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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 29, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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captain carson pforsich after a swimming accident last sunday from visits at his hospital bedside to the football field friday night. (nats) players honored pforsich in a major game against marin catholic by wearing his name and number 13 written on their wrists and some across their forhead.sot: sam ballenger, carson's friend since third grade// "oh man it's been hard for us just trying to get through it this is the biggest game for us tonight too. so for that to happen for us it's just a heart breaker."his younger sister kelsey pforsich wore his jersey and stood in his place on the field for the coin toss.head coach james foster has trained pforsich for three years and says this is the first time he's dealt with a devastating injury for one of his players.....but says the tight knit team is now motiviated twice as hard to beat their rivals in their captain's honor.sot: james foster, head coach// "we actually brought the whole team to him at the hospital last night and he filmed a
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message for them right before they went into the locker room. just to give them encouragement that he's going to keep fighting for us and we need to be fighting for him on the football field." sot: sam ballenger, carson's friend since (steve) some relief tonight in a small north bay least one arrest has been made after threats were made against redwood high in larkspur. a 17 year old student from tiburon -- is accused of calling in a bomb threat last week.. that turned out to be a hoax. but police are still investigating graffiti -- indicating there would be a shooting on campus today. classes went on as scheduled with an increased police presence... most students still showed up. (pam) happening now: police are looking for the two men who assaulted and robbed a woman... the attack has left neighbors in a normally quiet palo alto community stunned. it happened around 11 oclock- wednesday night, near bryant street and el dorado avenue . kron-4's charles clifford
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talked to people who live in the area---surprised by the brutal assault.
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(steve) another big story tonight: it's been a scary week for visitors at yosemite national park-- a series of rock falls killed one person and seriously injured two others. as reporter carlos correa tells us.. the park is now taking precautionary measures and closely monitoring el capitan - the site of those rockfalls. as the tours continue around yosemite national park, visitor becky sulzmann cant help thinking of the florida couple she helped comfort just a day ago.becky suzmann, helped victims: "i asked the lady because i could tell she
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was very shaky, can i give you a hug? and i just held her and she got emotional."the florida man is the latest person to be injured within the last three days as rocks came crashing down from el capitan -- creating large clouds of smoke. becky suzmann, helped victims: "it look like fog rolling in. i'm like fog - that is so weird. why would fog be rolling in? and then we came to a dead stop."on wednesday pieces of a massive rock killed 32 year old andrew foster of whales and seriously injured his wife. rock climber, matt spohn was on el capitan during the first rock fall.matt spohn/rock climber: "we were actually climbing the west side and it fell off the east side when it happened, but we could feel a little movement."geologists say thursdays rockfall was 22 times as big as the rockfall on wednesday. there was no movement on el capital friday, but the park did have another injury.scott gediman/yosemite national park spokesman: "that is what the helicopter we're hearing i did have a climber, a climber did fall... where, honestly i don't know if it's a man or woman or who it is but it's a climber fall and this is on the other side of the meadow."to be on the safe side, roads inside yosemite valley were rerouted. some of the debris that landed on roadways has been cleared and caution signs have been posted. scott gediman/yosemite national park spokesman: "the area is not closed, it's still beautiful weather..." (steve) (steve) despite the rockfalls --
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people are still planning to climb el capitan. while that reporter was filing his report -- he saw last two people out there today. "dammit this is not a good news story this is a people are dying story. this is a life or death story." >(pam) the mayor of san juan, puerto rico... reacting with frustration today... it"s after a trump administration official called the government relief effort "a good news story." grant lodes is here with more on the detiorating situation in puerto rico. (grant) it's been a week and a half since the island
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was devastated by hurricane maria. many of puerto rico's three million u=s citizens are still without drinking water, food, medical supplies and electricity. (nats)"look at what happened to us," says, 62-year-old josefina alvarez. "nobody is taking care of us."she is fighting an infection and without the insulin she needs for her diabetes, "we have no hospital to get her because all the emergencies are closed because they have no electricity, we have no place to get her. ."in the cities, long lines for gas. long lines at the bank.... the power outages have made credit car transactions impossible and many people are running short of the countryside, water still fills the streets of many small towns... washed out bridges have forced villagers to cross rivers using rope lines.and more rain expected this weekend.all of puerto rico and the virgin islands are under a new flash flood warning "virtually everything has been wiped out, and we will have to really start all over again. we're literally starting from scratch."the president will visit puerto rico next week. "the disaster, and the response and
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recovery effort, probably has never been seen for something like this. this is an island. surrounded by water. big water. ocean water." meanwhile he sent the acting head of homeland security and a three star general.natdhs chief elaine duke spent some of her time walking back the "good news" comment that infuriated san juan's mayor. the end of my statement about good news was it was 'good news' that the people of puerto rico, the many public servants of the united states and the government of puerto rico are working together (grant) president trump said paying for the reconstruction will have to be worked out with the puerto rican government. those costs are now estmated at
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around 50=billion dollars. (steve) our team coverage in the bay area.. it's been a tough week for those with loved ones in puerto rico. kron 4's hermela aregawi is standing by in the newsroom.. hermela - you spoke with some very concerned people... it's hard. everyone we talked to lives here.. but most of their family is in puerto rico. and as you can imagine, they're incredibly worried theres no power, no water. they're running out of food and the puerto rican community here is doing what they can do to help. the country is facing a long road to covery.and puerto ricans here in the bay area are paying close attention to the crisis. miguel miranda/family affected by hurricane mariathe past two weeks have been really really intense for us. and i know it's more intense for them because they're living it. but for us that we can't communicate barely to anybody on the island. it's been really really rough. hearing that people are starting to rob each other for gas, for water for food. tonight..
