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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 30, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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as long as we are proud of who we are and what we are fighting for there is nothing we cannot achieve. as long as we have confidence in our values. faith in our citizens and trust in our god we will never fail. our families will thrive. our people will prosper and our nation will forever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free. thank you and god bless
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america. good night. [ applause ] . >> you have been listening to president donald trump's first state of the union address lasting almost an hour and a half speaking to both calls of congress. >> making a big impression. we'll talk to political commentators at 8:00 and 9:00. for now, we'll leave you knowing that we'll continue to stream the democratic response both in english and spanish. that will happen on facebook live on our mobile app and online. >> have a good night. we'll be back at 8:00.
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salling ended a relationship with naya rivera in 2010. she told us in 2016 she wasn't shocked by his arrest. >> he always was a very dark soul to me. i felt like knowing him so well i guess for the on and off three years i felt like there was something he was wrestling with. >> salling remained in is he collusion since being charged. he was spotted in october wearing the same shirt and sweat pants on three different days. of course salling hot to fame as noah puckerman on glee. >> puck is a jock obviously. it's fun to play the jerk. ♪ >> you book this show and start
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doing it. did you have any idea what it would turn into? >> absolutely not. >> this was salling's last big public appearance at the viper room relaunch in 2015. his attorney released a statement saying mark was a gentle and loving person, a person of great creativity who was doing his best to aye tone for mistakes an errors in judgment. >> while salling's death is another instance of troubling things that happened with members of the show. we go inside the glee cass east personal strugglings and straj ji. >> rose mcgowan out promoting her book brave where she's doubling down on the man she refers to as monster. >> this is an international rapist. every single place he ever stayed there are people there set up to help him rape. >> in brave mcgowan describes for the first time the alleged rape she claims occurred.
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quote he said he had a jacuzzi in his hotel room. i feel a hand on my back. it pushes me further into the room. mif clothes are getting peeled off me. i'm placed on the edge of the jacuzzi. i'm naked. i dish associated. >> this man should be behind bars for the rest of his life. he has to even, hijacked, smeared and lie. >> weinstein denies mcgowan's allegation of rape. his lawyer said it's erroneous and irresponsible to conflate claims of rape. >> today rose we'aved to supporters after leaves the view and "gma." >> i took money because it's my only way of saying i did not
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like this. i did not want this. get off me. >> rose's two hour documentary airs tonight on e. the new war be between the stars of the sitcom charles in charge. kevin joins us for more on that. >> nicole eggert and scott baio are in a heated he said/she said. nicole telling her truth to megyn kelly. >> that's nicole minutes after appearing on megyn kelly claiming her former charles in charge co-star sexually abused her repeatedly beginning when she was 14 years old. >> there was a lot of groping fondling pulling me on his lap. trying to sneak kisses in the back. i was very young. it was shocking a little. i never experienced anything like that before either. he was playing on my emotions,
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but my hormones and all those things. >> what i'm being accused of is horrible. >> scott baio vehemently denies the claim. >> my reputation is being damage ltd. my family is being put through this. i'm done. >> egg gert also claims she lost her virgin tito baio when she was still a minor. >> any doubt in your mind you were under the age of 18. >> no doubt in my mind. >> "e.t." visited the charles in charge set several times. baio starred and directed 36 episodes. nicole told us about baio as a director. >> he knows the stage and actors. >> baio says it was eggert who seduced him and she was at least 18. it was after the show was off the air. he even played audio of her talking about it in a 2013 ber view. >> it was way after. we have weren't shooting anymore. >> it was after that interview
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that i started asking myself why are you lying? now it's years later. i'm older. i had to question myself. why are you protecting this. >> as for filing potential charges against baio nicole and her attorney lisa bloom say all legal options are on the table. keltie. >> moving on to the grammy backlash after neil portnow said female artists have to step up. pink fought back. ♪ >> we have evolved and progressed as women. the things we've had to fight for. >> out yesterday with 13 month old son jamison in new york pink showed no sign of strain hours before calling out neil portnow. after the grammy broadcast where one solo award was given to a woman portnow was asked about how to bring about change. >> it has to begin with women who have the creativity to stand
