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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 30, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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and i'm jr stone..the shootout happened in redwood city. outside the wells fargo on broadway right near main street...around three this afternoon. kron4's spencer blake joins us live from the scene this evening. spencer - do we know what led up to this shootout? (live) person at the bank saw the suspect pacing around with a gun, so they called police, who ended up getting into a shootout with the man.i spoke with one person who saw the shooting as it happened. just before four saturday afternoon, redwood city police arrived at this wells fargo at broadway and main.ignacio jimenez was nearby at the time.
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he was parking his car when he saw police cars zip by, so he turned the corner to check it out."that's when i saw officers behind the suburban with their weapons drawn. they were hiding behind the trees right across the street where there's a park, and so i saw that their attention was on a gentleman that was right outside the wells fargo bank."jimenez says it seemed like the suspect wasn't complying with officers' orders."he had his hands in his pockets in his sweater and then soon after that he took his hand out, and he had something in his hand and shots rang out - i'm not sure who shot first or what - and then the gentleman fell to the ground."police say the suspect shot at officers, who returned fire and killed him. another witness works at the savers about a block away, and heard the commotion all the way over there."i heard about
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12 shots so i told my coworkers about it and then ran across down over here and i saw the cops taping the whole streets."meanwhile, jimenez had his phone, and was recording everything he when i spoke didn't have his phone, because and were video as "i'm glad that my video was able to them and their even hours later, people the other side line say they suspect's body lying in the the interim though sad there was loss satisfied with attempts to use every tool they had re resorting (live)police said in a social media post that there are no other outstanding case...and that threat to the public. redwood city, kron four news. another big story tonight.. six people were hurt in a roll-over crash in san francisco right near golden gate park. the injured includes a family, with two young children. witnesses tell kron 4 news... police were quick to handcuff a man at the scene. sot cover i heard a bang!two crushed cars .. left on the corner of arguello boulevard and fulton street in san francisco on saturday morning. witnesses tell kron 4 news it appeared a sliver mercedes sped away after seeing a police car.sot a sliver mercedes driving prop 90 to 100mphit then smashed into a black van .sot they were hit directly head on and tboned and they flew like half a blockpolice then descended on the scene.sot they had their guns drawn.and officers put a man from the mercedes in
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handcuffs.the mercedes. witnesses say was responsible for the accident had, with two people inside, and landed into a concrete wall. sot smoke coming outthe van a mangled mess, had two adults and two young kids inside.sot my friend called in an accordion which i thought was an apt description in terms of how it lookedambulance after ambulance took all six to the hospital. one person had serious injuries.sot cover it was pretty wild (justine) the two suspects police believe are responsible for the crash... will be charged with reckless driving. (j.r.) happening now: people are being told to stay out of the water in one part of marin county.. this after a surfer was bitten by a shark earlier today.the shark bit the surfer on the foot near the mouth of drakes estuary off the
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coast of the point reyes national seashore. people are being told to avoid the water in that area until further notice. (justine) happening tomorrow.. the bay area.. and the world... will ring in the new year. right now, preparations are underway for the big fireworks show along the san francisco waterfront.... which you can watch live with us sunday night! kron4's ella sogomonian joins us live from the embarcadero..... with what you need to know if you want to come out and see it yourself. free rides and extended hours are offered by the city's transportation administration tomorrrow so you all can get out here to responsibly welcome 2018. (nat fireworks)san francisco will again host their annual waterfront fireworks show for free at midnight to ring in the new year.sot: neeru batra, first new year's with newborn// "it's beautiful, it's foggy at times but it's a lot of people and a lot of fun."fireworks will be set off by pier 14.the 15 minute show can be seen along the entire embarcardero but avoid
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standing directly behind the ferry building because it may block your far as getting there - signs are already posted warning drivers not to park on the side of the promenade.sot: melisa mayorga, looking forward to fireworks// "we're staying in a hotel nearby so we're just going to walk here."if you're not as close both ac transit and muni are offering free rides between 8pm and 5 am.despite the incentive some people say they'll be avoiding the crowd. sot: david harris, avoiding crowds //"not this time last year i did it's kind of a sea of people i don't really want to move through the crowd this time."sot: jessica watson, celebrating at home// "that's awesome that it's free we live in oakland though and still getting to and from the city is just something that we will probably pass on and just hang out at home."but if you do come out bart service will be extended until 3 a.m. in addition to other changes. after 8 the richmond and pittsburg/bay point lines will skip embarcadero...riders will have to get on and off at montgomery 2 blocks away....and dublin/pleasanton or fremont trains will stop at embarcadero but not montgomery. millbrae & daly city should use montgomery st. exit. the fireworks show kicks off at midnight but plan on leaving the house in advance to get here so you don't miss it. live in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news.