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dozens of people gathered at the great american theater in san francsico.. for a fundraising concert put together by sf puerto rico. gretchen zegarra/family affected by hurricane maria luckily we're fortunate enough to have strong enough to have houses that withheld the storm but certainly the devestating that's all around them and the scarcity that people are seeing now is affecting all of us i think that have family on the island. it's really devastating to see in the year 2017 that something can hit our island and affect it so badly what makes matters most difficult.. no one knows when basic services will be restored. melissa dailey/family affected by hurricane mariathere's no communication or electricity. some barely have water so everything is very difficult. trying to see if people are okay if they need something. i mean you have to go there. you cannot get there. because if there are still roads they are blocked so everything is immensely challenging. (hermela aregawi)the group san
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francisco for puerto rico is holding a a donation drive tomorrow.they are collecting emergency supplies they planned to send to the island. the event starts at 11 in the morning.. and ends at 4 in the's at jamtown on 4th street in oaklandpam and steve back to you a slight cooling trend expected into saturday as onshore flow increases across the area. breezy conditions will also persist into the weekend with temperatures at or slightly below seasonal averages heading into next week.
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(pam) coming up:a closer look at the video that police say.... proves they did nothing wrong when detaining an nfl star.. (steve) then - buyer beware..we'll hear from a family whose trip to disneyland was almost ruined... all because they were just trying to save a few dollars. (pam) and next:there are new affordable housing laws in california... tonight - the possible relief these new measures could provide for housing here in the bay area,. this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. jerry brown was in san
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francisco today, to sign a set of bills designed to start fixing the affordable housing crisis in the bay area and across the state. some of the new laws will bring in money for affordable housing, and others will cut through red tape that often delays projects. kron four's spencer blake is live tonight in san francisco ... to explain what some of these new laws mean. spencer? the bills governor brown signed today signified years of work from legislators and housing advocates.and the consensus about the package of new lawsseems to be that it's a drop in the bucket - but a drop people who can't afford housing nowwill gladly drink. "this is not the end of the road but this is a major step in the right direction and it continues the momentum that we're building to address the housing catastrophe that we're in."amie fishman with the non- profit housing association of northern california was there
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to witness governor brown signing a package of 15 affordable housing bills in san of the most helpful new laws, she says, is assembly bill 15-oh-five, which allows cities to require inclusionary housing within new, private developments. "local jurisdictions can pass policies where they say that, 'we want to include affordable housing - we want to include affordable homes within larger developments of housing."other laws help cut through red tape that often holds up construction of affordable housing.friday governor brown said part of what led to the housing crisis over the yearsare the local-level laws regarding things like building safety and energy efficiency. "it's all good. but like i always say, too many goods create a bad. so now you're trying clean up a lot of the bad, but it is a lot of good, too."s-b two - which adds a 75- dollar fee to real estate transactions - will start to generate hundreds of millions of dollars for affordable housing.senate bill three will ask voters to decide on a four-billion dollar housing bond next november."it has taken many years to get into this affordability crisis that we're in and it's gonna take
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many more to get out of don't expect to see a huge number of affordable housing units popping up immediately. it may still take seven to ten years to get them built. to put the money aspects in perspective, the state was handing out one billion dollars of redevelopment funds a year up until 2012so the money in today's new laws is quite a ways off.if voters approve the housing bond, these two measures will create enough funding for about 90- thousand affordable rental units statewide - also just a fraction of the one-point five million affordable rentals in sf, spencer blake, kron four news. (steve) in the south bay... people bid farewell to a beloved activist who stood up for immigrants, gay rights... and higher wages for fast food workers.(steve) 36-year-old yasmin fernandez was known in san jose as "the
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voice of the people." fernandez who was originally from mexico collapsed while working at a panda express last week. today many of her peers gathered at labor hall to remember all of her achievments. (steve) many of her peer's remember her fighting against discriminatios that she experienced first hand. that way no one she cared about will have to experience what she went through. (pam) new at 10. police are searching for the driver of a chevrolet tahoe .... wanted on suspicion of felony hit-and-run ... in a collison with a pedestrian in santa rosa. officers say, the tahoe travelled straight through the intersection of steele lane.. and began to enter the northbound highway 101 on-
