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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 27, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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year with no place to go. three=day eviction notices go out at an east bay apartment complex that's been at the center of a landlord=tenant battle.whooshit's the airlines dirty little secret ... male passengers preying on womenhe started to um...touch my leg, stroke my leg, tickle it." airlines say they're addressing the problem ... but victims ... and flight attendants don't agree.
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grant lodes(catherine) and i'm catherine heenan...pam moore and steve aveson have the night off. it's a sad end to the year for the c- h-p... kron 4's dan kerman is live tonight - with more on today's ceremony and a memorial service that's just been scheduled. dan? a solemn day at the chp academy in sacramento wednesday as family, friends and co-workers honored fallen chp officer andrew camilleri with the traditional bell toll tribute. --nats- camilleri was killed
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christmas eve night in hayward when a suspected drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and slammed into the chp cruiser camillari and his partner were in, which was stopped near the onramp to interstate 880 at west winton avenue. ááásot captain tim pearson/hayward chp commander 33-43it's unfortunate that a senseless life had to be taken when his passion was going out, doing the job, arresting dui drivers and he's taken from us by what appears to be a dui driverthe 33 year old camilari grew up in tracy and had just graduated from the chp academy in march before being assigned to the hayward office of the highway patrol. ááásot acting commissioner warren stanley/chp 113-120 officer camilleri joins a selfless group of heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the safety and security of others. we are forever grateful for his loyal dedicated service and show of gratitude to his family for their sacrifice.after the ceremony camillari's wife, daugther and oldest of his two sons could be seen carrying flowers and being led to the chp memorial fountain. a memorial service has been scheduled for december 30th at 830 am at the christian life center in stockton. the public is welcome to attend 140/welcome to attend 140/welcome attendwelcome to public is stockton. the life center in the christian life center in stockton. the public is welcome to attend 140/welcome to attend
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(catherine) the legalization of marijuana in california is just days away. and that has the c-h-p putting out a major warning.. they're reminding people that you can get a d-u-i for driving high.. (grant) and as kron-4's haaziq madyun tells us --- there are calls for the marijuana industry to join the campaign to discourage people from driving while high.
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in the state capital there is a new campaign from california law enforcement and the message is...sot sotthe deadly affects of which allegedly led to the death of california highway patrol officer andrew camilleri. in the wake of his death the california office of traffic safety is launching a new public awareness campaign focused on not driving under the influence of drugs like marijuana. attorney mahal montoya of the national organization for the reform of marijuana says the legal cannabis community should publically echo the dui doesn't just mean booze message sotsot
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other impairing medications is even more dangerous when used alone">montoya sees an opportunity with marijuana being legal in the state of california in just a few days, for billboards like these being used to help raise public awareness about the dangers of driving after mixing marijuana with alcohol sotthis is coming from a staunch legal cannabis advocatesotin oakland kron4news (grant) a person's body was found in san francisco's golden gate park this morning...a passer-by spotted it around 7-am - not far from the conservatory of flowers.
