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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 8, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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kate hudson's surprise pregnancy announcement. >> one, two, three. >> her third baby on the way. how she kept it a secret. then, matt lauer's lonely life after leaving the "today" show. why she's hiding out and the major move he's making to bring in big money. >> plus, channing tatum after the split. still wearing his ring. with millions at stake, could this divorce get messy? prince harry and his future wide. inside meghan markle's crash course. and details on their post wedding plans. plus -- >> why john stamos is more than ready to make the switch to dad. roseanne turns up the heat.
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how the revival became a smashing success. and kevin hart goes back to school. with tiffany haddish has his teacher. >> yeah. >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> hello, everyone. thanks for joining us. >> glad to be here. let's get into the latest hollywood news. >> one, two -- >> it's kate hudson's surprise pregnancy announcement. and she's having a girl. how did she keep it a secret? she's been m.i.a. on social. she adds, we've been trying to keep this under the radar for as long as possible. but i'm a popping now, and it's too darn challenging to hide. yes, it's true, kate has been wearing loose fitting dresses lately, but at her last public appearance two weeks ago, there
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was no sign of a bump. >> would you like any more children? >> absolutely. >> in the past, she's told us she definitely wants more kids to add to 6 1/2-year-old bing and 14-year-old rider, her son with chris robinson. >> when i was pregnant with rider -- >> we were with kate last november where she told us about her chemistry with her boyfriend. >> sex is an important part of the relationship. you have to nurture that. people are like, isn't that cheesy, taking a bath together? no. you're going to set up the romantic vibe and you're going to laugh your ass off or you're going to commit to it and it's going to be awesome. how about this headline. is matt lauer saying goodbye to new york? we have new insight and the changes he's making after getting fired from the "today" show. >> matt lauer just put another
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one of his stuns up for sale on manhattan's upper east side and on the market for $7.35 million. and while it's unclear if those are lauer's suits in the dressing room, these warhol prints are meani iningful to hi wife. images of the former wean of the netherlands. the apartment is also where lauer's boss reportedly told him that he was fired for sexual misconduct. >> matt lauer has been terminated from nbc news. >> we're still processing all of this. >> he's gone from king of the morning shows to hiding out in the hamptons. "e.t." has spoken to sources about lauer's new life. the consensus, his days are lonely now. he not only ruined his career but the family unit that was being held together by a thread. as for lauer's day-to-day, we're told that he has people shop for him and often orders food in. lauer is also trying to sell his hampton's place.
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he cut the price on the 25 acre estate and is going for $12.75 million. and the one friend that's really stuck by him and seen him through this is bryant gumball. they've always been close and matt has needed him during this time. so where does lauer go from here? a source tells us, he's actually hoping for a comeback. but his friends feel right now that isn't realistic. his strategy, his team has discussed a public apology but agreed disappearing right now seems to be for the best. let's move on now and get to channing tatum and jenna dewan after their breakup. >> to many, they did seem like the perfect couple. but there were clues the end was coming. >> and the latest after the split that shocked some fans. >> i love my wife. that's the reason i married her. >> do you know if it's a girl or boy yet?
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>> we're going to get surprised. she's been a super mother. so i want to do my part and be a super dad. >> we moved every moment with them. monday after eight years of marriage, they announced it's over. in a joint statement posted on instagram, they wrote, we have lovingly chose on the separate, adding, there are no secrets nor salacious events that moved our decision. just a few hours before the post, she was spotted out still wearing her ring. so what staparked the breakup? sources tell us the split has been brewing for a while, and they've been fighting the last couple of years quite a bit. we're told they tried couples therapy, but now there's a sense of relief on both of their parts. looking back, were there clues a split was coming? this was their last red carpet arrive altogether. in march, jenna hit several events without channing. >> is channing babysitting? >> he is.
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he's so happy any a night off. >> on wednesday, the newly single dad was spotted carrying his 4-year-old daughter at target. channing was still wearing his ring, but don't take it as a sign. so who gets what? >> when you look at channing tatum, who is worth upwards of $50 million, if they didn't have a prenuptial agreement, things are going to get ugly. >> he still has a ring on. maybe something can happen possibly. >> i have a girl crush on jenna, so i don't know. >> whatever happens, we just wish them both the best. let's go across the pond for news on meghan markle and prince harry. >> so much to tell you about in this weekend's royal harry. they looked like the perfect royal match on friday. meghan rocked a sporty laid back look in jeans and heels.
