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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 25, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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not stopping at that station while police investigate... (vicki) kron'4's michlle kingston is live at the hayward bart station.. with details michelle any idea on when the station will reopen?
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happen>(grant) new tonight at nine a local mother is speaking out for the first time since losing her 18- year-old son to a drug overdose involving xanax laced with fentanyl.(vicki) authorities say this opioid problem is taking aim at high school teens and young adults. (grant) kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live tonight where that young man went to high school. students remembering their former classmate at a memorial in san bruno on wednesday. just over two months after that young man...18 year old david ochoa overdosed on xanax laced with fentanyl.they were up late playing video games until 2 in the morning...they all woke up and he didn'tit was eventually determined that it was the fentanyl that had killed david. a drug that can
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be 100 times more powerful than heroin or's unclear how many pills david had...possibly 4 or 5 according to his family. experts told them one could have killed him too. sound like a rare case? not at all...we've seen recent cases like this in san francisco, petaluma, and san bruno just to name a's the new party drug to haveit's becoming an epidemicpeople are overdosingdavid's mom karin wants to get the word out to parents and their children that these drugs are dangerous. these former classmates of david tell me that they can get a pill or xanax bar as it is called for 5 dollars illegally. david's parents put him in an outpatient program when they found pills he had bought months before, he had already graduated from high school, and was working when the tragedy hit...he didn't stand a chance nobody stands a chance against fentanyl you
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don't get a fighting chance you take it and that's it... and now because of that decision....karin is left without a son.the other thing that eats at me is that i miss him. i'm never going to see him again in real life. (vicki) anotherr (vicki) (vicki) anotherr big story
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we are following tonight.... a shocking twist in a decades- old cold case... after 40 years of investing -- authorities in california have arrested the so-called "golden state killer."(vicki) the arrest...brining closure to communities across california... including many here in the bay area. reporter andy rose has the latest on the investigation. anne marie schubert/sacramento district attorney: "we found the needle in the haystack and it was right here in sacramento."the man that police say terrorized the state of california for 10 years has finally been captured.known as the golden state killer, the east area rapist, or the original night stalker, he has finally be identified as joseph james deangelo.40 years after he began his crime-spree, the 72-year-old former police officer was taken into custody outside his home in northern california wednesday.scott jones/ sacramento sheriff: "over the last few days as information started to point towards this individual we started some surveillance. we were able to get some discarded dna and we were able to confirm what we thought we already knew that we had our man."police pinned 12 murders and at least 50 rapes between 1976 and 1986 on the golden state killer.but for years, nothing more than sketches from those who survived his attacks provided any clues. authorities were finally able
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to link the cases together in 2001 through dna...the same evidence that ultimately led to deangelo's capture.bruce harrington/ brother of victim keith harrington: "for the 51 ladies who were brutally raped in this crime scene, sleep better tonight. he isn't coming through the window. he's now in jail and he's history."i'm andy rose, kron-4 news. (grant) a 44- year (grant) (grant) a 44- year manhunt and a long list of victims. the golden state killer was a major story here in the bay area in the late seventies. (vicki) catherine heenan
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takes us back through the decade=long trail of rapes and murders that led through the bay area. "i think of it every night before i lock up and go to bed."the golden state killer's twelve year reign of terror began in the summer of 1976, while joseph deangelo was working as an auburn policeman. in the next two years he is suspected of killing two people and raping dozens of women in sacramento and the central 1978, he turned his attention to the bay area,in eight weeks ... two women raped in concord, one on san ramon, two more in san jose.everybody's being very aware of this people being carefulbut the assaults continued ... a woman in danville.she lived along these railroad tracks and was raped in her home and a 13=year old girl in walnut creek, his youngest victim.fade to black then something happened. deangelo was arrested ... not for rape or murder ... but shoplifting.he stole a can of dog repellant and a hammer from a sacramento drugstore and lost his job.and then the crimes began again ... in southern california.a botched burglary ... four murders and a rape in goleta.two more rape murders in ventura.another in laguna niguel a woman bludgeoned to death and raped in irvine.the killer waited
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five years before striking again,his final victim, was 18=year old in encino.old in encino.was 18=year old in encino. (grant) lawrence karnow: we started with clouds but became mostly
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sunny except at the coast. it is a little breezy outside and the temperatures will cool quickly. it's all quiet on the doppler radar but that could change as we head into the weekend. on the satellite you can see low pressure spinning off the coast. that low will eventually aproach the bay area this weekend leading to increasing clouds, cooler temperatures and a slight chance of showers mainly to the north. for tomorrow we will start with patchy fog and low clouds. it will slowly burn back to the coast revealing sunshine and cooler temperatures. highs will be in the 60s to low 70s inland with 60s inside the bay. it will be cooler at the coast with highs there in the 50s. the cooling trend will take us right into the weekend too. temperatures will be running below average through this period. there is a slight chance of showers with partly cloudy skies on saturday too. warmer weather will retuirn in the middle of next week.
