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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 26, 2018 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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o. we'll have an update next. bringing about a week late, [7mp5v÷?[3vçóoó[óo?@fmç]< week ahead. we will talk about that coming up.
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. an idult actress is suing
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president trump for defamation. the lawsuit comes 1 day after the news broke of her alleged affair with president trump over a decade ago. we have more on the development. >> reporter: she says she got a clear set once he won the 2015 nomination for president, just how badly him and his lawyer wanted to keep the alleged sexual encounter secret. she told 60 minutes believing her story had faded, stories came in. >> people are offering me money, large amounts of money. was i tempted? yes. i get the call. i think i have the best deal from you, her lawyer. she says it was from her lawyer, the $130,000 payment she believes was from his own
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personal funds. tonight the key question, if president trump had any other role in the government, with the alleged cover ups, would he gets get the cleens. >> it's highly unlikely that someone with this past would get the clearance. >> reporter: that's because of the potential for blackmail. they say even if trump was subject to vetting, even though he's not as president, the alleged sexual encounters might not affect him. >> it could be presented as coergz. >> reporter: -- cohergz. >> reporter: they conduct whole anal ss on people with top secret clearance. >> they will see if it's a
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repeated pattern of poor judgement, a repeated pattern of irresponsibility. . >> reporter: another woman told him about the alleged lengths he went through to keep the affair secret. >> why would he had you book all the travel and hotel rooms? >> it's no paper trail. >> did you realize that at the time? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: they are looking for what otherurst adversaries might be looking for. >> we don't know if it is someone who might have had relationships or relations with the president, and if there's evidence of those relation ships, it is the kind of thing that can be used against the y >> and he says we can expect him to reveal more evidence of the alenld affair and hush money.
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president trump and his lawyer have denied affairs with both women. they are now investigating facebook's privacy practices after a week of scandals. we are back with the latest on the string of problems the silicone valley is facing. >> yes. they were confirmed it's investigating, and now chief officers for 37 states and territories are demanding to know when facebook knew of the huge privacy breach. it is accused of secretly harvesting information from millions of facebook users. facebook bought ads, you're looking at one of them in sunday and british newspapers apologizing for breach of trust. peentime, they want lawmakers to testify on capital hill, and now the company is suing for fraud, and also now the company
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is accused of collecting phone numbers and text messages from android device devices. wall street's fear of a trade war seem to easeed to. it is serving 169.69 points, the signal best point in history. they were own couraged by signs in the u.s. and china. -- were encouraged by signs in the u.s. and china. china hit back on trump's earlier aluminum and steel tariffs imposing their own tariffs for goods from the u.s. like pork, fruit and wine. president trump ordered the expulgz of the consulate in seattle. washington made news of them being disspelled.
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48 work in wash, and 12 working in new york. they now have 7-days to leave the u.s. the u.s. has joined the uk in accusing russia of being behind the attempted murder of a russian spy and his daughter living in the u.s. they say they have nothing to do with the case. let's take a look outside right now from our cam. it's a blutful day--beautiful day outside of san francisco. >> no doubt. this is the beginning of a new trend? >> yes. finally spring is breaking out. these temperatures, this week, it's going to be amazing. right now you have cooler conditions, a little cool and a bit breezy in san francisco. but still we are working on great weather ahead. storm systems, you have to head all the way northwest,
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california mostly looking dry. we will see much normal weather. it may be 10 plus degrees than normal tomorrow, and tonight should be clear and a little cool, but not as cool as it's been. it's plenty of sunshine and much warmer weather, especially from the coastline and much shinier ahead. it will be a little cool with a patchy fog returning for the we need weekend. 65 inn here and 69 here and 66 in nevada. still we have the winds kicking up all along the coastline. some of the breezes guest blustery, but you will see more of a northly trend. that means the offshore wind wilg kick up, and we will warm things up even on the coastline as we head into the latter part of the week. mostly clear skies just a couple of skies overhead. temperatures getting cool in
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spots, but this ridge will be the dominant facting at least for the next 5 to 7-days. offshore wind and temp--factor as least for the next 5 to 7- days. that offshore winds and temperatures, that offshore ridge will blow off any chance of rain. i think towards the latter part of the week, i think fog on the way, but not before we squeeze in terchltures near 80 degrees near the bay area. we'll have more coming up in a few minutes. we look forward to that. americans waste hundreds of billions of dollars on food a year. it's a pug -- it's a push for peopling to stop letting food spoil. a
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. right now at 5:30, we are tracking local stories. here's a look at what's happening in your neighborhood. >> this happening at the elementary in almo. the western baptize church will be protesting a transgender youth who put up a bulletin to promote a quality. they say they are focused on
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school and staff safety and has a plan if the protest gets out of hand. also in the east bay. the quintuplets born this weekend are all with their family. they were been at the hospital when they were born in january, and we learned the final baby went home on saturday. the parents say all the babies are happy and healthy. we can say by looking at that they are idorable. their names are lincoln, gabrielle preston. we know the name of the driver who crashed last week. they identify wade wang. the crash happened when wang lost control and hit the median on the highway. witnesses pulled him from the vehicle when his car caught
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aflame, but he later died at the hospital. another gentleman was identified when he lost control of his toyota camry. he ran over a median and then crashed into a wall near the mission end. this happened early friday morning in santa clara. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no other cars were involved in the crash. a dead horse was found on his property. he was arrested and booked on suspicion felony animal abuse. a concerned neighbor called police after finding the dead horse. they said it had bones showing through the skin, and also found horses in knee deep mud. he was known for underfeeding his horse. remaining horses have been photographed and put in a
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shelter. thieves stole a package from a home in belment. he got into a -- belmont. he got into a pickup truck and drove off. police did not if other items were stolen as well. we ended up having a very nice day. a few clouds up above, but mostly clear otherwise. mostly breezy to the coastline, but we have very nice weather ahead. in fact, it looks very comfort in most spots. b and along the coastline, you will see little bit of a breeze, but i think even these will get to closer to 70 degrees with the offshore wind, and about 71 degrees tomorrow, about 71 here and 7 # degrees
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in the bay. as we get to the -- 71 degrees in the bay. 67 degrees here, and then the temperatures warming up as you head further south. 71 here and plenty of sunshine in the mountain view. south bay looking fantastic. you're starting off cool, and the 40s by the afternoon, and the low 70s, and 71 degrees in campbell, and 17 here as well. it should be warm in east bay as well. it will be 27 in the warmer spots and 72 in union city, and 76 degrees in concord, and then they're also getting into the warm stretch, and 76 in the napa valley, and 76 in sonoma. you get the idea. these temperatures will get warmer over the next couple of days, guys. >> thank you. that's great news.
