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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 9, 2018 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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♪ "e.t." at fashion's biggest night. >> the heavenly and outrageous fashions of the met gala. >> steady girl? this is my year. >> this is gorgeous. >> the couples. >> and the confessions. >> i'm trying to party, honey. >> i'm the bad guy. i'm dressed as the del. >> we break down the met's seven deadly style since. and what pauley perrette is only telling "e.t." about her "ncis" fair well tonight. >> i did everything i could do. adam levine. father's day fears. >> don't look. don't look. >> and meet roseann's child star sensation. >> at first, didn't know what
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iconic meant. when i asked, she said it's a big deal. this is "entertainment tonight." "e.t." has been covering the met glal longer than any other show. we have never seen anything like this year's event. amazing. have the here's the thing. the stars came to play and keltie knight was there. keltie, this is you at your happiest moment. isn't it? >> kevin, you know me and you know how much i freak out over these things. i'm still freaking out. did i sleep in my gown last night, there's a good possibility that happened. the fashion was mind-blowing. everyone got in the spirit of the event. starting with our favorite goddess. >> what you to think of mail's look? >> i'm always proud of amal. i was going to ware this earlier. it looked like the jiffy pop pop guy. don't step on this, by the way. >> the clooneys araved together. she wore a silver bodice. satin pants. a dramatic train.
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designer richard quinn used a digital printer to create the the stained-glass-like effect on the foil skirt of her train. she rocked four looks like night. left the hotel wearing trousers. on the red carpet rngs added the the stunning floral train. returned to hotel in a red dress. and hit the skrafr part without george in a multicolored minidress. another divine look. rihanna's pope inspired outfit. ♪ you're beautiful like diamonds in the sky ♪ >> we have had a few fittings. a few color. they beaded this by hand. it would be a sin not the wear it. >> riri wore a beaded skirt over a boustier dretsds and a white bishop's hat to match. it took over 250 hours to sew and 500 hours to hand-embroider. it was designed by john galliano. riha in rks na's night didn't end there. just before 2:00 a.m., she hit
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up and down nightclub many this supercasual sparkly p.j. look deziped by nina ricci. another standout, j. lo. the couple celebrates a red carpet anniversary. you made your debut here one year ago. how does it feel to be back at the met. sn. >> it's opinion an awesome year. >> an amazing year. >> i mean, this is gorgeous. i koumdn't believe when i first saw her today. >> now, 2 chainz got engaged on the steps. could there be a royal wedding for you two? >> royal wedding? the royal wedding is coming up. >> j. lo changed for the krafr party, a shimmering minidres with blue and red beads. one of the last to arrive at the met gala, blake lively. in the dress that took a rumored 600 hours to finish.
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and blang was just -- blake was just one of the stars revealing their couture confessionals. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like met ball ♪ >> "e.t." learned she dyed her hair to match that rich red versace masterpiece. the gown was so long it needed it own party bus to get to the met. ♪ i hear your voice >> welcome to your party. what does it feel like to have used the this imagery in your music and your career for so long and to finally be here at the met stairs with your favorite designer? >> i think they waited too long. it's about time. >> madonna, who wrote the book on the this year's met gala theme, unveiled her confession on the met floor, her performance inside would be one for the ages. >> right now, i'm performing. all the world's a stage. >> the patron saint of nostalgia did not disappoint, performing "like a prayer." and "hallelujah." ♪ i will still rise >> katy perry's wings took
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flight. boyfriend orlando bloom did not attend. but she confessed in the limo she was hiding a precious memento from their recent trip to the vatican. >> my lucky charm. it's my rosary that was blessed by pope francis. >> then, there's met gala first-timer tiffany haddish's confession. she had a naughty ulterior motive. >> i came to party. hello! >> and, frances mcdormand was clearly living her best life. >> the house of valentino. >> the look was capped off with massive phillip treacy headpiece. how long did it take to get ready? >> five minutes. >> tom! >> gisele's man, tom brady, also ready in a flash. >> five minutes. >> five minutes. that's it? a very tan tom was matchy matchy in versace with his
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supermodel wife. it was savagely mocked. but she picked the look. >> what a cutie. isn't he a cutie, guys? >> stop. >> seriously. >> and what was up with that met proposal? rapper 2 chainz put a ring on girlfriend kesha ward. he proposed at the b.e.t. awards five years ago, but they still haven't tied the knot. speaking of diamonds and rappers, i give you a very pregnant cardi b. holy bedazzleness. >> well, you know, i have the new virgin mary queen with me tonight. >> are you feeling virginal tonight? >> um, well, clearly, i'm not. >> you have any baby kicks with this dress someone to >> oh, she wants to fight me. >> due this summer, cardi looked like a queen going up the stairs. >> you know, i used to go up the project stairs. >> but proved she's still just a humble girl from the bronx. >> do i got lipstick on my teeth?
