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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(justine) breaking news... police two officers were hit by a car in san leadnro after a robbery at safeway... (jr stone) the officers are expected to be okay. kron four's ella sogomonian is heading to the scene now. we will get a live report from her as soon as we get more information. (jr stone) a sore sight for people in oakland after the public library by lake merritt was tagged with graffiti two nights in a row.. good evening i'm j-r stone.
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(justine) and i'm justine waldman. witnesses say they saw a group of 30 people in their twenties tagging the building on friday. while those at the library say it's happened before---they worry the problem is now getting worse. kron 4's ella sogomonian reports with a closer look at the damge. oakland public library goers were stunned on sunday as they walked past new grafitti sprayed across entire front entrance of the building that's stood on 14th street for decades.sot: douglass, neighbor// "this is outrageous i can't believe how much graffiti. and it's a tragedy that it's happening to our library an institution for higher learning and education." the sight sparked outrage among community members and librarians alike who can't understand why someone would desecrate a place that offers so much.sot: garry lamberv, senior librarian// "i'm very
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depressed by it because the library provides so many basic important services. it's the last real community center available to everyone in the community."walls and windows were tagged in different colors and markings.bottles and paint pens were left behind next to broken glass. library employees and locals say this isn't a new phenomenon but the graffiti has never happened at such a large scale. sot:jay debrano, library patron// "it's just a phenomenon that's been happening for the last couple of years and the people who are doing this need to be held accountable this is a good place and it shouldn't be hurting like this."an employee from a business across the street claims he saw a group of about 30 young white people in their early 20's he believes were behind the damage on friday.more than one person says this happened again saturday night because there was much more graffiti found sunday suspect description was confirmed as police haven't answered at this time but librarians say a report was filed. (justine) another big story we are following... a woman riding bart got a frightening note from the person behind hersaying guns were pointed at her, and demanding she hand them over. (jr stone) the woman says
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she got away safely by pretending to be sick. kron four's spencer blake spoke with other bart riders who were a little creeped out by the failed robbery attempt. on a saturday evening bart train heading to dublin, a twitter user who calls herself 'baby jules' says she was the victim of a stick up.a person sitting behind her quietly slid her this note.'there are two guns pointed at you now,' it read.'if you want to live, hand back your wallet and phone now and do not turn around and be discrete.'i asked several weekend bart riders what they would have done. "scream or do something to cause everyone to turn around and be like, 'oh my god, what's happening?!'" "i don't think i'm a soft target, so i don't think i would've gotten the note. but if i would've gotten the note, i probably would've - it's hard to say what i would've done." the note also told the
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targeted woman not to turn around until after the train left the civic center station. before it got there, she decided to fake having a seizure to grab people's worked."that was a very good idea. that was a very good idea.that was so smart of her to do, and honestly i can applaud that." she says the note-write got off the train during the jules filed a bart police report, but hesitated talking with officers.she eventually gave a description of a white woman with a suitcase who might've been the culprit."a bart spokeswoman says they've already pulled the security footage from the cameras on that specific train car, reviewing it to see if they find anything so far, they haven't, nor did officers find a woman matching the description at the civic center station saturday.the targeted woman declined to press charges if police ever found a least one bart passenger who read the note felt like trying to outsmart a robber on the train, could be a big risk6."i think if somebody's going to try to intimidate you, yeah, it's terrible, but at the same time, what is your life worth?" in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. (jr stone) now we've tracked at least three attacks at bart stations or on trains in the last week.