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another big story we're tracking tonight. hundreds of thousands of teenagers and supporting rallying across the country and calling for tougher laws for gun violence. there are massive violence in the bay area, and washington dc and parkland florida. the event over inweekend was the largest youth -- the weekend was the largest youth led protest since vietnam. . >> we report on legislation that caused on retired law enforcement veterans to help protect schools. >> reporter: the march for our lives rally in washington was show of force and outcry for those affected by gun violence. protesters demand action saying enough is enough. congressmen comburino introduces new legislation that would require money by schools
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and cops program that would use retired military veteran and retired police officer to be oun on guard in school. >> i can't imagine what it would be like to wake up to a child being killed in school, being shot. >> reporter: law enforcement and military veterans have which is why he wants to put weapons in the hands of people who do. many people disagree putting ?re@pí.pm&w motmake it safer. students spoke about this issue at the march for our lives this past weekend. >> the nypd misses 4 out of every 5 shots. >> we need to arm teachers with pence squlz pen and paper and the money they need. >> we are not there to be mill -- pencils andpin pen and paper and the money -- and
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pens and pain and the money they need. >> we are not there to be military. >> reporter: he spoke on the idea of arming teachers. >> it's not good support thg idea that putting more guns in a school makes it more safe. they are filing for bankruptcy. it allows it to stay in business while in massive debt. when announcing the bankruptcy in february, they said it will not be disrupted by the process. it has pluj r plunging sales and -- plunge in profits and sales as a whole. . he is currently being investigated for money transfers from turkey to afghanistan. this comes after documents
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found in his home. his wife faces charges for priding -- providing material to a foreign policy, and he ?re@pí.pmw happen. he said been living in the east bay with family members when the arrest happened. she has pleaded not guilty. a warning for dog owners. why certain treats could be making your pets sick. plus some people are on edge as a mountain lion goes roaming through backyards. how police were able to catch the animal.
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. they captured a female mountain lion without incident after it was spotted roaming through a southern california neighborhood. police used a drone to watch the animal and warned people to stay inside. it jumped a few fences before authorities were able to corner it in a back yard. they sedated the big cat and carried it away. look at the hops there. they say the mountain lion and blind in one eye perhaps explaining why it had trouble getting out of the neighborhood. official wildlife officials say they will evaluate the animal's health before releasing it back into the wild. speaking of cats, a smaller
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cat for sure stuck on the pole for 3-days. there goes gypsy. the center of attention while they captured the neighbor, the human there rescue the cat. they say the system has been clogged with hundreds of calls across the country asking them to go help, but before they could go help, and before the local utility companies could show up, a neighbor, that guy you see there decided to get his ladder, and he decided to scime up the power pole. officials don't encourage this. it could be dainge -- to climb up the power pole. officials don't encourage this. it could be dangerous. but they fed the cat. st perks h curry is hurt in his first -- strks eph curry
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is hurt in his first game back. the allergiess, the pole -- steph curry is hurt in his first game back. the allergies, the pollen count when we come back.
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. time to talk wateriers. the defend -- warriors. the defending champs dealing with a set of injuries. >> steph was sent out with his knee, so what a great two- sprain. >> it's not a good position. . >> i mean, they're saying, what? 3-weeks or more. >> at least 3-weeks. we have to emphasize the at least of that important update. very scary stuff what's happening and very uncertain really. he says it's no way he plays in the opening round of the post season, and shortly after stefs st -- steph curry says he helps
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to prove him wrong. thompson still dealing with the broken thumb. he try tuesday take shots of his left and right, but still recovering. he's missing tomorrow's games. as for curry we saw him yesterday after his press conference. you can see how much pain he was limping up to the podium. the cover has ruled him out for round 1, but despite all of that, he says the team is equipped to play on without no. 30. >> we're perfectly capable of winning, beating anybody. in the playoffs, we can beat anybody in the league without a doubt, and our guys know that. it will be hard to beat anybody without curry, or the others. i'm a lot better coach than that to let that happen, but we're very confident.