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(justine) if you don't want to go out for new year's eve -- kron4 has you covered. starting at eight - we'll broadcast the big new year's celelbration in las vegas. then at 11:30 pm grant lodes and i -- along with jr stone -- will host new year's from san francisco.. and we'll bring you the fireworks from along the embarcadero. (jrs) the big question -- the
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weather for new years eve.. i'm here in the weather center with lawrence karnow... what can people expect? lawrence karnow: it was a nice cool to mild day for the bay area. high pressure continues overhead keeping us from seeing any rain. but the whole weather pattern is about to change and that means rain returning to the bay area in the new year. dangerously cold weather continues across other parts of the country with with some lows tonight below -20 degrees! some highs tomorrow will be below zero. out west we continue to enjoy rather mild weather but you can see storms off the coast. by late tuesday and early wednesday one of these storms will likely bring some rain and maybe some thunderstorms too. for new years eve we can expect partly cloudy skies and highs in the 50s to mid 60s. the weather will on new years day. by tuesday clouds will be increase with a slight chance of showers late in the day. rain and thunderstorms are likely on wednesday. showers could continue on thursday unsettled and possible wet weather will continue into the
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weekend. (justine) a final salute today.. for a chp officer killed by a suspected drunk driver on christmas eve. his patrol car was pulled over on the shoulder of 880 in hayward. today --hundreds of people gathered to say goodbye to the husband and father of three.... 33-year old andrew camilleri. kron 4's camila bernal shares how his law enforcement brothers and sisters paid tribute to his life. andrew camilleri's chp academy classmates rose to do their class chant one final time then his commander highlighted his commitment, dedication and character2:19 every day he was excited to go out on the road
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and each time i saw him, he had that smileofficer camilleri died when a suspected drunk driver crashed into his patrol car28:11 andrew died a hero out on patrol on christmas eve, his life taken by the very dangers he was out to preventaccording to his commander, officer camilleri took pride in enforcing the law putting others' lives before his30:02 the reason why the vast majority of us take up this calling is because we want to preserve life and anytime we lose a brother or sister its heartfelt, it's a deep wound. throughout the service, the california highway patrol family celebrated camilleri's life, describing him as a family man, a man of faith, a servant and a jokester. although i think it's heartbreaking, we are not going to be broken in spirit and our hope is that we continue to help the community better than ever and we will do in in an effort to honor his legacya legacy that will live on even after the last goodbye.10:23:32 andrew, i know you can hear me, i love you buddy and it was an honor being your partner, rest in peace stockton camila bernal kron 4kron 4 camila bernal in stockton peace stockton camila bernal kron 4
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(justine) and across the bay area .. a major dui crackdown -- multiple cities holding dui checkpoints.. this was one in san francsico last night.. santa rosa also held a dui checkpoint at college avenue near morgan street...we just got the numbers... 4 drivers were arrested on suspicion of dui..; 25 drivers were busted for not having a license... 1 person was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant.. (jrs) just in tonight..we have the winning power ball numbers.. a 384 million
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dollar jackpot on the table. here are the numbers 28, 36, 41, 51, 58 with powerball 24 no word yet if anyone has won. (jrs) and last night -- no one won the big mega millions jackpot.... that means the next prize will be 343 million dollars. that drawing is on tuesday. (justine) coming up:a prank known as "swatting" leads to police shooting a man who comitted ánoá crime at all. tonight - we have the "made-up" 911 call that led officers to the innocent man's doorstep. (jrs) then - a lot of new laws taking effect january will change who is allowed to drive a boat.. what you need to know before you head to the lake next summer. (justine) and next:new year's eve is a fun time for a lot of people.. but it's also a scary time for pets. many get lost running away from fireworks... after the
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break - how to keep them safe and comfortable. ♪ [ splash ] [ horn sounds ] dang! ok, i gotta run. hey, wait, there's something i need to tell you- dang. dang! dang! dang.