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including one where a woman was held at gunpoint. that happened on on the monday morning commute. this is who police are still looking for. they say he pulled out a gun and robbed a woman on the train in hayward. then just a day later a female station agent was beaten and robbed of her purse at the rockridge station in oakland. and on friday... a man reported to police that he was hit in the leg with a metal pipe. what he says was an unprovoked attack at the mac-arthur station police were able to arrest a man for assault with a deadly weapon in that case. (justine) bart is now facing a 6-million dollar lawsuit by several passengers who were attacked on trains. the lawsuit details three separate incidents at the oakland coliseum station. one happened in march and the other two in april. all the cases involved a mob of teenagers stealing people's cell phones and other personal items. the lawsuit claims bart failed to keep
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these passengers safe. (justine) we first told you about this with a push alert from our new and updated kron-4 app. stay connected on breaking news by downloading our app today and enabling alert. (jr stone) we are learning new information about the man killed by police in san jose. today investigators say the man was a gang member who had run away from police earlier in the day before the deadly shooting on friday. while police have not yet identified the vicitm. at a vigil yesterday--- family confirmed to kron-4 that he is jacob dominguez. today police said he was known to be armed. and knew that police were looking for him in connection to an armed robbery. unmarked police cars tried to stop him on friday... but police say he became uncooperative. and at some point shots were fired. police will be holding a news conference tomorrow and said the chief will provide more information. (justine) new at ten...
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a pastor in vallejo has been sentenced after defrauding members of his congregation out of a million dollars in investments. luther feltus-curry was a pastor at "revival center ministries." prosecutors say he devised a fake investment scheme to congregants...promising high returns. instead he would deposit the money into accounts controlled by a co- conspirator. that person was also arrested. feltus- curry was sentenced to nearly 24 years in prison. dry and pleasant weather will continue across our region today. a low pressure trough developing to our north will bring locally breezy conditions to our area starting monday afternoon and continuing at times through thursday. precipitation is expected to remain to the north of our area, although there is a slight chance of showers across the extreme northern edge of our forecast area tuesday night or wednesday morning. temperatures will remain mild through the week, with warming expected next weekend.
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(justine) a third night of protests broke out in saint louis following the acquittal of a police officer in the shooting death of a black man. this was the scene earlier today... several hundred protesters observed six minutes of silence in front of the saint louis police department. protesters said the six minutes were meant to symbolize the six years between the death of anthony lamar smith and the verdict issued friday. in the past three days there have been multiple arrests, injured officer and damage to businesses. ryan young reports from saint louis with more on the violent protests. st. louis (ap) - the latest on
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protests over the acquittal of a white former st. louis police officer in the killing of a black suspect (all times local):9:30 louis police have at least seven people in custody as crowds angry over the acquittal of a police officer broke windows and damaged property for a third night.buses carrying police in full riot gear and shields arrived near the downtown location where police said significant property damage was reported following an hours-long nonviolent protest sunday afternoon and evening. after protest organizers asked people to disband, some remained behind, as they had the previous two nights.state rep. bruce franks, who has participated in the protests, said those who are violent and vandalizing "are not protesters," saying they are part of a group separate from those marching as part of organized demonstrations. franks said he was trying to calm the situation.police tweeted that a bike officer was taken to a hospital with a non-life-threatening leg injury.óóó8:50 p.m.vandalism has broken out during a third night of protests in st. louis over the acquittal of a police officer in the shooting death of a black suspect.after more than marched downtown for about three hours sunday afternoon evening, organizers announced the demonstration was over. while most left, a
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few dozen continued downtown and started knocking over large potted throwing objects through windows, the marriott hotel near the louis police reports of significant downtown and arrived to disperse an at least two people have been custody. it wasn't were other óóó3:55 p.m.protesters minutes of silence in front of police chanted "stop killing us" as from windows.sunday that the six-minute symbolizes the between the death of anthony the acquittal of police officer who was charged in suspect's the verdict was during the organizer cori bush walked smith, anthony bush says everyone makes that smith did several blocks around the police sunday afternoon the which followed two days of marches and two skirmishes that than 40 arrests. (justine) u-c berkeley says it is allowing a group behind the upcoming "free speech week" events to go ahead with planning...despite the group already missing three deadlines. a student organization called "berkeley patriot" had planned to host 12 events starting next sunday. but the university says the group must meet all planning requirements if the events are to go on. the events are rumored to feature conservative speaker milo yiannopolous, ann coulter and former white house strategist steve bannon. however a u-c spokesperson says a number of the identified speakers have told the school they will not be there. the university also says the group signed last-minute venue contracts friday. and failed to pay to reserve those venues. free speech events at berkeley have come with a cost. the school
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has spent more than one point five million dollars this year to secure events on campus. (jr stone) the white house says it and south korea agreed to intensify pressure on north korea. this comes in the wake of north korea's latest missile launch. president donald trump spoke on the phone with his south korean counterpart earlier today. that conversation is an early start to what will be a big week in foreign policy for the trump administration. andrew spencer reports. president donald trump seemed to taunt kim jong-un sunday morning, referring to him as "rocket man" on twitter.the trump administration has ramped up some of its rhetoric, following north korea's latest ballistic missile test.u-s ambassador to the united nations nikki haley says multiple military options are on the table.nikki haley, u.s. ambassador to u.n.:"if north korea keeps on with this reckless behavior, if the united states has to defend itself or defend its allies in any way, north korea will be destroyed. we all know that.
