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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 26, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at eight: how police used dna samples from a geneology website to track down the suspected golden state killer. whooshgulty guilty guiltybill cosby's obscene outburst after he was convicted of drugging and raping a young woman in hs homewhooshthe stunning admission that could have a major impact on 49er reuben foster's legal problems.whoosh "they're 10, 7 and 4. and they were diagnosed around the time that they were three to four years old."three brothers, all with autism... part of what the c=d=c says is a national upsurge in the psychological disprder/ (catherine) (catherine) d-n-a 'did in' the golden state killer.. we learned today how investigators, after decades
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of trying, arrested the man known as the golden state killer. thanks for joining i'm catherine heenan. (pam) and i'm pam moore. joseph deangelo is accused of being the man who killed 12- people.... and raped more than 50- women in the 1970's and 1980's. many of the crimes happened in the bay area... terrorizing the community. he's scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow for two of the killings in sacramento county. kron 4's justine waldman is live in our newsroom with how detectives used ágenealogy websitesá to track down the notorious killer... (justine) this is a very 2018 way to solve a crime. we learned today, the suspected golden state killer might have been caught thanks to dna one of his relatives put online. daugther sot you were not as smart as you thought you were debbi domingo feels a sense of relief police have caught the man accused of murdering her mother, sheri in their santa baraba home..natsat joseph deanglo's house in citrus heights, fbi agents searched for clues connecting him to
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decades old crimes brutally committed by the golden state killer..dna evidence is the strongest link between the 72 year old man, and dozens of decades old rapes and murders. professor sot they did a surveillance and they waited for him to discard something into the public domain once they did that they could take that item whether it was a beer can or a cigarette or whatever take it back to the lab and try and generate a profile from thatkron 4 news has confirmed investigators used dna from crime scenes and matched it to a relative of deanglo who was registered on a genealogy website.which is a place for example people send in saliva swabs to learn about their ancestory. and then narrowed it down to possible suspects, using that person's family history.bicka barlow sot just raised more questions for me as to how they did it and what type of technology they usedbicka barlow is a bay area based forensic consultant and attorney.and tells me, this could be the first time law enforcement used commercial dna databases to catch a killer.bicka barlow sot i think there are serious privacy and legal questions that surround thisit appears detectives matched the dna from the crime scenes, to the internet, to an item deangelo possibly tossed in the trash. for victims families, the hope is the dna evidence will lead them to justice. daugther sot him it is a lock you can't hid from dna (justine) the (justine) (justine) the sacramento
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district attorney would not say which genealogy websites were involved. both "23 and me" and "ancestry", which are bay area based companies, denied to kron 4, having any connection to the case. and said they resist sharing customer information with law enforcement unless compelled to by valid legal process. live in the newsroom justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(pam) breaking news tonight at 8 ... out of the south bay. that is where a fire broke out at a mobile home park... (catherine) grant lodes is here now -- tracking the developments out of san jose. (grant) one person died in the north san jose fire. 4 year-old was thought to be missing...but has since been found safe. thios was at the westwinds mobile home park on hermitage street in the northern-most park of san jose. the man who died is in his 20's... the little girl has been found safe at a relatives home. the 911 calls came in just before 5:00 tonight. smoke so thick...that then the second engine arrived...firefighters could not see the engine that was already on scene. no other homes damaged in the two alarm fire. it's unclear
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how the fire started. ((bam 360)) there was also a fire at a daycare center late today in san jose. all 15 kids and 7 adults are safe...they were outside when the fire started at early discoveries...on bercaw lane. ( pam/ bam ) it was a day of demolition at that concord construction site that went up in flames on tuesday.(pam) the demo was intended to make the site safe... so those who live in the complex next door.. could return home. (catherine) but as kron 4's dan kerman tell us, those residents are still out oftheir homes tonight -- for two reasons. thursday crews began demolishing some of what was left of a concord construction site that was destroyed by fire on tuesday. crews hoped that taking down unsafe parts of what was known as renaisance 2 would allow evacuees from the building next door, renaissance 1 to