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ramp... when it struck a 68 - year-old man. he sustained multiple broken bones and head trauma... but is expected to a make a full recovery. a broken plastic light lens cover from the tahoe .. was recovered a the scene... the tahoe was a gray 1990's model. (pam) one person is dead after a shooting at an apartment in san jose. tonight -- police say, they are investigating this as a possible home invasion robbery. it happened at around eight - thirty last night... near the corner of elan village lane and village center drive. police found one man who had been shot... he later died at the hospital. . (steve) a warning tonight if you or someone you know is selling their home: thieves have been targeting houses on the market. in el cerrito -- thousands of dollars of furniture was stolen in a string of burlaries. kron4's haaziq madyun spoke to one of the victims. burglars are targeting homes for sale in the city of el cerrito. this house on terrace drive was hit by burglars
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twice in the same week, first on monday and burglarized again thursday morningmario vasquez is a general contractor who has been working on the property over summer. he says losing his tools is a bit of a set backthere has been as many as 4-homes for sale burglarized in the last three weeksel cerrito police lt. steve bonini says one reason vacant properties on the real estate market are vulnerable to burglars is that neighbors who would otherwise spot an unusual truck or van parked in a driveway may think it is has something to do with the house being bought or sold
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lt. steve bonini/el cerrito police department: "with a home for sale it is not unusual to see a van or a truck outside or something similar and people will just associate that with new people moving in the neighborhood. that is where we kind of rely and want to get the word out to our community that if there is a home for sale in your neighborhood and you know that the residents have gone on to another house, keep an eye out, if you see something say something">if you know anthing about who burglarized this house mario vasquez would appreciate the tip being dialed in to el cerrito police in el cerrito haaziq madyun kron4news (pam) a live look outside.. (steve) brittney has the four zone forecast a slight cooling trend expected into saturday as onshore flow increases across
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the area. breezy conditions will also persist into the weekend with temperatures at or slightly below seasonal averages heading into next week.
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jpá(steve) still ahead: usually thieves are after money.. not this woman... the very specific clothing that she targeted in this bold bay area heist... (pam) but first..we'll hear from a very brave young teen.. the action he took to protect his sister, when a burglar broke-in.
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a 14 year old boy is getting a lot of attention tonight..he saved his sister from a burglar, while the man was stealing from their family's home. reporter doug johnson talked to the brave sacramento county teen. cathy friedman, kids attacked by burglar "i was terrified, i was worried that my kids were going to be injured when i got there, dead when i got there i didn't know."cathy friedman had just gotten to work after dropping her kids off at her home on redwater street in antelope... when her daughter called to say a burglar attacked her 14-year-old son. cathy friedman, kids attacked by burglar "all she was screaming was somebody in the house and that he was hurting my son and that she was in the room."but friedman's son wasn't going to let anything happen to his attacked by burglar"protect the family that's pretty much the first thing."friedman didn't want her son's face shown, but allowed him to tell us what
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attacked by burglar"it basically started where my sister was in the kitchen, he comes through the front door." that's when his 12-year-old sister went to see who just came inside...cathy friedman, kids attacked by burglar "so she peaked around the corner and she saw a man in the bed room,"so she ran to tell her brother in his attacked by burglar"we see him run into my sister's room here, and he closes the door behind him."then the suspect attacked by burglar"as i turn to my sister and say call the cops, he comes through the door pushes me into the wall here, bursts through and that's when i start following him all the way down the street."that suspect got away... this photo taken from a neighbor's surveillance system.nats friedman talking"and he emptied out the top one which had all the real gold."while inside he stole jewelry and several wallets from friedman's family.still friedman says she doesn't care about the material goods... instead upset this suspect took something more valuable. cathy friedman, kids attacked by burglar "it isn't about the money, it's about violating our home. this is our safe haven this is where we feel safe. and now we don't feel safe here (pam) the sacramento county sheriff's department says ... this robbery may be connected to others in the area.. so far -- no arrest has been made.