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(grant) investigators are trying to determine what caused this massive fire at an under-construction apartment complex in downtown concord.... and tonight firefighters are bringing in the heavy equipment tomorrow morning at eight o'clock to knock down walls and get teams inside safely... here is what we know tonight... a national response team is on scene investigating... this includes forensic investigators with a-t-f explosives and fire division... they set up special equipment to diagram what is left of this large apartment complex... the fire broke out tuesday morning around one... the fire was put out... but the building continues to smolder with all of the hot spots preventing fire crews from getting inside to start investigating how exactly this fire started...
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the damage left over from the fire was so severe - the entire scaffolding collapsed crushing several cars below.... 260 residents at 260 residents at the nearby renaissance one complex were forced to evacuate... and they remain out tonight... ((vicki/ots))tonight - hundreds are still displaced by the fire.. and they don't know when they will be able to go home. in the meantime, the red cross has set up a shelter nearby. ((dbl bx))kron 4's hermela aregawi joins us live from concord with that part of the story.. hermela, what are people telling you? (hermela aregawi)a lot of people are very stressed out here. they left early tuesday morning with just a few things.. some people were able
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to get back in their homes today to pick up essential items.. like medications. these are live in this apartment complex here.. it's next to the building that caught fire. fire fighters have said they will demolish that building because it is not structurally sound. and if it fell.. it would fall into the renaissance apartments where that are hundreds of tenants.the red cross tells me about 134 units are affected by the fire.more than 200 people have been evacuated.the red cross tells me most of them went to family and friends... but there are a few people staying at the first presbyetrian church nearby where the red cross has set up a shelter.they are there to keep people updated and get them what they need as they try to move forward. diane dupuy/red cross contra costa they were very afraid that their building was on that's what we're hearing mostly. they had this huge fear. they didn't know what was happening and they were scrambling to get out. so they didn't leave with very many supplies if you will or anything out of their
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apartments. so they were basically in panic mode.pastor toby nelson/concordwe have made it a point just to listen to their stories. everybody has a story and they want to tell it. and you can tell there's a certain level of trauma. certainly some uncertainty abut their futures. they feel vulnerable and their lives have been disrupted (hermela aregawi) this is one of the largest fires in concord's recent history. a lot of people in this town affected. fire officials tell us they will have updates tomorrow about coming up at 10, when people can expect to get back in their homes. we'll hear from one family.. that got to go in and get their medications today.. report
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(grant) coming up on kron4 news at nine... a warning for parents who have kids on instagram... your childs friends may be who they say they are on social media... details on "impostors with fake accounts... (vicki) plus... newly released body cam footage shows a school resource officer slamming a student to the ground... now many people wonder if the officer went too far. (grant) and after the break... the supreme court hears oral arguments on the presiden'ts travel ban. hear how a california congresswoman is responding..
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we can now use a blood sample toh care, target lung cancer more precisely. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines.
