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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 20, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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investigation... involving the f-b-i...pittsburg police...and several other agencies throughout the east bay.(grant) investigators say the eight people arrested are part of the 'broad clap it out gang'- which has been around for a couple decades, but has become more prominent in recent years. among the charges: murder, burglary, pimping, and witness intimidation. the fbi says other gang members should be looking over their shoulders... investigators say they expect 26 more people to be arrested as part of this gang crackdown.(vicki) tonight kron4's charles clifford is in hercules tonight with details on how technology played a role in the gang bust and how communities along the highway 4 and i-80 are responding to the gang bust... charles? at wednesdays press conference in martinez, law enforcement from across contra costa county noted that video cameras along highway 4 were used in their recent investigation into gang
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activity in pittsburg.sot ithe camera network helped us. . the news comes just two days after it was announced that the camera and shotspotter network is about to get a major upgrade. on monday, the pittsburg city council approved a plan to accept a 3.5 million dollar grant from caltrans to expand the network along highway 4 and a section of interstate 80 in contra costa county. when finished, what's being called the freeway security network project will be collaboration between the chp, caltrans, the contra costa district attorney's office and the city of pittsburg, which will act as the lead agency.sotwe all drive the highways and we want highway 4 and 80 to be safe. david biggs is the city manager in hercules, which
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sits at the cross roads of highway 4 and interstate 80. he says they have been spent years pushing to get the camera network installed and are thrilled it's about to become a reality.sotwe are glad caltrans and the state stepped forward to assist in the effort because it's all our duties to protect citizens. biggs is also encouraged to hear that the cameras that are already operational have been put to good use.sotthere's also anecdotal evidence that the cameras are working and it will be great when the full network is operative.caltrans has said it will take about 3 years to finish building out the entire camera network. (vicki) a brazen home invasion robbery in los gatos... a man assaulted... and his car and other valuables stolen. as kron four's rob fladeboe
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reports now, the hunt for the perpetrators led authorities to modesto. even as deputies were still on the scene here in los gatos, investigating a home invasion robbery in a neighborhood just west of highway 9, they got word from modesto that a regional auto theft task force had recovered a vehicle thought to have been stolen during the robbery. the task force reported it had multiple individuals in custody. two weapons were also recovered. the sheriff's office confirmed that the modesto suspects are in fact being questioned in connection with the home invasion robbery here on the 19000 block of bainter avenue. yellow crime scene tape stretched across the driveway leading to one of three homes where a man in his fifties was robbed and assaulted. he landed in the hospital with a head injury, according to sgt rich glennon.sgt. rich glennon/santa clara county sheriff's dept."....just after 4 a.m. this morning we received a 911 call from a neighbor who reported that a man came to their door to report that he had been the victim of a robbery. the victim said that he had been
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assaulted during a home invasion. he said he woke up and discovered there were five individuals in his home and that they demanded valuables and that they ransacked his home and physically assaulted him after which he was taken to the hospital for medical care.." rob fladeboe/los gatos "....sheriff's deputies are calling on neighbors to see of someone might have surveillance video that might hep with the investigation. in los gatos rob fladeboe kron 4 newss (vicki) police in the east bay are looking for a suspect...who allegedly sexually assaulted a female jogger in berkeley. it happened back on december 10th... in the area of heinz avenue and ninth street... near the berkeley bowl west grocery store. officers say a woman was jogging around nine in the morning when a man attacked her and sexually assaulted her on a sidewalk. the woman didn't need to be hospitalized following the assault. the suspect still at large tonight. (grant) the f-b-i is asking for help tracking down
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a bank robber. authorities are calling him the "orange goatee bandit" after he targeted two banks in fremont and millbrae earlier this month. the suspect is described as a slender white man in his 20's. he's about five-eight... with an orange mustache and goatee or beard... and tattoos on his right hand. anyone with information about his identity is asked to contact the f- b-i's san francisco office. (vicki) if your holiday plans include some form of travel you are not alone. triple a estimates more than 107-million people will hit the road, the rails, the sea or take to the air this holiday season. while most will driving nearly 6 and half million are expected to fly in fact today tomorrow and friday will be the busiest travel days at sfo. kron 4's dan kerman is at san francisco international airport with a look at how things are there... days before christmas, but not such a bad day to travel at sfo lines were not too long and everybody was in great
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spirits looking forward to being with their familyáásot mary baronitis/visiting family in houston 10-18we make cookies out the wazoo.. pitzelles, little snowflakes italian definitely my favorites this is heading to houston to visit family and bringing along her furry friend molly. sotwhat does the cat get for the holiday. she gets her own stocking, so probably a lot of treats and way to much food she shouldn't have more than 163 thousand travelers are passing through sfo on wednesday making it the third busiest travel day of the christmas new years holiday period but clear skies made for few if any delaysáásot jennifer paaske/visiting family in michigan 43-51so knock on wood its been very smooth sailing up to this point, but we are going through chicago and we have lots of stories about going there so we'll seethis family is heading to new yorksotdo you like the snow? yes i want it to be a white christmas, but its going to be so cold others aren't heading to the cold, but to the beach this woman is visiting family in honoluluáásot gwendolyn smith/visiting family in
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honolulu 108-115i'm going to go sailing and to a luau and snorkeling if the weather permitsáástandup dan kerman/sfo 115-125again, wednesday the third busiest day of the holiday season.. the busiest is actually thursday with 174-thousand people passing through sfo. dan kerman kron 4 news.128/std lear and cool conditions tonight with widespread lows in the 30s. dry weather returns thursday with cool daytime highs followed by a colder night into friday morning. high pressure keeps things dry and seasonable through the weekend. clouds may increase by christmas day as the next front approaches.
