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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(jr stone) our top story tonight... hurricane irma tears through florida... (justine) this was the scene earlier today in sarasota... and you can see downed trees and flooded streets in a neighborhood in fort myers. good evening i'm justine waldman.(jr stone) and i'm j-r stone. reporter natasha chen is live in tampa with the latest on hurricane irma. all day, the storm has been pounding parts of florida. mayor bob buckhorn, tampa: "everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face, and, well, we're about to get punched in the face."already, we're seeing damage from possible tornadoes spawned by the is believed
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to have touched down in fort lauderdale -- scattering debris, ripping down power lines, and snapping and splitting trees.the storm (justine) (justine) irma.on hurricane with the latest is live in tampa natasha chen reporter stone. and i'm j-r (jr stone)waldman.(jr stone) and i'm j-r stone. reporter natasha chen is live in tampa with the latest on hurricane irma.
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(justine) president trump approved major disaster declration in floriday today. the declaration came hours after florida governor rick scott's request. it will provide money from the federal government to help people and businesses rebuild in the storm's aftermath. president trump says so far... efforts from officials are going smoothly.
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coordinated.">(justine) the president and first lady melania trump arrived back at the white house today after a weekend trip to camp david with the cabinet. while they were there...the president and his staff received updates about the storm from fema and other security officials. president trump said he intends to visit florida very soon. (justine) local rescue groups are in florida now, ready to deal with whatever irma brings... this includes ...units from moffett air national guard base... which is in northwestern florida. they will begin ground and water search and rescue operations when needed. also there... members of oaklands urban search and rescue task force four. these are pictures of the team from instagram... they are now at the orlando convention center... where they spent the day preparing, getting rest and having their last warm meal for a while. once the storm passes, they will get their assignments. aside from all the vehicles and equipment at the convention center... there are also 35 helicopters.
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(justine) also, 82 members of urban search and rescue team task force 3... are in florida. they arrived today after driving 60-hours with a convoy of 11 vehicles, 7 equipment trailers and over 60-thousand pounds of search and rescue equipment including five search dogs and six drones. they are at eglin air force base in florida ... about 25-hundred miles from home.. menlo park. (jr stone) take a look at this... florida deputies rescued two people who tried to ride out hurricane irma on an anchored sailboat. this is video from earlier today in martin county... police were able to transfer the two victims onto their boat. no one was injured. martin county is on the east coast of florida - the opposite of where irma is expected to hit the hardest. but the rescuers still described the waters as being "treacherous" during the operation.
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(justine) irma is lashing wind and rain down on all the reporters standing out in the elements... and the hurricane is not taking it easy on them...including this cnn reporter in naples florida.. "this is the most severe gust it's pushing through. you can see the water, you can't even see 50 yards anymore to our right, due to the the amount of water that's being pushed along the street and filling up here.natsthe good news is we reported over the last days that many of the people here in naples evacuated this area. we didn't see but a handful of people out and about throughout the day yesterday. so that is a good sign.natsbut it is quickly going to turn from me a wind instructional story to this story, here comes another gust, i'm out! woah!"
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lawrence karnow: hurricane irma continues to pound florida leave a wake of destruction behind. it came ashore south of naples with sustained winds of 115 mph. much of the coastal areas have been inundated with ocean waters as the storm surge swept on shore. flooding rains and winds gusting over 100 mph continue even with the eye of the storm over land. irma is expected to continue to move northwest and weaken before becoming a tropical storm in georgia tomorrow. millions of people are without power and many more can expect to lose power as the storm moves
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north. tampa is right in the path of the storm. (justine) a fire fighter with the san francisco fire department passed away today.. while at work. co-workers found battalion chief terry smerdel unresponsive in his office this morning. he had just returned back to the station from a call. the fire chief describes smerdel as a dedicated service member who had worked with the department for 26 years.. he was a loving husband, father and grandfather. now, flags at san francisco fire stations will be lowered
