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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 4, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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two brutal assaults in berkeley ... tonight, the person police say is responsible.. has been arrested. good evening.. i'm pam moore (grant) and i'm grant lodes.. just a week ago, a cal student was able to escape into her dormitory.. after a lengthy, violent struggle with the suspect at the building's entrance. police believe he's also responsible for an armed rape earlier this month.(pam) kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to police.. she joins us live from berkeley with the details.. hermela, what are police saying?? (hermela) police tell me this has been a priority for them. they have been working around the clock to find the person responsible for what they are calling heinous crimes. they say these two attacks have rattled the community here.. so there's a collective sigh of relief in berkeley tonight. 27-year old alphonzo mcinnis is in custody tonight in
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connection with an armed rape and this attack. on april 28th.surveillance video shows a cal student escaping into her dormitory after a violent struggle with the suspect. the victim is fighting for her life. she was able to escape into the dormitory with her belongings. but students on the campus say.. this incident is making them rethink how safe they really are. marie claire de martino/student it makes me feel vulnerable and intimidated considering i live in a housing situation that is exactly the same as hers. it's just a different color scheme and so, i just feel like that could happen to me. i've spent my time in berkeley not really thinking about situations like that where i could be really hurt. it just makes me want to be more careful you hear about these things all the time but actually seeing it on video was really scary. and that person was really violent so it kind of changed my perspective. you see those alerts all the time but you don't really think. it's kind of a scary situation. police believe mcginnis is also responsible for raping a high-school aged girl at gunpoint on april 19. they say the girl was walking down the 1500 block of addison street during the day.. when the suspect grabbed her mouth, forced her into an alley and sexually assaulted her. sargeant andrew frankel/berkeley police departmentwe've heard from our
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community that they were afraid. we heard from our victims and we heard from members of the community who worried about sending of their kids to school. and we heard that in emails, tweets, on next door, from letters and emails to city government and here to the police department, and it's been a priority and we are hopeful that with this arrest, some closure can begin. mcinnis is a felon and has a sizeable criminal record including a conviction for armed robberies in 2015. (hermela)the suspect was on parole. and now may be facing a slew of charges... including rape, kidnap to admit rape, and use we spoke to students here on the campus about the latest incident.. and they were stunned. their reactions coming up at 10.. reporting live in berkeley hermela aregawi kron 4 news
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this sulfur dioxide gas can be so toxic and thick in some areas that it can be fatal." (pam) earthquakes rocked hawaii's big island today... as eruptions at the kilauea volcano continued. you can see and hear the volcano spewing molten rock-- sending hazardous gas into the air -- forcing about 17-hundred people to evacuate. (grant) a crack in kilauea volcano's rift zone erupted late thursday on the big island.and it's still going. andy rose has more on the volcanic eruption that is happening right now. talmadge magno / civil defense administrator: "unfortunarlty a fifth vent just opened up and we get more indentation butt sot "activites continue it doesn't look like it's slowing down." mos "all we heard was a boom! lava spews from a crack in the streetmos:"within minutes, we seen smoke and now we see all
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this lava coming across the street and it's pumping right now."on hawaii's big island -- molten rock from the kilauea volcano flows into neighborhoods.mos "it's hard to believe it's here in this neighborhood. and i can't believe it is right in the back of people's homes."the curtain of fire forcing people to flee david sharman: "my family and my pets are safe. that's all i really care about. the rest is just stuff. this eruption comes after hundreds of earthquakes shook the eastern side of the big island for the past several days. david sharman: "glad to get out of here alive."but lava isn't the only danger.the volcano is shooting dangerous gas into the air.chief darwin okenaka? "we're getting extremely high readings of sulfur dioxide which is extremely dangerous and lethal if it is bad enough and high enough concentrations.kilauea is one of the world's most active volcanoes.and has been erupting almost continuously for more than thirty years. david sharman: when i bought
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here 14 years ago, i knew this day might eventually come. but i had no idea. the reality is sinking in now, for sure. yeah, it happened so fast."i'm andy rose reporting. (pam) the bay area is a busy hub for people flying to and from hawaii.kron 4's charles clifford is live tonight at s-f-o... where he spoke with passengers heading home to the islands. charles. . . (chuck) yeah, hundreds of people flying to and from hawaii every day.. no flight cancellations that we are away of here at sfo, but recent events have caught people attention. natsfriday afternoon at sfo, multiple flights arrived from and departed for hawaii. the volcanic eruption and earthquakes were on everyone's minds.soti think i saw some drone footagel pretty crazy. beth mina was headed home to
