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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 12, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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tonight kron four looks at ed lee's legacy, from his early career as a housing rights lawyer to his defiance of a president over sanctuary cities. we loved him in our community. he did some good works, man (pam) the bay area in shock... after san francisco mayor ed lee suddenly dies. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (grant) and i'm grant lodes in for steve aveson. lee was rushed to the hospital late last night after collapsing while shopping at his local safeway. tonight we are looking back at lee's bay area legacy..(pam) kron-4's justine waldman begins our coverage live from city hall... justine nats of clappingsot cover he was humble and determined no matter the jobmayor ed lee passed away 1:11 in the
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morning on tuesday december 12th.surrounded by his friends and family.earlier that evening he collapsed at a safeway near his glen park home and was rushed by ambulance to san francisco general hospital.20- 30 acting mayor london breed / san francisco "everyone agrees our mayor was a good man with a good heart/ what matter to him was helping his fellow san franciscans and occasionally delivering the perfectly timed corny joke." during this time of mourning, flags are at half staff outside city hall.inside the mayors office, large bouquets of flowers rest near his painted portrait.while sadness weighed down city hall, business went on as usual.the board of supervisors held their regular meeting.and couples came to this iconic spot to tie the knot.52- 58 gary thomas / married at city hall "it is a little surreal happiness on our part but sadness for mayor ed lees family and friends and the city of san francisco."a memorial outside city hall includes cards and candles. people came here to remember the city's first asian american mayor.he was the city administrator in january 2011 when the board of supervisors appointed him to replace gavin newsom, who was elected lt. governor.he then won election as mayor in november 2011.and won re-election in super sot such a sad day he represented so many different communiteshe was a fierce advocate for the homeless, fought for affordable housing and greatly respected." has earned our affection because
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he was one of the sweetest men any of us have every known and he will be truly missed" missed"he will be truly missed"
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(pam) london breed is san francisco's new acting mayor. she was first elected to the board of supervisors in 2012, and re-elected in 2016. (grant) and the board of supervisors has elected her as its president twice since 2015. kron 4's dan kerman is live for us tonight at san francisco city hall with more on san francisco's new mayor. san francisco's new acting mayor london breed is a san francisco native who was raised by her grandmother in public housing something that's always been and continues to be a top priority. sot london breed/acting s.f. mayor 13-23when i first became a member of the board of supervisors he asked my top three priorities and i said public housing public housing public housing, and as someone who grew up there and spent most of my life there, as did mayor lee, we bonded over that. but san francisco's new acting mayor has other priorities as wellsot amos brown/ naacp sf
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president 35-45she has a passion for social justice, education, community building, bringing people togethernaacp san francisco president and 3rd baptist church pastor amos brown says breed is a member of his church and learned leadership skills through the naacp youth council. brown says that combined with her bacherlors degree from uc davis and her masters from the university of san francisco gives her all of the qualities and attributes to lead san franciscosotshe's competent, qualified, she has chemistry to relate to people and she has courage.brown says breed, who as president of the board of supervisors could often be seen standing along side mayor lee is also tough which also will serve her well in her new rolesoti now must assume the responsibility and i ask for your patience and i ask for your support and i ask for your prayers.