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up. i think they would be welcome. >> pink tweeted a note which reads women in music don't need to step up. women have been stepping since the beginning of time. >> i want my kids to see what it looks like to have a mom who's a boss. >> she took her daughter to the awards and lost to ed sheeran. ♪ i've got no one to blame >> sheryl crow called portnow's comments strangely insensitive and ex sis. >> charlie xcx tweeted about to step up on to your face. >> women are supporting each other. >> in a statement to "e.t." today portnow add many admits i used step out. when taken out of context don't portray my beliefs. >> we'll continue to follow that. let's turn to the stars of black
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panter. nischelle turner was at their premiere. >> tonight is the night. ♪ >> i've got goose bumps. >> marvel's memo said the dress code was royal. a salute to the nation of wakanda. the cast was happy to oblige. >> this is the night you can be over the top. >> i waited my entire night for this. >> the invitation said royal. >> i got the purple. i'm digging it. >> michael came without a date he said he was technically single. >> dating, but technically single. >> it's all good. >> black panter is the hottest ticket in town. it set a record for pre sale tickets. >> even will you pi to couldn't
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score any. >> did you ever get those tickets you were trying to get? >> no, i didn't. >> the reported $200 million budget is all on the screen. >> i feel like it will exceed the expectations people have. >> i mean can we just go back to lupita for a minute. she's always a ten and her dresses are always incredible. that neck gold goddess purple floating thing took it to a whole other level. >> she's always amazing and the reviews for the movie were fantastic. >> good luck getting a ticket. >> there you go. >> it opens february 16th. >> we're getting in. >> yes. >> still ahead -- >> oh. >> jaw droppingly gorgeous. that doesn't just describe tom brady's wife guy jet. this time we're talking about his multi-pld mansion in boston. >> plus gwyneth paltrow gets real about wedding plans, her
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♪ >> i like the ones with the animals. >> to us humans. >> sounds like a challenge. >> it is man versus beast on cbs for super bowl's greatest commercials hosted by boomer and amelia. if you don't have a team in the game, this might be the only reason to tune in. >> cam, it's the super bowl of commercials. meanwhile tom brady is hoping for the sixth super bowl ring. yesterday he had to address controversial remarks made about his daughter. >> brady is in the kitchen. his kid is being an annoying piss anti- >> the trouble started when alex reimer slammed tom's daughter on the air on tom's documentary "tom versus time." >> at his press conference brady gave the reporter a break.
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>> i hope he's not fired. i would hate for that to happen. >> daddy. >> tom joked with nischelle that vivian can be a handful. >> you can't say no to anything. whatever she tells her dad to do that's what i do. >> the series gives fan a rare look at his mansion in suburban boston. >> when it comes to who's richer the super model tops her husband. gisele is estimated 360 md worth do you believe tom's at $180 million. the brady bundchen plan compound is massive. it features a barn and the backyard is so big tom trains there. tom is dad to son jack from his past relationship. when tom needs alone time he has a plan. >> we have peace and quiet with three kids? >> i lock the door. go to the farthest place away in
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the house and lock the door. >> it works in a mansion. it's tough in a regular house. >> coming up -- >> a make over gwyneth paltrow trial. >> then after mark salling's death why some are talking about a glee course. >> there's an indoor bar and outdoor bar. >> from overdose to claims of domestic abuse. >> scars never really heal. ♪ >> closed captioning provided by -- >> from overdose to claims of
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by -- by --
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♪ >> for six seasons the show glee was not afraid to hit the hard topics with of course messages of hope through song. as we know for some of its actors their personal behind the scenes battle was an entirely
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different story. ♪ >> the deceased is identified as cory monteith. >> when i was a kid i struggled a lot with who i was and where my life was going. >> cause of death involved heroin primarily and also alcohol. >> july 2013. the handsome lead of the show cory monteith was found dead alone in this hotel room in canada. lea michele his on and off girlfriend and the rest of the cast was devastated. >> this is my humble aye bode in los angeles california. there's the indoor bar and outdoor bar. you know what's funny, i don't even drink. >> corey's tragic overdose isn't the first hardship to hit the cast. ♪ >> 2012 heather morris was the victim of a nude photo leak. ♪ >> 2011 the tabloid report said
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diana agron went into hiding terrified of an exboyfriend. >> in 2010 naya rivera had a secret abortion. >> you made a decision? >> scars never really heal. they're always there. >> naya was arrested for dom battery after allegedly attacking her husband. in 2014 be cato bin's boyfriend was found dead in his hotel room. this story has a happy ending. be ka found love again. jane lynch officiated the i dos. >> sending love to everybody over there during this difficult time. glee had a ton of guest stars including gwyneth paltrow. that's where she met her fiance.