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to half-staff. battalion chief terry smerdel was 59 years old. tonight friends are mourning the death of anthony torres better known as bubbles. they say the trans activist was a staple in san francisco's music scene for two decades. (jr stone) he was shot and killed early saturday morning in the tenderloin district. kron 4's ella sogomonian is there live at a vigil. ella? pkg friends say anthony torres better known as bubbles embodied san francisco with gender bending style that could not be missed.sot: peter provencio, friend// "friendly
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happy smiling usually wearing some fun outfit. wearing some fun outfit with daisy dukes and smiling. just a fun person with really beautiful energy." bubbles'life was cut short in his neighborhood on the corner of myrtle and larkin in seconds when on saturday around three a.m. a shouting match led to the deadly shooting. although the tenderloin district sees its share of violence witnesses say this was one of the most brutal. sot: mohsen abouraya, witness// "six bullets it didn't even take 1 or 2 seconds. everyone thought it was someone shooting in the air a crazy guy or something but he shot the guy six times. but that was so bad. for what? it's not even worth it."those who saw it happen describe the suspect as a tall asian man of medium build seen leaving the new century strip club before shooting bubbles, then running off.sunday night a vigil was held at the very site he was killed.they paid homage to the music lover with dance and of course bubbles. sot: charlotte kaufman, friend// "a year ago i promised bubbles that he would not die alone so i'm going to make sure that bubbles has the biggest send off. he is not going to be forgotten and bubbles, we are with you forever."police
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haven't released a suspect description but there are many surveillence cameras from nearby businesses and a witness believes the shooter's white car was left behind that was possibly towed by police. tag so friends are hoping for justice as they celebrate the life of a pillar of san francisco's in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (justine) thousands came out for the oakland pride parade today. the parade made it way up broadway in front of city hall. people came out to enjoy not only the parade, but also live music and family friendly activities. oakland pride celebrate the cultures and diversity of the l-g-b-t-q community. many people there told us this year it was more important than ever to come out and support the event... (jr stone) football is back, and in oakland -- fans have championship expectations. today, the raiders opened their season on the road in the win column.. kron four's philippe djegal reports from san leandro... where a large crowd packed a bar to watch the silver and black take down the tennessee titans.
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(philippe) fired up... nats- "raaaaaaiders." and, ready to go...nats- "whoohoo." the excitement at rickey's sports theatre and grill in san leandro...nats- "raaaiders." was off the charts...nick samaniego/raid ers' fan- "it's go hard or go home." and, the raiders' debut of oakland's own marshawn lynch...nats- "(announcer) at second and four they go to lynch." was litterally a smashing hit. nick samaniego/raiders' fan- "beastmode's our guy right now -- he's gonna support us 100- percent." once again, lynch chose to sit for the national anthem... but fans hope the focus is on the running back's play.. fresh out of retirement, he ended up with 76 rushing yards on 18 carries.j.p. the ripper/raiders' fan- "raiders have improved this year, we're gonna go 12 and four. tom brady -- watch your back, cuz we're coming after you."nats- "go raiders, yeaaaah." the 125-million dollar man... derek carr was also stellar... finishing against the tennessee titans with an impressive quarterback rating of 114-point-three. champagne/raiders' fan- "we are definitely headed towards the super bowl. i need to go to texas. i need to see my family. we are super bowl.
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come on, bring it home raiders."nats- crowd cheering and, as raiders' fans now begin their weekly countdown to what they hope will be their first super bowl appearance in 15 years... they're also well aware that the team is relocating to las vegas for the 20-20 season... but these die-hards won't abandon ship like others have. kryss solis/raiders'- "i kinda see what they're going for, but i'm a raiders' fan in and out, no matter where they are -- i'm gonna support them. raiders nation for life. i don't agree with the decision to move to las vegas because the fan base is in oakland and they should stay in oakland. but i love the team and i'm raiders all the way." in the end, the raiders secure the victory... making the head coach happy. defeating the titans on the road 26 to 16. in san leandro, philippe djegal, kron four news. (jr stone) we'll have much more on the raiders victory in sports just after 10:45. (justine) coming up... we continue our coverage of hurricane irma hitting texas...
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we'll hear from a bay area native who is riding out the storm in florida right now. (jr stone) plus... see how businesses outside of florida are helping victims of the hurricane.(justine) and... a man is killed and another is injured after a stabbing in the north bay... details on petaluma's first murder of the year.. that is after the break.