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we don't want that. none of us want war."haley says the trump administration wants to exhaust all of its diplomatic options first, but national security adviser h-r mcmaster tells fox news sunday they're running "out of road."lt. gen. h.r. mcmaster, national security adviser:"this regime is so close now to threatening the united states and others with a nuclear weapon that we really have to move with a great deal of urgency."sen. dianne feinstein, -d- california:"i have never been in greater... in a state of greater concern about this nation and korea because there's a certain recklessness on the other side. they now have very powerful weapons." there's no doubt north korea will be a key issue on the president's agenda this week. as he addresses the u-n general assembly for the first time, speaking about a variety of foreign policy issues to a body that he has heavily criticized in the past.i'm andrew spencer, reporting (jr stone) coming up... a sports car barrels into a crowd watching a car show... and it is all caught on camera. we'll show you the rest
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of the video up ahead.(justine) plus... people in florida are slowly returning home following the devastating damage from hurricane irma.... hear what local authorities are warning people before they come home.(jr stone) and after the break... we'll hear from some bay area firfighters who are back home after being deployed in florida.
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(justine) a group of
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firefighters from the bay area are now home after spending 10 days in florida.(jr stone) task force 4 was depoloyed to help in the aftermath of hurricane irma. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to some of the team. she joins us live in oakland.. hermela, how happy are they to be back in the bay? (hermela aregawi)definitely exhuasted and happy to be home with their families.about 80 people are on this team.50 of them came home last night.i spoke with a battalion chief about what they were up against on this mission. task force 4 back is back home after lending a hand to hurricane irma victims.the team spent most of their time in the florida keys working incredibly long hours in difficult conditions.robert lipp/battalion chief, oakland fire department:they were getting up at 5 in the morning and they were lucky if they got to bed by midnight so a lot of really hard arduous work in hot and human conditions and not a whole lot of sleep.... transportation was interesting for them.with all the wind damage of course a lot of the roads were blocked, power poles
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powerlines trees and stuff like that.they are one of 27 task forces around the country called to by the federal government in times of disaster.this task focused mostly on searching for victims who may be trapped in the rubble. robert lipp/battalion chief, oakland fire department:wide area searches and also searching specifically in damaged or destroyed buildings and boats that had been washed up on shore looking for any potential victims there. and then doing just a whole lot of sort of wellness checks making sure that people who had remained behind were okay and didn't have any's hard work but the crew says it's very rewarding.robert lipp/battalion chief, oakland fire department:it's really satisfying to be able to go and help people who are in need. that's really what drives everyone on this task force and the other 27 task forces in the country. is the ability and capability to help people who are in need at a moment's notice and make their day better and find victims and get them to areas of safety and just make sure that people are well served.
