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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(grant) tonight.. more than 250 residents are back home for the first time since this massive fire broke out at an apartment complex under construction in concord. (grant) good evening, i'm grant lodes.(pam) and i'm pam moore -- the scene of that fire was so dangerous... crews feared the entire building would
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authorities evacuated the complex next door .... until they could make that area safe. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to people as they returned home. she joins us live from concord with the latest... hermela? they are relieved.. people told me based on those massive flames tuesday morning..they did not think they would be home this soon... if at all. because it looked like their own building was on fire. but about four days later.. they are home, where they have access to basic necessities. one woman told me she has been wearing her friend's clothes for most of the week. so this is first day of some normalcy for the more than 200 people that live here.a lot of people also told me they are tired. as you can imagine.. they have been sleeping in hotels, a friend's place or the shelter
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so they've just been in limbo for days.. and they tell me that itself is its own kind of exhaustion.but more good news..everyone we talked to said.. they didn't have any damage in their units. fortunately firefighters were able to contain the fire to the brand new apartment building that was set to open in the fall. officials tell us two sides of that building have been knocked down.. and they believe the structure is no longer a danger to the occupied units. and that's why they cleared everyone to come home today. lizzy nixon/resident:overwhelming but grateful and really blessed to have such great firefighters and the church and the red cross and just want to get in my bed. i just want to be in my apartmentryan francisco/resident really excited. there's a difference betwen living in a hotel day by day as opposed to a vacation. that's what we thought it originally would feel like a vacation, but totally wrong. we got really homesick and you don't really know until you actually lost something how much you actually appreciate home . i feel really really happy and really relieved. (heremela aregawi)the cause and origin of the fire is still under investigation..officials tell us they will be out here combing the scene for several days..and it could take weeks to wrap up the investigation. as they talk to eye witnesses and looking at surveillance
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cameras to determine if this was an accident.. or arson. reporting live in concord hermela aregawi kron 4 news. (pam) on the peninsula... a family is pleading with governor jerry brown... to overturn a decision by the state parole board ... to release a mother. the mother was convicted of killing her three young children. kron 4s' ella sogomonian is live in daly city at city hall, where the family held a news conference today, with the district attorney. ella - why do they think she should stay in prison? a bay area family is appealing to governor jerry brown tonight that he overturn the decision of the state parole board to release a mother convicted of killing her three children.kron 4s'
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ella sogomonian is live in daly city at city hall where they held a press conference today with the district attorney.ella why do they think she should stay in prison?live the family believes they have evidence the mother hasn't worked through her issues and has no remorse for killing her kids so if released she could be a risk to society.pkg daly city woman megan hogg was convicted of first degree premeditated murder and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.she was accused of taping the mouths and feet of her 7, 3, and 2 year old daughters before she smothered them to death back in 1998.twenty years later the family of the little girls stood at the steps of city hall friday - urging governor jerry brown not let her out.sot: damali ross, victims' aunt// " the pain that we feel and the pain that we carried for the last twenty years is unimaginable." hogg was allowed her first parole hearing this month when two members of the parole board agreed to let her out 5 years early.meanwhile the victims' family along with the san mateo county district attorney and his staff say they were sure she would be locked up for life. they claim
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hogg hasn't made any self improvement and instead has committed more crime while in prison.daly city's police chief who was a patrolman at the time recalls the brutal murders and says some officers never recovered from the case. sot: captain patrick hensley, daly city police chief// "as a police officer i am disappointed that the system failed these children and that officials in our state government feel it is more important to empty our prisons than to aknowledge the rights of victims."sot: damali ross, victims' aunt// "we can't understand how that happened and we're upset."the family cringes at the thought hogg may be allowed back to the bay area where they risk seeing her again. (grant) today the man accused of murdering at least 12 people and raping dozens of others across california appeared in court.(pam)
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joseph deangelo is accused of being the "golden state killer".. he was arraigned today in a sacramento courtroom... he was pushed into court in a wheelchair... the arraignment lasted only a few minutes.... deangelo appeared frail.... and when asked his name.... his voice was barely audible. he was charged formally with two -counts of murder with special circumstances , for the 1978 killings of brian and katie maggiore. he also faces two- murder charges in ventura county... and 4- counts in orange county. "i know everybody wants information but you saw me literally get handed the complaint in court. i have no discovery, no information other than what i'm reading in news reports. i asked the da for discovery. i understand it's hundreds of thousands of pages. i haven't gotten anything yet."> he is accused of being the man of many aliases.. the golden state killer, the east area rapist -- and as investigators said this week... the visalia ransacker. his court appointed attorney says, she feels deangelo is being tried in the