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ (justine) in the
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north bay, one man is dead and another one was injured in a late-night double-stabbing in petaluma.(jr stone) this happened near the corner of kentucky and keller streets just before 1:45 earlier this morning.... as police continue gathering evidence, the downtown district is buzzing about the deadly crime that's quite rare for the town. kron four's spencer blake reports the attacker is still on the loose. (pkg)this pedestrian walkway - often called the golden concourse - cuts through the business district of downtown was at the corner near kentucky street where police found two men who had been stabbed before two a-m sunday.a bartender at the hideaway saw police show up just as he was closing the place down for the night."i
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said, told the security guards, 'don't let anyone else in or out. let's just keep everyone safe inside the bar until everything's blown over." first responders treated one man's injuries right there on the spot, but an ambulance took the other victim to a trauma center in santa rosa.he did not survive.that makes this petaluma's first homicide of's been about two years since the last one."we usually have stuff associated with bars and nightclubs - public intoxication, dui, people loitering around - but otherwise it's pretty safe. we don't have too many incidents down there."apple dow-lung is the owner of local flora, the shop on the corner of the concourse and telephone alley. she got a call from police sunday morning."he asked me, does my camera work? somebody got killed. i'm in shock." "police actually found a trail of blood right here on the pedestrian concourse, and it led them all the way up to the keller street parking garage." the trail stops inside the garage, which leads police to believe the suspect may have gotten in a car.but even that they don't know for sure. dow-lung saw investigators cleaning up the area just outside her shop when she got to work."they say i can come in my store, but just not step on the street because they said that the blood is all over the street right here." police are still interviewing
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witnesses, and are hoping to get helpful security footage from cameras at nearby petaluma, spencer blake, kron four news. (jr stone) three people are recovering after two separate shootings in oakland. the shooters are still on the loose the first shooting happened around two this morning on telegraph avenue. the two victims were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds and are in stable condition tonight. an hour later..bullets started flying againthis time on 62nd avenue. there officers found a male victim suffering from a bullet wound. his condition is unknown tonight. no arrest have been made in either case. ( jr stone) police say a driver of a car hit the accelerator instead of the break.crashing into a business in windsor. it happend around eight last night on brooks road southat the lot 88 restaurant and bar. there authorities found a toyota avalon lodged through the front doors of the
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restaurantwhich was occupied. atleast one employee inside the business suffered minor injures. the driver of the toyota was not hurt. authorities say neither drugs nor alcohol played a part in the crash. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: in the bay area we enjoyed sunshine and hot weather as offshore winds kept the fog well off the coast. we didn't have any records but still had some temperatures over 100 inland. on the satellite you can see the high pressure but if you look to the north you can see a swirl of low clouds. that low will move our way over the next 24 to 36 hours to bring us a chance of rain and maybe
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even a few thunderstorms. it should be cooler tomorrow at least into the upper 80s to mid 90s inland. inside the bay you will find 70s and 80s and 60s and 70s with pathcy fog at the coast. clouds will move up from the south to bring a slight chance of showers tomorrow night and into tuesday. cooler weather is expected through thursday before we begin heating up again. (justine) we continue (justine) up again.begin heating up again.
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(justine) we continue coverage of our top story tonight... hurricane irma hit florida earlier today.(jr stone) during kron four news at eight a bay area native living in saint petersburg, florida spoke to us live on air. kron four viewer bill duggan is in the thick of the storm right now. here is part of that phone call. bc-us--hurricane irma-the latest,53rd ld-writethruthe latest: hurricane irma nears populated tampa regioneds: links latest photos. adds irma
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position in most recent item is of about 11 p.m. ap video. with ap petersburg, fla. (ap) - the latest on hurricane irma (all times local):10:55 p.m.hurricane irma remains a dangerous category 2 hurricane despite weakening a bit more to 100 mph (160 kph). it's now bearing down on the tampa-st. petersburg region.the national hurricane center said irma's eye was about 50 miles (80 kilometers) southeast of tampa near 11 p.m. sunday and moving at a fast clip of 14 mph (22 kph). still a large hurricane, its tropical storm force winds extend out 415 miles (665 kilometers).forecasters say they expert irma's center to stay inland over florida and then move into georgia, alabama and tennessee.they also expect irma to weaken further into a tropical storm over far northern florida or southern georgia on monday as it speeds up its forward motion. the hurricane center says the storm is still life- threatening with dangerous storm surge, wind and heavy rains.óóó10:05 p.m.a third construction crane has toppled in florida in the powerful winds of hurricane irma. officials say it happened at a project on fort lauderdale beach during the storm sunday. officials with developer the related group told the sun- sentinel the crane collapse caused no injuries and did not appear to damage anything else. two other cranes toppled earlier in miami as irma swirled up the state.óóó9:25 international airport has announced it will be closed monday and begin only limited flights on tuesday.orlando international airport closed saturday and won't reopen to passenger traffic until after hurricane irma has passed, a damage assessment has been completed, necessary recovery efforts made and the airlines are consulted to determine when best to resume operations.fort lauderdale-hollywood
