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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 1, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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lauer. >> will you accept the offer, megyn? >> the "today" show, scrambling to find a host. who is on their short list. then -- meghan markle's official duties begin. the fashion frenzy she's causing. plus -- >> we're engaged. >> kaley cuoco says yes, with a whole lot of tears. what went wrong just before her proposal. then, an inspiring story from sell lean in gomez. what she's only sharing with "e.t." >> it's important to go through your life the way you want. and carol burnett. stories behind her tv laughs. >> did you all keep that curtain rods. >> and what brought her to tears on our set. >> oh, wow. this is "entertainment tonight." it is one of the most coveted positions in tv news. so who will replace matt lauer at the "today" show? >> good question. welcome, everybody. nancy and skrechb the night off. we have the latest on who will
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take matt's seat as lauer takes his life off the grid. the disgraced morning show host shut down his social media account. he was last seen yesterday near his east hamptons home, two days after nbc fired him before inappropriate sexual behavior. who could replace him? >> are you being considered to replace matt lauer on the "today" show? >> a report that megyn kelly was eyeing lauer's job. she and her colleagues ignored questions about it yesterday. >> sit true that megyn is being rumored to replace matt? there's rumors megyn kelly might be in position to replace matt lauer? >> reporter: a source tells "e.t." that rumor is 100% not true. another nbc source tells "e.t." the network likes megyn in her current role. another contender, hoda kotb. and willie geist.
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meanwhile, lauer's ex-wife is supporting him. "e.t." spoke exclusively to nancy alspaugh by phone. >> i was shocked because, he has been such a stalwart at that net work. and in that job. he's been the best person that's ever held that job. i couldn't imagine anything he would have done that would have been so out of character for him that would have caused that reaction. i never saw him as a power monger. or somebody who would abuse his position in any way. i'm very close with his family. with his mother and his sister. and, um -- i know they're all just trying hang in amidst the fire storm. the family is kind of gathering inward. and, trying to make the best of a really horrible situation. >> now this is interesting. now that matt is out, two of the three highest paid tv anchors are women. reportedly robin roberts makes $18 million a year. and megyn kelly earns between $15 million and $20 million.
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sean hannity is the highest paid. with $36 million a year. there's nothing like royal riches. prince harry and meghan markle made the first appearance. the future duchess has won the hearts of england, too. this couple was not shy about showing some pda on their first official appearance together. harry couldn't keep his hands off his bride-to-be. they often held hands during their visit to nottingham, giving us another look at the stunning royal rock. his hand was often on her back. the two constantly exchanged loving glances at one another while meeting and greeting and appearing at various events. >> how does it feel being a ginger with meghan? >> it's great. unbelievable. >> reporter: meghan seemed to embrace her new royal role, beaming as she shook hands with the crowd. one fan greeted her with an american flag. and another presented her with a gift of gummy bears. our "aw" moment of the day was when harry adjusted the winter cap on a child. seems he's showing off his future dad skills.
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the future duchess paid a nod to her new homeland are with her fashion choices. her skirt was from british designer joseph. her handbag is from strathberry, a scottish company. and her long double-breasted maxicoat is from mackage, a canadian brand. canada, where meghan has lived the past few years, is part of the british commonwealth. the coat is actually a recycle. meghan has worn the $790 garment before. showing everyone that wearing something over and over can be chic. and of course, while this are already lots of fashion comparisons between meghan and kate, or meghan and diana. my favorite one from today was meghan taking her cues from the queen. >> that takes securing the bag the to a whole new level. >> another engagement. kaley cuoco. the big bang beauty got engaged to her boyfriend of nearly two years yeed, karl cook. he got it all on camera. it's adorable. >> honey? how do you feel, honey?