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>> cardi quick-changed and posed. where these two were still celebrating clooney's tequila-fueled birthday. >> how much tequila did you guys drink on the way over? >> not enough. >> making their official red captain debut last night? >> bradley cooper and his golden lady, supermodel irina shayk. prosily posing. and katharine mcphee finally confirmed her romance with david foster. we've heard rumors about you. >> we're having a nice date night, yeah. >> scarlett johansson was out again with "snl's" colin jost, after he made it official on "weekend update." >> i told you i have a girlfriend. >> sjp's plus one? bestie andy cohen. >> my job is just to have fun. >> to have a good time the. >> we're here to have fun. >> he picked her up at home, where the mom kissed her kids good-bye. sarah jessica had the entire nativity in her custom dolce & gabbana headpiece. >> the neapolitan nativity altar. >> i did see sarah jessica's assistant walking doub the met stairs with her cape and sleeve situation in her hand. she might have gotten more comfortable as the night went on. the headpiece stayed on all night long. coming up, we're breaking down the seven deadly yet
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delicious seven style sins. >> can't wait for that. i'm guilty of fashion envy. >> hey. >> well, the met gala was also on the mind of folks at "dancing with the stars." >> one papal look in particular seemed to inspire adam rippon. >> what? >> oh, my. of course she did. >> what? >> she went as the pope. look at her. she knows she's amazing. >> can we be the pope next week? pope-themed dance next week. see you there. >> adam is quite the fashionista. he's digging the fancy duds. love the outfits. are you involved in that? >> well you know what? jenna is like such a genius. i'm like, whatever you want, as long as it looks a little slutty. >> basketball players kareem abdul-jabbar and erica ag-- ari
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ogunbowale got sent home. >> i'm a dead man. it's my fate. >> hat is the truth. >> he said he's going to spend mother's day with behati. just to make women swoon, there may be foot and back-rubbing in the works. >> that is a good husband. yeah-up huh. >> step it up. coming up -- >> come on, we're losing her. >> pauley perrette, shot on ncis. what she's only telling "e.t." about her dramatic final episode tonight. >> what did i do? and meet row zan's tv grand daughter. >> do you think i'm going to become an icon? >> uh, yeah. we're behind the squeens t
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before "black panther"'s blu-ray release, "e.t." has an exclusive look at the hilarious
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outtakes. for more
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♪ well, there is a new episode of "roseanne" tonight on abc. here's someone you should keep an eye on. she's a huge talent in a little bitty package. ladies and gentlemen, the amazing jaden ray. >> oh, it's my little princess. >> or senator. >> when did you realize, oh,
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boy. this is a big deal? >> i realized it when my mom told me it was an iconic show. at first, i didn't know what iconic meant. when i asked, she said it's a big deal. it's a really big deal. >> yeah. you're right. >> and i was like, so -- do you think i'm going to become an icon? she was like, yes, you're on an iconic show. >> the 9-year-old was born 1 years after the show went off the air. so she has some homework to do after landing the role of d.j.'s daughter, mary conner. >> we found an episode. i started to watch. i goat to know the show a little bit. i was like, okay. i think -- i like this. >> in tonight's episode, looks like we finally get to meet mary's mom, gina, serving overseas in the military. >> so sit time to talk to my mom yet? >> not yet. it's onl 10. >> fans may remember a young gina from an episode in season steven. >> i don't want to kiss gina. >> hey, tough.
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you're doing it. >> i hate you. >> well, now, their married and have a kid. how much like mar arey are you in real life? >> i don't know if i'm that nonprecocious. i can be sassy. >> you can be a little bit sass? >> yeah. >> that's my spirit animal. still 'head -- >> all about, you know, being the bad guy. >> the seb deadly style since of the t met gala's oh, so heavenly red carpet. >> i have no bra on. >> the lustful looks. gluttonous gowns. and the fashions that gave us envy. >> hello. plus, our olivia munn exclusive. her big surprise for more mom. why it didn't go as planned? >> who gets a gift and asks for phase two. closed captioning provided by --
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jared! >> every stylish jared leto holding court. in gucci. gilded crown and all, at the met gala last night. jared got plenty of comparisons to jesus and the the villainous prince john from disney's "robin hood." safe to say, all these looks will live on for eternity as we break down the met's seven deadly style sins. ♪ all my clothes fly >> sarah, how's your comfort level at this moment? >> my comfort level's good. >> she can walk around with this headgear on like it's nobody's business. >> zipped in. sewn in. spanxed in. i have no bra on. i have panties on. and that's it. no underwire. nothing! >> it's all about being the bad guy. i'm the bad guy, so i'm dressed as the devil. >> pride is the first deadly sin we're hittin' on. also known as, yeah, i know i'm looking extra. ♪ don't stop keep it moving >> j. lo's balmain was custom made for her.