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(grant) on the peninsula... the investigation into a deadly hit-and-run in san bruno has turned cold. it's been exactly a year... and there are no firm clues...leading to the person who drove away from the scene. as kron 4's haaziq madyun reports... the victim's family recently hired a private investigator to stay on top of the case. it has been a year since 29- year-old carly flynn was killed by a hit-and-run driver
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while she was crossing the street at the intersection of cherry ave and san bruno ave in san brunosot
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there is only one witness. it is hard for me to believe as well as the police that there was only one witness who saw this">that witness told investigators that a white s- u-v was possibly involved in the hit-and-run. carly flynn was hospitalized and died as a result of her injuries two days later.sot
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(grant) prosecutors in san francisco have filed felony charges against a richmond police sergeant...who was arrested after an armed standoff at an upscale hotel. 45-year-old phillip sanchez... is charged with shooting a gun inside the four seasons on market street. he's also accused of vandalism...causing 400 dollars worth of damage. sanchez... was taken into custody after the standoff.... he at first refused to surrender....but eventually did so after negotiators talked to him by phone. (grant) coming up... the city of sacramento is trying to get a major league soccer team...tonight we hear what the mayor has to say about the other city's who are in the bid for it as well...(vicki) plus... light showers in the bay area... brought snow to the sierra... we'll tell you how much...(grant) and after the break... find out how kron4 helped a community in the east bay work together with their police department to catch a notorious package thief...
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it all starts with a wish. the final days of wish list are here. hurry in and sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment. nine.... kron-4 viewers in a
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hayward neighborhood... reached out to us earlier this week about an ongoing package theft problem... dozens of neighbors have surveillance cameras set up... but it had not stop the thieves.. until now... kron4's ali reid is live in the newsroom with how residents worked together... with police... to catch the thief... ali? after a number of package thefts, police used a decoy package on one of those porches. and it worked. there are 2 people in custody tonight.pkgwe put it down at 11 this morning, and by 2 o clock it was gone.lan van lam and his getaway driver thought they hit gold with this package.. but instead, they hit silver. the bars they'll be behind tonight. that amazon box was a decoy. with a tracking device inside.we found their vehicle. and when we got behind it we could actually see our box. the
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thieves were pulled over, and police found an array of other stolen items.what we found was, there were additional packages inside the vehicle belonging to other victims. we have one confirmed in fremont, and we're working on some others. lam and his counterpart won't be going anywhere soon. they were both on probation for theft related crimes. now that they have violated probation, police say they'll be off the streets for at least a number of months. i hope anyone considering package theft will see this and wonder if there's a tracker in the package.standup this is still an ongoing investigation.police are now looking into whether the duo has even more stolen goods at their homes. reporting live homes. goods at their more stolen duo has even whether the looking into police are now investigation.ongoing this is still an standuppackage.a tracker in the package.standup this is still an ongoing investigation.police are now looking into whether the duo has even more stolen goods at their homes. reporting live in the newsroomali reidkron 4 news (grant) and in redwood city.... police are asking for the community's help to find a
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package thief that was caught on camera. the theft happened in the redwood shores neighborhood. anyone who recognizes the thief is asked to contact the redwood city police. (vicki) a winter storm packing winds in excess of 100 miles per hour...dropped snow on parts of the sierra. fresh powder attracts more skiers and snowboarders... and businesses get more boot traffic. the national weather service confirms that around six inches of snow ...fell over central sierra from this quick-hitting storm. (sot) and while the fresh powder helped skiiers and snowboarders speed down the slopes...the snow slowed down the morning commute in the reno-sparks area... where several slide-offs were reported and chain controls remained in effect over most mountain passes.