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if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. (vicki) another federal judge overruled the trump administration plan to end the daca program. now the government must start taking new applications for the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. renewals of the two year permits have already resumed...but the new ruling allows for new enrollees....and
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could protect thousands more undocumented immigrants. the administration has 90 days to better explain the reasons behind ending daca. (grant) the supreme court heard oral arguments today on the presiden'ts travel ban.. it restricts travel from five muslim majority countries including syria and iran... it also includes north korea and venezuela. the justices will ultimately decide if the ban is consitutional.. reporter alexandra limon has the story.. / california (d) it didn't just create fear and distrust among muslims, it created chaos.california congresswoman judy chu joined protesters outside the supreme court insidethe president's case was argued by solicitor general noel fransciscogfx: this is not a so called muslim ban if it were it would be the most ineffective muslim ban that one could possible imagine.francisco says it's an issue of national security and most of the muslim world continues to travel to the us this is the third version of the travel ban and targets five muslim majority countries
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plus north korea and venezuela. the state of hawaii argued the ban is discriminatory, violates the constitution and conflicts with immigration laws passed by congress. alexandra limon / washington some the questions during arguments centered around whether comments by ácandidateá donald trump about muslims should be taken into account when deciding this case.this is justice anthony kennedygfx anthony kennedy ,suppose you have a local mayor and as a candidate he makes vituperative hateful statements. he gets elected and on day two he takes acts that are consistent with those hateful statements. whatever he said in the campaign is irrelevant?neal katyal represents hawaii and says after taking office president trump has repeated, tweeted and embraced anti muslim sentiments.neal katyal / attorney for hawaiican we have a president that says in the terms he has, things like a complete and total shutdown of muslim immigration should happen.katyal says that question will be settled by the court's decision. in washignton alexandra limon. (vicki) the longtime personal
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attorney for president donald trump...will use one of his amendment rights in the stormy daniels case. michael cohen...filed court papers today indicating he would plead the fifth against self- incrimination regarding his involvement in a hush money deal involving porn star stormy daniels and the president. cohen asked a judge to delay the civil case after his office and residence were raided by the fbi. stormy daniels has been seeking to invalidate a nondisclosure agreememnt....s he signed days before the 2016 presidential she can discuss the alleged relationship...which trump relationship...walleged relationship...which trump denies. (grant) dallas police are now saying one of two officers shot at a home depot yesterday has died. the other remains in critical does a security guard. officers converged on the dallas shopping center within seconds after shots rang out. the suspect -- armando juarez -- was taken into a back office
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after he was acting suspiciously. police say that's when he pulled out a gun and shot at two dallas police officers and the store security officer. the male officer was shot in the back of the head and the female officer in the face.mercedes espinosa/home depot employee: "the officers got him and then they started doing the shots it was about seven shots that we heard."/butted/"idown surrounded in a puddle of blood." juarez was captured last night after a car chase. he will be charged with at least two counts of aggravated assault on a public servant. a spanish mass is being held tonight in dallas to honor the fallen officer rogelio (roh- hee'-lee-yoh) santander (san- tan'-dur). (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow...
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lawrence karnow: we started with clouds but became mostly sunny except at the coast. it is a little breezy outside and the temperatures will cool quickly. it's all quiet on the doppler radar but that could change as we head into the weekend. on the satellite you can see low pressure spinning off the coast. that low will eventually aproach the bay area this weekend leading to increasing clouds, cooler temperatures and a slight chance of showers mainly to the north. for tomorrow we will start with patchy fog and low clouds. it will slowly burn back to the coast revealing sunshine and cooler temperatures. highs will be in the 60s to low 70s inland with 60s inside the bay. it will be cooler at the coast with highs there in the 50s. the cooling trend will take us right into the weekend too. temperatures will be running below average through this period. there is a slight chance of showers with partly cloudy skies on saturday too. warmer weather will retuirn in the middle of next week.
