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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 17, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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lucky to be alive." passengers say a skillfull pilot helped to limit the toll from this southwest airlines jet explosion.tonight local reaction from a former ntsb official.whoosh"which side are you on? which side are you on?" starbucks takes action after an ugly racial incident whoosh "...they were whoosh"...they were yelling, help, help..." san jose fire victims share their stories of a narrow escape from a five alarm apartment fire.whoosh"...they were yelling, help, help..." mildew, rot and neglect.this east bay home was actually condemned before it went on the won't believe the selling price. a terrifying fifteen minutes for passengers on board this southwest airlines jet ... after an engine explosion sends shrapnel through a window, fatally injuring a passenger.good evening i'm steve aveson.(pam)
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and i'm pam moore. a 42- year old mother of two from albuqueque... was killed. jennifer riordan was sitting by the window that was hit by debris from the plane's left engine.(steve) as catherine heenan reports, passengers say the pilot's skill brought the plane safely down in philadelphia. "all of a sudden we just heard this loud bang"southwest flight 1380, new york=la guardia to dallas=love field, was near its crusing altitude of 32=thousand feet over central pennsylvania when something went wrong. within a span of 5 seconds, all of the - all of the oxygen masks deployed. and then, just a few seconds later, another explosion happened, and it was the window, that just completely exploded. and uh as you can imagine, everybody was going crazy, and yelling and screaming, and it was an absolutely terrifying experience.".as air whistled out of the cabin, passengers struggled to keep the woman in row 17 in her seat. passengers uh right next to her were holding onto her. and meanwhile, there was blood all over this man's hands, because he was tending to her. and all the while, people in the other row were -- just trying to plug the hole, which kind of sounds ridiculous, because you
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know people are using jackets and things, and it's just being sucked right out. like there was nothing that - in the moment, i guess this was just a knee-jerk reaction, to do thatthe pilot radioed philadelphia to clear the runway for an emergency landing. "we have part of the aircraft missing"the plane began a steep descent, three miles in five minutes, with just one of its two engines functioning. philadelphia air traffic control advised the pilot she was cleared to land. okay, could you have the medical meet us on the runway as well. we've got injured passengers...they said there was a hole and someone went out. the plane landed smoothly despite a small fire in its left wing. "we're gonna stop right here by the fire truck. thanks guys for your help."grateful passengers praised her cool."the pilot ewas a veteran of the navy. she had 32 years in. a woman. and she was very good." (pam) new tonight at 8.
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we are hearing from the former chairman of the n-t-s-b about the engine failure.(steve) and kron-4's dan kerman talked with passengers at s=f=o about the fatal explosion. that's where we find him live tonight...dan what did they tell you. sotit's pretty frightening. it's what nightmares are made ofsotwe're supposed to be safe in the air, the safest way to travel and then something like this happens, it's horrific southwest airlines passengers at sfo reacting to this, the southwest jet that blew an engine in mid-air over pennsylvania, which smashed a window, and lead to the death of a passenger who was partially sucked out that window.soti mean i am wondering what caused it that's what investigators with the national transportation safety board will be looking intosot
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christopher hart/former ntsb chairman 28-37the ntsb will always want to know what caused an accident but there is an added urgency here because of the possibility there is a manufacturing problem here.christopher hart is former chairman of the national transportation safety board. he says if the ntsb determines there were defects in the metal from which the engine was made, that's a big problemsotbecause then it would mean we need to find every engine in the world that was made with that metal for fear it could have the same defect and it may encounter the same problem that this one didhart says they could determine it's a maintenance problem, meaning the procedures of maintaining that engine were not followed or are not thorough enough either way most passengers at sfo say it does not give them pause about flyingsotbecause there are accidentssoti think things happen hopefully not to me or not to anyone
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(pam) southwest says, it will now speed up inspections of engines... like the one that failed today. the company expects to finish those inspections in the next 30 days... and says it is making the move out of caution (steve) we told you about the breaking news this morning with a push alert at 9:42. stay connected on breaking news by downloading our free app and enabling alerts today. (pam) former first lady barbara bush died today at the age of 92. bush was one of only two women in u-s history... to be both the wife and mother of a u.s. president.(steve) and the matriarch of a political dynasty. barbara bush was 16 when she met a young man who would change her herbert walker bush. two of her