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international airport says on its website it has no timetable yet to reopen. its last flights were friday.tampa international airport also is closed as hurricane irma moves up the peninsula.airlines are preparing their recovery schedules, which may take several days to execute. (justine) coming up... (justine) (justine) coming up... as many people are sheltering during hurricane irma... we'll show you what crews are doing to keep animals safe.(jr stone) and... you know texting while you drive is banned in the state...but how about texting while you cross the street? we'll show you a proposed law on the peninsula after the break. (justine) people in
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redwood city should get ready to put their cell phones down. a san mateo county supervisor working to ban the use of cell phones in crosswalks. a resolution will be introduced tuesday urging lawmakers to pass legislation banning distracted walking. the supervisor is confident the legislature will pass... saying the law will save lives. the push for the legislation comes after a law passed in honolulu, hawaii banning distracted walking. (jr stone) a lot of savannah, georgia has boarded up and closed for hurricane irma. but some restaurants like "bar food" are still open to those who stayed in town. owner john baker says the neighborhood is still full of people. the bar is open and the kitchen is running at full service. baker says
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he would like to stay open over the next couple of days... as long as he has enough supplies. despite the weather, baker says it's fun giving people a distraction from the storm... especially the evacuees from florida. (john baker, owner of bar food): "i've got a bunch of people from tampa, from jacksonville, miami. we've got half of florida in the bar today, so we've having a lot of fun." butted to(andy villicana, evacuees from tampa): "we've been buried in the new just watching the weather channel, all the local stations and everything, and from there, we had to leave. that's why we came here. i said, 'i have to get away. we have to take a break just from the television."(jr stone) that couple is staying with family nearby. they say there are 14 people, 2 cats and 5 dogs all crammed into the one home. they say they're thankful the storm won't be as strong when it hits tampa as initially expected. (jr stone) coming up... we'll demonstrate just how strong the wind is during a hurricane.(justine) and.... we'll show you where
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flooding is most severe as the storm moves through florida. irma is still a dangerous hurricane. we'll show you where she's headed next. i love you, couch. you give us comfort. and we give you bare feet, backsweat, and gordo's... everything. i love you, but sometimes you stink. soft surfaces trap odors. febreze fabric refresher
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cleans them away for good. because the things you love the most can stink. and plug in febreze to keep your whole room fresh for up to 45 days. breathe happy with febreze. (jr stone) welcome back to
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kron four news at ten... our top story tonight. hurricane irma bears down on florida.(justine) take a look at this drone video in tampa... the water has receded after the storm's low pressure sucked in wind...which then pulled the water from the shore.(jr stone) you can see people walking around where the water once was. local authorities are warning people not to venture out there since the water could return with a potentially deadly impact. millions of people are without power throughout the state of florida. today reporters
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found themselves in the middle of the mess. here's how bad it got. (live)
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(live) taking a live look outside at san
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francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist lawrence karnow.
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lawrence karnow: hurricane irma continues to pound florida leave a wake of destruction behind. it came ashore south of naples with sustained winds of 115 mph. much of the coastal areas have been inundated with ocean waters as the storm surge swept on shore. flooding rains and winds gusting over 100 mph continue even with the eye of the storm over land. irma is expected to continue to move northwest and weaken before becoming a tropical storm in georgia tomorrow. millions of people are without power and many more can expect to lose power as the storm moves north. tampa is right in the path of the storm. in the bay area we enjoyed sunshine and
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hot weather as offshore winds kept the fog well off the coast. we didn't have any records but still had some temperatures over 100 inland. on the satellite you can see the high pressure but if you look to the north you can see a swirl of low clouds. that low will move our way over the next 24 to 36 hours to bring us a chance of rain and maybe even a few thunderstorms. it should be cooler tomorrow at least into the upper 80s to mid 90s inland. inside the bay you will find 70s and 80s and 60s and 70s with pathcy fog at the coast. clouds will move up from the south to bring a slight chance of showers tomorrow night and into tuesday. cooler weather is
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expected through thursday before we begin heating up again. (jr stone) between irma and harvey.... we've talked a lot lately about the force of the wind during a hurricane.(justine) so, to put it in some kind of perspective.. christopher king went to a place in las vegas where you can get an idea what it might be like to get caught in a the path of a hurricane...without the rain. the force of the wind..knocks me back.i can barely..keep my footing.manager..and chief instructor..rob grills..keeps
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me..from taking off.--nats--by now..the wind..carries grills..into the the's about 120-- miles-an-hour.--nats-- hurricane it's peak..a category 5...--nats-- bulldozing through the caribbean..with the force..of more..than 157..miles-an-hour. "wouldn't be out there in those winds if i had a choice." grills and i..are in..a safe..controlled .environment...with consistent wind.imagine..trying to a hurricane...--nats--with wind..blastng you..from almost any direction."walking your dog or something like that outside-or anything you're carrying could be caught by the wind-and just blown away." standup: this was all fun and games right now-but in real hurricane, it can can get up to 70 mph, 90, 120 mph, even more in the case of irma. and in a real hurricane you could get very seriously hurt or even lose your life."