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public - saying, her client is innocent until proven guilty. (grant) although the golden state killer is likely to spend the rest of his life behind bars, the president of the klaas kids foundation says 72-year-old joseph deangelo may go to trial for murder... but not the rapes. that's because of the statute of limitations that exists in 34 states. in california... the statute of limitations on rape and other sex crimes was 10 years. that statute was eliminated in 2016...but it is not retroactive. meaning -- the law only applies to crimes committed after january first 20-17. a local defense attorney says the statute of limitations is intended to provide checks and balances. "the possibly innocent may have alibie witnesses that have died if you are reviving a law, or changing the statute of limitations and now prosecuting him for something that happened 30 years ago. his alibie witnesess may be dead. his ability to collect evidence and mount a defense is greatly diminished, uh, since he now has thought for
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the last 10 years or so that he's no longer under threat of prosecution."> still, the yolo county district attorney's office says it's looking into possibly prosecuting deangelo for rapes he's believed to have committed in davis in the 70s. that's in addition to the murder charges -- which have no statute of limitations. (pam) the golden state killer viciously murdered the step-mother and father of jennifer carole of santa cruz ... now she is talking about the arrest that she has waited for .. for decades . kron 4's justine waldman spoke with with her... about how the d-n-a from her loved ones' crime scene, was the magic link that helped capture the accused rapist and murderer.. sot i just started talking to them dad and charlene and can you guys believe it this has happened?!?jennifer carole never imagined her family's tradgey could have the the key to solving so many horrific crimes.the golden state killer used a wood log to beat to death her step mother charlene, and her father lyman smith inside their ventura home in 1980.on friday, she
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saw for the first time the face of the man she has wondered so much about the suspect accused of ripping her life apart.nats out of ventura county for two counts of murder as 72 year old joseph delango got wheeled into a courtroom ...charged in the murder of the smiths.sot he is as despicable looking as i thought she felt disgust the former cop and grandfather only muttered a few words.sot he can't even use his voice? he certainly used it to terrorize my step mother and my dadkron 4 news has confirmed with the ventura county district attorney the dna from the smith family crime scene is the link that connected denaglo as the goldens state killer.jennifer learned the dna came from charlene, and it overwhelmed her.sot if her body was used for catching him so be itjennifer tells me she believes charlene's spirit visits her when she hears the sound of keys and always questioned what that was trying to tell her.sot there were always keys jangal so today is the first time that maybe charlene is the key to the cases after learning of the dna link, now she believes her helped unlocked the mystery behind the face of who could be the golden state killer. in santa cruz justine waldman kron 4 news (pam) ged -match put out
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this statement today. saying - "although we were not approached by law enforcement, or anyone else about this case, or about the d-n-a, it has always been ged-match's policy to inform users ... that the database could be used for other uses, as set forth in the site policy if you are concerned about non- genealogical uses of your d-n-a, you should not upload your d-n-a to the
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database and/ or you should remove d-n-a that has already been uploaded. lawrence karnow: it was partly cloudy today. temperatures were cooler again today. you can see a few showers on the doppler radar in for northern california and over the sierra. it will be breezy and cooler if you're heading out tonight. on the satellite you can see the low pressure system creeping closer to the coastline. clouds will be on the increase tonight leading to a chance of showers after midnight. you can see the showers moving late on our computer model. they are scattered so don't expectg much and it won't be enough ruin your day. highs tomorrow will be cooler than normal and in the 50s near the coast with 60s in the bay and valleys. it will be partly cloudy on sunday too with below average temperatures. and offshore out our skies the middle of (pam) three teenagers have been arrested .... after a crime spree in san leandro. police say, the 17-year-olds were taken into custody at the greenhouse marketplace shopping center last week. they are accused of several strong -arm robberies and burglaries. police say, they saw one of the suspects
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breaking into a parked car... and add, they found stolen property in their possession. (grant) in the north bay-- a drug sales investigation leads to the arrest of a gang member--- for child porn. the arrest happened in santa rosa at an apartment building just off of west 3rd street. police say they found 19- year-old miguel jasso sitting in a car-- with a 15-year-old girl. officers searched jasso's car-- and found a gun with ammunition. police also found suspected child pornography on his phone. jasso was arrested and is now facing several charges. the 15-year-old girl was arrested for outstanding felony warrants. (grant) coming up -- a memorial to remember a part of american history is now open. we're hearing how people today are remembering the more than 4-thousand americans...mur dered in lynchings. (pam) plus... a pregnant women who was on her way to the hospital goes into labor right on a busy freeway... we'll show who came to help
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her deliver the baby safely.. (grant) and -- some people sure seem to be working the system to get their animals into places they're not supposed to be. meet two bay area women on either side of the issue.
