. all right. turning to demi moore now, she is back in the lion's den on "empire." that is much to the delight of her co-star/daughter rumor willis. your mom is joining the show this year. how did this happen? >> you know, she called and said, hey, i know you're going
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to be doing the show. was it okay? would you be all right if i did it? i was like, are you kidding me? absolutely. >> demi got the okay from her 28-year-old daughter to return to "empire" this season in a recurring role. >> you can go. >> oh, no, we're not going nowhere no time soon. >> demi made her debut as a mysterious nurse at the end of last season. rumor plays a singer struggling with addiction. >> i watched the season finale last year. she was -- i was like, my gosh, she's so creepy. have you had any scenes together yet? >> no. we are living in different worlds on the same show which i think is really cool. >> they need to find a way to get them into the same world. >> they do. >> all right. back to different worlds -- use will have to wait until next month to find out if things turn right side up for the kids in hawkins, indiana. >> but here's what we do know -- eleven is alive. as we found out, that's pretty much all that millie bobbi brown can say. >> confidential -- i was like, sh.
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confidential. and sending it. >> millie was loose lipped about season one secrets, even sending scripts to her family. the show wasn't the fan obsession that it is today. millie's learned her lesson. >> what can you tell me about eleven? >> nothing! she's obviously back. that's really -- >> back in -- >> and you know, it's going to be -- amazing and you dig into the life of eleven. >> next to her is the newest cast member. >> i play max. she's a big tomboy. she's tough. she moves from california to hawkins. that's why she's there. >> the first episode is titled "mad max." we'll see you right out of the gate. >> go, max. >> is it really? >> yeah. >> i didn't know that. [ laughter ] >> i don't mean the script name. >> i didn't know. i didn't know. that's amazing. that's so cool. >> the buzz over season two got a boost with that trailer that dropped at comic-con set to michael jackson's "thriller."
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>> wait! >> will seems to be a big focus of season who. how is he handle -- season two. how is he handling his -- what are we calling it, upside down -- >> in the second season they get more into the upside down, and it's darker and creepier. and coming up, who's coming back to tv and it's sexier and classier than ever. from linda evans to heather locklear, how the tv characters are getting a complete makeover. then -- >> it's opening night! >> we're inside the closed set of "will and grace 2.0." >> a couple pushups. situps. >>
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♪ 28 years after "miami vice" signed off, crockett and tubbs are making a comeback. i wonder if that will, too. >> no. >> they're getting help from guess what -- vin diesel. >> cool. >> yeah, he's got his production company on board for the nbc reboot. >> that's what we do these days, we reboot things. absolutely. here's another one -- that '70s drama "s.w.a.t.," starring shimon moore. he is teasing a steamy first episode along with, nancy, his love of cocoa butter.
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>> he knows how to do it. >> yes, he did it all on line. ♪ >> take care of business, fellas. >> going from playing your role on "criminal minds" for so many years, what it was like to step into brand-new shoes? >> baby girl, i see your moves. i ain't going nowhere. just switching to another gig. >> shemar worked out five days a week and put on ten pounds of muscle to play s.w.a.t. leader hondo. he went through plenty of shirtless workout videos, and we didn't mind trolling his instagram for these shots. you're always in shape, but did you gain a lot of muscle. >> i'm shy. what do you mean? >> i know the baby-oiled pics on instagram. >> cocoa butter. >> you know what they say about all work and no play -- >> things get a little steamy in the pilot. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. no, i take might have shirt off -- the ladies got -- they got fangs, they got to keep together. and so then you're trying to,
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you know, play kissy-face. and you know, maybe she's married. maybe she's got a boyfriend. hopefully she didn't bring the boyfriend or husband to the set. you know, that's awkward. >> those eight years on "young and the restless" gave shemar plenty of practice. we asked him to break down his role for shooting a love scene. >> couple pushups, couple sit-ups. you know, not a whole bunch of tongue. and you know, you -- you don't want to open your mouth too wide. no. you -- you know, you bring it to life. and it's part of the business. i get to kiss on a pretty girl. you know, a little of that stuff. >> well, the pretty girl gets to kiss on the handsome fella. >> wow. >> talk about a day at work. >> love it. remember "dynasty"? ♪ how the remake is even wilder than the original. >> oh, my god! then, jim parsons with a young lookalike actor playing him in the "big bang" spinoff. the story behind their unusual
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bonding experience. >> wore tap shoe ts, and they could hear you coming. and we're there as the "will and grace" cast returns to tv. >> a sneak peek. >> captioning brought to you by --
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how about we lose the bowtie? you take it off, and this weekend, i'll take you to radio shack. hmm? >> oh. radio shack.
