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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 15, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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tap tap tap now at eight ... don't go in the water .... a popular san francisco swimming spot ... closed after a second sea lion attack sends another bather to the hospitalwhoosh in the east bay, the search is on for a pair of sophisticated thieves stealing credit card information from gas station customers.whoosh find out why police are warning patrons of starbucks and other coffee shops. a crime we may not have seen a year ago, but now we're seeing an increase.whoosh if you spend a lot of time on facebook ... you might want to hear why the social media site now says all that scrolling may alter your brain
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(pam) closed to swimming. signs posted in san francisco .... warning people to stay out of the water, after two attacks by sea lions in two days(pam) thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (steve) and i'm steve aveson. this is happening at aquatic park in san francisco. police pulled a swimmer from the water in the first attack... the second... sent a swimmer to a trauma center. kron-4's hermela aregawi joins us live tonight in san francisco...her mela spoke with a marine mammal expert about what might be behind the attacks. (hermela)marine experts tell me these incidents are rare.. they say there have been lots of sea lions and swimmers near pier 39 over the years.. but less than a dozen bites in the last three years.. and certainly not severe bites like the ones we saw the last couple of days.
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the man bit at aquatic park in san francsico this morning suffered non-life threatening injuries but was taken to a trauma center. the victim bitten yesterday afternoon was bitten on the arm and was taken to the hospital with a serious injury. marine experts say.. sea lions are cute.. but they are wild animals at the end of the day. they say they can be territorial and will protect themselves if they feel threatened.. or and this is all speculation really.. the animals could have simply been curious. at this time.. they don't have enough information to determine if the same animal bit the two people.. or if it was two different sea lions. this time climate change climate change basically changes their food availability and we see their migration, their pattern change when their food availabiltiy is different so some years we have a lot of sea lions here in the bay and some years we don't have very many because their food is somewhere else and they follow the food. when there's less
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food their body condition is often affected. they're unable to find enough food to make them happy and you know a hungry animal is certainly not a happy animal.officials have closed aquatic park until at least monday. and they recommend that people keeping a safe distance from the seal lions. (hermela)and if you are bitten, leave the water as soon ass possible because there is a chance of what's called a microplasm infection that can cause fever, sore throat and other flu-like symptoms. coming up at 9, we'll hear from people who know the man that was bitten this morning. reporting live in san francsico, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (steve) we first told you about this second sea lion attack with a push alert at 10-17 this morning. stay connected on breaking news and top stories with alerts from our free kron-4 mobile app. (pam) tearful mourners streamed through san
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francisco's city hall rotunda today.... to pay their respects to former mayor ed lee. people waited in line to view the mayor's casket .. as he lay in state. (steve) people from all walks of life coming together to honor the city's first asian american mayor. lee presided over the city for nearly seven years... but died unexpectedly tuesday after collapsing while grocery shopping.(pam) the sudden nature of his passing .... still a shock to many people. (pam) on sunday... a celebration of life is planned to honor the life of mayor lee. it will be held at city hall and the held at city it will be of mayor lee. honor the life planned to
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early."mattie scott: "he always had time for the the people he cared a lot about this city.">(pam) on sunday... a celebration of life is planned to honor the life of mayor lee. it will be held at city hall and the public is invited to attend. the program begins at 3-pm. we will cover the memorial live on kron-4 this sunday... from 3-5 p-m. we will also stream the memorial live ... on kron4- dot- com. (steve) there is a major development in a case surrounding the september, 2016 beating death of 88-year old "miss flo" douglas, of san jose. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports, a grand jury has indicted three men for her murder. these young men, zachary cuen, johnny brown and willie king, all three just 20 years old. have been indicted by a santa clara county grand jury. they are accused of murder in the september 2016 beating death of floavis douglas, who was known by one and all as "miss flo."lance daugherty/dep. dist. attorney ".....miss flo was a vital member of the community and her loss has been felt by a
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tremendous amount of people. our office wants to move this case along and bring justice for what happened..." 88 year old flo douglas died as a result of a beating she suffered during a home invasion robbery at her home here on cragmont avenue. zachary cuen and johnny brown are alleged to have punched and kicked douglas during the botched robbery while willie king, whom was first charged with being an accessory after the fact, is now said to have helped hatch the plot.lance daugherty" king, based on the evidence presented to the grand jury, they found that his criminal liability was more than just assisting brown and cuen after the fact but that he had a vital role in making it happen..."johnny brown entered a plea of not guilty on thursday. zachary cuen, shown here at anearlier court hearing, and willie king were arraigned today, both say they are not guilty.cuen and brown face a special circumstance allegation making them eligible for life without parole while king faces 25 years to life. cuen's girlfriend jennifer jimenez has been charged as an accomplice after the fact. lance daugherty/santa clara county deputy district attorney ".... there have been a number of individuals who have been charged with assisting in this crime, based on the investigation we believe there was a conspiracy that led to miss flo's death....cuen,
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brown and king are in the county jail and could go to trial as soon as january. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news (steve) (steve) 4 news (steve) to the east bay--- where oakland police say they will be out in force tonight in anticipation of sideshow activity. police tweeted a photo with the warning.