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return home. but late in the day they determined it was still not safe for 8 of residentssot steve hill/contra costa county fire 24-32they're red tagged because there's still a treat of collapse from that corner, the far corner. additional demolition will resume on friday. still the rest of the building remains off limits due to another issue sotwe know right now the air quality isn't healthy and we know the management company is working with a remediation company to change that . we don't know how long that might take.the demolition did stabilize the building enough to allow contra costa county and atf fire investigators to enter the site and start looking for a cause.sot robert marshall/fire marshal 102-113 it's too early to tell anything that's going on in the building and we are so early into the investigation that it isn't something we can comment much on.standup dan kerman/concord 114-126we have confirmed that investigators did remove a couple of security cameras on the site in hopes that they will provide information into the cause of this fire., in concord, dan kerman kron 4 news
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(catherine) (vo) bill cosby arrived at his home in pennsylvania this afternoon a convicted felon... facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars(pam) the eighty- year old entertainer will be sentenced sometime in the next two- months. meanwhile, he will have to wear a g=p=s locator... and register as a sex offender. (catherine ) a jury found him guilty of three counts of sexual assault... each charge carries a ten year sentence. "mr cosby are you ready to go to prison soon?"cosby's attorney says he plans a vigorous appeal. "the fight is not over."the jury found that in january 2004, cosby drugged and raped temple university employee andrea constand at his home. she went to police, but the d=a at the time said there was insufficient evidence. constand filed a civil suit and in 2006, cosby paid her more than three million
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dollars.over the next decade, dozens more accusers came forward in 2015, newly elected d=a kevin steele reopened the constand case and filed charges.cosby's first trial last year ended in a hung jury. today the victorious prosecutor says cosby has evaded justice for far too long. he used his celebrity, he used his wealth he used his network of supporters to help him conceal his crimes. the d=a wanted the judge to rescind cosby's bail and jail him immediately.cosby erupted in rage, pounding the table and screaming an obscenity.... proof, says d=a steele, that t=v's lovable doctor huxtable was only an act. "i think everybody got to see who he really is."the seven men and five women reached their verdict after 14 hours of deliberation and a trial lasting 14 days "i want to thank the jury. justice has been done! (wooo!) after the verdict, his accusers were both tearful and jubilant. "i feel like my faith in humanity is restored." we are not shutting up and we're not going away. get over it!"
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(catherine) (catherine) (catherine) cosby did not testify at his trial.but the jury did hear parts of his deposition from andrea costand's civil suit... where he admitted giving quaaludess to women before having sex with them in the 1970s. (pam) here in the bay area - reaction to the bill cosby verdict was swift and candid. a spokesperson with the group 'bay area women against rape' says, this verdict is really a big deal here locally... in many different ways.
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this conviction of bill cosby and it could be a game changer. and what we could start seeing is more people coming forward to exposing people of what they thought was insurmountable power and insurmountable public image. i think more folks are going to be exposed. and abusers, and i know they are out there, should be nervous now. >(pam) that was doctor sarai crain pope with 'bay area woman against rape'. she went on to say, the case may also change public perception... of what an abuser looks like... (pam) new tonight at 8. we are learning the identity of a woman killed in a crash involving an unlicensed teenager driver. susan williams died in the collision. it happened on lakeville highway tuesday morning. police say, javier lopez was driving on the road, when he crossed double yellow lines...
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and hit williams' car head on. williams was a marine biologist and distinguished professor at u-c davis' department of evolution and ecology. (pam) turning now to our four zone forecast.(catherine) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a look at the rest of your work week. lawrence karnow: it took a long time for clouds to clear today and as a result the temperatures were not as warm. it has been breezy too which will bring clouds back into the bay and valleys tonight. a few thunderstorms popped up over the sierra in the afternoon and we could see more over the next few days. on the satellite you can see the low pressure center now off the coast of northern california. it will continue to wander toward the bay area the next few days to bring more clouds and even a chance of some showers to the bay area. tomorrow will be partly cloudy with isolated coastal drizzle. highs will be cooler and in the 60s in the warmest spots inland, low to mid 60s around the bay and 50s to low 60s at the coast. there is a slight chance of showers friday night and into saturday morning. temperatures this weekend will be running well below average. warm spring sunshine should return toward the middle of next week.
