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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 16, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at 8. a mother and her two children killed in a horrific crash by a driver allegedly under the influence of marijuana. plus we talk with c-h-p plus we talk marijuana.influence of marijuana. plus we talk with c-h-p about if they're seeing a rise in marijuana related collisions.< i would recommend that obstruction of justice for the mayor of oakland california> the president calling out libby schaaf again. the mayor's twitter response to the attack tonight. a fairfield mother faces a judge...and is charged with nine felony counts of child abuse. plus new details about what was going on in the alleged "house of horrors" (pam) now at 8. a tragic crash in the a tragic now at 8.(pam) now at 8. a tragic crash in the east bay. two children and a woman killed in
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a crash along interstate 8-80 in fremont.(pam) thank you for joining us i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne... the man accused of causing the crash...was allegedly under the influence of marijuana when it happened. grant lodes is here with what we are learning about the suspect....and the victims tonight. (grant) police say the driver who caused the crash...dang tran of san jose...was high on marijuana at the time...he's been arrested for d-u-i... eight people were in the cadilac escalade that overturned...several times last night in fremont. three people were killed...five others... rushed to the hospital, including a baby. the people who died... 39-year-old noelle johnson...and her boyfriend's girls...14-year- old christy limas and 9 year old brook limas. the woman who died, noelle, had four kids of her own in the escalade who are now hospitalized...and so is her boyfriend. the chp has not said definitively if they were wearing seatbelts.
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they were all visiting the bay area from manteca...celeb rating a birthday at the san francisco zoo. in manteca tonight...noelle's best friend is devastated. ruschelle tolbert/friend of the victims ".....noelle is going to be missed, she was one of a kind,a great mother and her girls meant everything to her and my heart goes out to chris. he just lost his daughters and the love of his life and his other daughters will go with their dad...." (grant) she called the two girls who died the greatest and loving. investigators say they got calls moments before the crash about a driving speeding.. driving erratically but they could not get to him to prevent the accident. ( ken ) continuing our coverage... the driver in the deadly fremont crash was arrested for driving while high.(pam) the california highway patrol tells us, compared to last year ... marijuana arrests in the bay area will be up 70- percent by the end of this
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year.(ken) kron 4's justine waldman has more on the new numbers. sot we know the law is over 21 to use rec marijuana but driving under the influence is not. never has been. never will be.kron 4 got new numbers from the california highway patrol on the number of people arrested driving while high. this year, during january feb and march across the 9 bay area counties...for dui marijuana only arreststhere have been 87.compared to 190 for all of last year.for arrests with marijuana and alcohol combined for the same period of time..60 arrests this year.vs 183 for all of this rate, the chp believes marijuana arrests in the bay area will be up 70% by the end of this year.sot utterly reckless and irresponsible for the chp, one arrest for driving high is one too 90% of officers are trained to spot the signs of a person who is driving while under the influence of drugs.sot the prevention and prosecution of mar impaired driving it shouldn't be incomnet only on chp it should be a priority for our community justine waldman su also worth noting, this year for the first time the chp started keeping track of how many times officers found marijuana paraphernalia in cars during traffic stops - which is not legal.the number this year just over 37-hundred times. in contra
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costa county justine waldman kron 4 news. (pam) the term obstruction of justice has been circling president trump for months... today, he used the term, and aimed it at oakland mayor libby schaaf, saying, she should be investigated.(ken) this all stems from schaafs warning back in february about pending ice raids.kron 4's dan kerman is live in the newsroom with more ... (dan flash)the president called on the attorney general to investigate mayor schaaf