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(vicki) new at nine.... body camera footage shows a florida school resource officer slamming a female student to the ground. the incident was also captured by a student. but as corey davis reports the officer may have just been doing his job. you're looking from the vantage point of a school resource officer at sunlake high school tuesday. the cafeteria filled with
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students... but we're told one of them was skipping an online class... refusing to leave with administrators. officer: hello, what's going on.girl: i was told i'm going to be handcuffed.officer: well come on out here and talk to me for a second.the officer can be heard asking the 16-year-old girl several more times to come outside. officer: you're on video right now and right now you're disrupting everything that's going on." nearly a minute later the girl stands up then raises her arm. girl: "oh, no you want to touch me. i'm not going to hurt you."natstake another look at that again. girl: oh, no you want to touch me. i'm not going to hurt you.nats before we requested this body cam video... a short cell phone clip showing the take down was passed around online leaving a lot of questions. natsnatalie cruz, student: "she didn't listen to three teachers and a cop and then it looked as if she tried to hit him. you're going to get in trouble. you're probably going to get taken down and cuffed." (vicki)(vicki) that was
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corey davis reporting. the student's mother says she suffered a concussion in the incident. the pasco county sheriff is defending the s-r-o saying he did what he was trained to do. he says detectives tried to speak to the student's family but they refused. coming uphonestly i see a lot of bad behavior, i see a lot of reckless driving, i've seen people plow right into a crowd of pedestrians...there isn't a whole lotta love for the motorized scooters that were dropped on san francisco but some people are taking their dislike to the extreme i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (vicki)
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♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit subway is closing more u- s stores -- while expanding internationally.(grant) the chain says it will shut down about 500 stores this year, on the heels of hundreds of closures over the last two years. subway has about 26-
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thousand locations in the u-s. sales dropped more than four percent last year because of competition from newer chains and other fast food options. subway is now launching a new loyalty program, remodeling its stores to look sleeker... and adding touch-screen kiosks for ordering. there are more than 80 subway restaurants in the bay area... no word which stores will be closing. stores will be no word which stores will be closing. (vicki) it may get much easier to price shop for health care soon... the trump administration wants to require hospitals to publish prices for standard services online. they could also be required to give patients better access to medical records and stop billing for unknown services from out-of- network providers. the new rules would take effect in 20-19 and mostly apply to medicare patients and providers. but officials hope the changes will influence others in the u-s health care system. (vicki) ahead at nine... the e-coli outbreak from tainted romaine lettuce is
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growing... how many more people got sick and what you need to know to stay safe.. (grant) plus... we'll tell you what's being done to improve the backlog of rape kits in south bay crime labs to help rape victims seeking justice... (vicki) and after the break... a man in the east bay arrested after he tries to kidnap a mother and her child at gunpoint... now police are looking for other possible victims...
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now at 9:30... continuing our breaking news out of the east bay. after
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a shooting at the hayward bart station....(grant) tonight police have a suspect is in custody...((map/vo)) the hayward bart station is on b street near hayward city hall and the gray hound bus station....(vicki) that's where we find kron'4's michlle kingston... she is live there now with the latest details... michelle?
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(grant) kron 4 first told you about the shooting through our mobile app. we sent a push alert at 8:09 tonight... make sure you download the kron4 mobile app to always get the latest breaking news. (grant) staying in the east bay... a man tried to kidnap a mother walking down the street with her young child.(vicki) this happened over the weekend in fremont...right by an elementary school. kron 4's justine waldman tells us police just arrested a teenager in the case. tiffany sot to hear something like that over hear it is not good it is scaryneighbors nerves are on edgeon sunday, a 35 year old mother was walking with her toddler here on valpey park ave. and butano park drive whenfremont police tell kron 4 news, a man
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saying he was lost parked his car and handed the woman his phone asking for directions. when she was holding the phone, the suspect then allegedly pointed a gun at her, and demanded she and her child get in the car.but she ran away, and called police. mary sot i dont like to see someone get away with something like thisto find the suspect fremont police relied heavily on neighbors security camerasand tracked this car leaving the area.on sunday, the investigation lead officers to this 19 year old. alex arriola of fremont, he has very distinctive long hair. police arrested him on two counts of attempted kidnapping, one count felony child endangerment and possession of a loaded firearm. michael sot something like that here in fremont is a little disturbingthe suspect is in jail on 275-thousand dollars bail.even with him behind bars, neighbors are rethinking walking alone. tiffany brooks-dumont/ fremont sot usually i allow my daughter to play in the front yard but i dont think i will do that anymore pretty much be more observant than i was beforemichael sot i dont think it is unsafe but it is not as safe as it used to bemary sot i am glad they caught the guy and our neighborhood goes back to being the nice neighborhood that it was justine waldman fremont police want to know if the suspect is connected to other attempted kidnapping fremont justine waldman kron 4 news. (vicki) santa rosa police are