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children - george w. and jeb - would continue a life in politics as president and governor of florida in or out of politics, the legacy barbara bush nurtured will live on through her family, children and grandchildren. (steve) san francisco police are looking for a suspect wanted for domestic violence and animal cruelty. we want to warn you this video of the suspect is disturbing. police say delos gallon is accused of throwing canned goods at a woman inside a store. then this video shows him grabbing the victim's four month old cockier-spaniel puppy. and forcefully slamming the dog on the floor. the puppy did not survive. the 23 year old suspect is now wanted on domestic violence, kidnapping, and felony animal cruelty charges. (steve)(steve) starbucks will be temporarily closing 8- thousand of its company-owned stores across the country for employee training. (pam)
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the move is in response to the uproar following the controversial arrest of two black men at a philadelphia store location. meanwhile-- the 9-1-1 call made from that coffee shop has just been released. (steve) james dinan has a closer look. audio of 911 call: "hi i have two gentlemen who are refusing to make a purchase or leave." philadelphia police released the 9-11 call that triggered this controversial arrest at a starbucks. two black men say they were waiting for a friend to arrive before placing their order. but after a manager called police, the men were arrested for trespassing, men's friend: "what did they get called for? because there are two black guys sitting here meeting?"the tape's release comes on the same day starbucks announced it's closing 8-thousand company- owned stores for one afternoon -- to teach employees about racial bias. about 175- thousand workers will take part in the training scheduled for may 29th."which side are you on? which side are you on?" all this in response to growing backlash, protests,
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and calls for boycotts over the arrests.the lawyer for the two men says the incident has been "painful" for his two clients. attorney stewart cohen, men's attorney: "the conversation continues today about how this painful incident can become a vehicle for positive social change." starbucks c-e-o-- kevin johnson-- says he met with the two men arrested and apologized for the way they were treated.kevin johnson ceo, starbucks: "this is not who we are and it's not who we are going to be. we are going to learn from this."the company says the manager who called the police is no longer working at that store. i'm james dinan reporting. (pam) starbucks says, the training will be developed with guidance from experts.... including former u.s. attorney general eric holder. (pam) as the demand for data grows, in the bay area, some cities like danville, are trying to balance the need for strong cell phone signals verses the concerns of their residents about small cell towers popping up on city light poles and power poles.(steve) kron 4's gabe slate spoke with
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residence and city leaders about the issue. danville, like most bay area cities is growing quickly the demand on the cell phone networks is being pushed. the cell phone network providers want to add these micro towers called small cells to existing city infrastructure to boost cell signals. these are typically added to the tops of light poles or power poles. danville is one of many east bay cities that some of the carriers want to place these small cells throughout the downtown area and neighborhoods . tehy may be small.. but they are still a cell tower and that has some people worried what they will look like estiticly or radiation concerns..this flyer is being passed around social media calling for danville residents to show up to city council meeting on tuesday night and oppose an ordinance the council is voting on that may make it easier for the carriers to add these small cells. sound from danville residents. sound from tai williams, aicp - danville assistant town manager "there is little a city can do with
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cell tower regulation" tai williams is danville's assistant town manager, she says the fcc handels cell phone tower regulation. the only a city can do through their ordinance is enforce some minor cosmetic rules. sound from tai williams, aicp - danville assistant town manager "it can only be this high, hide it as best you can etc " tai williams says a few residents have contacted the city expressing radiation concerns over these small cell towers tai says there is nothing the city can do about that they can't deny the towers over those concerns. sound from tai williams, aicp - danville assistant town manager "the federal gov won't let us denie over health issues " in danville gabe slate kron 4 news.
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(pam) a san francisco police officer was hit and hurt while crossing the street today. the officer was in plainclothes.. and was hit around 3-in the afternoon on eddy and larkin streets. the driver fled. but in the last ten minutes...we learned the suspect was arrested. (steve) san francisco will now require permits for motorized scooters before they can legally operate. the vote comes a day after the city attorney issued cease and desist orders to three companies. those companies deployed the scooters around the city last month. city attorney city attorney dennis herrera says since...his office has received numerous complaints about them. users pay as little as 2-dollars per trip and can leave them in any public spot. coming up at eight.. another eye - popping real estate sale in the bay area. how much this condemned home just sold for- over asking price. plus.