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(steve) coming up:o-j simpson could be released from jail in just day.. tonight -- what he plans on doing once he is a free man. (pam) then - new tonight a family's trip to disneyland nearly ruined.. the criminal scheme police say, they fell for.... and how you can avoid it. (steve) and next: new video showing the moments an nfl star was detained.. why police say it proves they did nothing wrong... ♪
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hey grandpa.
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hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. (steve) the las vegas sheriff is
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standing behind his officers - who detained nfl player michael bennett. also tonight - the department is releasing new video of the incident... it all happaned after reports of a shooting inside a casino.. the seattle seahawks player said police forced him to the ground at gunpoint... and threatened to kill him because he is black,(pam) but the sheriff says, officers detained him because he was running away from the scene... as were many others. new at ten: reporter patrick walker has a closer look at what the video does and does ánotá show. bennett was detained for about 10 minutes. the officer who first got to bennett... did not turn on his body camera. lombardo says they're still determining whether that will lead to any disciplinary
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action. (pam) today kron4 (pam) (pam) today kron4 spoke with
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the nfl star's attorney john burris.. he says the video does ánotá prove the officers' conduct was proper. (pam) according to police --
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there is no evidence showing bennett was targeted because of his race. (grant) o-j simpson's lawyer says, the former football star will live in florida after being released from a nevada prison. he could be out of prison as early as sunday. florida's attorney general has already taken action to prevent simpson from serving parole in florida. simpson served nine -years ... of a 33-year sentence for armed robbery. but, of course, it was a different criminal case that simpson is best known for.... his trial for the murders of ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. the san francisco native was found not guilty in the criminal case...but liable in a civil case. simpson's attonrey says, he wants to see his family and
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"enjoy the simple pleasures" of life... that includes eating seafood and steak, playing golf... and getting a new i-phone. (steve) new details are emerging in the disturbing case of a bay area probation officer... accused of sex crimes with two boys she was supposed to be looking after. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now... tricia caparra was in court to face allegations she had sex with the boys at least 23 times while they were encarcerated. rob fladeboe/san joae"....the probation officer whose alleged sexual misconduct was described by her superiors as appalling will likely remain behind bars for at least two weeks until she returns to court to enter a formal plea. no cameras were permitted inside department 23 this as she was arraigned but this is the mug shot of 36 year old tricia caparra of santa cruz. she was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of having sex with two under age boys at the james ranch juvenile detention facility in morgan hill. in a statement of facts, the district attorney says that caparra engaged in sex acts with one of the boys at least three times at and away from the ranch. she is
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alleged to have had sexual intercourse with the second victim, who was 18 and a ward of the court of the time, on at least 20 different occasions. here is deputy district attorney michael gilman.michael gilman/dep. dist. attorney "....the people are very concerned about this case because she she was in a position of trust and that by having relations with these two boys she violated that trust..."caparra is charged with 14 felonies, one for allegedly accessing probation department records to find out when one of the boys was due to be drug tested. the d.a. asked for bail to be set at a million dollars but the judge decided to set it at $655,000. the court also demanded that caparra forfeit her passport because she is considered a flight risk. in san jose rob fladeboe mron 4 news (steve)(steve) (steve) police arrested a 15-
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year-old boy accused of attacking a woman on a san rafael jogging path back in june. this is a sketch that police originally released after the incident. it happeend in pickleweed park and near a target store. police say a 46-year-old woman was grabbed at least three times.... she fought back and was able to escape. the teen arrested lives in the neighborhood of the incident. he was arrested on suspicion of sexual battery. . (pam ) new tonight at ten: a warning about buying on craiglist... a portland area mom's attempt to save some money on disneyland tickets - almost ruined her daughter's special trip to the happiest place on earth. reporter jennifer downling has some tips from police on how to avoid becoming a victim. edgar petrevics, uses craig's list i've never been ripped off on craigslist plenty of people found success scrolling through the job listings personal ads and other items offered for sale on the site.