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(justine) take a look at this.... some flamingos in tampa bay were evacated ahead of hurricane irma. crews at a local theme park had to move about 12-thousand animals to secure locations ahead of the storm. zoological teams are at the park around the clock to monitor the animals. (jr stone) coming up.... a
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woman steals a parametic truck and leads police on a high speed chase. we'll show you how police eventually caught her.(justine) plus.... hear what a school in northern california is doing to help students under the daca program who are uncertain about their future. that's after the break. (justine)sacramento under the
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daca program are school year uncertainty.after president announcement program.reports on what the doing to help are worried future. major...and choosing a future.about their future. choosing a major...and planning for the future..navigating college is tough..but this group, huddled into a room at sac
10:41 pm
dealing with a deeper challenge this fall semester.. (no name given)"the experiecnes we have gone through i would not wish upon another college student."this sac state senior is an undocumented immigrant who moved to the u-s from mexico when she was one.(no name given)"its very upsetting because i dont know a different home. i wouldnt feel any other home anywhere but here"out of fear of judgement and exposure she doesnt want to reveal her face or name - but she wants to share her story.(no name given)"i had everything planned out and im about to graduate and now the uncertainty is just greater" its a similar story for about 1,000 undocumented students at sac state... after the trump administration announced it will end daca, with a six month delay.the news came three days before sac state's 'dreamer resource center's open house friday.sac state students who were brought to the country illegally as children ... now worried about losing the program that shields them from deportation and provides anopportunity to learn and work...dr. viridiana diaz/sac state assistant vp strategic diversity initiatives "our students are not only going through fear but also uncertainty about the future"but they have support. robert nelson/sac state president"youre safe, we support you and we love you"
10:42 pm
university president robert nelson says we are in 'turbulent times' and urges dreamers to be proud.. and keep dreaming..robert nelson/sac state president"i see myself in them. i grew up poor. i grew up not thinking id ever have an education not thinking id go to college"the unity and sense of community built helping dreamers feel secure at school during uncertain times.(no name given)"it motivates me to keep fighting" coming up they don't understand that they have to stop when it green still, they still go through as if it's was a normal intersection the octavia corridor ..i'm sure that if you look up confusing there will be a photo of this street, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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in las vegas... a woman stole an e-m-s truck off the strip in broad dayliaght. authorities say the woman took the truck from a walgreenf parking lot. parametics left the truck unlocked and running while working on a patient inside. authorities first tried to box the woman in... but she jumped the curb. police then put out a spike strip but it only deflated two of the four rear tires. authorities then followed her onto the highway where she eventually pulled over. the woman in now faces stolen property and other charges. (jr stone) a viewer emailed us about an intersection in san francisco that they say is dangerous. stanley roberts took a closer look in tonight's edition of "pepole behaving badly." if you look up the word confusion in the dictionary you might see an image of the
10:46 pm
octavia blvd. corridor in san francisco ..this is a street with stop signs and red lights basically side by side .. let's see how that's working out they don't understand that they have to stop when it green still, they still go through as if it's was a normal intersection. so watch the cars making the right off octavia to page .. so the drivers on local access lane have a stop sign to avoid crashes from the main road however, many drivers look at the green light and ignore the stop sign .. this happens a lot at octavia and page street nats: ambiance a block away on octavia and haight, it has different problems . see the words keep clear painted in the street . it might as well say stop here and clog up traffic during rush hour everyone blocks this intersection and every morning first thing in the morning it's a honking fest . this guy works at boba guys right smack on the corner it wasn't even rush hour and drivers were clogging up the intersection here's why, some impatient drivers use the non-turn lane to make a turn just like this driver she pulls all the way up to turn in to the local access road
10:47 pm