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we'll get the guys back here soon. >> we mention the pacers as well. green is out for that matchup because ch so if it's not one thing it's another. >> -- because if it's not one thing it's another. . >> in the playoffs against houston, it was on the other side. it was grade 1, and now this time it's grade 2. the question is when he comes back, what will he look like. >> dr. carp enter. >> it's been a pleasure. let's check on what we're working on for the news at 6. steve is standing by in the news room. steve. coming up tonight, we're talking about the epidemic. well, if might be in affect next time you go to the
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dentist? why? we'll talk about what it is to prescribe pain relief for dental procedures. >> okay. steve. we'll see you at 6:00 p.m. here's something that many ?re@pí.pmw hand with your kids being glued to your smart phones and devices. catherine here on a new study. >> it confirms what every mom. it says if you are worried about your child's smart phone use getting out of hand, you should be. they say kids on their kbonez computers are not as happy. they say kids who spent les than 1 hour a day on their devices which probably did not add type that many of them, but many researchers in san diego and georgia pold more than a million -- pold more than a
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million teenagers on their interactions, the studies reafirm what a lot of adults were already saying. they said they should young people should try to keep screen time down to 1 hour a day certain dog treats are being recalled because they can make your dogs sick. they are under the milo circhen brand. the treats being recalled are the bacon burger and chicken bites. it could cause the dogs to have severe illness if consumed over a long period of time. it's been reports of dogs getting sick from the treats. for more information, visit our
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website. check the forecast as we look live at the bay. this camera melted on our studio. >> looking if. the chief meteorologist here to talk about real spring conditions. >> i think people are ready. we had good temperatures, and finally getting the sunshine back. but on the downside, you get the sunshine and warm weather, everything starts to bloom. that pollen count could run high. we head into tuesday and coming back a little bit on wednesday, and then high again as we head on thursday and friday. be prepared. the pollen count on the rise in the coming weeks. we see sunshine. mostly clear skies, and a few high clouds up above, a little breezy in spots, especially along the coastline. you see the flag blowing in the wind.
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that onshore breeze blowing now. we can see the offer' shore wind cranking up. high pressure kicking in, and any chance of rain, you can see a couple of raindrops, but we're dry here in the bay area. and that's the way it will stay. waking up tomorrow morning, it will be a cool one. overnight lows will be in the 40s and 50s. sunshine will continue in the day, and then the numbers start to pop especially in the bay and the valley, and then by the afternoon, how about this? temperatures popping out at 70 degrees. í?j
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week and see seabreeze kicking in, we will see that. but right now, nothing but -- sea breeze kicking in, we will see fog. but right now, nothing but sun. shine. 71 degrees in san diego, and beautiful in sacramento too. beautiful conditions across the siera nevada area -- sierra nevada area. you want sunshine and warmth, we have that. a few more clouds and maybe patchy fog returning on friday, some cooler temperatures over am weekend, but no rain. see a boy with special needs play out his life-long passion, and he brings his a- game to the basketball court.
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. a special needs boy in texas who loved watching basketball is getting in on the game himself. charley johnson was born with a disability that made it impossible for him to participate for years. >> but thanks with the support of his family and teachers, he is hitting court and winning. >> reporter: the johnsons have always been a team. they have to be, both have high profile careers. the dad is an attorney and mom
5:56 pm
a magistrate judge. and they are busy. >> our saturday look like a dark schedule. >> reporter: the whole family loves sports, but until recently their son charley had been a spectator. >> he would attend 6 or 7 games, but he had took a spectator. >> reporter: he was born when the bones don't form properly. sports and flankly learn to speak. >> reporter: this school is devoted to teaching students with disabilities. he got off the bleachers and took the ground running, but his true passion. >> he loves watching basketball. >> reporter: the entire family is about sesds with march madness. >> reporter: but now he's more than a fan.
5:57 pm
he's going big on and off the field. >> good job. in sports, everybody is equal, and you got on the -- and you get on the floor, and it's just you and your teammates, and that has opened him up and given him confidence. >> reporter: last week, his team took home gold at the north texas olympic tournament. >> for a kid who we were told that he may walk or talk or may not, it's more than we could ask for. >> reporter: he has cheer. leaders, coaches and his biggest fans. >> did you do your best? >> qua. >> that's what matters. >> you go, charley. >> the dad mention said steph curry when the kid was doing the moves. so steph has trance sended. >> we'll see you back here tonight for news at prime time. right now we are here with pam
5:58 pm
moore. >> thanks so much. coming up tonight. new tonight, we find out exactly what police are doing to stop sideshows. that's after this wild video shows an illegal show taking place on bay bridge and then new at 6, facebook is taking out advertisements to show their recommitment about privacy concerns, but is the social network doing enough? we will talk to a social expert. that is coming up new tonight at 6.