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new video resurfaces of a different bathroom controversy involving a southern california starbucks and an african american man. and next. dozens of people are forced from their homes... some even tried jumping, to escape a raging fire in the south bay. curious is an unreachable destination. it has no comfort zone, it rests on no laurels. curious perpetually scratches at doors, picks at locks. curious never stops, because to curious, good enough never is. you know what we make. curious makes us who we are. frantic, life- threatening
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scene, as a raging fire raced through an apartment building this morning in san jose. (pam) 100 people were chased from their homes.. many of them trapped for a time and ready to jump or climb down ropes, as firefighters arrived to rescue them. kron four's rob fladeboe talked with people who barely escaped the flames. rosa perlera/fire victim "....i saw the fire and i told my husband, wake up, wake up, there is a fire..."rosa perlera, her husband and baby got out fast but as the hallway in the three-story apartment buidling filled with smoke, many of their neighbirs on the 2nd and third floors were trapped. "...they were
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yelling, help, help..."this resident says people were planning to jump or climb down ropes because there was no other way out. firefighters rescued 20 people.capt. mitch matlow/san jose fire "....firefighters using ground ladders rescued approximately 20 people. if you look mover my shoulder you can see there are still ropes hanging from the balconies and a mattress on the ground that someone was going to jump on when firefighters arrived..."of the fifteen people injured, four were hospitalized with smoke inhallation. mayor sam liccardo toured the scene saying his city is ready to help.sam liccardo/san jose mayor "...we are checking into see if there are any vacant apartments that displaced families can use and we are working with the red cross to make sure there is a safe landing for these people.."the 36 unit complex suffered heavy damage. it passed inspection last fall and there are smoke alarms but it was built before sprinklers were mandated. there is widespread smoke damage and some residents may have lost everything. josh zanger is countng his blessings.josh zanger/fire victim "...i'd say we had about four minutes to get dressed, grab a few thongs andget out of there..."the fire department
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tweeted a message saying that keeping bedroom doors closed at night can buy valuable time. captain matlow clarified the tweet.capt. mitch matlow/san jose fire dept. " an apartment, and there is fire in the hallway, keep the door closed and that will keep the fire out and then we can come and rescue you from a window or balcony.also among the survivors, several pets, including these two cats rewscued by animal services. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news kron 4 news ((steve/me3 vo))authorities confirm a body pulled from the pacific ocean last week is another chiled from a family killed when their suv plunged off a cliff in mendocino
8:17 pm the coroner's office confirmed it was the body of 12 year-old ciera hart. she is the fourth of six children to be recovered. invesitgators determined their mother...jennifer hart was drunk and the crash was intentional.toxicology results concluded that hart's wife and several children had large amounts of a drug in their system that can cause drowsiness. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's kron-4's meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with the forecast (mabrisa rodriguez)next weather system is waiting in the wings. the weak ridge of high pressure over the bay area will continue to weaken and slide eastward tonight. as this happens the upper low and associated cold front currently off the pacnw coast will move southward along the west coast. clouds will gradually increase ahead of the approaching low tonight leading to slightly warmer temperatures. the next storm will drop south along the coast wednesday night. rain
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chances will initially increase over the northern coastal waters early wednesday then spreading through the day. snow levels will be relatively low during this time period allowing for snow above 3500 feet. one change from previous forecast was to include thunderstorms wednesday afternoon/evening along coastal locations from santa cruz southward. small hail will be the best threat. drier weather returns thursday afternoon as the upper low exits to the east. an overall warming and drying trend will develop late in the week and next weekend. (steve) the oakland a's are celebrating their 50th anniversary right now. and tonight-- thousands of fans are celebrating along side the team---attending tonight's game for free. kron 4's ali reid is live at the coliseum where there is a packed house tonight.(steve) next weekend. in the week and next weekend.