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they say if you participate in a sideshow you will be ticketed...and you car will be towed. we will continue to track this story---and bring you updates at they come in to our newsroom. (steve) hayward police are searching for two men they say placed credit card skimmers at a gas station.(pam) and it was not outside at the pump, instead it was inside the station at an a-t-m .. and it was attached to an elaborate set up.. the skimming device was found at the chevron station on hesperian boulevard, near tennyson road. investigators say, an alert employee noticed something was wrong... and called the police to report two suspicious men. these are the two men police are looking for. investigators say.... in addition to placing the skimmers on the machine... they also installed a false side panel...... with microchips and a camera to record the pin pad. police remind everyone... always look closely at the a-t-m before you use it. if the
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card reader or keypad look unusual or loose-- do not use it. (steve) new tonight at 8 the warriors new arena off third street in the mission bay area of san francisco is sprouting up fast. the developers say when this is completed it will be a lot more than just a basketball stadium(pam) it will bring all kinds of new events and attractions to the waterfront south of market. kron 4's gabe slate joins us live from the site of the new chase center.... where he just wrapped up a tour of the construction zone.. gabe on the left side of your screen is quadcopter 4 aerial footage from march at the warriors stadium construction site off third street in the mission bay area of san francisco.the right side of your screen was captured two weeks ago you can see how much they got done over the summer. it's going up fast. and here is new video from
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this week. from the other side of the project. you can see the shape of the court the inner circle of court the shape of the can see the shape of the court the inner circle of the arena taking shapesound from rick welts, warriors team president & chief operating officer warriors team president & chief operating officer rick welts says they are designing the areana with the fans in mind.sound from rick welts, warriors team president & chief operating officerhere is a rendering of what the main lobby will look like inside when you walk inand here is a look at the concorse which will be much wider than your typical stadium for those quick runs to the bathroom during time outs.bedises the warriors games the chase center will host big sporting events, family shows, and concerts.. here is a new rendering showing how they can
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move the walls around inside to create a smaller concert venue if the artist wishes.. or they fill out the entire 18,0000 arenathe warriors believe they are helping to create a new neighborhood in san francisco that will offer all kinds of different art and entertainment events.sound from rick welts, warriors team president & chief operating officerin san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news. breezy conditions news. slate kron 4 francisco gabe in san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news. news. slate kron 4 news.
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ahead at eight.. a federal judge rules on some president trump's controversial rules... what he said the administration cannot do. plus. a former n-b-c employee comes forward accusing disgraced t-v anchor matt lauer of lauer of harassment. and claims the network did not protect her privacy and next. thieves targeting east bay coffee shops... police have a warning for patrons...