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>> they say they are nearing the end of the investigation into this drowning and murder. dan kerman, kron 4 news. new at 6:00, a vehicle trying to drive down a flight of stairs in san francisco. police are calling it a freak accident. it happened this afternoon on market in front of the safeway. officers say a senior was driving the car. the driver was the only person
6:02 pm
stuck inside. no injuries reported. you never know what you see in san francisco. this is outrageous. i don't know. i don't know what to say about this, man. i guess he mistaked it for an exit, but he must not be looking when he was driving. from one crazy incident to another. a wild and very dangerous sideshow that took place on the bay bridge over the weekend. it's all caught on camera. it happened this weekend. tonight the california highway patrol is reacting. they say the number one priority is to keep all people safe. drivers, pedestrians, observers. knowing when a sideshow is going to happen is a big challenge. >> hey, we on the bridge! >> they're stopping traffic, taking pictures, getting out of
6:03 pm
vehicles, running around. >> reporter: an illegal side show happened sunday on the upper deck of the bay bridge. >> we see these kind of things from time to time. >> a sergeant says the chp does their best to stop side shows but the spontaneous nature of these events present a challenge. >> they are very spontaneous. that's why we appreciate the efforts of the public when they can call 911 and give us the information. >> requesting all available units. >> reporter: officials say the danger factor of side shows on the bay bridge increases exponentially. in fact, the sergeant says these passengers you see here leaning out the window could have been ejected if the driver lost control. >> absolutely. you've got a lot of different things in play. you've got people operating vehicles at the edge of their performance envelope. obviously we've got stuff kicked up but it's risking the lives of people there participating so the chp takes
6:04 pm
it very seriously. >> officials say although it may be frustrating waiting for a sideshow toned, they recommend drivers stlain' vehicles until it is safe to continue driving. new tonight at 6:00, the caldecott tunnel in oakland was temporarily closed because of a car that got a flat tire there. it happened about 11:15 in bore number three. the chp says the driver stopped in lane two and turned on the hazard lights. some oncoming vehicles got into accidents trying to avoid the disabled vehicle. to the peninsula now where police are looking for a man who threatened to buy a gun to shoot up a school in san ma day i don't. it -- san mateo. it happened at a big 5 sporting goods store. officers arrived and searched
6:05 pm
for the man. they could not find him. big 5, however, did not sell the man a firearm. hundreds of thousands of students marched this weekend demanding stricter gun laws. >> it was happening nationwide and here in the bay area. catherine heenan is here with the story. >> reporter: some of those marches were on a very grand scale. others were small we are a very specific target. in janesville, wisconsin, for example, these students took the momentum of the weekend demonstration straight to house speaker paul ryan's district. they are among the young people insisting they are determined to keep people passionate about the issue of gun violence. they know that the bigger picture, making a difference in coming elections, might not be easy. among the bay area marches we saw this weekend, san francisco and oakland where protesters say they want politicians voted out of office if they don't do anything about the issue.
6:06 pm
the march for our lives drew thousands. two of the survivors of the parkland, florida shooting say they believe this will make a permanent difference. >> just seeing stuff on twitter that they've been talking about, rubio posting his thoughts on what happened, i think it's definitely working and we're getting politicians' attention. >> what we witnessed saturday was the birth of a revolution. this is zvjust the beginning. nobody should be thinking that this is the end. >> this was the scene at the largest gathering, the protest saturday in washington d.c. students from marjorie stoneman douglas high in florida led that protest. pam and steve. >> thanks, catherine. the gun industry itself as a whole has suffered plunging sales and profits as well. remington outdoor brands has now filed for bankruptcy. this will allow the business to stay afloat while swimming in
6:07 pm
massive debt. remington says they plan to keep making guns. last month they said operations will not be disrupted by the process. san francisco police in the tender loin district are cracking down on drugs. officers have made 45 arrests over the last five days. that includes 10 dealers, three booked for violating court orders, three for stolen cars, and 13 wanted suspects. one of the arrests includes that of carlos miguel contreras, a fugitive out of colorado. he has been booked by tender loin officers and charged with possession for sale of 263 units of heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. another suspect is also behind bars charged of possession for sale of heroin and other drugs. if you watched his forecast
6:08 pm
last week you knew what things were going to look like on this monday. there it is for all to see. >> let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow for a first look at the forecast. >> we've got some fantastic weather ahead. the nicest weather so far of this early spring. a lot of sunshine. kind of getting a little taste. right now we've got mostly clear skies, a bit breezy as you approach the coastline. these temperatures jumped up quite a bit today, as much as 15 degrees warmer in concord. you get the idea. the trend subpoena and looking g. in fact, these numbers around the bay area today right about average. check out santa rosa. they hit 70 degrees. by tomorrow afternoon they could be near 80 degrees. big changes coming our way over the next couple of days. the winds have been blowing a bit out of the west now but that is going to change. we are going to see more of a northerly wind kicking in. as that wind begins to blow that is going to warm those temperatures up even along the
6:09 pm
coastline. headed out the door you can plan on temperatures cooling off. definitely on the cool side. lows in the 40s and the 50s. but, yeah, i think the next couple of days eve got a lot of sunshine, much warmer weather. moving up into the 70s and the 80s. and you know what, you know it's springtime when you hear the crack of that bat. you've got bay bridge series tonight. if you are headed out to the game, yeah, it will be a little cool. grab a jacket. temperatures are going to be dropping off into the mid-50s. clear skies, a little breeds, but those winds blowing out right to mccovey cove. >> the bay bridge series does continue at at&t park, but the big baseball story of the day is coming from across the bridge. >> the oakland a's have submitted a letter to the mayor and a city council asking to assume control. they're willing to pay $135 million indebt to acquire the property there. kron 4's kim smith picks up the story live from at&t.