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(hermela aregawi)the team also included a couple of doctors and civil engineers.they also came home last night.about 27 firefighters on the force are still making their way back here.once they get here.. they'll be on mandatory 48 hours rest.. before they get back to work.reporting live in oakland, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news (jr stone) people in florida are returning to their homes to access the damage. local authorities are worried about the harsh living conditions for those returning. officials are setting up nearly two dozen checkpoints to make sure only authorized residents and relief workers get through. carey codd reports on the the people allowed to return home in florida keys.florida keys. return home in florida keys. officials in the devastated florida keys say they agonized over reopening parts of the island chain after hurricane irma, knowing residents were desperate to assess the
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damage, but worried about harsh living conditions for those who returned.county mayor george neugent said during a news conference saturday that electricity, sewer and water are intermittent and warned those returning to bring their own supplies.officials opened up u.s. 1 on saturday all the way south to marathon for residents, business owners, disaster workers and supply trucks. the same groups will have access all the way to key west on sunday.keys officials are setting up nearly two dozen checkpoints in the hardest hit areas staffed by law-enforcement to make sure only authorized residents and relief workers get through. government offices and schools could reopen september 28.óó 2:30 p.m.progress is slowly underway in the badly damaged florida keys where hurricane irma made landfall.the salvation army is flying in supplies to devastated areas in the florida keys, including provisions to serve 10,000 hot meals a day.the organization set up a field kitchen in marathon on friday, providing the first hot meals for many since irma made landfall about a week ago. they're also providing rebuilding funds and vouchers to residents there. coast guard officials also gave the greenlight to re-open the port of key west with some restrictions on friday. the port has been closed since sept. 8.óóó1:15 p.m. authorities are knocking on doors and urging florida residents who live near the withlacoochee river to evacuate, warning of potential record-high flooding in the coming days in the wake of hurricane irma.hernando county sheriff's officials said in a news release saturday that their officers, along with firefighters and wildlife officials encouraged residents in talisman estates, riverdale and other flood prone areas to leave. hundreds of residents are being urged to leave but authorities said that number
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could increase as the waters rise in the coming days. authorities said flood levels at trilby are expected to reach 17 feet (5 meters) by monday morning and could exceed that later in the week. flood levels at croom are expected to rise to about 11 feet (3 meters) by monday morning.óóó10:45 a.m.officials in the florida keys are stepping up plans to let residents and business owners re-enter the area to check on their property.monroe county spokeswoman cammy clark said in an email that residents, business owners, disaster workers and supply workers can go all the way to marathon, at mile marker 47 just north of the 7 mile bridge, on saturday. at 7 a.m. sunday, the county plans to open up u.s. 1 to those same groups all the way to key west.a checkpoint in florida city, on the mainland south of miami, will remain in place to ensure only these groups are admitted into the keys.clark said an additional checkpoint at mile marker 47 will control admittance into the lower keys.she advises anyone re-entering the county to understand that medical services, food, water and electricity are extremely limited. anyone returning should bring provisions for several days. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist lawrence karnow. dry and pleasant weather will continue across our region today. a low pressure trough
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developing to our north will bring locally breezy conditions to our area starting monday afternoon and continuing at times through thursday. precipitation is expected to remain to the north of our area, although there is a slight chance of showers across the extreme northern edge of our forecast area tuesday night or wednesday morning. temperatures will remain mild through the week, with warming expected next weekend.
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(justine) coming up... a second person has been arrested in connection with the terror attack in london. hear what we are learning about the most recent arrest. (jr stone) plus... a scary scene following a police chase. see what happened to a woman while police were making an arrest.
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(justine) a frightening image of a police car nearly running over a woman after a police chase. this happened last year...but police are just releasing the video now. police were able to stop three people in a stolen truck after a 20-minute chase. dash cam video shows a state police officer take a passenger down as a another officer's car rolls toward them. this is another angle of the video from inside another police car. you can see an officer push the car off the woman. she was later taken to the hospital for minor injuries. they did not say if any officers were disciplined for the incident. (jrstone) in idaho... a porsche plowed down a group of people at a car show yesterday. police say the
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driver was trying to make a turn when he lost control of the car. people were jumping out of the way to avoid being hit. one person was lying on the ground near the front of the vehicle. that person may have actually been struck by a street sign that fell in the crash. (lt. charles lebar/boise police): "probably 100 people standing in that area when officers arrived. i don't know how many were there when the incident occurred, but multiple people were struck by the vehicle when it came up onto the curb." six people were take to the hospital by ambulance. five others arrived in private vehicles. (jr stone) coming up... four people are shot and of the victims was a pregnant woman.... we'll hear from the victim's family up ahead.(justine) plus... state lawmakers approve a bill to make california a "sanctuary state." hear what immigration officials warning about if the bill gets passed.
