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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 29, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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coughing, sneezing, aching ... the flu season is hitting hard ... doctors say even if you got a shot ... it may not help, we're all kind of worried about how effective the vaccine might bewhoosha suspected pimp under arrest ... accused of offering underage girls for sex.were shocked to find out he school soccer coach.absolutely 100 percent alarming (grant) now at 8. mail trucks targeted across the bay area. the united states post office says it's seen a spike truck break-ins while the carrier is away from the truck delivering mail. thank you for joining us i'm grant lodes.(catherine) and i'm catherine heenan..pam moore and steve aveson have the night off. these break-ins are happening all over from san jose to antioch.. with the latest incident in richmond on wednesday.. kron 4's gabe slate met with a postal inspector who has some advice on what to do if your mail has been stolen..
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sound from - jeff fitch - u.s. postal inspectoru.s. postal public information officier jeff fitch says this is where the last mail truck break in theft took place on wednesday december 27th in the 2900 block of johnson avenue in richmond. sound from - jeff fitch - u.s. postal inspector these mail truck break ins have taken place while the truck is parked and the letter carrier is away from the truck delivering mail. these thefts have stretched from the south bay all the way up to the east bay. sound from - jeff fitch - u.s. postal inspectorall of these thefts took place in broad daylight.sound from - jeff fitch - u.s. postal inspector the post office is investigating these thefts and are asking for the public's help. sound from - jeff fitch - u.s. postal inspector in richmond gabe slate kron 4 news. kron 4 news. gabe slate kron 4
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news. (catherine) the big new year's eve fireworks show is just over 48 hours away, and the city of san francisco is getting ready to keep you safe.(grant) kron four's spencer blake joins us live from the embarcadero tonight...and spencer -- what are the city's police and fire departments saying about safety plans? there are going to be álots of city employees working
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overtime on sunday...making sure all the rest of us can have a good time ...and make it back home. (nats - bell tolls)when the fairy building's bell tolls 12 times sunday night, this area will be packed - just like portrero hill, the palace of fine arts, and hotels and other gathering places throughout san francisco. "people will be everywhere in this city ringing in the new year."mayor london breed assured reporters friday that safety for san franciscans áand visitors is the top priority of the city.despite the foiled christmas day terror plot planned for pier 39, police chief bill scott says there are no known, credible threats to the city. but people could put themselves in danger, if they try to put on a pyrotechnic show of their own."the sale and use of fireworks here in san francisco is illegal and we will be paying close attention on sunday night in particular."so leave it to the professionals at pier 14 and watch the show from the embarcadero..."i've spent my time here many years ago and i think that's past me now, yeah. noon and nine is good for me."...or right here on kron four's new year's live.
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the last ice skaeters in justin herman plaza will be leaving the rink at 11:30 sunday night..just in time to hang onto one of the best viewing spots.if you're among them, fire chief joanna hayes- white urges you to have a meeting place set up with your group, in case you get separated."i mean, i've seen it before - it was crazy! like, i don't want to go there."but we all know there are áplenty of people....who do. there is a texting service you can use to either get security updates for new year's eve...or to report something to get it set up on your phone, text s-f-n-y-e 17 to 888-777. live in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. (grant) thank you spencer
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and a reminder... we have expanded coverage this new year's eve.. starting at 8-p-m we will have new years live from las vegas with musical and entertainment acts. then at 11:30... justine waldman will join me-- along with j-r stone and spencer blake -- will host new years live from san francisco. we will bring you the fun and fireworks from along the embarcadero. join us starting at 8-p-m on new years eve. (catherine) a big story we're following. at least 12 people were killed - including four children - in a fire last night at an apartment building in the bronx - in new york city. (grant)the new york mayor is calling this the worst fire tragedy in the city in at least a quarter century. sara ganim explains how officials say the actions of one family made the tragedy worse... "get out of the way! now!...move, move, move."