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the couple both wore polo shirts to the teen trials for a competition for wounded servicemen and women that harry founded. the couple is expected to travel to australia for the invictus games. this is their 11th public event together. and with just six weeks to go, a source tells "e.t." meghan has been studying binders on the royal family and the commonwealth. and call this a kind of dress rehearsal before meghan's character leaves the show for good. >> meghan and i have been so close since the beginning of the show that to get to that moment was great. >> "e.t." spoke to adams and his wife at a benefit.
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will you go to the wedding or not, will you get like a toaster? >> like a blender or bread maker. something classy. like a vitamix. >> is there going to be a royal wedding party at your house? after kristen bell, the charity's co-founder is ready to celebrate the new royal company. >> i thought you might be having a party. >> now that you mention it, i would like any excuse for a party. >> that's what i'm saying. >> john stamos and his wife, caitlin mchugh. >> will i have to change diapers, do you think? >> yes. >> is there something you can wear on your face? i'm already so emotional and so excited. i've been dreaming about our baby. i don't know what i would do if i wasn't having a baby right now. i've done everything. i've had the most beautiful, blessed life on the planet and
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the most honest real thing i could do i haven't done. it was finding the right girl, obviously. caitlin is, she's so beautiful pregnant. she's so magical. i watch her. she'll walk into a room, and 35 seconds to 50 seconds, she's like -- it takes me like 20 minutes and selfies. she's magical and i can't wait for her to be a mother. >> john will be a first-time dad at 54. caitlin is due this spring. >> anything you're nervous about? it is a big life change. >> i'm not nervous at all. i knew it was the right thing. i'm not nervous about having a kid. but what if the kid doesn't like disney land? >> john says in support of his buddy, bob saggot. do you think he's going to fall
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apart to get up for the early feedings? >> he'll never lose his hair, ever. it will grow till the end of time. but the thing about him is, he will have bags under his eyes, but he knows all the fillers. so whatever you see on instagram or twitter, it doesn't matter. it's gorgeous. >> love them so much. and if you think they're hilarious together, wait till you see these two. >> cathy lekathie lee and hoda n celebrating ten years together and the "today" show. and neither need much of a reason to say cheers. >> a toast of ten years with my egyptian sun goddess. love you, baby girl. >> the dynamic duo of daytime, toasting to a decade. >> we take a sip once in a while. it's not what we do all day long. i don't know what people think, but that's ridiculous. we are trained professionals,
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people. >> 365 days a year. >> wednesday was sort of a bonus celebration. hoda is back into selling her children's book "i've loved you forever." >> we're going to start. >> every 20 years, craig ferguson. regis philbin. >> and reg was there for one of the craziest things to happen during the broad cast. >> hoda was off, and the bird went berserk and landed on my head. we acted like it was supposed to be there. but i was just waving to everybody with this bird on my head. and nobody looked.
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>> mine is when beyonce walked out like a surprise model. >> on the way, mother/daughter sitdown. melissa mccartney and her mom. the new interviews before mother's day. and blake lively and ryan reynolds' date night out. plus, john cena on his outrageous new role. and what's got oprah dancing? >> come on now! >> our exclusive ♪ managing blood sugar isn't a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. like using glucerna to replace one meal or snack a day. only glucerna has carbsteady... unique blends of slow-release carbs to help manage blood sugar. every meal. every craving. it's the choices you make when managing blood sugar that are the real victories.
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glucerna. everyday progress.
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♪ well, that is wrestler turned actor john cena back on the big screen in his new come by "blockers." >> you're going to see a lot of
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cena uncensored. >> what about a chugging contest? >> bring it. >> i heard it took six hours to shoot. >> and six days to clean. >> this outrageous chugging on the rest has an r rated twist and john ends up with his shorts around his ankles. >> i knew what i was getting to. i was going to spend the night with my pants off. i'm fine with that. >> i never once peeked. >> there are those of us who have limits. >> oh, my god! >> "no limits" is what "blockers" is all about. parents discover their daughters made a pact to lose their virginity. >> i won't to go to prom, get potted up on weed and lose my virginity. >> we can go to dinner and commemorate it. >> you're parents to two daughters. could you relate to your
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characters at all? >> yeah, a little bit. i track by kids on "find my friends." that's normal, right? >> it's normal for me. >> i think it's normal. ♪ >> john hit this week's premiere with his fiance who revealed she's ready for a get away with her man. >> any plans for the sumer? >> i hope there's a few vacations. >> and rocking an unexpected accessory, a hospital bracelet. did you get out of the hospital? >> i just had a baby. and i wear it until it falls off. >> this makes number three. >> no more surprises. there's only breast milk and poop. that's all there is. >> and john and his fiance are in full wedding mode right now. he said the i do's are most
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definitely on. >> he told me he was not letting her go. and ryan reynolds just shot down reports that his marriage is in trouble. and i joined the couple in new york where it was #romancegold. the report claimed they were struggling to spend quality time together. not this week, and they made it a family affair. ryan was beaming next to his wife blake and mom tammy as they supported their friends at the premiere for their movie "a quiet place." >> you've got the reynolds here tonight. >> i know. >> ahh. >> they just had a -- >> it looked like we were going on a date, but we were probably all just going home to crash. together. >> it's just a lot of hotness. >> really? >> it's like a lot to take in.