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(catherine) north korean leader kim jong un has made history by crossing over to the southern side of the world's most heavily armed border. he's meeting rival south korean president moon jae-in. this is the first time a member of the kim dynasty has set foot on southern soil since the end of the korean war in 1953. coming up at eight.. hit and run deaths hit a record high according to triple- a. who are most often the victims. also - the alameda county d-a is talking about the arrest of a suspected serial killer... how she says police caught him. and next. two waitresses robbed in the east bay... and it was near the scene of a recent murder.
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(catherine) two waitresses in alameda were robbed this week.. police say it happened late tuesday night on
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pacific avenue near webster street. this comes just two weeks after a woman was murdered in the same area. kron four's philippe djegal talked to investigators to see if the cases are connected. (philippe) these days... alameda police officers are keeping a closer eye on the business district on the west end of town... and, those who live and work here are okay with that.francesca velasquez/lives and works in area- "i think it'd be beneficial to every worker and everybody who walks down the street." two weeks after a violent attempted robbery caught on camera near the pho ahn dao (dow) restaurant resulted in a 61-year-old woman's murder... the city's first of the year... less than one-thousand feet away down the street... two waitresses leaving another restaurant were robbed.rodney hobbs/lives and works in area- "it's always been a safe place, but uh, for some reason now, things seem to be changing a lot more. people are getting a lot more desperate." at around
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10-15 tuesday night... lieutenant wayland gee says the waitresses were attacked on their walk to their cars, parked on the 700 block of pacific wayland gee/alameda police- "four to six, uh, black an or hispanic males, uh, in their late teens, early 20s that came out of a two sedans that drove up." lieutenant gee says both victims were knocked to the ground and their purses were stolen. one 59 and the other 62-years-old. gee says the 59-year-old may have been hit with a bottle. but neither needed to be wayland gee/alameda police- "our investigation doesn't show anything that relates this robbery to our earlier, uh, uh, homicide robbery that occured." the restaurant manager says her employees are recovering well... and, expects them to return back to work in a few days. in alameda, philippe djegal, kron four news. (pam) triple-a reports .. hit-and-run crash deaths are on the rise... and, in fact, have hit a record high. according to the 'triple-a foundation for traffic safety', more than one hit- and- run crash happens every- minute in the u-s. in 20-16, hit-and-runs caused more than two- thousand
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deaths... that's a 60- percent increase since 20-09. the majority of those killed were bicyclists or pedestrians. triple-a is urging drivers to stay alert... and never leave a crash scene, which is illegal, regardless of who caused the accident. (pam) p-g-and e will pay 97 -point- five million dollars in penalties tied to the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the california public utilities commission unanimously approved the fine today. p-g-and e will pay six- million dollars each to san bruno and san carlos. 12- million of the money will go to the state's general fund. p-g-and-e will also forgo 63- point- five million in revenue.... it would have otherwise collected from its customers in 20-18 and 20-19. the commission already fined the company more than one- billion dollars ... over the 20-10 explosion that killed eight people. (catherine) a judge is allowing a free speech lawsuit against u-c berkeley to move forward. although she says there's no evidence the
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school discriminated against conservative speakers. this is video from past protests at the campus over the booking of conservative speakers. the lawsuit was filed last year after a scheduledcampus talk by ann coulter didn't happen... .. that was in the wake of violence before a scheduled talk by another conservative guest. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: it took a long time for clouds to clear today and as a result the temperatures were not as warm. it has been breezy too which will bring clouds back into the bay and valleys tonight. a few thunderstorms popped up over the sierra in the afternoon and we could see more over the next few days. on the satellite you can see the low pressure center now
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off the coast of northern california. it will continue to wander toward the bay area the next few days to bring more clouds and even a chance of some showers to the bay area. tomorrow will be partly cloudy with isolated coastal drizzle. highs will be cooler and in the 60s in the warmest spots inland, low to mid 60s around the bay and 50s to low 60s at the coast. there is a slight chance of showers friday night and into saturday morning. temperatures this weekend will be running well below average. warm spring sunshine should return toward the middle of next week.