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what's on your finger, honey? >> we're engaged. >> you still haven't said yes yet. >> yes, i say yes, i say yes! >> reporter: best birthday ever. kaley was completely caught up in the moment after karl popped the question. with this pear-shaped sparkler. the two even shared a sweet slow dance to ed sheeran's song, "perfect." >> i love you. >> i love you so much. >> reporter: the couple met in february 2016 at a horse show. kaley was in the middle of her divorce with her ex, ryan sweeting. karl and kaley instantly bonded over their love of animals. >> he's totally the guy. it works for us. we have this special bond. the animals. i have never met a kinder human being. he's gentle and real. i'm completely in love with him. >> reporter: before the big proposal, the couple celebrated kaley's 32nd birthday, shopping for a christmas tree. and 26-year-old karl joked about a possible engagement with this ring ornament.
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later, he pulled out all the stops. >> i'm so touched. greatest thing ever. >> reporter: not everything went as planned. >> i ran into a chandelier. >> oh, babe. >> reporter: it didn't stop karl from getting down on one knee. >> we're engaged! >> oh, she's so happy. i sent her a text last night. she said she has not stopped crying. she's just ecstatic. we're over the moon for you, miss kaley. let's keep this love thing going. scarlett johansson and colin jost making it red carpet official at the american museum of natural history event. meanwhile, on the west coast, selena gomez accepted "billboard" magazine's woman of the year award. she was presented the award by the woman who saved her life. ♪ ♪ go ahead, go ahead now
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>> reporter: this new hair. this new look. >> i'm somebody that likes to grow. then i'm 25. i feel like i'm going to change a lot and enjoy that. >> reporter: selena's look. strapless black leather and supersexy versace pants with cutouts. her acceptance speech? emotional and filled with tears. >> to be honest, i take -- i think francia should the getting this award. because she saved my life. i'm sorry. ♪ i'll be running through the jungle ♪ >> reporter: selena posed with francia raisa, who gave her a kidney last summer. the besties shared this inspiring story about what happened right after the surgery. >> she was this the hospital. she had to shoot. literally got out of the hospital and went to hair and makeup to finish shooting. >> 60% of my recovery my doctor said will be mentality. it inspired me. motivated me. i wanted to get through it in a
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way where i felt empowered. ♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ >> reporter: yes, selena is all about empowering others. in "billboard" magazine, the 25-year-old talks about her relationship with bieber saying, maybe before, it could have been forcing something that wasn't right. but that doesn't mean caring for someone ever goes away. ♪ it's a light >> i like to come at things with my best. that's all i know how to do is to give my best. ♪ >> she's the most followed woman on instagram. and like, lady goals for a reason. so kind. >> we love you just the way you are. more from billboard's music. >> we're hanging with kelly clarkson who got a little tmi about her marriage. >> he's pretty cute. he's also pretty funny and nasty. so. plus, chrissy teigen takes flight. >> smoke and oxygen mask at the same time. >> we'll take you inside her airline theemd birthday party. >> somehow it works.
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the new video, tell me you love me" dropped today. ♪ oh tell me you love me >> she kicks off her u.s. tour with d.j. khaled in january. >> "e.t." and live nation are teaming up for the holidays to bring you 12 days of tickets, which gives you, the fans, a chance to see me and some of your other favorite artists live on tour. go to live nation's instagram for all the details on how the win a pair of tickets to one of their featured artist's shows. a new winner is selected every day. one grand prize winner gets a
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the palm springs sbesh national film festival just announce t it will present the cast of heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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♪ that is jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez stepping out for a date night in new york. here's what i want to know. do you think he'll give her a ring for christmas? >> think so. i hope so. we love them together. j. lo is rooting hard for her man to land one of the biggest jobs in baseball. she tweeted, #a rod. for yankees manager. >> what couldn't be clearer is how great of team they make. how about chrissy teigen and
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john legend. >> yesterday was her 32nd birthday. they celebrated in high-flying retro style. >> coffee? tea? or me? >> reporter: chrissy cleared for takeoff with kim k. and friends. this party was certainly -- ♪ extraordinary >> reporter: hubby john legend serenaded the birthday girl, both taking chrissy's vintage '60s pan am theme to new heights. we see that jackie o. inspired look. >> oh, my gosh, yes. >> reporter: that black fascinator. the pink power suit. the tiny belt cinched just above her baby bump. chrissy was all in. >> chrissy! >> reporter: leaving little luna at home, they and some celeb friends gathered at this makeshift l.a.x. terminal. constructed to the "t." with a ticket counter. stewardesses, and a replica double-decker plane. complete with pilots and a safety briefing. >> take the mettle clamp and put it into the buckle. >> reporter: but at about 3 months pregnant, we never expected to see chrissy do this. not to worry, it's fake.