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thursday night - a deadly fire engulfed a bronx apartment complex "people trapped. apartment 13. we're getting a baby in there.""also apartment six. people trapped."fernando batiz's sister - maria batiz and her 8-month-old granddaughter were among the 12 people killedi'm in shock right now. i don't know how to react. i'm just numbthe nypd says they are still working to identify all of the victims... kwabena mensah fears his 28-year- old son emmanuel is one of those yet to be named... kwabena mensah/father of fire victim: "i heard that he was trying to help people out. he brought people outside. he came, went back again, and i think on the third time he couldn't find his way out," friday morning, officials said the flames started in a first-floor unit, where a three-year-old boy was playing with the burners on a stove. his mother noticed when the boy screamed. commissioner daniel nigro/new york fire department: "she exited her apartment with her 2 yr old and 3 yr old and left the door open. so uh, this fire quickly spread up the stairs. fire travels up the stairway, acted like a chimney."the city fire commissioner reminded all residents that in a fire emergency, closing all doors is a critical step to help
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prevent tragedies like this. seven firefighters were also injured.mayor bill de blasio/new york: "they were there right away. remember, with the freezing cold, tough conditions for firefighters and our emergency personnel, they did a great, great job"in the bronx, ny... i'm sara ganim reporting (grant) san jose is investigating its second homicide in a span of just over 24 hours... after a 17 year old boy was stabbed to death last night the teen was killed near the corner of east san antonio street and south sunset avenue... that is just blocks from cesar chavez elementary school and lee mathson middle school. and on wednesday...a man was shot and killed on van winkle lane.... that incident also happened right near the elementary school -- aptitude community academy.
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at this point there is no information about a suspect in either killing. (catherine) new at 8, cases of the flu are on the rise, and not just in california, but across the united states... (grant)the c-d-c reports... the number of states reporting widespread flu activity...has jumped from 23 to 36... and now it appears... the widely touted flu shot is not providing the protection that health professionals had hoped this year.(catherine)kron 4's dan kerman is live in the newsroom tonight with more (dan flash)the main takeaway is things are going to get worse before they get better, and while this years flu vaccine is some help, it's not as good as many had hoped. if you're experiencing coughs colds aches pains and a high fever, you're in good company áásot randy bergen, m.d./kaiser permanente flu vaccine program 06-12we're seeing very high rates of influenza, rates that are very similar to last year and last year was the worst season we had in 10 years.kaiser permanente infectious disease specialist dr. randy bergen says both influenza a and b are making the rounds in northern california which is
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unusual. to make matters worse the flu vaccine doesn't seem to be as effective as it has been in past years. still he advises those who haven't had it, to get it.sotthere still is benefit from the vaccine because what will happen is when you get a vaccine you get some protection, and while it may not fully protect you against the virus, it will partially protect you.cases of the flu are expected to peek in january but flu season can run through march and sometimes april that's why it's also important to focus on prevention.sotmake sure you are washing your hands regularly , when you touch door knobs and surfaces that's where the virus can hang out in addition to be aerosolized in the air, the other thing is if you are sick cover your cough and ideally stay away from other people to try to kind of protect them116/to protect them (dan flash) while it's little help for this year, doctors say studies
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are underway to look at new ways to develop a flu vaccine so it's more effective. live in the newsroom, dan kerman kron 4 news. (catherine) just in to our newsroom... the winning numbers have been drawn for tonight's mega millons jackpot.(grant) and it's a big one. 306-million dollars up for grabs. here are the numbers. they are four ....ten... eighteen. twenty eight ... and sixty two.. the mega ball is seven.. again that's they are four ....ten... eighteen. twenty eight ... and sixty two.. the mega ball is seven.. if you win the lump-sum cash amount is an estimated 193 point one million dollars. (grant) and you have another chance tomorrow to hit a big jackpot. the powerball prize has grown to 384-million dollars. the cash payout for that is an
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estmated 242 point nine million dollars. the deadline to get a ticket is tomorrow at seven. good luck. ahead at eight.. how california is planning to crack down on drivers who illegally use disabledparking spots... plus. a 9-1-1 call from a 17 year old girl leads police to arrest a sacramento man for sex trafficking.. then investigators find out he works with children. and next. the deep freeze that's hitting much of the country... how thieves are exploiting the problem..
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(grant) the toll from record=breaking snowfall is piling up across the u-s. you're looking at erie pennslyvania on the left .. at least another foot of snow is on the way there. as residents still try to dig out from more than 5 feet of snow since christmas eve.
