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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 16, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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this crime happened in el cerrito at an apartment complex on san pablo avenue in the north end of the city... that's where we find kron4's hermela aregawi. she has details on what happened and how people are reacting to the crime... hermela?
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(justine) in the south bay.... police in san jose killed a man in a shooting. and now his family wants to know what lead up to his death. we first told you about this story last night on kron 4 news at 9.... kron four's spencer blake spoke with the victims family.. as he follows this story. he joins us live from the scene. spencer, what has the family learned from police? that's just it - the family says the san jose police department hasn't been in contact with them at all.they just gathered for a vigil where jacob dominguez was killed, but so far the most information family members have about what happened is from an eyewitness.
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"he was around that area. he was coming towards over here." this teenager driver is one of the few people who saw the commotion that happened here in san jose friday at about seven p-m.she was stopped in the left turn lane of piedmont when she saw four cars grouped together off to her right on penitencia creek road."when we looked closer it looked like there was one car trapped between three cars surrounding it."before the light turned green, the witness says a man got out of one of the cars and pointed a huge gun at the car trapped in the information from the police department says officers had been trying to stop the car of a suspect who had a felony warrant for the time an officer pulled out a gun, the witness drove off, worried for her own safety."i honestly thought that he might like start turning around and shooting people. and i thought he might start shooting at us, too."police confirm at least one bullet hit the suspect, who died there at the scene. though police haven't released his name, family members of jacob dominguez say they identified him with the medical examiner.added to
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their grief is their frustration over being left in the dark about details of the shooting."we haven't heard anything from the police. we haven't heard anything from any homicide investigation. nothing. nothing."though dominguez had a criminal past, his aunt says he hadn't been on parole or probation for ten years, and had turned his life around, getting involved in church and taking care of his wife and three kids."behind those tattoos he's a living proof of 'don't ever judge anybody by what they look like. he was more. he was so, so respectful."the san jose police homicide unit is taking over the investigation to put more of the details of the shooting in order. another interesting thing from the witness - she said she didn't know police were involved at first, because their cars were unmarked, and the person she saw with a gun, wasn't wearing a one point, though, she did see blue lights flashing from one of the unmarked in san jose, spencer blake, kron four news.
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(jr stone) also in the south bay... a man is lucky to be alive tonight after his car went off the side of a cliff... it happened around 8:30 this morning in the san jose foothills near quimby road.... the man's car careened off the side of a small, secluded road and ended up wedged between the beams and the hillside. crews say it was a "tricky" rescue because of the placement of the car. their large trucks couldn't fit on the narrow road, and the man was difficult to reach from below. smaller trucks were eventually sent up the road and crews were able to rescue the man after they cut off the roof of the car... the man was airlifted to a nearby trauma center.. where he is doing okay... (justine) cal-trans blew-up another underwater pier from the old bay bridge this morning. it is part of a project to take down the foundations of the original
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eastern span of the bridge. this will happen again... every other weekend until mid-november. the implosion was chosen to happen during this time.. because that is when marine life is least present in the area. .. lawrence karnow: this is the last weekend of summer but it's already feeling a littl like fall outside. we had a few passing clouds otherwise is was a gorgeous day. highs today were at or just slightly below average. if you''re going out tonight it will be a little breezy so grab a light jacket. overnight lows will be very comfortable and in the 50s. on the satellite image you can see the high clouds that swept though. you'll aslo
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notice the storm in the gulf of alaska. that system won't bring us any rain but it will bring some wind and cooler weather on monday. and there's another storm on the way after that that will make it even cooler. around the state on sunday highs will be in the 80s in the central valley, with 60's in los angeles and low 70s in santa barbara and san diego. around the bay area tomorrow it should be another beautiful day. highs with be in the 80s inland, mild 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast. the summer will feel much it will be breezy on monday. the will be even thursday warming up again next ... (jrstone) tomorrow is the big day for indycar racing at the sonoma raceway... so if you are headed that way... expect heavy traffic. the gates to the raceway are off highways 37 and 121. they will open at eight am. traffic is expected to be heaviest at ten am and three, five and eight pm. raceway officials advise attendees to get to the event before 3-30 pm. sheriff's will be in the parking lots checking
