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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 26, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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snow.whooshi mean name it, it's avocado, it's corona beer, with trade talks faltering, get ready to pay more for products from mexico. (vicki) mexico.products from more for products from mexico. (vicki) tonight at eight... the body of a c-h-p officer andrew camilleri arrived back in his hometown of tracy one last time.(grant) camilleri was killed in the line of duty by a suspected drunk driver on christmas eve. thank you for joinig us...i'm grant lodes. and i'm vicki liviakis...pam moore and steve aveson are off tonight. officer camilleri leaves behind a wife and three young kids. and tonight.. we are hearing from those who lived in his community. (grant) kron four's spencer blake was there as the touching procession arrived in tracy. . (reporter)"tuesday afternoon that procession of chp and other law enforcement vehicles had sirens blaring as they accompanied the body of fallen chp officer andrew camilleri." (pkg)(nats of sirens)despite
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the loud wailing, this somber line of cars had a reverence about it.people in tracy came to join officers, firefighters, and a ladder truck salute in saying goodbye to camilleri, who died in the early hours of christmas day. he and his partner were in their patrol vehicle on i-880 when c-h-p says a 22-year-old man who had been drinking and using marijuana, slammed into them, killing camilleri and severely injuring his partner. the congregation at mission city church where the camilleris attend in tracy still processing the devastating news."andrew was a man of faith. he loved jesus, and so we have a hope to know that as hard as it is to say goodbye, and to deal with the finality of losing somebody that you love, we know that we'll get to see him again." the rookie officer leaves behind a wife and three kids.a friend of the family, who is also one of their pastors, says andrew went 'all in' on things he was passionate about, and had a goal to make a difference. "andrew lived his life in a way that he wanted to make an impact on others. and i believe that's why he stepped into this call as a chp officer."he had just made the career change from pest control to law enforcement, within the past couple years.all the while, andrew played bass with his worship team, and was busy with the ministry and community outreach all the time."literally people asking, 'is there anything that we can do?' and i know that people are really wanting, have a sincere desire to do something for the family."there is a fund set up at tracy mission dot org that will go towards
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the camilleri family."i think sometimes the greatest tragedy is wasted life. he didn't waste his. he made his life count." tag"so far there have been no funeral plans for fallen officer andrew camilleri that have been made public. in tracy. spencer blake kron four news." news."blake kron four news." (vicki) and we continue to cover this story on our website... there you can read governor jerry brown's statement and hear from c-h-p
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about this incident. it's all on kron-4 dot com. (grant) hundreds of people across the state were arrested for d-u-i during the holiday weekend. the c-h-p says more than nine-hundred people were arrested during the christmas maximum enforcement peroid...that is up from 621 last year. 27 people were killed...down from last year where 36 people died. six people killed were not wearing seatbelts. c-h-p will have maximum enforcement again for new years weekend starting on friday. officers are uring people to use triple-a's 'tipsy tow' program news years eve...for a free ride home if you're not good to drive. (vicki) new at eight. police are looking for a connection with a deadly shooting in fairfield. it happened christmas day... on second street. once at the scene... officers found a man lying in the road suffering from a gunshot wound. the vicitm...identified as 24-year-old jakkari sampson..was taken to the
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hospital...where he died. officers have not released a description of the shooter...who is currently at large tonight. (grant) today is another spare the air day... with air quality in many parts of the bay area being deemed unhealthy. (vicki) the air quality management district says that dry calm weather has let pollution collect in our skies... kron four's charles clifford reports that releif could be on the way. you may have noticed a brown haze hanging in the sky over the past few days. the poor air quality is the result of multiple factors. tom flannigan is with the bay area air quality management district."we are experiencing one of those long spells of dry, calm weather. what that means is that air pollution can just build up in our atmosphere from activities like driving around to burning wood. that accumulates in the air and makes it unhealthy to breathe."flannigan also says the smoke is not coming from wildfires burning in southern california."we've had northerly winds and getting air from the north rather than the south so that has helped clear those impacts from smoke from the fires."but the good news is that the air district expects the skies to clear
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over the coming days. at the moment, the air remains unhealthy across much of the north bay and the santa clara valley and moderate across the east bay, the peninsula, and along the coast.but wednesday through at least saturday, conditions should improve with all areas seeing moderate air quality. as a result, there will be no spare the air alert for at least wednesday and wood burning will once again be allowed. that being said, the air district hopes that refrain from lighting up their fire places"we know that wood burning contributes to air lies low in our atmosphere. all susceptible to having impacts from it. so we ask alternatives to it burning wood." (grant) taking a live (grant) burning wood."other than alternatives to it people to look for from it. so we ask having impacts from it. so we ask people to look for alternatives to it other than burning wood." (grant) taking a live look outside...(vicki) turning now to our four zone forecast with chief meteorologist
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brittney shipp... . lear and cool conditions tonight with widespread lows in the 30s. dry weather returns thursday with cool daytime highs followed by a colder night into friday morning. high pressure keeps things dry and seasonable through the weekend. clouds may increase by christmas day as the next front approaches. its a sunny and pleasant afternoon with highs in the upper 50s and 60s. for tonight expect lows from the lower 30s to lower 40s on average. mostly clear skies and light winds will help with radiational cooling. main weather feature weds through friday is a building 585 dm high located southwest of point conception. this will keep things dry and mild during the day with continued mostly sunny skies. overnight lows wont change too much, generally staying above freezing as 850 mb temps warm under the ridge.