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>> we recently spoke to gwyneth. she opened up about her love, brad, and their engagement. >> have you started planning the wedding? >> not yet. i'm so busy. i will. i will at some point. >> big? will everybody be involved? >> i'm old to have a big wedding and white dress. >> a lady is never too old for a white dress and a big ring. >> the guest list for that wedding will no doubt include celeb friends. what's cool is based on this stagram her ex chris martin is okay with her upcoming i dos. how do they make this work? >> i have a deeply loving ex-husband who is very open minded. it's for the kids. you don't want your kids to suffer. obviously if i could have stayed married to the father of my kids that's kind of the dream.
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it didn't work out for me. i'm lucky i found a partner that's patient and loves me and is willing to help me with me process. >> i like how you smile when you talk about him. you've get this twinkle in your yee. >> he's the best. >> we caught up with gwyneth in the goop summit in new york. to the guided meditation to the $2,300 fas mask nischelle got the whole goop treatment. >> i was hoping there was some kind of magic face cream. >> you mean this? >> i'm going to look just like you. >> i think you might have used too much. >> how do i look? >> the skit was hilarious. >> thank you. we don't take ourselves too seriously. we have our mission and values but we have fun too. >> how goopy are you? >> i'm scarily goopy. you don't want to know how much goop is coming out of me. >> she looks so happy.
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coming up the hot, hot video of garth brooks and trish i can't yearwood shared with the world. that is next. ♪
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>> two stars, two epic costumes. first jamie lee curtis back in a blonde wig to reprice her role in halloween. it's been four years since the first film. next hello dolly -- we mean adele. adele instagrammed this pic channelling the woman she calls the hero of her life. dolly commented i will always love you. >> travel consideration provided by --
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>> form on "e.t." -- >> class it up. >> before the big game we've got a behind the scenes look at the star studded super bowl commercials. >> hear me. >> tomorrow on "e.t." >> we're going to challenge to keep the word going. gather brooks. >> oh god. >> there it is. >> i could watch that over and over. >> you and kev took the als pepper challenge and survived it. you looked a lot tougher than he did. >> i challenged garth brooks he and his wife trish i can't yearwood both answered it. >> nancy thank you for thinking about it. she has challenged me to eat hot pepper. nancy, i don't do hot peppers. i'm a wus. my wife is the man of the family. >> whoo! >> is it hot?
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>> uh-huh. i want to punch you. i love you nancy. >> we love you. >> i love you guys too for raising awareness and donations to defeat als. garth did do something. he drank hot dr. pepper, get it. >> that doesn't count. >> it counts. >> they called out some pretty big names. jimmy ki (pam) we start with
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breaking news tonight out the east bay. where there is a shelter in place for several neighborhoods in richmond. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. that
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shelter in place is because of a fire. the fire is burning at a scrapyard near south 4-th street and wright avenue in richmond. that's where we find kron-4's charles clifford...charles what are the concerns tonight? well, right now i'm standing along 4th street and this fire is burning behind me in the simms metal management scrap yard. here's a closer lookthe fire was reported around 5 this evening. the flames are burning in a scrap yard just south of interstate 580. the pile is about 20-30 feet high. there are multiple fire crews here trying to get this under control. there's also a huge plume of smoke blowing to the north west. that has prompted a shelter inplace advisory for anyone living in the iron triangle or north richmond areas. residents are asked to stay in their homes and keep the windows shut until further notice. we will be here through out the evening with updates. in richmond,c harles clifford kron 4 news.


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