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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 23, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(pam)breaking news- just into our newsroom within the last 30 minutes....a man arrested after a violent attack of two woman in concord. thank you for joinking us tonight im pam moore.(ken)and im ken wayne. ths is a story youll hear first right here on kron 4it happened at the bank of america at the sunvalley mall... on willow pass road. concord police have arrested this man... otto halafihi. police say he attacked and
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robbed a 93 year old woman and her 64 yhear old caretaker. the 93 year-old victim broke her hip, and remains hospitalized tonight.following up leads from the public... halafihi turned himself to concord police in the central valley town of patterson.we're told detective from concord have him in custody. at last check no charges have been filed... but police tell us he could be facing robbery and elder abuse. (pam) another big story..... a live look and listen to the lava spewing from hawaii's kilauea volcano... leaving no relief for residents there. (ken)more than three weeks in, and kiilauea shows no sign of letting up.(pam) residents forced to dodge creeping lava flows... as they rush in-and-out to check on their property.(ken)during
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those checks... some have found their beolved houses... destoryed.. including a home owned by a san francisco couple. (pam) the pair who lost their home after owning it for more than a decade, sat down for an exclusive interview with kron 4's ali reid. (ken) ali, how are they holding up? the couple has been following the news for the last 3 weeks ... and as more fissures started opening up, the more nervous they became.they eventually got word that not only their home, but all their neighbors .... were completely wiped out.a beautiful home on a sprawling 5 acre piece of land quickly disintegrated when lava made its way to arvin munoz and jeffrey hannan's second home.we basically own 5 acres of lava the home in leilani estates sits on the rift zone. the couple knew there was always a chance a volcano could erupt and destroy it all .... and there was a close call in 2014 but the lava stopped before reaching their property. the house sits on a hill, so they thought maybe they'd have another stroke of luck .31-36
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jeffrey hannanwe thought if things broke open we'd be ok because the lava may flow on either side of the housenot only did it flow on either side of the home, it took the entire house with it. one of their neighbors had an emergency evacuation in the wee hours of the morning46-56 arvin munoztheir house got burned and they were evacuated at 4:30 in the morning. a helicopter came by and said get out get out a fast moving lava was approachingthis is all still hard to grasp ... it's been a labor of love. 12 years we pretty much held each rock and placed in the garden. when we realized it was gone, it's devastating luckily the couple has fire insurance and they've been in touch with their insurance company.they tell me they'll more than likely revisit the big island, but buying another home there ... is out of the question. lawrence karnow: it was
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another day of low clouds and fog and below normal temperatures, highs today were only in the 50s and 60s. it was also very wet with drizzle at the coast. low clouds never fully cleared and are ready to return again tonight. the doppler continues to show dozens of lightning strikes across northern california and the sierra. on the satellite image you can see another area of low pressure spinning off of the coast. this weak low could bring some showers and even some isolated thunderstorms in the bay area late on thursday night and friday. thursday will be unseasonably cool again with partly cloudy skies and highs will be in the 50s and upper 60s. a chance of showers will develop late thursday night. showers are possible friday too with an isolated thunderstorm. high pressure will then begin to build in on saturday with warmer temperatures. offshore winds and much warmer weather is expected on sunday and monday.
