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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 17, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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is less than 48 hours away and the royal fab four are all here in windsor. meghan breaks her silence on her dad not walking her down the aisle. it's what she didn't say that has everyone talking. plus, the celeb guest we just spotted and a last-minute surprise from elton john. then -- >> i love the idea of getting up at 4:00 a.m. to watch this thing. >> the a-list lady harry nearly fell for. >> it's going to be a royal "e.t." party. >> rita ora spills the tea on her royal crush. >> you're teaching me something and i'm english. this is "entertainment tonight" from london. hello, and welcome to windsor castle. in less than 48 hours this is a place where meghan markle be prince harry will tie the knot. let me tell you somethingle the
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town is buzzing. it's taking on a kind of magical feel. royal rehearsals have begun. everyone is here in town. for the first time in two weeks we have spotted the bride to be in the groom. >> we were very lucky. we got a very "blink and you'll miss it" glimpse of the bride-to-be. she was traveling up in a car with prince harry in this road just behind me going into windsor castle for the very first dress rehearsal ahead of saturday. it came very, very quickly after an unprecedented statement -- >> meghan put an end to the cliffhanger surrounding her dad. she wrote, sadly, my father will not be attending our wedding. i have always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space he needs to focus on his health. okay, so she said in that statement that she was sad and she cared about her father, but she didn't say she loved her father. >> i don't think we should read too much into the fact that she didn't say she loved her father in the statement.
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this was clearly, i think, a very heartfelt statement. >> meghan's father, thomas markle, is reportedly recovering after undergoing heart surgery yesterday. he told tmz, quote, i'm okay. it will take a long time to heal. staying in the hospital a few more days. not allowed to get excited. meghan's dad, who retired to rosarito. mexico, came under fire after a report claimed he helped a paparazzo stage a series of prewedding photos. this man, who works at a party goods store, says he pretended to be a tailor for this photo. >> translato >> translator: -- >> meanwhile, back in the uk, it's meet the windsors. "e.t." has learned that meghan markle's mother, doria, met prince charles and camilla during tea at clarence house yesterday. and she'll meet the queen tomorrow. and now, in the absence of meghan's father, it's looking more and more like meghan's mom will walk her down the aisle. >> there is royal precedence for not having the father of the bride walk the bride up the aisle, and queen victoria in
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fact walked two of her daughters up the aisle. so this will be different. it's not what we expected, but it's not totally unprecedented. meanwhile, today "e.t." was there as the british military began its dress rehearsal for saturday's wedding. around 100 soldiers marching in formation. not present, the bride or groom to be, but this standing cha carriage was. we got a birdseye view of the practice run for their expected 25-minute long post-wedding ride through the streets. harry of course, a member of the military, so a large contingent of the armed forces, more than 250 people, will take part. now the rehearsals are as much for the media as they are the participants, and on wedding day they expect 100,000 folks will flood the streets of windsor. this is where they will go in. st. george's gate right there. behind us is st. george's chapel. today, inside the chapel, a choir of 12 young men were busy rehearsing just as we heard
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rumors the legendary singer will perform. elton john. ♪ can you feel >> so far though, elton's kept quiet. would you perform at the wedding if harry asked? >> if they asked me to, but i haven't even been asked to the wedding yet. i would love to be at the wedding to see them because i think they're so happy. i know they're happy. >> for harry, it would be another nod to his mother. her close friend elton famously performed at diana's funeral. ♪ like a candle in the wind >> >> and attended william and kate's 2011 wedding. elton has only praise for her youngest son. >> he said, i'm in love. i'm happy for him. i hope they have a wonderful day. >> do you, rachel, take michael to be your lawfully wedded husband? >> i do. >> meghan, who got married on "suits," will have her tv family on hand. today her former tv husband patrick adams posed with his wife at a bar near windsor. former co-star sarah rafferty was spotted at buckingham palace today.
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gabriel macht is in london with his wife jacinda barrett, who also had a role on the show. >> very excited about that. >> that's "suits" star rick hoffman. he just instagrammed his touchdown at heathrow after posting this message. >> heading east for some special event. >> yeah, that little something, the same party we are at windsor castle the cover, the royal wedding. i want to tell you about something else. gayle king. we are teaming up to bring you the wedding here saturday morning. our coverage will begin leave at 4:00 eastern on cbs. make sure you get up early, have a little coffee and enjoy the magic. i can't wait to watch this royal wedding. keltie knight will be covering the wedding for "e.t.." she's at buckingham palace in london. let's check in with her. they say more than 300 million people are expected to batch this wedding.
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>> that's amazing. and everyone back home will have to cut their sleep short because of the time difference. but i just talked to one star who has no problem being an early bird, jessica biel. >> i sort of love the idea of trying to get up at 4:00 a.m. to watch this thing. i mean, weddings are beautiful. it's wonderful to see people in love. >> waking up with the sun on royal wedding day. though lets be real -- as a mom, her alarm clock could come in the form of 3-year-old son silas. "e.t." was with jessica inside her l.a. restaurant au fudge. she posed alongside dr. harvey karp to promote his happiest baby snoo smart sleeper. these days the 36-year-old is all about sharing mom hacks. >> mom hacks. that swaddle. back in the old days when i had an infant, literally i was wrapping him like a burrito. ♪ i'm a man of the woods ♪ it's my pride >> justin has been in florida for his "man of the woods" world tour. jessica had no idea about this backstage proposition from an 88-year-old superfan in orlando. >> do you think jessica would mind if i kissed you on the cheek? >> she won't mind. >> you won't tell her?