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(grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist brittney shipp... lear and cool conditions tonight with widespread lows in the 30s. dry weather returns thursday with cool daytime highs followed by a colder night into friday morning. high pressure keeps things dry and seasonable through the weekend. clouds may increase by christmas day as the next front approaches.
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(vicki) southern california firefighters are bracing for the return of potentially dangerous winds. those gusts could revive the flames of the massive thomas fire. for the past two days ---crews have taken advantage of calm conditions to build containment lines. and set controlled fire to clear dry brush. but there are concern the return of wind--could whip up the thomas fire. it's already the third largest fire in state history. burning more than 265-thousand acres.
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as of tonight it is only 55-percent contained. (grant) trying to get a major league soccer team. everyone involved in sacramento's bid..including 49ers owner jed york...has been silent since making their case to the mls commissioner earlier this month. the mayor of sacramento...says the golden state in the hunt for their own soccer squad. (sot) sacramento...has stiff competition...detroit also wants a pro soccer team...and cincinnatti is considered by some to be the favorite to land a franchise. (grant) still ahead... the east bay hospital that's helping patients with highly trained four-legged friends... (vicki) plus.. a new arcade game is stirring up a controversy in idaho...
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we'll show you how why some are offended by video game called "harambe kong"... really? really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. (grant) new tonight at 9...
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a new retro-arcade game called "harambe kong" lets you play as the gorilla who was shot and killed by a cincinnatti zoo keeper after a baby fell into his cage in 2016. in this game...if harambe touches a kid - a zoo keeper shoots the animated gorilla-- and its game over. some say the game is offensive... others are on the fence. "there is a lot
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of video games out there that are politicly incorrect i think this game is pretty tame considering a lot of the other more modern games with a lot more realistic violence." the creator hopes to have the game online and ready for people to download on their phones within the next few months. he's also plans to make two other games, calling this one the first in a trilogy. (vicki) new at nine... the city of benicia has approved up to two cannabis dispensaries and one microbusiness in town. earlier this month...the benicia city council banned marijuana dispensaries downtown...but the new ones will be allowed in popular areas such as solano square...columbus parkway or in the benicia arsenal. the council will also allow commerical cultivation...dis tribution...manufacturing and testing in benicia's industrial zones along with one microbusiness in the benicia arsenal or the benicia industrial park. one restriction...dispensaries will not be allowed within six-hundred feet of
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schools...making southampton shopping center off limits due to its proximity to benicia middle school. (vicki) delta airlines reportedly wants georgia power and atlanta's hartsfield- jackson international airport to cover losses caused by sunday's massive power outage. c-e-o ed bastian told the atlanta journal constitution that losses may be between 25 and 50 million dollars. and that doesn't even include the money delta is spending to reimburse travelers for hotel stays. hartsfield-jackson is the world's busiest airport...forcing delta to cancel 14-hundred flights. bastian said he was shocked that it took almost 12 hours to restore power and resume service. (vicki) still ahead... they are calling it the world's smallest pacemaker... and patients at one bay area hospital were the frist to try it out... we'll hear from doctors in a story you'll only see here on kron4...(grant) plus... republicans celebrating after the tax bill passed.... but they had to keep their victory lap short, as they face another deadline... we have details about avoiding a
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government shutdown come friday. (vicki) and the city of berkeley facing a police shortage---that's forcing them to cut entire departments. find out if it'll have an impact on public safety...
