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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 16, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ beyonce. back on stage. 150 dancers. reuniting with destiny's child. ♪ say my name say my name >> three reasons why it could be queen bey's best performance ever. then, care re underwood. >> you can't cry pretty baby ♪ >> i was freaking out. >> our acm exclusives. and are gwen and blake hearing wedding bells? >> if blake were smart, he would marry her before she goes to an optometri optometrist. serenaded by a pregnant kate hudson. then john cen and and nikki bella say, i don't. >> relationships are tough.
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uncle jess se is finally papa john. she ready? >> you're good with kids. >> will i have to change diapers, you think? if there was in any question about who runs the world, it's beyoon say. her coachella performance is being called perhaps the graets ever. let's start with carrie underwood's tearful return. nancy o'dell is in vegas. she was this for the acm awards. what a night. >> oh, yeah. what a night. i was so honored be a presenter at the mgm grand hotel. the night was all about emotion. that included for miss underwood. who made her first appearance since a freak accident caused her to get nearly 50 stitches on her face. ♪ you can't pretty lie and say it's okay ♪ >> after her triumphant return to the stage, carrie was overwhelmed by a standing ovation that lasted over a minute. she also won vocal event of the year with keith urban. >> i'm still kind of like shook
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right now. thank you, guys. thank you, country radio. >> what did you think when you saw her performing? >> i'm very proud of carrie. she's gone through a lot and i'm proud that she's back on the stage again. she's a tremendous vocalist. incredible. >> there were months of buildup to carrie's performance. the singer took a fall at home last november, resulting in a broken wrist and a facial injury that required nearly 50 stitches. she told her fans she wasn't looking the same. and posted only limited images of herself. well, fans were relieved last night. to see her well. there were no visible science of carrie's injury. and another emotional first. >> jason aldean. >> entertainer of the year jason aldean performed for the first time in las vegas since that mass shooting during a festival six months ago. she -- he was still shaking when we spoke to him exclusively backstage. >> look at that. just being back here it's been
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an emotional thing for us all weekend. >> aldean was part of a star-studded vegas strong tribute that opened the show. >> people reached out to us a lot. you know, over the last six months. and it's meant the world to us. later, kelly clarkson hit the stage with host reba. ♪ >> kelly wraps on "the voice" next month. so will she return for another season? >> i would love to. i love the team. i love that my husband also manages blake, so we're all my family's all in one place. >> blake and girlfriend gwen stefani made it a date night. skipping the blue carpet. we did see them backstage. during the show, the couple sat front and center. and gwen couldn't help but sing along to blake's new song, "i lived it." ♪ oh, you think i'm talking crazy ♪ >> and after 2 1/2 years of dating, blake has marriage on the brain. >> i think about it. the more time that goes by, i guess the closer you would be getting to that. >> in june, gwen kicks off her
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vegas residency at planet hollywood. sin city is the marriage capital of the world. >> i'll go get a rhinestone jump suit and marry blake and gwen. i mean, if blake were smart, he would marry her before she goes to an optometrist. >> keith and nicole posed with the love birds. they are coming up on 12 years of marriage. and nicole sings background on keith's song. ♪ female >> i think you could include her more. we like it. >> if she's up for it. >> no. >> she's not comfortable doing it. >> but the 50-year-old is right at home shooting scenes for "big little lies" season two with meryl streep. >> she's just amazing. and to watch her do her craft, we just go -- can you believe it? >> keith's seen pieces of it. amazing. can we talk about what nicole was wearing? we can, we will. we'll be back to break down the bold and the beautiful. speaking of bold and beautiful. that perfectly describes beyonce
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at coachella. the world has collectively lost its mind over what she delifrd on the stage. here's why it's being called possibly the best performance of all time. ♪ girls, who run the world, girls ♪ >> coachella, thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline coachella. >> number three within everyone is still talking about it. the spectacle. for the first time ever sherks was backed by more than 50 dancers and marching band members who helped rearrange her classics. it was her first time back on stage since giving birth to twins, rumi and sir. she stajd it as a collegiate style homecoming celebration. she wore five custom looks designed by the fashion house balmain. but there was a bit of an issue with this one-sleever bodysuit. she he would up the strap multiple times. at one point, her boot dropped down.
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in true beyonce fashion, she handled it like a boss. ♪ >> y'all remember this? ♪ say my name say my name her sister joined her for danceoff. >> talk about deja vus. >> give it up! >> husband jay z rejoins his wife to re-create their massive 2006 collaboration. and the impact. there were over 28 million posts about beychella on instagram. and check out the stars in the bey-hive. there's rihanna dancing in the front row. and in london, adele tried to mimic her moves with these boomerang videos. beyonce. >> it was incredible. good for her. >> good for her? good for the world. >> good for the world. we also know why gwyneth paltrow wasn't there. it was her engagement party that included one star-studded guest list.