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disability placards. violators will be ticketed and required to go to court. (justine) it appears changes are coming to how sex offenders register in california. state lawmakers just approved a controversial bill that would remove thousands of people from the state's sex offender registry. the legislation has the backing of law enforcement ... kron 4's dan kerman explains what the new system could look like... right now california's sex offender registry has 100-thousand names on it that's due in part to the fact that california is one of only 4 states in the nation requiring lifetime registration for every convicted sex offender. but soon that could changesotthis bill represents a three tiered registry for all sex offenders. proposed tiers are based on seriousness of the crime, risk of the sexual reoffending and criminal historyunder the new legislation offenders would have to register for 10 years, 20 years or life. backers of the bill, the california police chief's association says the current registry has become so big it's no longer useful as a law enforcement tool sotthis has protections
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and in the long run will protect our children more because those low level sex offenders who should have never in this day and age been considered a crime that should be placed on the registry will be able to come off after ten years allowing law enforcement to focus on those who are the most harmfuland the state assembly supports the measure, not all dosoti think it's a terrible piece of legislation mark klaas with the klaas kids foundation says revamping the system going forward is fine, but it should not be retroactive.sot mark klaas/klaas kids foundation 124-132they've been sentenced their victims have been told the parameters of those sentences and that's being thrown completely out the
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window (justine) that was kron 4's dan kerman reporting... an advocate for a registry revamp is alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley. she says the change would free law enforcement up to focus on the high-risk offenders. " i know that there are people still registering who are now 80 years old and they register every year because when they were 18 years old they exposed themselves and there is some injustice in some of that." (justine) governor jerry brown is expected to sign the bill. if approved the new tier system would start in 20-21. (justine) our coverage of this story continues online at kron4 dot com... there we have a map showing sex offenders in your area... as well as more information and details on this bill... all on kron4 dot com... (jr stone) in national news-- this afternoon in saint louis protests stirred up again... in the wake of a former st. louis police officer's acquittal in the
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2011 death of an african american man. at least 23 people were arrested and ten police officers were hurt during protests in the city friday night. reporter melisa raney has details. natsprotests entered a second day in the st. louis area on saturday --- as people gathered at west county mall to make their voices heard. natsthe group moved through the mall shouting "no justice, no profits" and "black lives matter."natsmall security estimates there were between 200 and 300 protesters marching loudly but peacefully. even so, the tension prompted store employees to quickly shut their doors. mos: they're not being violent. they're just shutting places down because they don't care. you know what i'm saying, we have to open their eyes in some way. saturday's demonstration followed an intense friday night where protesters in st. louis blocked highways and threw rocks at the mayor's
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house after white former police officer jason stockley was acquitted in the 2011 shooting death of a black driver --- anthony lamar smith. missouri's governor says while they support peaceful protesters --- people who grow violent will go to jail. gov. eric greitens: "we're not going to tolerate violence in the state of missouri. people who are out there throwing bricks and bottles are going to be thrown in jail. we're not going to tolerate this type of violence in the state of missouri. ... the minute people turn violent, they're going to step in and arrest them."several events in st. louis have been canceled because of the protests -- including saturday's u-2 concert. i'm melisa raney reporting. (justine) coming up on kron4 news at 8... detroit rap group known for clown makeup and intense lyrics.. says they are being trageted by law enforcement. find out why the f-b-i is calling the groups fans.. a gang...(jr
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stone) plus... an armed robbery at a see's candies store in the north bay... we'll tell you who police are looking...(justine) and investigations have been launched into the deaths of eight patients at a nursing home after hurricane irma... after the break.... we have the video showing you patients dealing with the sweltering heat... next...