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(steve) the oakland a's are celebrating their 50th anniversary right now. and tonight-- thousands of fans are celebrating along side the team---attending tonight's game for free. kron 4's ali reid is live at the coliseum where there is a packed house tonight. it's a very exciting time for a's fans ... they've been
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looking forward to today for quite some time.hoping to score tickets to the 50th anniversary game.not only are they celebrating the 50 years to the day the a's played here in oakland ...but they're here for free, and you can't beat that.some fans tell me it wasn't too hard winning their tickets, others tell me they had friends and family applying in hopes they got at least a couple.there were 200- thousand requests, and about 60-thousand were offered anniversary's definitely a packed house against the chicago white sox tonight, and lifelong a's fans are excited to share another milestone with the team.sotsot sotsot standupa's fans are feeling good right now ...the athletics are up ........ reporting live from oakland coliseum ... ali reid ... kron 4 news.
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new ahead at 8 a washington state mother is babysitting another infant...what she noticed that forced her to call police. why the senate is scrapping rules meant to protect car buyers from discrimination. ((gary sports tease))coming up a little bit later in this
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broadcast, the oakland a's let everyone in for free tonight. we'll give you a shot from the coliseum...upwards of 70,000 people didn't pay a penny we'll have that story. what's up with the giants? and guess who is the most popular player in the n-b-a? we'll let you know later in this broadcast ((steve))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... this isn't the kind of fellowship we think of during sunday service...a man's turban is yanked off ...and it all goes downhill from there.a huge brawl breaks out...and it's all caught on's a story you won't want to miss...tonight on kron 4 news at nine.
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new tonight at 8. the senate is debating rolling back safeguards meant to prevent auto dealers from discriminating against people
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of color.(pam) consumer groups are warning the senate .... to keep the guidelines in place. while the auto industry says, the oversight is unnecessary. our washington correspondent jessica smith reports. pkgnats votedem ocrats say this is a vote for discrimination.sen elizabeth warren (d-ma): it is a vote in favor of some auto lenders and dealers to continue charging african americans and latinos more, just because of their race.republicans say it's a vote to stop government overreach.sen mitch mcconnell (r-ky): our whole economy is getting a tune up. now it's time for the auto industry to come along for the ride.on tuesday, the senate voted to begin debate on eliminating consumer financial protection bureau "guidance" to limit the amount of additional interest and fees auto dealers can add to car loans.senator elizabeth warren says the guidance was designed to discouraged dealers from charging people of color more money for loans. sen elizabeth warren (d-ma): discrimination in auto lending is alive and well.jessica smith reporting: republicans say the cfpb guidance is unnecessary, hurts the auto industry and gives consumers fewer options.sen. crapo (r- id) the guidance threatens to raise credit costs and push marginally credit worthy
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consumers out of the credit market.republicans are using the congressional review act...which allows them to repeal regulations from other agencies with a simple majority.sen sherrod brown (d-oh): the tea party members of this body have found a way to weaken consumer protections through a quirk in the law. last year, republicans used the provision to roll back regulations more than a dozen times senator sherrod brown says he's worried this is just the beginning.sen sherrod brown (d-oh): there are a whole lot of things about this provision of the law that can be used as an assault on the middle class.the senate could vote to repeal the cfpb guidance this washington, i'm jessica smith. coming up at eight.. north bay neighbors are furious, after trees are illegally cut down.... and their concerns are not just environmental.. but about privacy. plus. the
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supreme court takes up an issue that could end up having you pay more on your online purchases. and next. enter at your own risk.... a home listed as condemned, ends up selling with a million dollar price tag. the latest bay area real estate market sale ... turning heads.