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during a roundtable table denouncing california's sanctuary policies. (pkg) trump on schaaf obstruction 0516188 insertsoteach of you has bravely resisted california's deadly unconstitutional state laws president trump has made no secret of his disgust for california's sanctuary policies. at a roundtable wednesday he surrounded himself with california politicians and sheriff's that also oppose the policy and once again aimed his anger at oakland mayor libby schaaf warning residents of pending ice raids. soti would recommend you look into obstruction of justice for the mayor of oakland californnia. it was on february 24th mayor schaaf issued this statement warning the people of oakland that immigrations officials were preparing to conduct an operation in the bay area, including oakland. it's a decision she stand by saying it is her duty to protect all the people of oakland. the president sees it differently sotshe told 1000 people get out of here, the law enforcement is coming and you worked on that long and hard
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and there were very few people there to me that's obstruction of justice and perhaps the departure of justice can look into that in respect to the mayor.the president's claim that 1000 people avoided arrest has been disputed by a former immigration official, who resigned saying the number was overinflated. still, the mayor refused to take the bait, simply tweeting "spent the day presenting our vision to make college a reality for every child from oakland. now onto dc to fight for federal dollars for affordable housing and homeless services ... she then hashtagged. #notdistracted #notobstructing #doingmyjobbut california governor jerry brown jumped into the fray tweeeting
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(dan flash)it's unclear whether the president's advice will go anywhere.. for her part mayor schaaf will be in the nation's capital tomorrow to talk about funding for affordable housing.. live in the newsroom, dan kerman kron 4 news. (pam) a big story we are following. a fairfield mother, accused of child abuse and torture .... appeared in court today. ina (eye-nuh) rogers arrived at the court with family members.... but left with sheriff's deputies, after being taken into custody. on march 31st -- rogers was first arrested, and posted bail on a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment. this, after police discovered her children were living in unhealthy conditions. the children's father, 29-year-old jonathan allen, was also arrested. on wednesday, rogers returned to court -- where prosecutors amended the criminal complaint
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against her. rogers is now charged with nine felony counts of child abuse, in addition to the misdemeanor. rogers has denied the allegations in the past. (ken) continuing our coverage tonight - new details coming out about the conditions inside the children's fairfield home. and how prosecutors say the couple tried to cover up the physical and psychological abuse inflicted on the children. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, authorities say it took only a few minutes inside the home to see that something was terribly wrong. (terisa estacio reporting) sources tell kron four news that when officers first went into the home their shoes stepped onto urine soaked carpet feces animal and human were smeared on the floors, and the smells beyond horrendous. court documents obtained by kron four news further state quote "when officers arrived, they entered the defendant's home to find 9 children ranging in age from 6 months to 11 years old huddled on the living room floor." "as officers were in the home they found the home to be in
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deplorable condition. there were clothes, garbage and, feces scattered everywhere." "the children appeared to be skittish and spoke with speech impediments." this was march 31st. the police initially at the home because ina rogers had called because a 12 year old boy was missing. he was later found sleeping in a neighbors yard. as for the children inside the home child protective services were immediately called and all of them were removed and placed with a relative, the children's maternal grandmother. as the investigation unfolded, authorities say child abuse specialist were called in to talk with the children and according to court documents quote, "...the children thoroughly described the incidents of abuse. on a continuous basis the children were getting punched, strangled, bitten, shot with weapons such as crossbows and bb guns" "...hit with weapons such as sticks and bats, subjected to "waterboarding" and having scalding water poured on them." the childrens parents, johnathan allen and ina rogers now in custody facing collectively 26 counts of child abuse - with allen facing 7 counts of torture. johnathan allen. in a jailhouse interview has defended himself, saying he is a spiritual man -as far as the abuse his children suffered he blames the children's grandmother.
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coming up at eight.. san francisco hopes to be the first city in the country to build a safe injection site- but will that really crack down on drug use on city streets? plus. a rideshare driver arrested by east bay police...what he is accused of doing to a passenger. and next. a teacher accused of lewd acts with students during school hours. why police say the school did not tell investigators right away.