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(justine) investigators want to know ááwhat went wrong at a florida nursing home where eight patients died after hurricane irma.(jr stone) the facility in hollywood lost its air conditioning system... leaving its patients in sweltering heat. from our partners at c-n-n reporter miguel marquez shows us the video a witness took showing patients struggling to cool down. the video only 34 seconds long but speaks volumes about what was happening inside the rehabilitation center at hollywood hills. in the hallway a woman sits on a gurney entirely naked. the person who shot the video says the same woman was clothed in a gown when she saw her on monday, but had grown so uncomfortably hot by tuesday she stripped off all her clothing seeking relief from the heat. the woman who shot the video did not want to appear on camera but also wanted others to see the conditions at the facility after hurricane irma knocked out its air conditioning. in the video, her 89-year-old
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parents gabriel and libia giraldo. both were hospitalized after being evacuated from the facility wednesday. libia has since been discharged, gabriel remains in the hospital with an urinary tract infection his daughter says he got because he was dehydrated. the person who shot the video says she was at the facility monday and the air-conditioner was already off. the video was shot tuesday night, just hours before the center was evacuated. it shows her father who suffers from alzheimer's with a fan next to his bed, her mother in a second bed. their second floor window open and the curtains lifted up to allow as much air in as possible. in the hallway a large fan is seen, an effort to keep air moving in the facility. a spokesperson for the rehabilitation center says they contacted florida power and light and state emergency officials immediately after losing air conditioning. the spokesperson says the faculty had adequate staffing and followed protocol throughout the crisis. the spokesperson
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also said water and ice was provided for residents and that disrobing residents is not protocol for staying cool. florida's agency for healthcare administration that regulates the facility told cnn "at no time did the facility report that conditions had become dangerous or that the health and safety of their patients was at risk."miguel marquez cnn hollywood, florida. (jr stone) the patients in the video later received medical care and are recovering. the facility expressed its condolences to victims' families and says it's cooperating with investigators. three agencies have launched investigations, including a criminal probe. officials say they still need to determine whether the deaths were heat-related. (jr stone) time now to check on our weather... (justine) here is meterologist lawrence karnow.
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lawrence karnow: we're at the peak of hurricane season and it's gettng active. we have 3 tropical weather systems in the atlantic right now, jose, maria and lee. hurricane jose is now spinning to the south and headed north. it could come near new england by wednesday. right now it looks like the eye will stay off shore but there will be plenty of wind, rain and high surf.this is the last weekend of summer but it's already feeling a littl like fall outside. we had a few passing clouds otherwise is was a gorgeous day. highs today were at or just slightly below average. if you''re going out tonight it will be a little breezy so grab a light jacket. overnight lows will be very comfortable and in the 50s. on the satellite image you can see the high clouds that swept though. you'll aslo notice the storm in the gulf of alaska. that system won't bring us any rain but it will bring some wind and cooler weather on monday. and there's another
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storm on the way after that that will make it even cooler. around the state on sunday highs will be in the 80s in the central valley, with 60's in los angeles and low 70s in santa barbara and san diego. around the bay area tomorrow it should be another beautiful day. highs with be in the 80s inland, mild 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast. the last week of summer will feel much more like fall. it will be cooler and breezy on monday. the temperatures will
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be even cooler on thursday before warming up again next weekend. (jr) the assets of the titans of mavericks "big wave"
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surf contest are being sold. a bankruptcy judge apporved the sale yesterday. the assets are being purchased by the world surf league for more than 500-thousand dollars. the annual contest was cancled earlier this year when the organizers filed for bankruptcy. the purchase will add maverick's "big wave" contest to the world surf leagues calendar... meaning another mavericks contest could come as soon as this winter. the contest is held in 25-foot-plus waves at the maverick's break near pillar point in half moon bay. (justine) next... hundreds of people came together to cleanup the coast.... the major trash problem they continue to see pop up along the shoreline...(jr stone and a breakthrough in the deadly subway terror attack... british police have made an arrest... details on that story next... story next... been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready.