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dang. see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. (justine) the days after new years eve and the fourth of july are typically the busiest times of the year for animal shelters... the offices take in lost cats and dogs -- who run away from their owners, spooked by the sights and sounds of fireworks. kron four's philippe djegal reports from contra
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costa county... where the animal services department shares tips on how to keep your pets safe. (philippe) on independence day and new year's eve.. june kelley takes no chances with her pets... keeping her two dogs and two cats inside... she says her 7-year-old pitbull named gracie is easily spooked by loud noises, like fireworks. june kelley/pet owner- "i keep the doggy door closed, and uh, i put a thunder shirt on her, and um, just try to keep an eye on them." june says all of her pets are licensed and microchipped as well... just in case they do get away. june kelley/pet owner- "i see it all the time, where a dog gets lost, especially in light of all the fires and the different sort of disasters we've had lately, and i think it's really important to have a chip. i see dogs being reunited with their owners, you know, years afterwords, you know, thousands of miles away because of a chip, so i think it's important to have one." though fireworks are illegal in most bay area counties like contra costa... the animal services department will still have
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officers out and about on new years eve... responding to lost pet calls and looking for strays. if found, they're brought back to the animal shelter. owners of lost cats and dogs are encouraged to check in with the shleter at least every three days in person and online just in case their pet was dropped doug devries/cccasd- "we won't be open on new year's day, but we open on the second and we do have officers on both days." when you're pets are inside, lieutenant doug devries says keep them doug devries/cccasd- "play some kind of music. maybe lay down some towels and keep on a radio or something so the dogs don't hear the fireworks." follow that advice and you'll be doing yourself and pets a favor, while celebrating a new year with a little peace of mind. in contra costa county, philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine.) in the south bay: a person has died after becoming trapped in their enflamed vehicle. the accident took place near the lehigh hanson cement plant in cupertino. firefighters
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were dispatched around nine-30 this morning after a report came in of a vehicle fire. they quickly extinguished the flames but were unable to save the driver. the cause of the fire is currently under investigation. (j.r.) in the east bay.. a man was arrested after an incident at the walnut creek bart parking garage early this morning. officials say the suspect allegedly tried to enter a woman's car around two a-m as she drove through the parking garage. police arrested 27-year-old lowell ligon on suspicion of resisting arrest. he was taken to the hospital for treatment of a minor injury and later booked at the martinez detetion facility. (j.r.) erica garner, the oldest daughter of eric garner, died this morning in brooklyn. the 27-year-old was a prominent social justice activist who spearheaded protests against police brutality. you may remember eric garner died in 2014 after new york city police officers
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put him in a chokehold. a move that that department has since banned. he was selling cigarettes on the sidewalk outside a store when that happened. his death helped spark the black lives matter movement. his daughter erica had been in a coma after suffering a massive heart attack last week that left her with severe brain damage. (justine) a community in alabama is rallying together following the beating of a 17- year-old by police. ulysses wilkerson was hospitalized and suffered severe injuries to his face. and now loved ones are demanding that the police officers involved in the case be held accountable. reporter kim hutcherson has the story. we also want to warn you that the photos of his injuries are graphic. a community in troy, alabama coming together saturday... chanting and holding signs that read.. "no justice, no peace."(nats- people chanting) dozens showing their support for the family of 17- year old
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ulysses wilkerson -- who was badly beaten following his arrestchristmas eve.mos: "i'm encouraged to see so many people that are gathered out here today to stand up for which that is right. and send a message not only to troy, alabama but all around the world." these are photos of ulysses in the hospital after his arrest-- you can seen the bloody white sheet beneath his head.. his nose, lips and left eye -- all swollen. ulysses' mother claims officers assaulted her son while he was in handcuffs... and haven't provided her much information. angela williams / mother of teen beaten by police: "i just want to know. i don't know till this day i don't know what happened. police told me nothing. i hear what they telling the reporters but they hadn't told me nothing." according to a news release, officers saw ulysses walking out from behind a downtown business late sunday. and as officers approached, ulysses fled and police gave chase. when they finally apprehended
