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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 24, 2018 1:30am-2:00am PST

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♪ >> tonight -- new jen and justin bombshells. did trying to start family break them up? is jen already looking for love again. >> plus -- what josh duhamel is saying about his ex fergie's star sprang led screw up. >> she's been slammed. >> behind the scenes with oprah. >> first of all, noen. >> plus -- so hot. >> jennifer lawrence's hollywood crush comes full circle. "e.t." plays match maker to the stars. our surprise for jlaw today. who knew kristen bell could rap like this. her mike drop moment.
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>> because i like the sprite in you. >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody. thanks for joining us. >> jennifer aniston's split from justin theroux continues to dominate. we have new details about what caused their break up. a source tells "e.t." it's not because they didn't love each other. >> justin lifts me up in all sorts of ways. >> she's a wonderful person. >> our source says they drifted apart. they were so set in their ways. justin loved new york. jen l.a. >> i'm a homebody. i pretty much stay home. >> we're told also quote they tried to start a family. it never happened for them. that is not why they split. our source says he was the most attentive man she has probably ever had. tend of the day i don't think their hearts were in it. as for a reunion with brad our source was blunt. doubt it.
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aniston has been keeping a low profile. on wednesday she slipped into the premiere of her friend jason bateman's movie "game night." our source said jen was worried how it would look and she didn't want to derail any of her projects. she just signed with for two seasons on a series with reese witherspoon on apple tv. >> it's the morning talk shows and right at the moment -- >> it's a great idea. >> as for a neuro mans, our source says she won't fall in love any time soon adding she's surrounding herself with close supportive friends. >> if you want to learn more about the story, go to etonline.c
1:33 am >> that's been slammed for this national anthem thing. >> while fergie said she tried her best with that different star spangled banner the singer admitted it didn't strike the intended tone. josh brought her flowers after it will fiasco. >> it's hard to see someone torn apart like that. that's the business. >> i feel so bad for her. >> trust me she's fine. >> she's okay. >> she's about as resilient as they come. ♪ big girls don't cry >> the former couple told us they remain close co-parenting axel. >> she's an amazing girl and mother. >> there's so much love we have for each other. we're still axel's parents through and through. >> fergie's mother son moments differ quite a bit from josh's father son time. >> he's in hip-hop class. >> he is.
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i also have him in tee ball. mom puts him in hip-hop clothes. i put him in tee ball clothes. i have him hit the ball. if he gets the ball passed me he gets an m&m. i don't know if i'll have a kid with deeb tease by the time he's 7. >> time to get you up to speed on more headlines. up in know and tell. >> mama j-lo's double birthday celebration. >> what are you doing max? >> admiring the cake. >> max, don't lick it. >> celebrating max and emme's decade mark. the 10 year olds partying it up pg style in vegas. they're with jlo kicking off her vegas residency. she posted several adorable instagram videos. they capture the love she has
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for the twins and the strong bond they have among each other. meanwhile ryan reynolds jokingly laid the groundwork for social media adoption of his daughters in the name of olympic pride. he tweeted thank you for raising my children as your own to which tessa tweeted back get the mini van. kristen bell and dax shepard travelled to pyeongchang. they captioned it me plus 20 years. dax 20 younger. they also shot it back. >> yo chris what's up. ♪ >> it's to the s to the p. >> mama's still got it in a
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onesie no less. she went lyric for lyric with that chris cross commercial. >> i like the sprite in you. >> we are still months away from the royal wedding. filming already begun on a tv movie about prince harry and meghan markles romance. we have details on the casting. >> meet prince george and princess charlotte. actress pary is a fit henry has been posting look alikes from the set. bonnie soper aspir princess dia. next week william, kate, harry and meghan make their first official engagement together at
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the first annual royal foundation forum. on wednesday they'll all be on stage together speaking to an audience. harry and meghan's appearance will be the first time they attended a public event since news broke of a suspicious white substance sent in an envelope addressed to them. even though the substance turned out not to be an trax security will be tight. up next -- >> oprah after the ""vanity fair" photo op fail. >> i was hoping you could accept me as the three handed woman i am. >> then the power of kylie jenner. how one tweet may have cost snapchat a billion dollars. >> jlaw why she quit school?