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>> all right. i won't, i won't. >> when did this happen? oh, my god, that's so amazing. he's available for kisses. >> the couple did spend mother's day together. jessica posted this shot in nashville with the grandmas, hashtagging it "bottomless mimosas." >> we didn't really have bottomless because we are still having to hang out with these small people. that's the funny thing about mother's day is you're still doing what you have to do every day for the most part. it's just a little bit sweeter. >> i love how she calls them small people. so cute. speaking of small people, chrissy tiegen had some excited news to share. topping tonight's know and tell, chrissy and john's baby boy joy. in typical chrissy fashion, the 32-year-old took to twitter to announce the arrival of baby number two, simply saying "somebody's here!" leading up to their little boy's arrival, chrissy got in some last minute tub time with 2-year-old luna. earlier this year chrissy told me becoming a family of four would be an adjustment.
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>> you want to be able to give one so much attention and shower them with love and affection. but then you have a little baby, too. that will be rough to balance. in more baby news, hillarya baldwin just had a baby boy too. she said, he's here! he's perfect. 8 pounds, 2 ounces. we were with the couple on thursday and they hadn't settled on a name yet. >> we don't know going into it. we are going see what he looks like and take a good look. >> and finally, nikki bella's shock over former fiance jon cena's heartfelt plea. >> i still love nicole. i still would love to marry nicole. i still would love to have a family with nicole. >> i was speechless at first, and then i felt emotional and very happy. what he did takes courage, especially, i think, for a man. >> last month the couple broke off their engagement just three weeks before their wedding, but nikki's not ruling out a reconciliation. >> we're both giving each other time separately, and maybe there's hope that we reunite in
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the future. honestly, only time can tell. >> and we'll get to see how their relationship drama goes down on "total bellas." it starts sunday on e! >> all right, coming up -- >> i'm feeling very meghan right now. i'm taking you on harry and meghan's official wedding route. you won't believe the craziness they'll see long the way. >> what you don't know about meghan's first marriage and the hollywood a-listers who caught harry's eye skbl harry was impressed to be in the company of an actress. first, idina's new look. >> you have these prosthetics on. you got a great wig and glasses, and then there i am. >> the "frozen" star goes all "undercover boss: celebrity edition" as an aspiring singer. she's actually searching for new talent, and they have no idea she can do this. ♪ let it go, let it go >> the toughest part for this
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tony winner? trying to sing badly at a wedding reception. ♪ i did all i can do >> so for the big reveal, do you think you'll sing a little bit as yourself? >> i'll do something. sing like idina so they kind of have some kind of revelation there.
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california values senator dianne feinstein welcome back to "e.t." we are outside buckingham palace, of course, the home of the grandmother of the groom, queen elizabeth. now, not many people can say they walked in the shoes of prince harry and meghan, but i did the next best thing. i hitched a ride just like the royal couple will do on their big day. the whole city is decorated in flags and scarves and hats, and i'm feeling very meghan right now. after their i dos, the newlyweds will ride through the streets of windsor in this open-air carriage drawn by horses.
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so you know i had to take a tour of the route myself. as you can see behind me, this is the long walk right here. everyone keeps saying, the long walk, the long walk. the long walk is a 2.5-mile path leading up to the 1,000 year old castle. once they are officially royal husband and wife, meghan and harry will make their way to the post wedding reception lunch at st. george's hall inside the castle. there are press boxes set up for the world's media to cover the procession. this is a very horsey place. even the police are mounted. and fans of the royal couple have already begun camping out on the streets of windsor, hoping to get a good shot of harry and meghan. how many days will you camp out before the royal wedding? >> we will be here every day until the royal wedding. i've been a royalist since i was 4 years old. >> and with so much security stationed all around town, one must be on their best behavior. now, if you mess up at the royal wedding, you might end up here.
