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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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neighborhood his plagued with package thefts.((pam)) several of them setup surveillance cameras... but it did not stop the crooks. that's when the hayward police department stepped in.((dbl bx))kron 4's ali reid is live in the newsroom tonight ... to explain how a decoy.. helped land two people behind bars... ali? after a number of package thefts, police used a decoy package on one of those porches. and it worked. there are 2 people in custody tonight.pkgwe put it down at 11 this morning, and by 2 o clock it was gone.lan van lam and his getaway driver thought they hit gold with this package.. but instead, they hit silver. the bars they'll be behind tonight. that amazon box was a decoy. with a tracking device inside.we found their vehicle. and when we got behind it we could actually see our box. the thieves were pulled over, and police found an array of other stolen items.what we found
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was, there were additional packages inside the vehicle belonging to other victims. we have one confirmed in fremont, and we're working on some others. lam and his counterpart won't be going anywhere soon. they were both on probation for theft related crimes. now that they have violated probation, police say they'll be off the streets for at least a number of months. i hope anyone considering package theft will see this and wonder if there's a tracker in the package.standup this is still an ongoing investigation.police are now looking into whether the duo has even more stolen goods at their homes. reporting live homes. goods at their more stolen duo has even whether the looking into police are now investigation.ongoing this is still an standuppackage.a tracker in the package.standup this is still an ongoing investigation.police are now looking into whether the duo has even more stolen goods at their homes. reporting live in the newsroomali reidkron 4 news on the peninsula.... police are asking for the community's help to find a package thief that was caught on camera. the theft happened in the redwood shores neighborhood... in redwood city.... the resident's
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"ring" doorbell security camera captured video of the man taking the package from their door step. anyone who recognizes the thief is asked to contact the redwood city police. ((pam/sidebar)) there are several ways you can prevent having your packages stolen.the palo alto police department posted several tips on its facebook page.they include having your package delievered to your job. ((reveal)) also.. you can request that the shipper hold your package at their pick-up facility, so you can pick it up in person. ((reveal)) or you can request a specific delivery date.. to make sure you are home when the package arrives.((reveal)) you can also sign up for delivery alerts.. you will get an email or text when your package is delivered. fbi special agent johnbennett says: "this is not the last time we are going to stand here and talk about this. we will keep coming." a determined f.b.i. special agent... talking about the lastest crack down on gangs in the east bay called "operation klap it out"(steve) an inter-agency effort nabbed 8 suspected gang members accused of violent crimes involving
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guns and murder.(pam) kron 4's teresa estacio reports ... law enforcement is proud about the progress, but says it is not over yet. diane becton, contra costa da. our office is announcing 8 people, gang members various mix of serious crimes committed in and around contra costa county and bay area.and these are pictures of the eight cuffed and confineds in jail currently. they referred to themselves as the klap it out gang a reference to the sound of gunfire erupting. contra costa county district attorney diane becton peeling back the cover of a 16 month covert investigation.becton. we recovered hand guns, semi automatics.the entire case involved several different law enforcement agencies, including the fbi. pittsburg police captain brian addington spoke about how the group had terrorized his community including the murder of an innocent man last spring. brian addington, police chief pittsburg. man was gunned down for just standing there. this was a brazen act.while details about how the 8 were netted were get confidential pittsburg chief did elude to those cameras out on highway 4 helping out.addington. "yes. that technology played a role.
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they were not charged in any of the shootings, and that is all i will say.and take a look at this these are people still wanted in connection with cracking down on violent crimes. fbi san francsico special agent in charge john bennet had a message and warning to those still out on the street looking to cause harm.john bennett fbi. 2018 we are still looking for you. we will get you those who are causing pain in our communities. in contra costa county, te ((2shot)) ((pam)) now, as
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you just heard, investigators say, video cameras installed along highway- 4 played a role in the arrests of a number of suspects for alleged gang- related activities.((steve)) currently, there are cameras and shotspotters installed along highway 4 in pittsburg but earlier this week it was announced that the camera network is about to be expanded. ((dbl bx))kron 4's charles clifford is live in pittsburg with that part of the story...charles?