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january 20-20. through january 20-20. (pam) moves forward... the board of supervisors has the power to vote- in a different acting mayor if they choose ... but a vote is not required. if the board does not hold a vote, london breed will continue to hold.. both her board seat
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and her position as mayor, until the special election on june 5th. whoever wins that election will serve the remainder of lee's term through january 20-20. (grant) the mayor's unexpected death is spurring an outpouring of reaction from lawmakers across the state. (pam) including governor jerry brown who wrote on twitter.... 'on behalf of all californians, anne and i extend our deepest condolences to mayor lee's family, his many friends and the entire city of san francisco. ed was a true champion for working people and epitomized the california spirit. he'll truly be missed.' (grant) and lieutenant governor gavin newsom---also a former san francisco mayor... gavin newsom tweeted out this photo of himself with ed lee... and wrote he is "absolutely heartbroken by
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mayor lee's passing. newsom went on to say san francisco has lost a selfless leader, and dedicated public servant, whose intellect, integrity, boundless optimism & contagious love... elevated our city to greater heights. (pam) and you're looking live at san franciso city hall .... where people are dropping off flowers and writing messages of remembrance for mayor lee tonight.(pam) many san franciscians are now coming to grips with the sudden death of mayor lee. (grant) kron4's maureen kelly talked to people who say they feel blindsided motorcyclesa san francsico police officers on motorcycles drive off in advance from general hospital to escort the late mayor has he taken away in a coroner's van. a small crowd gathered to watch the motorcade drive by.some still in shock by the news.and i said this i said no this can't
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be true, man i just saw him yesterday he was downtown doing some homeless coalition work yesterday and i said well manshocked and very sad and i'm still very sadat noon there was a moment of silence for mayor lee.trains stopped in their an announcement overhead called him a champion for public transportation and offered thoughts and prayers to his family.commuters at the glen park stop expressed their feelings over his passing.very sad and somber it's very unfortunatei'm sorry for the people who are having trouble with homeless because he was such an advocate for the homeless and low income families so that's my saddest thoughtcythnia choi with chinese for affirmative action says mayor lee's appointment in 2011 was culturally significant.first is the first asian american first chinese american mayor of san francisco arguably the most asian american cities in the country it was a big deal for him to become mayor especially if you think about the early days of the history of the city where asian americans face a lot of discrimination so it was more than symbolic that he became the mayor of the citybut choi, who first meet lee in his early days as a tenent advocate says his tireless dedication to san francisco will be his legacy. so i think he'll be remembered most for being a true and true public servant and really wanting to make the city work for all its residents he served in the city for 25 years starting off in the nonprofit sector as a as an affordable housing advocate fighting for the rights of all tenants and that was dear to my heart in terms of what i remember about himhis last tweet showed how his heart never strayed from his
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roots.promoting the introduction of legislation to recoup costs from landlords illegally housing tenants in unsafe dwellings.maureen kelly kron4 news. (grant) our coverage continues at kron-4 dot com. there you will find all the reaction from lawmakers and the community.. a photo gallery of lee during his tenure as mayor. and a look back at his life and career.. all at kron-4 dot com
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ahead at eight.. sierra lamar's killer sentenced for her murder. what the morgan hill teen's family said about his punishment. plus. firefighters control a fire in the oakland hills..but not before it destroyed homes. why it was hard for them to put out and next. the nation's eyes on alabama === as the votes are counted in the controversial senate race.(grant) a breaking update is next.
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(grant) we are tracking breaking news tonight out of alabama. where democrat doug jones has won election to the u-s senate.. a major political blow to president donald trump.(pam) this race has caught the nation's
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attention. after republican candidate roy moore faced allegations of sexual misconduct with teenagers ... while he was in his 30-s. tonight the voters rejected roy moore. doug jones is now the first democrat elected to u-s senate in alabama... in 25 years. tonights vote shifts the balance of power in the senate ... to 51 republicans and 49 democrats. jones' victory is expected to energize the democratic party... as it looks to build on anti-trump looks to build on anti-trump sentiment... on anti-trump looks to build party... as it democratic energize the expected to energize the democratic party... as it looks to build on anti-trump sentiment... and mount a challenge for next
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year's mid- term elections. jones spoke just minutes ago... here's what he said (grant) and this is a live picture from roy moore's watch party. a bit more somber there.