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(justine) back now to our breaking news.... 2 police officers were hurt during a confrontaions. in san leandro. (jr stone) kron four's ella sogomonian is live at the scene with the details. details.scene with the details.
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(justine) another big story we are following.... a 28-year-old woman who was seven months pregnant was shot and killed in chicago...(jr stone) she was one of four peole killed on friday night. evelyn holmes reports from chicago after talking with the victim's family members. ida arvizu, along with three men, were in a vehicle in the 4700-block of south fairfield avenue around 8:30 p.m. when they were shot, police said. arvizu, who worked as a dental hygienist, also had a 7-year- old daughter, her family said. the other victims were identified to the cook county medical examiner's office as 21-year-old michelle cano, 24- year-old joel sandoval and 27- year-old miguel sandoval. sandoval was arvizu's ex-
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boyfriend and the father of both of her children. the baby already had a name - reymundo. the two other victims were friends that he'd picked up to run an errand. the victims have relatives who lived in the area where the shooting occurred.step-mother ana arvizu said ida arvizu was reluctant friday night to meet up with joel sandoval, who she recently broke up with. circumstances surrounding the shooting remained unclear saturday, but investigators said the shooting appeared to be gang one was in custody saturday in connection with the shooting.ald. ray lopez (15th ward) said the shooter used an assault rifle. "weapons of war are winding up on the streets used by gang members to fuel their facebook blood sport to see who can try to outdo who," lopez said. witnesses described hearing heavy gunfire."just heard the machine gun, probably 12 rounds go off and the first thing i did was duck down and hover over my mom and tell her to duck down because she was freaking out. just as soon as i heard the last shot, i took off and called the cops," said one witness.
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(justine) four american tourists are recovering tonight...after a woman attacked them with acid at a france train station. police say those tourists have been identified as students at boston college in massachusetts. the school released a statement today... that the four female students were treated for burns at a hospital....after they were sprayed in the face with acid. french authorities arrested a 41-year-old woman. but said that this was not a terrorist attack. (justine) british officials have lowered the country's terrorist threat level from "critical" to "severe." this comes after the second arrest in the london subway bombing. london police arrested a 21- year-old man last night in west london. police arrested an 18-year old man in connection with the attacks earlier in the day. police continue to search a home in west london and say their investigation is ongoing. the threat level "severe"
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means officials believe another attack is highly likely. the station where 30 people were injured in friday's bombing has re-opened. (jr stone) campus police shot and killed a georgia tech student...who they say was advancing on officers with a knife. police say 21- year-old scott schultz did not comply with orders to drop the weapon and kept walking towards officers. that's when one of the officers shot and killed the student. no officers were injured. the student's mother says her son was a brilliant student... despite numerous medical issues including depression, and had twice attempted suicide. authorities are investigating the incident. (justine) the head of immigration and customs enforcement is responding to california's "sanctuary state" bill. ice director thomas homan says the bill prioritizes politics over public safety. the measure was approved in the legislature yesterday. it is intended to strenghten
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immigrant protections in the state. it is now being considered by governor jerry brown. homan says if governor brown signs the legistlation it will make make california communities less safe. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist lawrence karnow. dry and pleasant weather will continue across our region today. a low pressure trough developing to our north will bring locally breezy conditions to our area starting monday afternoon and continuing at times through thursday. precipitation is expected to remain to the north of our area, although there is a
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slight chance of showers across the extreme northern edge of our forecast area tuesday night or wednesday morning. temperatures will remain mild through the week, with warming expected next weekend. (justine) coming up... a dog is back home with his family after going mising following hurricane
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(justine) coming up... hear how a dog ended up over one-thousand miles away from her family. and find out how hurricane irma brought them back together again.