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(steve) the berkeley
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police department is facing a major crisis: a staffing shortage... the department is suspending units, eliminating departments and desperately trying to keep officers on the force. hanging in a storage locker - are all the patrol bikes. the program got suspended in the fall. we asked the police chief andrew greenwood what does the staff shortage mean for the community?"some investigations in narcotics that are not going to get done? the answer is yes. are there some calls we are not going to go to yes. that is so we can focus our people on community safety while they are on patrol." the deparment is currently short 20 officers.. and even officers.. short 20 currently deparment is the patrol." the deparment is currently short 20 officers.. and even more cuts could be coming next year-- including the traffic unit and all motorcycle officers. chief andrew greenwood says all of the regional agencies are now competing for candidates. lear and cool conditions tonight with widespread lows in the 30s. dry weather
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returns thursday with cool daytime highs followed by a colder night into friday morning. high pressure keeps things dry and seasonable through the weekend. clouds may increase by christmas day as the next front approaches. ((2shot/tele vo))((pam)) another big story... republican lawmakers joined president donald trump at the white house today .... to celebrate their largest legislative achievement of 2017. ((steve))hailing passage of the gop's tax plan and surrounded by dozens of prominent republicans in congress, trump said the package would fulfill his core campaign promise.((pam)) omar jimenez has more from the nation's capitol. president donald trump: "it's always a lot of fun when you win"on wednesday afternoon, republicans took a victory
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lap, celebrating their first major legislative achievement under the new administration. and leading the celebrations, was president trump. president donald trump: "i guess it's very simple, when you think you haven't heard this expression, but we are making america great again." after all, it was one of trump's central campaign promises, to overhaul the tax code.vice president mike pence: "thank you for keeping your promise to see this congress deliver the largest tax cut in american history for christmas of this year. and while republicans celebrated the most sweeping american tax overhaul in 30 years, trump went on to celebrate another, possibly less obvious accomplishment.president trump: the individual mandate is being repealed. when the individual mandate is being repealed, that means obamacare is repealed.... we didn't want to bring it up. i told people specifically 'be quiet with the fake news media because i don't want them talking too much about it. but obamacare still isn't fully repealed. the tax bill does take away one of its biggest pieces though. the rest of the affordable health care act, remains.president trump: "will come up with something that will be much better, whether it's block grants or whether it's taking what we have and doing something terrific."in washington, i'm omar jimenez.
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((pam/fsc)) not a single democrat in the house or the senate voted in favor of the tax bill.12- republicans in the house also voted against the measure today house minority leader and democrat nancy pelosi tweeted this out... hearing. no expert testimony. no listening to the american people. that has been the story of the "hash-tag" -gop tax scam. (grant) most republicans have been touting how this new tax bill...benefitting corporate america...will have a trickle down affect. well...that's the least for a handful of companies' employees. at&t was the first...announcing today it's giving one thousand dollar bonuses to more than
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200-thousand employees who are not in management. comcast says it's also giving one thousand dollar checks to about 100-thousand employees. san francisco based wells fargo, boeing, and fifth third band also came out today and said they'd be sharing the wealth...passing tax savings on to their employees. coming up... new at ten.a bay area football star decides which big name school he will his mother's battle with cancer ... is helping shape his decision. plus.. she was supposed to be delivering gifts to families in need.but police say she kept them all for they managed to track down this christmas grinch.and white christmas in the bay area.but if you want to go play in the snow... you don't have to go far.the sierra is getting pounded right now... we'll show you the you the
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((pam)) if you're heading over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house for the holiday -- better be prepared. ((sidebar + vo)) triple -a expects more than 107- million americans will travel between december 23rd and january 1st.((reveal)) that's the highest number on record for this time of year.((reveal))the majority of people -- more than 97- million - will drive to their destination. ((steve/landing vo)) while most people will drive to their holiday arly 6 and a half americans are expected to fact, today..tomorrow and friday will be the busiest travel days at sfo.kron 4's dan kerman went there to check it
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out. 5 days before christmas, but not such a bad day to travel at sfo lines were not too long and everybody was in great spirits looking forward to being with their familyáásot mary baronitis/visiting family in houston 10-18we make cookies out the wazoo.. pitzelles, little snowflakes italian definitely my favorites this is heading to houston to visit family and bringing along her furry friend molly. sotwhat does the cat get for the holiday. she gets her own stocking, so probably a lot of treats and way to much food she shouldn't havemore than 163 thousand travelers are passing through sfo on wednesday making it the third busiest travel day of the christmas new years holiday period but clear skies made for few if any delaysáásot jennifer paaske/visiting family in michigan 43-51so knock on wood its been very smooth sailing up to this point, but we are going through chicago and we have lots of stories about going