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craigslist is straight forward and the results are right there.but for some, it's not worth the risk. to me you just can't trust it. most recently, portland police say a woman fell victim to a ticket scam while taking a special trip with to her daughter to disney land. she saw an ad like this online and agreed to meet michael mccorbie to purchase two 3-day passes. she paid 300-dollars but when she got to disneyland staff at the park said they were stolen. i'm not sure exactly how many days she ended up going to the park, but she was out a substantial amount of money. she ended up buying new passes at the park and called police when she got home. detectives say they answered mccorbie's ad as part of a sting... when he showed up to meet them, they arrested him. i just went on this morning and saw that there were other craig's list ads that were very similar to this.police say mccorbie told them that he had nearly two dozen tickets nearly half are still unaccounted for. there is a possibility they are not legitimate tickets and we would like to be able to contact those victims and get their statements.they advise that if something sounds too good to be trueit probably is and when buying online,
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you may want to get a second opinion. check with someone else that you trust to get their input on whether or not it's going to potentially turn into a fraud situation. > (pam) the suspect is being charged with theft by deception .. and felony computer crime. (steve) one of tonight's top stories... health and human services secretary tom price has resigned. price who was under fire with president trump for using private planes excessively. all trips costed hundreds of thousands of dollars. reporter andy rose has the latest. the u.s. secretary of health and human services tom price has officially resigned.price offered his resignation in the midst of scandal over his use of private planes for government trips.the announcement came shortly after president donald trump told reporters price's future was being weighed.president trump: "i mean we'll see. we have... he's a very fine man. but we're going to make a decision sometime tonight. he's a very very fine man."an investigation by the department's inspector general into the matter will continue despite his resignation.sarah sanders/white house press
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secy: "we're going to conduct a full review and we'll see what happens"trump was furious with the latest scandal. multiple sources said the president called price's actions "stupid." and thought it was taking attention away from his agenda.on thursday, price said he would write a personal check of a little over 50 thousand dollars to the u-s treasury for the travel expenses...which notably only covers his áseat... not the total cost of the áflights.trump felt the offer, much less than the one million dollars the flights were said to have cost, was the last straw, according to 2010, when price was a georgia congressman, he blasted then-speaker of the house nancy pelosi for doing the same exact thing. congressman tom price/ (r) georgia: "i want to say to the speaker 'don't you fly over our country in your luxury jet and lecture us on what it means to be an american. don't you tell us about america.'"i'm andy rose, reporting.
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our stanley roberts exposes people behaving badly...and it seems 8 times out of's people breaking the law behind the wheel.(steve) but not tonight. have a look at a bold thief...who hit up a peninsula fitness studio...while a class was in session! outside alkalign studios in
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menlo park a lady enters carrying a starbuck's cup filled with water and lemon and a phone . oh and really large bagshe places her drink and phone on the counter and begins to workout no not the fitness kind of workout, it was more like the five finger workout i'll let the owner erin fill in the blanks we're a functional fitness studio we had a noon class going on the door was unlocked and out desk person was out sick, someone came in into our studio and basically started rifling through thingsthe big bag on her shoulder will soon be filled with yoga pants, and pretty much anything she could carry all under the watchful eye of this nest camera which the owner sent the recording to kron 4 nats: ambiance notice the white shirt hanging, she grabs it then poof. like magic it vanishes . then she grabs yet another item . then all of sudden poof that one vanishes too you can even see the empty hangers nats ambiance then there was the obligatory .