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((grant)) new tonight at ten...want to bring your dog on a plane?or do you live in an apartment complex that doesn't allow pets?((pam)) anyone claiming an emotional need ..... can go online, and for a relatively
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small fee, they can register their dog as an emotional support animal.((grant)) some say that this is fraud -- especially when you can jump on amazon and in a matter of hours have a "service dog" vest shipped to your front door.((pam)) in-depth tonight...kron4's michelle kingston and her puppy dasher .... show us just how easy the process really is. this is dasher -- a two year old pit bull puppy mix.he's big but he's cute and cuddly -- and an absolute love.ábarká but -- he isn't fully trained ... and sometimes other dogs and people make him nervous.he is definitely not qualified to be an emotional support animal -- not yet anyway -- but i went online to register him to
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see if he'd pass the test.but once i got on usdogregistry. net i realized there wasn't a test at all.all i had to do was type in my name, dasher's name and give my credit card information.i didn't have to say why i need an emotional support animal or provide proof of a doctor's note of any mental condition. dasher's $79 emotional support animal certification will arrive in the mail in about a week.. with free shipping!dana valladares, emotional support dog owner"no, i feel like everybodys entitled to their own, you know, if that's their business, then you know, if that's why they need them then that's why they need them." last night -- you met dana valladares -- she used the same website as i did to register her dog.unlike me -- dana says she suffers from depression and certified her dog to help her anxiety.i registered my dog dasher just to see how easy the process really is.michelle kingston, @mkingstonnews"i was even able to buy this 'service dog' vest on amazon without any explanation."theresa stern, visually impaired"it makes me feel just very disappointed i guess in society that people are comfortable about lying about something as personal to them as whether or not they have a disability simply to have their pet dog accompany them in public and that is really infringing on my rights and has become a real challenge to other people who really do have a disability and really need the assistance of a service animal."michelle kingston, @mkingstonnews " is just one of many websites you can use to certify your dog. we reached out to them to ask why they certify dogs without even knowing why their owners need that emotional support -- or if the dog is properly trained. we reached out why they certify dogs without even knowing why their owners need that emotional support, or if the trained. they said they provide identification kits 'to be used to communicate to others that the dogs service a medical need or are assisting
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their handlers, and that they are not pets. the handlers are still responsible for ensuring that their dogs meet the appropriate training requirements and do not behave inappropriately in public places. the handlers are also responsible for ensuring that they have qualifying disabilities and documentation, if applicable.' and as far as dasher's registration, i'll be throwing it out as soon as it arrives in the mail. in the east bay, michelle kingston, kron 4 news."
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(grant) alameda county firefighters got to help with a special delivery today. this is a photo of the firefighters with the newborn they helped bring into the world this morning. the firefighters got the call that a woman was in labor on 880...on her way to the hospital but the baby just couldn't wait. thanks to these firefighters and paramedics, they helped deliver a healthy baby girl. the mother and baby -- are doing well. a live look outside on this friday night...lawrence has the forecast.. lawrence karnow: it was partly cloudy today. temperatures were cooler again today. you can see a few showers on the doppler radar in for northern california and over the
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sierra. it will be breezy and cooler if you're heading out tonight. on the satellite you can see the low pressure system creeping closer to the coastline. clouds will be on the increase tonight leading to a chance of showers after midnight. you can see the showers moving late on our computer model. they are scattered so don't expectg much and it won't be enough ruin your day. highs tomorrow will be cooler than normal and in the 50s near the coast with 60s in the bay and valleys. it will be partly cloudy on sunday too with below average temperatures. high pressure and offshore winds clear out our skies and warm up in the middle of next week.