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ohau. sotthis volcano has been active for a long time but the recent activity is different than we've seen since i ve been there.sotit's mother nature in it's rawest form. scott hogle was also flying home to hawaii. he says he's stunned to see the images on the news.soti've been there for 20 years and i don't remember that happening while i've been there.sotthe volcano is always spewing lava but whats different this time is the earth split open and lava is coming up in neighborhood where there are homes and farmland.both beth and scoot hope that neighbors near the erruption are safe and getting the help they need.sot i just saw a notification that there was a 6.9 earthquake i know there have been evactuation going on in the area.sotthe state of hawaii has a number of preparedness plans in place but nobody can predict where the earth is going to spilt open. they are probably just trying to figure it out and get out of the way of the lava. (chuck)most of the people we talked to today were headed to honolullu, which is pretty far from the volcanoe . they say there biggest fear is tsunami but so far there hasn't been sfo, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(grant)weather wise- and the earthquakes continue chief meterologist lawrence karnow has been tracking this for us ... over 60 in the last two hours? lawrence karnow: it was the warmest day of the week today with some temperatures moving into the 80s inland. it is a nice night if you're heading out. patchy fog will return tonight with a chance of drizzle near the coast. high clouds will also be on the inrease tonigh as high pressure begins to move eastward. on the satellite you can see the clouds off the coast. those will move into our skies late tonight and tomorrow. we won't see any rain from these clouds but we'll likely have cooler temperatures. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s around the bay, low to mid 70s inland, and 50s and 60s at the coast. we will see a little more sunshine on sunday with mild to warm temperatures. it will begin to warm again on monday before cooling down again toward the middle of next week.
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(pam) new (pam) new at ten: a police officer and a suspect are dead in indiana, after a shooting tonight. police say, it happened at an apartment complex, where the suspect barricaded himself inside... é"when the suspect was approached, shots were exchanged with terre haute police officers and the suspect, which resulted in ... one of our officers being killed. during that exchange, we found out later the suspect was also shot and he is also deceased."deceased." neither the
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officer nor the suspect has been identified .a woman was in the apartment, but she left before the suspect was killed. (grant) back here at home: investigators are now revealing a possible motive behind a deadly shooting in mill valley. they've also identified the two victims as a father and daughter - and the gunman as a 71-year-old man who took his own life. kron 4's terisa estacio has more what we are learning about the victims. ((grant))now to a story ((grant)) ((grant))now to a story you will only see on kron 4. a bay area man is being
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(pam)the unemployment in the u-s its lowest in almost 20 years. but why some
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financial experts say we killed.killed.suspect was before the suspect was killed. the victims. (pam)the unemployment in the u-s its lowest in almost 20 years. but why some financial experts say we shouldn't get too comfortable. (grant) plus: a daycare where a 1 year old was beaten...has been shut down. but - his parents say the owner is still operating other business that should not remain open. (pam) and next: a happy ending to a heartless crime. we catch up with the family who say thanks to a good samaratian their stolen puppy.. is now home.
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i didn't know where he was, so i missed him(pam) a happy ending in the east bay to a story we first brought you earlier this year.((grant))a richmond family is reunited with their beloved french bull dog... mack...after he was stolen from their backyard. ((dbl bx))tonight they spoke exclusively to kron 4's ella sogomonian.she joins us live at the richmond police department where officers returned the the dog to the family.(grant)
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a live look outside tonight.. lawrence has the forecast lawrence
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lawrence lawrence karnow: it was the warmest day of the week today with some temperatures moving into the 80s inland. it is a nice night if you're heading out. patchy fog will return tonight with a chance of drizzle near the coast. high clouds will also be on the inrease tonigh as high pressure begins to move eastward. on the satellite you can see the clouds off the coast. those will move into our skies late tonight and tomorrow. we won't see any rain from these clouds but we'll likely have cooler temperatures. highs tomorrow
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will be in the 60s around the bay, low to mid 70s inland, and 50s and 60s at the coast. we will see a little more sunshine on sunday with mild to warm temperatures. it will begin to warm again on monday before cooling down again toward the middle of next week.