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>> did you have regrets. >> it made me insecure. >> a side of bruce willis, the big screen tough guy gets emotional over his family and this remake of kwt death wish." >> knowing you're a family man with five beautiful girls and the scenes and what you got to go through, it's got to be tough. >> i thought about my kids all the time. it's an emotional story. >> he's so casual about it. he snaps right into it. he's a crying man. >> camila murrone is bruce's
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♪ >> we heard a cry out in the universe. >> my father's alive. >> we believe he is. we're here to help you find them. >> one of the most anticipated films of the year is almost here. a wrinkle in time opens two weeks from today. >> we have behind the scenes moments. ♪ >> darkness.
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>> stop please. >> a wrinkle in time is a journey story, a discovering about your own self and worlds bigger than you. >> be a warrior. >> i'll try. >> it took oprah four hours to get into full make up which included ten wigs and countless metallic corsets. >> for me she was a cross be between mia angelo and glenn da the good witch. a little of glenn da and a lot of mia. combine the two and put me in the center as the vessel and you get me. >> how did oprah come to join reese witherspoon and mindy kaling as three wise witches. she wanted to vacay in new zealand and watch ava did he vur nay at work. >> she said why don't you read for one of the roles? >> i said okay.
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>> mindy and reese joined in disneyland. it was this picture jimmy kimmel wanted answers for. >> do you have a third hand? >> i've been trying to keep that a secret. annie leibovitz sent me an apologize. i was like it's okay. >> thank god annie leibovitz isn't doing surgery. >> so amazing. what a cast. this weekend i'll be sitting down with oprah, reese and mindy. can't wait. i'm going to have that for you on monday. >> still ahead -- >> i'm not going to let that rule my life. >> jlaw gets real about her insecurities and how she's conquering her fears. >> then bachelor winter games shockers. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> which of these guys is campaigning to be the next bachelorette here in the u.s. >> i love champagne. thank you. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> i'm waiting for him to get a little older. >> we all are. >> like a pig for slaughter. i'm going to swing right in there as soon as he's like 30. >> just let us know how you feel. earlier this week we showed you jlaw fan girling over timothee chalamet. today in new york we showed jennifer how his crush is one in the same. >> if i saw jennifer lawrence -- i already met her. i would totally be geeking out. >> i met him at something. he's a little young. i got my eye on him. i won't get older. i think the math is going to work out in my favor. >> so what's a fav-year age difference. in a new interview with 60
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minutes she admits she ditched a traditional education to pursue her acting career. >> i dropped out of middle school. i don't technically have a ged or diploma. i'm self educated. >> do you regret that? >> i really don't. >> did you always have no regrets snchlts. >> not having a classic education or a legal education did make me very insecure as i was younger. from that i thought if i'm insecure about it i'll just educate myself if i want to know something i'll read about it. >> jennifer's road to empowerment comes full circle in the movie red sparrow. it's a role she almost didn't take after nude photos of her were leaked online in 2014. she was devastated. she said stripping down for the film was cathartic. >> i was worried about being judge judged.
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after i did it i saw it. i'm so happy with it. maybe i was the one judging me. i don't know. i probably need to go to therapy. >> as for what's next, she plans to take a year off to motivate young people to get engaged politically. >> the first champions of the bachelor winter games are -- kevin and ashley. >> america watched the closing ceremonies of the first ever bachelor winter games last night. while there was drama -- would you expect anything else -- there was a happily ever after. >> nancy you know i love love. lauren si ma was on the scene when guys and gals got back together and witness a gold medal engagement. >> would you marry me? >> yes. >> it's unreal. i can't stop looking at it. it's insane. i've waited 37 years for this.