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(pam)in national news... a concert for peace and justice wrapped up tonight in montgomery, alabama. the concert was part of the overall festivities, for the opening of the 'equal justice initiative's memorial' ... to victims of lynching .. as well as a new museum dedicated to the nation's history with slavery. reporter reshad hudson was there. the concert for peace and justice, an event scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. on friday night from the equal justice initiative in montgomery, is streaming for free online.the concert is part of the festivities surrounding the opening of the equal justice initiative's memorial to victims of lynching and museum dedicated to slavery and its legacy in montgomery, alabama, according to the eji.
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(pam) that was reshad hudson reporting. alambama congresswoman terry sewell says, she hopes alabamians, and others, will come to (pam) that was reshad hudson reporting. alambama
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congresswoman sewell says, she hopes alabamians, and others, will come to montgomery to see the two museums, because what they both represent is such a large part of this nations history. (grant) still ahead -- president trump extended the deadline for release of all the j-f-k assassination files... why he say's this move was necessary... plus -- why the president is taking some of the credit for progress on the korean peninsula.... (grant) and a programming note-- there's a california gubernatorial debate this sunday-- april 29th. and you can watch it on kron-4. four of the top candidates will be participating... assemblyman travis allen, state treasurer john chiang, businessman john cox and former l-a mayor antonio villaraigosa. lieutenant governor gavin newsom declined the invitation to participate. you can watch the debate here on kron-4 on sunday night at 5:30.
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president trump says he's "encouraged" by historic peace talks between north and south korea. the president is taking some of the credit for progress on the korean peninsula. this comes after north and south korea agree to work toward abolishing nuclear weapons in a deal that could finally bring an end to the korean war. reports say singapore and mongolia are two top locations favored by the u-s. < "i think some very good things can happen with respect to north korea. we're setting up meetings now, we're down to two countries as to a site."> the president insisted he was not being naive or misled by the north korean regime. he said he would walk away if kim wasn't serious about shelving his nuclear program. (pam) president trump extended the deadline for the public release of all the j-f-k assassination files ... to 2021. the president's
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move came on the deadline he imposed last year, for the full release of the files -- barring national security and privacy concerns. that came after a 25-year deadline set in 19-92... by president george h-w bush. trump said, continued withholdings are necessary.. although about 19-thousand documents were released thursday, with redactions. this release adds to the millions of documents already made public. the 19-63 assassination prompted a whirlwind of questions from the public and researchers, plenty of conspiracy theories, and reflexive secrecy from the government. (grant) coming up -- an lapd officer is finding himself on the other side of the law... facing federal charges. we'll hear from come of the people closest to him -- after the break. (pam) and a woman is safe tonight, after she says, she was nearly sexually assaulted by a stranger ... while walking home. how police are responding to this attack. and a man claims he was roughed up by an officer for
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riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. but police say there's much more to the story than what the video shows... to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together
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to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. ♪ when i first came to ocean bay, what i saw was despair.
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i knew something had to be done. hurricane sandy really woke people up, to showing that we need to invest in this community. i knew having the right partner we could turn this place around. it was only one bank that could finance a project this difficult and this large, and that was citi. preserving affordable housing preserves communities. so we are doing their kitchens and their flooring and their lobbies and the grounds. and the beautification of their homes, giving them pride in where they live, will make this a thriving community once again. ♪ his bike says, he was mistreated by a san francisco police officer... the incident was caught on camera. (grant) as kron four's terisa estacio reports, the student says, this never should have
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happened (terisa estacio reporting) natural sound - "what is your issue, what is your issue, i was riding in the bike lane. cesar says before he met up with the officer he had been riding on the sidewalk, which is an infraction.. cesar contends that once he was in the street there was no reason for the officer to ask him to get off his bike that's when caesar says the officer told him if he didn't get off, he would be forced off cesar. "you work for me." you can see it all in the video the confrontation. cesar : he forced me to the ground, i have bruises.cesar showed me his injuries. he has several bruises. others recorded the interaction as well. cesar. why are you doing this to me. kron four reached out the sfpd they issued a statement saying cesar verbally argued with the officer and refused to present his identification. the officer became concerned and called for backup. according to the sfpd statement - quote, the subject started to struggle with the officer. when the officer attempted to put hin in the handcuffs, the subject was able to run from the officer. the subject feel to the ground and the officer dove on top of the subject. the officer was able to use his body weight to control the