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there so we'll seethis family is heading to new yorksotdo you like the snow? yes i want it to be a white christmas, but its going to be so cold others aren't heading to the cold, but to the beach this woman is visiting family in honoluluáásot gwendolyn smith/visiting family in honolulu 108-115i'm going to go sailing and to a luau and snorkeling if the weather permitskerman/sfo 115-125 wednesday the third busiest day season.. the busiest is actually 174-thousand people passing through sfo. dan kerman kron 4 news. (pam) a winter storm packing winds in excess of 100- miles per hour... dropped snow on parts of the sierra. fresh powder attracts more skiers and snowboarders... and businesses get more boot traffic. the national weather service confirms... around six- inches of snow ...fell over central sierra from this quick- hitting storm. (sot) (pam) and while the fresh powder helped skiiers and snowboarders speed down the
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slopes... the snow slowed down the morning commute in the area... where several slide-offs were reported ... and chain controls remained in effect over (pam) and while the fresh powder helped skiiers and snowboarders speed down the slopes... the snow slowed down the morning commute in the reno -sparks area... where several slide- offs were reported ... and chain controls remained in effect over most mountain passes. (steve)a live look outside tonight... (pam)brittney has the forecast. lear and cool conditions tonight with widespread lows in the 30s. dry weather returns thursday with cool daytime
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((steve)) now to the devastating thomas fire, which is still burning in southern california.officials now consider it to be the second largest fire in state history. ((sidebar + vo))here's where we stand tonight.according to calfire...the fire has
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destroyed more than 272- thousand is also the third most destructive in structure losses..with more than one-thousand buildings burned.((reveal))at last check...the fire was 55-percent contained.((reveal)) the blaze is expected to be fully controlled by the end of the first week of january. ((pam/landing vo)) new tonight at ten...a happy homecoming for several northern california firefighters.they arrived back in sacramento today... after battling the thomas fire in southern california for the past two weeks.and as eric rucker explains... their families could not be happier. tsuper: chris kellogg, cpt metro fire"this came all of a sudden we weren't really ready for it, it's december, it's fires"caught off gaurd - and familiar with the danger he was getting into. sot"i'm from ventura, my whole life i grew up there so i know the santa anna winds - on the 118 it blows big rigs over" metro fire captain chris kellogg and his 22 person
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strike team weren't just up against one of the worst fires in california history - they were also working against the holiday clock.sot"initially we thought we could miss christmas - and once you just accept that you are in it, it's ok it's part of the job" this week though, those fears went away as dad and hubby came home.nats:for this family..nats:the life of the house...sot"i'm the crazy person so i think for them it's good to have the craziness back in their lives" nats:and the coordinator of holiday decorations.will be with his family when saint nick comes....not that mom didn't have things covered. super: kristie kellogg, wife "we manage the house we do the chores we get everything done it's as if he is home except like he said the fun part the craziness comes back lol"for cosumnes fire battalion chief kris hubbard, the return to northern california will happen wednesday night.hubbard told me over the phone, its a home coming he can't wait for! sot"get back with our families reflect back on what we've done over the last two weeks know it's extra special"
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still ahead...a bay area football player is overcoming some incredible odds.he's headed to a big name school to finish out his college career...but it's what he did to get through school that is putting a big smile on his mother's face tonight.and is being called the world's smallest pacemaker, and it is being used right here in the bay area.we'll hear from one man who says, the new technology has saved his life. ♪
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now to a story you will only see on kron is being called the world's smalled pacemaker ... and it is changing the way some patients are being treated.((steve))
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marin general is one of the first hospitals in the bay area to use the new technology. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke with doctors..who showed her how it works. the biggest difference with this new method.. is that patients don't have to be opened up with an incision to have the device put in. and because of that.. doctors say.. the recovery is shorter and practically painless.this is a traditional pacemaker.dr. sujoya dey/director of electrophysiology, marin generalthis pacemaker requires an incision and a cut underneath the skin and it requires wires to be placed inside the heart.but 2016 technology called micra tps.. is 1/10th the size and is inserted using an i-vdr. sujoya dey/director of electrophysiology, marin generalthis is a shift in cardiology.. so you use a small iv down in the groin and you place the entire unit inside the heart in the same chamber that you would have put the other one in .. and it has the brains and the wires all in onewith the older method.. patients can't lift their arm for at least six weeks and take longer to recover.dr. sujoya dey/director of electrophysiology, marin generalthere is no incision
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under the skin so there is no sense of something that's invaded your system.. so just from a quality of life perspective. nobody is looking at it nobody is seeing it. those things are different marin general began using the new device in july.. and have put it in about 8 patients so far. 79 year old john irvine is one of them,john irvine /new pacemaker patienti used to walk about two miles a day and i got to the point where i just couldn't do it anymore i could hardly get from one room to the otherso in early november.. irvine came in for the was a very simple procedure for me. i just came in one morning and they laid me out here and next thing i know its over. and i went home the next day without any difficulty in reovery..there were very few conditions placed on me when i left the hospital(hermela aregawi)the fda approved this technology in 2016.. and earlier this year medicare agreed to cover it.. but doctors say it only works for patients that have pacing issues in one chamber.. those with problems in more than one.. must still go with the traditional method. reporting in greenbrae, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news.