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it's not clear yet how the person died - but the death is ánot considered suspicious. the medical examiner's office is investigating. police aren't releasing many details yet - including the person's gender. (catherine) new at 8. the housing crisis in the bay area has not slowed down for the holidays.(grant) kron 4's gabe spoke with some alameda residents who were served with 3 day eviction notices right before christmas sound from gina wayamba - resident being evicted - lived there for 6 years"we did not even buy an xmas tree because all this notice we are getting we don't know if we're going to get out or we are going to be out on the street or what" gina wayamba has lived in the bayview apartment complex off central avenue in alameda for seven years. she is a single mom working two jobs supporting her 3 daughters and parents.. gina has not been able to find another place to rent in alameda she wants to keep her kids in their school which is right next to the apartment building.. sound from gina wayamba - resident
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being evicted - lived there for 6 years"i would have to move to modesto to find something i can afford. we are not bad people, we pay rent on time, we don't cause trouble" she has received a couple eviction notices for late rent payments but she was able to prove she paid on time the last eviction she was hit with was a 3 day notice. sound from gina wayamba - resident being evicted - lived there for 6 years"they said it was for renovation but i'm sure they could move me into another apartment if they wanted to during that" there are 33 units here.. i spoke with 4 tenents who have received no cause eviction notices they all told me they have newer tenants who have recently moved in and almost tripple long term paying so they feel..wayamba - evicted - lived "obviously they want to move to higher cost" balthasar - resident being there for 7 years."last thing that happened is 60 day eviction notice taped to my door next to my christmas julia balthasar has lived her for 7 years, 6 days before christmas she got a 60 day no cause eviction notice. gina wayamba - resident being evicted - lived there for 6 years"where am i supposed to live? tent city? in a tent ? i want to live and not worry that i'll come out and have an eviction on my door" i reached out the owner of this complex serving up the evictions and they have not gotten back to me yet. i also reached out to alameda city officials.. the mayor, city council members, the city attorneythe city manager jil keimach sent me a statement saying the city of alameda knows the timing was bad for the recent evictions but they
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are in compliance with the requirements rent stabilzation ordinance. in alameda gabe slate kron 4 news. kron 4 news. gabe slate in alameda gabe slate kron 4 news. (catherine) two earthquake rattled san jose last night...happening a few hours apart.. first - a 3- point one hit northeast of san martin around 7-19. then a stronger three point nine hit -- northeast of alum rock there were no reports of injuries or damage. but lots of people said they felt the shaking... (catherine) we first told you about the earthquakes last night with a push alert from our mobile app. you can stay connected on breaking news in your neighborhood by
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downloading the appand opting in for alerts. and visit our special section on earthquakes at kron-4 dot com we have an interactive map tracking earthquakes. (grant) a big story we are following. freezing temperatures and below-zero wind chills will remain... for days across much of the northern u-s. this is erie pennslyvania --where there's been record-breaking snowfall. more than five feet in just three days. the bone chilling conditions have forecasters warning of hypothermia and frost bite. (grant) chief meterologist brittney shipp joins us now ---joins us now ---brittney shipp joins us now ---
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ahead at eight.. californians are getting into line - to pre-pay certain taxes...... they're trying to soften a new restriction on deductions which takes effect january 1-st. plus. a flight from l-a-x to l- a-x.... after a passenger mix-up forces the plane to turn around. how a person with the wrong ticket got on board...and the celebrities on board who tweeted the whole thing. and next. a fight involving more than a hundred teenagers forces two malls to be shut down.... just outside the bay area. the chaos brought dozens of police to the scene.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (catherine) new tonight at
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8... police say more than a hundred teenagers caused chaos at two shopping mallsin stockton -- the sherwood and webers-town malls. (grant) both locations were forced to close due to the ruckus. lonnie wong has the story... multiple police patrol cars herd dozens of teenagers near the sherwood and weberstown malls in stockton.. while the sight is shocking... this was one of the calmest points of tuesday night's hundred- teenager melee...(security guard)'they going around here jumping on elderly people for no reason. these kids need to stay at home.'fox40 spoke with one of the malls security guards... she asked us to hide her identity... she says — the chaotic mess began as a fight.. (security)'these parents not watching they kids, something happen to they kids, thatús on them.'the stockton police department says officers from the delta college and stockton unified school district police department had to help reign the kids in... and like this sign says business owners were forced to close due to a 'mall