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the teen, police said, "he resisted arrest and refused to comply with commands."while police say the force used was "reasonable and necessary" .. ulysses' family believe it was anything but.angela williams / mother of teen beaten by police: "we will not settle until we know the truth behind the brutal beating of my dear son and until these police officers are held accountable for their crimes."kim hutcherson...kron4 news. (jrs) making world news.. anti-government protests turning violent in iran. so far, no deaths have been confirmed. but reports from the ground posted on social media say people have been killed. demonstrators are demanding, death to the country's two top leaders. (justine) president donald trump tweeted his support for protests taking place in iran..."the entire world understands that the good people of iran want change... and, other than the vast military power of the united states, that iran's people are what their leaders fear the most...." . (jrs) time now to
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check on our four zone forecast.(justine) meterologist lawrence karnow is here.. lawrence karnow: it was a nice cool to mild day for the bay area. high pressure continues overhead keeping us from seeing any rain. but the whole weather pattern is about to change and that means rain returning to the bay area in the new year. dangerously cold weather continues across other parts of the country with with some lows tonight below -20 degrees! some highs tomorrow will be below zero. out west we continue to enjoy rather mild weather but you can see storms off the coast. by late tuesday and early wednesday one of these storms will
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likely bring some rain and maybe some thunderstorms too. for new years eve we can expect partly cloudy skies and highs in the 50s to mid 60s. the weather will be very similar on new years day. by tuesday clouds will be on the increase with a slight chance of showers late in the day. rain and thunderstorms are likely on wednesday. showers could continue on thursday morning. unsettled and possible wet weather will continue into the weekend.
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(justine) coming up:we are highlighting this year"s "best of the worst of people behaving badly" you won't want to miss this one - it really "stuck" with our stanley roberts.. (jrs) but first tonight.. the "made-up" 911 call that led to police shooting an innocent man as he stood in the doorway of his own home.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (justine) we are getting
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more details tonight...about an officer involved shooting that left one kansas man dead. the wichita police department is calling it a bizarre "swatting" incident, that sent police officers to home that never even made a call. reporter chris arnold has the story. this is some of the body camera video...nats: "show us your hands, walk this way..."
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which shows police fatally shooting 28-year old andrew finch as he stood in the doorway of his this investigation has continued to un-fold...police say they should have never been there in the first place.deputy chief troy livingston / wichita police dept.:"the incident is a nightmare for everyone involved, including the family and our police department, due to the actions of a prankster, we have an innocent victim, if the false police call had not been made, we would not have been there." it was that call that wichita police played during a press conference this details an unknown suspects conversation with the 9-1-1 dispatcher...suspect: "they were arguing and i shot him in the head and is not breathing." the suspect continues for several minutes with the dispatcher.suspect: "i'm thinking about, because i already poured gasoline all over the house, i might just set it on fire."dispatcher: "okay, we don't need to do that, okay? what's your address?"suspect: "yeah, um, it's 1033 west mccormick street."deputy chief livingston says officers arrived on scene around 6-20 and positioned themselves...
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for what they believed was a hostage situation with someone potentially dead inside.he says as this happened...finch opened the front door. "officers gave several verbal commands to that male to put his hands up and walk towards them the male complied for a very short time."that's when livingston said finch lowered his hands...before raising them again."the male then turned towards officers on the east side of the residence, lowered his hands to the waist band again and suddenly pulled them back up, towards those officers to the east."fearing for the safety of near-by officers...livingston said this officer in the body camera footage fired one shot...killing finch.chris arnold: "can you confirm, the 28-year old man, finch, was not armed?"deputy chief livingston: "he was not armed." livingston stressed it was the irresponsible actions of a prankster that ultimately put the lives of others at risk. (justine) an l-a-p-d spokesperson has confirmed that 25-year-old tyler barriss has been arrested in connection to the deadly
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"swatting incident." the l-a times is reporting that suspect has previously been arrested for calling in a false bomb threat to a t-v studio in glendale. (jrs) next:just because recreational marijuana becomes legal on the first.. there are still rules to follow.. tongiht - what police want you to be aware of before you light up. (justine) then we are tracking freezing temperatures around the nation..just how cold it's going to be in times square when the ball drops on new year's eve.... (jrs) and next:we're tracking several new california laws that take effect monday.. including -- the questions you don't have to answer anymore on a job application.