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cancer....a woman tries to cancel a cruise - but is told she can't get her money back.... experts say the case highlights the debate on whether you should get travel insurance. and next.... prime is about to get more pricey. how much amazon customers will have to pay for the premium service. ((gary sports tease))coming up a little bit later in this broadcast, who did the 49ers select? who did the raiders select? day one of the nfl draft.also the latest on steph curry and his avaliabilty come saturday against new orleans little bit later in this broadcast. ((catherine))here's what we're tracking new tonight at nine... a woman is recovering tonight after being attacked by a vicious raccoon. not once, but three times! and she says she has the scars to prove it. as for the animal -- it's still roaming around her neighborhood.her frightening story...tonight on kron 4 news at nine.
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(catherine) amazon is raising the price of its annual prime membership fee by 20 percent next month. prime members will now pay 119- dollars a year..up from 99 dollars. that starts on may 11th for new members. the new price will apply to renewals - starting june 16th. the company c-e-o says it's getting more expensive to provide prime services. the perks include things like free shipping and video streaming. amazon recently disclosed for the first time ...that it has more than 100 million prime members worldwide. (pam) two north carolina women, known as diamond and silk, took center stage in the social media debate thursday morning. (catherine) lynnette hardaway and rochelle richardson testified before a house judiciary committee on filtering practices of social media platforms. (pam) washington correspondent
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morgan wright reports... on how the social media stars believe social media is run by liberals , who want to silence them. diamond and silk: love and stand behind the president of the united states mw: diamond and silk two social media personalities known for their love of president trump and their outspoken conservative views testified before a house judiciary committee wednesday they claim facebook censored them.diamond and silk: you don't have a right to silence my voice absolutely not! congressman robert goodlatte, va: these companies manage content on their platforms as they see fit. the first amendment offers no clear protections for users when facebook google or twitter limits their content in any way diamond and silk: facebook has been censoring conservative voices like ourselves mw: the women claim facebook reduced traffic to their page. the site said their messaging was dangerous facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg testified earlier this month that was a mistake. daimond and silk: facebook along with other social media sites have taken aggressive actions to silence conservative voices mw/su: but congressman jerrold nadler of new york says it's baseless to think facebook and other tech
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giants are engaged in censoring conservative voices. congressman jerrold nadler, d, ny: data show that their facebook page received more total interactions in march 2018 when they were supposedly being censored than march 2017 fresh off president trump's victory facebook, google and twitter were invited to send representatives to the hearing but they all declined. reporting in washington, morgan wright anchor tag: congressman anchor tag: anchor tag: congressman goodlatte says we must weigh as a nation whether the standards tech giants apply endanger our free and open society. coming up at eight.. a new report from the c-d-c says... autism is on the rise in children... what the jump in cases could mean. also - a race against time for a boy trapped at the bottom of a river... the dramatic video as people rushed to his rescue. and next. the alameda county district attorney talks about the arrest of a serial killer suspect... and how police caught him. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence
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karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break. (catherine) and a programming note-- there's a california gubernatorial debate this sunday-- april 29th. we'll air the debate live - here on kron four. that 's this sunday night at 5:30.