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and you see niagara falls on the right. the bitter temperatures are being blamed for a handful of deaths .. and even criminal activity. cincinnati police say at least six cars have been stolen after being left unattended by owners trying to warm them up. (catherine) new at's not as cold here on the west coast... but cold enough to get snow. in the sierra... it's a big weekend for ski resorts - kids are out of school, and many bay area families are heading to tahoe for the holiday weekend..(grant) although the storms so far haven't blanketed the sierra as kron four's terisa estacio shows us.. .many skiers say any amount of snow is good . with the sun shinning down - the snow glistening, hitting the slopes was the order of the day for many bay area residents.7 vicki vazquez, orinda resident. it is our tradition.13 lauren tanel, san francisco residentunlike last
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yeawr, when epic shotrms slammed the sierra in december this year it's a bit different. but, her at northstar conditions are good. 27 jim larimore, sr. dir. of operations northstar. people see that there hasn't been big storms, but we are doing well with out snow making and natural snow. it is a lot better than many think.39 todd harrington, los gatos resident. it is pretty good, sun shinning, it is all good. judging by the smiles and swishing, the focus seemed to be enjoying the moment.52 jack harrington, los gatos resident. yeah, it is really good to be herefor many this time of year of all about being with family and friends. zach mckeithan, fremont. yeah, we are all here, having fun. wish there was more, but storms coming.gabe lebow, marin county. if steph curry were to ski, would he wear your outfit? i think so.and check out this outfit speaking of family, it came from gabe's grandfather.1:13 gabe lebow, marin county. yeah, great to be there conditions well, the main thing is to be here.1:41 terisa estacio, reporting, tahoe and on this day, the back side opened up.i love to ski, so every moment was great. happy new year! in tahoe, terisa estacio kron four news. now to our now to our four zone
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forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's
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chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with the forecast .dry weather conditions will continue into the first part of next week, though with a slight cooling trend in daytime temperatures beginning on saturday. a pattern change will bring precipitation to the region beginning by the middle of next week. (grant) the good holiday vibes for two east bay businesses were wiped out... after returning to their offices tuesday only to find out that they had been that they had week. middle of next beginning by the middle of next week. week. middle of next week.
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(grant) two east bay businesses were burglarized...o n christmas eve..(catherine) kron four's philippe djegal reports from san ramon...and shares the surveillancevideo that caught the thief in action.. (philippe)max schlienger/nats- "first thing he did, was jam the door open there. he was caught by the camera down here thankfully." max schlienger (shh-ling-err) says the brazen theif spent at least 20 minutes alone in his office. this surviellance video confirms the burglary happened in the afternoon on christmas eve,max schlienger/pink java- "everybody was out together with their families and friends -- hopefully trying to celebrate the holiday, and then here's this guy, breaking in and taking what he wants." schlienger (shh-ling-err) is a senior producer for the media development company, pink java. his suite is located at bishop ranch in san ramon. he says the thief doesn't look familiar to him
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or his co-workers. it appears the burglar worked alone and got away with about 30-thousand dollars worth of computers, other electronics and cash.max schlienger/pink java- "and, it almost seemed like he knew what he was looking for -- he was very familiar with the layout. he came in. just strolled in like he owned the place, and i mean, again, it leaves you feeling a bit disconcerted." pink java reported the crime to police. so did m-p singh at federal solutions group next door. singh believes the same man stole more than five thousand dollars worth of computers from his office on the same day.m.p. singh/federal solutions group- "when we go home in the evening, we don't know whether we come back tomorrow, we'll have our belongings here or not. so, we've started taking all our electronics, especially the laptops, back home now. because we don't feel safe any more here." both businesses confirm the suspect forced his way into their offices, but the same cannot be said about the main entrance to the building. it's possible he was he had a key, or slipped in when the doors were unlocked. the victims are still working with the building's management and police to figure out how happened. in san djegal, kron four news.