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emergency' investigators say some of teens were hostile.... a number of them jumped on cars and set off fireworks... we broke the news to some shoppers.. (jonathan, stockton) 'you donút teach your kids right from wrong at home, theyúre going to behave badly everywhere else.'some were not the least bit surprised.(jesse walter, missouri)'saw my neighbor get stabbed by his own mother so, you know, itús stockton.'management at both malls say they took extra precaution on wednesday... saying in a statement'the safety of our shoppers, retailers, and employees is our top priority'but for the security guards who had to deal with the wild teensup... and blame the parents.. guard) 'so when happen to they kids, i donút want my baby! oh my baby!ú where your baby was out here doing this?'this?'out here doing your baby was out here doing this?' (grant) that was lonnie wong reporting from stockton. police say that extra security has since been added to both the sherwood and weberstown malls. (catherine) three teenagers are behind
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bars...accused of stealing limousines. the thefts happened on christmas eve and christmas day in vacaville. the company noticed four of their limos were missing from their lot... and called police. officers were able to track down one of the limos...with two teenagers inside. then yesterday... an officer found a stretch limo with a flat tire.... the driver tried to run away - but was caught and arrested. while officers were at that scene... another limo sped past. and yet another teenager was arrested. all four limos have been recovered... (grant) when the newly-signed tax bill takes effect, many tax-payers will lose a benefit that they are used to having. that benefit applies to local property taxes - which can currently be deducted from federal taxes. in anticipation of that, a lot of homeowners are rushing to pre-pay property taxes in california. under the new tax law signed by
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president trump....homeowners who itemize deductions will be limited to deducting no more than 10-thousand dollars in state and local, income, sales and property tax. that has some rushing to pre-pay next year's property tax by december 31st so they can claim it on their 2017 returns. but pre-paying property taxes is not best for everyone... especially if your itemized deductions are less than the new standard deduction of 24-thousand dollars for married couples. check with your financial advisor or tax preparer to see what's best for you. (catherine) a passenger mix-up out of l-a-x last night caused a pilot to make a u- turn back to the airport.and it happened 4 hours into an 11 hour flight.. the problem -- someone who was not authorized to be on the flight to tokyo.police later said it was a mix-up involving 2 brothers with similar names....
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the passengers were put up in hotels and took a different flight to tokyo this morning. the f-b-i investigated--- but did not make any arrests. the brothers involved had been cleared by security... (catherine) the mix-up frustrated passengers-- including model chrissy tiegan and her husband john legend. teigan tweeted "why did we all get punished for this one person's mistake? why not just land in toyko and send the other person back?" today - airline authorities didn't have a good answer to that question...and 'all nippon airways'has apologized. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with the forecast
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new ahead at 8 how this very bad haircut
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landed a stylist in police handcuffs. and next. the happiest place on earth goes dark... a power outage strands guests on rides at disneyland during a famously busy week. ((mark sports coming up, the 49ers' odds of ending the year on a 5-game winning streak are looking real good because of some news out of l-a. details ahead. plus, now that the playoffs are out of the question for the raiders, the team is now embracing the role of spoiler. we'll check in with the silver and black. ((grant))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine....,.
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(catherine) power has been mostly restored at
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disneyland...after an outage at the anaheim theme park..forced some guests to be escorted off rides which had ground to a halt..... power went out in fantasyland and toontown around 10-am today. guests had to be taken off about a dozen rides, including the one was hurt. escorted off about a dozen rides...including the monorail...but no one was hurt. a park spokesperson said the electrical outage was the result of a transformer problem. power is back on in toontown....although it's not fully restored yet at fantasyland. there's no word on whether customers might get refunds. (grant) recreational marijuana use becomes legal in california on monday. but that won't stop federal agents from seizing the drug from you. marijuana possession is still illegal at eight border patrol checkpoints in california. a reminder that state and federal law collide when it comes to the drug. the checkpoints are up to 100 miles from mexico.