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with the new year, brings new of the changes in california will have to do with exactly áwhoá is allowed to drive a boat. (jrs) connie tran explains
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the new law.
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(jr) if you are taking your boat out this new years eve to celebrate.....the coast guard is asking you ánotá to include fireworks or flares while ringing in 2018. the reason -- the flashes can be mistaken as distress signals... the goast guard says that could lead to their rescue personnell wasting time -- responding to "non' emergencies... when there could be actual emergencies that need their attention. (justine) other new california laws set to take effect in 20-18 with everything from gun control to the questions one can ask on a job application. kron 4's catherine heenan has more of the changes you need to know about... including one hot button issue that puts the state on a collision course with the white house. in direct defiance of president trump, california
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law enforcement officials have new, strict limits on how much they can help federal immigration authorities.police can no longer ask for someone's immigration status . landlords can face civil penalties for threatening to report renters to federal authorities.federal agents will need warrants to raid workplaces ... and employers can be fined for failing to warn workers 72 hours in advance.whooshcalifornia already has some of the strictest gun laws in the they are getting even stricter.all school employees are banned from carrying concealed weapons on campus.anyone convicted of a hate crime loses the right to own a gun for ten years.anyone building a guns from parts will have to get a serial number from the state,all ammunition sales have to go through a licensed vendor ... so even if you order bullets online, you'll have to go to a store to pick them up.whoosh on the road you should know that you cannot smoke or consume marijuana at any time while you are driving.
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registering your car will cost up to 175=dollars more as the state is tacking on a road improvement fee.alternative fuel vehicles are exempt. beginning in september, californians who are transgender, intersex or don't identify as male or female can choose a gender-neutral option on their drivers license .and if you have a note from your doctor, you can have your car windows tinted.whooshjob applicants will no longer have to answer the question: "how much did you make in your last job?"also banned: that little box that asks if you have a criminal record.millions of workers at small businesses will now get up to 12 weaks of unpaid family leave, without losing their health insurance. and the state's minimum wage is bumping up again to 11 dollars an hour (justine) also --- voters in san mateo, napa and three other california counties will lose their polling places... as the state phases in an
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all voting by mail system. also sometime next year, the first year of community college is supposed to become free for all first-time, full-time students. (jrs) changes also coming to bart on new year's day.. starting january first...all bart riders will be required to have proof of payment inside the pay areas of stations and trains. it's an effort to stop fare prepared to show your ticket or clipper card if asked by a fare inspector. fines will be 75 dollars for adults and 55 dollars for minors. (justine) one of the most talked about new laws in calfornia is the legalization of marijuana for adults over 21. tonight -- autorities are warning people you can get a d-u-i for driving high.. (jrstone) that message has been posted on many electronic freeway signs around the bay area. kron4's haaziq madyun is tracking the new campaign ahead of january
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first. in the state capital there is a new campaign from california law enforcement and the message is...sot sotthe deadly affects of which allegedly led to the death of california highway patrol officer andrew camilleri. in the wake of his death the california office of traffic safety is launching a new public awareness campaign focused on not driving under the influence of marijuana. attorney mahal montoya of the national organization for the reform of marijuana says the legal cannabis community should publically echo the dui doesn't just mean booze message sotsotmontoya sees an
8:37 pm
opportunity with marijuana being legal in the state of california in just a few days, for billboards like these being used to help raise public awareness about the dangers of driving after mixing marijuana with alcohol sotthis is coming from a staunch legal cannabis advocatesotin oakland haaziq madyun kron4news (justine) across the nation -- much of the country dealing with freezing temperatures and snow.. it's causing big problems. take a look at this video from minnesota...white-out
8:38 pm
conditions caused a 40 car pileup along u-s 31. ...only three people suffered minor injuries. standing by tracking the national freeze - meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence karnow: it was a nice cool to mild day for the bay area. high pressure continues overhead keeping us from seeing any rain. but the whole weather pattern is about to change and that means rain returning to the bay area in the new year. dangerously cold weather continues across other parts of the country with with some lows tonight below -20 degrees! some highs tomorrow