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(grant) new at eight a san francisco mail theft victim fights back... she's had 50 packages stolen in the past three months and it only got worse around the holidays. (vicki) so she decided to leave a little surprise for the thieves that's now gone viral. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in the newsroom with this story ,ella? this woman in noe valley says her whole block has fallen victim to these package theives but decided to take matters into her own hands and teach these criminals a lesson in karma. she captured footage of several different people casing mailmen.once they left the thieves would take the
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packages right off her front doorstep. she says 15 others on her street were also targeted. but this problem got worse around christmas when her pet's medicine worth a thousand dollars was swiped. so in return she left a few boxes with a special gift courtesy of her cat koo let this be a lesson to mail thieves everywherethe story has everywherethieves lesson to mail so let this be a koo. her cat koo koo. so let this be a lesson to mail thieves everywherethe story has gone viral with her video of the thief watched half a million times on twitter. live in the on twitter. live in the newsroom ella sogomonian kron4 news.
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(vicki) today marks the first day of kwanzaa 2017. for the past 12-years in the city of san francisco, one community organization has kept the african american holiday tradition alive and well for all to celebrate... including acting san francisco mayor london breed. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story here at san francisco city hall the village project community organization held its annual kwanzaa celebration nat/sot nat/sot african drumskwanzaa is an african-american holiday tradition dating back to 1966. it starts the day after christmas and focuses on a set of positive community building principals and rituals sequenced over a total of seven days. the executive director of the village project adrian williams says the kwanzaa holiday can be celebrated by everyonesot acting mayor london breed: "happy kwannza! umoja!acting mayor london breed has a long history of recognizing kwanza in san francisco and talks about the what happens on day one of the celbrationacting mayor london breed: "today we celebrate unity which is the first principal of kwanzaa. there is also self-determination. there is purpose. there's things that really uplift the community in ways in which we can bring our community
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together to support one another, to fight for one another, to work for each other and to love one another"> and san francisco has a full-set of kwanzaa themed events lined up for 2017sot and those 16- kwanzaa events are free to the public. to find out what's happening just log to san francisco haaziq madyun kron4news
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(vicki) ahead at eight.. you could soon see some olympic athletes hitting the slopes at a resort in tahoe.... we'll show you where. (grant) plus... it has more than just "famous potatoes"... why idaho has lots of new people. (vicki) and... making returns or exchanges the day after christmas is a tradition for many.... we'll show you where people in the bay area were hitting the stores early this morning. ♪ toyland, toyland
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♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhood's joy land never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc300 for $449 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (vicki) it's the day after christmas and that means people are heading out to return or exchange gifts. (grant) kron4's camila bernal reports from union square where people were out early making those returns. better business bureau (bbb) serving the san francisco bay area and northern coastal california offers advice for stress-free returnsonce the season of giving ends, a new one begins: the season of returns! needing to return a holiday gift at some point is almost inevitable - according to national retail federation (nrf) data, "nearly two-thirds
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of holiday shoppers made at least one return" during the 2016 holiday season.although returns are common, return policies vary greatly across stores, and not all retailers accept returns. according to the california attorney general, "when a store clearly displays a limited or no- refund policy refunds and exchanges are not required by law." additionally, an nrf survey found that 25% of stores change their return policy for the holiday season, meaning time limits and other policies may be different than what you're used 2016, around nine percent of complaints filed with bbb nationwide were due to issues with refunds or exchanges. however, around 13% of the nearly 14,000 nationwide complaints filed with bbb in 2016 against both online and brick-and-mortar retailers were due to issues with refunds and exchanges.although returning gifts can be stressful, following these tips from your bbb can make it easier: bbb can make it easier: bbb can make it tips from your bbb can make it easier:
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easier: bbb can make it easier: (grant) an apartment engulfed in flames...and investigators believe it was all caused by a toy car. the flames broke out in baton rouge, louisiana on christmas night...and damaged about two-dozen apartments. no one was hurt. but the fire...has left 26 people without homes. firefighters say someone left a remote-controlled toy car charging on a bed. investigators say it was a (tracks-s) "traxxas" brand car that has a lithium battery charger. they believe the toy overheated...starting the fire. squaw valley in lake tahoe is set to become an official training site for the u-s olympic ski and snowboard team. resort officials say they reached the agreement last week. olympic officials say the tahoe resort has produced some of the
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nation's best skiers and snowboarders since squaw valley hosted the 19-60 winter games. it is one of five official training sites in the u-s....and the second in california....the other being mammoth mountain. (grant) turning our attention to weather...take a look at this... time lapse video in erie, pennsylvania showing record breaking amount of snow in the city... according to the national weather service...the total of 34 inches shattered erie's record for most snowfall in a single day. the city saw another 19 inches this morning, for an ongoing snowfall total of 53 inches - the highest two-day total in the entire state. its a sunny and pleasant its a sunny and its a sunny and pleasant afternoon with highs in the
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upper 50s and 60s. for tonight expect lows from the lower 30s to lower 40s on average. mostly clear skies and light winds will help with radiational cooling. main weather feature weds through friday is a building 585 dm high located southwest of point conception. this will keep things dry and mild during the day with continued mostly sunny skies. overnight lows wont change too much, generally staying above freezing as 850 mb temps warm under the ridge.
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(grant) the forecast for boise, idaho tonight is temperatures in the twenties with the chance of a five=foot snowfall.reason we're telling you that is because the weather may be freezing ... but idaho is white=hot when it comes to attracting new residents from other states.
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here are the top and bottom five states, based on population gains and losses in the fiscal year that ended july can see the states with the biggest increases are all adjacent: idaho, nevada, utah and washingtonthe only exception is florida, which barely beat out arizona for the number five spot. and get this: right next to idaho is wyoming, which had the biggest population drop.the reason can be found by looking at two other states losing people: alaska and west virginia have one big thing in common with wyoming: they are rich in natural resources.oil reserves in alaska, coal mines in wyoming and west virginia ... all of them once considered blessings.the downside is that the states are now locked into the cycle of energy price fluctuations.idaho, by comparison has a diverse economy and the nation's fourth=lowest cost of living. its capital city is booming. the boise metro area now has more people than the entire state of wyoming.the population shift could have an impact on congress.illinois lost nearly 34=thousand people last year.that's only three=tenths of one percent of the total population.but if the trend continues, illinois could see its delegation shrink dramatically."we very well could, we probably will lose at least one, if not two congressional seats."
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(grant) so where does california fit in ... we are still number one in population, nearing 40=million people, but twenty other states are growing faster. (vicki) in san francisco... police arrested two men... suspected of having child pornography. the first is identified as 66-year-old san francisco resident michael connell. police say he is a licensed attorney and practiced law out of his home. they say connell was uploading and trading graphic child porn... through a chat messenger on his laptop. he was arrested last thursday after police searched his home and say they found those images. the second suspect arrested is 41-year-old san
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francisco resident gilbert francisco. earlier this month... police searched francisco's home and say they found thousands of child porn videos and pictures on his computer. he has been booked into the san francisco county jail. (vicki) new ahead at 8 two life-long friends discover something on christmas that changed their lives.... their heart-warming story up ahead.(grant) plus... it might be time to stock up on your coronas and avocadoes.... why the price of popular mexican imports could be going up. ((mark sports tease)) coming up, steph curry...inching closer and closer to a comeback. we'll have the latest update on the mvp's sprained ankle. also, it's too late to take it back now, but just in case your interested, the nba announced what it got wrong in yesterday's game against the cavs. details from the last two minute report.