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the new law allows anyone 21 and over to carry up to an ounce. ahead at eight.. las vegas is adding extra security for its new year's celebrations...that includes adding snipers to guard tens of thousands of people. plus. they were best friends for sixty years--- then made a discovery about each other that left them in shock. and next. a group of women is making explosive allegations against several airlines saying they were sexually harassed in the skies... ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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(catherine) a group of women is leveling explosive accusations... claiming they were sexually harrassed and assaulted on commercial airline flights. (grant)c-n-n tracked down several female passengers who say airlines did little to stop alleged misconduct in the skies.rene marsh has the story: -nat cellphone video-a man arrested last week accused of fondling two female passengers on board a united airlines flight from newark to buffalo, new york. katie campos was one of them. katie campos/united airlines passenger: "he grabbed like my upper thigh, like in the crotch area, and he grabbed it pretty forcefully."a police report says the man told the other woman he "would like to kiss her." when she declined, he
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started stroking her leg. the man now charged with disorderly conduct.united airlines told cnn "we have zero tolerance for this type of behavior and our pilot requested that local law enforcement meet the aircraft on arrival."not enough for campos who tweeted... do better united airlines.... she says the flight attendant did not offer her to switch seats. she had to demand it.she was then placed directly behind the harasser ... the airline says because there were few empty seats.the touching continued.katie campos/united airlines passenger: "at the end of the day, they didn't protect my safety."like campos, these three women tell cnn they were sexually harassed or assaulted on commercial flights.and all of them complain the flight crew did little or nothing to help. ayanna hart/delta passenger: "he grabbed my arm and my side, right under my left breast, right next to my left breast."ayanna hart was on a delta flight from los angeles to denver in may. she says the flight attendant was of no help.ayanna hart/delta passenger: "the flight attendant said, 'oh, don't worry about him. he flies with us all the time. he's delta platinum.'" hart has a pending lawsuit against delta for failing to intervene and continuing to serve him alcohol. the airline wouldn't comment on this case citing " pending litigation," but said it takes these incidents "seriously" and "with law enforcement, investigates them."allison dvaladze/delta
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passenger: "i was dozing off when i felt a hand in my crotch, and realized that the man next to me was holding, was grabbing my crotch." allison dvaladze filed a complaint with delta after her flight from seattle to amsterdam. allison dvaladze/delta passenger: "there was not a clear procedure for what they should do. they asked me what i wanted them to do."a month later, she received an email saying " it's not fair when one person's behavior affects another" and as a "goodwill gesture" offered her ten-thousand miles.allison dvaladze/delta passenger: "if somebody reports a crime to an airline it should be flagged, it should not be treated as if its lost luggage."delta told cnn "we continue to be disheartened by the events ms. dvaladze's described."jennifer rafieyan/united passenger: "he started to um...touch my leg, stroke my leg, tickle it." jennifer rafieyan was on a flight from newark to phoenix. she too says the flight crew didn't move her away from her harasser. instead the airline made an offerjennifer rafieyan/united passenger: "he gave me four one-hundred dollar gift certificates for travel on an upcoming united flight and he refused to let me talk to a manager." but shortly after a news article about her ordeal was published, united management called to-in their words-- "check on her." -nats united airlines call-sara nelson/association of flight attendants: "at thousands of feet in the air, you cant call for help, you can't remove the problem."sara nelson, is president of one of the
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world's largest flight attendant unions. sara nelson/association of flight attendants: "in my 22 years as a flight attendant, i have never taken part in a conversation in training or otherwise about how to handle sexual harassment or sexual assault."the union surveyed nearly two thousand flight attendants. one out of five said they received a report of a passenger sexual assault.but law enforcement was contacted less than half of the time.cnn reached out to all the major u-s airlines and the industry trade group that represents them. none agreed to go on camera ... but all released statements with a similar message.passengers safety and security is their priority and--they say-- flight attendants are trained to handle these incidents but none gave a detailed explanation of the policies or federal regulatory agency tracks how many mid-air sexual assaults happen nationwide. but the fbi does track how many it investigates. federal data shows a 66-percent increase from 2014 to 2017. the fbi says its unclear what's behind the rise.but what is clear for these women: flight crews need to do more, because at 30,000 feet there's no escape (catherine) c-n-n searched federal court records to find the women interviewed in this report. but says that there were many other passengers with similar complaints and theairlines