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new information tonight about a case involving a south san francisco middle school teacher.. charged with forty- seven criminal counts of child molestation.(ken) prosecutors say the school had warned the teacher, joseph goodman toy, about inappropriate behaviour with students... before the more serious allegations came to light.(pam)kron 4's gabe slate spoke to the school about why parents and authorities .... were not informed at the time the warning was issued. joseph goodman toy taught technology courses at westborough middle school in south san francisco for 13 years before he was arrested for allegedly molesting some of his students.soundfrom - san mateo county district attorney steve wagstaffe"we charged him with 47 counts of child molestation involving for teenage boys age 13 to 14 and it involved a variety of touching licking and rubbing " san mateo county district attorney steve wagstaffe says before one of the male victims told school officials about the alleged molestation, the school warned toy about his behaviour with students.sound from - san mateo county district attorney steve wagstaffe"the school had
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instructed mr toy no more touching of the kids because he had a habit of being too familiar at times, it wasn't anything that was illegal or anything that amounted to what was being done here but he had been admonished, that you know, let's not go around touching the kids, you're being too familiar "the district attorney says because the behaviour toy was warned about was not illegal, or criminal in nature, the school was not required to notify law enforcement or parents.the south san francisco unified school district released a statement saying it followed discipline policies when it warned joseph toy about violating professional standards.toy was later put on administrative leave when the serious allegations came to light.he is currently in custody with a 5.2 million dollar bail amount.from an anonymous parent of a student at westborough middle school" really in shock because my child could have been victim"i spoke with a mother of an 8th grader at westborough middle school who did not want her identity revealed, she said parents she spoke with are outraged that the school did not inform them when joseph toy was warned the first time about touching.from an anonymous parent of a student at westborough middle school : "other victims could have been avoided.. really in shock"in
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south san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news. (ken) san francisco is looking at the possibility of becoming the first city in the country to build a safe and legal injection site.(pam) a place where drug users can safely áshoot upá while under the watch and care of medical staff. there are already sites in canada and other european countries. (ken)kron4's michelle kingston tells us how the public health crisis is becoming more visible and why some say a site like this might help clean up san francisco. pkg(mk)carla beyer, paramedic "these needles are in planter boxes, they're in recycling bins. they are like in the curbs."it's early wednesday morning in the heart of the city ...and station 49 paramedics are busy picking up needles ... doing what they can to clean up san francisco tim finch, paramedic"i don't know how it's gotten to this point but it has."michelle
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kingston, @mkingstonnews"in less than a mile, in less than an hour, the fire department picked up about 1,000 needles." eddie bird, paramedic"we didn't realize there was going to be this many when we first started. and we didn't realize it was going to be such an ongoing issue."with open drug use exploding in san francisco ... videos are now going viral on youtube ... showing people shooting up at the civic center bart station as commuters walk by.tim finch, paramedic"in the last 2-3 years or so it's been a very noticeable difference."the department of public health says there are at least 22,000 known iv drug users in the city -- most using heroin and prescription opioids and the problem is becoming more visible.last year -- the city proposed opening a safe injection site -- where illegal drug use would be supervised by medical staff. these are photos of one site that has already opened in canada.joe hollendoner, ceo of san francisco aids foundation "they've proven to save money, they've proven to save lives and they've proven to prevent disease transmission so there's no reason to believe that wouldn't be the same case here in san francisco."social workers would also be available ... and these dirty needles found all over the streets of san francisco would be collected and disposed of properly.tim finch, paramedic "safe injection site at least allows them to be off the streets, someplace that's safe for them to do this. they're
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not exposing innocent bystanders to needles"the idea is sparking controversy and debate -- with some seeing it as the city allowing the use of illegal drugs while others see it as a safe place for users and a spot where they may turn for help and breed, president of san francisco board of supervisors"you get treated like a human being, theres treatment on demand, theres medical support, no judgment but hey when you're ready we're here."angela castro, paramedic" anything that we can do, anything we can do to make the streets safer, cleaner, healthier a positive step. let's do it why not this obviously is not working"the city says they're hoping the site could open this fall.they have not selected a location just yet. in san francisco, michelle kingston, kron 4 news.