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the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ (justine) in world news
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tonight.... british police conducted a counter-terror operation in connection with friday's subway attack that injured at least 30 people.... (jr stone) a suspect has been arrested... but police have not released many details about that person.... reporter nima elbagir has the latest details from london... --reporter pkg-as follows-- in cue: "a major counter-terror operation..." out cue: "..nima elbagir in london." (jr (jr stone) police are
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investigating a quadruple homicide in chicago. four people were reportedly shot and killed friday night in the city's south side. emergency crews were called to the brighton park neighborhood and found the victims inside of a vehicle. police have not identified the victims but did say three men and a woman were shot. no word yet on
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the victims' ages. (jrs tone) nearly a week after a young woman was found dead inside a walk-in freezer, her family is still looking for answers. police say this surveillance video from the crown plaza hotel shows 19-year-old kenneka jenkins walking alone in a kitchen. however, the hotel says there is no video showing her entering the basement walk-in freezer... where she was found dead the next morning. several cameras captured video of the young woman, as she stumbles through various areas of the hotel early saturday morning last saturday.... it's still not clear how the woman died... but police say they do not suspect foul play. the medical examiner's office is still waiting for toxicology results, so they have not ruled on a cause of death. (justine) still ahead on kron4 news at eight... a family in one east bay neighborhood isupset... after their landord doubled- their rent.... today they
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confronted him right at his home... we'll tell you if they managed to change his mind... (jr stone) and a north bay city dealing with violent crimes.. all happening in the last two weeks.. hear what people in the neighborhood are saying tonight...
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(justine) now at 8:30... police in petaluma are investigating an armed robbery that happened at a popular see's candies store. police say the suspect did not take any candy... but stole cash and took off...(stone) this comes after the city dealt with their first homicide in years last week. kron4's ella sogomonian is live in petaluma tonight.ella how people in the area feeling after news of yet another major crime? (ella)police tell kron 4 violent crime isn't
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necessarily up it's just happened in a short window of time. but in this armed robbery case petaluma residents call it cruel as they wonder if it was worth taking money from a place who's products cost a few cents. petaluma police report this see's candies off mcdowell blvd was robbed at gunpoint friday just before closing time at 7 at night.sot: kecia kaiser, petaluma resident// "i was wondering if it was robbed for the chocolate because it's that good! my second thought is i feel bad there are older ladies working in there."the man demanded an employee give him an undisclosed amount of money from the register as he flashed a gun from his bag. witnesses described the thief as a white man in his 50's wearing a blue button down shirt with a black shirt underneath, blue jeans, and a blue baseball cap. a police seargent tells kron 4 he also
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had a green back pack that along with his description matches a suspect police are looking for connected to robberies in santa rosa and cotati.generally safe town, residents wonder if violent crime is going up in petaluma after their first homicide in more than two years that happened last week.sot: nicholas tribble, petaluma resident// "petaluma has been generally safe but last week with the dude downtown, i don't know i guess recently there's been more stuff happening."but police don't believe there is a growing problem that the incidents just happened one after another. (ella)although there are two banks beside the see's candies neither captured an image of the man as he ran off most likely away from the cameras. so there is no surveillence video of the in petaluma ellasogomonian kron 4 news. (jrstone) santa rosa police have arrested the man they say burglarized a home while the resident was sleeping. it happened monday on creekfield drive near gamay street. authorities say anthony johns ransacked the home... stealing the resident's car and credit