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(pam) the battle for the alabama senate did not exactly fall along party lines. more than a dozen republican leaders called for moore to drop out of the race. (pam) and tonight there is reaction to the results. senator jeff flake tweeting out "decency wins" again he is one of more than two dozen leaders who have condemned roy moore for the allegations against him. we are still waiting to see how the president will react. (pam) we are tracking the alabama special election online... there you can find live updates on the results and reaction to the controversial race. (grant) the man covicted the man covicted earlier this year of kidnapping and
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killing sierra lamar receievd a life sentence in prison today. k-r-o-n-4's rob fladeboe was inside the courtroom with the latest details on antolin garcia torres sentence. nats (la mar family celebrates outside courtroom)this was the scene outside the hall of justice late today as marlene and steve lamar and their supporters exchanged hugs and handshakes following an emotional day in court that saw the man convicted of murdering their daughter sierra sentenced to life in prison without parole.marlene lamar/sierrra's mothersteve lamar/sierra's father surrounded by these and other photos of sierra, marlene and steve lamar read powerful victim statements blasting garcia torres for robbing of them of their daughter sierra, who vanished on her way to school in march of 2012. a jury convicted him last summer. sierra's body has never been found.jeff rosen/santa clara county dist. attorneyémark klaas/klaas kids foundationshown here in an earlier court appearance, garcia torres showed no emotion during his sentencing and chose not to exercise his right to address the court.rob
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fladeboe/san jose"...although he will likely spend the rest of his life in rison in state prison, the court also ordered that garcia torres must register as a sex offender. he will return to court next month for a restitution hearing. his attorneys say they are planning an appeal. in san jose rob fladeboe kreon 4 news kreon 4 newsjose rob fladeboe kreon 4 news (grant) (grant) (grant) (grant) tomorrow...we could
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find out if the two men charged in the ghost ship fire...will stand trial.(pam) in today's preliminary hearing, an oakland fire captain testified today.. that master tenant derick almena told him ... in september 2014... that noone was living at the structure where 36 people died in a fire last year. the captain says, he noted his concerns in a one- page report to oakland fire inspectors... but said, he doesn't know if they ever followed up on his report. almena and ghost ship creative director max harris .... face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors allege that the warehouse violated several rules under the california fire code, such as not having adequate fire- suppression systems, smoke alarms, exit signs and sprinklers.
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(grant) and the man accused in the crash that killed a bay bridge toll worker has been officially charged. daniel berk was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and six counts of felony d-u-i. berk is accused of driving his truck through a booth and killing 46-year-old caltrans worker si si han. c-h-p officers who were at the scene of the crash say berk smelled of alcohol and marijuana. berk's next court appearance has not been released yet. han leaves behind (( pam 2shot)) fire official still do not know what sparked a fire that destroyed two homes in the oakland hills. (( grant map))the fire was first reported just before 11-30 last night on snake road.about 70 residents were forced from their homes while crews fought to put out the fire.they finally managed to get it under control by about 4:00 this morning.we're told the two homes that were
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destroyed...were under construction. no one was injured.the fire is under investigation. (grant) after a week long strike. employee's with the city of oakland are returning back to work.(grant) mediation has begun between the city of oakland and the union representing city employee's. since then many city services has gone back to normal. as many as three-thousand employee's have gone back to work. the labor strike began on december 5. now negotiations will resume next monday. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o... kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with the forecast strong high pressure will remain in place through much of the week and result in dry weather conditions along with above average daytime temperatures. clear skies and weak offshore flow will allow for cool overnights which will warm slightly late in the forecast period as onshore winds return.
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winds return. period as onshore winds return. winds return.
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new ahead at 8 ... the
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battle over the countrys' employer birth control payment rules .. being played out right here in the bay area.. and the outcome could affect millions of women. plus, the christmas spirit coming to life for victims still struggling in the north bay fire zone...
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want, you can level a person's house, but you cannot steal their christmas spirit>(grant) a secret santa has been decorating one of the hardest hit neighborhoods from the north bay firestorm with christmas lights and holiday decorations.(pam) kron 4's gabe slate talked with residents of burned down homes in the area, who say, the efforts of the secret santa are helping them to heal. at first glance the coffey park neighborhood in santa rosa is still very dreary depressing lifeless the trees are gone, the houses
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gone, the north bay firestorm wiped it outbut if you look closer something is sprouting up. something colorful something joyful lookingit's christmas.sound from - ronnie duvall - holiday decorating coffey parkronnie duval had several friends who lost homes here in the coffey park neighborhood and he wanted to make it easier for them when they have to visit their burned out home.sound from - ronnie duvall - holiday decorating coffey parkso ronnie started stringing up battery powered christmas lights around the neighborhood to bring some light to the darknessonce the locals who lost homes here expressed gratitude for what he was doing he kept it up..more lights more decorations and now he is putting up dozens of real living christmas trees around and decorating them.. sound from - ronnie duvall - holiday decorating coffey park sound from - nicole medeiros - lost home to fire, coffey park nicole medeiros heard about what ronnie was doing and had to see it for herselfnicole requested a tree to be put on her lot where her home once was so she could decorate it. nicole said after what she has been through it's healing sound from - nicole medeiros - lost home to fire, coffey parkronnie was right..