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coming up.... police are calling her a christmas grinch. how a woman managed to steal hundreds of gifts from families in need. plus... new tonight at ten. a bay area football player takes on quite the school workload... to help his mother battle serious health he is headed to a big name university.and next... scary moments for a south bay man.armed robbers storm his home...rough him up and steal his valuables.where police finally caught them.
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♪ [vo] the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. ((steve)) ((2shot))to the
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south bay now...a brazen home invasion robbery in los gatos today.a man was brutally beaten... his car and other valuables..stolen.((pam)) very frightening... as kron four's rob fladeboe reports, the hunt for the suspects led authorities to modesto. even as deputies were still on the scene here in los gatos, investigating a home invasion robbery in a neighborhood just west of highway 9, they got word from modesto that a regional auto theft task force had recovered a vehicle thought to have been stolen during the robbery. the task force reported it had multiple individuals in custody. two weapons were also recovered.
10:30 pm
the sheriff's office confirmed that the modesto suspects are in fact being questioned in connection with the home invasion robbery here on the 19000 block of bainter avenue. yellow crime scene tape stretched across the driveway leading to one of three homes where a man in his fifties was robbed and assaulted. he landed in the hospital with a head injury, according to sgt rich glennon.sgt. rich glennon/santa clara county sheriff's dept."....just after 4 a.m. this morning we received a 911 call from a neighbor who reported that a man came to their door to report that he had been the victim of a robbery. the victim said that he had been assaulted during a home invasion. he said he woke up and discovered there were five individuals in his home and that they demanded valuables and that they ransacked his home and physically assaulted him after which he was taken to the hospital for medical care.." rob fladeboe/los gatos "....sheriff's deputies are calling on neighbors to see of someone might have surveillance video that might hep with the investigation. in los gatos rob fladeboe kron 4 newss
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(pam) the antioch police department is asking for the public's help ... in identifying a murder suspect from april. the victim was shot on k- street in antioch -- then later died from his injuries. police released this sketch of the suspect involved in the homicide. he is described as a white, adult male, in his mid- twenties to early- thirties with short hair. anyone with information related to the homicide.. is asked to contact the antioch investigations- violent crime unit. ((steve)) the investigation in to a deadly hit-and-run in san bruno has turned cold. it's been exactly a year.. and there are no firm clues to track down the person who took off from the scene. as kron 4's haaziq madyun reports.. the victim's family recently hired a private investigator to stay on top of the case. it has been a year since 29- year-old carly flynn was killed by a hit-and-run driver while she was crossing the street at the intersection of
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cherry ave and san bruno ave in san brunosot
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smith/cannon street inc.: "the problem with this case is that there is only one witness. it is hard for me to believe as well as the police that there was only one witness who saw this">that witness told investigators that a white s- u-v was possibly involved in the hit-and-run. carly flynn was hospitalized and died as a result of her injuries two days later.sot
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the benicia arsenal, or the benicia industrial park. one main restriction... dispensaries will not be allowed within six- hundred feet of schools... making southampton shopping center off- limits ... due to its proximity to benicia middle school. (pam) in san francisco the sudden mayoral race is heating up... now with the additon of supervisor jane kim. jane kim... filed papers to run for mayor today at city hall. other official candidates include former state senator mark leno.. .and mayor ed lee's re- election challenger ... amy farrah weiss. supervisor president london breed... who is filling in as acting mayor... has not yet indicated whether she will run. last week's sudden death of mayor ed lee... prompted the special election... which is pmslated for june of 20-18. (pam) it's a story of football, overcoming the odds, and love.tonight, a football player at city college- san francisco .... announced that he accepted a