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i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. (pam) a stunning new revelation in the golden state killer case.(catherine)
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the sacramento d-a is now confirming that thedecades-old case was cracked - using dna information from ancestry websites.(pam) kron4's maureen kelly talked about the case ... with the alameda county d-a. i can't believe we caught him alameda county d-a nancy o'malley was part of a working group formed two years ago, made up of agencies with cases linked to the suspect known as the east area rapist, the golden state killer and the original's goal: to try and heat up these very cold least 45 rapes45 rapes and 12 murders spanning the late 70's to the mid 80's have been linked to that assailant. as the rape kits were being tested the dna the dna was starting to produce profiles so we knew we had so we knew we had a serial murder her and a serial rapist and a lot of it was to the dna and some of it was through his modus operandithen two days ago 72 year old joseph james deangelo jr was arrested at his citris heights home. he's being charged with 8 of the murders so far.they were able to use some really innovative dna processes to get them in the circle of who could be a contributorthe sacramento d- a's office is now confirming dna from ancestry websites
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lead helped crack this decades old case. deangelo's arrest coming after police compared crime scene information on genalogical websites. deangelo's dna matching that of a relative who's genetic information was posted on the websites that are meant to help people trace their family tree. after that....came old fashioned police work. they did surveillance they followed him they collected on used what he had discarded with his dna on it and lo and behold two days ago we confirmed that he was in fact the person we've been looking atin addition to bringing closure to all of the victims and family members affected by this case, o'malley says she hopes it's high profile will bring attention to a cause she's been pushing for.....clearing the backlog of untested rape that foresic material get into the system and help close other cases. maureen kelly kron4 news
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(catherine) the sister of the golden state killer suspect says she can't believe her brother - joseph deangelo, was arrested this week.(pam) becky thomson says, she quote - "just can't get my head around it." authorities say, deangelo was a police officer in tulare county from 1973 to 1976. prosecutors believe his crime spree only intensified when he worked as a police officer with the auburn police department. deangelo then spent 27- years as a mechanic.. for save- mart grocery stores in roseville -- retiring just last year. save mart is now cooperating with the investigation. (catherine) new numbers from the c-d-c show that autism may be even more common than thought. now, one in 59 children has been diagnosed -- up from the 2016 estimate
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of one in 68.(pam) sara mccloskey talked to a family.... about the importance of finding out about an autism diagnosis early... and what it means for services. meet kathryn fletcher... a midlothian mom of three... "they're 10, 7 and 4. and they were diagnosed around the time that they were three to four years old."her youngest... henry.. was ájust diagnosed with autism too... like his big brothers. the energetic little guy loves running around... but mom kathryn noticed something was different with him.. and his brothers.. when they were about 16 months old. "they really stopped interacting with us. they stopped playing those games like paddycake or ring around the rosey that most toddler's love."those are a few of the many signs... detailed in the latest c-d-c report.11 communities were surveyed... with more than 325-thousand 8-year-old children.the data found that autism diagnosises was higher among boys. "our biggest
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focus... as they work on figuring out what causes autism, we still don't know. we are focused on supporting those currently diagnosed."the autism society central viriginia says there's a big need for resources to help with speech... motion and interacting with others. kathryn says early diagnosis... was key to helping her family get therapy and resources for the boys. kathryn fletcher / mom of three boys who have autism> "eve n though my kids act differently and sound differently, they still want all of the things that nerotypical kids want and that's to be included and to have friends." (catherine) the new numbers represent a 15-percent increasefrom two years ago... and a 150-percent jump from 2-thousand. a possible factor - more minorities are beingidentified with the disorder. (catherine) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: it took a long time for clouds to clear
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today and as a result the temperatures were not as warm. it has been breezy too which will bring clouds back into the bay and valleys tonight. a few thunderstorms popped up over the sierra in the afternoon and we could see more over the next few days. on the satellite you can see the low pressure center now off the coast of northern california. it will continue to wander toward the bay area the next few days to bring more clouds and even a chance of some showers to the bay area. tomorrow will be partly cloudy with isolated coastal drizzle. highs will be cooler and in the 60s in the warmest spots inland, low to mid 60s around the bay and 50s to low 60s at the coast. there is a slight chance of showers friday night and into saturday morning. temperatures this weekend will be running well below average. warm spring sunshine should return toward the middle of next week.