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♪ >> gwyneth and fiance brad falchuck's big bash was a who's who of hollywood. jennifer. julia. kate. reese. and rob. just to name a few. a source tells "e.t." the party was for friends, as the couple plans to have a more intimate, small wedding at a litter date. >> will you make an effort to catch the bouquet at the wedding, jen? >> that might be a little tough. jen arrived sporting a brace on her wrist. but gwyneth was all smiles in a midriff-bearing gown for the party hosted by close pal and brad's "glee" co-creator ryan murphy. meanwhile, bestie kate hudson, pregnant and glowing, shows off her baby bump. she's expecting her first daughter with boyfriend danny fujikawa. >> congratulations on your pregnancy, kate. >> thank you. >> we hear kate performed at the party. remember when she sang on "glee"? i caught up with big brother oliver hudson who gave us the scoop. your sister, kate, and danny were out at gwyneth's engagement party this weekend. >> my sister was very nervous that night because she had to
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sing two songs. but she's a tough girl. she stepped up and crushed it. >> oliver stars in the new abc kit so many "splitting up together." he's a divorced dad forced to live on the the same property with his ex, played by jenna fischer. >> don't mind me. just keep putting your party paint on while i parent our children. >> you kind of play the cool dad in the show. are you a cool dad? >> oh, i'm a pretty cool dad. yeah. all of my kids' friends love me. >> yes. >> they do. because i'm a child myself when it comes down to it. >> family also on the mind of john stamos right now. congratulations to john and his wife, caitlin mchugh who are experiencing baby boy bliss. >> i've been dreaming about our baby. i mean, i'm really excited. >> have mercy. uncle jesse's dad. meet baby billy stamos. named after john's late father. the proud papa just shared his happy news, posting this adorable pic captioned, from now on, the best part of me will
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always be my wife and son. john and caitlin tied the knot in february. he's been gushing about her ever since. >> she's so magical. she is the most graceful person i've ever met in my life. >> baby stamos and his mama are home from the hospital. where, no surprise, he's got a disney-themed nursery. but is billy's 54-year-old first-time dad really ready? >> will i have to change diapers you think? >> yes. >> is there some sort of gas mask? is there something you can wear on your face? >> listen, when your baby comes out, you're never gonna love poop more than when it's your own baby poop. yeah, think every parent with probably relate to that. here's more baby news. crowe we kardashian revealed the name of her and tristan thomp n thompson's baby girl. say hello to true thompson. this pick posted with the message mommy and daddy love you, true. coming up -- >> call this off? >> john and nikki's difficult
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decision to call off their wedding. as we look back. then the stars pulling off daring acm fashions. >> it's going to be peeled from me. >> whose revealing dress haed to be sewn up. why she knew it was t
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"e.t." isn't just on the air. we're everywhere. every platform. every day. facebook,
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♪ will you marry me? [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, who could forget that magic moment? maybe john cena. that was when he popped the question to nikki bella. of course, she said yes. that was a year ago this month. is there they were so happy. it was so romantic. there have been a lot of problems ever since. now the wedding is officially off. last night, nikki released this breakup statement. she and john are splitting after six years together. while this dethe six was a difficult one, we continue to have a great deal of love and respect for one another. the first inkling of trouble was when john co-hosted on "today" and was asked about this promo from "total bellas." >> do we really want to call this off? >> that was an extreme low.
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and -- you have two choices. you either jump ship and start a new relationship or move forward and try to work through it. >> in late march, john admitted to "e.t." they went through a rough patch. but their may 5th wedding was still on. >> i love her. i don't want to live without her. i would rather a hard s conversation and us get through it together. >> we went wedding dress shopping. >> i feel like i'm dwaun towards lace. i don't want anything too big like princess. i'm so bad with it all. >> last season, nikki competed on "dancing with the stars" with john cheering her on. less than two weeks ago at the premier of his film, blockers, the couple said they were looking forwards spending their post wedding summer together. is there a vacation? might be a honeymoon? i hope. i hope there's a few vacations. we need it. >> last night, seemingly commenting on the surprise split, john posted this
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simpson's meme, worth day ever. john admitted to "e.t." it was tough to be in the public eye. >> it's a weird thing that our relationship is public for the world to know. what a good takeaway for everyone at home. relation ships are tough. coming up -- >> are you good or do you want to expand your family? >> has newlywed amy caught baby feature? then, exclusive. >> is there a chance many may you might end up in england? gabrielle union's connection to meghan markle. >> i have the outfit. and acm fashions. the secrets hidden under one star's dress. >> i'm so jealous right now. closed captioning provided by -- the savings are in full bloom at ross.
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ross is going all out... all outdoors that is. you'll find everything you need to make your outdoor space your favorite place. and if you want it all for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, you gotta go to ross. ♪ well, carrie underwood proved she didn't miss a fashion beat at the acm last night. her plunging gown with a
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peekaboo split was a faith. the ladies of country gave me all the secrets behind their sin city styles. slits are in. >> it had two. we sewed one up. >> h is christian siriano. and under armour tennis shoes. >> you have sneakers on? >> i'm so jealous right now. >> i know you are. >> this is my homage to dolly. >> i thought i had a high slit. i think yours is higher. ♪ head to toe prouder >> showing leg and lots of sparkle were trends. leave it to kelly clarkson to reveal the real secret. it's what's underneath. i'm so taped in this thing. >> i'm so taped in. it will be peeled from me. >> it hurts, doesn't it? >> today, i love it. it's backless.