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this (steve) this fremont house is so dilapadated that it's surrouned by cycone fencing, caution tape and keep out
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signs.(pam) initial asking price... a million dollars.... and sold for six- figures over the asking price. (steve) kron4's maureen kelly talked to local realtors who say.....welcome to the new normal. a neighbor say the previous owners were forced to move out by the city after this property was condemned by the city a few years ago.the listing agent says it's got holes in the roof and mildew inside.....and it's so decrepit he only stepped foot in there one was marketed to buyers not only as a fixer upper.....but as a beyond is in such bad shape the new owners have surrouned it with protective fencing and caution tape.even still it was listing for a cool one million. the agent says he was immediately flooded with calls. he ended up getting multiple offers.....and sold for 1- point 23. that's 230- thousand over asking....all cash.(maureen)while that sales price might be mind boggling to some, local realtors familiar with this market didn't bat an eye. they say that's the new reality..especia
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lly here in fremont's mission san jose's small change for homes selling in mission san jose because of the schools , the reputation the schools have people like living in this area because it's close to 680 and 880, we can go to pleasanton we can go to south bayi would say that's part of the marketing conditon right now, there's limited supply people are looking at different avenues to get into a property and this may be the one avenue that they because they've been bid out on so many other levels. so when they see this they don't see a condemned home they see maybe there will be less competition and maybe they can get in and not spend 400k over asking or 300k and 200k is a smaller price to pay especially if i have to compete with 30 people, maybe i only have to compete with 15.both agents saying they don't expect to see the cool down on this red hot market for some time to come.maureen kelly kron4 news. (pam) neighbors in petaluma are up in arms about a developer's big mistake. dozens of native trees were
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recenly chopped down .... at the construction site of a new apartment community. the problem is -- as kron four's philippe djegal reports... cutting the trees down is a violation of the city - approved project plan. (philippe) unexpectedly... jesus martinez and his family lost a bit of their privacy last tuesday... when their backyard view received an unwanted facelift, much to their chagrin.jesus martinez/neighbor- "wow, look at that place. it's like empty now." martinez lives on ponderosa drive on the eastside of petaluma. for the past year, a 150-unit apartment development has been under construction on the other side of his fence. the city-approved plans called for the native oak trees along the creek separating the homes and the development to stay up. but last week about two dozen trees were chopped down. jesus martinez/neighbor- "used to be a whole bunch of trees and now we got nothing. we got apartments right in front, and we can see everything, and they can see us from their." deputy planning manager for the city of petaluma, kevin colin says he too was shocked
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to learn of the mistake.kevin colin/city of petaluma- "the developer has not indicated the specific reason the trees were removed." the developer -- the reliant group based out of san francisco -- declined to comment for this story. colin says the company is aware now that they violated the terms of their agreement with the city... colin says the reliant group could be fined for cutting the trees down... and, may also be held responsible for paying for the trees to be replanted... which neighbors want.joe tracy/neighbor- "i think its invasive to everyone. no one has any privacy now."jesus martinez/neighbor- "i don't want to see people get in trouble, but i hope they do something about that, you know, cuz if they do it here, they're going to do it somewhere else." the city is planning to meet with affected neighbors next week and discuss all options to fix the problem moving forward. in petaluma, philippe djegal, kron news. ((steve)) the u.s. supreme court is considering whether consumers should start paying sales tax on all online purchases. the case pits the state of south dakota against the online home goods store- wayfair.specifically, the
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justices will decide whether online retailers must collect sales taxes on purchases made in states, where they do not have a so-called physical presence ... such as a warehouse or office. companies like wayfair do not have widespread enough operations, to require all shoppers to pay sales tax.... and critics say, that gives them an unfair advantage over traditional brick -and- mortar stores. (pam) today is tax day... but an outage shutdown the i- r-s payment website for most of the day. now treasury secretary steve mnuchin says .... americans who have been unable to pay will get an extention. the new tax deadline is now april 18th ...tomorrow at midnight. you have until then to file and pay your taxes. the i-r-s did not give an immediate explanation for the breakdown but said, certain systems had technical difficulties. (steve) only three months into 2018, and it is already shaping up to be an expensive year for natural disasters in the united states. two winter storms and one severe
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storm saw losses of 1 billion dollars each. those three storms also resulted in 34 deaths. nor'easters plagued the northeast for much of march. march also brought storms with tornadoes across the southeast. the southeast is in the middle of the spring severe weather season, and hurricane season doesn't start until june, so more weather events are expected. (steve) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead (mabrisa rodriguez)next weather system is waiting in the wings. the weak ridge of high pressure over the bay area will continue to weaken and slide eastward tonight. as this happens the upper low and associated cold front currently off the pacnw coast will move southward along the west coast. clouds will gradually increase ahead of
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the approaching low tonight leading to slightly warmer temperatures. the next storm will drop south along the coast wednesday night. rain chances will initially increase over the northern coastal waters early wednesday then spreading through the day. snow levels will be relatively low during this time period allowing for snow above 3500 feet. one change from previous forecast was to include thunderstorms wednesday afternoon/evening along coastal locations from santa cruz southward. small hail will be the best threat. drier weather returns thursday afternoon as the upper low exits to the east. an overall warming and drying trend will develop late in the week and next weekend.
