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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 2, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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we were brought in and figured out that he had flown out here from texas, but that a majority of these contacts, of these inappropriate images and videos that were being exchanged were happening online, that's actually the fbi's jurisdiction."the internet crimes against children task force also investigates when there's a minor involved.soon mountain view police were ready to send officers to texas to bring gonzalez back to face charges here."we have to work with a local jurisdiction agency to ensure that they're aware that we're coming out there. they helped us with a search warrant to ensure that we had all the appropriate materials to build the case."they arrested gonzalez at his home without incident.the charges against him include possession of child pornography and sex with a minor.(looklive)"police and the internet crimes against children task force remind minors never to talk to anyone they don't know online, and if they ever do see something strange with someone they're comminicating with, something they're not sure of, they should tell a trusted adult san jose, spencer blake, kron four news."
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(pam) documents released by the california legislature show.... four lawmakers have faced sexual misconduct complaints since 2006 ... and none was formally punished. the documents were released today..they reference democratic assemblywoman autumn burke, republican assemblyman travis allen, democratic senator tony mendoza .. and democratic senator bon hertzberg. burke acknowledged taking part in an inappropriate discussion about sex last year.. hertzberg was accused of grabbing a staff member in 2015.. allen was accused of inappropriately touching a female staffer in 2013, but says he does not remember the incident. mendoza was accused of sending text messages to a staffer in 2010 which made her uncomfortable. he was suspended as the claims are investigated. (steve) a troubling story surfacing about a female rider on bart. a woman took to social media ... to report that while she was on the train, a man sexually assaulted her. bart
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says, it is pulling surveillance video ... to zero on that case... and see if they can identify the alleged perpetrator. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, riders today expressed deep concern about the reported incident. (estacio reporting) here at bart, riders share their stories about safety concerns while on the trains especially right now as a story about a woman rider took to social media sharing a disturbing tale. in reports, she claims she got on at 16th and mission and fell asleep. when she woke up, a man next to her was rubbing her thigh and making lewd actions. dan martin, "that is disturbing, obviously tragic for the woman involved. at this east bay bart station, one rider who did not want to go on camera for fear of retaliation told this tale about having to speak up to help riders stay safe on trains. rider. others says they are always on the look out sotshani calloway,
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rider: "i can't sleep. i have my earphones on, but i am looking up at people, always eyes up and not focused on my device."this latest case comes on the heels of others this is a picture of a woman who says she was struck by a man who climbed over a seat and for no reason struck her in the face and then last week - kron four news shared with you the story of a woman who found drug needles in a seat. as for the rider who says she was harassed a bart spokesperson says bart police are working with her on the case. terisa estacio kron four news. (pam) a woman is dead after falling down dead after a woman is (pam) (pam) a woman is dead after falling down an
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escalator at the montgomery street bart station. 51-year-old yanira funes from oakland ... fell last night just after 10:00. bart officials say, there does not appear to be any evidence of foul play in her death. (steve)in the east bay: outrage over the arrest of a uc employee at a rally yesterday. witnesses say campus police used excessive force. they spoke with kron 4's hermela aregawi. she joins us live from the campus with the details.. hermela? according to police cole threw his sign at a car crossing through the intersection where the rally was happening.. but witnesses say.. police may have the wrong guy. chaos as uc police try to arrest david cole.the campus cook was among dozens of employees protesting unfair wages at a rally thursday. he was arrested after another man