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when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ (steve) now to the east
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bay... a woman was the victim of a purse snatching at a lafayette starbucks.(pam) police say she tried to hold on to the bag, but the suspect managed to get away with it. (pam) it happened wednesday afternoon at the starbucks on mount diablo boulevard near a 7-11 and highway 24. one suspect waited in the car, while another got out and grabbed the purse from the woman and they took off in the car. however, the suspect vehicle was spotted by witnesses. today police tell kron4's haaziq madyun ... that vehicle has been located and is now evidence in the crime. sot and here it is! you are looking at a suspect vehicle impounded as evidence the day after allegedly being used in a purse snatching wednesday afternoon at this starbucks on mt. diablo blvd in lafayette. sot
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was able to make contact with the two people inside and was able to capture the vehicle for us">lafayette police chief eric christensen says the male driver of the vehicle was spotted parked next to the starbucks while a male passenger went inside and got into a tug off war with a woman before snatching her pursesotchief christensen talks about the rise in robberies at bay area coffee shopssot lafayette police investigators say they have made contact with the alleged get away driver of this vehicle and are actively searching for the suspected purse snatcher lafayette haaziq madyun kron4news
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(pam) a federal judge is dealing a blow to the trump administration by blocking the president's rule on birth control. a judge in philadelphia is temporarily blocking the rules... saying, they could significantly reduce women's access to free contraception. the rules aim to stop an obama- era policy that required most companies to cover birth control at no cost.... though the obama policy did allow some exemptions for religious organizations. president trump's rules would allow more employers -- including publicly traded companies -- to 'opt out'. california has sued the trump administration over the rules. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live
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look outside at s-f-o.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with the forecast breezy conditions likely late tonight through sunday morning... ...elevated fire danger particularly for higher elevation locations for the same time... .synopsis...dry weather will continue into next week. a mainly dry cold front will sweep south over the area late friday night and early saturday morning which then increases n-ne winds along the ridges and peaks saturday. (pam) former n-b-c 'today show' host matt lauer has a new accuser ... an army veteran and former nbc staffer .... willing to staffer .... former nbc peaks saturday. the ridges and peaks saturday.
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(pam) former n-b-c 'today show' host matt lauer has a new accuser ... an army veteran and former nbc staffer .... willing to identify herself.(steve)her allegation comes two weeks after another network employee accused lauer of sexual impropriety,catherine heenan
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reports that the first accuser says has been terrified by the reaction . "she showed her face, she gave her name, she told her story. and at the conclusion of the interview she was asked, 'what do you want?' she said, 'i want you guys to do the right thing. and also, i'd like you to maintain my confidentiality.'"lauer lost his multimillion dollar job after the woman accused him of inapproproate sexual behavior at the olympic games in russia in, her attorney says..."my client is terrified, and she does live in constant fear that people are going to track her down and figure out who she is, ," now a new accuser has come forward.addie collins zinone is the first to identify 41, she says she was a 20=year old production assistant when the newly married lauer seduced her.... starting with a message saying i hope you won't drag me to personnel for saying this. but you look fantastic. writing in variety, she described consensual sexual encounters in his dressing room and in his office, with a button under his desk allowing him to lock the door. their last encounter a few weeks later was in a bathroom at the democratic convention in california.she says lauer went after the most vulnerable and
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least powerful women in the newsroom.and that nbc executives must have known because there was no way he could have gotten away with it without others above him making these situations go away situations go these him making others above him making these situations go away new ahead at 8 what you could be doing on facebook that might be making you feel bad. plus if you're traveling this holiday season ---the t-s-a changes you should know about ... before you get to airport security. ((gary sports tease))coming up a little nit later in this broadcast, the giants make a trade but oh boy it's not that big of a deal but that's what i'm hear for in a couple of minutes.also lebron's message
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to lonzo ball and if you remember the media eating soup right now you won't like what he said about us that's coming in a few minutes ((steve))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... ,.
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(pam) taking off your shoes ... putting your laptops in a separate bin... both among the measures we have all become used to... at airport checkpoints.(steve) but this holiday season expect some changes. liquid gels and aerosols that you might carry on ---now need to be in their own bin.
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the t-s-a is also now requiring small containers --- less than 3 point four ounces need to be removed and placed in a separate bin. same for tablets and cameras. the t-s-a says around the world they have seen instances of people trying to hide explosives inside tablets and travel sized liquid bottles. one way to get around the security measures--- sign up for t-s-a pre-check for expedited screening. ahead at eight.. california bracing for legal recreational marijuana.. the big step the state took to be ready for sales. plus. a delivery driver by day---- a porch pirate by night. one woman says she caught a now fired u-p-s worker snatching a package he dropped off. and next. the g-o-p releases its final tax bill... how it will affect your wallet. (steve) and join kron4 for our annual new year's eve special. this year we
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will have expanded coverage on new years eve. starting at 8-pm we will have new years live from las vegas with musical and entertainment acts. then at 11:30... justine waldman and i... along with jr stone... will host new years live from san francisco. we will bring you the fun and fireworks from along the embarcadero. join us starting at 8pm on new years eve.