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warning parents about two men who tried luring a child with candy. investigators say it happened yesterday afternoon. the suspects were spotted on brush creek road between badger road and fistor drive around four thirty. police say two white men in their 30-s to 40--s were in a black van when they approached a 10 year old..and offered him candy. the boy refused...the van eventually drove off. the incident has neighbors shaken. (sot)
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chris siri: "well it's kind of disturbing a quiet neighborhood. a lot of good families here and everything. the school right down the street so, i don't know it was just kind of alarming just to know that's going on."on."know that's going on." the make and model of the van are not known right now. but the child described the vehicle as a work style van with silver trim around the windows and grill (grant) in the south bay -- community leaders donned their denim today -- as part of an effort to help victims of rape. kron four's rob fladeboe reports ona call to help the county's sexual assault response team do its job. cindy chavez/santa clara county supervisor "...we're going to treat you with respect all along the line..." santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez is talking about the sexual assault or rape kits like this one, which can sit untested in the crime lab for as long as three months while victims wait for justice. cindy chavez "....we've got a great crime lab here, we think we can do it faster and by doing it faster it's one more way to tell victims that we understand your trauma, we respect you and we're going to get on this as quick as we can..."reducing the current backlog of 200 such kits
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awaiting tests could mean adding three new crime lab technicians and forming a team which would test rape kits exclusively.jay boyarsky/chief assistant district attorney ".....we are also developing a specific policy for the crime lab that specifies priority assessment and calls for the testing of all start kits within 30 days..."it's not just about evidence. faster testing is seen as a way to demnstrate respect and acknowledge the trauma of the victim by making it a priority, which could mean more victims will report these crimestanis crosby/ywca rape crisis center "....we have got to make certain that they have every choice available, every choice possible and if you don't think your rape kit is going to be processed in a timely manner, your choices are removed...."the call to action on rape kits coincides with national denim day. it was inspired by the overturnng of a rape conviction in italy where the court held that because a rape victim wore tight jens, she must have helped her rapist take them off, thereby implying consent. cindy chavez "....we want to encourage everyone in our community, not just women, to wear denim and have a conversation with their families both about what consensual sex means, about sexual assault awareness and about helping the victims of this horriffic san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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(vicki) an e-coli outbreak linked to tainted romaine lettuce is getting bigger.... the c-d-c says 84 people have now gotten sick in 19 states. that's at least another 31 cases tied to the lettuce grown in yuma, arizona. those affected range in age from one to 88. and more than half affected are female. 42 people have been cluding nine battling kidney failure. the c-d-c's advice to people: don't eat or buy romaine lettuce unless you can confirm it is not from the yuma, arizona region. this includes whold heads, hearts of romaine, chopped romaine, and salads or salad mixes. (grant) still ahead... new video released in a case involving a mother accused of letting her 12-year-old
9:37 pm
daughter drive on her lap while she was drunk...while she was drunk... witnesses describe the frightening moments... (lawrence bay area weather) (gary sports tease)
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the legend of lebron james... grew even more tonight... pivital game
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five of a 2-2 series against the indiana pacers... pacers ball with seconds left in a tie game... james with a great brock on victor oladipo... cavs get ball and lebron calls time out with 3 seconds left then on the inbounds... james catches... rises... and fires in the game-winning 3-pointer at the buzzer... he had 44 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists and was 15-of-15 from the line cleveland wins 98-95... they take a 3-2 series lead... and can advance to the 2nd round with a win friday in indiana michael jordan fans will use...his 6 titles to lebrons take a dig at james...jordan in the cluctch has no peer.....and semi old-timers love to say...oh when jordan played in the 80's and 90'..the game was more physical.. here is what gravattes me,,, for james.... he grew up never knowing his farher....he and his mom moved from housting project to
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housing project.... he has been a national figure since the age of 15... yet their has never been a hint of scandel or any wrong doing... from hiugh schjool straight to the pros... his stats speak for themeselves... but where he truly stands out if his philentropic side....hundred of local akron kids are going to high school and college on james dime.... his charitable doinations are said to be upwards of 100 million dollars...... oh yea... on the side he owns a company that prouces tekleivision prorgamming.... and on the side james starred opposdiuitve amy shumer in the box office hit train wreck . when grown men engage in hero worship... it can make you feel a little i will just say if you don't think james is the equal of jordan on the court.....take a look at him off the floor and then tell me how you feel... see you next how you feel...