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no pressure everyone. this is only the biggest wedding of the entire year. the royal carriage ride will take about 25 minutes. the horses will go at a nice slow trot so that everyone can get a good look at the newlyweds. all right, coming up -- >> inside harry and meghan's ex files. the crushes and former flames he has invited to the wedding. >> i'm sure we'll see them there on the day itself. >> royal tea with rita ora. >> her crush on the prince. >> you met harry when he started dating pegman. >> cloep cloep . closed captioning provided by --
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prince william or prince harry >> i don't know. >> harry. >> harry? sure. >> meghan markle, also known at
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nos the,radamus. less than a year later, she would meet her future prince on a blind date. on the troed -- on the road to happily ever after, there's also heartbreak. let's take a look back. meghan's first husband was producer trevor engelson. together for more than six years, they married in 2011 on a jamaican beach. >> there were just over 100 guests invited. there are pictures of megan barefoot in the sand and looking very much like a young woman deeply in love. >> after being cast in "suits," meghan moved to toronto while trevor stayed back in l.a. the long distance between them may have been to what led to meghan to serve trevor with divorce papers, citing ireconcilable differendifferenc. she is even said to have sent her wedding ring back to him in the mail. >> what was very interesting was that meghan walked away without a penny. she left trevor to take the house. it was just as if she wanted to
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get out of the marriage and start all over again. >> as a newly single woman, meghan then dated toronto celebrity chef cory vitiello. >> i'm the chef and owner of flock rotisserie and greens and the harbord room. >> he was very much in love with meghan, and he felt it might end in a wedding one day, but clearly for meghan he wasn't the one. >> while meghan is the one in harry's eyes, she isn't the first actress he's fancied. he shared a flirtatious conversation with cameron diaz at a london gym and spent an evening with scarlett johansson at a nightclub. >> harry was quite in awe of scarlett, you know, quite impressed to be in the company of a famous actress, and apparently they got on very well. >> the woman many pegged to become harry's bride was zimbabwe-born chelsy davy. they were on-and-off for seven years. she even attended william and kate's wedding as harry's plus one. >> it spooked her. completely spooked her. and really was the moment when i think she realized however much she might love harry, this was not going to be the life for her. >> harry's final longterm
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girlfriend before he met meghan was british actress cressida bonas. they were set up by harry's cousin princess eugenie. >> she likes a nice bohemian quiet life, so to be thrust into the spotlight as prince harry's girlfriend was really tough. i just don't think she was in love with harry enough to make the sacrifices that meghan markle is being prepared to make. >> and talk about being friendly with your exes -- >> my sources tell me that both chelsy davy and cressida have been invited to the royal wedding, and i'm sure we will see them there on the day itself. by the way, props to meghan with being okay with harry's ex's show up. another of harry's exes is british actress jenna coleman. they only had a couple of dates, but strangely enough today she plays his ancestor queen victoria on the pbs series "victoria." now let's go back to london where keltie is having a spot of
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tea bombshell my british accent is horrible. she's honging out with a done fide british top star. well, you know, kev, it's not every day you get to sit and have afternoon tea with rita ora and talk all things royal. ♪ oh, oh, i will never let you down ♪ >> i have prepared a proper english tea party for you. >> i'm so happy. >> look -- even the sugar has a little "e.t." on it. no big deal. >> oh, and it's real tea. >> oh, my god, only the best for you rita. now i know you met harry, but what's interesting, we did the timing. you met harry when he first started dating meghan. did he have a glow? >> he's always glowing in my eyes. >> see, what you may not know is rita has had the biggest crush on harry since, like, forever. >> harry any day of the week, don't you think? >> would you do prince hair arr? >> i have no shame in my game.
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>> she's like the cool, fun prince. >> i'm just happy the wedding is happening. i grew up in london. for me, in my head i fell like i was part of the family. they're everything to us so yeah, in my head i was like, oh, yeah. >> have a good wedding harry. my people. >> call me after. >> you know better than most e protocol of all of this. there's certain lengths and certain sides the tea has to be on. >> pinky, up, right? when you spin the tea you're not allowed to touch the end of the tea. >> you're teaching me something, i'm english. ♪ >> of course, rita's got something of her own the celebratement her successful concert tour and release of her single, "girl" cardi b. >> have you ever par the ied
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together? >> no, once she has the baby i hope so. >> i would love to have a bit of tea or lemonade with rita ora. what crazy comedy duo is celebrating hair are i and meghan's royal nuptials? kron-4 eight: a middle school staff member... arrested for allegedly inappropriately touching a student.why police say, a fire alarm helped tip them off.and remember this video of people shooting up drugs inside a bart station? now bart police is joining forces with other agencies to clean up the troubled civic center all eyes on hawaii's kilauea volcano after a massive eruption spews ash thousands of feet in the air. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- >> there's nothing america loves more than a royal wedding. >> i'll wake up early for sure. >> who's tuning in and tuning out.
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>> congrats but i'm not. >> meghan's bridal hair revealed. >> simple, cute. meghan, call me ♪ far off in a parent land where lord and ladies dance ♪ ♪ there lived a lonely prince who dream odd of true romance ♪ >> that's ford hosen beck and tish had digan performing. you may know their real names. how about will ferrell and molly shann shannon? they were going to cover the royal wedding for real and they can barely contain their excitement. ♪ when it comes to victory, going make it happen ♪ ♪ we are going make it ♪ going make it happen
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>> that sounds like fun. by the way, it's really going to happen. they're going get married
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community hard. it is hitting the community hard. it gets people upset. it makes me upset frankly from just having to see what happened>(ken) the police chief in american canyon says he is disturbed after seeing surveillance video showing a middle school staff member allegedly inappropriately touching a student. thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne.(pam) and i'm pam moore. louis gonzalez is accused of the lewd acts. and as kron 4's gabe slate reports, law enforcement is now asking for the public's help to identify any other possible child victims. 46 year old louis gonzalez of napa works as an


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