8:39 pm
will be below zero. out west we continue to enjoy rather mild weather but you can see storms off the coast. by late tuesday and early wednesday one of these storms will likely bring some rain and maybe some thunderstorms too. for new years eve we can expect partly cloudy skies and highs in the 50s to mid 60s. the weather will be very similar on new years day. by tuesday clouds will be increase with a of showers late in the day. thunderstorms wednesday. continue on thursday unsettled and weather will continue into (jrs) coming up:we are tracking an especially bad flu season... tonihgt we hear from a doctor about keeping yourself and family healthy for the new year..then -- (jrs) happening now:
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8:41 pm
cases of the flu are on the
8:42 pm
rise, and not just in california, but across the united states... the c-d-c reports... the number of states reporting widespread flu activity...has jumped from 23 to 36... (justine) now it appears... the widely touted flu shot is not providing the protection that health professionals had hoped this year. kron 4's dan kerman explains.. the number of people coming down with the flu is on the rise, and doctors warn the numbers are similar to last yearááásot randy bergen, m.d./kaiser permanente flu vaccine program 07-18last year was one of our worst flue seasons for about a decade, we had more cases of influenza confirmed than we had since 2006 and we're approaching those same number this past week.kaiser permanente infectious disease specialist dr. randy bergen says to make matters worse the flu vaccine doesn't seem to be as effective as it has been in past years. the same thing happened during the southern hemisphere's flu season and the results were devastating. sot the australian government
8:43 pm
reported 2 and a half times more confirmed cases of influenza than they normally do. do you think we might see that here? i sure hope not. still doctors say the flu season could last until march or april, so you are better with the vaccine than without it.sotyou do get protection from a variety of strains and even though there are some strains circulating, there may be other strains going through the communities later on and partial protection is better than no protection .while it's little help for this year, doctors say studies are underway to look at new ways to develop a flu vaccine so it's more effective. at kaiser in walnut creek, dan kerman kron 4 news. (jrs) coming up in sports - steph curry returns..
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(jrs) as we approach the end of the year..we are looking back at the best of the worst of people behaving badly..(justine) stanley roberts picked out some of his favorite segments... and -- here is one that really stuck with him. how far would you go to promote your social media account would you consider taping yourself to a moving car? that's exactly what happened in oakland.nats go up a little and just have zack ask for a sugardid you ever at one time during the process of being taped to the car think ok this might be a bad idea? no i didn't i like this is going to be a hit videonats: northern california you know what you want a northern californiathese are the people of zashtv by the way they don't want their real names used for obvious reasons .but i needed to find out basically
8:47 pm
what was going through their headsi know i was pretty safe especially using gorilla tape ..but whywhat were we doing yea he's been making videos for a long time i've always wanted to do it but we just thought you know what now is the time expecally for zaycashtv and zacashtvthey started in the city of alameda and hit the interstate 880 and basically cruised all around the oakland coliseumthere was a lot of people recording us they was all laughing it was like a really good time expecially when we got to international cause that's oakland they show love crazy stuff especially when it has to do with car activities so they all got out their windows, sun roofs recording us slapping the music really loud it was just fununtil oakland's finest caught up with them. then it became well .a sticky situation after police cut through all the gorilla tape.. everyone involved were issued tickets . three tickets total .one for wreckelss driving which carries a 858 dollar fine and two point and two were issued tickets for unlawful riding which is one point and 280 dollars each(what's a safe speed for driving with a person taped to their car) 200 hundred miles per hour !!!. no zero miles per hour, zero miles per hourbut if could have been worsewhat if something had gone really wrong we would have kept roilling the footage crazy kid doing prank car gone wrongthey are hoping that gorilla tape company see their antics and will sponsor them to help pay off all the fines. their words not minewe are trying to get companies to sponsor our channeli spoke to a driver who saw the video on kron 4 dot com so these were the guys that
8:48 pm
