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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 27, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at 8. in a wheel chair and barely able to speak. the man accused of killing 12 people and raping dozens of women..goes before a judge... what he said during the brief appearance. decades after her father and stepmother were murdered. the victims' daughter talks about her family's link to the golden state killer. for the first time in days...residents return home next door to a burned down building in concord... as investigators search for clues amid rubble. a woman dies onboard an american airlines flight.... why her family says the flight crew did not do enough to save her life. (catherine) (catherine) wheeled into a sacramento
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courtroom. the man accused of being the golden state killer made his first appearance before a judge today... thanks for joining us - i'm catherine heenan.(pam) and i'm pam moore. joseph james de-angelo is accused of murdering at least 12 people, and raping dozens more across the state of california. kron-4's kody leibowitz was there... as the serial killer suspect was arraigned. joseph james deangelo formally arraigned in a packed sacramento county courtroom... his first court appearance since his arrest this week -- and accusations of him being the infamous golden state killer.the former police officer -- wheelchair bound wearing an orange jail garb . he was charged formally with two counts of murder with special circumstances for the 1978 killings of brian and katie maggiore.he also faces two murder charges in ventura county. (;12)diane howard, public defendant for deangelo "i know everybody wants information but you saw me literally get handed the complaint in court. i have no discovery, no information other than what i'm reading in news reports. i asked the da for discovery. i understand
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it's hundreds of thousands of pages. i haven't gotten anything yet and i don't expect to get a lot initially..."that inside the courtroom--in the hallways the scene looked dozens of members of the media -- and the public waiting to get inside.deangelo is accused of being the man with many aliases..the golden state killer, the east area rapist -- and as investigators said this week...the visalia woman -- outside with a sign saying she was a victim of the visalia ransacker. < (crying) it is the dna they found in charlene that they used to make the match, and i know she was brutalized and i know she went through hell.> (pam) new tonight at 8,
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the golden state killer viciously murdered her step-mother and father. (pam) now jennifer carole of santa cruz ... is talking about the arrest she waited decades for... and about seeing the accused serial killer in court.(catherine) she spoke with kron 4's justine waldman - about how dna from her loved ones' crime scene was the magic link that helped capture the accused rapist and murderer.. sot i just started talking to them dad and charlene and can you guys believe it this has happened?!?jennifer carole never imagined her family's tradgey could have the the key to solving so many horrific crimes.the golden state killer used a wood log to beat to death her step mother charlene, and her father lyman smith inside their ventura home in 1980.on friday, she saw for the first time the face of the man she has wondered so much about the suspect accused of ripping her life apart.nats out of ventura county for two counts of murder as 72 year old joseph delango got wheeled into a courtroom ...charged in the murder of the smiths.sot he is as despicable looking as i thought she felt disgust the former cop and grandfather only muttered a few words.sot he can't even use his voice? he certainly used it to terrorize my step mother and my dadkron
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4 news has confirmed with the ventura county district attorney the dna from the smith family crime scene is the link that connected denaglo as the goldens state killer.jennifer learned the dna came from charlene, and it overwhelmed her.sot if her body was used for catching him so be itjennifer tells me she believes charlene's spirit visits her when she hears the sound of keys and always questioned what that was trying to tell her.sot there were always keys jangal so today is the first time that maybe charlene is the key to the cases after learning of the dna link, now she believes her loved ones helped unlocked the mystery behind the face of who could be the golden state killer. in santa cruz justine waldman kron 4 news (catherine) tonight we're learning
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more about the ancestry website used to help track down the suspected killer. it's called 'ged-match' - and it's a free and public site. investigators uploaded information from d-n-a obtained at one of the crime scenes.. looking for matches.