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in an east bay neighborhood .... police say, one man has died after being shot and killed inside his home... the home invasion robbery happened in the fruitvale neighborhood of oakland ... on carrington street near 41st street... (pam) kron 4's charles clifford is live in oakland .. charles... what do we know about this incident tonight? (chuck) well, there are still a lot of unanswered questions in this case and the investigation is still ongoing, but neighors say they are shocked by the violent nature of this attack. the oakland police departments says that just before 10 tuesday evening, officers responded to a home here in the 4100 block of carrington street on reports of a home invasion robbery.officers arriving on scene found an adult male suffering from a gunshot wound. paramedics were also dispatched to the home, but the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. his attacker had fled into the night.wednesday afternoon, investigators were going door to door along carrington
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asking neighbors if they knew anything about what happened. amy washburn lives along carrington. she says she saw police activity tuesday evening but didn't know it was a shooting until officers came to her door wednesday afternoon.sotthe neighborhood is not the type of neighborhood where that sort of thing happens so it's very worrisome.sotit's very suprising to hear something like this happened.craig johnson has lived in oakland his entire life. he says the neighborhood is very tight knit and this sort of violent crime is rare.sotit's very troubling for me to hear this and a lot of my neighbors don't even know this happened. so far police have not identified the victim, nor have they said if there are any suspects in this case. despite the horrific nature of the crime, craig and amy say they still feel safe here.sot i'm not concerned for my safety. it's generally been a very good neighborhood and the police arrive quickly when something does happen.sotits sad to see this and i hope the police find who did this because we love each other here and we are like one big family. (chuck)now, police have desribed this as a home invasion robbery, but they haven't said if anything was taken from the oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(pam) an intense fire in san francisco's north beach .. lands two people in the hospital. it happened on this tour bus along columbus avenue.. just before 5- this evening. kron 4's dan kerman spoke with witnesses who say, firefighters acted quickly. they say where there's smoke there's fire and that was certainly the case wednesday afternoon in north beach your looking at cell phone video of a city tour san francisco bus choking with smoke near the driver's seat.sot maurizio florese/owner, mona lisa restaurant 13-20the driver open the door and there is a lot of smokesotand he tell the passengers to get off the bus sotand i call 911 and fire department gets here and all is good, they did a good job. witnesses say there 15 to 20 passengers aboard the bus at the time, most on the topsot giovanni mennella/ server, mona lisa restaurant 40-43
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there was no panic because at first there was only smokebut within 90 seconds the smoke quickly turned into a raging fire. by this time the fire department was on scene and the bus was emptysoti was worried about my car because it was parked behind the bus. was it ok? i hope sothe cause of the fire is still under investigation, though onlookers speculate it was caused by an electrical the engine is at the back of the busback of the bus/1:11 (grant) another big story we are following: on the same day the n-f-l cracks down on police brutality protests... n-b-a player sterling brown is planning to file a
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civil rights lawsuit against milwaukee police...after they tased him during an arrest in january. that news comes as police release body camera video of the arrest...and the chief apologizes.:24 nats of beeps an officer an officer confronted the milwaukee bucks guard as he was walking out of a walgreens...where he had double parked in a handicapped spot. orginally one officer approached brown about the parking violation.. then he called for back up. in the video you can see
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sort of the officers taking brown down to the ground and you can hear them tasing him. and new tonight at ten... milwaukee's mayor is responding...saying the city needs to do better. as a human being i am offended by what i saw on the video. as mayor, i am committed to video. as mayor, i am committed to improving community police relations. mr. brown deserves an apology and i am very sorry the milwaukee police treated him in the fashion he was treated. this type of behavior whether its toward a professional athlete or any other citizen has no place in our city, the milwaukee bucks organization said in a statement:the abuse and intimidation that sterling experienced at the hands of
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milwaukee police was shameful and inexcusable. sterling has our full support as he shares his story and takes action to provide accountability. (pam) today a judge dismissed the domestic violence case against 49-er's star reuben foster . neither foster nor his attorney said anything ... as they left the courtroom. foster's ex-girlfriend, elissa ennis, is at the center of all this. she called 9-1-1 back in february.... accusing foster of beating her. but she later recanted her entire story... saying she did it to get back at him.. for breaking up. the judge dismissed the charges saying, there was not enough evidence to move the case to trial. foster is still facing a misdemeanor charge of possession of an illegal assault weapon. (pam) coming up: a sign of hope for coffey park residents. only on kron 4: we speak with the homeowner of the first house rebuilt since the devasting fires. (ken)plus: a bad siutation sparked by a confrontation
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over a bbq at lake merrit. how the man who was targeted is being recongnized as community leader. (pam) and next: a bay area family in tears, two- years after a 15 year old girls kidnapping. only on four: we speak with her family just days before the anniversary of the day she went missing. ♪ when i first came to ocean bay, what i saw was despair. i knew something had to be done. hurricane sandy really woke people up, to showing that we need to invest in this community. i knew having the right partner we could turn this place around.