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(pam) a big story we are tracking tonight: the u-s unemployment rate is now at its lowest level in 17 years. (grant) this after the u.s. economy continued to add jobs last month.but there are a few warning signs in today's jobs report from the labor department. (pam) karin caifa (prono: kay-fuh) looks at which areas are hottest for hiring, and the numbers that may give wall street pause. president trump friday morning touting an economy that continues to add jobs, and an unemployment rate now below four percent.president donald trump: i thought the jobs report was very good. the big thing to me was cracking four. that hasn't been done in a long time. the labor department said the u.s. economy added 164,000 jobs in april, a little bit less growth than economists expected but better than march. employers have now added jobs every month since october 2010, steadily bringing down the u.s. unemployment rate from 9.4- percent at the start of that streak, to 3.9-percent in april -- the lowest level since december of 2000.wall street is still eyeing a few
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numbers cautiously.hourly wages are still sluggish, ticking up just four cents last month but that slow growth may calm both inflation fears, and fears of the fed hiking interest rates.and sometimes a tight labor market can signal a turnaround for growth. paul christopher / wells fargo investment institute: unemployment tends to reach a low and then it suddenly moves higher. that usually can signal that the end of the expansion is nigh. we don't think we're there yet. industries across the board made job gains in april: professional and business services -- growing by 54,000 jobs; health care -- adding 24,000 jobs; manufacturing -- also 24,000; and mining -- a sector president trump promised to help during his campaign -- adding 8,000 jobs. in washington, i'm karin caifa. (pam)the long list of charges has grown for a southern california father accused of torturing 12 of his 13 children. coming up... what david turpin is also accused of doing to his kids. (grant) we continue to learn new details about the accused
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golden state killer joseph de-angelo.coming up: a man who says his sister was one of the first rape victims...opens up about what he regrets to this day. (pam) the gilroy police chief has a new gun.. after his first one was stolen.why the chief may be held responsible for the missing weapon.
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(pam) the golden state warriors new arena, the chase center, is gaining some height in san franciso. (grant) it has been more than a year since the team broke ground in the city's mission bay neighborhood.(pam) kron 4's gabe slate gives us a behind the scenes look at what is being called the chase center experience... now it's is starting to look like arena.. it's been 16 months since ground broke.
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this is new aerial footage we captured this week from quadcopter 4 of the chase center, the warriors new arena going up off 3rd street in the mission bay area in san francisco about a mile south of at&t park. the 11 acre water front location includes the 18-thousand seat arena and 600-thosuand square feet of office space, as well as a new 5.5-acre are new renderings of what the finished project will look like. were now getting some visual detail about the attached office space. which will be built around the arena a lot glass structures it looks like from this view it almost looks more like an office park or a tech campus then a sports complex.. but the warriors executives say on the inside of the arena it will be all about the warriors and their fans and you can get a sneak peak of what the inside of the chase center will look like at the chase
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center experience. the team built this fan learning center a block away from the arena there's some cool stuff in here like this interactive techie 3d model of the arena as you spin it, zoom in, zoom out you get a virtual tour of the eleven different zones within the arena. if you're considering season tickets this is a good way to see what your view of the court will look like. stand up - also feel the weght of the bling championship ring but if you really want to feel like a baller you can step into a replica of one of the 136 suites that will wrap around the mid level of the new chase center. and they have a replica here of a new type of super suite the chase center will have, a first of it's kind. it's called a courtside lounge it's phycially located below and to the side of the actual basketall court . inside the suite you watch a giant live video feed of the game on a big screen and then anytime you want you take a 15 second walk through a hallway and some stairs and you pop out courtside where you have seats waiting for you if you want to see the game in person. if you and 400 of your to chip in a season pass suite.. you better hurry because they are almost sold out they range from $350k to $700k in san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news. (pam) coming up: what's being called the "ticket macerana" is being performed at bart stations. our stanley roberts uncovers how six new members of the bart team ... are helping combat the millions of dollars in loses , bart sees every (grant) the san jose sharks
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are taking on a new opponent. why they say bart's new why they say bart's new expansion plan is not helping fans get to games.
