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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 30, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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deadly gunfire.while on a walk with her father...bay area native kate steinle is shot in the back.. then collapses and dies in his hour later --- police arrest jose garcia zarate..he is later charged in her murder.then the case takes a we learn the gun that killed the 32 year old ---was stolen from a federal law enforcement officer.and the suspect --- had been deported five times. he was set to be deported again... but san francisco sheriff's released him under sanctuary city protections. that decision --- touched off a nationwide immigration debate... and a political firestorm that made its way into the 20-16 presidential two years later....and after six days of deliberating...the jury delivers its verdict.
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(pam) that verdict .... not guilty. a jury acquits jose garcia zarate of first degree murder, second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. the man at the center of a national immigration debate cleared tonight in the murder of kate steinle... but still found guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm. and u-s immigration officials just revealed they will deport zarate.(pam) kron-4's gabe slate joins us live from the hall of justice ....with the controversial outcome to this high profile case. (pam) tonight we are hearing from the family of kate steinle on the verdict. steinle on the family of kate
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from the are hearing tonight we (pam) profile case. this high profile case. (pam) tonight we are hearing from the family of kate steinle on the verdict. (steve) steinle's brother tells kron-4 that he's not surprised... and goes on to say "the system failed kate from the start of the chain of events. from the dropped drug charge he was brought to s-f for, his release without notifying ice
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because of ex-sheriff mirkirimi, the unsecured gun left by the blm agent. why would the verdict in this case be any different. the system failed kate on all levels. the verdict has not effected our family much. we're glad all of this is over and we can remember kate embrace her memory on our terms. (pam) our top story coverage continues now with legal analysis of the verdict many are calling surprising. (steve) criminal defense attorney brian ford joins us now and brian what do you make of this verdict.
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((pam/ots))within the last 30 minutes...president trump took to twitter to talk about today's verdict.the president tweeted..."a disgraceful verdict in the kate steinle case. no wonder the people of our country are so angry with illegal may recall...the kate steinle shooting became a flashpoint in the national debate over immgration.president trump discussed the case several times during the presidential campaign..stressing the need for a new wall along mexico border to keep undocumented immigrants out. (steve) there were news organizations from around the country here today for this case... we've mentioned steinle's murder sparked
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passionate debate about immigartion and sanctuary cities.(pam) grant lodes joins us now with new reaction from the defense team. (grant) during the campaign...president trump repeadetly referenced the steinle killing when building his case for wiping out sanctuary cities like san franicsco. garcia zarate had been deported... back to mexico... five times. before the shooting...offic ials in san francisco released him from custody instead of turning him over to immigration authorities for what would have been deportion nuumber six. president trump used steinle's death to help build a case for building a border wall along the mexican border. tonight...a defense attorney representing garcia zarate...addressed the media. francisco ugarte, defense attorney: (grant) during an immigration
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speech during the campaign...the president said he will pass a bill called "kate's law." that bill would have harsher penalities for people who are repeatedly caught entering the u-s illegally . in june this past year...the house passed "kate's law." but is not getting enough support in the senate. steinle's father has said he did not want his daughter associated with a bill that targets undocumented immigrants. (steve) our coverage of this nationwide story continues online at kron4 dot
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com... there you can hear the full interview with legal expert brian ford... view an interactive timeline - dating back to garcia zarate's entry into u-s... and see reaction from lawmakers... all on kron4 dot com... ahead at eight.. new details about a deadly rollover crash the night before thanksgiving. plus.. the tehama county shooter killed five people in a random shooting rampage. new tonight at 8. we take you to his house... the disturbing discoveries made inside. and the search is on for three men who invaded an east bay home..we have video from the intrusion.