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(grant) for your money... the north american free trade agreement...nafta... helps facilitates how the u-s, mexico and canada trade goods... and the three countries are currently re- negotiating the agreement. (vicki) but after the first round of meetings this month - the future of trade is unclear. as kron 4's washington correspondent anna wiernicki reports... the price of popular imports from mexico, like beer and avocados, could skyrocket. we're more than halfway through nafta negotiations and there's still a lot of work left to be done, let alone a tight timeline for the three countries to come up with an agreement.will hurd: first and foremost, nafta is important for texasanna wiernicki: texas republican congressman will hurd says 17% of beer consumed in the united states comes through his districtwill hurd: mexico is texas's number one trading partner.anna wiernicki: but he says if the u.s.-mexico-and canada can't come to an agreement, nafta will be repealed, and prices of imports will skyrocket.will hurdu.s. congressman, r-texas take cg @ 0:32-0:38and you know if we get this wrong we can see an increase in the price of beer when we go out. i don't think anybody wants that.anna wiernicki (stand up) washington correspondenttake cg @ 0:38-0:48the last round of nafta negotiations ended in december but ended with no plan for the future.and mexico has an upcoming election - which could make any previous negotiations void.henry cuellar: we want to get it modernized but we can't throw it awayanna wiernicki: texas democratic congressman henry cuellar says nafta eliminated tariffs, so certain goods coming into the us are a lot less expensive. so
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if nafta is repealed, prices will go up.henry cuellaru.s. congressman, d-texastake cg @ 1:03-1:19i mean name it, it's avocado, it's corona beer, it is other things that we buy from mexico that are just going to go up because then different tariffs are going to come in and who is going to pay for it? it's not the companies, they are going to pass it on to the consumers, you and i.anna wiernicki washington correspondenttake cg @ 1:21the next round of negotiations starts in round will take place in mexico. take place in mexico. (grant) ahead at eight.. best friends for decades find out they are actually biologicial brothers.... their incredible discovery is up ahead. (vicki) and... we'll show you how much more you will have to pay to ride bart starting january first. that is after the break. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4
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meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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really? really? really? really?
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really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. (grant) tonight at 8:30... as the new year approaches... get ready to pay more to ride bart. (vicki) kron 4's lydia pantazes reports from walnut creek on how much more expensive rides will get.
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attention bart riders ... hopping on a train is about to get more expensive. fares will go up by two -point- seven percent starting january first. that includes discounted fares. the minimum fare will increase by two- dollars for adults, one- dollar for kids, and 75- cents for seniors and disabled clipper users. this is a standard inflation- based increase that was re- authorized by the bart board of directors in 20-13. they will also increase the age for a youth discount to 18. (vicki) (vicki) (vicki) san francisco is one of three cities... suing
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the defense department... over alleged gun-check system failures. the federal lawsuit says many service members who are disqualified from gun ownership... were ánot reported to the national background check system. new york city and philadelphia are the other cities suing. the suit argues that the defense department failed to report disqualifying records for at least two decades. the cities say this allowed a former air force member to buy a high-powered rifle and shoot and kill 26 people in a texas church in november. local law enforcement officials rely on the f-b-i's database to conduct background checks on gun permit applications and to monitor purchases. pentagon officials say the department is continuing to work with the u.s. military leaders to refine their policies. (grant) with the new year just days away ... new state-wide gun laws will go into effect. beginning january first ... criminals must give up their guns when they are convicted of a serious crime. gun dealers will need to get a certificate of eligibility from the
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california department of justice ... to verify they passed background check. and online ammunition purchases will be shipped to a licensed vendor for transactions ... meaning they will no longer ship to a buyers home. the new laws are provisions from proposition 63 ... which was passed by voters last year. (steve) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us with a look ahead its a sunny and pleasant afternoon with highs in the upper 50s and 60s. for tonight expect lows from the lower 30s to lower 40s on average. mostly clear skies and light winds will help with radiational cooling. main weather feature weds through friday is a building 585 dm high located southwest of point conception. this will keep things dry and mild during the day with continued mostly sunny skies. overnight lows wont change too much, generally staying above freezing as 850 mb temps warm
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under the ridge.