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(steve) as republican leaders near the end of the road for their tax reform plan....we are getting a better idea of what the final bill looks like (pam) we are learning, the tax legislation is actually targeting other issues like health- care .... and even oil drilling. the g-o-p tax bill would gut what is arguably... the most unpopular provision of "obamacare"... the requirement that americans must carry health insurance, or face fines. other popular parts of the affordable care act remain in place --- including subsidized premiums... and protections for people with pre- existing conditions the bill would also open alaska's arctic national wildfire refuge ... to oil and gas drilling... a longtime republican priority ---that most democrats and environmentalists fiercly oppose. (steve) republicans claim they have the votes to pass it next week. but leaders had to make adjustments to get their g-o-p colleagues on board. natasha chen
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explains how those details may affect your wallet next year... rep kevin brady/-r- texas: i'm very excited about this moment. republican leaders are one step closer to fulfilling a promise of passing tax breaks by christmas.rep kevin brady/- r- texas: americans deserve a new tax code for a new era of american prosperity.what it does - is give corporations a big break - by permanently cutting their tax rates from the current 35 percent - down to 21 - as an individual taxpayer - will see some benefits too - like a doubling of the standard deduction - though that's set to go away after 8 years.your personal income tax rate may also lower by one or two percent, depending on how much you make. if you have kids, that child tax credit doubles to two thousand dollars. if that credit is more than what you owe in taxes, you get to keep most of that extra money. that refund initially wasn't enough for florida senator marco rubio.sen. marco rubio / -r- florida: i remain surprised that there is not more consensus to support the reality that we need to do more to help working people in this countrybut an increase in the refund brought him on board friday.senator bob corker also made a late decision to say 'yes' - saying it's imperfect, but that we're better off with the bill.pres donaldtrump: "i think it's going to do very, very well. i think that we are going to be in a position to pass
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something as early as next week which will be monumental. - a monumental achievement for republicans who have yet to pass any major bill promised to their voters.but there are senators who have yet to make their decision public - like mike lee, jeff flake - and susan collins.and it's unclear whether the health of senators thad cochran and john mccain will allow them to come to the floor for a vote next week. in washington, i'm natasha chen. (steve) california's legal marijuana market is taking shape. the state has issued the first batch of business licenses to sell and transport recreational marijuana there are just 18 days before legal sales begin on january 1-st. the 20 temporary licenses are only a fraction of the thousands expected to follow. in general california
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will allow adults 21 and older to legally possess up to one ounce and grow six marijuana plants at home. however cities are allowed to decide on regulation --including the option to ban recreational sales and cultivation. (steve) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us with a look ahead breezy conditions likely late tonight through sunday morning... ...elevated fire danger particularly for higher elevation locations for the same time... .synopsis...dry weather will continue into next week. a mainly dry cold front will sweep south over the area late friday night and early saturday morning which then increases n-ne winds along the ridges and peaks saturday. peaks saturday.
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(pam) traffic is already a mess in the bay area... but close off a bridge, and things can only get worse. (steve) and that's where you find people behaving badly. let's watch this scooter rider as he avoids a red light and this no left turn sign .he walks his scooter in the crosswalk nats: ambiancethen run across two more lanes of traffic then hops on side saddle and takes off into the sunset well there is no actual sunset is 11 in the morning nats: ambiance i'm at 4th and townsend in san francisco which is normally a mess, nats: ambiance but now that the third street drawbridge also know as the lefty o'doul bridge is being worked on more traffic is filling up the remaining streets when that happens things get a little interesting and signs become invisible like this do not
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enter sign . watch this mercedes pass by not one but two do not enter signs nats: ambiance not a clue in the world that he is driving the wrong way . in fact, the driver continues on until he meets up head on with another driver nats: ambiance then this driver was about to do the exact same thing, he was waved off by a passing pedestrian so he has to throw it in reverse to get out of the mess he is in nats: ambiance then watch as he peels out into the oncoming lanes of townsend street you saw it you cant make this stuff up nats: ambiance what is it with motorcycles and crosswalks . remember the no left turn sign except buses and taxes . i don't even know whey that sign is there, it might as well read everyone turn left nats: ambiance here is a better one . on both sides of forth street there are turning restrictions yet i caught two separate drivers ignoring the restrictions at the same time and of course, when traffic is like this. it's important to keep the lanes moving freely sitting with your park anywhere lights activated in a dedicated turn lane is heavily frowned upon this uber driver sat and sat and sat while driver blew their horns (sound
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of horn blowing) until i finally had a chat with how long you gonna sit in the turn lane (i move i move thank you) huh? (i'm leaving right now) you leaving right now sorry about that) so while third street is closed, either avoid the area altogether learn to drive better in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news still ahead at 8. the feature on your car that m--i-t researchers say --- could ease traffic. and next... a dramatic rescue on the tracks. how commuters rescued a man with seconds to spare.