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(steve) another big story we are tracking. tonight we are learning more about the man accused of killing four family members in a crash on the holiday weekend.(pam) we now know... the man accused in the hit-and-run crash.... has had his license suspended five times .... and has two d-u-i's on his record. fred lowe was
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arraigned today. he is now facing four- counts of murder, plus hit and run. the c-h-p says, lowe was driving under the influence... when he slammed into another car, causing it to lose control and flip over. lowe did not enter a plea today. (pam) and new tonight at 8 mothers against drunk driving says, county's must do a better job with monitoring repeat offenders... to make sure they are not behind the wheel.(steve) kron 4's dan kerman is live along i-80 with that part of the story authorities say the man being prosecuted for causing saturday's fatal crash on i-80 is a repeat offender. that comes as no surprise to madd, mothers against drunk driving. sot natasha thomas/madd bay area 10-1670% of those injuries and deaths are caused by those repeat offenders natasha thomas with madd says she's working with bay area district attorneys to shorten the time between arrest and trail.sotthe arrest to conviction date is really delayed so you are having repeat offenders getting their first and second dui while waiting to go through the court processthomas says another way to prevent dui crashes is to better monitor repeat offenders after they're
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convicted. sotmaking sure they are going through their drug treatment program or alcohol treatment programs and make sure they are not breaking the law again and if they are, their probation is revoked.54/is revoked
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in the east bay police are looking for three suspects in connection with a piedmont home invasion. it happened october 10th ... at a home on oakland avenue. one of the homeowners was approached by an armed suspect .. who snatched his cellphone. two additional suspects entered the home and confronted the other homeowner at gunpoint and demanded valuables. and take a look. the thieves were caught on video surveillance cameras.. as they were combing through the home. the suspects involved are still at large tonight. (pam) a second victim has died from injuries ... in a crash that happened over the holiday weekend. 25- year
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old alexys garcia suffered major injuries from the crash the night before thanskgiving. there were five people in the car, when the driver veered off the road in livermore, and the car flipped over.. another 16 -year old passenger also died.. after being partially ejected from the vehicle. the driver --- lauren davis -- - was arrested on suspicion of second- degree murder and felony drunk driving. (steve) kevin jansen neal killed six people and left ten injured in a shooting rampage in rancho tehama earlier this month... reporter rowena shaddox gives us a look inside the home of the killer... guys you may be shocked by the deplorable conditions inside the house and see where the wife spent her final moments alive.(nats of door kick) private investigator frank roman kicks open the door to kevin and barbara nealús 1,000- square foot home. boarding up the doorways to keep strangers out, didnút stop intruders from stealing and adding to the mess of filthy conditions.after the sheriff's office left, whomever came in,
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stole all the clothing., stole whatever furniture was left." o.c.. " ... " :09 áááit's hard to imagine anyone living in a home that resembled a dirty dumping ground with hoards of soil, for eight years - the couple, lkevin and barbara living as man and wife since last may."you can see, there's no running water." a grimy master bathroom with dirt caked in the shower.and on the ceilings...look up there, there cobwebs. everywhere you stepped, there was thick layers of dirt beneath your feet.and complete clutter around you. but a mid all the discarded papers - a love letter written by barbara to her husband.just feet away, all the vent up here.a pot growing operation with vent holes in the walls...this is the residue, what's left.then roman led us to the spot where barbara neal's body was discovered. by officers.this is kevin allegedly cut the hole in the floor after he shot her, and dumped the body in the hole.a three-foot deep
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hole, invaded by more cobwebs. a blue tarp, used to wrap her body - all in an area in front of the couch where they once watched tv together..barbara was a very tiny lady. so easily dispose of her for this disturbing dwelling, what will become of it..."we donate this to the fire department have them use it as a training excercise, and burn it down.... invite the community here to come and watch final resoltion of this. (steve) that was rowena shaddox reporting from kevin janson neal's home, in rancho tehama. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live
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look outside at s-f-o. (steve) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with the forecast high pressure will maintain dry and mild weather through the end of the work week. a weak trough will pass north of the bay area on saturday keeping the best rain chances closer to the oregon border. longer range trends suggest dry and cooler temperatures sunday and monday followed by above normal temperatures by the middle of next week.
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new ahead at 8 a woman gets death threats after a video she posts goes viral. what she said that caused outrage plus. after
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facing complaints..... how american airlines says it is changing a policy regarding employee training. ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little bit later in this broadcast, tiger woods, off and rolling again, first competitive golf in a year, and i'm going against everybody at this station...except maybe pam, i'm gonna let you hear lavar ball talk about his son, i don't care how many people, grant, steve, boo me down, you're gonna hear lavar ball get off on his son compare him to curry."
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hi, we're alaska airlines, and we give you more than just peanuts. we give you all sorts of amazing stuff, like european biscoff cookies. hundreds of free movies and tv shows, that you can watch for free, right on your phone.