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football scholarship to the university of tennessee.(steve) the young man says his inspiration is his mom who has been in and out of the hospital for most of his life. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and has more from fairfield. sot people would tell you you're not gonna make it i've heard my whole life you're not that good you're not gonna make it you're stupid but i always believed in myself.and right now 19 year old jordan allen's haters are no where to be found. allen is a defensive end at city college san francisco. he attracted the attention of major college football programs across the county this year. but football isn't his only focus. his mother has been in and out of the hospital for most of his life due to kidney failure which led to an eventual kidney transplant.sot if she can go to work for 8 years on dialysis every day non stop then i can go to practice and go to class and get what i have to get done. and he has gotten things done.allen who was once at uc davis wanted more and believed he could do better, he left uc davis and took extra courses
10:36 pm
at city college while playing football. his hard work led to recruiting trips to tennessee, colorado, tcu, michigan state, and arizona state. due to a recent surgery his mother missed one of the trips but was able to go on the other four. something that has been a motivation as she battles new health issues with her colon. sot he feels like he's paying me back because i get all these fancy steak and lobster dinners and airfare and hotels and big bath tubs i think that's the best part for him. wednesday night dozens showed up in allen's hometown of fairfield to see what school he will be attending next semestersot i just picked what i thought was the best opportunity and the best platform.i'll be playing at.. sot the university of tennessee.cheeringrocky top rocky topan example that hard word does pay off.even in tough situationssot the big thing was is playing the game i love in front of 102 thousand of the most loyal fansyou can't beat it.j.r. stone kron 4 news.
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(pam) one east bay hospital is helping lift patients spirits... with some highly trained four-legged friends. patients at the sutter health - alta bates summit medical center in oakland... are greeted by a golden lab.. named gayle. paige harris of richmond has been at alta bates since having a stroke on friday. she says, the highlight of her days is when the lab walks with her over to
10:38 pm
the regional acute rehabilitation program... for her physical therapy. paige harris/canine companion patient "she comes in. you hear her. tink, tink, tink, tink, tink. it just changes the entire atmosphere. you don't feel like you're in a hospital anymore. sometime it's kinda depressing being in a hospital setting."(pam) canine companions is a stand alone non- profit organization... that runs out of santa rosa. they put service animals through two years of training... before they get to wear the blue vest.. they are stationed at facilities around the country. they offer these services at no cost to the patient. sutter health has had such a good experience with the animals and their patients they just donated $25,000 dollars to them. ((steve/mon vo)) investigators still looking for answers in the deadly train derailment that left three dead in washington.tonight that stretch of interstate five where the crash finally reopened.kristen holmes has more from pierce county, washington.
10:39 pm
sot bella dinh-zarr, national transportation safety board spokesperson"the crews have been operating for at 2 weeks prior to the accident with non- revenue trains, as well as one vip train. we will be looking closely at that process." investigators still looking for answers in the deadly train derailment that left three dead in washington. conducting interviews and reviewing data - trying to get to the bottom of why it was traveling almost three times the speed limitpositive train control- the technology that automatically detects and slows a speeding vehicle... was not activated yet on the brand new rail line.sot richard anderson, co-ceo, amtrak"we have to keep this as a wakeup call. it's not acceptable that we are involved in these kinds of accidents."amtrak's ceo says it is not clear whether the technology would have prevented the town mayor worried the rail line , which passes through his city, would one day prove dangerous.lakewood mayor don anderson saying earlier in the month it would only be a matter of time before the new train would kill someone.mayor don anderson, lakewood, wa "come back when there is that accident, and try to justify not putting in those safety enhancements."his town- suing washington's department of transportation over the issue in 2013. saying, the project hadn't "undergone sufficient environmental review." but the city's suit was dismissed. mayor don anderson, lakewood, wa "there is a certain degree of guilt associated with it. maybe we gave up too soon." reporting from pierce county,
10:40 pm
washington, i'm kristen holmes. coming up you didn't know they were underneath of no, i did but they don't have no, they don't have no tag on them see because it's expired sometimes, when you try to hide something it brings more attention to it i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving baldy (sports) coming up, the warriors...push their win streak to double digits tonight with a victory against memphis. see how (sports) (sports) coming up, the warriors...push their win
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streak to double digits tonight with a victory against memphis. see how klay thompson set the tone early..