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now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: we had a few thjnderstorms in the east bay this morning otherwise it was partly cloudy and muggy. highs today were still running below normal for this time of year. it is a very active afternoon on our doppler radar with rain and thunderstorms over the central and northern sierra. showres and thunderstorms will conitnue over the sierra the next few days especially in the afternoons. be very careful if you're planning any outdoor activities. on the satellite image you can see the low pressure spinning showers and thunderstorms into the state. tonight will be
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partly to mostly cloudy as patchy fog develops along the coast. tomorrow will be partly cloudy with highs in the 60s and 70s. warmer weather and near normal temperatures are forecast for friday with some highs moving into the mid 70s. saturday will be nice but it will begin to cool on sunday. there is a slight chance of scattered showers on monday (pam) the golden state
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warriors are in action tonight... but they are on the road again for game 2 against the rockets.(ken) that's not stopping fans from gathering in the east bay to support the team... kron 4's hermela aregawi is live in oakland tonight where there is a watch party. hermela? (hermela aregawi)it is a party out here. the block is filled with fans as the warriors fight to win game 2 - before the series shifts back to oakland on saturday. the energy is flowing the game started.. fans told me they are feeling good about the dubs chances.. but right now a little anxiety. as the rockets maintain a lead. but there's plenty of other entertainment and distractons as well if you need that.. free food and drinks...includi ng bbq served by seconds - a local pop up. luckily.. we got a chance to dig into some of that and talk to the well as a woman who organized the facepainting and baloon
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artistry for the kids here. sandra leathley/organizergo warriors. everybody is so excited. it's so much fun to be part of a team that gives so much to the community. everybody is so kind. a lot of families. and a lot of people that live in the neighborhood which is really nice.kazeem upshaw/owner, 2ndz510we usually pop in a lot of places. everybody knows us for this kind of meat. everybody like enjoys it. so the worries heard about it. and we do a lot of cooking all over the place. (hermela aregawi)we're going to catch up and talk to some more fans out here.. and we'll be back with an update in the 9 oclock hour. reporting live in oakland hermela aregawi kron 4 news new ahead at 8 frightening at 8 new ahead newsaregawi kron 4 hermela aregawi kron 4 news
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new ahead at 8 frightening moments for two parents who discover an intruder on their nanny cam....all while the mom and baby were sleeping nearby. and next. a home rental... the site of a party that ended in gunfire... the action san francisco is now taking against the owners. ((gary sports tease)) ((ken))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... ((sot))...tonight at nine
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(pam) new at 8 san francisco is suing a couple for allegedly turning their home.... into an illegal hotel, where a party ended in gunfire last year.(ken) we first told you about this back in october. now the owner are facing legal action. city attorney dennis herrera has sued the home's owners for unlawfully renting the bernal heights home. it was listed on short-term website for at least 319 nights during a 17 month period. and in october...police say more than 100 bullets were fired during a party at the house. the shooting left a person wounded and more than a dozen homes and cars pierced by bullets in the quiet neighborhood. (pam) there are nearly two dozen more cases in that food poisoning outbreak... linked to romaine lettuce grown in arizona. and the c-d-c says, now, 172 people across 32- states have been sickened. at least 75 people have been hospitalized ... that includes 20 with kidney
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failure. and one person from california has died. the lettuce was harvested april 16th.... and officials say, should no longer be in stores or restaurants because of its shelf life. coming up at eight.. a driver.. fired for what an attorney calls, a bone chilling interaction with a child on a bus. plus. growing signs that recycling is in crisis....the items that now have nowhere to go and could end up in a landfill. and next. an east bay rideshare driver accused of sexual assault against a passenger... now police fear there could be more victims. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein (pam) a 24 year old
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lyft driver being held in jail without bail tonight... after allegedly raping a female passenger.(ken) kron4's maureen kelly spoke to fremont police who say they are going public with this case because they are concerned there could be other victims out there. according to police this all started in oakland in the early morning hours of april 8th when the female victim ordered a lyft trying to catch up with friends. she got into this rented white hyundai elantra.....and asked her driver to take her to berkeley. when that friend wasn't home, police say that lyft driver 24 year old jaswanthreddy baireddy told her he was off duty and offered to take her home. police say instead he took her to his residence on the 38-thousnd block of camden street in fremont. there he talked her inside, offered her
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marijuana and told her he was too tired to drive her back and suggested she lay down. that's when police say he sexually assaulted her. after the alleged assault she demanded he take her home...after she was in her own home.....she called police, which fremont detective curtis tang says was the right thing to do. doing those proactive steps to preserve evidence, also to be able to get her story out as quickly as possible. often times people might lose some of their memory or forget certain instances. this victim was very proactive as a survivor in terms of doing what she needed to do to which to gate get justice which is calling the police and then seeking medical attention for herselfbaireddy has been charged with three counts of sexual assault including rape of an unconscious person. fremont police fear there could be other victims out there. mr. baireddy ready the suspect had access to the entire bay area if you think about it. he's a lyft driver he's traveling around east bay southbay northbay. the reason for us releasing this information to see if there are possibly any other victims that we might be able to advocate for or assist who had similar incidents with this individual baireddy who has no previous criminal history entered a plea of not guilty. he's being held without bail and is back in court may 22nd for a preliminary hearing. maureen kelly kron4 news