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see you next hour
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new at nine: stanley roberts has been reporting about those controversial electric scooters that are all over san francisco. (grant) and it's not a good thing, when stanley had to use potty humor emojis to cover up the real thing...on the scooters. .. on the corner of 19th and harrison sits a bird scooter it looks normal, however, there is something missing can you spot it? (traffic sound) less than a block away sits two more scooters one i can
9:45 pm
easily roll away without any problem nats: ambiance and the other, the wheel locks and (alarm sound) the alarm goes off . the problem is people are vandalizing the scootersmaking them either inoperable or free to use case in point scooters have a quick response code on top they look like this the one at 19th and harrison had the qr code removed making the scooter dead in the water nats: ambiance speaking about dead in the water this is a photo from fisherman's wharf, where divers were looking for one thing but found two scooters, which were tossed in the bay .. let's face it some people simply don't like the scooters but why honestly i see a lot of bad behavior, i see a lot of reckless driving, i've seen people plow right into a crowd of pedestrians it would be a hard sell for me to think that would be a good thing the pedicabs have a reason to not like the scooters it's taking money out their pockets but i try not to let that cloud my judgement too much over on market street there are two more scooters one is taking a nap and the other is missing its handle bars and the wires are cut then there is the other thing for some
9:46 pm
reason people have been using the scooters as a bathroom . you can't make this stuff up nats: ambiance there is one more thing public works workers have been finding gutted scooter inside homeless encampments and like this one the entire gps module has been removed to prevent tracking first there was no love for the ford go bikes but now the hate has been redirected to the scooters . you gotta love the bay area in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (vicki) also new tonight... parents are noticing a disturbing trend: on social media... online predators targeting children through impostor instagram accounts. reporter maggie newland spoke to a mother who is demanding action from instagram. parents said multiple children at a school in wake county are being targeted by impostor instagram accounts. they said these accounts are sending sexually explicit messages.haley boyer doesn't allow her seventh-grader to use instagram, but last week
9:47 pm
learned there was an account under his name."they're using his first and last name, and one of his sports team numbers from last year," she said. "they have even put on there the initials of his school and what grade he's in."boyer said multiple children, including her two daughters, have received sexually explicit photos, videos, and inappropriate messages from the account.elise boyer, 17, said she received a sexually explicit video, as well as crude messages including "cuss words, very bad mean rude things that i would never want anyone to say to me."boyer said she immediately reported the account to instagram, following instagram's protocol for reporting an impersonation account. she also sent requested documents and details of what happened. despite contacting instagram multiple times, she said instagram will not remove the account.boyer's son isn't the only one dealing with an apparent instagram impostor. another mother whose son attends the same school said someone is using an instagram account with her son's name, too, and sending similar inappropriate messages.melissa edwards, the administrator at thales acadmey in rolesville, said she's certain neither student whose name is being used is behind the crude messages."they're great representatives of our school, so even to consider it would actually be them as the ones in charge of these accounts is just preposterous," she said. edwards said she's received reports from five or 10 parents whose children have received explicit messages from these accounts."the main concern they've all had is the level of inappropriateness of the images, and also the concern that it is a fake account and we don't truly know who is doing it."wake forest police said they are investigating the situation.
9:48 pm
meanwhile, boyer said the explicit photos and videos are still arriving."this needs to stop," she said.instagram has not responded to requests for a statement. boyer said she's consulted a lawyer and is considering legal action to get the account closed. (vicki) instagram did not respond to a request for a comment on the story. the mother in the report is considering legal action to have the account closed. (grant) a wisconsin woman is facing charges for allegedly having her child in her lap while she was driving her car a witness said at one point-- the 12-year-old girl was actually driving the car.