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my wish was a clubhouse, but we call it "the wish house." people visit national parks from all over the world. food tastes better when you don't have to cook it.
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he was just supposed to be my dog. i don't know why. (vo) we're proud that, on behalf of our owners, the subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars in just ten years. get 0% financing for 63 months on select models. plus we'll donate $250 to charity. where i come from we call that riding dirty yea so is it true you just got caught ridin dirty i was riding dirtywait stop how rude of me, i started this segment all wrong . let's start from the beginningthis pickup truck was spotted with paper plates,but something about the truck made officer bailey of the san jose area office of the california highway patol to take a closer lookthe driver claims that when he bought the truckfor what ever reason they didn't give me tags (ok) si i called dmv and i have to go down there and pay 25 dollarsso here's what happened nextyou bought the car used yes, most likely your license plate is under your paper plate can i see your drivers licence real
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quicknow what would have been a fixit ticket went from zero to 100 real quick. let's talk to the driver againyou didn't know they were underneath of no, i did but they don't have no, they don't have no tag on them see because it's expired i'll come back to him in a momentyou see some drivers have learned that by driving around with paper plates they can conceal the idenity of the driver and avoid red light cameras and bridge tollsthis driver had faded paper plates.. but that wasn't all she had she was missing a drivers license, a license plate, proof of insurance .. and kid in the back was improperly fastened inand yes there is more . she just got a ticket from san jose police a week before for the exact same thing . so she gets cited again and someone else picked up the truckand the paper plates are removed now back to the first driver . i knew the plates were there you just didn't want to get pulled over with expired tabs excactly for the reason im getting pulled over nowwhich revealed some intresting things i'm writing you up you took
10:45 pm
care of your plate im going to give you a warning on that im writing you on a suspended license and with out an ignition interlock device so you got popped for dui once before and you have to have an ingition interlock 2009 that was 8 years ago but you don't have one now i don't but i mean i don't have one because it's honestly a hassle what a bigger hassle gtiing pulled over for the same thing over and over again when you could just fix it instead of rinsing and repeating ..i got caught behaving badlyin san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news ((steve/ots)) new tonight at ten...police are calling it a real life christmas grinch.a pennsylvania woman planned to help deliver gifts to families in need....but authorities say instead she decided to keep them for herself. christine
10:46 pm
mclarty she was caught. this story starts and ends with holiday cheer three years ago i started the christmas project > helping more than 100 familes far and near the stress of the season sucks the joy from this world instead of having a season of joy> in this story the grinch - lurking near ..i'll be honest, it hurt>kathy jo wright has received gifts the past 2 years she needed a kitchen sink one time and i found her a kitchen sink>this season of giving -- she wanted to deliver presents .it's about the 22 families that just had christmas wripped from their hands instead three thousands dollars of gifts - dissapeared you could deffinitly call this a christmas grinch storythe good thing was we were able to track down the individual. she will now pay for her crimes> police say they found 138 boxes with bows- unwrapped in wrights house "how can a mind not think, these poor kids> but maybe, hewitt thinks, christmas doesn't' come from a store ....will i ask her to deliver presents, no. will i help her if she asks for it, it's what i do, absolutely> a
10:47 pm
season of grace, love and fogiveness evermoreyeah, i would absolutely be willing to help them>...we're trying to re-group, going over the list> checking it twice - for the families in need - whove been nothing but nice ((steve))that was christine mclarty.we're told santa helpers are working overtime re-wrapping gifts to make sure they get under the tree by christmas for those families in need. back here locally.... the holiday window display in san francisco's union square... is a hit! again!that's where you get a chance to look at these adorable puppies and kittens which are up for adoption. we are told .. 168 pets have been adopted so
10:48 pm