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sound from - ronnie duvall - holiday decorating coffey park in santa rosa gabe slate kron 4 news. kron 4 news. gabe slate kron 4 news. ahead at eight.. the clock is ticking for congress to pass its tax overhaul by christmas... what it could all mean for your paycheck. plus. a
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growing southern california wildfire spreading to the north... and we're learning the cause of one of the other fires that erupted. and next. his sudden death a shock to san francisco. tonight we look back at mayor ed lee's bay area legacy
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♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ (pam) ed lee's low=key style served him well as he dealt with the many
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challenges he faced during his nearly seven -years in office as the mayor of san francisco. (grant) as catherine heenan show us, he was both blamed and applauded for changing the face of san francisco. it is special to be the first asian american mayor of this cityed lee took office nearly seven years ago.... a longtime city hall bureaucrat who said he had no ambition other than to serve out gavin newsom's term after newsom was elected lieutenant governor.a protege of chinatown political legend rose pak, he changed his mind after a few months and filed for re=election.his priorities ... economic growth and affordable housing, two goals that sometimes came in conflict with each other. (cagle) "san francisco is hoping tax breaks will keep twitter from moving its headquarters elsewhere..."the so=called twitter tax convinced tech giants like twitter, linkedin and salesforce that san francisco was a viable alternative to silicon valley.(gabe) another big score for mayor ed lee and the blossoming tech scene in san francisobut as rents soared and apartment vacancies plunged, he faced a growing
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backlash from housng advocates. you know you have no heart, man. you're kicking the people who built this city out of here.getting ready for the 49ers steelers and ... embarassing blackout at candlestick ... as the 49ers packed their bags for santa appears that there will be no hail mary pass from mayor ed lee or the city of san francisco to keep the 49ers in town.sot.that might be costing 200 to 400 million dollars and nobody has that kind of money lying around.the mayor did manage to lure the warriors across the bay .... and loved to celebrate the giants world series wins.yes! plagued with police problems from racists text to officer involved shootings, the mayor was forced to fire his his police chief ... and suspend sheriff ross mirkarimi after he convicted of and admitted to domestic violence.mayor lee celebrated the supreme court decision lealizing same sex marriagefull marriage equality! and this year when donald trump threatened to cut off funds to cities providing sactuary to undocumented mmigrants, the mayor responded wit ha lawsuitwe are a sanctuary city, we have not changed we do not plan to
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not plan to (pam) and you can (pam) not plan tochanged we do we have not sanctuary city, we have not changed we do not plan to (grant) we are tracking breaking news democrat doug jones has won election to the u-s senate in alabama.(pam) all eyes were on this race... because of the controversy surrounding republican candidate roy moore. he is accused of sexual accused of he is moore. candidate roy republican surrounding controversy because of the race... were on this all eyes (pam)alabama.senate in to the u-s won election doug jones has democrat doug jones has won election senate in alabama.(pam) all eyes were on this race... because of the
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race... because of the controversy surrounding republican candidate roy moore. he is accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers ... while he was in his 30-s. he is speaking right now let's listen in.(pam) doug jones is now the first democrat elected to u-s senate in alabama ... in 25 years. tonights vote shifts the balance of power in the senate ... to 51- republicans and 49- democrats. jones' victory is expected to energize the democratic party... as it looks to build on anti-trump sentiment... and mount a challenge for next year's mid- term elections. you also see a live picture of roy moore's watch party... his party... his supporters a little more subdued.(pam) and president reacting tonight on twitter.... he wrote.... ' congratulations to doug jones on a hard fought victory. the write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a big factor, played a very write-in votes victory. the hard fought jones on a ns to doug congratulatio' he wrote.... on twitter.... reacting tonight trump is president and (pam) subdued.(pam) subdued.little more supporters
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a his supporters a little more subdued.(pam) and president trump is reacting tonight trump is president and president trump is reacting tonight on twitter.... he wrote.... ' congratulations to doug jones on a hard fought victory. the write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win. the people of alabama are great, and the republicans will have another shot at this seat... in a very short period of