nats: ambiance how about this taxi service which blocks traffic and completely ignored the no left turn sign nats: ambiance since there haight dead ends except for muni buses driver get a flashing yellow light along with this sign reading proceed with caution on flashing yellow the dedicated bus lane appears to be a great place for non-buses to make right turn which puts the driver into the lane of the oncoming traffic nat: ambiance i have received numerous complaints from residents saying area is unsafe, and if you add in the red light runners i have to agree personally i think there are major design flaws with this whole corridor but it one to the only ways to get traffic in and out of san francisco in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news we start tonight with the raiders. the team with
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all the expectations on them. some even talking super bowl opening the season today in tennessee against the titans. -marshawn lynch sits during the national anthem in his first game back from retirement -the titans go for an onside kick to start the game.. bad decision. raiders end up with it -in the first, derek carr finds amari cooper and check this out.. he moves the pile. touchdown raiders -later in the first quarter, marcus marriotta goes to with his legs and runs it in to tie the game at 7 a piece -and how about this, the star of the game is kicker giorgio tavecchio who nails four field goals today, including two over 50 yards.. coach del rio gave him the game ball -early in the 4th, derek carr finds seth roberts for the 19 yard t-d... raiders up 23 to 13 carr finishes with
10:49 pm
262 yards and two touchdowns in his first game back after breaking his fibula -then lake a look at this... marshawn lynch just runs over the defense... -raiders win 26 to 16. they play the jets in oakland next week. for the third year in a row, the 49ers opening the season with a new head coach... and today marked the start of the kyle shanahan era. let's head to santa clara-- his first game since being atlanta's oc in the super bowl --1st qtr, brian hoyer starting at qb...takes a hard shot to the back...loses the ball and the panthers recover. -- ensuing carolina drive, more bad news for the 49ers. rookie linebacker reuben foster...goes down after hurting his ankle. --on the very next play, newton finds russell shepards for a 40-yard touchdown. panthers lead 7-0. ----start of the 3rd, niners down 13-0... brian hoyer trying to make a play...but
10:50 pm
throws an interception right to luke kuechly. --and panthers took advantage. newton connects with jonathan stewart. carolina leads 20-0. --midway through the 4th, niners with a chance to get a touchdown.. 4th and goal, hoyer to carlos hyde.. and hyde is stopped short at the one. --carolina wouldn't give the ball back... and goes on to win, 23-3. over to the coliseum where the oakland a's are trying to sweep the team with the second best record in the american league.. the houston astros. and there is controversy early after kendall graveman strikes out jake marisnick looking... and marisnick throws the bat... and loses his mind... he was ejected from the game
10:51 pm
--bottom 7th-- 4-1 a's... ryon healy... it's deep and it's gone... a two-run tater... healy's 24th of the season a's win 10 to 2 and sweep houston. oakland has won five in a row. and the giants lost to the white sox, 8 to 1.
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(justine) lauren durham and michael davis didn't let hurricane irma put a damper on their big day. the two members of the national guard were set to get married on the beach this month... but irma had bigger plans. so lauren ditched the white dress... the couple got married in their uniform in a hanger filled with rescue vehicles. a fellow guard member just happens to be a notary and officiated the ceremony. dozens of people helped out... someone even came up with a bouquet of
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flowers. the couple says it will be a great story to tell their kids one day. (jr stone) a miami woman went into labor as irma pummels the florida coast. the city of miami shared the story on twitter today. emergency workers and doctors couldn't get to the woman in time so they coached her over the phone. she gave birth at her home in "little haiti" to a baby girl. miami fire crew eventually arrived to bring the mother and the baby to a nearby hospital. - [narrator] if you wanna make more money
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and take control of your financial future, then get ready because real estate multi-millionaire and best-selling author than merrill, star of a&e's hit tv show, flip this house, has one heck of an opportunity for you. for the last decade, you've seen than all over tv, and now, than's chosen to hold a free two hour live class, where you'll learn how you can start making money in real estate on a part-time or full-time basis. you'll learn his step-by-step blueprint for flipping homes and buying and holding income properties that generate consistent cashflow. this is the exact process than and thousands of his students have used to get started and become successful and now it's your turn. on today's show,


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