7:18 pm
>> that's very nice. play dates with each other. where are we going to meet at, things like that. >> john's got jokes. and that comes in handy onset, especially when you're correcting your first horror film and starring opposite your own wife, another first. >> you're so relieved because you're entering it with a certain apprehension that maybe we wouldn't work well together. and we loved it. >> let me ask you this, who was more difficult to direct, yourself or your wife? >> i have a lot of hard conversations with myself. i'm a diva. no. >> at home, he's outnumbered with two daughters, but emily says he still may have the upper hand. >> it's upsetting at times. when i asked the little one, who
7:19 pm
is your best friend? she says, daddy. i have to keep him working so he's not there. >> oh, man, that's got to hurt a ma'am when you say who's your favorite and they say daddy. up next, the surprising move her mom pulled to help her break into show business. and tyra banks and her mom. >> they sent me home. and peta and max on tour, revealing their relationship struggles. >> there's been a
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monday, we're with jessica simpson and how her empire is about to get bigger. and the mommy moment she isn't prepared for. >> that would freak me out. plus -- >> didn't work. >> our anna farris in her relationship with ex monday on "e.t.." mother's day is just five
7:22 pm
weeks away, and melissa mccarthy is very grateful for her mom. >> her mom was there to support her daughter. >> i said oh, i'm not going to go back to college, i'm going to do standup. my mom said, that's good idea. for the record, that's terrible advice but i love that you said it. >> she had just $45 in her pocket. within 24 hours, she landed her first gig and now she's earning an estimated $18 million last year. >> i have a crazy kind of mid western work ethic that i got from my mom and dad that worked hard their whole lives and i watched that. >> the 47-year-old grew up on a farm in illinois and says without her parent's support she would have quit acting. her mom sandra reveals she paid her daughter's rent. >> she's the nicest human being
7:23 pm
i know. >> ahhh. >> only "e.t." was behind the scene as they posed for pics. and it's clear where me less a gets her carefree attitude from. >> what's the best part about getting older? >> cataracts. >> how much less you worry about the tummy tuck, don't you think? >> you really don't need it. >> love that. and me lessa is all about family. her father and father-in-law appear in her next comedy out may 11. let's talk about this celebrity and her mom. tyra banks and ms. carolyn. i love them so much. they have written a book called "perfect and bores," and as i found out, boring is the last thing these two could ever be. >> want to play a quick game?
7:24 pm
cellulite? >> i used to cover my booty because i had so much, but if there was something to cover it, i would. >> fix it or flaunt it, wrinkles. >> wrinkles are a sign of wisdom. >> tyra and her momma are confessing all. she revealed she got a nose job anded mitts she was rejected by victoria's secret because they struggled to do her hair. >> it's like you're walking into hair version of "get out." they sent me home. >> and remember this iconic tv moment? a 160 pound tyra in 2007, fighting back against the fat shamers. >> i have one thing to say to you, kiss my fat ass! >> i read in a book that you wanted to do it over. >> oh, my gosh, yeah. i have a responsibility to be strong, to be noble and to say kit my fat ass like this.
7:25 pm
and i fougthought any tears was weak. >> i met up to talk about their new book "perfect and boring." but i had to find out about 2-year-old york. >> don't let him be rotten. >> i wanted three. now i'm happy. >> i don't know, tyra, what momma wants momma gets. moving on now, this pair max and peta. they're on their confidential u.s. tour with max's brother, and they're in new york city last week. brooke anderson found out just how revealing their show gets. ♪ >> this has got to be the sexiest dance of the show. one lucky fan getting to be a little handsy with max. ♪
7:26 pm
>> this show in particular tells your story, your relationship, the ups, the downs, the breakups. >> it's very emotional. there's been a couple of times where i had to cry on stage. >> this is very personal. this is on the inside. >> this is super personal. >> to help prep for the show, they do a stretching and yoga routine. but behind the scenes, it's 15-month-old shy who is the real star, and she's giving val all the feels. val said he's more excited to be a dad than a husband. sorry, not sorry to his girlfriend jenna johnson. >> how about having the baby here. >> it's been great. makes him more comfortable and more honest and family-like. >> have your own baby, so to speak.