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(catherine) also in the east bay. police are looking for a man accused of robbing a woman of her gold chain in fremont.. it happened tuesday afternoon on fremont blvd... police say a man approached a woman who had been walking with her child...andpushed her....and took her gold chain from around her neck. officers spotted the man jumping over fences as he ran off...and he was caught and arrested. but he was later released when the woman could not confirm he was the robber. one oficer was injured in the incident. the suspect... is back on the streets tonight. tonight. he was given less than one percent chance to live after being
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shot on duty. new ahead at 8--- the incredible story of one detective's fight to survive...and walk again. and next. a computer glitch on christmas makes lots of people a winner.. their fight to get paid.. ((gary sports tease)) ((catherine))here's what we're tracking new tonight at nine
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new tonight at 8 . it's being called the "glitch that stole christmas" after hundreds of people who won a lottery game in south carolina on christmas...were denied their winnings. (catherine) but now it turns out that they might just get paid after all. to the tune of 19 point six million dollars... for two hours on christmas day... lottery officials say a glitch made everyone a winner. some people won thousands. but when players went to cash out their tickets...the computer wouldn't pay. today the south carolina lottery commission voted to set aside the money. and possibly pay all the winners. (grant) new at eight. california officials plan to crack down on thousands of " dead" drivers... who still hold disabled parking placards. a new law will require the department of motor vehicles ... to increase it's oversight of the disabled
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placard program. that includes searching the federal social security adminitration's ' death file'..and canceling placards issued to deceased drivers. a state audit last year found more than 26 thousand californians over age 100...had disabled placards. but there are only about 8,000 people older than 100 in california and most of them no longer drive. ahead at eight.. a new year - with new laws in california and some of them will be hitting your wallet. plus. only half of puerto rico has power more than three months after hurricane congress stalls to take action on disaster relief and next. a high school soccer coach has been arrested--- after a teenaged girl hidingin a backyard - makes a 9-1-1 call. ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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sacramento. parents in one neighborhood are on edge...after a high school soccer coach is arrested. (grant) the coach behind bars accused of human trafficking. reporter karma dickerson has more from the state capitol early christmas morning.. while many children were hoping for santa down the chimney, one south sacramento man says he got a teenager at his door?sot-phoner-vinh ta- she kinda scared, i didn't see
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no tears in her eye but she was scaredvinh ta says a seventeen year old girl was on the phone with a police was about 3 am he let her inside to wait for police... and when officers arrived.. he overheard her disturbing tale... sot-phoner-vinh ta- she was human trafficked by her pimp, her pimp was chasing herthe girl said the pimp was waiting in a car nearby. sacramento sheriff's investigators say they found elan seagraves in a car with another 17-year-old. they arrested 36 year old seagraves on charges related to sex trafficking and pimping of a minor.sot-shaun hampton/sac sheriff- it's absolutely 100 percent alarming not just because of the allegations, but because of seagraves' various lines of work until early friday afternoon, seagraves was listed as a boy's soccer coach at kennedy high school in sacramento.a spokesman from the school district tells fox-40 he did pass a background check, and has no prior convictions. adding, quote "we are extremely disappointed in mister seagraves' unacceptable behavior.. mister seagraves will no longer be wllowed to work with our kids in any capacity."seagraves is also linked to various youth soccer
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leagues and was employed a uber and lyft driver according to the sacramento sheriff's department. the sheriff's department says there is no indication his allegations are connected to his role as a coach or driver but they are concerned about the possibility of more victims sot-shaun hampton/sac sheriff- we want to encourage the regardless of the circumstances regardless of any other things they may be involved in it's important to come forwardsot-doesn't wan tot be named- it happens every where, its a shameone neighbor tells us she didn't hear any commotion as the ordeal unfolded monday. but says she's more saddened than surprised. vihn ta says she's just happy he answered the door.. happy he could do something to help a stranger on christmas morning.. sot-phoner-vinh ta- man i'm glad i helped that girl out because she's young (grant) that was karma dickerson reporting. sea-graves is being held on two million dollars bail. (catherine)it's not just the pot law changing on monday.a whole slew of new state laws are heading our way, starting next week. they deal with things like gun control, job rights ... even your choice of gender on your
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driver's license. and on one hot button issue --- the state is on a collision course with the white house. in direct defiance of president trump, california law enforcement officials have new, strict limits on how much they can help federal immigration authorities.police can no longer ask for someone's immigration status . landlords can face civil penalties for threatening to report renters to federal authorities.federal agents will need warrants to raid workplaces ... and employers can be fined for failing to warn workers 72 hours in advance.whooshcalifornia already has some of the strictest gun laws in the they are getting even stricter.all school employees are banned from carrying concealed weapons on campus.anyone convicted of a hate crime loses the right to own a gun for ten years.anyone building a guns from parts will have to get a serial number from the state,all ammunition sales have to go through a licensed vendor ... so even if you order bullets online, you'll have to go to a store to pick them up.whoosh on the road you should know that you cannot smoke or consume marijuana at any time while you are driving.