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(catherine) ged-match put out this statement today. saying "although we were not approached by law enforcement or anyone else about this case or about the dna, it has always been gedmatch's policy to inform users that the database could be used for other uses, as set forth in the site policyif you are concerned about non-genealogical uses of your dna, you should not upload your dna to the database and/or you should remove dna that has already been uploaded. (pam) our coverage of the suspected serial killer's arrest.... continues at kron-4 dot com. there you can find a timeline of events related to this case. and what neighbors say about de- angelo. all that at kron-4 dot com (catherine) a c-h-p officer was dragged by a car during a
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traffic stop this afternoon. it happened on i-80 in san francisco east of 5th street - right at the approach to the bay bridge. it caused a major backup...but the lanes have since cleared. investigators say the motorcycle officer had stopped a red jeep...but thewoman behind the wheel then took off -- dragging the officer about a thousand feet.. they say she then hit two other vehicles.. the officer was being treated at the scene.. (catherine) in the east bay.. more than 250 residents are finally getting back into their homes..after being locked out for four days. (pam) fire officials say.. the three alarm blaze, that started in a vacant building, is now under control. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to people at the renaissance apartments next door.. as they came home for the first time.. and joins us live from concord with the latest... hermela?
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(pam) now to a tragic fire in the south bay... where a young man .... who was trying to save his young niece... lost his life. (catheirne) and as it turns out... that little girl wasn't even in the burning home. grant lodes is here to explain how that san jose community is coping. (grant) this is a recent photo of 22 year-old minh ho, who was identified by his family as the man who died last night in a fire that destroyed the home he shared with his sister and her family. as he surveyed what's left of that home, ho's brother in law told kron4 that min had
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initially escaped the fire and was in the street shouting "save my niece, save my niece." moments later, his brother in law ran back inside...frantically searching for his 9-year old niece, whom he thought was trapped by the flames. min ho did not know that about a half hour earlier...his niece had left the home with her dad. firefighters rushed to the west-winds mobile home park in north san jose last night...and were told people were trapped inside. mitch matlow/san jose fire dept: "....all mobile home fires tend to burn very quickly because of the type of construction, if we can keep to a single home we consider that a success because virtually any fire in a mobile home is going to destroy that home, it's a question of whether we can get all the people out and can we stop it from spreading it to other homes..." (grant) evenutally
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firefighters found min ho's body just outside the front door of the mobile home, which is a total loss. coming up at eight.. accused florida shooter nikolas cruz back in court. what he asked a judge to do today ... that could impact his trial. also - why the golden state killer suspect might not face jail time in the dozens of rapes he's accused of. and next. a confrontation with police caught on camera... why the man in the video says, he did nothing wrong. every fire department every police department
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is part of a bigger picture. that bigger picture is statewide mutual aid. california years ago realized the need to work together. teamwork is important to protect the community, but we have to do it the right way. we have a working knowledge and we can reduce the impacts of a small disaster, but we need the help of experts. pg&e is an integral part of our emergency response team. they are the industry expert with utilities. whether it is a gas leak or a wire down, just having someone there that deals with this every day is pretty comforting. we each bring something to the table that is unique and that is a specialty. with all of us working together we can keep all these emergencies small. and the fact that we can bring it together
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and effectively work together is pretty special. they bring their knowledge, their tools and equipment and the proficiency to get the job done. and the whole time i have been in the fire service, pg&e's been there, too. whatever we need whenever we need it. i do count on pg&e to keep our firefighters safe. that's why we ask for their help. (catherine) a student riding his bike, says he was mistreated by a san francisco police officer -- and it was all caught on camera. (pam) as kron four's terisa estacio reports, the student says, this never should have happened this is where the incident took place cesar says he was on his bike going down market street that's where the run in
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with the sfpd officer took place cesar says before he met up with the officer he had been riding on the sidewalk, which is an infraction.. cesars contends that once he was in the street there was no reason for the officer to ask him to get off his bike that's when caesar says the officer told him if he didn't get off, he would be forced off you can see it all in the video the confrontation. cesar : he forced me to the ground, i have bruises. cesar showed me his injuries. he has several bruises. others recorded the interaction as well. kron four reached out the sfpd they issued a statement saying cesar verbally argued with the officer and refused to give his id, and ran away from the officer. cesar was ultimately cited for being in possession of a switchblade, riding a
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bike on the sidewalk and resisting arrest. cesar. "i don't think this needed to happen." terisa estacio kron four news (pam) the accused parkland florida school shooter... appeared in court this afternoon. nikolas cruz faces 17- counts of murder ... and 17- counts of attempted murder.. for the february 14th massacre at marjory stoneman douglas high school. at his friday hearing, through his attorney, cruz waived his right to a speedy
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trial .. he is due back in court may 25th. cruz's lawyers say, he is willing to plead guilty -- if prosecutors drop the death penalty. so far, that deal has not happened. if prosecutors do seek the death penalty, cruz may be one of the few mass shooting suspects to ever face their victims in court. (catherine) stormy daniels' lawsuit against president trump and his personal attorney, michael cohen, is on hold, at least for now. a judge today announced that there will be a 90-day delay in the proceedings. the stay was requested by cohen himself, who filed court papers wednesday indicating that he'd assert his fifth amendment rights against self- incrimination. daniels - an adult film star - wants an agreement she signed to remain quiet about allegations she had sex with trump - be voided. under terms of that agreement, cohen paid daniels 130-thousand dollars.