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(ken) a california family is outraged after disturbing video surfaced showing a bus driver interacting with their daughter. (pam) the 64-year-old driver was caught on school bus surveillance cameras... taunting the eight-year-old autistic girl. police say, that bus driver, kim klopson of vacaville, yanked the girl up and down for minutes, ripping off her jacket .... and eventually dragging her off the bus. a vacaville school district spokeswoman says- quote - "klopson had hundreds of hours of professional development training, including special education training." the family's attorney says, they plan on suing the school district. (ken) this semi filled with old phone books, boxes of cat food and a heap of newspapers, is on display steps from the state capitol to bring awareness to a crisis. those in the golden stat'es recycling industry say recyclables are piling up with nowhere to go... all since
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china imposed tougher standards and then closed the door on u.s. shipments. new tonight at 8... kron-4's dan kerman talks with local recyclers about the crisis and the impact it is having here in the bay area. putting recyclables into the blue bin has become routine for many. once picked up, glass, plastics, paper, cardboard and other items arrive at recycling companies and are sifted through and sorted by category. and items that don't belong, like clothing, or s and even this carnival size teddy bear are pulled out. for years these processed items have been shipped in bulk and sold primarily to china. that is until now.sotthey just don't want the materialrichard valle runs tri-ced community recycling in union city. he says first china banned certain types of plastics and paper and limited the import of recyclables that had been contaminated with unwanted items. while that made life difficult for recyclers, it got a lot worse on may 4th when china decided to slam the door on all u.s. recyclables turning a problem into a crisis.sot richard valle/ tri-ced community recycling we've done such a great job especially in california of diverting materials from the
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landfills, that we've created this huge stream of material that now does not have a home at concord recycling center, their warehouse is filling up with now unwanted items. sot harry luan/concord recycling centerthis is mixed paper we used to be able to send and now we have to stockpile.those electrical wire, china use to take them all, now they refuse any of them, now we have to sit on them and wait for new markets, shrink wrap and some of the transport crates, plastic crates and plastic trays they used to take them all and now no more.some of these items are no longer accepted at concord recycling. there's word new buyers in southern asia might pick up the slack now that china has slammed the door, but recyclers don't have the capacity to hold onto these items foreversotwe can only handle that much flow, so some of the material will end up in the landfillfor now the message to consumers is to keep recycling, but be more mindful of what should and should not be put in the bin, so once these new markets open, quality recyclables are not rejected because they have been contaminatedsotplastic spoons, plastic forks, any food ware that is contaminated with food is not recyclable.stop putting clothes, stop putting shoes, stop putting diapers, stop putting plastics of various
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grades you're your containers.plastic film, anything that comes around your razor blade, anything that comes around your shirts and your underwear, and baby toys, that type of plastic is not recyclable.ultimately many recyclers want the state to issue a uniform policy as to what should and should not be recycled going forward.standup dan kerman/union cityhere in alameda county , waste haulers, recyclers and government agencies have formed a task force to look for solutions to this crisis before traditional recyclables find their way into the landfill. in union city, dan kerman kron 4 news. ( ken ) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron- 4's (pam) gate bridge.the golden looking live at you're forecast.four zone now to our ( ken ) ( ken ) now to our four zone
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forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge. (pam) kron- 4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now.. and lawrence we're tracking another earthquake tonight. lawrence karnow: we had a few thjnderstorms in the east bay this morning otherwise it was partly cloudy and muggy. highs today were still running below normal for this time of year. it is a very active afternoon on our doppler radar with rain and thunderstorms over the central and northern sierra. showres and thunderstorms will conitnue over the sierra the next few days especially in the afternoons. be very careful if you're planning any outdoor activities. on the satellite image you can see the low pressure spinning
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showers and thunderstorms into the state. tonight will be partly to mostly cloudy as patchy fog develops along the coast. tomorrow will be partly cloudy with highs in the 60s and 70s. warmer weather and near normal temperatures are forecast for friday with some highs moving into the mid 70s. saturday will be nice but it will begin to cool on sunday. there is a slight chance of scattered showers on monday still ahead at 8 a woman still ahead at 8
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a woman shocked to learn her home is listed for sale on craigslist... plus ... a couple finds a hidden safe in their backyard full of cash and jewels ... the unexpected thing they did next. and next. a vape pen explodes ... killing a man... and it was a type of device that some store owners won't even sell.