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time. it never ends!' (grant) tens of thousands of people are still evacuated tonight in southern california as several wildfires rage on. the thomas fire is the largest of them all. and the massive wildfire is still marching up california's coast. it's grown to 234-thousand acres. and is just 20 percent contained. and is threatening communities and santa barbara and venture counties. it's day nine of red flag conditions in the region. but firefighters took advantage of calmer overnight winds the fire is now the fifth largest in california history. (grant) and just today we learned the cause of a fire that destroyed six homes in the exclusive bel air neighborhood of los angeles. fire officials say it was sparked by an illegal cooking fire in a homeless encampment. you may remember the dramatic images of this fire
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surrounding interstate 405. at one point it even burned near the world=famous getty museum. however no one was found in the camp where it started, and no arrests have been made. (grant ) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us with a look ahead look aheadjoins us with a brittney shipp meteorologist chief kron-4's (pam) gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us with a look ahead look aheadjoins us with a look ahead look aheadjoins us with a look
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ahead coming up.. california versus the trump administration over birth control insurance costs ... some say, it's a choice between religious freedom and fairness..
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(grant) new tonight at 8 california and the trump administration are squaring off in a federal court hearing over birth control rules.(pam) the hearing is happening
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in oakland... there was no ruling today. the judge will decide on whether or not to block new trump administration rules .... allowing more employers to 'opt out' of birth control coverage. the state of california is arguing, the rules could result in the loss of no-cost contraception services... for millions of women. but a justice department lawyer argued, the state has not identified a single woman who would be affected and adds, the rules protect religious freedom.
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(pam) tonight, the clock is ticking for republicans to pass tax reform by the end of the year.(grant)president trump says he wants to sign tax cuts into law by christmas. (pam) but as kron-4's white house correspondent mark meredith explains, republicans are still trying to decide ... what a final tax bill would look like. trt: 1:35out: in washington, i'm mark meredith. for weeks, gop leaders have been rewriting their tax bill behind the scenes. and starting wednesday the public will see their progress. "we are all in intense discussions with our colleagues on the house side"nat: "there are a million provisions in the code that they're going through" lawmakers still have to decide several factors for tax reform:
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-> including the exact number of tax brackets.-> what to set the corporate tax rate at-> and if tax cuts for individuals should expire in the futurewhite house legislative affairs director marc short says he believes combining the bills will be easy."we're still on track to get a bill desk by the end of the year""the white house says president trump will deliver a new speech on the need for tax reform on wednesday. nat: "there are hundreds of other issues in this tax bill that are going to cause problems" senate democrats argue the tax bill is being rushed through. massachusetts senator ed markey says he's concerned the tax plan punishes environmentally friendly industries and. "this bill removes the $7,500 tax break for buying an electric vehicle, this bill will really hurt the wind and solar industries in massachusetts" but house majority leader kevin mccarthy says he's confident the final bill will be ready by the end of the week. we look forward to scheduling this bill, after they're done with their work, posting it, giving it the appropriate time so everybody can read it"but lawmakers will have to read fast. congress is set to adjourn in ten days. in washington, i'm mark meredith. meredith.i'm mark in
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washington, i'm mark meredith. (pam) if the g=o=p passes the tax overhaul by christmas, it could mean changes for you paycheck. that is because the tax overhaul would make fundamental changes to how much tax money is withheld from your paycheck, so you are not left with a big bill when you file your federal return. however, it is not likely you will see those changes... until after the new year. of course the big news today san francisco mayor ed lee passed away this morning... and no doubt... he was a big sports fan..."wow... hot thrilled we are to have our world series champions back home in san francisco!"