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now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: it was partly cloudy today. temperatures were cooler again today. you can see a few showers on the doppler radar in for northern california and over the sierra. it will be breezy and cooler if you're heading out tonight. on the satellite you can see the low pressure system creeping closer to the coastline. clouds will be on the increase tonight leading to a chance of showers after midnight. you can see the showers moving late on our computer model. they are scattered so don't expectg much and it won't be enough ruin your day. highs tomorrow will be cooler than normal and in the 50s near the coast with 60s in the bay and valleys. it will be partly cloudy on sunday too with below average temperatures. high pressure and offshore winds clear out our skies and warm up in the middle of next week.
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"coming up a little bit later in this broadcast we're gonna run down the names you haven't heard of selected on the second day of the draft by 49ers and raiders ... and you think i'm gonna have a segment die just on that ... that's what alicia's for." "emails.""yeah we'll bounce around and have a few laughs there, but again if you're like lawrence karnow and you want a lot of names ... and you need a search party to find out who they are ... we're coming up later in this broadcast." ((catherine))here's what we're tracking - new tonight at nine......tonight at nine
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(pam)new tonight at 8 our
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nation's military faces an unusual fight. defense leaders say, boosting troop numbers has been a challenge, partly because many recruits are not physically fit for service.(catherine) now a group of retired military leaders is urging president trump to take action. our washington d.c. correspondent brie jackson tells us what the group wants the administration to do -- the help fix the obesity problem. military leaders are struggling with recruitment efforts - which effects the future of military readiness the tough part is one in three young adults don't even qualify for military service and that's not getting any betterretired air force major general douglas raaberg says excess weight álimits the number of qualified recruits. but the fitness standards are
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not something that can be relaxed.especially when you look at areas like afghanistan in those high mountainous areas in terms of staying fit a non profit group 'mission readiness' made up of retired generals and admirals sent this letter to president trump. they ask the administration to appoint new leaders to the council on sports, fitness and nutrition. the president's council on and nutrition is working to get young people active in sports. it also works to raise awareness food options. the hope is that will lead to expanding the military's recruitment addition, secretary of mattis say congress can help by authorizing annual pay raises to retain servicemembersthom tillis sure keeping up with cost of increases won't take away from other military programs. senator thom tillis/ north continue the you deal with the resources based on other dod priorities.raasberg says the billions spent each year on obesity-is draining there is an this obestity on this department itself. not just but the health issues associated with it. he sees a focus on weight loss as one way to add more qualified recruits and help strengthen our military. in washington brie jackson (pam) (pam) facebook is adding a
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new feature .. so parents can limit the time their kids spend on a messaging app. the company created a "sleep" mode.... so parents can specify what hours their kids can use the app. the messenger kids app launched last december. the app is aimed at children under 13 ... but some child development experts say... the company should not be making apps for kids. the app offers a large selection of parental controls, with no ads. coming up at eight.. a family shocked ...after their loved one dies on an airplane... now they are claiming the airline did not do enough to help. also - starbucks is revealing how the controversial philadelphia arrests have affected sales. and next. why the suspect accused of being the golden state killer... may not serve time for dozens of alleged rapes. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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(catherine) and a programming note-- there's a california gubernatorial debate this sunday-- april 29th. we'll air the debate live - here on kron four. that 's this sunday night at 5:30.