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didn't do enough to help. c-n-n even found cases where the victims of harassment were children. (catherine) new tonight at 8. new (catherine) were children.harassment victims of where the victims of escapethere's no at 30,000 feet there's no escape escape
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escape (catherine) c-n-n searched federal court records to find the women interviewed in this report. but says that there were many other passengers with similar complaints and theairlines didn't do enough to help. c-n-n even found cases where the victims of harassment were children. (catherine) new tonight at 8. an unprecedented number of police officers - along with the national guard - will be on las vegas boulevard this new year's eve. (grant) tens of thousands of people are expected to ring in 20-18 in vegas... just three months after one of the deadliest shootings in u-s history.(catherine)
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as karen castro explains ....that has police taking extra security measures...on the ground and in the air. including snipers. with a view of the strip as a backdrop, sheriff joe lombardo is releasing new details about their new year's eve security plan. (( sheriff joe lombardo - clark county: i think it's important to get out to the public what exactly mitigating factors we put in place to ensure everybody's safety.)) ((karen castro))the federal government has re-classified america's party to the highest level of importance and will be sending an array of security resources to the las vegas strip and downtown las vegas.among them: additional intelligence personnel, helicopters, medical staff and supplies, as well as a dhs and fbi mobile command post. ((sheriff joe lombardo - clark county: mobile command post will be staged through out the valley. traditionally we had two in place.)) ((karen castro))after the one-october shooting, state lawmakers approved triple the funding for new year's eve security. about 360 nevada national
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guard troops will be in town... that is double compared to last year. ((sheriff joe lombardo - clark county: the governor seemed fit to assists us in that endeavor.)) ((karen castro)) this year, snippers will team up with spotters at a team up with snippers will this year, ((karen castro))that endeavor.)) fit to assists us in that endeavor.)) ((karen castro))this year, team up with spotters at a number of metro is also their two quick response teams into groups.but sheriff lombardo says they're doubling their numbers and will be ready action in case of an emergency.((sheriff joe lombardo - clark quick response team will respond and form a team and eliminate the threat as soon as possible.)) k9's will be conducting sweeps of the strip and fremont street.metro will have more than 15-hundred officers on duty throughout the new year's weekend. when it comes to pedestrian safety, public transportation buses will be used to block intersections on the strip.this is in addition to 42-hundred barricades áandá the 8-hundred bollards installed along sections of las vegas boulevard.but despite the added security measures, sheriff lombardo says they can't do it alone. ((sheriff joe lombardo - clark county: we're asking each and every individual to include the employees of the casino environment to provide us any information that will beneficial for us for preventing any incident from happening.)) any incident from happening.)) (grant) the federal
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government prsonnell headed to vegas will be helping with intelligence and efforts to guard the celebration. we will bring you live coverage of the las vegas celebration this new year's eve. (grant) it's part of our expanded coverage this year.. starting at 8-p-m we will have new years live from las vegas with musical and entertainment acts. then at 11:30... justine waldman will join me-- along with j-r stone and spencer blake -- will host new years live from san francisco. we will bring you the fun and fireworks from along the embarcadero. join us starting at 8-p-m on new years eve. (catherine) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(grant) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us with a look ahead look ahead
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still ahead at 8.. we look back at 20-17 biggest moment in entertainment... including the mistake that rocked the oscars. and
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next. a very bad haircut landed a stylist in hot water... but it wasn't over the style he gave the customer...
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(catherine) a hair stylist in wisconsin ended up in handcuffs after he allegedly nicked a customer's ear (grant) the customer says the stylist intentionally cut his ear..then left him with this. a very unwanted hairdo.... the victim told officers that the stylist asked him to stop fidgeting. then says the stylist cut his ear. and ran clippers down the middle of his head. police arrested the stylist --who says it was an accident---and pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct.