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and our rewarding mileage plan that gets you to over 900 mind-expanding destinations. if you want peanuts, check out our prices. alaska airlines. that's how we fly. (pam) american airlines promises changes in the way it trains employees and handles passenger complaints .... regarding racially biased treatment. the airline made the announcement earlier today, after a meeting between c-e-o doug parker and n-a-a-c-p president derrick johnson in dallas.
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the civil rights group issued a travel advisory in october, warning african- americans they could face discrimination flying with the airline. american pledged to hire an outside firm to review its diversity in hiring and promotion, and create a special team to review discrimination complaints. (steve) american airlines says only a few hundred of its scheduled flights for late december remain without pilots. the pilots' union previously said that more than 15,000 flights lacked a captain, co-pilot or both when a problem was discovered in the company's scheduling system. pilots were allowed to take vacation days in the last two weeks of december even if there wasn't another pilot available. earlier today, spokesman for the airline said the pilots are now picking up extra flights. there are also more on call pilots for december than any other months. ahead at eight.. an east bay student suspended over racists online
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posts... today a judge weighed in on whether that punishment violated free speech. plus. a controversial shirt sold on walmart's website... what the company is saying tonight about it. and next. two years after kate steinle was killed on pier 14... the jury hands down a verdict in her murder trial... reaction from prosecutors on losing the case... is next. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ (pam) we are following breaking news tonight at 8-30. the man accused of killing kate steinle --- acquitted in her murder. the jury reached the not guilty verdicts late this afternoon in this high profile trial . (steve) jose garcia zarate was accused of firing the weapon that killed steinle-- sparking a national immigration debate. he had been deported five times and was wanted for a sixth deportation when steinle was shot and killed in the back. garcia zarate said the shooting was an accident. (pam) tonight we are live outside the hall of justice in san francisco . kron-4's gabe joins us now. and gabe what are prosecutors saying.. in light of what many call a surprising verdict soundbite - alex bastian /
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spokesperson for district attorney's office since jose garcia zarate was found not guilty on the three big charges first-degree murder, second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter, the prosecution was asked if they thought they failed by over charging this casesoundbite - alex bastianthe jurrors left the courthouse thursday evening without talking to the media.and kate steinle's family was also not avaiable for on camera reaction after the verdict came downlina prichard has been in the court room every day of this trial. she was the court assigned interpreter for this casehere was her reactionlina prichard / court interpretor
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court interpretor lina prichard / reactionhere was her verdict soundbite - ((pam)) after the verdict... united states attorney general jeff sessions released a statement attacking san francisco's sanctuary city policy.((fsc)) attorney general sessions says quote ...."when jurisdictions choose to return criminal aliens to the streets..... rather than turning them over to federal immigration authorities, they put the public's safety at risk.((fsc)) san francisco's decision to protect criminal aliens .... led to the preventable and heartbreaking death of kate steinle."((fsc)) he went on to say"i urge the leaders of the nation's communities to reflect on the outcome of this case..... and consider carefully, the harm they are doing to their citizens .... by refusing to cooperate with
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federal law enforcement officers." (steve) our coverage continues online at kron-4 dot com. we have a special section dedicated to the trial ... there you will find a timeline beginning with when garcia zarate first entered the u-s. and see reaction from lawmakers and the president on the verdict. all at kron-4 dot com ( pam ) a judge has ruled... a school district in albany did act properly... when it suspended five students... after they 'liked' racist posts on instagram. the posts came from another student's instagram account. u.s. district judge james donato says, the students 'liking' those posts... helped disrupt activity at albany high school. the judge also says, the district did not violate those students' free speech rights.... because the posts were made on a private account. (steve) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam)
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kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us with a look ahead high pressure will maintain dry and mild weather through the end of the work week. will pass north of the bay area on saturday keeping chances closer to the oregon range trends suggest dry and cooler temperatures monday followed by above normal temperatures by the middle of next week.
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(steve) the nation's largest retailer, walmart, has removed a t-shirt from its website that appears to threaten journalists. the retailer pulled this shirt from its website wednesday. the shirt says "rope. tree. journalist. some assembly required." the radio television digital news association says it brought the apparel to walmart's attention in a letter. it believes the shirt would "openly encourage violence targeting journalists." according the nonprofit organization, within hours of sending the letter walmart had removed the shirt from its site. still ahead at 8, video of a dog attacking a car goes viral ===why police say they did nothing to stop it. a couple goes to search for a christmas tree and ends up finding a half- naked woman---- who tells them she was kidnapped. that's next.