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i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. (pam)in the south bay. the
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san jose sharks organization is suing the santa clara valley transportation authority...(grant) it is all over a project to expand bart into downtown san jose.
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kron 4's gayle ong has the story. the san jose sharks are marking their territory.. they're not only up against the golden knights in las vegas for the playoffs,they're facing the santa clara valley transportation authority-- in court..the sharks filed a lawsuit thursday demanding the v-t-a stop expansion plans of the diridon bart stationthe sharks tell kron 4 in a statement -- we strongly support the bart project through downtown san jose but we don't think the current plan addresses several important issues for sap center important issues like adequate parking --the diridon station is a block away from the sap centerthe construction would take up hundreds of parking spotsrick cordeilo: "it's so convenient, it drops me off right here, right across the street. go home."sharks fan rick cordeilo is for the construction plan..he takes the train from santa cruz to watch the sharks gamerick cordeilo: "well it think it's pretty sad, it's all about the mighty dollars why you know they're upset. because taking dollars away from them, but you know it's only a temporary thing. so, get over it."
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(pam) the chief of police in gilroy made (pam) the chief of police in gilroy made a big mistake.. and he may be in hot water because of it.... his loaded gun, badge and laptop were stolen.kron 4's rob fladeboe spoke with the chief and has his explaination. chief scott smithee/gilroy police "'s embarrassing..."gilroy police chief scott smithee has a new .45 caliber glock side arm because his old one was stolen while he attened a graduation last friday at modesto community college. chief scott smithee/gilroy police "....they had security there and they were checking people for weapons and contraband and i didn't want to take a chance of not getting in with my gun so i returned to my truck and put in in the centerconsole under some stuff, and locked the truck and turned the alarm on and when i came back after the event my truck and my gun and my computers were gone..." modesto police have since arrested 36-year old louis brubeck in connection with the
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theft. they also recovered the chef's ford f-250 pickup but his gun,badge and laptop are still missing. state law says the chief's gun ought to have been in a lock box inside his locked truck.chef scott smithee/gilroy police "'s not a serious crime but it nonetheless violates our department policy, my own department policy says that it must meet the law..."cheif smithee knows all too well and is clearly troubled by the knowledge that his stolen gun will likely not be recovered and could one day be used to commit a crime. he freely admits he made a mistakechief scott smithee/gilroy police dept. " can make all kinds of excuses but at the end of the day these kinds of things happen and it doesn't matter whether you are the chief or a line officer you just need to deal with it and take steps to prevent it in the future...."rob fladeboe/gilroy "...the city has hired a 3rd party independent investigator who will help determine if any laws were broke, what, if any consequences the chief will face and make sure he does does not receive any special treatment in gilroy rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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(grant)prosecutors have filed eight new charges against a california father accused of shackling and starving 12 of this 13 children. the riverside county district attorney's office charged david turpin with eight counts of perjury friday. his attorney declined to comment. turpin and his wife previously pleaded not guilty to torture, child abuse and other charges. the couple was arrested in january after their 17-year-old daughter escaped from the family's home...california and called 911. authorities say the evidence of starvation was obvious, with the oldest
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sibling the oldest obvious, with the oldest sibling weighing only 82 pounds. (grant).. we continue to learn new details on accused golden state killer joseph de-angelo... as more and more people who knew the victims...are speaking out. (pam) he was in court yesterday... and his defense team was dealt a major blow. a judge ruled prosecutors can proceed in collecting d-n- a, fingerprints.. and even naked photographs of the suspect.(grant) tonight the brother of one of the victim's brother of one of the victim's who worked for deangelo's estranged wife... is speaking out... reporter ali wolf has more... "as the notorious east area rapist was terrorizing the fall of 1977....jim 25 years old when his little sister, margret became the youngest victim.. at 13 years old.ááfont him hereáá"i wanted to go find the guy and beat him up i think everybody did. she was his 27th victim, there were 26 guys ahead of me that would have loved to have gotten that guy, caught him in a dark alley"but he was not caught... the wardlow's moved to southern california...and later learned learned the mysterious criminal struck close to the 80's."he killed a couple
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about a mile from where my sister and mother were living" once a suspect was áfinallyá identified last week..the name joseph deangelo meant nothing to wardlow.."he was a stranger still is a stranger"but deangelo's wife's name..sharon huddle.. was familiar."i was blown away by the fact that yeah... i worked for her" wardlow calls it "a strange coincidence.."he says between 1995 and 1999... he worked for huddle... a divorce attorney in sacramento... it was almost two decades ááafter his sister's attack by the east area rapist..."its just... mysterious little things that happen in life" (grant) (grant) that was ali wolf reporting... joseph deangelo is suspected in as many as 12 murders and 50 rapes the 1970's and 1980's. he is due back in court may 14th.