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cards. police were able to track johns by following the credit card trail. authorities were also able to locate the stolen car. he is now facing a string of charges including identity theft and suspicion of burglary. authorites say johns is a known gang member who was wanted for parole violations. (jr stone) tenants in east oakland on the brink of seeing their rent's double... today, confronted their landlord at his home in piedmont.(justine) kron four's philippe djegal spoke with a mother who says she understands the rent has to go up... but not at a rate that will put her and her family on the streets. (philippe) it's not big... it's not fancy... but for norma sanchez, her husband and three young boys... this is home and it has been for nine years. so, when she received this letter from her landlord, informing her that her rent on november first would nearly double from 13-hundred dollars a month to 24-hundred dollars... she
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felt a lump in her throat. norma sanchez/tenant- "it honestly made us feel extremely sad and depressed, um, because this is going to effect our whole family and we don't have the means to move anywhere else." saturday morning... sanchez paid her landlord a visit at his home in piedmont. demanding that he keep the rent increase to a reasonable amount. she was joined by other tenant-members of the non-profit organization alliance of californians for community empowerment... the landlord owns several homes in their east oakland neighborhood and they're all set to see their rents go up significantly. sanchez is a house keeper, and her husband works in the restraunt industry. she says they both have to work everyday just to make ends meet.norma sanchez/tenant- "this is our home -- we've made a community here. if we're pushed out of this housing now, um, its like a part of us is being torn out. um, that we'll never be
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able to recover." tenants like sanchez acknowledge that their landlord isn't breaking any laws by rasing the rent. in fact, i spoke directly with the landlord, who says over the years, he's done his best to minimally increase the rents and, that in retrospect, if the previous increases were higher, maybe these latest offers wouldn't have been so dramatically shocking. he says he's not a bad guy, but like everyone else, his bill's these days are bigger than they used to be. sanchez says confronting her landlord with the other tenants ending up being a productive decision... because she says the landlord has agreed to meet with all of them next week... and, possibly renegotiate their renewal offers. philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine) san francisco mayor ed lee and city police are asking for help finding the killer of l-g-b-t activist, anthony "bubbles" torres. officers say torres was shot on the corner
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of myrtle and larkin around three in the morining last saturday. a shouting match led up to the deadly shooting. witnesses describe the suspect as a tall asian man with a medium build. last weekend, a vigil was held at the very site he was killed. bumbles was a popular activist among the l-g-b-t community in san francisco. anyone with information should contact police. (jrstone) today... people gathered at shorelines across the state to participate in costal cleanup day. kron4's jeff pierce has more about the environmental efforts from the oakland cleanup site. saturday morning hundreds of volunteers came out to participate in coastal cleanup day. there's a shoreline cleanup that's going on all over the bay area in terms of the shoreline it's also all around the state east creek slough in oakland a small army scoured the edge of the bay finding a vast collection debris.a lot of
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styrofoam in particular. a lot of styrofoam plates it looks like from picnics.i'd say that what i've picked up the most and then random things and even a television.coastal cleanup was not only about making the shorline look better, most understood that this was also about the wildlife that lives on the shoreline.there's a lot of birds here and some of the birds eat the cigarette butts and the plastic bottle caps and that's not good. they like shining stuff like fish , their scales are shiny so most birds are diving down and the plastic is shiny and they'll eat it and then they'll die two days later.phoebe grow was using the day to teach her daughters a lesson.this helps them understand why we don't have much plastic around the house there is so much plastic on the in it's thirty second year the california coastal commision has volunteers collect data on what has been picked up to help develop policy to protect shorelines throughout the state. it's a way for us to learn what's littering our shores. like many cities have done like banning bags is one
8:37 pm the ones in the bay area, as many as nine hundred sites throughout the state were also taking part in coastal cleanup day. for many it was about where we live. when we live in this jewel like the bay area so how can you not want to do what you can to clean it up and keep it that way, keep it oakland jeff pierce kron four news. (jr stone) coming up.... a little girl's playhouse is at the center of a huge controversy in a neighborhood in missouri... find out why the home owners association is involved... (justine) and a string of mountain lion sightings this past week on the peninsula... hear the new warning to keep the big cats away... after the break. it's the last weekend of summer but already feeling like fall. i'll have the last week of summer forecast next.