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registering your car will cost up to 175=dollars more as the state is tacking on a road improvement fee.alternative fuel vehicles are exempt. beginning in september, californians who are transgender, intersex or don't identify as male or female can choose a gender-neutral option on their drivers license .and if you have a note from your doctor, you can have your car windows tinted.whooshjob applicants will no longer have to answer the question: "how much did you make in your last job?"also banned: that little box that asks if you have a criminal record.millions of workers at small businesses will now get up to 12 weaks of unpaid family leave, without losing their health insurance. and the state's minimum wage is bumping up again to 11 dollars an hour (steve) now to our four zone
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forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge. (pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us with a look ahead .dry weather conditions will continue into the first part of next week, though with a slight cooling trend in daytime temperatures beginning on saturday. a pattern change will bring precipitation to the region beginning by the middle of next week.
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still ahead at 8. an officer pulls over an erratic driver...then jumps into action when he realized something was wrong. and next. as an 80 billion dollar disaster relief package stalls in congress--- puerto rico is particularly hard hit by the delay...
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(grant) the lights are back on for more people in puerto rico -- but nearly half the island will be without power come new year's day. today --- and for the first time since hurricane maria devastated the island in september... the government has updated the statistic on electricity. meanwhile --- an 81 billion dollar disaster relief bill is in limbo on capitol hill. the house passed the bill before holiday recess. but the senate did not take action, the bill would provide additional federal money for areas hit by hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. and it's divided among those areas. but republican and democratic senators --want changes to bill. florida senator bill nelson says it doesn't help puerto rico
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enough...saying residents there are "being kicked around like a dead dog" senators return to washington next week. (catherine) president trump has made a statement that has some critics worried. he said --- quote "i have absolute right to do what i want to do with the justice department." he was talking to the new york times about possibly ordering the justice department to re-open its investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private email server. that's when he suggested he can use the department in any way he wants. there's also concern that the president could try to end an investigation into his own conduct. but that could mean opening himself to charges of obstruction of justice. (grant) in sports -- how the warriors are doing... and what a 49ers player thinks about maybe being black-balled from the league for supporting colin kaepernick's protest. (catherine) also -- the raiders and 49ers are wrapping up their seasons on the road coming up -- how both teams are preparing for week 17 we have all the sports coming up.
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next at 8. he was given less than a one percent chance to live. a heart- wrenching story of a police detective's fight to survive after being shot in the line of duty.