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but kanye winning bingo, that's real. not contactually dressing the part, kanye let his instagram-happy wife kim shine in a pink chanel suit. sunglasses, and a '60s bee hive. chrissy appreciated the effort. >> i can't believe i bhp blp made you do this. >> reporter: anyone can be in the repdy ka theater. for upwards of $430. >> i better get a massage and facial. >> i better get the whole basket of snax. coming up, we party with power house kelly clarkson. what you didn't see behind the scenes at her car pool karaoke. >> my husband, i don't know how they got him to do that. plus, taylor swift tablgs us backstage. >> taylor can't come to the phone right now. why? then, carol burnett remembers her greatest tv moments and the time she couldn't keep it together on set. >> we have a whole segment of cracking up. [ laughter ]
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♪ new mom ciara in a beautiful ivory off the shoulder gown. elle fanning in a sparkly fringed versace. and taraji p. henson. for kelly clarkson, it was a night for celebration. >> can i do the whole interview dancing? >> you're the powerhouse. you can do whatever you want. >> i think that means i'm annoying. >> reporter: nope, we're sticking to pow ir house. she sounds like this. ♪ we're flying high >> reporter: and because she's up front about everything. >> i'm just going to do this, okay. yeah, that's heavy. that's heavy. i drink wine. i don't work out. >> reporter: we love her because
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she gives us relationship goals. your husband was watching you being like, wow, that's my wife. >> he's pretty cute. he's also pretty funny and nasty so -- >> reporter: all the same. >> all the things. yeah. >> reporter: let's talk about "carpool karaoke." it was genius. >> i got a report from the farm today. >> i had no idea they were going to -- >> i had no clue. >> i thought you were in on it? >> my husband, i don't know how they got him to do that. like, he was sweating profusely. he was dying. he is the man behind the cram, not in front. >> mostly, we think kelly is a powerhouse because she's a strong woman raising a strong daughter. just ask wonder woman. >> i want to talk about the gift that gal gadot sent to river rose. >> she gave her two wonder woman dolls that she's been playing with with her princesses. they're cool. but not as cool as won'ter
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woman. >> so funny. she is the best. everyone wanted to hang out with her. obviously, we can't get enough of her. she just recorded a special version of "christmas eve" for spotify's play list. alison betwesweeney is obse with the holidays. her stress starts with the tree. >> i love christmas decorations. decorating the the tree. that is fun family with the music and the kids and -- it's so much easier now because they're older. i'm not like, no, don't put it there. oh, close to the ornaments, honey. >> reporter: christmas ocd? we get it. alison is the executive producer and star of her new holiday movie. her favorite part? special effects. movie was shot in 80-droe weather with not a snowflake in
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sight. >> tell me how you did it? >> with cgi. to see your movie get cgi'd. when there's trees. it's -- blows your mind. if you would like to join us, we're going to go tree shopping. >> reporter: alison's been acting since she was 4 years old. now as mom to 1-year-old ben and 8-year-old megan, there might be a big role reversal coming up. >> any sign from either of them they may be following in your footsteps. >> so megan is a performance. we read books together at home. she does everyone's contact, she gets superinto it. >> let the wild rumpus start. >> she's got the bug. >> maybe she could end up on "days of our lives." also airing sunday night, the carol burnett 50th an ver anniversary special.