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driving through the intersection claimed cole hit his car with his sign.but witnesses say that's not true.. and that police used excessive force in the arrest. kathryn lybarger/union presidenthe's a coworker of mine. i work here on campus. he's a cook right and to see someone like him a standup memeber of the community treated this way, with an arm around his neck slammed to the pavement //to say it's upsetting is to put it really mildly. honestly i'm outraged cole was cited and released from jail thursday evening.a union spokesperson says the 51 year old sustained injuries to the head and had to have stitches in his eyes and nose. kathryn lybarger/union presidenthe has been consistently there and involved and a contributor. he's someone we can rely on. he's always stepped in and said how can i help.we are demanding that all charges be dropped on david and actually there be reforms at uc systemwide to protect students and workers involved in peaceful protestuc's
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chancellor released a statement citing the allegations against cole. and adding the use of force is unfortunate and is only used when necessary to protect the community according to the union.. cole was arrested on suspicion of vandalism and resisting arrest. we reached out to uc police. and have not heard back reporting live in berkeley hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (pam) berkeley... also sees a high rate of laptops stolen ... and the problem is now spreading into neighboring albany ... that's where a woman sitting on her front porch, had her macbook stolen at gunpoint. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the albany police department with details. ella? two neighbors there tell me they're worried the home may have been targeted because of
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a high profile sale that revealed it to be one of the most expensive in albany while others can't believe that a pair of young criminals would go to such lengths and call this just another random crime of opportunity. berkeley sees a high rate of laptops stolen but the problem leaked into neighboring albany where a woman sitting on her front porch had her macbook stolen at gunpoint thursday afternoon around door neighbors on sonoma and ventura avenues are stunned at by the brazen act. sot: julia lee, neighbor// "i was very surprised it's a very quiet street. i would think they were probably young people looking for fast cash."minding her own business police say the woman looked up to see a man with a gun pointed at her while a second grabbed her laptop...before both got in a car and fled......leaving neighbors fearful that no place is safe to have electronics out.sot: anne march, berkeley resident// "now that i know this is happening i would use the back yard. you know these front porches harken back to the early 1900's when people were oriented to the front of their house. in the 50's and 60's that shifted the culture shifted to the back and to a sense of privacy that had nothing to do with community. these front porches have everything to do with
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community."...a community now shaken by the crime deemed unusual for their quiet town. police say a witness saw two black men around 19 years old and 6 feet tall drive off north on ordway street in a green chevy sedan. there are three speed bumps on that street but that didn't stop the theives from targeting the home and speeding away.people in the area believe it's living beside larger streets like marin around the corner that is a draw for criminals because they can drive off into a neighboring city more quickly. live in albany ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (steve)also in the east bay: a massive scrap metal fire in richmond sent plumes of smoke into the air on tuesday.. now officials
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say they have detected a potentially dangerous toxin in the air. one of the chemicals found... is known to cause cancer but as kron-4's dan kerman ... the toxins in the air ... are about as bad as health officials had expected. air samples collected from tuesdays fire at a richmond scrap metal facility proved to be as toxic as expected.áásot randy sawyer/c.c. county environmental health dept. 06- 12it's always concerning when you have smoke all smoke , all smoke from fires are toxicmost concerning from the air samples collected, the discovery of the cancer causing chemical benzene 3 times over the safe limit in point richmond, 40 times over the safe limit across the street from the facility and likely due to what was in the scrap yardsotbasically they had a number of automobiles they were dismantling , there might have been fuel left like gasoline or motor oil or upholstery and plastics inside the vehicle that could burnthe fire burned for some 10 hours, and residents were warned to
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stay inside. many are still contacting the county with concerns.áásot david goldstein, m.d./deputy c.c. county health officer 53-103we tell them if they are having symptoms now they should contact their health care provider, long term risks, we are more concerned about chronic exposure to these types of chemicals and particulates than the acute event would have caused them long term injurystandup dan kerman/martinez 112-122fire officials are still investigating the cause, the air district is still determining if the facility will be fined for violating any regulations. in martinez, dan kerman kron 4 news. (pam) an undercover sting nets 13 - suspected unlicensed contractors ... allegedly trying to take advantage of people already victimized in the north bay wildfires. and as kron 4's maureen kelly reports - the sonoma county district attorney plans to make an example of these contractors .. to send a broader message. don't do what they did but we're gonna come after youthis weekend the contractors state liscense board brought a number of people advertising