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subject on the ground while awaiting backup. during the struggle the officer saw a switchblade fall out of the subjects pants pockets. cesar says he found it - cesar was ultimately cited for being in possession of a switchblade, riding a bike on the sidewalk and resisting arrest. cesar. "i don't think this needed to happen." terisa estacio kron four news ### (pam) a woman who says she fought off a stranger trying to rip off her clothes and
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rape her at the santa cruz clock tower is speaking out tonight.(grant) it happened this week on pacific avenue where a man jumped out and grabbed her. we are protecting her identity because she is a victim of sexual assault. phil gomez has the story. "i was jumped from behind by a man that ripped off my pants." it was still light outside when the victim began walking down water street on her usual route home. she got to the town clock and that's when her day took a frightening turn. she says daisuke muro attacked her from behind with every intent of overpowering her.jane doe: "he pushed me to the ground and i was kicking and fighting and screaming for help at the top of my lungs"she said everything seemed to slow down and it felt as if no one was acting quickly enough to help her.eventually two witnesses came to her rescue.jane doe: "a lady came with a car and whisked me away and people were kicking him off of me and then he stripped off all of his clothes"completely naked is how police found muro when
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they arrived--and he went after themwarren barry/santa cruz police:"he then began to attack the police officers by running at them while naked and trying to punch them"the victim is bruised and is sore from the attack.the emotional distress will last far longer... but she says talking about it helps...jane doe: "it's therapeutic and i want to feel like i'm doing something out of activism and not be scared of what people are going to name me for kaylyne foster renda, is with monarch services - a rape crisis center in santa cruz... she says having support is critical to help a rape survivor move forward.kalyne foster renda/ monarch services: " we have an advocates at monarch or community members, family friends that support is critical and to not have shame around the incident." (grant) that was phil gomez reporting. the victim also says she learned valuable lesson when it comes to being aware and alert when alone. (pam) bill cosby will be confined to his home near philadelphia for the time being. his bail order
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released on friday, also says, he must wear a g-p-s monitor. but he will occasionally be allowed to travel within five pennsylvania counties ..... to see his doctors and attorneys. cosby was found guilty on three -counts of aggravated indecent assault thursday. former temple university employee, andrea constand said, he drugged and assaulted her at his home in 2004. cosby's sentencing hearing has not yet been scheduled.. the 80-year- old comedian could get up to ten -years in prison, on each of the three- counts. (pam) wynn resorts wants to remove the name "wynn" from a two- and-a-half billion dollar casino.... under construction in the boston area. it comes in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct against company founder- steve wynn. he sold his share of the company, and resigned in february. today's hearing with the massachusetts gaming commission was solely to decide if wynn is still legally connected - under state law to the 2.5 billion dollar project in everett.
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that project is 50 percent complete. right now the site sees more than 15-hundred workers per day. it's expected to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in annual tax revenue. but the commission's decision could put the projects suitability license at risk. (grant) a los angeles police officer is accused of trying to smuggle two illegal immigrants into the united states. reporter tina patel spoke to the suspect's neighbors. mambasse patara, an officer with lapd's south traffic division, has found himself on the other side of law facing federal charges that he tried to illegally smuggle two men into the country from mexico. neighbors say it's hard to believe the allegations. crystal petrini: "i heard what happened and i'm really shocked. they've always been a really nice family ever since my husband and i have lived here."gabee reyes:"i don't believe that he's doing that, i don't believe at all that he'd be capable of doing something like that." gabee reyes says patara and his family have lived in the neighborhood for years, and she considers them friends. but the 42-year-old was arrested after being stopped at a border checkpoint early tuesday morning. according to the complaint from the
10:37 pm