7:27 pm
i mean, she looks like a toy. >> she looks like you. >> coming up -- >> winner, winner, chicken dinner. >> on the set of kevin hart's new comedy. how he's getting schooled by tiffany haddish. >> my suspicions were correct. then, i'm telling you, y'all, chrissy metz on her long road to fame. >> and rejection after rejection. the movies and tv roles she was denied before finding "this is us" fame. >> i was obviously so not right for it. >> closed captioning provided by --
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7:31 pm
m.i.a. on social. she explained the reason, it's the most sick trimester of "all my children." her and her boyfriend have been trying to keep it under the radar for as long as possible, but she's popping now, and it's too channeling to hide. in her last public appearance two weeks ago, there was no signs of a nubump. number four, megan fox and her husband in hawaii hand in hand. it's quite a turn around from just 2 1/2 years ago, when she filed for divorce, then withdrew it after revealing she was pregnant with their third son. >> i've had a kid every other year since 2012. >> number three, celine dion may never date again. ♪ a source tells "e.t." the singer is not interested in finding someone new, believing she would
7:32 pm
never find a love comparable to rene. number two, matt lauer, his manhattan apartment is up for sale, listed for $7.35 million. it's the home where he reportedly learned he had been fired for sexual misconduct. >> matt lauer has been terminated from nbc news. >> in just four months, lauer has gone from king of the morning shows to hiding out in the hamptons. >> we're still processing all of this. >> and number one, channing tatum and wife jenna dewan split. >> i love my wife. the reason i married her. >> you guys know if it's a boy or girl yet? >> we're going to get surprised. she's been a super mother. so i want to do my part and be a super dad. >> the news broke late monday after eight years of marriage, they announced on instagram, we have lovingly chosen to separate, adding there are no secrets nor salacious events at the root of our decision. jenna was spotted out still wearing her wedding ring just a few hours before the post.
7:33 pm
sources say their split has been rumored for a while. dwayne the rock johnson's due any minute daughter. with his third little girl coming soon, the rock says he is ready to roll when the time comes. do you have an emergency plan? >> we do, yes. i have my security ready. we got the lapd. they're going to shut down a couple of highways and we're going home. >> you have to evacuate chicago. >> he's just kidding, but there is the world tour to promote "ram k "rampage." >> we have plan b all set. i'm ready to pivot at any time. right now we're rolling the dice, but i'm ready to come back. the pilot is ready to turn that plane around. >> we're going to die.
7:34 pm
>> probably. >> what about the baby's name? >> she is on the board. >> they've been together for more than ten years and have been planning a wedding. >> we were going to get married in the spring and we got pregnant. and laueren felt like, i don't know if momma wants to be pregnant in the pictures. >> first comes the baby, then marriage. they haven't settled on a name. what is the other one? >> haley. >> i like it. >> and yep, the rock has that very special secret weapon to calm his girl. >> this is a hawaiian lulluby. here we go. ♪ [ singing in hawaiian ]
7:35 pm
and that is ♪ twinkle twinkle, little star ♪ see that. comes out natural. >> it does. >> we know how difficult it is to be an action hero, but what is it like to be a dad to three girls, what is harder? >> by far this is cake. the idea of being a daddy to three girls, varying ages, 1 116, 2 1/2 and now a baby. but there's nothing better. >> and his co-star kevin hart is rolling with a new comedienne, tiffany haddish. they joined forces for "night school" and kevin frazier to the an invite to the atlanta set. >> tiffany is your teacher. >> tiffany haddish is our night schoolteacher. >> educator. >> your suspicions were correct.
7:36 pm
>> there is no cure for what you have. >> oh, my god. >> kevin not only stars in this big screen comedy, he's a producer. and that makes him tiffany's boss. >> great, excellent, good. >> uh-huh. >> who is the bigger star here? >> queen, jada came through. >> they didn't care nothing about me. >> it's far cry from tiffany's early days as a struggling standup comic. they've been friends and he even loaned her money back then to help her out. now they're having a good time in atlanta. >> joe's barbecue city is my job that i quit high school for so i can sell barbecue.