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on craigslist as contractors to this santa rosa house damaged by the fire and asked for bids. the bid for basically the same job very from 850 all the way to $13,000. so they're all over the board it really is par for the course for unlicensed contractors because there's no saying these people know what they're doing now 13 people are facing misdemeanor charges of illegal advertising, and 12 are facing felonies ....10 of which are for contracting without a liscense...and because of the recent diaster....they are facing stiffer penalities. the penalty is stiffer right now we are under a disaster declaration so it is a felony. it's punishable by a term of three years.more stings are planned as the rebuilding effort ramps up.....but every week state investigators like this man here are out conducting compliance checks...making sure those helping fire victims rebuild are legit. he says they are already seeing unliscenced tree removal and debris cleanup out here.but expects to see a lot more of this type of shady conduct as the work
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in areas like here in coffee park ramps those of the first things that were saying however we're already kind of trying to say some contractor starting to dig dig footings i'm starting to do to dig the placement of the foundation. standupthe spokesman for the contractor state license board says not only could you be at risk for getting shotty work when you deal with an unlicensed contractor you might not get any work done at all the california state liscense board says you can check the status of a contractor's liscense or find licensed contractors working on your area on their website, which we've linked on maureen kelly kron4 news. kron4 news.maureen kelly linked on which we've their website, your area on working on contractors find licensed contractors working on your area on their website, which we've maureen kelly kron4 news.
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(pam) coming up: new video of an attempted homicide and auto bugalary in san fransicso. a closer look at this dramatic video. (steve)residents at a bay area senior are laughing, smiling and most of all.. connecting. coming up- an in depth look at what a robot has to do with the commraderie (chuck)coming up- chp increasing efforts to keep you safe this weekend. find out how they are cracking down on duis.
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bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. ends soon. visit for a store near you. (pam) a big story toight: a san francisco police have just released dramatic new video from a violent encounter with car-break in suspects.(steve) it started when plainclothes officers spotted suspects in a black infiniti breaking into a car. then the officers confronted them..and this is what happened next.(steve) that suspect car ran
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over the officer and another suspected accomplice twice ignoring commands to stop. the two suspects in the car then fled. but got into an accident nearby and were arrested. the other suspect who was run hospitalized with trauma injuries. all three suspects are now both facing a slew of charges. including attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. (pam) a big story about the big game coming up this weekend. c-h-p officers in the bay area are making sure you stay safe. (steve) there will be increased patrols to tackle what they call a growing problem. kron 4's charles clifford is live in san francisco with more this weekend's enforcement. well, the california highway patrol says that all weekend and espeicially on sunday, officer will be out and about
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looking for people driving under the influence. natswhen the eagles face the patriots on sunday, football fans. . both serious and casual. . will be watching the game at parties, in restaurants and in bars. the california highway patrol wants to remind everyone to drink responsibly and when the game is over to definietly not drive while intoxicated. that being said, the chp will have extra officers on duty watching for problems.sot
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that anyone caught driving under the influence can expect to serve jail time and could also face up to 10 thousand dollars in fines and fees. the san francisco police department also said that this evening they will have dui saturation patrols on duty from 7pm until 3 saturdya san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. (steve) to the south now for an update on a story we've been following ina cash strapped school district in san jose. kron four's rob fladeboe reports now that the oak grove school district will be shuttering three elementary schools this fall. it was a sad day here at del robles elementary where some parents were only just hearing thenews as school let out. the oak grove school district board voted thursday to close three elementary schools, del robles, glider elementary and george miner elementary. shaun tanner has three kids at