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(catherine) in sports -- the warriors are playing the utah jazz at oracle arena tonight we'll give you a quick update (grant) plus -- the raiders and 49ers might not be in the playoffs this season but heading into week 17... they'll be looking to build towards the future mark carpenter tells us the teams expectations for sunday. he has all the sports coming up
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from career-ending revelations to chaos at the oscars.(catherine) it was quite a year in the entertainment world. david daniel takes a look back at 20-17 in hollywood. barry jenkins: "i noticed the commotion that was happening, and i thought something strange had occurred..." strange indeed! february's academy awards ended with the biggest blunder in 89 years of oscars history, as warren beatty and faye dunaway got the wrong envelope, and mistakenly announced "la la land" as the best picture winner... before belatedly crowning the real winner, "moonlight."barry jenkins: "i've watched the academy awards -- i've never see that happen before.""come into the light!" (nat)women stepped into the spotlight in 20-17, on-screen and off. the two domestic top-grossing movies of the year, "beauty and the beast" and "wonder woman," both featured female protagonists... as does the only film that might top them, "star wars: the last jedi." ashley judd: "you may be afraid of the truth. i am unafraid to be honest." women shook the world as ashley judd, rose mcgowan and other actresses accused movie mogul harvey weinstein of decades of sexual harassment and assault. and the stories kept coming, toppling such entertainment icons as brett ratner, kevin spacey, and louis c-k.sarah beardall: "we heard the blast
8:46 pm
and didn't know what it was, but straight away she said 'is it terrorists? are they coming to get us?'"terror struck the entertainment world in 20-17: a bombing after an ariana grande concert in manchester, england, killed 22 people, including an eight-year-old girl, and injured more than 60 in may. then in october, a gunman in las vegas fired for 10 minutes at a crowd of 22-thousand attending the route 91 harvest country music festival, killing 58 people and injuring more than 500. (singing) "she was an american girl..."the music world was also shocked by the deaths of several stars. rock and roll hall of famer tom petty died in october at age 66... and two rock frontmen died by suicide: chris cornell of soundgarden, in may, and linkin park lead singer chester bennington, in july. but good news arrived in pairs as well. george and amal clooney became parents to twins, a girl and a boy, on june sixth... and a week later, so did beyonce and jay-z, who broke instagram records with a photo of the twins -- a welcome bright spot in a year
8:47 pm
filled with so much turbulence, even in entertainment. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. it's remarkable what can change over the span of an nfl season. after starting the year 0-and-9, the 49ers have a chance to end the season on a 5-game winning streak. jimmy garoppolo and the niners back to work today in santa clara. they carved up the jaguars on sunday, and they can take out another division champion sunday when they face the rams. l-a...just won
8:48 pm
the nfc west over the weekend, so they will be sitting their stars-- including jared goff, todd gurley, and aaron donald. kyle not too bummed out though because he expects many high-stakes showdowns with the rams in the near future. "the hard rivals end up being usually who the better teams in the division are. i hope that we're up there as we get going. i know the rams are there this year, so we're excited to get to play them. again, i wish they had all their guys going, we'll see what happens, but hopefully that can build as we get going, that we'll both be up there each year"."you try to every week say that you're facing a faceless opponent. no matter who it is you want to have the same mindset. no matter what type of game it is, first game of the season, last game of the season. i think we've done that pretty well the last couple of weeks, just coming in, preparing every day, practicing hard, going through the little critiques of certain plays and i think if we keep going that we'll be good on sunday." turning now to the raiders-- since the playoffs are out of the question, they can score a victory by ruining the
8:49 pm
postseason hopes for a division rival. the chargers seal a wildcard spot with a win áand a titans loss. and there's a chance they'll miss one of their stars since running back melvin gordon is questionable with a high ankle sprain. the silver and black...relish a chance to spoil the year for the bolts, but if they are going to do so, that offense can't turn in the performance we saw against the eagles. raiders, turned it over 5-times in the 2nd half. through it all, jack del rio...sticking by his offensive cooridinator todd downing. "i do know the guy is super bright. he's going to be a really good coach in this league. i believe in him. those are not things that people want to hear right now because the reality is we've underperformed offensively this year... but it doesn't change my belief. it's what i know. there have been some, a tough set of circumstances and things have not gone real smooth. not what we're looking for". "we're not consistent enough