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(justine) along the peninsula there has been yet another mountain lion sighting. the latest encounter occurred early friday morning in emerald hills. this is less than a day after another big cat was spotted in a back yard in los altos. that encounter was caught on surveillance video. kron 4's charles clifford is in san mateo county .. where residents and mountain lions cross paths all to often. this is surveillance video shot on thursday evening in the backyard of a los altos home. the residents there say they heard growling outside their house around 10 pm. police and animal services responded to the neighborhood but by then the big cat had disappeared.that sighting was just one of several that have occurred over the past week. on monday, a mountain lion was spotted in san mateo just after midnight. lions were
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also seen in emerald hills on september 10th and 12th. another was spotted in portola valley on the 13th and the most recent sighting was again in emerald hills around 630 friday morning. in all cases the mountain lions left the area without any problems. mountain lion sighting along the peninsula are nothing new. sotyou really can't blame them.leeann tourtillott grew up here and she says its just a reminder that humans and mountain lions live side by side.soti just sort of accept that if we are going to co habitate there's going to be some impact in both directions. in light of these most recent sightings, the california department of fish and wildlife is making several safety recommendations including asking people to trim back brush around homes in order to remove places where mountain lions might hide, they advise never leaving small pets or children unattended, and they recommend installing motion detecting lights around homes.
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lawrence karnow: this is the last weekend of summer but it's already feeling a littl like fall outside. we had a few passing clouds otherwise is was a gorgeous day. highs today were at or just slightly below average. if you''re going out tonight it will be a little breezy so grab a light jacket. overnight lows will be very comfortable and in the 50s. on the satellite image you can see the high clouds that swept though. you'll aslo notice the storm in the gulf of alaska. that system won't bring us any rain but it will bring some wind and cooler weather on monday. and there's another storm on the way after that that will make it even cooler. around the state on sunday highs will be in the
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80s in the central valley, with 60's in los angeles and low 70s in santa barbara and san diego. around the bay area tomorrow it should be another beautiful day. highs with be in the 80s inland, mild 70s around the bay and 60s at last week of feel much more like fall. cooler and monday. the will be even cooler on before again next weekend. (justine) coming up... a little girl's dream playhouse is at the center of a huge controversy.... find out why the home owners association wants it removed from their backyard immediately....(jr stone) they are known for their violent lyrics and clown make- up... find out why "insane clown posse" says they are being trageted by law enforcement.
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(jr stone) in the nation's capital -- president trump supporters held what was called, "the mother of all rallies" today. there was early tensions between the pro-trump supporters and anti-trump activists, who were present at the rally. in
8:46 pm
an act of reconcilation between both sides -- the pro- trump rally organizer invited a group of black lives matter activists onstage the pro- trump crowd had the rally demanding that president trump takes a stronger action against russian leader vladimir putin. supporters want trump to retaliate for moscow's interference in the 2016 u.s. election. (justine) and more than one-thousand fans of the detroit rap band "insane clown posse" also rallying and marching at national mall in washington d-c today... they gathered to protest the f-b-i... because they are classifying the groups fans... as a gang.(jr stone) from our partners at c-n-n- jake tapper goes in depth tonight and explains their beef with the agency that dates back to so first off, for the un- initiated, who or what exactly
8:47 pm
is the insane clown posse? nats music: murder murder murder.i-c-p is a horror core band, mixing rap, heavy metal and heavy make up. their songs often focused on homicidal themes.the detroit based duo, violent j and shaggy 2 dope, formed two decades ago and has sold millions of albums. and they've inspired an intensely loyal following among their fans who call themselves "juggalos" and share a subculture, and a love of face painting.nats from the festival: "family, family, family."every year since 2007, the fans have gathered for a weeklong summer festival "the gathering of the juggalos" in southern illinois. the event attracts 10,000 people and heaps of trouble. there have been four deaths in recent years and dozens of arrests according to the illinois state police. violent j, insane clown posse member: "we're the most hated band because people hate what they don't understand. there's a