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still ahead at 8 how a police officer ended up providing back-up for a dancer auditioning for a big gig... plus. a boy gets trapped underwater in a lazy river pool .... see the dramatic rescue as he struggles to stay alive. and next. the questions about how this dog ended up with a hate symbol scrawled on her forehead. to move california forward,
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we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets
8:39 pm
and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. (catherine) new tonight at 8. the owners of a little dog in missouri are trying to figure out how to remove a swastika from the dog's forehead.(pam) this is after someone drew the hate symbol onto the animal's head. sadie is friendly and playful. her personality is nothing like the mark now
8:40 pm
scribbled on her head... in what appears to be permanent marker. it happened when sadie got lost. the woman who found her, helped reconnect her with her owners. and they are now trying to figure out how to remove the hateful symbol from her fur. (catherine) a woman who wants to be a back-up dancer for janet jackson recently got some unexpected help from a police officer.. .(catherine) video shows a birmingham police officerproviding extra light for dancer la la dior. she and a friend had stopped ato shoot video for her audition. the officer at first tried to stop her - saying to stop her - saying it wasn't safe -- but then he saw how good she was anddecided to help.. dior has since submitted her video for an online competition. (pam) if you ever received a damaged package and thought the delivery person might have tried to break it, you may be right. this is surveillance video of a postal
8:41 pm
worker throwing packages at a front door in houston, texas. the homeowner was inside when all of this happened. the homeowner says, the objects inside were not broken, but she was angry how the postal worker delivered the packages. the u-s postal service has yet to comment. in sports -- the sharks are in las vegas to open round- two of the stanley cup playoffs against the golden knights.. we'll give you an update from game one also -- it's draft day in the n-f-l our sports director, gary radnich tells us who the 49ers and raiders selected in the first round he has all the sports coming up next at 8... the couple who lost big time - after being forced to cancel a cruise. now their story is being used as an example of why you should always consider travel insurance.
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new tonight at 8 from a weekend getaway to the trip of a lifetime you spend the cash to travel... but you could you be throwing your money away.. if you have to cancel and did not opt for the trip insurance. (catherine) but is it worth it? consumer investigator shannon behn-ken crunched the numbers to help you make your decision. just one áweeká after they booked the $9,000 cruise, susan didn't feel well and went to the doctor.she got life-
8:45 pm
changing news.susan's doctor recommended immediate, aggressive treatment.knowing she wouldn't be able to cruise, she called norwegian cruise lines to cancel.the risleys skipped the $700 travel insurance because they were sailing in just three weeks.the risleys, travel experts warn, are a prime example of why you áshouldá consider buying trip insurance.
8:46 pm
but hold on .. it's not that simple. i went to megan moncrief, of squaremouth .. a travel insurance comparison company in st. petersburg. so, what are your options? let's break it down. standard coverage.. includes things like family emergencies, a sudden medical problem or death in the also covers an airline strike, a hurricane or terrorism.and for extra protection, you can pay more for a "cancel for any reason policy."but there's a catch.. if you cancel for something not covered by the standard policy, you can only get back 75 percent of the trip.moncrief warns .. your cancellation will be for susan, she understands áwhyá she lost her money ... but thinks there should be some help in extreme cases.