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out looking for a christmas tree in the woods... found a partially- clothed woman... who claimed she had been kidnapped and left to die(pam) police say, the 25-year- old woman was lost .... and endured a night of freezing temperatures, rain and snow. police arrested one woman and are now looking for this man, named fred sanderson, who the victim says, she knows. the victim told investigators, the suspects believed she had stolen narcotics from sanderson. the victim was taken to a nearby hospital... and will be ok. (steve) new tonight at 8 a video of a dog tearing up a car is taking social media by stormnow the georgia woman behind the wheel of that receiving death threats. jessica dilallo says she's been getting tons of death threats since she posted this video on facebook earleir this month. jessica says she wanted police to shoot or use a stun device on the dog ...because she was
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scared it would hurt someone. however...many people over social media disagreedsaying the dog just needed time to cool off. police decided not to shoot or use a stun device because the dog was not aggressive toward people, only property(sot) "if we just run the dog off, pepper spray it or tase it, it may turn on us and then we would be forced to kill it because it would be attacking one of us" police say the dog was trying to rip the bumper off the get to two cats under the hood. instead of causing harm to the dog... police waitied for another officer to show with a catch pole to safely capture the dog...who's back home with his owners tonight. (pam) in sports -- the n-f-l names 49ers linebacker, rueben foster, the best defensive rookie for the month of november. gary will tell us... what this means for foster's young career? ( steve ) plus -- tiger woods is back... today he played his first round of competitve golf. our sports director, will tell us how he did at the hero world challenge in the bahamas
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shoppers are sending a message. it pays to buy the end of this cyber monday -- shoppers spent nearly seven billion dollars ($6.59) online. making it the largest online
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shopping day in history -- according to adobe analytics data. top sellers on the web included the nintendo switch -- apple air pods -- and streaming devices like google chromecast and terms of sites -- the big winner on cyber monday?amazon.this past cyber monday is now considered the biggest shopping day in amazon's history.from thanksgiving through cyber monday -- amazon says customers ordered hundreds of millions of products.the most popular?the amazon echo dot smart speaker.people also liked amazon's fire tv stick -- fire 7 tablets.and ancestry d-n-a kits.ancestry says this cyber monday -- it sold 700 percent more kits in one day -- than the entire holiday period last year.the cyber monday news is good for online sites -- but may be a warning to traditional brick and mortar stores.invest online -- or see holiday shoppers disappear.
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tiger woods is back... he was playing in his first round of competive golf for nearly a year. woods in
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the bahamas for the hero world challenge. 14th hole -- we saw a vintage tiger... long birdie putt... goes four under. next hole -- poor tee shot leads to a bogey -- pushes him back to three under par. tiger finished with two bogeys on the day. woods tallies a 69... he's three strokes off the lead "it was not only nice to get the 1st rd out of the way but also i'm only three shots out of the to put myself there after not playing for 10 months or so in the neighborhood of that it was nice to feel the adrenalin out there.""i was very thankful. this morning i was in my head thanking all the people that have really helped meit gave me a chance to come back and play this round again."