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a medical examiner in florida says, a man who died in a recent fire ... was killed by an exploding vape pen. the autopsy report says, tallmadge wakeman d'elia (deal-ia) was killed... when a projectile from his e- cigarette penetrated his head. the vape pen in question was called " smok-e mountain mech works" - a type of unregulated mechanical e- cigarette. in an online description, the company says, the pen does not come with safety features. a other local store owners says, he and others won't sell "unregulated" e-cigarettes. gary wilder/lizard juice owner: "i just don't think they're safe enough. any other e-cig that has a computer chip in it prevents that from happening." according to a recent fema report, these explosions are ánot common. but when they do happen, the shape of the devices can make them behave like "flaming rockets." the
8:41 pm
autopsy did not specify what caused the device to explode. the company that makes the product says, its devices don't explode. (ken) a colorado woman discovered that someone had posted a craigslist ad listing her own house for rent. the thing is... her home is not for rent. sherry morfitt-shumway found this house for rent on craigslist. the craigslist poster who goes by the name joyce agreed to meet at the house on mother's day. however "joyce"..was a no show. sherry decided to go on the county assessor's web site and found out that the owner's name is not joyce...but mary lee chambers. sherry found mary lee's primary address and showed up to warn her. the cragslist ad...has since been deleted police are still searching for the person who created the ad. (pam) in sports...... warriors rockets game 2.... (ken) it didn't go "quite" as well as monday night... gary has the highlights... and reaction... coming up next at 8 parents stunned to find out an
8:42 pm
intruder was in their home...while they were sleeping. what the man was caught on camera doing. and how he got inside
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(pam) new tonight at 8. authorities in utah are searching for a man caught on 'nanny cam' ... entering a family's home and
8:45 pm
exposing himself. (ken) it happened in the middle of night. a woman and her baby boy were asleep. dora scheidell reports. man: "thatús the scariest part just not feeling secure in your own home."a 27-year-old husband says he woke up early monday morning and noticed something was off in his layton"our sliding door to our bedroom was halfway open. certain things in my mind kind of triggered. red flags." when he checked his recently installed nanny cam...he was shocked to see a man walking around his bedroom while his wife and infant son were asleep. wife: "it terrifies me. i really donút know how to process it." despite several electronics being in plain sight, nothing was taken.the woman and child werenút touched...but he is seen exposing himself with an iphone in hand.wife:"what if he was taking pictures? i feel
8:46 pm
like that's taken from me. my privacy of my body should be mine alone."man:"that's what is worrisome to us that it could potentially be someone who we know and this has been happening under our nose."they not only feel violated....but terrified with a two-year-old girl and an eight-month-old boy in the home.and since the only installed a month ago....they worry this wasn't the first time.wife: "it almost feels like someone has taken away my virtue in a way without my consent."the couple hopes someone recognizes the man in the video.whether it be through his clothing.he's also seen wearing a wedding ring. wife:"i'm sure he would be livid if something like this happened to his wife."and if someone doesn't recognize him, the couple hopes he'll turn himself in.wife:"things can be made right but you have to at least try." (ken) police are investigating as there was no sign of forced entry. and the doors were locked. the rockets... big bounce-back
8:47 pm
against the wariors tonight... kevin durant.. and company trying to take two in houston... steph curry... just didn't have it tonight...missed his first six 3-pointers... the warriors also turned it over 7 times in the first quarter... curry finished with 16 points... 1-of-8 behind the arc 2nd quarter... james harden... going to work... 3-pointer from the corner... 38-26 rockets 2nd quarter... p.j. tucker... out of nowhere for 22 points and 7 rebounds... rockets up 14 at the ha;lf 3rd quarter... durant tries to get it going... throwing down the dunk... he had 38 points...but it wasn;t nearly enough late in the 3rd... chris paul... makes the circus shot falling down... not a great game with 16 points on 6-of-16 shooting... but good enough 4th quarter... eric gordon... launches one from way out... it's in for a three... he had 27 poits and 6 threes of the bench then harden... once again... 27 points... 10
8:48 pm
rebounds.. got much more help from his teammates seve kerr... knows this one is over rockets win... 127-105... rockets is over rockets win... 127-105... the series is tied 1-1... game 3 sunday in oaklandhere is the rockets head coach... mike d'antoni...(sot: d'antoni)
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the a's trying for the sweep in trying for the the a's the a's trying for the