6:10 pm
kim, does it seem like the a's are making real progress here? >> reporter: i know, it seems like this has been ongoing for awhile. and the oakland a's know exactly what they need. they need a new ballpark w. the warriors heading over to san francisco and the raiders shipping out for las vegas, the oakland a's want their name on that deed to assume property there. i was able to speak with the president of the oakland a's. he told me this is all an a bout securing our future in oakland. it's prime real estate. the a's feel this is a win-win situation for both sides because they would acquire all of the debt on the property. he says no matter where they decide to build, they will have to expand and build attractions that allow fans to enjoy the area outside the game like you
6:11 pm
see here at at&t park. the a's feel strongly about investing in their future. >> means owning your home. it's important to actually be in a place where you control your own destiny and that you can chart your own course for success. and owning our own location is the way to do that. right now when you're developing anywhere in the bay area or california, it's very challenging. we need to make sure we have options, whether it's at the waterfront location, at the coliseum, and the best way to do that is to own our own home and be able to chart our own course and build at that location. >> reporter: now, he also told me that they feel like they are making progress with the situation. they have a meeting set up later on this week with the mayor. here at at&t park the bay bridge series is about to take on -- go on down here between the a's and the giants. it should be a good one. gary radnich will have you covered in sports. >> all right, kim, thank you. also, just ahead, more heat
6:12 pm
coming down on facebook tonight over the company's recent privacy scandal. also, a small plane slams to the ground in monterey county. we've got the latest details. joond next, the white house reacts to the much publicized interview with porn star stormy daniels about her claims of an affair with donald trump.
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the white house says president trump still denies porn star stormy daniels' claim
6:15 pm
of an affair. >> that following her "60 minutes" interview on last night. now a new move in her legal battle. catherine heenan joins us with the latest. >> stormy daniels, whose real name is stephanie clifford, now suing michael cohen for defamation, and her lawyer says that she has amended an earlier lawsuit. cohen said that he paid daniels $130,000 of his own money as part of a nondisclosure agreement. fallout does continue over last night's "60 minutes" interview, including daniels' claim that a mystery man once threatened her unless she left trump alone, and that came up at today's white house briefing. >> the president doesn't believe that any of the claims that ms. daniels made last night in the interview are accurate. >> he doesn't believe she was
6:16 pm
threatened? >> no, he does not. >> what's his basis for that? >> he just doesn't believe that -- there's nothing to corroborate her claim. the president strongly, clearly, and has consistently denied these underlying claims. the only person who has been inconsistent is the one making the claims. >> president trump's attorney has long claimed that trump denies the affair ever happened, knew nothing about any nondisclosure deal. daniels said that shed one encounter of consensual sex with the future president in 2006. pam and steve. >> thank you, catherine. now to one of the big stories of the day, the federal trade commission taking square aim at social media giant facebook, the agency announcing this morning that it has opened an investigation into the company's privacy practices. facebook is facing tough questions following reports that data from 50 million users, that's one out of every 40, will end up in the hands of
6:17 pm
cambridge analytica in the lead- up to the election. they are a political consulting firm. they used that without the consent of facebook users. the ftc is considering if facebook violated a consent did he cree. facebook says takes the reports very seriously. we might add, something they don't normally do is publicize what they're doing, and they are doing it in this case. richard hart, instructor of communications at the academy of art university in san francisco is here. what's your gut feeling? last month cambridge analytica came out, but today new information. >> i think it is going to get worse. it is not going to get better. what they have done so far and the apology -- well, almost apology that zuckerberg gave is not enough. >> today they took out full-
6:18 pm
page ads saying we really mean this. do you think they do? >> i don't think they have been as transparent as they could be, not with the public. they haven't made it easy for users to see the changes that they're making, if they're making any. i spent a good part of today going over all of the things that other companies, third parties, know about me, because of facebook. it's a mess. >> let's build on your research from today, because really internet literacy is something that is happening so fast that no matter how hard they try, facebook might not be able to educate us well. >> unfortunately many people who are -- if you can call them victims of this release of data, don't care. right now i have discovered that in my own teaching with others, people in college are no longer millennials, they're
6:19 pm
gen z. my recommendation, what you really should do is turn off the app sirngz facebook. if you need to stay on facebook you should actually turn off the apps. the big thing, all those websites where you see log-in using your facebook id, do not do that. >> there's a take-away right there. don't use facebook for your log- in id. today's story was about names and addresses, especially for android users. apparently everyone who did this elected to do so. facebook made it very clear, we're asking you if you want us to have this information so that you can have app communication. >> that's not entirely completely true. it's an older version of the android. it was not just face book. lots of companies like facebook could take advantage of information from the phone. if i had an app on an android phone. the current operating system
6:20 pm
doesn't permit that any more. facebook never really told anyone they were doing that. they sort of slip streamed it into all the -- what everybody else was doing in the apps. i'm still maintaining that facebook has not been 100% transparent. >> we're not trying to panic you, we're not trying to freak you out, but rich is going to help you do that a little bit more, if you want. because everybody has gotten handwritten pieces of paper. all this stuff. you shave a lawyer to sign it, you think. well you've got an app that people can get even more upset and intimidated about. >> in facebook's terminology, it is confusing. what they call an app is not really an app. an app is a website or on-line service that you access through facebook. the thing where you log on using your facebook id. those things are listed under your settings on the far right column. you go to your settings, and
6:21 pm