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del robles.shaun tanner/parent "'s disheartening, it's sad. whenever you uproots the kids and take away their friends, it's sad and it's going to be that way until june..."the district said the closures were needed to help offset a projected 12 million dollarbudget deficit. in a statement, superintendent jose manza said the action will help to maximize diminishing resources and deliver a quality education to all students. shaun tanner is critical of how the decision was reached.shaun tanner/parent '....some of the schoolsdidn;t even have representation on the committee, like miner, which is closing didn't have anyone to speak up for it and that is just sad...."the district, having lost 200 students in each of the past four years, cited declining enrollment tied to high housing costs as part of the problem. if approved, a parcel tax will help offset the deficit. parents like shaun tanner plan to ask the board to reconsider it'sdecision.shaun tanner/parent"...what i want to do is unify all the school to speak with one voice and go to the board and say closing schools is not the way to do this...."rob fladeboe/san jose
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"'s not clear if there will be any layoffs associated with the closures. for no, teachers and students are to be re-assigned to other schools after attendance boundaries are re drawn in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news (pam) a live look outside on this friday night (steve)lawrence has the four zone forecast
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lawrence karnow: it was another sunny day with record breaking warm temperatures. highs soared into the 70s in many places and was beautiful all the way to the coast. high pressure continues to send any chance of rain well to the north keeping the entire state dry. doppler radar is of course clear of any rain. temperatures will stay very mild well into the evening. on the satellite image you can see high pressure building into the state sending the clouds and rain well to the north. the state will be running average and in places. if you're headed you can expect spring-like skiing conditions with highs in tomorrow will likely be the warmest day of the week highs in the upper 70s. it slightly on some partly and highs in the 60s and mid and above temperatures are expected next week.
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(pam)the dow jones took a plunge today.. rounding out its worst week in two years. coming up- why the decline is not all bad news. (steve)plus: a father still emotional after trying to attack larry nassar. how he explains his reaction to hearing his three daughter face their abuser.
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(pam) wall street just suffered the worst
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day of the trump presidency. the dow closed down nearly 666- points, or two-point-five percent(steve) that's its biggest percentage decline since the brexit turmoil in june 2016 and steepest point decline since the 2008 financial crisis. cnn's alison kosik has details from new york. u.s. stocks slumped friday, pulling the dow jones industrial average down more than 650 points and handing the market its worst week in two years. technology, banks and energy stocks accounted for much of the broad slide. several major companies, including exxon mobil and google's parent company, alphabet, sank after reporting weak earnings. bond yields rose sharply after the government reported the fastest wage growth in eight years, stoking fears of inflation. back to you (pam)coming up: a bay area acrobat has been out of work sinc her unicycle was stolen. now - the warriors are stepping up to make sure she keep performing (steve)residents in south lake tahoe say they are fed up with vacation rental homes turning into party houses.what the resident say the city needs to address.
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(pam)a new device is rolling into a new device is (pam) back to you fears of inflation. years, stoking fears of inflation. back to you (pam)coming up: a bay area acrobat has been out of work since her unicycle was stolen. now - the warriors are stepping up to make sure she keep performing (steve)residents in south lake tahoe say they are fed up with vacation rental homes turning into party houses.what the resident say the city needs to address. (pam)a new device is rolling into senior homes in the bay area. how it is aim at conntecting people instead of isolating them,
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with culture, with each other. day after day i'm the first to see change. to see people go out, and come back new. princess cruises. sail with the best premium cruise line. 7-day cruises from $599. (steve)emotions running high in a michigan court room as former usa gymnastics and michigan state university doctor larry nassar was confronted by survivors.not only were the victims emotional but their famileis as well.. kristen holmes shows a moment one father says he lost control. chaos erupting in a michigan courtroom-- the father of three daughters sexually