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((2 shot))(vicki) two men in hawaii received a surprise of a lifetime.(grant) they've been best friends for
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decades but just recently found out they're biological brothers. elyssa are-valo reports. alan robinson and walter macfarlane have been the best of friends for 60 years.alan robinson/oahu:"well, we love to play cribbage. we've been playing cribbage all our lives."walter macfarlane/oahu: "i beat him the last time we played."the two were born and raised in hawaii and they played football at punahou. elyssa arevalo/reporting:"when did you guys first meet?" walter macfarlane/oahu:"high school?"alan robinson/oahu: "no, it was back in 6th grade!" walter macfarlane/oahu:"6th grade?"alan robinson/oahu: "yeah we went there."walter macfarlane/oahu:"he was the party-er. i never did any partying in high school."they also shared a special bond throughout their friendship. walter never knew his father, and alan was macfarlane/oahu:"i had a younger brother that i lost when i was 19 so i had never nieces or nephews and i
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thought i'd never know my birth mother, i'll never have any nieces or nephews."with the help of his family, walter searched for answers for years through the internet and social media with no they turned to family d-n-a matching websites.cindy macfarlane/walter's daughter: "so then we started digging into all of the matches he started getting."at the top of the list of d-n-a matches was the username robi737.the results showed walter and robi737 had several matches in their d-n-a including identical x chromosomes. remember alan? his last name is robinson.cindy macfarlane/walter's daughter: "as a nickname, everyone called him robbie. and he flew 737s for aloha airlines. he was a pilot."it turns out alan had also used to find answers about his family. after a few phone calls back and forth, the men learned they shared the same birth mother.alan robinson/oahu:"it was a shock."walter macfarlane/oahu:"it was a shock -- definitely a shock, but then when you thought about it, compared forearms and everything."alan robinson/oahu:"hairy arms! that did it!"the two revealed the discovery to friends and
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family saturday night.nats walter macfarlane/oahu:"it was an overwhelming experience, and it's still overwhelming. i don't know how long it's going to take for me to get rid of this feeling." now that the initial shock has set in, walter and alan say they have plans to travel and enjoy retirement macfarlane/oahu:"this is the best christmas present i can ever imagine having."cindy macfarlane/walter's daughter: "it really is a christmas miracle and we're so happy that we found it." (grant) coming up... as the new year comes to an end... we'll take a look at the most viral moments of 20-17. (vicki) and if your new year's resolution is to get healthy... we have some tips on how to actually stick with it.
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(vicki) healthy new habits may be on your list of new years resolutions. but sticking to them, may be challenging. here are some ways to better achieve your resolutions.... stay consistent.... breaking in a new habit can be a challenge but repetition helps it become the norm. start small and work your way up... take a walk at the same time everyday. extend the time and distance gradually. set a regular meal schedule... eating your meals and enjoying healthy snacks at the same time everyday can improve your metabolism. and.... if you want healthy habits to become a part of your daily routine, just remember, dedication is key. (grant) the bay area is ringing in the new year with expanded public transportation. muni is rides and beefing up service for new year's eve. free service begins at eight p-m sunday for buses with several running until five a-m monday. caltrain
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service will also be free during those hours. bart will be charging for rides, but is extending train service to three a.m. with all the free rides and expanded service around the bay, police are urging people to not drink and drive. (vicki) coming up in sports -- a raiders season that was filled with so much promise at the beginning of the ending in a disappointing fashion. derek carr and jack del rio talk about the team's third straight loss.(grant) plus -- steph curry's sprained ankle seems to be getting better mark carpenter has an update on when the two-time m-v-p might make his return with golden state he has all the sports coming up
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(grant) in president trump's first year, he's faced massive protests.. the russia investigation.. and criticism from his own party.(vicki) he's also put a new justice on the high court.. and kept some controversial campaign promises. c-n-n's karin caifa takes a look at the major political news of 2017. the nation's political landscape changed dramatically on january 20th."we are transferring power from washington and giving it back to you the people."president donald trump took office, vowing to put america first.a day later, millions of people
8:44 pm
joined women's marches..around the u-s and the globe..saying reproductive rights, equal pay and other women's issues were now under threat.more widespread protests came just days later.."no muslim ban! no muslim ban!"after the president signed an executive orderbanning people from six muslim-majority countries from coming into the year end, restrictions on foreign nationals from two more countries were added.the ban faced several legal challenges, even making it to the supreme court of the united states.president trump nominated neil gorsuch to the supreme court..."i will administer justice."he's the fifth sitting justice appointed by a republican president.president trump also followed through on some of his campaign promises including pulling the u-s out of the paris climate accord. and officially recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel.the announcement sparked violent protests.. and rebukes from several foreign leaders.the investigation into whether the trump campaign colluded with russia during
8:45 pm