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still ahead at 8 facebook facing more legal
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trouble...this time over how they tag your photos. plus. how scientists made a potential major breakthrough in the fight against enzyme that can eat plastic. and next. starbucks facing another controversy.... out of southern california..whe re a man says he was racially discriminated against over using the bathroom.
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(pam) another big story we are tracking. video is re-surfacing of a man's trip to a southern california starbucks back in january. that's when he says he was racially discriminated against. (steve) it happened at this story in the town of torrance that's near long beach. brandon ward says he was denied use of a starbucks restroom...right before he says employees gave access to a white man. take a look.
8:41 pm
they let you use the restroom right?" "i just typed in, i just asked for the code.""you asked for the code and they just gave it to you, right? before you made a purchase?" "yeah.""ok, alright, come on, l let's go.""this is westin, and westin hadn't made a purchase yet, you guys.""this is a private business... and you need to stop recording me right now." "i feel it may be my skin color. but this about to be on social media.">(steve) starbucks ceo kevin johnson has not commented about the january incident. (pam) more trouble for facebook -- this time in the form of a lawsuit over facial recognition software which scans user pictures.... and suggests tagging friends. the plaintiffs are a group of facebook users in illinois. they say, facebook collects and stores users' biometric data.... as a part of a "face template" .... without prior notice or consent. a facebook spokesperson said, the case has no merit and the company is reviewing the ruling. but a court disagreed and let the case move forward.
8:42 pm
it is the latest blow to the company... amid growing concerns about privacy. in sports -- the warriors prepare for a tough game- three in san antonio against the spurs. also -- the a's are celebrating 50 years in oakland with a free game for fans. our sports director, gary radnich tells us how many fans attended tonight's game against the chicago white sox he has all the sports coming up next at 8 a mother babysitting another infant --- notices something is wrong. and what she did next may have saved that baby's life.
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(steve) in washington state.. two parents are arrested... and facing criminal mistreatment charges... after what another mother noticed about their baby.(pam) she says, the two- month old was just skin and bones.. and doctors say, the baby might not have survived another week. investigators say, the baby was neglected and malnourished. but it was angelia gavagan, a mother of a baby herself who first noticed it. it was when she babysat for an old high school friend... and noticed the baby was dangeroulsly thin and had trouble breathing.
8:46 pm
"disgusted. how can something like an innocent baby be treated that way?">(pam) the baby and his sister are now safe. but the investigation into the infant's parents continues. (steve) a new study is putting a damper on happy hour plans.(pam) melisa raney explains in today's health minute. an international team of researchers found having just one alcoholic drink a day might be enough to shorten your life expectancy.the current recommended drinking limit in the u-s amounts to roughly one a day for women and twice that much for men. according to the study... 100 grams of pure alcohol a week, which is the amount found in about 7 typical drinks, was linked to a six-month shorter life span for a typical 40-year-old. 200 to 350 grams per week were associated with life spans that were one to two years shorter.any more and you are looking at potentially four to five years off your life.people who drank more also have a higher risk of stroke, heart failure, and fatal hypertensive disease. however, they do have a lower risk of heart attack. researchers suggest the impact alcohol has on blood pressure may explain the link with
8:47 pm
cardiac diseases. for today's health minute... i'm melisa raney new tonight at nine... workers at this restaurant... left speechless, after a diner digs deep into his pockets to give every staff member a tip! find out how much everyone got... and why the good samaritan says, he felt compelled to help the crew out. that's tonight on kron 4 news at nine. big day for a's fans tonight-- the
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team is celebrating 50 years in oakland with a free game for everyone. president, dave kaval got the festivities underway by cutting the cake before the game tonight's game against the white sox is honoring the first a's game played in oakland about 50-thousand fans are at the coliseum the a's were expecting close to 70-thousand people to attend. the a's and white sox are wearing 1968 throwback uniforms right now -- a's are up 8-0 the warriors head to san antonio with a two game lead over the spurs. the
8:49 pm
warriors without steph curry grind out a win in game two after a sloppy first half. lamarcus aldrige led the way for the spurs with 34 points and 12 rebounds. kevin durant and klay thompson responded in the second half they combined for 63 points... helping the warriors pull away in the fourth quarter to win 116-101. the team 116-101. the team understands gregg popovich and the spurs are going to put up a fight in san antonio. "you know it's going to be important for us to come out and get a good start in game 3. they are going to try to get the crowd into it. playing on the road obviously we have some experience, so definitely important to get a good start". "this is actually a really good matchup for us. this team brings out the best of us. we have to keep focus, they are never going to die no matter what. they are going to come and play their best basketball. like i said they are well coached, we got to stay locked in".