were taped to the car (yea ) what do you think when you saw the video ..(why).this is how we knew we were being safe it took both officers just to take him offi asked if they would refrain from taping anyone to a car againyou know i cant answer thatin the end of the day no regretsand this is yet another reason why people from other plants will never invade earthin oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news newsroberts kron 4 news news roberts kron 4 news
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(j.r.)big night in sports for the golden state warriors. stephen curry made his return for the squad after missing 11 games with a sprained ankle. during curry's absence the team had nine wins and two losses. first quartercurry is backto draymond greenthen green back to currydown the looks pretty and there it is curry's first two points since returning. then curry says i can still hit three'she gets the screen from zaza.sets up and bang.that's a three. curry had 38 points on the night and 10 threes. then it's time to get his splash brother in on the action. curry to klay thompson. that's a threeklay was feeling it early on in this one too. thompson had 21 on the night. kevin durantarguably the hottest player in the nba right now was there making things happen
8:50 pm
as well. durant for threeyessss. second quarter though there is some drama. draymond green with the foul. they give him a technical on the play. his second technical of the night and he is ejected. doesn't matterwarriors go on to win this141 to 128. (j.r.)big saturday of college football games going on. washington taking on penn state in the fiesta bowl out in arizona. washington down 28 to 14 in the second half but here they come. jake browning has timelooking for his manhe's got him. aaron fuller with the spectacular catch in the endzone. washington now within a touchdown. the nittany lions stay strong though. trace mcsorley.he's looking for his man.and he's got him in the endzone. daesean hamilton has it and has the touchdown. hamilton with 110 yards on the day. washington hangin' in there though. myles gaskin takes the snap and myles gaskin runs it. he runs it really really fast.he's gone for 69 yards no one would touch him. the huskies have one last chance down a
8:51 pm
touchdown but penn state hold strong. the nittany lions go on to with the fiesta bowl 35 to 28. lamar jackson and louisville in jacksonville taking on mississippi state in the taxslayer bowl. jackson slaying defenders. untouched into the endzone. looked good running the ball today. second quarter louisville down 3 and jackson again. this time he goes 75 yards. jackson then with a nifty shovel pass.that's a touchdown but jackson threw four interceptions in this game. mississippi state was too much for the cardinals. mississippi state wins this thing 31 to 27. (j.r.) sunday is the last time you can catch both the 49ers and raiders in action this season. both teams missed out on the playoffs this year.the 49ers will be down in los angeles tomorrow taking on the l-a rams. the niners are the hottest team in the nfl right now. too bad
8:52 pm
the season is ending. they have won five of their last six games. quarterback jimmy garoppolo has been the talk of the league since getting traded to the squad from the patriots. the niners will end their season against a rams team that will sit jared goff and todd gurley as they prepare for the playoffs. kickoff set for 1:25 sunday. as for the oakland raiders. their season has been disasterous. they will take on the chargers southern california. the raiders were expected to make the playoffs before the season started but they have already
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lawrence karnow: it was a nice cool to mild day for the bay area. high pressure continues overhead keeping us from seeing any rain. but the whole weather pattern is about to change and that means rain returning to the bay area in the new year. dangerously cold weather continues across other parts of the country with with some lows tonight below -20 degrees! some highs tomorrow will be below zero. out west we continue to enjoy rather mild weather but you can see storms off the coast. by late tuesday and early wednesday one of these storms will likely bring some rain and maybe some thunderstorms too. for new years eve we can expect partly cloudy skies and highs in the 50s to mid 60s. the weather will be very similar on new years day. by tuesday clouds will be on the increase with a slight chance of showers late in the day. rain and thunderstorms are likely on wednesday. showers could continue on thursday morning. unsettled and possible wet weather will continue into the weekend.the weekend.continue into the weekend. derek carr says:"we have to be
8:57 pm
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better. we have to get better and if we don't, we're gonna keep feeling like this. and that is not what we want for our fans, it's not what we want for our team or organization. everyone deserves better and we gotta give it to them."( mark ) the eagles fly high and soar past the raiders in a christmas night showdown in philly. derek carr, coach del rio and the silver and black face the reality that the playoffs are now out of the question and a losing season is guaranteed.jack del rio says:"it's a fine line, it's a fine line between being really good and being where we are right now." we'll break down what went wrong on monday night football. and although the raiders are out of the postseason, they can still ruin the playoff hopes foot


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