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you can't spank it up. i'm not sweating. >> miranda lambert took her edge from the red carpet. gwen had over the knee boots. nicole kidman's gown was business in the front and party in the back. this was based off the black dress in michael kors fall runway. >> how many outfits? >> in is number seven for the day. >> that's a lot of outfits to get in and out. >> it is. >> leave to it her to blow everybody away. you still fit in it perfectly. >> thank you. >> you didn't have to do anything with it? >> it fits. really pleased. >> that's just not fair. isn't she amazing. i can't relate to the fact that she fit in the gown 25 years after wearing it. but something i can relate to, her putting on slippers. as soon as she finished her interview underneath that
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gorgeous gown. keltie? >> i think we can all relate. let's talk newly wed amy schumer. amy, alongside her "i feel pretty" co-star revealing the best part of her life with husband chris fisher to our nischelle turner. >> what is your favorite part about married life? >> well, the it's being married to him. yeah. i really love this dude. and, he's a chef. i truly cannot wait another second to be your wife. >> you feel different? >> yeah. i do feel different. i feel -- i'm done. i don't have to zip my knee boots up and leave some dude's place at 4:00 a.m. with a rot wiler. >> for all of us single girls. it's hard still believing. >> i know. i was just there. i can't be like, look. let me tell you what it's like. i mean, i was just there. and -- i just knew i didn't want to settle. and then, i met the person i wanted to partner up with. and -- and i -- i didn't know
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right away. i knew him for seven months before we -- before it became romantic. but, um, but once i knew, i knew quick. >> are you good? do you want to expand your family? >> think when we're ready, we would be really lucky to have a family. >> this is what it looks like to be living your best life. the glowing newly wed, champion for women to love the skin they're in tells us she couldn't be prouder of her new comedy, "i feel pretty." >> oh, my god. you see this. >> yes. >> i'm beautiful! it was so empowering to play in character. yeah. it was just -- i -- i listened to so much beyonce before every -- just had to get myself in the right mental state shooting this movie left me in a great place. >> yes, amy. and i'm feeling it too. "i feel pretty" opens on friday. >> great movie with a great message. someone else feeling good
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these days, gabrielle union. one of the realest stars in hollywood. she says, hey, kev, come check out my new fashion line. i hopped on to a plane to miami. she's sbringing a bad boys squad gak to tv. >> the reboot. >> now called l.a.'s finest. >> how was the pilot? >> it's so hot. there's action. comedy. drama. jessica alba. >> gabrielle gets to work with her friend on the pilot. what about making time for this friend, meghan markle. is there a chance in may you might end up in england? >> oh, no. no. i mean, i love meghan. she's lovely. i probably have met her exactly two times. um, i'm going to guess that the invitation is not lost in the mail. we'll be cheering and watching. >> speaking of cheering. remember this. i heard a rumor you have that "bring it on" outfit. >> i have the outfit. it does not fit.
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um, i clearly have not given up enough to make that a reality. but i would one day, soon, think. >> her clothing company is now interesting body diversity. >> we have reason goodwin. this line is for everyone. it's pointless to have a line that is either priced beyond, you know, your average person's salary. or it only fits a 00. that's not america. that's not the world. >> keltie, i know you're deep in the nba playoffs. kevin hart loves the philadelphia 76ers. they're taking on dwyane wade's miami heat in the first round. kevin took to social media to talk junk. gabrielle just answered back. >> kevin hart, if you're listening, we comen for you. if our heat win this first round, i want you in those pilaggo panlts. >> if kevin's 76ers win, she
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said she'll do one of his movies for free. next on kron-4 news at eight: a night out in san francisco takes a dangerous turn.a woman ends up miles away from home ... where she is attacked, sexually assaulted and left wandering the streets. the frightening details.. next in a live wild weather to start the work week. we'll show you where hail was falling really hard today...and what we can expect for the rest of the week. i'm steve aveson i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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promo considerations provided by -- ♪ you know, this really was a day that eva longoria baston will never forget. she received her star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> i'm emotional because i'm pregnant. >> she had to wipe aware the tears as she shared the dream come true with fell lis si huffman. close friends ricky martin. victoria beckham. and melanie griffith.
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robbed, sexually assaulted and dumped fifty miles from home ... a san francisco woman's harrowing experience after she got in the wrong car outside this san francisco bar.whoosh nat i'm not going to work today because this is magic. ow. kron four viewers share their pictures of the wild hailstormit was like everywhere whooshdetails on the latest east bay freeway shooting ... at least 20 shots fired early this morning.whooshand we are live at oracle arena where the warriors face the spurs ... and the dub nation is out in force. (pam) now at 8. a san francisco woman had a terrifying ride home after a night out this weekend.she claims she called a ride-
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