department of justice..graphic: "patara immediately stated he is a united states citizen, an off duty police officer and showed a los angeles police department identification card. patara appeared to be nervous and was visibly shaking."that's why border agents asked patara and his two passengers to pull over. although patara told agents that those two men were united states citizens, fermin lopez and his nephew, german ramirez- gonzalez, eventually admitted that they were in the country illegally. one of them saying that they had known patara for years and worked for him at his fontana home. he said they had decided to go to a casino in alpine, then another one in campo.. before ending up at the border checkpoint near pine valley. neighbors say they don't know if it's true that patara knew the two men who were in his car. but say, they're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. crystal petrini:"there's always multiple sides to every story. i think that's important for everyone to keep in mind before jumping to conclusions on these types of things." (grant) that was tina patel reporting. patara
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has been placed on paid administrative leave with the lapd while the investigation continues. (pam) the parkland florida school shooter appeared in court this afternoon. nikolas cruz faces 17 counts of murder and 17 counts of attempted murder for the february 14th massacre at marjory stoneman douglas high school. at his hearing today, cruz waived his right to a speedy trial through his attorney. he's due back in court may 25th. cruz's lawyers say he's willing to plead guilty -- if prosecutors drop the death penalty. so far that deal hasn't happened. if prosecutors do seek the death penalty, cruz may be one of the few mass shooting suspects to ever face their victims in court. a legal battle is brewing over the insurance money to be paid for the parkland school shooting. manuel oliver is just one
10:39 pm
of the many parents who lost their child to the shooting. the school board's insurance company says they're willing to pay out 300-thousand dollars to be divided amongst all of the victims because, they say, it was one incident. however, attorneys claim the school was negligent, missed opportunities when it came to stopping the shooter. (grant) the red sweater- wearing man at the 2016 presidential debate... is facing some trouble. ken bone says a picture of him and his son at a shooting range, got his 14-year-old suspended. ayesha khan has more. ken bone/son suspended from school ken bone and his infamous red sweater he wore during the 2016 presidential debate made him an internet sensation overnight. this time though, it seems the digital
10:40 pm
world has come to haunt him. ken bone: 'i shared a photo on social media of me and him at the gun range. i was teaching him how to shoot.'him in his 14 year old son suspended from the st. claire county regional office safe school. ken bone: 'one of the school administrators saw that and i got a call saying that my son couldn't come back to school until the police investigated.'bone says he shared the two year old picture out of sheer innocence, showing his support for one of the survivors of the parkland florida shooting massacre.ken bone: 'kyle kashuv was one of the survivors of the parkland shooting massacre. he was having trouble with security at his school, he had tweeted some pictures of himself with his father at the gun range and i wanted to show my support for him so i tweeted basically the same photo with me and my son.'but school officials didn't take that lightly. ken bone: 'she said that the caption where i said the security officers should talk to my son. she said that was threatening.'bone is now worried his son will fall behind...especially because this isn't the first time he's faced school discipline. ken bone: 'he took a pocket knife with him to school and he said
10:41 pm
he didn't mean to it was zipped up in his binder, he got expelled from his old school which is why is goes to st. claire county office safe school now.'it's not clear how long his son is suspended for - - but bone says there's a lesson learned.ken bone: 'definitely be responsible with what you put on social media. it stays around forever. there's no such thing as deleting anything. and be really careful with your words.' (grant) that was ayesha khan reporting the school district declined to comment on the case because of student privacy, but the superintendent said illinois law gives school officials latitude when it comes to holding students accountable even for activity off campus. lawrence karnow: it took a long time for clouds to clear today and as a result the temperatures were not as warm. it has been breezy too which will bring clouds back into the bay and valleys tonight. a
10:42 pm
few thunderstorms popped up over the sierra in the afternoon and we could see more over the next few days. on the satellite you can see the low pressure center now off the coast of northern california. it will continue to wander toward the bay area the next few days to bring more clouds and even a chance of some showers to the bay area. tomorrow will be partly cloudy with isolated drizzle. highs will be cooler and in the 60s in the warmest spots inland, low to mid 60s around the bay and 50s to low 60s at the coast. there is a slight chance of showers friday night and into saturday morning. temperatures this weekend will be running well below average. warm spring sunshine should return toward the middle of next week.
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the day's sports highlights and scores.
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your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. (grant) illegal dumping has been a problem in the bay area for as long as some people can remember.(pam) but what makes it worse is when our scenic roads and open spaces fall victim to people behaving badly. .. are you missing are you missing a camshaft?