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new at 8. a colorado detective is beating the odds after being shot in
8:44 pm
the line of duty. initially his family was told he had less than a one percent chance to live.(catherine) but he did live... and is now determined to walk again.. polo sandoval is following his recovery. colorado detective dan brite can no longer rush out the door with the rest of his swat team but his devotion to duty hasn't faltered.he's back with the deputies he swore he'd never leave.(nats: "shots fired! man down! one of ours.") officers were called out to a denver suburb to reports of a suicidal man who was an r-v...and dangerously close to a middle school and a hospital.before parker police officer ronnie dorrell shot and killed the suspect...(nats "he's down! he's down! he's down!") investigators say the gunman used an ak-47 to spray bullets at the hospital and at deputies, one of them changed detective brite's life forever. dan brite/ douglas county sheriff's office: "it entered the side and took out 30% of my left lung, damaged my diaphragm, damaged my stomach and it took out my entire spleen."christine brite/ dan's wife: "i think i went into shock."christine brite's
8:45 pm
husband of 14-years was in the fight of his life.dan brite/ douglas county sheriff's office: "i was dead when i went in the doors. and dr. michael pertaki, he literally held my heart in his hands and massaged it back to life. i had less than a 1% chance of survival."christine brite/ dan's wife: "all i kept whispering to him was don't leave me. you have these two little girls. they need you." brite, a retired marine, beat those odds. nine days after the shooting, he woke-up!four months after that, he was heading home.(nats)he lost the use of his legs and told, at best, he has a three percent chance of walking again.he's looking to beat the odds, on his own--(nats) "that feels good."with help from his wife and a pair a leg braces, brite is taking baby steps on his long...and at times, ápainfulá road to home, a different reality sets in.dan brite/ douglas county sheriff's office: "i'm watching my ten-year old have to shovel the snow. coming from a lifestyle where i took care of everything you know, that's a huge blow."there is hope though brite will wear a pair a robotic legs.dan brite/ douglas county sheriff's office: "when we tried them on for the first time, it was very emotional because it felt good to be 5 foot 10 again." each arduous step bringing brite closer to walking again. polo sandoval, cnn, littleton, colorado.
8:46 pm
(catherine) dan says he knows that he has an uphill battle ahead... but says "i don't 'hope' that i'll walk again. i know i'll walk again." tonight the warriors are taking on the hornets. steph curry is not playing,
8:47 pm
he's expected to play tomorrow against memphis quick update from oracle arena -- at the break we have a tied game... 53-all klay thompson is on fire... he leads all scores with 20 points golden state is looking for the ninth win without their two-time m-v-p we'll have all the highlights on kron-4 news at ten the raiders will make their first trip down to los angeles to play the chargers. the bolts are heavy favorites to win the game but in recent history the silver and black have done well against the chargers on the road they have won their last two matchups. the raiders want to finish strong and avoid losing their tenth game of the year. if they lose and denver if they lose and denver wins, they will finish in last place in the a-f-c west. derek carr... is ready to press the rest button... he already has plan in place for the offseason. "you want to take a break mentally, just from that grind. i always try to
8:48 pm
give myself 14 days. i always set that out there, i never make it and i won't this time either. i do have to give myself a break though, because i didn't get one last year. as soon as the season was over i was back into it. i think maybe i had like seven days in between where i got cleared and coming back into here. i'm definitely going to take a mental break, but physically getting ready to be better. i'll definitely come in better shape, eating better, whatever i have to do - i'll definitely come in better come april." charger running back, melvin gordon, running back, melvin gordon, who scored two touchdowns against the raiders this season is questionable for sunday. the raiders are keeping their fingers cross he doesn't play he's been limited in practice this week a raiders win can spoil the chargers playoff hopes l-a needs to win and a titans loss to make the postseason. meanwhile over in santa clara-- jimmy garoppolo and the 49ers are looking to end the year with five straight wins. their matchup against the rams seems to be very favorable. rams
8:49 pm
head coach, sean mc-vay is resting most if not all of his starters, including the bay area's own jared goff, and star running back todd gurley. the niners are the only team heading into week 17 with four straight wins. a win over l-a would better their record, and give them a worse draft and give them their record, a would better a win over l-straight wins.with four straight wins. a win over l-a would better their record, and give them a worse draft and give them their record, a would better their record, and give them their record, a would better their record, and give them a worse draft pick. but coaches are paid to win games. "it is tough to get your team to learn how to win, learn how to compete, and just to believe in that confidence that separates you from some of the other teams in this league. i feel we are doing that right now. i do believe that's a lot more important wether your draft pick is seven or eight or whatever. you deal with now, we take the best player from that group. when you get to the draft you're not thinking your whole team is riding on that second pick or that fifth pick. your team is your team, we are just hoping to add some people to it when we get to this offseason."