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit now at 9:30... the
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berkeley police department is facing a major crisis: a staffing shortage...(grant) the department is suspending units, eliminating departments
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and desperately trying to keep officers on the force. kron 4's justine waldman talked to the chief. justine the police chief tells me it is a challenge to keep the public safe during this staffing crisissot we are seeing a staffing crisis unlike any i have seen in my career here. chief andrew greenwood tells me in his 32 years with the berkeley police department, this is a difficult time. hanging in a storage locker - are all the patrol bikes. the program got suspended in the fall. and the drug task force is gone. cuts that could be coming next year ending the traffic unit. and parking all motorcycle officers.sot are there some investigations in narcotics that are not going to get done the answer is yes.// are there some calls we are not going to go to yes. that is so we can focus our people on community safety while they are on patrol.patrol is where the chief does not want to see cuts - those officers respond to calls in the community. but the department is currently short 20 officers. he wants bpd to be more competitive in hiring. or else things will get worse, before they get better.sot this is a regional problem, san francisco pd, oakland pd, san jose pd all these agencies are competing hard for candidates and looking for ways to do it they are looking at us, we are
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looking at them and that is the way forwardjustine sot the chief also told me that morale is low in the department. in berkeley justine waldman kron 4 news. (grant) aquatic park in san francisco is back open to swimmers now... after three sea lion attacks. it was originally set to re-open on monday but park officials decided to keep it closed until today. they have not observed any unusual marine mammal activity since friday when a swimmer was bitten. there is signage posted along the beach to warn swimmers about the sea lions. officials are also urging people to swim close to the shore or in groups when possible. (vicki) a proposed rent increase is being dropped for people in a north bay mobile home park---according to a lawyer representing the tenants. we first told you about this story last thursday. residents rallied last
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week against the proposal. the tenants' lawyers claimed it would have unfairly raised rent by more than 50 percent. but tonight, we have confirmed... the owners of the little woods mobile villa in petaluma say they are no longer pursuing the rent adjustment. (vicki) in national news tonight... republicans put the finishing touches on the first major legislative accomplishmen t of the year... but they can't head home just yet. the clock is ticking down toward a friday deadline to fund the federal government -- or continued congressional spending battles, will ááshut it down. reporter karin caifa (prono: kay-fuh) has details on the pre-holiday scramble in washington. president donald trump: it's been an amazing experience, i have to tell you.congressional republicans and the trump administration touting their first major legislative success.on wednesday afternoon, the house took the final vote on a massive tax plan.the chamber, taking a second vote after the senate had to tweak the bill to meet their rules. the senate passed their bill on a 51-48 party-line vote wednesday.vice president mike pence: the tax cuts and jobs act is passed. but g.o.p. leaders can't celebrate for too long.
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congress faces a friday deadline to keep the federal government funded and running. democrats say a shutdown would be on the party in power. rep. nancy pelosi / -d- minority leader: they have the votes. they have the votes in the house, they have the senate, and they have the white house. one major sticking point among house and senate republicans appeared to be obamacare subsidy payments but on wednesday, senators susan collins and lamar alexander said they would drop a push for those payments to be included in a short-term spending bill, if it means avoiding a showdown. other thorny areas include a proposed $81 billion in disaster relief and defense spending. not every republican is keen on another short-term extension.sen. mike rounds / -r- south dakota: we knew last july that october 1 is the beginning of the fiscal year, yet here we are in december kicking the can down the road again making no progress.but with time tight some debates may have to be pushed into january if congress wants to head home for the washington, i'm karin caifa.
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(grant) tonight we are learning the identities of the three men killed in the train derailment accident in washinton. the coroner's office identified them as 61-year old jim hamre, 35- year-old zack willhoite, and 40-year-old benjamin gran. gran had been ordered to a lifetime of supervised release following a felony conviction for child pornography. he served two years in prison and was released in 2015. all three victims died from the blunt impact from the crash. (grant) olympic gymnast mckayla maroney is suing u-s-a gymnastics for allegedly paying for her silence about sexual abuse she endured from a team doctor. maroney's lawyer says the gold- and silver-medal winner was the only athlete who was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. her attorney said the agreement was "an immoral and illegal attempt to
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silence a victim of child sexual abuse." the man accused-- larry nassar--was sentenced to 60 years in prison on child pornography charges earlier this month. maroney abuse allegations- the latest (vicki) new at nine... it's being called the world's smallest pacemaker.. and it is changing the way some patients are treated for with their heartbeat. (grant) marin general is one of the first hospitals in the bay area to use the new technology. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke exclusively with doctors and patients there about how it works.. ina story you'll only see here on this is a traditional pacemaker.dr. sujoya dey/director of electrophysiology, marin generalthis pacemaker requires an incision and a cut underneath the skin and it requires wires to be placed inside the heart. but 2016 technology called micra tps.. is 1/10th the size and is inserted using an i-vdr. sujoya dey/director of electrophysiology, marin generalthis is a shift in cardiology.. so you use a small iv down in the groin and you place the entire unit inside the heart in the same chamber that you would have
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put the other one in .. and it has the brains and the wires all in onewith the older method.. patients can't lift their arm for at least six weeks and take longer to recover.dr. sujoya dey/director of electrophysiology, marin generalthere is no incision under the skin so there is no sense of something that's invaded your system.. so just from a quality of life perspective. nobody is looking at it nobody is seeing it. those things are different marin general began using the new device in july.. and have put it in about 8 patients so far. 79 year old john irvine is one of them,john irvine /new pacemaker patienti used to walk about two miles a day and i got to the point where i just couldn't do it anymore i could hardly get from one room to the other so in early november.. irvine came in for the was a very simple procedure for me. i just came in one morning and they laid me out here and next thing i know its over. and i went home the next day without any difficulty in reovery..there were very few conditions placed on me when i left the hospital(hermela aregawi)the fda approved this technology in 2016.. and earlier this year medicare agreed to cover it.. but doctors say it only works for patients that have pacing issues in one chamber.. those with problems in more than one.. must still go with the traditional method. reporting in greenbrae, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news.