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now, at 84, she's sharing her favorite moments. >> i know what it was. it was a 7. >> are you sure? >> it was a seven! >> the 50th anniversary special. so many magic moments. how did you choose what to include? >> i think over the 11 years, for the most part, we hit a few home runs. we just tried to pick highlights. say something, say something! [ laughter ] >> why captain butler, what a pleasant surprise. >> this classic moment was from a spoof of "gone with the wind." >> what brings you to tara? >> that gown is gorgeous. >> thank you, i saw it in the window and i couldn't resist it. >> did you keep the curtain rod from "gone with the wind "? >> i wear it at home all the time. >> do you? one of my favorite things was if you guys would laugh.
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>> we have a whole segment of cracking up. ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ i know how [ laughter ] >> we talked to a couple of your friends. they sent messages to you. i want you to watch this. hold on. >> carol. >> i love you and congratulations on 50 years. >> i will always be deeply in love with you. >> oh, wow. >> that's pretty cool. >> this 84-year-old icon is the epitome of cool. >> what's great is that because of the dvds that we put out, and because of youtube, i'm getting fan mail from 10-year-olds. >> wow. >> teenagers. it's just so thrilling to me. ♪ i'm so glad we had this time together ♪ >> carol always ended each show with this song. so kevin had to give it a go.
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♪ we're so glad we had this time together ♪ ♪ together >> it wasn't horrible. it wasn't great. >> carol burnett was great. kevin frazier, don't quit your day job. another show that deserves a serenade? "60 minutes" is celebrating their 50th anniversary as well. this sunday, they'll be profiling themselves. coming up, taylor swift takes us behind the scenes of her jingle ball performance. that's next. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: a carjacking suspect shot and killed by police ---what lead up to the deadly encounter. and a local after-school aide accused of lewd acts with minors is back behind bars -- over what police say they just discovered. i'm steve aveson i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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before. hi, everybody. >> looking for something to binge this week end? try out the new amazon series, the marvelous mrs. mazel.
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>> fitting into this dress required no food for three weeks. who does that? i do. >> she's trying to become a standup comic. >> something feels like we have gone back in a time machine. >> this show is a throwback to when female comics were rare. >> look at me. who couldn't want to come home to this every night. promo considerations provided by -- so i'm walking on to the stage for sound check. playing, uh, jingle bells for tomorrow night. really excited. >> she should be excited. she shot that instagram story yesterday. her performance is tonight at the kiss fm jingle ball concert. >> the first time she's hit the stage since the release of "reputation."
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it just started streaming today. >> it's the natural lighting happening. look. the forum. it's too close. jingle ball. testing. taylor can't come to the phone right now. why? [ screaming ] >> and this swift tswiftirk e w there tonight. >> she's alive. don't anybody freak out. >> she can't come from the phone. >> have a great weekend. sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. ( ♪ )
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when it comes to holiday shopping, my wife loves style, my son is all about technology and my daughter? she just loves horses. don't you just love one-stop shopping? i do. ring in the holidays with buick. get up to 20% below msrp on most 2017 luxury suv models. that's over $7,100 on this buick envision essence. experience the new buick this holiday season. now at eight ... the suspect was transported to sf general hospital where he waspronounced deceased.the carjacking of a california lottery n rns into a
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deadly confrontation with policewhooshan after=school program aide arrested on suspicion of child molesting ... parents shocked to know this isnt his first arrest. whooshacquitted of murder but now facing new charges .... find out what's ahead for kate steinle's killer.whooshthe average girl is sold about 15 times a daymeet a one woman crusader againt sex trafficking in the east bay.... (steve) police swarm a san francisco neighborhood... after an officer shoots a carjacking suspect. that suspect later died at the hospital.(steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. tonight we are learning more about what led up to this deadly confrontation. it happened in the city's bayview neighborhood, near fitzgerald avenue and griffith street, around 10 -this morning.(steve) kron-4's charles clifford explai


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