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lee presided over two giants world series parade rallies plus numerous other bay area sporting eventshe also helped clear the way for the warriors return to san francisco and there new mission bay area today bay area sports teams and figures paid their condolences(wipe to giants tweets) the giants tweeted: "we were deeply saddened and shocked to learn of the sudden passing of mayor ed lee... he was a true san franciscan who devoted his life to serving our great city and to supporting those most in need... he was the giants' number one fan..."we are blessed to have shared so many wonderful memories together... he will be dearly missed by everyone in our everyone in missed by will be dearly together... he memories wonderful memories together... he will be dearly missed by everyone in our organization our thoughts and prayers are with mayor lee's wife anita his daughters brianna and tania and his entire family during this tragic and difficult time."(wipe to 49ers tweets) the 49ers added to the condolences "the 49ers loss of san francisco with owner jed york addingby the loss of mayor ed lee my thoughts and
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prayers are with his family." and jerry rice "condolences goes out to the family rip ed lee ... thank you for your service!!"(wipe to warriors tweet) the warriors added"we are stunned and saddened by the news of mayor ed lee's sudden death this morning the lasting impact he leaves on the city of san francisco is a timeless tribute to his incredible leadership and vision."team ceo rick welts also sent out condolences to the man he called "a friend" and instrumental in getting the warriors new arena in san francisco (gary your thoughts) 1: video at warriors game2: photos with ed lee and willie brown
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great game tonight between the lakers and knicks in madison gardenlavar ball with sons lemelo and liangelo who will both be playing in lithuania soonlonzo ball with the ally- oop jam 17 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists for the
8:52 pm
eldest ball brotherovertime kristaps porzingis nice move for the ly-up to ice it he had 37 points and 11 rebounds lavar lemelo and liangelo look onfinal: 113-109 knicks lonzo and the lakers visit lebron and the cavs thrusday the allegations of harrassment have now reached the sports broadcasting worldhall of fame player marshall faulk he's the one on the right as well as heath evans (left) and ike taylor (middle) have been suspended after a former employee alleged sexual misconduct in a lawsuit.former nfl players donovan mcnabb and donovan mcnabb and eric davis have also been banned from being on-air with the network pending an investigation into the allegations.a former wardrobe stylist described several sexually inappropriate encounters with the retired nfl players and others who have worked for the nfl network.
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after being rebuffed by giancarlo stanton the giants plan b of their rebuilding the giants look at reds outfielder billy hamilton right now it's very preliminary though hamilton maybe the fastest player in the majors and a great defensive outfielder would solve the giants issues in center field and in the lead- off spot in their lineup but he would do nothing to help with their most pressing need more power hitting coming up... baggage fees a huge cash cow for the airlines ... the charges passengers pay... adding up to more than a billion dollars over just a few months .. tonight at 9 oh so often drivers get a moment to reflect on decisions in life,
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wondering if they made the right decision or maybe they should waited .nats: ambiance we'll take a look at some of these questionable decisions in the next edition of people behaving badly dphone music
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sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. (pam) airlines are making
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a ton of money off baggage fees.(grant) a new report says that number is now in the
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billions.(grant) the department of transportation says airlines have collected at least one-point-two billion dollars from baggage fees. the money was collected from july to september. those numbers rose those numbers rose about ten-percent from the same period last year. (pam) a new study explains how more expensive gasoline may not necessarily be better quality for your cars.(pam) the american automobile association or triple- a -- says, premium gas may not always live up to the hype. the association tested regular and premium fuel. the research shows .... only some engines receive benefits from premium gas. the majority of cars showed no difference. triple- a recommends.... if you use regular fuel, use the ones labeled top tier. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(grant) but our primetime coverage continues. vicki liviakis is here with kron 4 news at 9.
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((vicki))that's right pam and grant....tonight the bay area mourns the sudden loss of san francisco mayor ed lee.flags in the city fly at half staff tonight for the mayor..who came from humble beginnings and went on to lead one of the largest cities in the united states.tonight...we look back at his frightening scene in the oakland hills as fire destroys two homes...and damages at least two others.hear from a neighbor who says his backyard was on fire.((vicki))a stunning victory for democrat doug jones in the alabama senate race.what president trump is saying on twitter. keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break.
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(grant) the bay area in shock tonight after


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