far. it's estimated tens of thousands of visitors stop by each year ... lining up to get a look. and with a $10- dollar donation - they can get 10- minutes of cuddle time with the adoptable puppies and kittens. the windows will be open every day through january first, with the exception of christmas. (pam) and more than a thousand children came to san francisco city hall today ... to receive a new unwrapped toy ... and even visit with santa claus. firefighters teamed up with the department of child support services and the mayor's office ... to present the children's toy and book festival. the toy program .. was founded in 19-49... by a handful of firefighters. in addtion to handing out gifts... the toy program also donated goods to children and families... who lost their homes in the north bay firestorm. the last couple weeks
10:49 pm
have shown us just how good the warriors are. even without steph curry and draymond green, winning hasn't been a problem. tonight-- andre iguodala and zaza pachulia....didn't suit up... and still, golden state makes it look easy. --let's head to oracle ---klay thompson...first half belonged to him. midway through the first, triple is good. --later on, another one....your thinking maybe this is another 60-point game. --still in the first half, backdoor --klay made his first 9 shots from the field.... dropped 27-in the first half. --near end of half, omri casspi...showing off. double pumping, banks it in. he had 12 off the bench. --warriors were pretty much in control all game. first half belonged to klay. 4th quarter, went to kd. kevin durant...4 mins left...three is good to put the warriors up 12. --then for good measure...drives right to the rack. no stopping him. 97-84 your the
10:50 pm
warriors win 10-straight. 4th team in nba history to post double digit win streaks 5 years in a row. now to our other top story-- giants fans finally score a victory this offseason. the front office...making some moves today in acquiring third-baseman evan longoria from the tampa bay rays. the 32-year-old is an excellent addition to the lineup. 3-time all-star... 3-time gold glover... and a reliable bat as he's hit at least 20 homers in eahch of the last 5 seasons. he's also durable...leads the league with 798-games played since 2013. in exchange for longo, giants sending denard span and young prospect christian arroyo to tampa. jimmy g mania could reach new heights after this weekend...if he beats one of the toughest defenses in the league. the jaguars are one of the great surprises of this season. this past sunday, they clinched their first playoff berth since 2007... and their success starts with the defense. they are on pace to be the
10:51 pm
first team in nfl history to lead the league in scoring, takeaways and sacks. but...jimmy garoppolo, not intimated by anything. "these guys have a very talented defense. it's just a different type of scheme. a lot of teams are adapting the scheme that these guys run and it's becoming pretty popular in the nfl." "they have as much qualities as anyone that it takes to win a super bowl; a top defense, a very good running game, a good offense, good special teams. when you see a team like that on tape that you believe has that ability, it's a good thing, it's a good challenge for your team to go against them and see where you're at." "i think the players that they have make it unique. they have very talented players on every level of the defense. it's going to be a good challenge for us on sunday." no practice for the raiders today. they are back to work tomorrow in advance of their monday night showdown against the eagles. but there's still some noteworthy news from alameda... derek carr is the raiders recipient of the ed block courage award. it's an honor given to one player from each team in the league. voted on by teammates, it goes to the player that best exemplifies great effort...and
10:52 pm
an ability to overcome adversity on and off the field. in this case, the silver and black recognizing carr's ability to bounce back from a broken leg suffered late last season. college football bowl season rolling on tonight... sonny dykes leading his smu mustangs against louisiana tech in the frisco bowl. not a great showing for the former cal head coach... the mustangs turned the ball over 6 times.. this is one of them. darryl lewis..right there for the pick and takes it back the other way. one of 2 pick sixes tonight. bulldogs win a rout, 51-10 (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast. (steve) and this year... kron 4 will have expanded new year's eve converage. starting at 8-p-m we will have
10:53 pm
new years live from las vegas with musical and entertainment acts. then at 11:30... justine waldman and myself-- along with j-r stone -- will host new years live from san francisco. we will bring you the fun and fireworks from along the embarcadero. join us starting at 8-p-m on new years eve.
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lear and cool conditions tonight with widespread lows in the 30s. dry weather returns thursday with cool daytime highs followed by a colder night into friday morning. high pressure keeps things dry and seasonable through the weekend. clouds may increase by christmas day as the next front approaches.
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