7:37 pm
barbecued ribs. this is the grill for you. i call it the obama. i'm selling it to guys like yourself. older men who would give it up like you. older men with nothing left except for a barbecue grill. you would be a perfect customer. >> no one is supposed to know that we called him papa frazier. tiffany also stars in "the last og" and it premieres this week on texabs. the sweet and surprising reason john goodman said yes to the reset. and why one hollywood star's most expensive personal items are going up for auction as oprah celebrates our
7:38 pm
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7:40 pm
welcome back, everybody. oprah winfrey has been on a roll this year. she made a smash at the golden globes. her movie "a wrinkle in time" premiered and it's great. but this week, she made time to give back in a very big way. and our kevin frazier was there. >> $50,000. >> i love it!
7:41 pm
>> as you know, i'm not really a dancer. but when oprah winfrey tells you to dance, then you dance. come on, come on, now. >> yep, oprah led kevin in a happy dance for anybody donating to the food pantry near dallas, texas, no matter amount. >> i'm getting hot in here. >> thanks to oprah, they raised more than $1.3 million. >> getting oprah there was no small feat. it came after eight years of pestering from cheryl jackson. >> i wanted to make sure it was legit. i said no so many times. she was like, oprah, i need to talk to you. i just said okay, i'll do it. i said i'll do it. she just kept talking, and i said i'll do it. then she started screaming. >> oprah is here! >> the money raised will feed over 3 million people. >> that's why i flew myself down here.
7:42 pm
i paid for myself to come. >> that's roma downey joining the money dance after her and her husband's donation. mark's son, cameron, who was hospitalized last week, is doing fine. >> it was a tough week last week. >> and cheryl really does great work with the food pantry. while oprah gives back, this hollywood legend's possessions are being sold. >> it's been two years since zsa zsa gabor's death, some of her personal items are going up for auction and i got a sneak peek inside her bel-air mansion. >> i'm a simple person. >> these are some of her personal jewelry. very opulent and extravagant. >> you don't say.
7:43 pm
>> one very special piece here is the necklace. >> long before mariah carry used "darling" she was using "darling." >> thousands of personal items from the house are going on the auction block. everything from the hungarian born actress' gown to her phone book, passports and collection of luggage. >> look at this. you open it up and it still has her fragrance, her products. i've got to put this away before i get in trouble. another show stopper, this 1927 grand piano once played by frank sinatra. opening bid, $6500. michael douglas tickled those ivories. >> yes. >> and prince will be moving out of the house. he says it's time to move on.
7:44 pm
>> my wife wanted me to auction it off. so i'm going to fulfill her wish. still to come -- the cast of "dawson's creek" then and now. secrets behind their reunion and the big stars that were cast to play dawson, jen, and joey. and chrissy metz nearly broke before "this is us." >> when i heard her forgotten roles and the emmy winning show that got away. plus, roseanne on top. and feisty as ever. her new message to fans. that's ahead. but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which academy award winner was nominated for best actor thee years in a row, russel crowe, sean penn or tomom not all fish oil supplements provide the same omega-3 power. introducing megared advanced triple absorption
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available now for $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get. i can't keep you. i'm sorry. >> michelle, how much do we miss "this is us"? >> infinity. >> chrissy metz will be the first to tell you she hit the jackpot of tv gigs. >> her first role, she was rolling with a completely different entourage. >> whbo's "entourage" gave chrissy her first credited role.