the election.. hovered over the administration.national security advisor michael flynn resigned in february, after admitting he misled the trump administration about his russian may, fbi director james comey, who was investigating flynn was fired.. he later testified that president trump pressed him to drop the case.(fmr fbi director james comey) "i took it as a direction. i mean, it is the president of the united states.""i didn't say that." former fbi director robert mueller was tapped to lead the russia probe, as special counsel..his investigation has resulted in charges against threeformer trump campaign officials...and michael flynn, who in the fall, pled guilty to lying to the fbi about conversations with russia's ambassador and said he would cooperate with the probe. rhetoric between the u-s and north korea ramped up in 2017. kim jong un's regime tested more than 20 missiles.. prompting a sharp rebuke from president trump at the u-n. "rocket man' is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime."gun shots rang out
8:46 pm
at a virginia baseball field in republican lawmakers practiced for a charity game.4 were injured... including louisiana representative steve scalise. in july, arizona senatorjohn mccain was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer discovered after hehad a blood clot removed.politicians were not immune to what some call the national reckoning over sexual assault and harassment allegationsdemocratic senator al franken denied some of the allegations before resigning. democratic representative john conyers also stepped down, and denied any wrongdoing. meanwhile republican roy moore continued to run for an alabama senate seat.. with president trump's support.. amid allegations he sexual assaulted or had inappropriate relationships with teenaged girls. he also denied the allegations against him. in the end, opponent doug jones won the seat, marking the first time in decades alabama has elected a democratic senator.the republican-led congress made three attempts in 2017to repeal and replace obamacare.(house speaker paul ryan) "i have no doubt we'll pass this because we're gonna keep our promises."all attempts have so far failed. both the house and the senate passed a major tax bill..and are now working on an end-of-the-year washington i'm karin caifa.
8:47 pm
the warriors will see the cavs much sooner the later. they visit cleveland next month on martin luther king jr day. however, there's a marquee before that. next thursday in houston against
8:48 pm
the rockets. and there's a good chance they'll have their mvp back in the lineup. the team announced today that steph curry's sprained right ankle was re-evaluated today... and he continues to make good progress. over the last three games, curry has shown improvement...a s he's been going through his usual pregame workout. he went through a scrimmage last week... and the team says the plan going forward is to increase his practice intensity. his injury has forced him to miss the last 9-games, but he will be re-evaluated on friday. but before moving on, there's been a new development to report from yesterday's game against the cavaliers. it turns out kevin durant ádid indeed foul lebron james on that crucial play late in the 4th quarter. this is according to the league's last-2-minute report, which reviews all calls made by the officials. the nba says that durant affected james' shot by making contact with his body and arm....and that was one of 3-fouls that weren't called on kd. since that one major call wasn't made, it was ruled a turnover...and the warriors got the ball back with a 3-
8:49 pm
point lead. now turning our attention to the raiders-- many seemed to think that being out of postseason contention, would show us a new team that lets it loose. but as they've done all year, they fell short of expectations again last night. first off, credit the silver and black defense for keeping it close with the highest scoring team in the nfl.. it was tied at 10 until 20-seconds to go in the 4th quarter. --however, not a banner day for that offense. turned the ball over 5-times in the 2nd half. outside of a long touchdown to amari cooper, rough game for derek carr. went 15-of-29 for 140 yards a td and 2 interceptions. the raiders have lost 3- straight...and are now at 6- and-9. "when things get tough, a lot of people point fingers. and i've tried my best, every single time, to sit up here and be a man and just take it. that's who i am, that's how i was raised and i'll always be that way. so when it gets hard, i fight. nothing's going to change - hopefully, the results change - but i'm going to keep fighting. i've been 0-10. i've been in sucky situations. i've
8:50 pm
been in hard times. moreso in life than football, to be honest with you, and we're going to come out of this and people will look back on it and just be like, wow, what happened?""it's a fine line being really good and being where we are right now... like i said many times woulda, coulda, shoulda is not going to get it done. you're to get an opportunity, you earn it, you get to live with it, you live with the results". as for the 49ers-- jimmy g..has renewed hope among the faithful and they are ready to start calling him jimmy championship. there's probably never been a more optimistic 5-10 team in nfl history. this 4-game win streak has brought so much excitement that players and fans alike... are wondering what would have happened áif jimmy g was here all year. the niners, definitely on the radar going
8:51 pm
into next season, and it's understandable why many would think playoffs are a real possibility. running back carlos hyde raised a few eyebrows sunday when he said...that he's thinking about more than a playoff run. he's looking for a super bowl. today--kyle shanahan, on a conference call with the media, said he appreciates the excitement, but let's not get too carried away right now. "no definitely, that's not something that we want. i don't believe that's the way you should think, you can't control what's going on next year we have to worry about right now. i thought we had a good game on sunday, we got make sure to focus on the rams week or you'll get humbled extremely fast and when it comes to this offseason you're not focused on super bowls on playoffs. you're focusing on how to be the best person, best player, best coach whatever that is". the associated press announced its female athlete of the year today... and the honor goes to a bay area olympian. superstar swimmer katie the top athlete of 2017...finishing ahead of serena williams and track star allyson felix in the voting.