10:31 pm
abused by larry nassar-- attempting to attack the former doctor. during a sentencing hearing in eaton county-- randall margraves listened as two of his daughters gave impact statements against nassar--- madison margraves/larry nassar accuser: "i want you to know you no longer have power over me or my thoughts"before making a statement and an emotional ápleaá to the judge-- of his ownrandall margraves/father of larry nassar victims: "i would ask you to, as part of the sentencing to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon."the request-- deniedjudge janice cunningham/eaton county circuit court: "you know that i can't do that-- that's not how our legal system works"the distraught father rushing forward--- tackled and arrested by security before reaching nassarrandall margraves/father of larry nassar victims: "what if this happened to you guys?" after a
10:32 pm
brief recess the judge addressed the court judge janice cunningham/eaton county circuit court: "we cannot react by useing physical violence."and later--- margraves apologizing to the court.... randall margraves/father of larry nassar victims: " i came here in support of my daughers-- i knew they were going to read a statement-- i didn't know what all was in it//i look over here and larry nassar is shaking his head no like it didn't happen-- who would put themselves thru this if it didn't happen i lost control i apologize one hundred times." margraves was released without punishment. larry nassar was sentenced to forty to 175 years in prison last week, after more than 150 women said in court he had sexually i'm kristen holmes. (pam) larry nassar was removed from the court for a short time after the incident.. here you can see him being brought back in. randall margraves.. the father of those victims .. talked more about the incident once outside of court. he says.. he and his wife tried to be the best parents possible.. when the girls were little shirley and i tried to give our kids every opportunity we could.. and they found these opportunties on the atheletic field. they are particpated in sports camps and traveling teams. they all played basketball and softball and
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volleyball and gymnastics. that's when the injuries started to come almost immediately this family was getting professional advice to see one of the top doctors in his field, larry nassar. i allowed myself to take this advice . i fell for the michigan state hype. i was blinded by the degrees hung on the wall. and i delivered my three daugghters ot a demon. (pam) margraves went on to say .... that when he had to hear his daughters statements.. and saw larry nassar shaking his head, he lost control. he also said he feels very embarrassed and is remoreseful for the incident. (steve) a birthday
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manicure turned into a nightmare for two sisters .... when a man randomly entered a san fernando valley salon, and started beating them. you can see the man punching the women, even hitting them with chairs. and you can also clearly see these women fighting back. the two were celebrating a birthday by getting manicures and pedicures.... instead, they got a beating that left one of them covered in bruises. police arrested the suspect, who is facing a number of charges and being held on 150-thousand dollars bail. an update on a story we first brought you as breaking news in prime time:more than 75-bay area businesses got a visit from federal i-c-e agents...sending tremors of concern through those workplaces.. today - immigrant rights supporters held a news conference in san francisco to make sure employers and their employees know their rights before agreeing to be audited... kron4's haaziq madyun has the story sot
10:35 pm
have hit 77-businesses">it is a federal i-9 audit or inspection. it requires employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of their employees. these i-9 audits and inspections are conducted by federal immigration and custom enforcement officers nat/sot leaders from san francisco's faith, labor and state law maker community held a press conference outside sf's federal immigration building to make sure employers and their employees know their rights if ice agents show up at the work place. there is a new law authored by california state assembly member david chui sot according to the new immigrant worker protection law employers are supposed to be given advance notice before the i-9 audit
10:36 pm
have 72-hours to post notices and inform employees about the audit">would potentially be a violation of the employer's and or the employees civil rights say folks here outside the federal immigration buildingnats