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how about a car door, or even pistons well look no more. nats: ambiance i got just want you need, well it's not really me but if you hurry uo and rush over to cummings skyway in crockett and take your pick because someone dumped car parts all over the place, i mean it looks like a car crashed and all the parts simply fell out onto the roadway i think it's awful but they are throwing it out there and i don't
10:47 pm
understand why they don't go to the dumpsthis is pam and dennis zampa, if that name sounds familiar dennis is the grandson of al zampa .you can see the al zampa bridge from cummings skyway just don't look down nats: ambiance because if you do, you will be disgusted ... this is the what appears rivalry week at a-t and tee park the giants hosting the dodgers for a four-game series san francisco trying to bounce back after their 15-2 loss to washington on wednesday derek holland on the hill top 4th... giants up 2-1 yasiel puig's hit down left field line is fair... a giants fan grabs the ball the officials have to talk with new york the guy gets
10:48 pm
kicked out of the game for interfering in the play game tied at two... hyun-jin ryu goes back to the same spot for a 2-run double bruce bochy pulls holland... allows all four runs in the fourth bottom 7th... giants tie the game at 4 pedro baez with a balk... gorkys hernadez scores san francisco up 5-4 giants score 4 runs in the inning san francisco wins 6-4 a's in houston taking on the world champions the astros sean manaea on the hill for the first time since his no- a's in houston taking on the world champions the astros sean manaea on the hill for the first time since his no-hitter against boston last saturday there's a reason he's called the somoan randy johnson he fans george springer, evan gattis, and jake marisnick strikes out 7, allows 4 hits and a run in seven innings a's up 4-1... mark canha goes deep... springer trying to rob
10:49 pm
canha of a 2-run homer the ball lips out of his glove... he can't believe it oakland wins 8-1 a's have won 5 of their last 6... two games over 500 steph curry was a full participant in practice for the second straight day. he remains questionable for game one against new orleans. curry participated on a five-on-five scrimmage behind a curtain. head coach, steve kerr says he wants to see how his body responds overnight. golden state won't make a decision on curry's status for game one until after shootaround tomorrow. if the warriors decide to play it safe, curry will play in game two off the bench and with a minute- restriction. steph's durability this been a big issue... he suffered three ankle sprains and knee injury curry understands he needs to be 100-percent in order to have against new orleans "i'm getting there for sure. like i said i've done a lot ... the last two weeks especially ... on my feet moving ... getting back
10:50 pm
to movements that i expect to do in a game ... and try to build that tolerance and intensity for what that means. so my knee feels pretty good. don't have any pain doing things i've been doing." i've been doing." we head to utah... russell westbrook and the thunder trying to force a game 7 in the third... jazz were rolling donovan mitchell hot from three puts utah up by ten rookie finished with 38 points in the fourth... russell westbrook cuts jazz's lead to one westbrook... 18-for-43 from the floor... 46 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists one second left in the game thunder need a three... paul george tries drawing the foul he gets a no-call jazz hold on to win... 96-91 they'll face the rockets in the second round
10:51 pm
day two of the n-f-l draft the 49ers and raiders each add three players to their rosters san francisco traded up to number 44 to drafted wide receiver, dante pettis from washington. they used their 70th pick on linebacker, fred warner and use pick 95 on safety, tarvarius moore. meanwhile the raiders took defensive tackle, p-j hall from sam houston hall in the second round and select offensive tackle brandon parker and defensive end, arden key in the third (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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lawrence karnow: it was partly cloudy today. temperatures were cooler again today. you can see a few showers on the doppler radar in for northern california and over the sierra. it will be breezy and cooler if you're heading out tonight. on the satellite you can see the low pressure system creeping closer to the coastline. clouds will be on the increase tonight leading to a chance of showers after
10:55 pm
midnight. you can see the showers moving late on our computer model. they are scattered so don't expectg much and it won't be enough ruin your day. highs tomorrow will be cooler than normal and in the 50s near the coast with 60s in the bay and valleys. it will be partly cloudy on sunday too with below average temperatures. high pressure and offshore winds clear out our skies and warm up in the middle of next week. of pure alchemy.
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the creation of something from nothing. first stands on no shoulders. it follows no footsteps. to first, the view ahead is wide open. the only thing that first chases&is possibility. you know what we make. first makes us who we are.
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male narrator: 5,000 punishing feet above sea level... - well, he just looks stunned right now. - the elevation can be pretty brutal. narrator: 125 focused competitors... - you know, i'm a rookie this year. i got stuff to prove. - even though i made it far last year, i didn't win. this year, i want to be the champion. narrator: six grueling obstacles... both: no! - it looks so difficult. [cheers and applause] both: oh! - couldn't hold on. - you can't afford to fall. you hit the water, and you're done. narrator: one life-changing moment. [cheers and applause] - [screams] - i'm gonna push through, and i'm gonna persevere. - i'm gonna be the first american ninja warrior 'cause i want it. i want it worse than anybody else. - i want to get to the top of that warped wall, and press that button. - we're gonna see records smashed. it's gonna be unbelievable.


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