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one of colin kaepernick's former teammates might find it hard to find a job after this season 49ers saftey, eric reid is going to be a restricted free agent and his support of kaepernick's national anthem protest ácould mean that teams do not pursue him. today the veteran safety said he's "completely fine" if teams decide not to sign him because of kneeling during the anthem the past couple seasons. reid was the first player in the league to kneel alongside kaepernick. we are a few days away from the college football playoff but today we might have seen the most entertaining bowl game this season. yes... the belk
8:51 pm
bowl... not usually known for providing too much excitement. wake forest taking on texas a&m. this game provided a lot of touchdowns... nick starkel finds jhamon ausbon... aggies take the lead 52 -48 ensuing wake forest possesion -- matt colburn bounces right to give the demon deacons the lead again... 55-52 a&m need a first down... ball is incomplete wake forest hold on... 55-52 there were eleven touchdowns... fourth highest scoring game in bowl history. 18 points off the record set in 2011 by marshall and set in 2011 by marshall and east carolina. serena williams is gearing up for her big comeback... on saturday in abu dhabi. the exhibition will be her first appearance on the court... since giving birth to
8:52 pm
her daughter -- alexis. williams' last tournament was 11 months ago -- when she won the australian open. she was two months pregnant at the time. if williams wins at next month's australian open... she'll have racked up 24 grand slam wins. that would put her alongside all- time leader margaret court. next at 8. a police officer pulls over an erratic driver ---then realizes something's wrong what he did next that saved that driver's life ♪ toyland, toyland ♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhood's joy land never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc300 for $449 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (grant) a new york police
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8:54 pm
8:55 pm
officer thought he was making a fairly routine traffic stop on christmas day.(catherine) but he ended up saving a man's life. the officer was on patrol ...when he spotted a man driving erratically. when he pulled the man over...he realized something was wrong. the man couldn't talk...and was turning red. the officer pulled him out of his car - and performed the heimlich maneuver... the man was eventually just fine....and 'very' grateful to that police officer. (grant) and check this out mother nature ... providing an unusual -- and beautiful -- sight. this is a soap bubble, freezing in low temperatures. we'll speed this up a little. and no, that star you see is not some sort of filter or special effect ... it's sugar in the soap mix that creates a crystal-like appearance as the bubble freezes. the woman
8:56 pm
who filmed this particular clip made the soap bubbles herself. she took a cup of water and mixed in two tablespoons each of dish soap, corn syrup and regular sugar. she says the syrup helps keep the bubble from bursting. (grant) and before we let you go... a reminder... we have expanded coverage this new year's eve.. starting at 8-p-m we will have new years live from las vegas with musical and entertainment acts. then at 11:30... justine waldman will join me-- along with j-r stone and spencer blake -- will host new years live from san francisco. we will bring you the fun and fireworks from along the embarcadero. join us starting at 8-p-m on new years eve. (catherine) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(grant)but our primetime
8:57 pm
coverage continues.vicki liviakis is here with kron 4 news at 9. ((vicki))thank you grant and at the bay area prepares to ring in the new year...police will be out in force cracking down on drunk drivers.we are live at a dui we'll tell you how you can get home if you have too much to owners listen up!how you can make sure your dog or cat doesn't run away if people start setting off fireworks in your neighborhood. ((vicki))plus...meteorologist brittney shipp has your four zone forecast as we head into the holiday weekend.keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts after the break. really?
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really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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((2shot))((grant))((2shot)) ((2shot))((grant))the holiday weekend is here....thanks for joining us...i'm grant lodes. ((vicki))and i'm vicki liviakis.we are counting down to the bay area prepares to ring in the new enforcement will be out in force making sure the roads stay safe.((grant))there will be dui checkpoints all around the region, as police
9:00 pm
crack down on drunk drivers. new tonight at nine...kron 4's hermela aregawi is live in san francisco at one of those checkpoints...hermela? the officers just finished setting up this checkpoint.. they got a briefing at 7 and then hit the roads. there are extra officers out tonight and will be throughout the weekend. that's in additional to regular patrols. this is a partnership between chp offices.. and local police and sherriffs. an effort to make sure people stay safe during the celebrations this weekend. they will be looking for distracted drivers, people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. over the christmas holiday period.. chp stopped more drunk drivers than they did last year.. a lot more. last year between dec 22nd and 25th chp made 621 arrests. this year during the same time perod.. more than 900. that is quite the spike.. chp says they don't know how to explain that spike but they


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