8:48 pm
lot more to us than just the surface or what you hear in one of our songs."those songs are often profanity-laced, fictional narratives that the band says actually have an underlying positive message. nats songbut the fbi disagreed. in 2011 the juggalos ended up on the national gang threat assessment as "a loosely- organized hybrid gang.""a small number of juggalos are forming more organized subsets and engaging in more gang-like criminal activity.""let me tell you something about juggalos, they are human beings, they are not neanderthals, you don't have to tell them that, they know that. you know what i'm saying? they know not to commit murder against somebody because of our music, they are /bleeped/ human beings, man." now the members of the insane clown posse and several juggalos have partnered with the aclu to sue the fbi, saying that designation has led to police harassment and denial of employment. brandon bradley, juggalo:"three times
8:49 pm
police have stopped me on the street and asked me about shirt my tattoos and asked me what being a juggalo meant. the police kept telling me my shirt and tattoos meant i was a gang member even though i kept telling them i was just a music fan and juggalos weren't a gang. the band says they asked the fbi to explain its rationale for classifying juggalos as gang, and when they got no response, they filed the lawsuit on behalf of their fans.jake tapper, cnn, washington. (justine) many would never think that this tiny home is at the center of a huge controversy. it is the backyard of a missouri home and it is a little girl's dream playhouse... it belongs to emma who has a serious auto-immune disorder... for her illness... emma goes to her tiny home each day for breathing treatments. but the home owners association is now saying sheds are not allowed... saying it will take legal action if necessary. but emma's grandmother says she and her realtor were told they could bring the playhouse before she bought the
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(bobbie goolsby/ grandmother): "our hoa bylaws say you can't have a metal shed, but it doesn't say anything about a playhouse... if i have to remove it, she would be devastated."(justine) the homeowners association say it apporves most wooden play-sets... but the playhouse is in violations of its rules. and these rules were in place prior the the family buying the home. (j.r.)big sports saturday. ucla in tennessee taking on memphis.the bruins had a big comeback victory last week. what would happen this week against an unranked memphis team. josh rosenucla q-b studplay his tight end jordan wilson.that's a touchdown ucla up 17 to 7. we go to the thirda game filled with no defense.rosen looking for a man. rosen with all day. trying to go back across the field. tim heart says not
8:51 pm
gonna happen.intercepted.and he could go all the way. he does.memphis up 40 to 31. they would keep the pressure on in this game. ucla's quarterback josh rosen threw for 463 yards. four touchdown passes and two interceptions as memphis goes on to win this 48 to 45. (j.r.)and talk about a wild football day. wild ending in gainesville florida today. florida tied at 20 with tennessee9 seconds left and listen to what happens. feleipe franks with the hail mary win for the gators. time runs out. gators go on to beat tennessee 26 to 20. wow what a play. (j.r.) we are now less than 24 hours away from raiders football. raiders taking on the new york jets in their
8:52 pm
home opener this week against the buffalo bills. this is a team that dominated tennessee and with the way the jets looked in week 1 many folks think they will do the same against new york on sunday. they are a two touchdown favorite over the jets. lots of excitement with the raiders marshawn lynch who banged his way for 76 yards on 18 carries last week against the titans. you can watch our new raiders special on 9 tonight. it's called the sword and shield zone with mark carpenter.. (j.r.) as for the san francisco 49ers. they are on the road sunday in a rivalry game with the seattle seahawks. both the 49ers and the seahawks will be looking for their first touchdowns of the season. seattle lost to green bay last week and the 49ers lost to the carolina panthers 23 to 3 last week. there has been a lot of talk about 49ers general manager john lynch. he was a broadcaster with fox sports who worked quite a bit with the seahawks. pete carroll admitted this week he gave
8:53 pm
lynch a lot of information about the team's defense but even soniners are 14 point underdogs.
8:54 pm
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off to a victorious start. the oakland raiders...go on the road...and run through the tennesse titans. we'll revisit...the best moments from week one.... and break down what's ahead as the jets come to the coliseum also...a star is born and he has a boot. raiders kicker giorgio tavecchio talks about his journey from the cut the starting lineup. and sin city...continues to get the strip ready for the arrival of the silver and black. a status report on the taem's future home. ( mark ) one game down, one win in the books. welcome to another edition of the sword and shield zone.


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