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this is the 2018 s-class from mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (jr stone) transit centers
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are designed to help people get around.(justine) but when people don't pay's a mess... nope, that's not a mirage.. that driver is in the wrong
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place going the wrong direction at the wrong time well honestly there never is a right time to drive in the transit center.especially if the person driving doesn't have the word bus driver as part of his or her title nats: ambiance this is the redwood city transit center it's open to cars and buses however cars are not permitted past the do not enter signs unless the car has disabled plates or placards like this uber that just entered nats: ambiance so if your auto doesn't have sam trans on the side and picks up passengers, this area is off limits . which means this clock freight truck can't use the transit area to zip through but he does nats: ambiance the same for this black suv that inches up and read the don not enter signs then enters and drivers through the area where people and either boarding or getting off public transit nats: ambiance the guy goes through and at some point realizes the zigged when he probably should have zagged . so the flips you turn and gets outnats: ambiance this
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place has so many problems i don't have the time to talk about them for example, the entire transit center is a no smoking area and it's also a not litter area as well for the record when you frop your butts on the ground that could result in a 1000 dollar fine nats: ambiance but i don't want to get off track . all the state and local laws of the road are enforced here so no stopping in the red zone to drop off in fact, this area is also for buses only and not ubers you know you can't stop in the red zone now right? don't stop in the red zone you call pull right in here alright i'll do that next time the area for drivers except for taxis this green zone you get 10 minutes but try to stay inside the lines ..just a heads up this area is patroled by san mateo county sheriff and redwood city police . so if you follow the rules you will be invisible to them but it you don't well that's a you problem and not an me problem in redwood city stanley roberts kron 4 news
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(justine) coming up... california could be the first state to ban puppy mills.... we'll explain the new bill after the break. good starts with g. gloriously great tasting whole grains. they're whole! every gram glistening with genuine golden honey. it's true! real cocoa, peanut butter and cinnamon too. [glass breaks] oops! sorry! just gearing you up for good mornings and good afternoons. [cheers] [laughing] these whole grains will get you going good. speaking of good. try new apple cinnamon toast crunch.
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lawmakers approved a bill... requiring pet stores to sell pets from shelters or rescue operations. the billnow heads to governor jerry brown. it bans pet stores from selling animals bred " puppy mills" and other mass-breeding operations. instead stores must work with public animal control agencies, shelters or rescue groups. the stores must keep records for up to one year showing
10:45 pm
where they get the dogs cats and rabbits they sell. pet stores that violate the new law would face a five hundred dollar fine. (justine) this week brought some very good news to a florida family...still cleaning up in the aftermath of hurricane irma. after a journey of more than one- thousand miles, their missing dog is finally making her way home. four-year-old 'relay' went missing from her home in west palm beach, florida, more than a year ago. the shepherd mix dug her way out of the yard and disappeared. somehow, she wound up on new york's long island. the woman who found the dog brought her to an animal rescue. they were able to track down her owners.(sot) they scanned her for a microchip, called the microchip company, and they found out her owner was in west palm beach, florida.i'm anxious to see their reaction when they're reunited. that to me makes everything worth it." (justine) relay's family is still cleaning up after
10:46 pm
hurricane irma. but the rescue shelter in freeport, new york, hopes to reunite them with relay soon. (jr stone) before the raiders big win.... there was a sweet treat for fans today all across the east bay. (justine) oakland native and raiders running back marshawn lynch teamed up with skittles to give raiders' fans free candy... ..allowing the faithful to join in lynch's longtime pre- game ritual. kron four's philippe djegal reports on hashtag "score the rainbow"... (philippe)nats- "ok, i am in love." available three hours before the game...juan hernandez/raiders' fan- "i love it man." and, all the way up to kick-off....gail thompson/raiders' fan- "this is great, ok. this is off the hook." at five different locations in oakland...corey baugh/raiders' fan- "get juiced up for the game."