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(grant) a warning for parents tonight... the toys you are buying your kids for christmas could be tainted with lead. (vicki) the centers for disease control is telling parents to be extra careful this holiday season... because lead is invisible to the naked eye and has no smell. (grant) so.. here's what you can do to protect your children from lead exposure. know where all their toys and jewelry come from..... check with the manufacturers and ask what the
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product is made of... if you suspect your child may have been exposed to lead...have their blood tested. that's the only way to check to see if they have been contaminated. lead poisoning could affect the development of the brain and nervous system. (vicki) still ahead... thieves break into a popular castle in merced county stealing thousands of dollars worth of tools... some of which are priceless to the family... we'll explain... (brittney weather tease)(mark sports tease) and ahead in sports, the giants add an all-star and gold glover to their lineup. details on how they got evan longoria to come to san francisco.
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alright, after being turned down twice by shohei otani and giancarlo stanton... the giants finally add a
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big name to their lineup. the front office...making some moves today in acquiring third-baseman evan longoria from the tampa bay rays. the 32-year-old is an excellent addition to the lineup. 3-time all-star... 3-time gold glover... and a reliable bat as he's hit at least 20 homers in each of the last 5 seasons. he's also durable...leads the league with 798-games played since 2013. in exchange for longo, giants sending denard span and young prospect christian arroyo to tampa. jimmy garoppolo has done no wrong since coming to santa clara...leading the niners to 3-straight wins. but now, we get to see how he handles himself against an elite defense. jaguars longer a laughing stock, but one of the great surprises of this season. this past sunday, they just clinched their first playoff berth since 2007... and their success starts with the defense. a unit that has no holes on all levels... and they are on pace to be the first team in nfl history to lead the league in scoring,
9:41 pm
takeaways and sacks. but jimmy not scared of anything. "these guys have a very talented defense. it's just a different type of scheme. a lot of teams are adapting the scheme that these guys run and it's becoming pretty popular in the nfl." "they have as much qualities as anyone that it takes to win a super bowl; a top defense, a very good running game, a good offense, good special teams. when you see a team like that on tape that you believe has that ability, it's a good thing, it's a good challenge for your team to go against them and see where you're at." "i think the players that they have make it unique. they have very talented players on every level of the defense. it's going to be a good challenge for us on sunday." coming up in sports at 10, warriors in action tonight hosting memphis. see if they were able to push their win streak to 10. until then, more news after the break.
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in merced county. kay recede...reports about a castle near denair has been broken into...and tools worth thousands of bucks were stolen.
9:45 pm
(grant) that was kay recede
9:46 pm
reporting. the couple says they have filed a police report...however no stolen items have been found tonight. lear and cool conditions tonight with widespread lows in the 30s. dry weather returns thursday with cool daytime highs followed by a colder night into friday morning. high pressure keeps things dry and seasonable through the weekend. clouds may increase by christmas day as the next front approaches.