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god, i used to love that place. that's a small portion of what to expect from "the big bang theory" spinoff. "young sheldon" premiering september 25th. >> i am so ready. jim parsons is executive producing the show. it stars the "big little lies" stars. and to see they're excited about the project, that would be an understatement. >> jim parsons is not so stupid now. >> these guys are so fun together. they really could be related. it was jim who came up with the idea for "the big bang theory" spinoff "young sheldon." and he found the perfect actor, ian armitage to play his younger self. he's so like jim. it feels like i an could be a young jim. where did you find him? >> his mother taped him at his grandmother's house for christmas. oh, my god, we saw so many tapes. ian's was mind-blowing in ways. >> oh. >> it's true. there was a naturalness with it, and a -- a spirit with it.
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and an understanding of what you were saying. >> you -- >> no. i am not kind. i am, i'm a nice person. but i'm not kind when it comes to those things. i just wouldn't say anything if i didn't like it. >> you have baa bit of a mustac. >> ian just turned 9. he became famous for posting viral reviews of broadway musicals on youtube and his dad play played king george in hamilton haempt. >> that's my -- in "hamilton." >> that's my dad. >> what do you love about the theater? >> what i love about the theater? the theater. >> just like ian, jim is a theater buff, too, and they bonded over broadway. >> you had so many more people recognize you in the theater than recognized me. they love you there. that is true. it's not just because you wore tap shoes and they could hear you coming. he danced. >> did he really? you did, did you?
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>> yeah. >> is thatti something you do walking down the street? here's another show i'm excited about, "will and grace." >> i should have my tap shoes on for this one. come on now. one, o"will and grace," one of classic sitcoms. can i call it a classic? >> absolutely. >> it's been 11 years since the crew said gab, and we were -- said good-bye, and we were there on set. >> it's opening night! >> that's my -- >> what we know about the revival -- well, they're going to ignore the way the original series ended 20 years in the future. now things seem to be kind of the way they were. >> she is single. and for reasons that will be explained, will and grace are living together once again. >> what's cracking, kids? >> this one's afraid to do the show again. >> what show? >> jack will be teaching a class, and he has branded a new style of acting called "jack-ting." you'll see that.
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>> all i can say is my first line is "i had the craziest dream." >> it has been over a decade since you have filmed regularly together. i need to know -- who's the most likely to laugh during the miftsds a tape? >> deborah. >> sean. >> that would be me. >> who's the most likely to steal something from wardrobe? >> debra messing. >> debra. >> me? >> who is the biggest practical joker on set? >> sean. >> sean. >> yeah. >> probably eric. probably eric. eric or meg. yeah. >> who's singing the most in between takes? >> i -- i think it might be me. >> eric. >> yeah? >> totally. >> eric's singing all the time, and it's lovely. ♪ in our sitcom size apartment >> and megan and debra, we all kind of sing. >> you have any musical episodes? >> i think we should. >> i know grace loves to sing. >> warm up, america. >> a sneak peek. >> only on "e.t.." >> only on "e.t."
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>> oh, that music means only one thing -- there was about to be a bunch of drama. the hit '80s soap opera, "dynasty," ran for nine seasons. they say don't ever mess with success or a classic. the cw is bringing it back. >> i'm so happy. the hair-pulling, cat scratching, right? what is going to be different about the new crop of colbys? we have more on the sexy power players of "dynasty 2.0." >> hey, guess who's -- oh, my gosh! >> what the hell are you doing here? >> who the hell are you doing here? >> i'd never seen "dynasty" until i got the audition. first thing i thought was this is so much better than i thought it would be. >> what did you think it was going to be? shoulder pads and catfights? >> just junk, and it is a little junk but in a really fun and complex way. >> tell them i'll be with them in a minute. >> "e.t." was a frequent guest on the set of the vintage series
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known for being over the top and campy. this lily pond smackdown is legendary. and you can expect more dustups in the remix. ♪ >> ah! >> no! no! >> linda evans was blake's wife crystal. she's now played by "vampire diaries" star natalie kelly. >> they're big shoes to fill, linda evans is an amazing actress. >> the sear was in the denver, now it's in atlanta. and the conniving sammie jo is played by a man. >> this is my nephew. >> pamela sue martin was the first carington. >> you don't want to be the loser who missed the whole thing and "game of thrones" catch up. hop on board early, join the fan club, and get ready. >> oh, you know it. >> like that. i like that. >> here's the big question -- who's going to be the new alexis? the cw's still in the casting process for that role. that's going to be a hard one.
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>> yeah. no one can replace joan collins. coming up, ready to see the sexy side of "star trek"? we'll explain in a moment. just come on back.
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before we go, the countdown is on for trekkies everywhere. 20 days to be exact to the premiere of "star trek discovery." >> i want you to get ready because this is not your parents' "star trek." >> you're right about that. bye, everybody. >> can you tell me about the new uniforms? i hear the uniforms are different. >> they're so -- >> tight. >> nothing wrinkles. >> going to make us, you know, stand up straight and erect which we actually -- i really appreciate. >> uh-huh. >> i like -- like been a part of my physicality. >> if you slouch you look pregnant. >> go! >> will it get little racier because we are streaming and we're not on broadcast tv? >> i wouldn't say racier. but -- >> i would. >> yeah, a little grittier.
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