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sweep in boston... look closely... that former a's manager and 3-time world series campion tony larussa... bottom 6th... 3-2 red sox... xander bogaerts... 3- run home run off ryan dull... 6-3 red sox top 7th... he his that big home run lst night... tonight... steven piscotty... on defense... running down the fly into foul ground... makes the catch flipping over the fence... great play by piscotty... but not enoung final score... 6-4 red sox... next up for the a's... they travel to tonoto for 4 games against the blue jays
8:52 pm
the giants trying for the 3-game sweep of the reds at at&t park... bruce bochy... working the sunflower seds top 1st... adam duvall... takesd andrew swarez deep for a 3-run home run... 4-0 reds here is the game... bottom 6th... 4-3 reds... bases loaded... gorky's hernandez... hits a shallow fly down the right field line... looks like it will fall in... but scooter gennett... makes a great sliding catch to stop the giants from taking the lead... gennett also hit a solo home run in the 7th final score... 6-3 reds... they host the colorado rockies for 4 games that the kevin durant rented when the warriors recuiting him to golden state... is for sale... the three acre mansion is on the market for 15-million-dollars... durant rented it for 100,00-dollars for ten days in 2016 when he agent... when steph curry... draymond green... klay thompson... and andre iguodala... came as part wearriors contigent and convinced durant to come on boardhas now been dubbed as "the hamptons fave"... they the last four playoff games after never beginning a game as one (wipe to golfers in hawaii)
8:53 pm
next at 8. one couple makes a stunning find in their backyard.. and in doing so, unravels a mystery. that story next.
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8:55 pm
a new york couple made a surprising discovery in their own backyard.(ken) what they thought was a cable or electric box...turned out to be a safe. with cash and jewerly hidden inside. initially the safe had been blocked from view by trees.
8:56 pm
matthew emanuel couldn't believe it when he finally realized what it was. he was even more surprised by what was inside (ken) it turns out there was a also an address in that safe. the next door neighbors had lost it when their home was burglarized in 20-11. the missing safe reportedly had about 52-thousand dollars worth of property in it. but emanuel says there was no question in his mind...he had to give it back. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) but our primetime coverage is just getting started.grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9...guys? ((grant))thank you pam and at nine we are learning more about the two girls and the woman killed in last night'shorrific crash in
8:57 pm
fremont. police say the driver who caused it...was high on marijuana at the time. tonight we are hearing from classmates of one of the young they are remembering her, next in a live report.(vicki)plus new tonight at nine...a new marijuana dispensary is going up in one bay area community...and neighbors are not happy about it.not only is a hospital nearby...but it also happens to be right next to a preschool!their the rockets catch fire and even up the western conference finals at one game a piece. highlights and reaction from highlights and reaction from dubs fans...coming up.((vicki)) keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break. stubborn is an incurable insomniac.
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it never takes no for an answer. to stubborn, "impossible" is just an opinion. the end is where stubborn begins. and keeps on going until it's got nothing left. and then stubborn finds another gear. you know what we make. stubborn makes us who we are. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? it's the lowest price ever on the queen c4 mattress, only $1099 - save $500. ends soon. visit for a store near you. (grant) a tragic story in
8:59 pm
the east bay tonight...two children and a woman... killed in a crash on interstate 8-80 in fremont.... and the man accused of causing the crash... is behind bars tonight...allegedly high on marijuana when it happened. (grant) thanks for joining
9:00 pm
us i'm grant lodes...(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis.... the man behind bars tonight is 21-year-old dang tran of san jose. he is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. all eight people in the escalade were from the same extended family. and tonight, relatives and friends are grieving.(grant) kron four's j-r stone is in manteca where he spoke to people who knew the victims, j-r? (j.r.)vicki, within minutes of arriving here in manteca i saw people hugging on the side of the road. the loss of these three people is having a very big impact on this small community. 14 year old christy limas went to school here at sierra high. her classmates spoke about her earlier can see flowers and bears that have been left outside the location where 14 year old christy and her sister 9 year old brooke lived. both died in the accident. noelle johnson, their father's girlfriend also died. this five car acci


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