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nats sue talking'you can see they donút clean up the pine needles.'sue smith has been living right next door to a vacation rental just down the mountain from heavenly in south lake tahoe.nats'look they left the hose out.'while the natural beauty of her neighbor may seem peaceful... she says at times it feels like sheús living on fraternity row.sue smith'what we have is a lot of bachelor parties and they are up until 3-4 in the morning. iúve had to ask them embarrassingly in my bathrobe to be quiet.' weekends seem to be the worst time.and when they leave, they attact an even more dangerous guest.'they donút understand the issues we have with bears up here, so theyúre very sloppy with their garbage.' smith is not the only one having these problems in town. nats meetingat an el dorado county board of supervisors meeting thursday night...nats meetingso many people came to city councilús chambers... the south lake tahoe fire
10:38 pm
department had to shut it down. nats meetingjim drennan, south lake tahoe fire'that was a first for me.'the room is only supposed to have up to 112... but fire fighters say the crowd was way beyond that.jim drennan, south lake tahoe fire 'if you count the room itself 150, 175, and then at least a 150 out front.'while nothing would have been passed...the board was supposed to be discussing the topic of vacation rentals...considering new ordinances on putting a cap on occupancy, addressing noise concerns and increasing violation fees.'the hot tub is right out there in front on the porch.'all were ideas smith hopes keep her from having to come outside at 3 in the morning ever again.'one summer i was just out there every single weekend asking them to be quiet at 3 oúclock in the morning.' (steve) (steve) that public meeting had to be rescheduled to find a bigger venue for all the people attending. once it's decided...people will be given 72 hours notice to attend. (pam) a popular halftime performer is getting back up on her wheel. the golden state warriors are replacing the "red panda acrobat's" unicycle. the seven- foot-
10:39 pm
tall unicycle was stolen from the baggage claim at the san francisco international airport earlier this week. the warriors are shelling out 25-thousand dollars for the new unicycle. the red panda uses the unicycle in her plate-juggling routine at halftime shows for the warriors as well as the lakers and the clippers. she was also on america's got talent. (steve)despite or maybe because of technology and social media, life in the 21th century can be isolating and even lonely for some. that's especially true with the elderly. but kron4's maureen kelly discovered some who are in assisted living communties here in the bay area are finding commraderie through robots. hey jibo can you dance?let me put on my dancing was wonderfula resident of the alma via assisted living community is meeting a new regular vistor's a robot called jibo that's being
10:40 pm
used as part of a pilot project amoung the several bay area facilities run by elder care addition to dancing it can play the radio on request snap photographs beautiful picture laughtell jokeswhy did the man sleep on a pile 2 x 4's, for better lumbar supportand react to the human purrs when petted...he also often has some quirky responses to questions....hey jibo what are you.? i'm a robot but i'm not just a machine i have a heart, well not a real heart but feelings will not feelings you know what i mean"some people are gung ho about the robot and some people really like i'm not sure about this"erin partridge, an experiential researcher and art therapist with elder care alliance takes jibo with her when she meets with the seniors. she says this is not a case of caretakers being replaced by automation....instead they are using this cute piece of technology to encourage their residents to connect with each other..despite needing different levels of care."when we have something that all of us are experiencing altogether maybe for the first time, meeting a robot or we got a focus point where we can all meet right here in this moment and have an interaction, then it breaks it down and it doesn't matter that this person has dementia or this person maybe has parkinson's and had some trouble talking we're all meeting together as humans and robots"now freeze, laugh, snapshot laughjibo inspired giggles and gufaws
10:41 pm
among this group here."when you get this age you need to laugh more and morewhat it does it brings us out of us that's part of the miracle of that and that's part of the miracle of living"(maureen) well jibo is a social robot he can also answer some general knowledge questions. hey jibo what's the weather forecast? it's mostly cloudy and 58 with mostly cloudy of 65 in the forecast. watch out lawrence karnow the future is now. maureen karnow the future out lawrence forecast. watch of 65 in the skies and a high mostly cloudy and 58 with it's mostly cloudy weather forecast? jibo what's the questions. hey knowledge some general knowledge questions. hey jibo what's the weather forecast? it's mostly cloudy and 58 with mostly cloudy skies and a high of 65 in the forecast. watch out lawrence karnow the future is now. maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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coming upthere is one dead end street in san francisco where shenanigans seem to run rampant nats: ambiance yes it's a dead end street for some but for others it creates utter confusion i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (sports)(sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores.