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♪ ♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit we can now use a blood sample toh care, target lung cancer more precisely. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. (catherine) the man accused
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of being the golden state killer--- joseph deangelo - is likely facing the rest of his life behind bars.(pam) but as kron four's philippe djegal reports... because of the
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statute of limitations on rape and sex crimes in california... deangelo may only serve that time because of the murders, and not the rapes. (philippe) the yolo county district attorney's office is looking into prosecuting joseph deangelo for at least three rapes he's believed to have committed in davis in the 70s. but senior trial attorney for bay area law firm summit defense, rabin (ruh-been) nabizadeh (nah- be-zuh-day) says if those charges are ever filed, they most likely won't stick.rabin nabizadeh/summit defense- "in criminal actions, generally speaking, the more serious the crime, the longer the statute of limitations. uh, but once that statute of limitations has passed, essentially the court no longer has jurisdiction to even hear the matter." until january first of last year... in california... the statute of limitations on rape and other sex crimes was 10 years. that statute was eliminated in 2016 in response
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to the me-too movement and the bill cosby case... but it is not retroactive.rabin nabizadeh/summit defense- "the law as passed in 2016, uh, applies only to crimes committed after january first 2017." marc klaas is president of the klaas kids foundation. he says the ability to prosecute someone for violent crimes, should not have an expiration date.marc klaas/klaas kids foundation- "you can committ a horrible crime, you can rape a woman, you can rape a child and because of some arbitrary date, if you ca somehow get passed that, you can eliminate or you can, you can escape any kind of punishment for the crime and that's absolutely incorrect and that's wrong." the golden state killer is connected to 12 murders and about 50 rapes dating back to the 70s and 80s.rabin nabizadeh/summit defense- "for murder, there is no statute of limitations. so, what i think is going to happen in this case is, um, this man is going to spend the rest of his life in prison." for murder and not necessarily for the rapes. philippe djegal, kron four news. (pam) east bay police arrested three teens .... in connection with an all-day
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crime spree in san leandro. all of the suspects were 17- years old. and police say, their spree included strong -arm robberies and burglaries. police found the teens parked in a car at the greenhouse marketplace shopping center. at the same time, they got a call about a robbery at the same location. then they say, observed one of the teens in a car buglary. all three were eventually arrested.... and investigators ended up finding several stolen items connected to other earlier crimes. (catherine) the family of a south carolina woman who died after taking a seven-hour flight in 20-16 has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against american airlines. caroline hecker has the story.. the death of brittany oswell of lexington came as a shock to her family in 2016.on april 14 she and her husband boarded the flight.but about three hours in, the lawsuit says she was dizzy and disoriented, eventually fainting.a doctor on board thought she was suffering a panic attack..but
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several hours later, she began vomiting and defecating herself.brad cranshaw:"there were no indicators when she boarded the plane and she left the plane on stretcher."the suit alleges the doctor told flight attendants to tell the pilots to divert the plane to the nearest airport to get brittany medical help.but after asking three times, the suit says the flight crew continued toward dallas.about an hour before landing, brittany stopped breathing and had no pulse.the suit also alleges negligence over broken medical equipment.brad cranshaw:"when the doctor began to treat brittany, the blood pressure cuffs did not work and there was a point when brittany went into cardiac arrest on the plane and the defibrillator did not function properly."brittany never regained consciousness, spending three days on life support before being declared brain dead.brad cranshaw:"the concept that you would fall into distress of this nature and a doctor would ask for immediate help and it would not be granted, those are the types of questions that we would like answered."doctors say she died of a blood clot in her lung.american airlines released this statement saying "we take the safety of our passengers very seriously and we're looking into the details of the complaint."
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(catherine) (catherine) her family is suing the airline for damages.. and also asking for protocol changes -- so others might get the help they need. (pam) starbucks says, the arrests of two black men in philadelphia... so far have not hurt their sales. this comes after rashon nelson and donte robinson were arrested at starbucks, when they were seated waiting for a friend without making a purchase and refused to leave. video of the arrest went viral... sparking protests and calls for boycotts. starbucks said, it would close all of the company -owned stores in the u-s ... for one afternoon to provide racial bias training. the costs from protests and the may 29 training ... will not show up until next quarter. (catherine) now to our
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four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: it was partly cloudy today. temperatures were cooler again today. you can see a few showers on the doppler radar in for northern california and over the sierra. it will be breezy and cooler if you're heading out tonight. on the satellite you can see the low pressure system creeping closer to the coastline. clouds will be on the increase tonight leading to a chance of showers after midnight. you can see the showers moving late on our computer model. they are scattered so don't expectg much and it won't be enough ruin your day. highs tomorrow will be cooler than normal and in the 50s near the coast with 60s in the bay and valleys. it will be partly cloudy on sunday too with below average temperatures. high pressure and offshore winds clear out
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our skies and warm up in the middle of next week.