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(vicki) highly trained dogs are helping rehabilitation patients as they work to regain independence after stroke, brain or spinal cord injuries or from chronic conditions such as cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis.. (grant) kron 4's gabe slate met with a recent stroke survivor who says her time with her canine companion is the highlight of her day. paige harris / canine companion patientpaige harris, of richmond has been at the sutter health alta bates summit medical center in oakland ever since her stroke on friday. paige harris / canine companion patientthe highlight of her days now are
9:48 pm
when gayle the golden lab canine companion walks paige over to the regional acute rehabilitation program for physical therapy. she is working on basic motor skills gayle the dog is weaved into the treatments. paige has to take gayle's jacket off and put it back on remove her collar off and put it back on brush her teeth throw a ball, play fetch all these simple movements with the dog are rehabilitating the patient. paige harris / canine companion patient nachelle valdez / occupational therapistnacelle valdez is an occupational therapists and canine companion handler, says she sees her patients progress faster when gayle is involved. nachelle valdez / occupational therapistcanine companions is a stand alone non profit organization that runs out of santa rosa, they put service animals through two years of training before they get to wear the blue vest and stationed at facilities around the country. they offer these
9:49 pm
service for free people don't have to pay for the canine companion. sutter health has had such a good experience with the animals and their patients they just donated $25,000 dollars to them.. nachelle valdez / occupational therapistohh puppy raiser that sounds like a fun gig.. in oakland gabe slate kron 4 news.. (grant) a couple in tracy... mixes a techno beat with
9:50 pm
technology to put on a spectacular christmas light show.(vicki) with thousands of lights, funky music and plenty of fake snow -- it's really bringing out the magic of the holiday. take a look...
9:51 pm
new years live from las vegas with musical and entertainment acts. then at 11:30... justine waldman and myself-- along with j-r stone -- will host new years live from san francisco. we will bring you the fun and fireworks from along the embarcadero. starting at 8-p-m on new years eve. (vicki) coming up after the break... we'll tell you the winning powerball numbers. and see if there are any winners ♪ [vo] the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. ticket??? the powerball
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jackpot for tonight's drawing is estimated at 269-million dollars... (grant) you must match all five numbers and the powerball number to win.... here they are: one-20-61-64-69 and the powerball number is 20.... the cash option for tonight's drawing is worth a little over 171- million dollars. the record winning ticket in the game was one-point-six billion dollars... drawn in january of last year. it was shared by it was shared by three winners in florida, tennessee, and southern california. by the way... the odds of winning the powerball jackpot are about one and 292-million. (vicki)(vicki) more than a
9:55 pm
thousand children came to san francisco city receive a new unwrapped toy...and even visit with santa claus. firefighters teamed up with the department of child support services and the mayor's office... to present the children's toy and book festival. the toy program.. was founded in 19- a handful of firefighters. in addtion to handing out gifts...the toy program also donated goods to children and families...who lost their homes in the north bay firestorm. (grant) the macy's in san francisco's union square has an annual holiday window display that showcases pets available for adoption. it has been a huge success this season, with 168 pets
9:56 pm
adopted so far. at least tens of thousands of visitors stop by each year. with a $10 dollar donation people can get 10 minutes of cuddle time with the adoptable puppies and kittens. the windows will be open every day through january first, with the exception of christmas. (vicki) just in time for the holidays... contra costa county animal services is offering free pet adoptions. it's even offering free home delivery for the first 10 kittens adopted.vo) the promotion includes spay and neuter fees as well as micro chipping and vaccinations. you will have to pay a fee for a pet license. the promotion ends on saturday. the free adoptions are happening at the martinez and pinole adoption centers. (grant) that wraps up kron4 news at nine..(vicki) pam moore and steve aveson are here with what we are working on for kron-4 news at ten.. ((pam))thank you grant and
9:57 pm at ten.package thefts are on the we get closer to christmas. residents in one bay area neighborhood say they've have been hit several times in recent police department decided to help out. how they managed to nab two suspected theives in a matter of being called the world's smallest pacemaker.and it's being used right here in the bay area. meet the doctors who say this new changing's a story you will only see on kron 4.((pam)) plus...freezing temperatures in parts of the bay area overnight.meteorologist brittney shipp has your four zone forecast.((steve))keep it here...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts after the break. ((2shot))((pam))
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residents and police... join forces to catch a package theif.thanks for joining us... i'm pam moore.((steve)) and i'm steve aveson.earlier this week...kron 4 viewers reached out to us to say their
10:00 pm
neighborhood his plagued with package thefts.((pam)) several of them setup surveillance cameras... but it did not stop the crooks. that's when the hayward police department stepped in.((dbl bx))kron 4's ali reid is live in the newsroom tonight ... to explain how a decoy.. helped land two people behind bars... ali? after a number of package thefts, police used a decoy package on one of those porches. and it worked. there are 2 people in custody tonight.pkgwe put it down at 11 this morning, and by 2 o clock it was gone.lan van lam and his getaway driver thought they hit gold with this package.. but instead, they hit silver. the bars they'll be behind tonight. that amazon box was a decoy. with a tracking device inside.we found their vehicle. and when we got behind it we could actually see our box. the thieves were pulled over, and police found an array of other stolen items.what we found


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