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sfx: squeak sfx: stair creak
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sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. (steve) new york commuters
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jump into action to save a man who fell unconscious onto the subway tracks near a brooklyn station.(pam) the dramatic rescue was caught on camera. jim dolan reports. liliana vicente was frantic... nats: "sir please wake up. sir, sir wake up."liliana vicente: "i thought the train was going over him, i started crying. i had never seen those things."a man had fallen onto the tracks at the avenue h station in brooklyn and a manhattan bound q train was coming in.(nats: stop, stop) and that train did stop. (nats) that gave vicente and another woman and man time to get down to the tracks (nats) and lift that man onto the platform where other commuters pulled him to safety. it was harrowing.liliana vicente: "i was so scared." but ultimately it was also rewarding to see people pitch in to save the life of someone no one there knew.liliana vicente: "i think there are still kind people here in this world."
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(pam) the man who fell was taken to a local hospital .. in serious's not clear what caused him to pass out and fall onto the tracks. (pam) new at 8 'tis the season for porch pirates... and one u-p-s delivery driver is in hot water.(steve) surveillance video catches the u-p-s employee stealing a package he delivered just a few hours earlier... jason christopher mohn(moan) plucks the package from the front porch. he stuffs the box under his shirt and takes off. when the home owner checks surveillance video of the packing being delivered... she sees the same man. he is wearing the same clothes, shoes and hat... only changing out his u-p-s vest. mohn was arrested and is charged with grand theft. in sports -- the giants make their first move this offseason.. they trade starting pitcher matt moore to the texas rangers.. and
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what a game between philadelphia and oklahoma city. our sports director, gary radnich has the highlights of the thunder's dramatic win... in city of brotherly love... he has all the sports coming up. next at 8. the facebook habit that even company says... may be affecting your mood-- and making you feel bad.
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new tonight at 8. facebook is acknowledging something many already know. passively scrolling through social media can make you feel bad.(pam) checking a facebook feed has become a daily addiction for hundreds of millions of people... and facebook addressed both sides of the issue today in a blog post. the post notes ... both an increase in teen depression with technology use... also, improvements in well- being from interacting with close friends online. but facebook says... when people 'passively' consume content... they feel worse. the company notes, when users actively interact with people they care about--- it can help them feel better.of course, facebook's business thrives ... when people engage with its platform. (steve) a lincoln man had his laptop stolen out of his car... a theft that is not
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just devastating to him but to children thousands of miles away. klint robins works for maria & joseph's ministry to the poor. the charity sends vitamins to areas of southeast asia... where children are not able to get proper nutrition. especially the areas hit by typhoon yolanda. when his laptop and hard drivers were taken from his car... so were all the addresses and shipping information for the vitamins. robins says he has no backup. he and his wife have been collecting addresses of the needy in the philippines since 2009. (klint robins/ maria & joseph's ministry to the poor): "the starving, because you have salt, you have a little bit of vegetables. but it's not the right kind of foods.... it's the kids who are losing out. it's the mothers who are losing out, and me i got to work another 10 years just to get all this data back again." robins says he has insurance and will get the money back... but the files on his computer will
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take years to replace. he hopes the thieves some how hear his story... and return the computer. if that happens, he says there will be no questions asked. the giants made their first move this offseason. according to a report -- they trade matt moore to the texas rangers. the giants trade the left-hander pitcher in exchange for prospects pending a physical. this will clear 9-million dollars of the giants payroll. san francisco was also flirting with the idea of trading away hunter pence. moore was entering the his contract. last season he finished 6-15
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with a 5.52 era... both stats were the worst in his 7- year career in the majors. 76ers- thunder in philly this is argubly the best game so far this year. joel embiid, ben simmons facing russell westbrook and o-k-c. fourth quarter -- embiid to simmons for the dunk... ties the game at 94. (thunder blow nine-point lead) in double overtime -- embiid
8:48 pm