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still ahead at 8 as the c-d-c warns people about lettuce tainted with e- coli..we look at how you can prevent the bacteria from spreading. plus. why comedienne amy schumer has been in the hospital for the past five days and next. a 3 year old survives a vicious dog attack...but now needs help in her long road to recovery.
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(catherine) new at 8 a three-year-old who survived a vicious dog attack last year ... still has a long way to go. (pam) arial canen lost her ears... and her family in michigan says, insurance will not cover the procedure for new ones. most of the child's head is a skin graft. it is the result of a vicious dog attack last year. now her mom wants to get her new ears ... before school starts... but insurance will not cover the cost... so, that has her local community stepping in. (pam) the procedure that arial needs costs nearly 12-thousand dollars. and thanks to her community... her mom is hopeful of giving her daughter back what she lost. (catherine) the c-d-c is warning people about romaine lettuce from yuma, arizona. it's been linked to an e-coli
8:41 pm
outbreak that's left at least 98 people hospitalizedacross 22 states. kim hutcherson has details on what you can do to avoid getting sick in today's health minute. e. coli bacteria is all around us -- even inside of us. but certain strains produce a toxin that can cause diarrhea, urinary tract infections, respiratory illness -- and even infections in your bloodstream. most people can prevent e. coli illness by properly handling food and practicing good hygiene. wash your hands before and after preparing a meal -- and especially before you eat. rinse off raw fruits and vegetables before eating them. prevent cross- contamination by keeping raw meat and seafood away from ready-to-eat foods. it's crucial to thoroughly cook beef and pork ... that's why it's recommended to use a food thermometer. but e. coli isn't found only in the kitchen -- wash your hands after using the bathroom or coming in contact with animals. be careful to not swallow
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water while swimming. symptoms of e. coli illness typically appear three to four days after coming in contact with the bacteria. contact your doctor if you experience diarrhea, bloody stools, vomiting, or cramps. for today's health minute, i'm kim hutcherson.
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(pam) new at 8 a tennessee woman is sharing her story... after giving birth to her son alone in a hotel bathroom... during a trip overseas. (catherine) sarah mccarthy talked to the new mother about the experience. eight-week-old xavier freeman is a little worn out.nats: "he is."understandable.. when you hear how he ended up here.his mother tia freeman felt sick in the middle of an international flight.tia freeman, mother:"i was like, i'll just sleep it off, sleep cures everything. so i go to sleep and wake up as we're landing and i notice my cramps have gotten astronomically worse,"then, she realized she wasn't sick.. she was in labor. tia freeman, mother: "i was
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like, dear god, please just let me make it to my hotel room."baby xavier came entered the world in an hotel bathtub in istanbul.. with a little help from the internet.tia freeman, mother: "i literally as on youtube typing like how to deliver a baby. scroll scroll scroll, yup that video looks like they know what they're talking about." wiki-how walked her through how to cut his umbilical cord. tia freeman, mother: "it's saying gather these supplies. grab scissors, some clamps, and sterilize everything. and i was like, i have none of that, but i do have some shoelaces and a pocket knife." the next morning, tia wrapped xavier in a flannel shirt and took a cab to the took several hours to convince the u-s consulate her story was true.tia freeman, mother: "they were like, this has never happened, like ever."but all of the drama didn't really phase xavier.nats "you yawning? you yawning?"he's just happy to be home. (catherine) the 22-year- old says she didn't go to a hospital while in istanbul because she wasn'tsure how to find one.. the morning after giving birth - she called the u-s consulate from the airport.. the baby was issued an emergency passport
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and they flew home two weeks later. (pam) the theater subscription service "movie- pass".. is making changes to its plans. current customers are able to watch a movie a day at theaters... for just 10-dollars a month. but now, new customers will be limited to just four- movies a month. the move comes as the sustainability of moviepass' business model ... comes into question. the company is paying most theaters the full price of the ticket, so the service loses money with just one or two movies in a month. customers who have already signed up under the old plans.. are not affected. new tonight at nine... a violent home invasion robbery...caught on camera. tonight we hear from the victim who says he was getting out of his uber..when he was attacked.....and says he's lucky to be alive. the frightening story...tonight on kron 4 news at nine.