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the raiders look to keep their playoff hopes alive on sunday against the giants in new york. derek carr and company are coming off a win over division rival denver...a team the giants beat earlier this season. michael crabtree will serve his one game suspension...and amari cooper will likely sit out because of a concussion. but the main thing to watch for this week isn't who carr throws the ball to...but rather the heat on carr's feet.... the quarterback's cleats will honor his oldest son dallas and valley children's hospital which saved his son's life a few years ago. "we saw how they treated everybody, everybody knew that i played quarterback and those things while we were there, and none of that mattered, it didn't matter what you did, they treated everybody with the most respect, most class, they treated everybody the exact same, and when i saw that, they grew in my book, so just to be able to represent and create awareness for valley children's means a lot
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to me, i know it'll mean a lot to dallas some day..." 49ers linebacker reuben foster has only played in 5 games this yearbut 3 were in november and his performance during those 3 games were enough to earn him recognition as nfl defensive rookie of the monththe fifth 49ers rookie to win a rookie of the month award joining andre carter patrick willis aldon smith and chris those 3 games foster who was the 49ers 1st round pick and the 31st player taken overall in the nfl draft recorded 30 tackles including a season-high 14 stops against the arizona cardinals cowboys- redskins kicking off week 13 we head to jerry's world... dallas have lost all three games... and haven't scored a touchdown since ezekiel elliot's six game suspension
8:50 pm
dak prescott left the game with a hand injury... but was able to return to find dez bryant to make it 24-7 dallas (bryant catches his 72th touchdown becoming the cowboys all-time touchdown leader) alfred morris caps off a 75-yard drive with a touchdown against his former team cowboys win 38-14 they improve to 6-6... keeping their playoff hopes alive this week's lexus experience amazing ultimate highlight comes on the soccer field.comes on the highlight comes on the soccer field. 32-year-old wayne rooney caps off a hat trick with this strike from over midfield. it was his first hat trick for everton. rooney said after the match it might be his best goal ever.
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everton won the game 4-nothing most of the intrigue involving last night's warriors lakers game involved steph curry and lonzo balllonzo's outspken dad lavar had said a few months ago that his son was better than steph and last night was the first chance to see them go against each other in the 3rd quarter lonzo proved tough as he hit his head on the floor but despite being cut kept playingand it was his quarter lonzo who has shot poorly all season nailed three 3-pointers plus made a layup as the lakers eventually took the warriors into overtime ball finished with 15 points on 5-of-12 shooting and 10 assistsbut in ovetime curry took over bothered by an injured finger on hs shooting hand that prompted him to call kobe bryant for advice steph knocked down back-to- back threes and the warriors hung on for a 127-123 win curry had 28 points 13 in overtime steph gave lonzo a little love once the game was over and
8:52 pm
father lavar was asked abut his thoughts after the game (sot: lavar) 'i trained my son, i know what he's about. you guys know what steph is about from what you've seen. i don't know what steph i about, he's a good player, but to me..." "he's a two-time mvp!""he can be a 10-time mvp and i still don't think he's better than my son. "it's good to check in with you. thanks you very much." "you can always check in with the big baller! (wipe: curry & durant stomp lavar & lonzo) coming up.. people discovered trying to cheat on a california marathon, before the race even starts.. tonight at 9 you don't have any license plates and you
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don't have a fastrak the bay bridge flyover during off peak hours is stricly for buses, so why are so many drivers using it, ill explain in the next edition of people behaving badly sfx: tinny headphone music
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and the organizers have caught some people trying to cheat. some people have been trying to sell their bib numbers on craigslist. one person even had an ad on the site ... trying to get someone to complete the race for him. this case is being called a "bib mule". the person who did this has been banned from the race for life. (steve) time to end the great debate-- dogs are smarter than cats. at least according to a new study from vanderbilt university. (pam) researchers say dogs have more than twice as many neurons in their brains. they say those neurons are linked to thinking, planning, and other behaviors. the study says dogs have around 530 million neurons... and cats have around 250 million. in comparison... humans have 16-billion. researchers also say the size of the brain does not affect the amount of brain cells. when compared to a grizzly bear, dogs still had more neurons. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news
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at 8.(steve) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))that's right pam and steve...we continue to track the breaking news out of san francisco.a not guilty verdict in the kate steinle murder trial.jose garcia zarate...aquitted on all charges except felon in possession of a fire arm.we're live at the hall of justice with president trump weighs in via twitter. and new tonight at nine...we are live in pleasanton where kate steinle is from.what people in her hometown are saying about the jury's decision.((grant)) plus...forbes released its report on the most expensive zip codes in the country.find out which bay area cities made the list.((vicki))keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break.
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(grant) it was a high profile case that got nationwide
9:00 pm
attention and tonight the verdict is in... not guilty... a jury acquits jose garcia zarate of first degree murder, second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in the kate steinle murder trail....(grant) thanks for joining us i'm grant lodes...(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis... bay area native kate steinle was shot in the back.. and then collapses and died in her fathers arms back in 2015... and tonight the man at the center of a national immigration debate is cleared in her murder.... but garcia zarate was found guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm. kron-4's charles clifford is on the case... he joins us live from the hall of justice ....with the controversial outcome.


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