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((grant))now to a story you will only see on kron 4. a bay area man is being credited with putting a pedophile behind bars.((pam)) earlier this week... former sonoma valley boys and girls club athletic director paul kilgore.... was sentenced to 150- years in prison for child molestation. kron 4's justine waldman spoke exclusively with the man who helped tip off police. sot it seemed really inappropriate to me and was very unsettlingvery clearly nick egan remembers the day in late august of 2016, when he saw paul dwayne kilgore in a hot tub with two young boys having a sexually graphic conversation about their private partssot my intuition felt that something was off about what was happeningat the healdsburg parkpoint health club, his gut told him to follow kilgore and the boys aged 11 and 12, who were now naked to the locker room. where he witnessed kilfoge brush his hand against a boys thigh. it did not feel right, so he told the front desk, and then called police.sot if it hadn't lined that i was in the exact spot in that exact time how long he would have gone on unpunished and the lives that would have been impactedegan's call to police prompted an investigation.and later to the now 70 year old man's arrest. then a guilty verdict and his
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sentencing this week to 150 years to life in prison for molesting 6 boys.he may have befriended the children through the sonoma valley boys and girls club where he worked, the crimes according to the district attorney took place at his house and in pools .sot i almost feel guilty that it did not stop sooner if somebody had taken more timeas an educator in california, egan is mandated by law to report suspicions of child a father, came forward bc he wanted to protect innocent children.sot this is a job of everybody to make sure that our kids are safeegan refuses the title of hero.he knows he just did the right thing.sot i feel satisfied that he won't be able to harm anybody else in the futurejustine waldmanegan tells me he thinks the sentnce is he has been in contact with one of the victims, who thanked him for coming forward , and getting a pediphile locked in healdsburg justine waldman kron 4 news.