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so was rihanna's. >> it feels expensive. it's heavy. >> your whole body is glowing. is that fenty? >> you already know, girl. >> next is lust. kim k., zoe kravitz, bradley cooper's girl, irina shayk. is it a sin to look this sexy? you, too, miley. with your dangerously low-cut back. and how about wrath? because we're a little mad about these memes attacking a few of our faves. selena's spray tan compared to ross on friends. and kris jenner. looking like a feather duster who's gotta clean up kanye's mess. gluttony is next. and in whose dress can have the most fabric? amal's train was dramatic and detachable. she requested the rose details herself. the flowers were made on a digital printer. tell me something about this dress that we wouldn't know. the fabric? >> it weighs a ton of pounds. >> about 35 pounds. plus baby. >> the fashion sin of sloth
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means you might have to try harder next time. how long did it take you to get ready? >> um, all day. >> for the first time in my life, i feel like a princess. >> bleed is also known as i want all eyes on me. katy perry and them wings. frances mcdormand. i mean, there's just no words. >> valentino. >> envy? well, those are the dresses we wish were in our closet. meaning we could actually wear them in real life. cindy in timeless red versace. kylie in black cutouts 13 weeks after having baby stormi. and then there's tiffany haddish. >> popping. representing. looking good for all women. any woman can wear this. hello! >> tiffany always bringing the most amazing energy wherever she goes. let's talk about another met gala star. olivia munn. only "e.t." was with her as she was getting ready. clear she also had mother's day on her mind. celebrating her mom, kim, has
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olivia a bit nervous. >> i will say that my mother is just kind of inherently a little ungrateful. >> olivia's mother's day plan to renovate her mom's home didn't come without a few demands. >> i said, mom, i'm going to redo that whole entertaining space for you and guy you the chef's kitchen you deserve and want. she said, that's god. but my greenhouse is also broken. and the guest bathroom needs to be fixed. i said, mm-hmm. my mom. ridiculously short. a hobbit. a hobbit that cooks. >> "e.t." has the exclusive reveal. >> don't look. don't look. don't look. >> and while her mom couldn't look more ecstatic about the result. >> okay. >> so beautiful, my goodness! >> "e.t." has learned from our own interview with them there 2016, she loves pumping up the
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pda for the cameras. >> can i give her a hug? a love hug? >> she's doing this only because the cram is here. >> give me a hug. >> favorite memories of mother's day? >> growing up, my mom is not sent mental. we come home from school and have our mother's day cards we made with her with construction paper. we give to it her. we sit there and wait for her response. she goes, okay, thank you, and threw it into the trash immediately. >> i have five kids. because we're moving around. i can only keep so many things. >> now, come on. we know mama kim appreciates you it. they should have their own reality show. >> i want the produce it. here's something that i appreciate. a good suit. >> the ladies appreciate you in a good suit. >> well. stop, now. "bull" star michael weatherly has a couple of them, that's for sure. >> yes, he does. they say the clothes can make the man. i also found out kit make the show. >> all that fashion today.
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these are my shoes. they don't often start on my shoes. i have very small feet. we spend more on wardrobe on our show than all other television shows combined. it's a fact. look it up on politifact. check it. >> all kidding aside, dr. bull has expensive taste. his tom ford suits will set you back between $4,000 and $6,000. ♪ dance with me >> his right hand woman has expensive tastes. >> marissa has evolved a little bit. apparently, she's making more money. >> each episode takes eight days to suit. >> we'll run on set. michael, can you try on the this jacket? he has no shame. you can ask anybody in the crew. >> we didn't need to ask. we saw first hand how michael likes the to make a quick
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change. >> i gotta go and make some more "bull." it's been a pleasure. thank you, amazing wardrobe department for putting up with my nonsense. >> we love his nonsense. >> michael weatherly should have his own show. he's hilarious. >> she's something different. speaking of wardrobe closets, "ncis" fans finally get to see abbey's tonight. pauley perrette drops by before her final episode. cholula hot sauce is teaming up with jack in the box for the cholula buttery jack.
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promo considerations provided by -- tonight on cbs, "ncis" says good-bye to one of their original cast members. pauley perrette. >> she predates the show. she was on "j.a.g." she stopped by "e.t." to tell me
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about her final bow. >> to the e.r., stat! >> i put my heart and soul into shooting the final episode. my whole goal was to give it all for the fans. >> in this exclusive preview, a gunshot wound leaves abby fighting for her life. will she live or die? >> coding. >> crash cart. >> will there be a chance, ever ever, that abby can come back? >> i'm not going to answer that question e. >> millimeter millimeter. she did confirm this. we'll see her character's apartment for the very first time. it's a goth wonderland. in the fans have been asking. i have been asking. where does abby live. it's fabulous. >> she's watching tonight by herself because she's not sure how she's going to feel. listen, we love you, pauley. we know that. >> she sure is. one of the nicest people in show business. >> the free world.
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