9:49 pm
thatús 41-year old amanda hauke (hawk-ee) behind the wheel.... keeping her eyes off the road for long periods of time. but itús what happened moments earlier...that prompted a witness to call police. (sot) nathan tietz/witness: "we look over and there is a child sitting in the front seat with her mom and the child is steering the car. all over the place." once authorities arrived and pulled her over... hauke denied her 12-year old daughter was in her lap, steering the car. ultimately, she consents to a field sobriety test... and a breathalyzer... blowing a 'point-126 she was arrested and booked into jail. lawrence karnow: we started with clouds but became mostly sunny except at the coast. it is a little breezy outside and the temperatures will cool quickly. it's all quiet on the doppler radar but that could change as we head into the weekend. on the satellite you can see low pressure spinning off the coast. that low will eventually aproach the bay area this weekend leading to
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increasing clouds, cooler temperatures and a slight chance of showers mainly to the north. for tomorrow we will start with patchy fog and low clouds. it will slowly burn back to the coast revealing sunshine and cooler temperatures. highs will be in the 60s to low 70s inland with 60s inside the bay. it will be cooler at the coast with highs there in the 50s. the cooling trend will take us right into the weekend too. temperatures will be running below average through this period. there is a slight chance of showers with partly cloudy skies on saturday too. warmer weather will retuirn in the middle of next week. (grant)topvo (grant)topvo up next the
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countdown to the release of avengers: infinity war is on... after the break... what marvel studios is doing on social media to prevent spoiler alerts... to move california forward,
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we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa.
9:54 pm
a governor for all of california. (vicki) with "avengers: infinity war" hitting theaters this week, the cast and the movie's villain are issuing a spoiler warning. (grant) reporter rick damigella has the details... "i'm not telling you a damn thing.""this is a trap.""no, i don't want to tell you."thanos demands your silence! marvel studios has released a p-s-a on social media featuring members of the "avengers: infinity war" cast refusing to say anything about the movie. the video is part of an effort to curtail spoilers by those seeing the initial screenings of "infinity war.""so let me do the plan and that way it might be really good.""wow." while the cast can't talk about the story of "infinity war," chris "star-lord" pratt is talking about a future marvel movie."we haven't started filming 'guardians of the galaxy 3' yet but i do know what the story is. it's going to be amazing. james gunn has just finished the script, and i'm looking forward to getting started on that i think early next year." (nat music)"we have what thanos wants. so that's what we use.""infinity war" begins rolling out internationally wednesday, and box office experts are predicting a massive opening for the 19th entry in the marvel cinematic
9:55 pm
universe. deadline reports industry analysts are predicting "infinity war" could bow to between 472 and 498-million dollars worldwide, one of the top five openings, ever. in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. ((grant))that wraps up kron 4 news at nine..kron 4 news at that wraps up ((grant)) damigella.rick hollywood, i'm rick damigella. ((grant))that wraps up kron 4 news at nine..((vicki))but our primetime coverage continues...pam moore is here now with kron 4 news at ten. pam? ((pam)) thank you grant and vicki... next at ten... breaking newsthe hayward bart station remains closed as police investigate a shooting. the suspect is in custody... and so far there are no reports of any injuries. we have a crew at the scene... gathering information.standby for a live report. plus... a story you will only
9:56 pm
see on kron 4.a grieving mother.. spreading the word about a 'party drug' that killed her 18- year-old son. the dangerous mix that teens say, they can get their hands on .. for just five- dollars.what parents need to know... coming up.((pam)) plus... another gorgeous day across the bay area, but a chill is in the airour chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has your ten at ten forecast. keep it here... kron 4 news at ten starts right after the break.
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(pam) we continue to
9:59 pm
follow breaking news.... we were the first to bring you at 8. one person is in custody after a bart station shooting. thank you for joining us... i'm pam moore.(grant) and i'm grant lodes. at the hayward station.. which remains closed right now. (pam) that is where we find kron 4's michelle kingston.michelle, was anyone hurt?
10:00 pm
(pam) a major investigation still in the early stages..... after a massive fire at an apartment complex under construction in concord. right now at ten: 260 residents are without their homes.(grant) demolition of the building begins tomorrow morning at 8. tomorrow begins the building demolition of the building begins tomorrow morning at 8. it's still uncelar how the fire started. crews have been working all day to put out hot spots, as the building continues to building continues to smolder.


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