8:50 pm
all year, especially in the details of our assignments. that's one area that has to and will be cleaned up... but i don't think any expectation is ever too far out there for any team in the nfl. you see a team that's in first place and all those things that we just played on monday night and we're right there". the warriors in action tonight, hosting the jazz. here's a quick update from oracle-- at the break -- warriors up 48-47 draymond green hit a three in the final seconds... to put golden state in the lead we'll have full highlights on kron4 news at 10. before we move on, there's still an issue to sort out from that cavs game. and it's all about the call and ánon-calls announced in the last two minute report. two days removed from the game, players from both teams aren't upset about the fouls, their point of contention is with the reports themselves. first issued in 2015, the
8:51 pm
league started these reports as a way to provide more transparency in the officiating. áhowever, players don't see the use in having them because the results don't change..and it only shows how the refs made mistakes. draymond green...calls the reports ápointless. "it makes no sense like lebron can't go back and get the play over again and get the free throws. so who does it help? that's not transparency, if anything its putting an official on the spot that missed the call, but you're not going to put him on the spot in the third quarter. so why act like your blaming the game on him". and finally, we have our winner for the most entertaining college football coach of the year. washington state's mike leach. this is a man that really does his own thing. look at him áfuriously trying to cool off his cup of the middle of the holiday bowl press conference where his cougars are playing michigan state. --that wasn't all of it, when leach went to the mic, the conference went off in a weird tangent and he started talking about his childhood pet
8:52 pm
racoon. yeah i did have a pet raccon, i would like to tough if you travel, they are kind of more low maintance than you might think. they do like have shinny objects, yeah i would like to have a pet raccon again, but bouncing around the country makes it tough". makes it tough". (catherine) two men who say they've been best friends for years.......have made a startling discovery... why they now feel closer than ever...
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really? really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. (catherine) a family in hawaii got a life changing surprise...just in time for the holidays.(grant) a man searching for his father...ended up finding out that his best friend of 60 years... was actually his brother. alan robinson and walter macfarlane... shared a special bond throughout their friendship. walter never
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knew his father, was adopted. walter decided to search for his dad..through social media. after having no luck...he turned to ancestory dot com. walter didn't find his father...but discovered he had a biological brother...named alan robinson. (sot) "it was a shock -- definitely a shock, but then when you thought about it, compared forearms and everything." it turns out alan had also used ancestry dot com... to find answers about his family. after a few phone calls back and forth, the men learned they shared the same birth mother. the blood brothers now plan to travel and enjoy retirement together. (catherine) that wraps up kron 4 news
8:57 pm
at 8.(grant)vicki liviakis is here with what we are working on for kron 4 news at 9. ((vicki))that's right grant and tonight at tonight at nine..a heartbreaking story of a young father gunned down right before right before nine. plus...recreational pot becomes law in less than a week.we check in with a bay area dispensary who says it is gearing up for an influx of new customers.a live report...coming up.((vicki)) plus...good news for those who thought the rain would put a damper on your new years plans. meteorologist brittney shipp has your updated four zone forcast.keep it right here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break.
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tonight at nine..a desperate plea from a bay area family...after a father is gunned down just days before christmas.i'm vicki liviakis. ((grant))and i'm grant lodes. tonight the shooter is still on the loose.((grantmap/vo))it happened saturday night near west grand and brush in oakland.((vicki))kron 4's jr stone is live at oakland police headquarters...jr..the victim's young daughter doesn't yet know that her father has died? ((j.r.))she doesn't. the family didn't want her to associate christmas with her father's death. they plan on telling her tomorrow.this is a picture of her fatherdomini que johnson..he was known to his family and friends as dom. dom was killed around 10:30 saturday night in west oakland. he had just left the qilombo community center in oakland. the circustances of the killing are unknown. dom was heavily involved with the occupy movement and black lives matter movement. he worked for an independent moving company as well. you can see johnson and his 7 year old daughter in this picture.


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