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steph curry steph curry and the warriors lead the n-b-a with the most popular jerseys and team merchandise for the third straight season. curry beats lebron james for the top slot. kevin durant comes in as the third-best selling jersey followed by... giannis antetokounmpo and
8:51 pm
kyrie irving. the warriors are the only team with 3 players in the top 15 klay thompson is 14 on the list. the warriors are sharing the spotlight with the men in teil are a game the men in the sharks the men in teil are a game away from the second round of the stanley cup playoffs. the sharks made franchise history last night in san jose they beat the anaheim ducks 8-1, it's the team's highest- scoring playoff game in 26 years. san jose scored 4 goals in the second period... helping the team take a 3 game lead in the series. tomorrow night peter deboer and the sharks will be looking to finish off the ducks.ducks. < deboer: "we realize what our identity is and we know that we've been burned if we haven't shown up and worked and having 4 lines and haven't played an honest game, we get burned.>< couture: "we want to finish it at home in front of your fans especially against a rival we know its going to be loud and they're going to be energized tomorrow, so we want to put on a good show for our fans. ">
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for this week's lexus "experience amazing" ultimate highlight we go to puerto rico . francisco lindor with more than 60 family members in stands... hits a two-run homer off jake odorizzi the puerto rican star helped the indians beat the twins... 6-1 this is the first m-l-b game in puerto rico since 2010. former olympian, desi linden became the first american woman in 33 years to win the boston marathon happened 13 captured the hearts of america. cancer survivor, mary was determined to cross the she went into a medical tent 15 miles marathon... had mary called her husband... home took a put dry restarted the the couple finished the race holding mary has
8:53 pm
33-thousand cancer research. next at 8. in the fight against plastic pollution... scientists may have just found an answer. tonight at 9 what's happening the channel that behaves, gotta go home with those scooters, with those people stealing cars maybe who what i'll address the who is doing what at west portal in the next edition of people behaving badly
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ve) researchers have stumbled onto a so-called "plastic-eating" enzyme that could be used to combat pollution.(pam) the finding was published monday in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences journal. scientists from britain's university of portsmouth and the u-s department of energy's came up with the potential breakthrough. they were studying a natural enzyme that can "eat" p-e-t -- that's the substance used in plastic bottles. the researchers accidentally engineered another enzyme -- one that was even better at breaking down p-e-t plastics. p-e-t plastics stay around for hundreds of years. (steve) tender, touching moments at smithsonian's national zoo sunday. a baby male gorilla -- experiencing the world for the first time in the loving arms of his mother. the mother, calaya, -- kissing and
8:57 pm
cradling the newborn, named "moke" (mo-key), which means "junior." the baby's father, waited respectfully nearby and let out a contented rumble when moke was born. it is calaya's first child. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))thank you pam and at nine..a disturbing story out of san francisco.police are on the hunt for the man they say killed his girlfriend's dog at a convenience store, and it's all caught on camera.the charges he now faces next in a live ntsb still trying to determine what cause an engine to blow on a southwest airline flight...killing one person. we'll hear from the former head of the agency...who gives his take on what investigators will be looking into.((grant)) plus...a packed house at the coliseum as the a's celebrate 50 years in oakland.we'll take you there live.((vicki))keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break. please keep your shoes on!
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stop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy. (grant) a distrubing story
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tonight out of san francisco... police are looking for a man they say savagely attacked a four month old puppy this past weekend... (grant) thanks for joining us, i'm grant lodes...(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis... it happened on saturday morning and police say the puppy has died as a result of it's injuries... the suspect is also wanted for domestic violence.... kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in san francisco with details. charles, this is just a terrible situation. . . very. the suspect in this case has a criminal history and he is now facing felonly charges. according to the san francisco police department, just before noon on saturday a fight broke out between two people. . a man and a woman. . inside a convenience store along turk street. t


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