there's a privacy butt top, but that's not where it is. there's a security butt top, but that's not where it is. there's an apps button. you have to navigate several menus to get to what's really going on. for instance, many people have 10 apps, places where they've logged in using their facebook id. each one of those has 10 to 12 different pieces of information about you that is being shared, and you never really -- nobody studies that stuff. and one of them -- i was going over the liss. there is your education history, your work history, and there's a section where they have data on you that says religious and political views. that's a data point about you and me. religious and political views. so cambridge analytica, man, they zeroed in on that one. >> there's a lot here. you can go to our website and find out more. my biggest take-away is turn off all my apps if i don't want to do things, and think carefully if i give facebook
6:22 pm
permission to do anything. let's take a live look outside looking north to the golden gate break. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is standing by to tell us about temperatures that could hit the 80s this week. >> these numbers are going to soar as high pressure takes over. beautiful conditions. but still a little cool and breezy as you approach the coastline but that ridge of high pressure building into california. you see any storms well to the north. the jet stream has lifted in that direction. we are seeing some major changes as high pressure builds in. tonight it is going to be mostly clear. just a few high clouds. some cool temperatures. it is not going to be a cold night. 40s and 50s. tomorrow plenty of sunshine. i think these numbers jump tomorrow, maybe near 80. and the week ahead looks sunny, warm, and dry, maybe cooling down for the weekend with the return of low clouds and fog. 64 degrees in livermore, 60 in
6:23 pm
oakland. still 68 in concord. 63 in mill valley. 63 in the napa valley. that ridge of high pressure will continue to build in and strength in the next couple of days. so you get that northerly wind, and that is that wind that moves more offshore. as that air subsides, it starts to warm up. you get those nice, warm temperatures. setting things up over the next couple of days maybe some 70s as we head to wednesday and thursday. the winds beginning to become more of a northerly direction. blustery at times especially over the mountain tops. seeing some gusts 19 to 25 miles per hour. but down below in the urban areas lots of sunshine and some nice weather. offshore winds continuing over the next couple of days. lucy what it does to low clouds. it blows that well off the coastline bringing lots of sunshine to the bay area all day tomorrow and right into wednesday, too, and probably thursday as well before we start to cool down the numbers.
6:24 pm
hey that air quality is going to be fantastic, looking good around the bay area the next few days. we're talking about some nice numbers, these numbers warming up near 80 as we head in towards the next few days, cooling down with more of a sea breeze on friday, staying dry, but cool we are a few more clouds this weekend. >> coming up tonight, five bay area newborns finally all home from the hospital. we will check in on the family. and next, a public airport in monterey is the scene of a plane crash earlier today. we've got the latest on what happened.
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
new tonight, one person is dead following a small plane crash this morning at the marina municipal airport. that's two miles away from the city of marina in monterey county. the pilot succumbed to injuries. no other injuries were reported. the crash is under investigation. in the east bay the quintuplets born in walnut
6:27 pm
creek are all now at home with their family in mountain house. the babies had been in the hospital since they were born in january. the parents, chad and amy, said all the babies are happy and healthy. coming up, we have an arrest to report in the tragic death of a little boy killed while on a summer visit to a water park for what was supposed to be a day of fun. also, the killing of an unarmed black man is taking on national profile. we have the latest. and lots of sunshine around the bay area. temperatures will be heating up big time. we will break that down coming up next.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
they didn't have to kill him like that! >> anguished words in sacramento from the grandmother of stephon clark. she was just a few feet away when police shot her grandchild 20 times in her backyard. clark was unarmed. >> the death of stephon clark has brought a lot of demonstrators into the streets, and now hat brought the lawyer who represented the families of trayvon martin and michael brown. >> people who committed a mass
6:31 pm
shooting in florida were not shot once. but a young black man holding a cell phone is shot 20 times. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> eight days after clarke's death, civil rights leaders are calling for murder charges against the sacramento police officers who shot him. >> as you watch that video and you say, my god, they didn't even give him a chance to comply or anything. they just started shooting within five to seven seconds they execute him in his own backyard. >> the officers say they thought he had a gun, but when they approached him, they found it was only a cell phone. >> you know, i thought a lot about oh too many times we've seen this play out. this is getting far too familiar. >> last friday demonstrators
6:32 pm
blocked traffic. saturday the sacramento kings and boston celtics honored clark before the game. the two teams produced a video. >> there must be accountability. black, white, brown. >> we are one. >> demonstrators say they will be at the d.a.'s office this week demanding criminal charges against the officers. hundreds of protesters are expected at a city council meeting tomorrow. clark will be buried on thursday with the reverend al sharpton delivering the eulogy. as for his grandmother? >> i just want justice! >> there's now a possible federal investigation into the death. new tonight at 6:00, we have an update on a criminal case arising from a 10-year-old boy's death on a giant slide at a kansas city water park. the co-owner has now been
6:33 pm
arrested. it happened in august of 2016 when this little boy, caleb, was decapitated on the water slide, which was touted as the world's largest. the kansas city star reports that jeffrey henry was arrested on a kansas warrant in texas. the water park and its former operations director were indicted on 20 felony counts last week. in lake merritt a man had drowned, a woman was murdered. >> we had several callers who reported an argument between a man and a woman. you could hear a woman screaming. >> reporter: monday morning the vehicle registered to the man was pulled from lake merit. it was found about eight feat deep and 75 feet offshore. authorities will now comb through the vehicle looking for any additional evidence. they're hoping to wrap up this investigation shortly. at lake merritt, dan kerman, kron 4 news. here on the bay bridge an
6:34 pm
illegal side show was captured. officials warn the danger fact attorney creases exponentially for side show participants up here. >> absolutely. you've got a lot of different things in play. people operating vehicles at the edge of their performance envelope. you've got stuff on the roadway. we know our bay area roads need some work so obviously we've got stuff getting kicked up. but it's also risking the lives of the people there participating. >> reporter: on the bay bridge, haaziq madyun. it is going to get even nicer as we head towards tomorrow. temperatures 64 in golden gate park. along the coastline will be the cool spot. plan on some 50s and some 60s. but you head inside the bay and we start to warm those numbers up. 72 in foster city. 70 in palo al tomorrow. the south bay is going to see very nice numbers, in the low 70s in many spots.