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there is one person in the bay area who seems to have the knack to find the craziest things.. (steve) but this time it's in the shadow of a hospital .... what is it with uber drivers what is it with what is it with uber drivers let's watch this uber driver on tiffany at duncan streets in san francisco where the driver has a slight problem nats: ambiance allow me to explain . you see tiffany is a dead end street in fact before you enter tiffany there are two signs that read dead end
10:46 pm
nats: ambiance so the uber driver has one option to turn around and go the other way oh apparently there is an option i didn't consider we'll came back in a moment nats: ambiance so we established that tiffany is a dead end . however duncan is right turn only and there is a stop sign in that direction nats: ambiance i said there is a stop sign in that direction nats: ambiance maybe it was express mail .. nats: ambiance well at least it wasn't a fedex ground truck nats: ambiance really? there is a tiny bike lane at the dead end which is only for bikes . and now i guess scooters too nats: ambiance although there is evidence a few drivers have tried to make it across i saw one car get stuck in there once i thought that was funny as hell but now back to the uber van so the driver tries backing up one duncan but a bicyclist
10:47 pm
makes him driver forward and hopefully around the block nats: ambiance but this uber driver is determined to go up duncan . so he backs up again, this time to the end where he backs into a driveway to go the other way nats: ambiance other drivers took a quicker route and just drove up the wrong way nats: ambiance oh did i mention this all happens right outside a hospital i have to admit . this dead end has a lot going on more than should be but what do i know i'm just a reporter in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news "the key is always how you bounce back, so we have to bounce back. the guys will tell you that was a pathetic effort out there, it was disgusting basketball". that was steve kerr after the warriors 30-point loss to utah on tuesday night tonight they were taking on the kings. this time golden state did not enjoy the night life in was all business. -- the warriors haven't lost back to back games this season steph curry and kevin durant
10:48 pm
looking to bounce back... after combining 1-12 behind the arc --not a great start for curry one for five from threes in the first quarter -- here comes kevin durant... jakarr sampson slips and hits the floor durant hits the pull up three warriors up 52-48 -- second half... curry got it going hits a three... finished with 23 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds --turnovers a big problem again for golden state patrick mccaw loses the ball... buddy hield goes the other way for the basket... --next possession... hield picks off durant makes a one-point game warriors had 25 turnovers in the game -- durant does enough to put the game away hits a three... finished with 33 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds -- golden state wins 119-104 11-0 following a loss will play denver tomorrow night with all the rumors surrounding lebron james leaving cleveland at the end
10:49 pm
of the year. it would be easy for the king to say heading out west to join steph curry and kevin durant could be a possibility. but knowing lebron... he shutdown the rumors... calling it complete "nonsense" "if you don't hear something coming from my voice, then it's not true. i don't give a damn how close they are i don't care if it's my kids, or my wife or whatever. if it's not from me, it's not true, upset right now about it. i think it's just a discredit to my teammates because i'm the leader of these guys and for them to have to hear that stuff every single day about my free agency, i apologize to them. i will handle my summer situation when my summer gets here". on to super bowl talk tom brady and bill belichick are trying to win their sixth champsionship. brady is the only quarterback in history to win five super bowls. he will be looking for his sixth against the eagles sunday. this week the san mateo native shut down
10:50 pm
any talks of him slowly down and retiring in the next few years. today in his final press conference... he gave us an insight on why he likes to behind late in the game. "when you are losing late in the game, what's the worst thing that can happen? you're already losing. i think in some ways i'm more relaxed when we are losing because if you don't do anything you already know what the outcome is going to be. i always look at it as a great opportunity. i think 'man if we can find a way to come back in win this... this is what people are going to remember, this is what people really want to see". the sharks looking for the first win since the all- star break. san jose has lost their last four games we head to columbus... -- sharks taking on the blue jackets... hoping to turn around their four-game road trip --game tied at one... kevin lebanc... scores a power play goal sharkies retake the lead --in the third period... marc- edouard vlasic lights the lamp sharks win 3- 1
10:51 pm
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