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lawrence karnow: it was the warmest day of the week today with some temperatures moving into the 80s inland. it is a nice night if you're heading out. patchy fog will return tonight with a chance of drizzle near the coast. high clouds will also be on the inrease tonigh as high pressure begins to move eastward. on the satellite you can see the clouds off the coast. those will move into our skies late tonight and tomorrow. we won't see any rain from these clouds but we'll likely have cooler temperatures. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s around the bay, low to mid 70s inland, and 50s and 60s at the coast. we will see a little more sunshine on sunday with mild to warm temperatures. it will begin to warm again on monday before cooling down again
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toward the middle of next week. (pam) new video.. has an iowa communtiy shocked that appears to show a crying toddler being forced under a plastic container. and in the video-- it seems day care employees are laughing.é a parent and former daycare worker we spoke with .. posted the video online after seeing it on snapchat - saying, she wanted parents to know what happened. this video was shot a month ago.... the daycare director says, she only leanred about the incident this week. both of the
10:39 pm
individuals involved in this siutation, no longer work for the daycarfe. (grant)new at ten: following story we first brought you earilier this week. the indiana day care where a one-year-old was severely beaten.. has been shut down. down. (grant) but the same owner has other day cares...that are still open. tanae howard talked to the injured child's parents. the scabs and scars aren't slowing baby jesse down. his mom says he's back to his old playful self just three days after someone at daycare beat him. while protecting his innocence these parents say their determine to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else child. tiffany griffin, jesse's mom: "my kids was at day care and they had license and the state is allowing them to continue to take care of other people kids."the day care worker on duty at the time says another child caused jesse's brutal injuries. the family and social services
10:40 pm
administration inspected the day care and found seven violations. no drug screen completed for caregiver. no consent form submitted for caregiver. no fingerprinting for national background check. unqualified caregiver present. 2 lack of supervision violations and child abuse not immediately reported by caregiver. as a result this location was shut down.jesse harris iii, jesse's father: "if you got all these violations how are you allowed to open up another day care or keep your other ones running. if one shut down the other one should shut down too."tiffany griffin, jesse's mom: "because you didn't call the cops. you're the director."the agency tells us no other kiddie garden locations were investigated and are operating in good standing based on their last scheduled griffin, jesse's mom: "i just want answers for my son. i want justice too. all of that stuff is cool and dandy and the laws and all of that but i want to know what happened to my son." jesse's father was set to deploy with the indiana national guard in june. he put that mission on hold to fight for his son.jesse harris iii, jesse's father: "i can't leave him right now. like i can't leave him and i can't be in the right mind frame being overseas i just can't so it's best for me to stay home with my son and to support her and support my family and seek counseling and get my mind back right to where it was before all this happened."
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coming up(i walked through blood just started tripping, you feel me that how it happened) so you got money you just didn't do it (i don't what happened we'll i do and so do these fare inspectors and i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (sports)(sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores.
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(grant) hop the gate... and you might not skate on through for free. bart is cracking down on people who don't pay.(pam) fare evaders beware... since march... more than one- thousand people have been busted. (i walked through, blood just started tripping, you feel me that how it happened you feel me) so you got money you just didn't do it (you feel me i don't know what happened bruh i lost my ticket you feel me the (censored happened) hmmm, he doesn't know what happened? so let's go back in time to see if we can get the full he is coming down the bart escalators at powell street bart station
10:45 pm
where he is asked for proof that he paid his fare he begins the search often called the ticket macarena ...but i call it the pocket pat it's when you search for something which may or may not exist at one point he says he doesn't think he grabbed it out the machine so the conversation continues.. i need to see your picture id which means he is about to be issued a fare evasion ticket you can't just go to the machine ah later you can i need to give you a civil citation don't worry about it will not go into your record its s civil citation ok bart has six new members of the team, they are fare inspectors and for the record they are not police officers what's going on but which means they are not armed but they do have body cameras that are on all the time to keep records of who the contact over a civic center station you don't have proof of payment so i do have to write you a citation people believe the fare inspectors are here
10:46 pm