6:35 pm
a high of 77 degrees in livermore, 74 in walnut creek, and about 76 degrees in concord. in the mid bay, warm in the afternoon. just the beginning of warming trend. 77 in santa rosa, 75 in san rafael. we have an update on a story from back in august. the trump administration gave moscow two days to close its diplomatic outpost in san francisco. in fact, you may remember this black smoke coming out of the office here just hours before it was closed. now russian diplomats and nearly two dozen countries are being expelled in response to the poisonings of a former russian spy and his daughter. natasha chen reports how the u.s. is joining in that latest round of expulsions and is closing another russian consulate insolidarity with its allies. >> this is the largest
6:36 pm
collective expulsion of russian intelligence officers in history. >> reporter: hundreds are packing their bags and going home. the country is ex spelling them, including the united states, and they point to this attack as the reason. a former russian spy and his daughter were pistonned with a military-grade nerve agent. prime minister theresa may says she finds great solidarity. >> we will not tolerate russia's continued attempt to flout international law and undermine our values. >> reporter: the united states ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, says 12 of the diplomats have engaged in espionage activities. president trump also ordered 48 others expelled. officials say the closure of the seattle consulate is because of its proximity to a submarine base and boeing.
6:37 pm
but a senior administration official would not confirm whether russians actually spied on naval base kitsap. >> i think they're quite concerned about this unity. it was not easy to get all that unity, add it troubles the kremlin because that is a real problem for their diplomacy. it's a real problem for a lot of other things that could come. >> in washington, i'm natasha chen reporting. to new york where wall street's fear of a trade war seemed to ease up a little today. the dow surged with the third biggest point gain in history. investors were heartened by signs that the united states and china are talking, at least behind the scenes. the wall street journal reports that negotiations to avoid a clash between the world's two biggest economies began quietly. stocks took a beating last week after president trump announced
6:38 pm
plans to impose stiff new tariffs on about $50 billion of chinese goods. just ahead, one medical group calling on its doctors across the country to make drastic changes in its prescriptions for opioids. ♪
6:39 pm
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for your health tonight, the american dental association wants dentists to cut back on
6:41 pm
prescribing opioid painkillers. >> the group said today that dentists should limit such prescriptions to a week and try to use non-addictive pain a killers. >> dentists only prescribe the drug 207% of its patience but new research shows opioid prescriptions have increased in recent years. >> opioids are usually prescribed after tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removals. in other news, children with autism spectrum disorder are significantly less likely to be fully vaccinated than children unaffect by autism. that's according to a new study published today in the journal of pediatrics. >> the study found that younger siblings of autistic children are less likely to be fully vaccinated.