10:43 pm
duck and slip out of the camera frame.where she heads into this children playroom where there is no camera so where were the employees while all this was going on a staff member asked if we could help her and she said no i'll let you know if i need any help so we figured she was good not expecting here to stealing something. i'll let you know if i want something right here she grabs a pair of sock who steals socks . she basically goes for broke snagging 10 items from the store so what exactly did she take she took a bunch of fitness clothes she took a lot of our alkalign branded wear so maybe if you see someone wearing our logo that might be a tip .. she took everything from kids clothes to adult clothes here she is trying out a pair of yoga pants but they apparently don't fit she wasn't your typical snatch and run bandit who actually spent about 6 minutes in the studio before grabbing her water, phone, and stuffed bag our stuff is so cool people are stealing ithas been taking to everyone including other shop owners she hopes someone knows who she is . the only thing she didn't snag was the fidget spinners .. who doesn t like fidget spinners oh, we need to find her! in menlo park stanley roberts kron 4 news
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(steve)(steve) today, the golden state warriors released a new jersey fans will notice new logos and new technology. kron 4's camila bernal explains the new add-ons. pkg:ahead of the golden state warriors' game, the fans are getting their outfits ready 18:00 i have two jerseys but i probably won't wear them anymore because of these ones these are the new nike jerseys 16:54 i want to be the first one to have it on, i want to be the first one to wear itit all starts with a complete change in brand7:04 i'm an adidas guy but i saw the new gear and i said oh that's pretty nice the nice ones get a new try the uniforms also include a new badge17:16 we're paying all the new agents and we need the money from somewhere so why notone of the biggest changes in the jersey is the technology. fans will
10:45 pm
be able to download an app, scan their jersey with a smartphone and automatically see game stats, player information, highlights and more.17:02 i think it's cool that you can use your phone to look at information and stuff despite the technology, for some, it's important to keep it traditional 8:04 when i go to the game i like to wear older gear like when baron davis played, i like to wear that gearbut the one thing fans do agree with-is watching the warriors win 8:57 just bring home another championship just win and that's itcamila tag: the jerseys will be available all season starting at 110 dollars. reporting in oakland, camila bernal kron 4 news. last weekend of baseball
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in the bay area. giants and padres last series of the year backup catcher, nick hundley... this year's winner of the willie mac award. giants give the recogniztion to the most inspirational player of the season. giants rolling from the start -- pablo sandoval down the right field line -- brandon crawford scores the third run in the first inning. buster posey had a big night -- 4th inning... with two on base -- he hits a ground-rule double... that only brings one run giants win 8-nothing the a's down in arlington... catcher, bruce maxwell took a knee during the national anthem... rangers fans booed him at globe life
10:47 pm
park. as for the game -- shin soo choo hits a 2-run homer off raul alcantara... oakland allowed 3 runs in the rangers win 5-3 key matchup for the raiders this sunday... they are facing the broncos in denver. wideout, michael crabtree is listed as crabtree is michael wideout, michael crabtree is listed as
10:48 pm
questionable for week four both team are coming off road losses. the last time oakland beat denver on the road was back in 2015. derek carr didn't play in the final regular season game last year... after broke his leg in week 15. the raiders offense will have their hands full with a dominant denver defense carr doesn't expect for him or the offense to struggle like they did against the redskins. the warriors continue to
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finds wat to give back to the community hundreds of basketball hundreds of the community hundreds of basketball fans and playground hoops players were on hand for the dedication of two restored courts at washington park in alameda. the courts were repaired through the partnership of the warriors community foundation and the glad tidings foundation along with other sponsers. since partnering up they have restored over seventy outdoor basketball courts over the last several years.
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(pam) the blue angels are set to fly into the bay area - for fleek week! kron four is your fleet week station... we will have coverage all next week... starting on monday. then on saturday, october 7th ... you can catch our special "blue angels live" show beginning at 2 p-m. senate democrats announced wednesday their plans to make wednesday their announced democrats senate senate democrats announced wednesday their plans to make it easier for customers to collectively sue large companies like equifax and wells fargo. "they allow corporate america to take advantage of a shadow justice system. this is in
10:51 pm
secret. there's no process here." 11 secsthe consumer financial protection bureau bans companies from using mandatory arbitration that forces consumers to settle all cases individually, áoutsideá of courtbut in the wake of recent security breaches, lawmakers say it's time for action.. "these companies did terrible, terrible wrong. and they want to prevent consumers from having rights to sue them? that is outrageous." 12 secsenate democrats vowed to keep that ban in place.. "forced arbitration clauses are a nasty surprise, buried in fine print that let credit card companies or banks cheat people and get away with it." 11 secs
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a slight cooling trend expected into saturday as onshore flow increases across the area. breezy conditions will also persist into the weekend with temperatures at or slightly below seasonal
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averages heading into next week.
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>> last year, the most difficult obstacle course in the world, mount midoriyama, was meticulously constructed in las vegas -- brutal obstacle by brutal obstacle. 100 athletes attempted to conquer it. >> no! ohh! >> one came close... >> brent steffensen has just made history. >> but couldn't defeat the mountain. >> no! and he's out. >> this year, the search continues as we travel across the country looking for a champion, from baltimore to denver, from miami to los angeles. >> 967 miles traveled. >> this is something that i live for. >> i've been waiting five years to be on this show. >> i've been doing nothing but just training hard. >> the toughest qualifying courses ever and never-before-seen obstacles await them. hundreds upon hundreds of competitors from all walks of


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