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steph curry was a full participant in practice for the second straight day. he remains questionable for game one against new orleans. curry participated on a five-on-five scrimmage behind a curtain. head coach, steve kerr says he wants to see how his body responds overnight. golden state won't make a decision on curry's status for game one until after shootaround tomorrow. if the warriors decide to play it safe, curry will play in game two off the bench and with a minute- restriction. steph's durability this season has been a big issue... he suffered three ankle sprains and knee injury curry understands he needs to be 100-percent in order to have an impact against new orleans "i'm getting there for sure. like i said i've done a lot ... the last two weeks especially ... on my feet moving ... getting back to movements that i expect to do in a game ... and try to build that tolerance and intensity for what that means. so my knee feels pretty good. don't have any pain doing things i've been doing. when i'm back out there i'll be able to look myself in the mirror and ... everybody that's a part of that decision ... we all can agree its time to go."
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the a's have won four of their last fives games tonight they open a three-game series against the world champs, the houston astros let's head to minute maid park-- sean manaea on the hill for the first time since his no-hitter against boston last saturday there's a reason he's called the somoan randy johnson he fans george springer, evan gattis, and jake marisnick strikes out 7, allows 4 hits and a run in seven innings a's up 4-1... mark canha goes deep... springer trying to rob canha of a 2-run homer the ball lips out of his glove... he can't believe it oakland wins 8-1
8:50 pm
without curry i'm betting that new orleans wins. they need him back. the bottom line is the warriors need steph curry to win back to back nba titles. i have never heard you praise an athlete like you do lebron james. aren't you embarrassed? lebron james proved in game 5 against the pacers why he's the best player in the world.
8:51 pm
happy to hear that you watched the a's game with your mom. sorry it took a no-hitter to bring you in. sean manaea made history with the a's.
8:52 pm
he's the first oakland pitcher to hitter in 8 years. most of the most of the media said "cut reuben foster immediately." you said "wait until the facts are in." you win! the 49ers are waiting on to hear the verdict on rueben foster.
8:53 pm
saw you at the giants park leaving before the game started. why?
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments
8:56 pm
in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. (pam) comedienne amy schumer is in the hospital... with what she calls, a horrible kidney infection. (catherine) she posted her picture on instagram today...saying she's already spent five days in the hospital. she says she's disappointed that she had to miss a trip to london to promote her new movie. schumer also thanked her medical staff, her sisters and her new husband chris fischer. saying they've been by her side every step of the way.. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(catherine) but our primetime coverage continues grant lodes is here with kron 4 news at 9....grant? ((grant))thank you pam and at nine...a
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bay area family is outraged. after learning a daly city woman...who killed her three daughters 20 years ago is eligible for they're calling on governor brown to reject the parole board's recommendation.a live coming up. plus...the suspected golden state killer makes his first court appearance.tonight we hear from the daughter of two victims...she says it was her parents' dna that helped police crack this cold case. ((grant))plus...relief for hundreds of residents forced from their homes following that massive fire in concord.. tonight, they're finally back. we'll hear from some of in a live report. keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right
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yourselves in our shoes... imagine how you would feel if your loved ones were taken from you so violently and so suddenly and you had to walk the streets with the person who did it">(grant) outrage in (grant) outrage
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in one city along the peninsula... after three little girls were killed by their own mother.... and tonight the family of the little girls are begging governor jerry brown to keep her in behind bars...(grant) thanks for joining us i'm grant lodes...(catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis... that's because a parole board recently considered megan hogg ready to be released...five years early...although she had been sentenced 25 to life. (grant) kron 4s' ella sogomonian is live in daly city at city hall where they held a press conference with the district attorney today. ella why do they think she should be locked up? daly city woman megan hogg taped the mouths and feet of her 7, 3, and 2 year old daughters before she smothered them to death back in 1998.she was


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