fouls andre roberson... but it wasn't called... forces another five minutes. (simmons and westbrook played 52 minutes tonight... career high) similar play -- westbrook to roberson... reverse layup is good... thunder take the lead 119-117 nine seconds left -- j-j redick goes for three -- ball gets tipped oklahoma city survives... 119-117 (westbrook: 119-117 (westbrook: 27 pts, 10-33 fg, 18 reb, 15 ast) (embiid: 34 pts, 8 reb, 6 ast) (simmons: 12 pts, 9 reb, 11 ast, 4 stl) westbrook starts mocking embiid after the game... waving goodbye. embiid waved off steve adams when he fouled out in triple overtime after the game between and lakers everyone wanted to know what lebron james was telling lonzo ball. you can how lebron was covering his mouth with his jersey. this morning everyone was making their assumptions of what lebron was telling lonzo today t-n-t revealed the audio of lebron's message to
8:49 pm
lonzo... he told him. "find your zone and just stay (explicit) locked in. the media is going to ask you what i told you right now. tell them nothing. just be aggressive every single day. it's white noise to you. that's all it is. noise to you. that's all it is. all right? let's go." kevin durant has kevin durant
8:50 pm
has been on fire in durant has kevin durant has been on fire in steph curry's in three of the last four scored more and is averaging 10 rebounds and seven assists. but take a look at what he did last night against the dallas mavericks in the third quarter -- a woman
8:51 pm
sitting in the front row was hit in the head with a ball. durant went to make sure she was okay and gave her a kiss. after the game... he was asked on why do it
8:52 pm
durant has been on fire in steph curry's absence. in three of the last four games... he scored more than 35 points averaging 10 rebounds and seven assists. but take a look at what he did last look at what but take a seven assists.rebounds and averaging 10 and is than 35 points scored more than 35 points and is averaging 10 rebounds and seven assists. but take a look at what he did last night against the dallas mavericks in the third quarter -- a woman sitting in the front row was hit in the head with a ball. durant went to make sure she was okay and gave her a kiss. after the game... he was asked on why he decided to do it "when he threw the pass i was oh this is going the pass i was oh "when he threw durant>
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next at 8. m-i-t researchers think they have a solution to traffic jams... and it is a feature already on your car. tonight at 9 cause it's free yes free 99 is free 99, however because of a viewer letter i'm at tanforan mall in san bruno where the parking lot fills up early in the morning .long before the mall even opens and it's not the specials i'll explain in edition of people behaving badly
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((2 shot ctr))(steve) bay area drivers could soon get some help with traffic jams during rush hour... in the form of cruise control. (pam) researchers at m-i-t are suggesting a re-design that will help eliminate stop and go traffic. during testing... reseachers found... having the same distance in front of and behind the vehicle... would help prevent traffic jams. but there is a catch.... in order to see an immediate impact on the road, enough drivers would need to adopt the new technology. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) but our primetime coverage continues. vicki liviakis is here with kron 4 news at 9. ((vicki))that's right pam and
8:57 pm at nine...a warning to drivers in the east bay.after a credit card skimmer and camera at an atm at this chevron gas station. tonight we have exclusive surveillance video of the suspects police are looking for.and what you need to know if you become a victim. plus...just over a week until christmas and the salvation needs your help to make sure families get a good hot meal for the holiday.((vicki)) plus...the body of san francicso mayor ed lee, leaves city hall for the final time. next up..the city making final preparations on a massive memorial service that will take place on sunday.keep it here...kron 4 news at nine is next.
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(vicki) our top story... you may want to check your bank statements.... fraudsters have hit an east bay gas station... installing skimmers áánot on a pumpááá but on an a-t-m inside the store... thanks for joining us i'm vicki liviakis....(steve) and i'm steve aveson, in for grant lodes... the thieves were all caught on camera... but they managed to get away... it happened at the chevron gas station on
9:00 pm
hesperian boulevard and aldengate way in hayward.... that's where we find kron four's spencer blake is live there tonight. spencer - how do we know what the bad guys were doing? some pretty astute employees actually approached them at the extra mile convenience store at this chevron.the skimming device never had the chance to record anyone's card info.but there are other places where your information might have been compromised. compromised.been might have information might have been compromised. surveillance video shows these guys were spending an awfully long time in front of the a- t-m at the chevron gas station at hesperian and aldengate. employees at extra mile say the clerks working sunday recognized these two menm who had been in the day before. "they're really on top of everything. they were just kind of suspicious because they were here the next day - what are they doing the next morning, right?"as it turns out their suspicions were valid.not only had they installed a card skimming device on the machine...but they had also begun to attach a fake side panel with a camera to capture people's pins."right here, and then they put the device right here."manager john huh wasn't


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