8:52 pm
this comes after a remarkable performance where she won 5-gold medals...earlier this year at the world aquatic championships in budapest. the 20-year-old stanford sophomore is on track to become one of the most decorated swimmers of all time... as she won 5-medals (4-gold, 1 silver) last summer at the rio olympics. and finally, a prospect for the arizona diamondbacks is a late nominee for son of the year. as he bought his parents quite the gift for christmas. he gave them a house. "for all the sacrifices you've made for our family, i want our family house to be yours... (crying)". those are the parents of a 21-year-old pavin smith...reacting to a letter he wrote to them saying he paid off the mortgage on their home. he was the 7th-overall pick from this year's draft... and he used the money from a 5- million dollar signing bonus. after recording their reaction to the news, he
8:53 pm
posted a heartfelt message on twitter that read-- 'thank you for everything you have done for me! this doesn't make up for any of it. love you both so much. our home is finally all yours'
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(vicki) as people look towards celebrating the new year... the san francisco fire department is warning everyone about the dangers of fireworks. all fireworks... including safe and sane.. are illegal in san francisco. that includes sparklers. the fire department is also offering tips so your pets don't get scared when it gets lousd. they say to keep your pets secured inside your home. give them safe place to hide if they are scared of the loud noises. if you leave your pets home alone... leave a radio, t-v, or comforting music playing. lastly... make sure their i-d's and microchips are updated incase they do get out. (grant) and a reminder... this year... kron 4 will have expanded new year's eve coverage. starting at 8-p-m we will have new years live from las vegas with musical and entertainment acts. then at 11:30... justine waldman and i -- along with j-r stone and spencer blake -- will host new years live from san francisco. we will bring you the fun and fireworks from along the embarcadero. join us starting at 8-p-m on new years eve. ((2shot))((grant))((2shot))
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((2shot))((grant))((2shot)) ((2shot))((grant))that does for kron 4 news at eight. ((vicki))but the news continues at the top of the at nine..the bay area law enforcement urning the loss of one of their own.hundreds show up to pay their respects to fallen chp officer andrew camilleri as his body returned to his hometown of tracy.tonight...we hear from the fallen officer's pastor. tonight at nine.a bay area lawyer...arrested for
8:58 pm
allegedly sharing child porn. new details, and reaction from the suspect's neighbor. ((grant))plus...the spare the air days appear to be over. find out when we could get rain in the forecast.((vicki)) keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break.
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(vicki) a somber day as a community mourns the death of a chp officer..33-year-old andrew camilleri lost his life while trying to protect others on christmas eve. today his body was returned back to his hometown of tracy... good evening i'm vicki liviakis.(grant) and i'm grant lodes... officer camilleri leaves behind a wife and three young kids. he was killed by a suspected drunk driver while on patrol on interstate 880 in hayward. the 22-year-old suspect remains hospitalized -- and has not yet been publicly identified. today kron4's spencer blake was in tracy - he talked to people who knew the fallen officer. (reporter)"tuesday afternoon that procession of chp and other law enforcement vehicles had sirens blaring as they accompanied


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