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>> it was the neil lane sparkler no one saw coming. the last time we saw ben and clair together the canadian was leaving vermont in tiears. turns out they got in touch after. there was a message from him seeing how i was. >> for the past two months they maintained a secret relationship. not even their castmates knew. >> she's amazing and i'm the happiest man. >> the night brought us another proposal of another kind. dean popped this question to leslie proving he's ready to settle down. >> will you accept this key toll my house? >> it was the most nerve racking moment of my life. the key doesn't really unlock anything. >> it wasn't all love. the most awkward reunion. luke pell and stas si. they left games as a couple. she never heard from him again.
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>> how you can cut a person from your life completely? >> i had believed what he said about me and his feelings. then i open youtube and saw him and his date and the same story. i was like champagne please. a lot champagne, much, few bottles. >> now the model has her sights set on something different. i'm thinking more about the bachelorette. >> you want to be the bachelorette? >> yes. you look for me, girl. i'm going to drink champagne. >> ben hill gins didn't find love either. he did make a new best friend. >> ben is my best friend. >> a whole lot of people are calling for you to be "the bachelor" again. i can't ever say never. i can say i was happy when my season of the bachelor was done. >> the winter olympics are over. "the bachelor" finale is march
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5th one week earlier than usual. >> well tv's number one comedy the big bang theory returns for a new episode thursday f. you need something to hold you over, check out johnny galecki's new project "living biblically". >> action. >> can i get an amen. >> jay r. ferguson decides to change his life and live it totally by the bible. >> johnny is ex stecutive produg the show. chris rock's tony co-stars along with sarah gilbert. she and johnny played a married couple on the original roseanne. >> it's fantastic to be with sarah again. we remained friends. >> if you could make my
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lifestyle seem normal that would help me out. >> we'll try but you look like diane keaton. >> he hopes the show will inspire conversations about faith. >> i had a moment where i was driving to work and a guy that was angry at me for my driving spit on my car. my instinct initially was to catch up to him and, you know, do something back. i caught myself because of this episode we did. i didn't go up and tell him i loved him, but i just let him keep ongoing. that's progress for me. >> love thy neighbor, well that suck. >> does johnny think he could live by the good word. >> the cursing thing i would have trouble with. >> back to the show's star -- >> jay r. ferguson was 16 when
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the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] >> it's "e.t." >> this is "e.t." >> whoa. >> this is the best time of my life. >> nobody knows hollywood like "entertainment tonight." >> would you like to see something amazing. >> bigger, better and before everyone else. >> i love you. you love me. >> now "e.t." is everywhere you go. >> selfie. >> on instagram, facebook and 2013. >> what? >> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t." >> travel consideration provided by --
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>> whenever just about run out of time for tonight's "e.t." >> one more thing for you to check out as we say good night. >> bye, everybody. >> kim kardashian better be stocking up on tissues. i'm starting to watch "this is us." who watches it? is it good. >> yeah. guess who answered kim. this guy. the one who plays kevin, justin hartley. he famously said this on the show. >> the kardashians aren't going anywhere. >> promise. >> promise. they're like grem lynn. >> justin offered this advice. i watch it. i think it's worth a look. watch it from the beginning. you'll laugh you'll cry. >> speaking of tears. kylie had snapchat investors crying. the stock lost almost a billion
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dollars after she tweeted this. does anyone else not open snapchat anymore? of course kylie and kim know a lot about business. kim worth about $175 million. kylie's business on track to be worth a billion dollars in five years. >> i love beauty. she loves beauty. i learned so much from her. >> it's not clear if kylie's tweet is the cause of drop. why did i want a crest 3d white smile? dinner date...meeting his parents dinner date. so i used crest. crest 3d white removes... ...95% of surface stains in just 3 days... ...for a whiter smile... that will win them over. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. oveso try febreze one toers gently clean away odors. with no aerosols and no heavy perfumes. so you can spray and stay. febreze one.
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