8:47 pm
(pam) susan even asked norwegian if she could ágiveá the cruise to a friend. not only was the answer no, she says... the cruise-line re- booked the trip -- getting paid for the trip a second time! in a statement... norwegian said, this is an example of why it is important to get trip insurance. (catherine) also new at 8. south carolina police released surveillance video of a boy getting stuck at in a resort pool last month. the disturbing video shows two boys swimming in a lazy river pool... then they deliberately then they deliberately pull out a safety grate, trapping a 12-year-old under water. the boy's friend tries to pull him out ...but can't... adults also tried to help.... police say at least one of the men in the river knew how to give underwater mouth to mouth
8:48 pm
aid. keeping the boy clinging to life for nine long minutes. finally emergency responders arrived. police confirm that the boy is alive. his family is asking for privacy. the n-f-l draft is kicking off tonight with the first round over 100-thousand fans are at a-t and tee stadium, including 49ers fans san francisco selecting in the top ten for the third straight year straight year the niners are making it clear they are going to protect jimmy garoppolo this season. mcglinchey is the second mcglinchey season. garoppolo this protect jimmy going to clear they are are making it the niners goodell>
8:49 pm
clear they are going to protect jimmy the second offensive tackle from notre dame taken in the top ten this year he will join joe staley and new 49ers guard, weston richburg last season the 49ers were sacked 30 times. here's general manager, john lynch on drafting mcglinchey in the first round roundthe first mcglinchey in drafting lynch on manager, john general here's times. sacked 30 the 49ers were last season richburgguard, weston new 49ers guard, weston richburg last season the 49ers were sacked 30 times. here's general manager, john lynch on drafting the first meanwhile, the raiders traded with arizona.... down from the 10th pick to the 15th...and they picked... similar to similar
8:50 pm
to the 49ers... the raiders are bolstering their offense line with kolton miller. the former u-c-l-a bruins offensive tackle is from roseville... near sacramento he attended the same high school as patriots three-time super bowl, tedy bruschi. miller will compete for the starting job at right tackle. he's expected to become donald penn's replacement when the veteran left when the veteran left tackle retires. the raiders staying busy on night one of the draft. oakland trades their third round pick with pittsburgh for wide receiver martavius the raiders give derek carr another weapon on offense. the silver and black's new trio includes... amari cooper, jordy nelson, and bryant. here's the list of the top five overall picks in the draft baker mayfield goes number-1 overall to the cleveland browns... he didn't attend the draft penn state running back saquon barkley goes number-2 to the new york giants usc quarterback san darnold goes to the other new
8:51 pm
york team... the jets... at number-3... with the number-4 pick the browns took ohio state cornerback denzel ward... and with the 5th pick the broncos the 5th pick and with denzel ward... cornerback denzel ward... and with the broncos selected defensive end bradley chubb out of north carolina state the sharks are in las vegas taking on the golden knight in game one of round two of the stanlye cup playoffs both teams were the only team to sweep their opponents in round one right now -- the warriors hope steph curry will be ready to play game one against the pelicans on saturday. the two time mvp returned to the court for his first full practice with the team curry's is listed as questionable for game one against new orleans the point guard has missed the warriors past 14 games due to an mcl sprain back on march 23rd curry
8:52 pm
will be re-evaluted tomorrow. this week's lexus ultimate highlight goes to lebron james in game five against the pacers... lebron hit a buzzer beater to beat indiana by 3 cavs win 98-95 lebron... 44 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists cleveland leads the series 3-2 they will look to close out the series tomorrow in game six
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(pam) if you think getting old means slowing down -- think again.(catherine) 96-year-old mike fremont refuses to slow down. he started running back in the 1950's -- to reduce stress and improve his health... and he's still at it. mike became the oldest man to compete in the grand blue mile road race in iowa...finishing in just under 14 minutes. he'll try for a world record on friday -- competing in another race in the 95-plus age category. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.()((catherine))but our primetime coverage continues. grant lodes is here with kron 4 news at 9...grant? ((grant))thank you pam and at nine we continue to track breaking person is dead after fire at a mobile home park in san jose.our crew just got to
8:57 pm
the scene...stand-by for a live tonight at nine.she was convicted of killing her three w she could be up for parole, and her former-inlaws are not happy about it.their message to the state review in a live report. ((grant))and...the weekend is almost here and it is expected to be a cool one.our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has your four zone forecast... keep it here..kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break.
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♪ ♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit (grant) that breaking news
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tonight is out of the south bay... where a fire broke out at a mobile home park... killing one person...(grant) thanks for joining us i'm grant lodes...(catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis... that fire broke out just before five tonight at the westwinds mobile home park on hermitage street in the northern-most part of san jose.(grant) that's were we find kron4's charles clifford he is live in san jose with the details, charles?
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