7:48 pm
her theme partner, "titanic" director james cameron. but when she struggled to get more acting jobs, she decided to give singing a try and auditioned for "american idol" in 2007. and belted it out for us in her book signing in new york for "this is me." ♪ >> she says she didn't advance on "idol" after producers tried to provoke her to get a reaction. after she returned to acting, she tried out for but didn't get this part in the 2008 movie "get smart." >> no problem. >> she was considered for the lead role in "drop dead diva" and just missed out on "mike and molly." she did end up on "my name is earl" in 2008. it took until 2014 for her to get a recurring role. by the time she booked "this is
7:49 pm
us" in 2016, chrissy had just 81 cents in her bank account. >> i had gone through the really hard, difficult times of wanting to quit and give up. i just have to always take a step back and be grateful. >> and that is why we love her so much. >> the whole cast is just so grateful for this opportunity. >> humble and so talented. this lady is talented and grateful for celebrating. we're talking about roseanne. >> what do you think about president trump taking credit for the ratings? >> it's all me. >> roseanne arriving at lax this week. >> we appreciate her comments on instagram. roseanne is already ready for her closeup, and if she had her way, we might see a lot more than that on abc. >> are you both willing to do more? >> i'm willing to do more, but i would really love to do a nude
7:50 pm
scene. >> episode ten, are you thinking or down the line? >> that would be season 11. >> nude roseanne? well, brace yourself, because last week, they announced they're getting the new season. how did the roseanne revival become a hit? first, it's relatable. >> the show is not about politics or anybody's position or policy. it's really about what happens to a family when there's a political divide, which is i think something that the entire country can relate to. >> it's my little princess. . >> or senator or doctor or captain of industry, because girlks be whatever they want to be. >> i want to train cats to bark. >> what topic could this family address in an authentic way? and we wanted to talk about health care, prejudice, not
7:51 pm
having retirement plan. >> on this week's episode, they dealt with aging. >> i finally got it working. >> i told you i'm not working it. those are for old people. >> and john goodman is at the top of his game. >> put these on? >> i can't, my nails are wet. >> you hear that? my grandson's nails are wet. >> i like your nail polish, grandpa. >> that's dry wall. >> he admitted to being drunk onset in the original series but turned his life around. >> i got into a treatment center and detoxed and decided i liked the feeling and it's been ten years. >> so happy for john. he said coming back to the show is his way of doing it right this time. >> dan connor is one of my favorite characters on television. can we talk about this crew all back together? thank you. it's the gang from "dawson's
7:52 pm
creek." their show debuted 20 years ago this year, and "e.t." has been with them since the beginning. the cast just celebrated their reunion. ♪ >> i remember loving the script and thinking everybody was amazing. >> i think we were just excited being employed. >> no, i'm -- i have known you for too long. >> i was still a teenager when we started, and it was nice to read a script that was expressing that i was still trying to understand for myself. >> the reunion took months of planning. the cast, then and now, got together about two weeks ago and shared show secrets. like joshua jackson was originally eyed to play dawson. katherine heigl auditioned for the role of jen, and summer blair was the first choice to
7:53 pm
play joey. >> "e.t." was on the set back in 1997, before the show premiered and made them all stars. >> yeah, josh and i are sharing an apartment right now. and josh's dog, he's my third roommate. the dog is fine, josh is the one i can't stand. >> is this on? hello. >> it's all about josh. >> the cast loves this meme of dawson doing the ugly cry, but josh says he's not happy that all 128 episodes are streaming now. >> it's going to be very hard to have any authority in my own household. >> and to watch the reunion, go to >> people that connected with
7:54 pm
it, that's the coolest thing, to see the resonance it held with people. >> the number one question is, what is the name of the show? >> "dawson's creek." what is the name of the show? >> "dawson's creek." >> to describe the new signature crafted recipe by mcdonald's: garlic white cheddar. layered with a slice of white cheddar cheese... a medley of crispy garlic chips... ...and a dramatic drizzle of creamy garlic aioli. (breath) luckily, you can take your time to savor every bite. ♪
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a few stars and birthdays this weekend. jackie chan is 64. robin wright is celebrating 52. and pa ritricia arquette is 50. who was nominated for best actor three years in a row? russel crowe. monday on "e.t." only we're with jessica simpson. how her empire is about to get bigger. monday on "e.t.." well, we're almost out of time this weekend. but for the late breaking hollywood news go to our website, >> before we go, only "e.t." is premiering the new music video. >> for her song "criminal. "she has toured with luke brian,
7:58 pm
brad paisley and this summer lindsey is hitting the road with sugarland. >> enjoy the video and enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. ♪
7:59 pm
(justine) three people are in custudy tonight... after a huge sideshow got out of hand in oakland. it happened near telegraph and claremont avenues in oakland. police say dozens of people on motor bikes rode wrecklessly around
8:00 pm
town. good evening... im justine waldman...(jrstone) and im jr stone. authorities believe some of them also robbed a gas station along the way. kron 4's hermela aregawi is live in oakland where just a short while ago the group dispersed. hermela, can you tell us what led up to the arrests? (hermela aregawi)(hermela (hermela aregawi)here's what police tell me..around 3 this afternoon.. a group of about 60-70 people on various types of bikes - started in the fruitvale area. police say.. two people pointed a gun at a gas station clerk there.. while about 10 of the bunch stole some soda cans. police said the group then continued to ride through town as you see in the video and ended up here in north oakland - around the area of claremont and telegraph. some of them had helmets on, others had masks on.. and some weren't wearing anything at all on their heads. by the time they got here, police tell medispatch had gotten


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