6:42 pm
>> many parents have been sprexing concern that there may be an association between vaccines and autism but doctors say research has shown no such connection. coming up, the warriors without steph curry. we hear from coach kerr. plus, perhaps the greatest high school basketball player to come out of san francisco ever has a new book about her life. sports director gary radnich talks with tiara rogers and all your sports, coming up.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
we have a very, very special guest here tonight. we will talk with the legendary san francisco greatest women's player in the history of this city, tiara rogers in a minute. but let's do something on the warriors. we all know currie is going to probably miss the first round
6:46 pm
of the playoffs so that means durant goes to what, 3 2, 33? he's expected to be ready on thursday against milwaukee and the great greek freak. klay thompson could be back from his fractured thumb saturday in sacramento against the kings. of course, steve kerr is now going to be very, very cautious. you can't lose any more people after currie and the knee injury. mcgehee just rolled right into hit. going to miss the first round of the playoffs. but steve kerr says we can handle it just as well without steph. >> we're perfectly capable of winning and beating anybody, regular season or playoffs. we can beat 9th league without stervetion and our guys know. that it is going to be hard to beat anybody without steph, kd,
6:47 pm
and draymond, but we'll hold down the fort and then some. >> all right. this young lady next to us, i asked her if she had been to many warrior games. this is the greatest high school basketball player in the history of san francisco. played at sacred heart cathedral. in her senior season she lost her dad, tragically murdered at half time. at cal her career ended before her career even got off the ground when she was diagnosed with a potentially deadly heart condition. through it all this lady is still standing tall. she has published a new book,
6:48 pm
"life in overtime, a memoir of perseverance." do you still think about your dad every day? >> oh, yeah, and that's one of the reasons why i wrote the book to keep him with him and to keep his legacy alive. >> what made me laugh when we were walking down here, i said, did your dad teach you basketball. no? >> no, did you see how big he is? he didn't have an athletic body in his -- didn't have an athletic bone in his body. >> you're playing basketball, then you find out at halftime your father had his life taken from him? >> yeah, i was taken out of the game at halftime, and they told me that there's been an incident, and i later found out that may dad was shot in front of my school. >> wow. i mean -- and then you somehow have to finish your season. you go on, and you guys won the state that year. >> yeah, we won the statement
6:49 pm
good things happened, though. i became a mcdonald's all- american. we won the state championship. everything isn't as bad as it seems. >> i'm laughing, pam and steve. when we were down the road on van ness, tirkz erra said, i gist ear using botox now, because we were on the show when you were, what, a younger person. >> i was 16, 17. >> we go to cal, and how long had you been practicing when you found out you had a little heart condition? >> i was only there for three months. i found it out, that i was diagnosed with a heart condition, when i fainted during practice, and i was rushed to the hospital. >> but they honored your scholarship. a lot of people would play sports, you play sports, that's why you are at college. did you ever think, gee, if i can't play basketball, maybe
6:50 pm
i'll just go out, get a job, or do something else? >> yeah, that's what i wrote in the book. it's very raw. i wrote about every depressed moment i had at could. my mom moved to texas, so i was thinking, hey, just go back to texas. >> were you alone during this period? did you have anybody you could lean on? >> oh, no, cal treated me g. >> that's terrific. now you speak to kids about what you went through and i guess old cliche, never give up. >> oh, yeah, definitely. i'm from the inner city, and i talk to mostly inner city kids. i just try to give them hope, and hopefully they look at me and think they can do it, too. >> do you want to coach? >> i don't know what the future holds. i know i want to help people and continue to be in sports, possibly be a sports psychologist. >> well, if you would like to
6:51 pm
do the weather, lawrence has only a couple of years left. i can see lawrence is tiempletd heck, you know what i'm doing, i'm talk about myself. you want to sit down with people and work them through their problems, huh. >> i feel like everyone has a calling on this earth, and i feel like my calling is to help people. >> how is the book moving? >> pretty good. it's only been out for about five months. going pretty good. >> what are you charging for this thing? >> $15. you can afford it. >> i was just going to say, i'll give you $14. this is terrific. you can get it, you're terrific. you're a nice young lady, and i remember you playing. barges steve, the greatest high school player in the city. here we are with the tv
6:52 pm
cliches. even greater after her basketball career ended, the way she handled it. >> absolutely. the whole bay area is proud of you. >> thank you. >> tierra, you're all right. steve went to s-i, by the way. i was teasing lawrence, but lawrence isn't going anywhere. it's me. keep your eyes on me. i may keel over one day and keep everybody smiling. we'll go back to pam and uncle steve. we'll tell you why marine officials are concerned about a couple of fish off the coast, next.
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
scientists at london's cambridge university are pushing the boundaries of human interaction with robots. >> a smiling robot named charles may mark the next big step. here's today's "take a look at this." >> reporter: this is charles. a robot that mimics human facial expressions in near real- time. he's a test subject. charles' expressions are generated by a series of computers and motors. first, a person's facial expressions are recorded by a
6:56 pm
camera. a computer analyzes positions of features like the mouth, eyebrows, and jaws. the entire process takes mere seconds. it's amazing but the facial expressions aren't quite robot- like quality. we can't decide if collaterals is incredible or just incredibly creepy. bizarre orange tinted snow has given russia an apocalyptic feel. meteorologists say the color is caused by saharan sand picked up by a storm system. experts say an observatory called the phenomenon one of the largest ever transfers of
6:57 pm
desert sand to europe. a pair of wandering gray whales spotted in orange county. harbor patrol is keeping a close eye on them, concerned that they might get stuck in shallow water. good places to see migrating gray whales in the bay area include monterey, half moon bay, pacifica, and point reyes. the migrations are gentle seen through mid-april. >> fun stuff. we've entered a warm streak. how long? >> i think it's going to last through the better part of this week. if you want some good spotting weather, it should be a great week ahead. >> all right, lawrence, thank you. >> we're back here with three hours of news in prime time starting at 8:00, and we hope you will join us.
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melania speaks out. >> what the first lady is saying about the bomb shell stormy daniels sit down. >> this must have been difficult for melania trump. then the eyes of stormy daniels, what's going on with her pupils, why were they dilated during the interview. >> and a tale of two women. >> you are special. you remind me of my daughter. sound familiar? >> he said i was beautiful like her. then, holy cow, there's a dude in that rocket ship. here he is today. how he survived the backyard blast off. >> deborah: new information on the family killed during spring break. >> should you take a simple device like


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