10:47 pm
and, at marshawn lynch's alma mater, cal-berkeley...matthew ghanem/raiders' fan- "you gotta love marshawn for taking care of the people." fans of the silver and black treated to a free cup of skittles...juan hernandez/raid ers' fan- "hell, yeah. that's cool, man."nats- "raaaaiders."' lynch says the candy has been apart of his gameday routine since he launched his football career.corey baugh/raiders' fan- "everybody gets that sugary boost. so, its like, uh, it gives you more of a hyper, positive energy type of, type of boost -- it gets you pumped up for the game."nats- "raaaaiders."' nump/beast mode mobile- "it's the best feeling ever, man. it's bringing the energy. who doesn't want free candy, you know? halloween came early, and you know, raiders, we love halloween, haha."gail thompson/raiders' fan- "marshawn lynch is sweet, we sweet, he's sweetness. that's just sweetness baby -- it's the rainbow. dig the rainbow." now, skittles tells me that the free candy is only a one-time deal... but something tells me that moving forward for the raider nation... just like marshawn lynch... pre-game skittles is going to become a tradition. philippe djegal, kron four news. the raiders home opener... with a win over the jets... they would be 2-0 for the first time since 2002.
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rickey henderson... on hand to light the al davis flame before the game 2nd quarter... derek carr... again to crabtree... this time the intentionl under-throw... crabtree nice adjustment for the grab... a 26-yard touchdown... into into the "black hole"... 14-0 raiders marshawn lynch... his first touchdown as a raider from 2 yards out just before halftime... 21-10 raiders at the break... lynch with 45 yards on 12 carries 3rd quarter... cordarrelle patterson... up the middle and gone... the receiver with a 43-yard touchdwn run... 28-10 raiders then early on the 4th... jalen richard... makes a nice cut at ther line of scrimage and he's gone up the midle for a 52-yard touchdown run.. and lynch...having a good 'ole time dancing on the
10:49 pm
sidelines... his raiders are 2- and-0... 45-20 over the jets the 49ers up in seattle trying to bounce back from their 23-3 loss to the panthers in week one the last time the 49ers beat pete carroll and the seahawks on the road was back in 2011. first quarter -- brian hoyer picked off by bobby wagner... he fumbles but it's recovered by richard sherman. not a great game by hoyer...only threw for 99 yards second quarter, seattle up 6-0 -- carlos hyde finds a hole, 61 yards before he's tackled from behind by jeremy lane. niners settle for a field goal. 6-3 at the half. scary moment in the third --safety eric reid goes down for the 2nd time in the game. he left the game with a left knee injury. the niners took the lead off a field goal in the fourth seattle driving down the field -- russell wilson buys some time and finds paul richardson in
10:50 pm
the endzone for the only touchdown of the game. seahawks win 12-9 the giants hoping to break a four game losing streak in their series finale against the diamondbacks the giants honored ryan vogelson before the game. they signed volgelsong on a one-day contract... he will retire as a giant at the end of the season. chris stratton up on the hill for san francisco -- he got some help early on by ryder jones - - he makes the snag at third to get the first out of the game. giants up by a pair -- panda puts the game away with a solo shot san francisco wins 7-2 we head to wine country... for the indycar series season finale. klay thompson was at the grand marshall at sonoma raceway he gave the official command to start the race... he even got a chance to get in an indycar before the festivities. let's get to business, we
10:51 pm
pick it up in the final lap -- josef newgarden wins his first indycar championship... team penske wins for the second straight year. newgarden is the second american in eleven years to win the indycar title. (jr stone) that is sports... i'm jr stone.
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your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ (jrstone) if you are looking for a new job... nasa is hiring for the ultimate position... astronaut. applicants must have a bachelors degree in math or science... and go through a
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series of interviews. if you get past that... you have to pass health assessments, height requirements... and speak russian. less than one percent of applicants are accepted into nasa's newest astronaut training class. those accepted train with nasa for two years. salaries are estimated between 66- thousand and 144-thousand dollars per year. (justine) it is a rare sight to see at a hospital... three sets of twins were delivered on the same day at a hospital in bakersfield. four baby boys and two baby girls came into the world at memorial hospital on wednesday. the proud parents are thankful their babies are healthy and will be able to go home this weekend.
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