to recoup the estimated 15 to 25 million dollars loses in fare revenue bart experiences every year they are not there are here to prevent any further loss of revenue it's gotta be done, i mean every day i take bart and ah i see people hopping the fence daily you know popping the fare so i think these guys need to be out here more often if anything they work in groups so they can check everyone there are no exceptions it doesn't if you are heading to the platform or you are already on the train they are equipped with special clipper card readers where's you fare i don't have time for this i gotta go to work which gives a yes or a no and ticket readers which show just how much money money you have left on the card nats: ambiance the fine for anyone under the age of 18 is 55 dollars . everyone else is 75what happened to your clipper card (i just followed someone else) you followed someone else oh so you piggy back behind somebody oh and after someone gets cited they still don't get to ride for free, they have to go back and buy a ticket.nats: ambiance they might be here, they might be there, they could be anywhere, they are the bay area rapid transit's newest resource in their battle against fare evasion with bart fare inspectors stanley roberts kron 4 news
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the sharks in las vegas... hoping to take a three-two series lead over the golden knights. let's head to t-mobile arena-- martin jones hoping to shutout the knights for the second straight game. you never want to give up a goal in the final seconds of a period james neal with a wrist shot... gives vegas a 1-nothing lead to end the first everything went down hill from there midway through the second... erik haula from a tough angle makes it 3-nothing golden knights
10:48 pm
jones... allows 4 goals and saves 27 shots sharks coach, peter deboer said before the game never count us out in the third... mikkel boedker cuts the knights lead by one san jose scores 3 goals in a span of 6 minutes sharks fall short... jonathan marchessault slaps an empty netter with one minute left golden knights win 5-3 sharks will try to force a game 7 on sunday night the warriors looking to take a 3-0 lead in a playoff series for the sixth straight time against the pelicans the last lost a game three was in the 2016 finals lebron james and the cavs let's head to the big easy-- steph curry making his first playoff start this season the two-time m-v-p came off the bench in
10:49 pm
game two... and dropped 28 points in his return. playoff basketball at its best... things got physical early... about a minute into the game... nikola mirotic pushes curry to the floor then, draymond green and rajon rondo round two they start shoving it each other big story of the game for the pelicans... three pointers. they were 10-for-16 behind the arc in the first half mirotic and jrue holiday combined 6 three's and 37 points in the second -- kevin durant misses the three... steph cleans it up curry passes reggie miller for fourth place with 321 made three's in the playoffs steph... 19 points, 3 for 9 3pt, 6 rebounds later in the quarter... klay thompson cuts the pelicans lead by five at the break new orleans led by 13 in the first half. thompson scored 20 of his 26 points in the second quarter not a good game for durant... holiday steals the ball on the other end... former warrior, ian clark hits a corner three. clark... 18 points off the bench anthony davis exploded in the second half puts the game away with a vicious slam davis... 33 points and 18 rebounds new orleans wins 119-100 warriors lead the series... 2-1 steve kerr on curry's struggles
10:50 pm
"game two is always the hardest one after you come back from an injury. game one on a return you got the energy, the adrenaline, you're excited second game back is always much tougher". and make sure you tune into the kron four hoop session tomorrow night. mark carpenter and kim smith will recap warriors' game 3 loss and preview game four on sunday the show tips off tomorrow night at 11. not many players can say they reach three-thousand hits in their careers. albert pujols entered the night... one shy of the record could be the day he made history."1-0 pitch flair out to right field and there it is... hit number 3,000 for albert pujols".for albert pujols". albert pujols becomes the 32nd player in history to reach 3-thousand career hits. he joins andrian beltre as the second dominican-born player to reach this feat. pujols is the fourth player with 3-thousand hits and 600 home runs angels beat the mariners... 5-nothing staying in the a-l west... the a's hosting the orioles at the coliseum
10:51 pm
game tied in the sixth... after oakland blows a 3-run lead jed lowrie... with the third-best batting average in the american league hits the go-ahead run with runners on the corners jonathan lucroy scores lowrie... 3 hits against baltimore oakland wins 6-4 giants in atlanta hoping to snap the braves five game winning streak in the second... tied game at 2 alen hanson singles to left... brings in blanco from third giants score 6 runs in the inning seventh inning -- giants up by three brandon crawford hits a 2-run jack off jesse biddle crawford... 3 hits against atlanta giants win 9-4 ádodgers throw combined no- hitter against the padres in first in franchise history
10:52 pm
(weather) coming up i'll
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have the seven day forecast. led california's fight ofor clean, renewable energy.or he cleaned up pollution at the port of l.a. and created more good-paying jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor. lawrence karnow: it was the
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warmest day of the week today with some temperatures moving into the 80s inland. it is a
10:56 pm
nice night if you're heading out. patchy fog will return tonight with a chance of drizzle near the coast. high clouds will also be on the inrease tonigh as high pressure begins to move eastward. on the satellite you can see the clouds off the coast. those will move into our skies late tonight and tomorrow. we won't see any rain from these clouds but we'll likely have cooler temperatures. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s around the bay, low to mid 70s inland, and 50s and 60s at the coast. we will see a little more sunshine on sunday with mild to warm temperatures. it will begin to warm again on monday before cooling down again toward the middle of next week.
10:57 pm
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