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it was only one bank that could finance a project this difficult and this large, and that was citi. preserving affordable housing preserves communities. so we are doing their kitchens and their flooring and their lobbies and the grounds. and the beautification of their homes, giving them pride in where they live, will make this a thriving community once again. ♪ if she is alive i hope she is well.. if shes gone i hope she went in peace because i don't want her ot suffer. (pam)
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missing vallejo teen pearl pinson's father speaking publically for the first time since his daughter was kidnapped. this friday marks two years since that tragic day.(ken) her disappearance remains a mystery as the prime suspect in the case was killed in a shootout with police in southern california. tonight kron 4's j.r. stone talked exclusively to pearl's father and her sister who are still grieving and say they need help in finding her. sot does it get easier as time goes by? i've been on a two year nightmare. a nightmare that i haven't woken up from.james pinson talking about his daughter pearl pinson. who was kidnapped two years ago when she was 15 as she walked along this overpass on her way to school in vallejo. dragged off and possibly shot in the process. james remembers that day well and wonders if his daughter is still alive.sot my little brother comes out saying that someone told him that some little girl with green hair was shot at the overpass and we went out right away looking for her...i didn't believe it was her and even after we came
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up and found her phones i didn't believe it was her until we seen the blood up there.natssot another witness said that they seen pearl running with a bloddy of pearl's friends said that she seen pearl being thrown in the trunk of his car. it took investigators more than 30 hours to issue an amber alert. soon after that they located the suspected abductor fernando castro in southern california. there was a shoot out and castro died. no sign of pearl, who had green hair and blue-ish green eyes with a very recognizable laugh. pearl's blood was found in castro's trunk and also on the overpass where she was abducted from. pearl's sister rosey fought away tears as we spoke. brokenhearted two years later...not knowing if pearl was killed or if she is suffering somewhere today. sot j.r.the pinson family does have a special event this friday at 5 p.m. to mark two years since the kidnapping. city officials here in vallejo will be involved too. they want to get her picture out there again in hopes that someone has some information that will help this case.
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( pam ) a live look outside
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on this wednesday night... (ken) (ken) lawrence is here with the forecast as we get closer to the weekend... lawrence karnow: it was lawrence karnow: it was another day of low clouds and fog and below normal temperatures, highs today were only in the 50s and 60s. it was also very wet with drizzle at the coast. low clouds never fully cleared and are ready to return again tonight. the doppler continues to show dozens of lightning strikes across northern california and the sierra. on the satellite image you can see another area of low pressure spinning off of the
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coast. this weak low could bring some showers and even some isolated thunderstorms in the bay area late on thursday night and friday. thursday will be unseasonably cool again with partly cloudy skies and highs will be in the 50s and upper 60s. a chance of showers will develop late thursday night. showers are possible friday too with an isolated thunderstorm. high pressure will then begin to build in on saturday with warmer temperatures. offshore winds and much warmer weather is expected on sunday and monday.
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(pam)a big story we are following: the n-f-l is banning players from kneeling áon the field during the national anthem... it is a part of a new policy passed today and will begin this fall. the policy requires players to stand ... or stay in the locker room during the anthem... if a player rebels... teams will be fined... for the past
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two seasons ... a number of players kneeled during the anthem.. as a statement against social injustice and police brutality.... and it started with colin kapernick and eric reid with the 49ers.... both of those players are no longer with the team.... the 49ers will close down concessions during the national anthem at levi's stadium. (ken ) the new n-f-l policy has bay area football fans weighing in.kron 4's gayle ong is live in san francisco with reaction.gayle, whay are they saying.. fans understand both sides.. they say they understand the reason for this new policyand it's a good ideabut they also resonate with the players who kneeled --and their message to take a stand against police brutality.. die hard niners fans are weighing in on the new n-f-l policyeither stand or stay in the locker room.. those who don't will cost them a fine
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totally believe from coming out of the field, this should be a player's right to stand or not stand.">it began when 49 niner quarterback colin kapernick refused to stand - to protest police brutality the actions sparked nationwide debate dividing america on the football fieldraider fan derrick garret says the message is not about the military
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(pam) coming up: there are two sides to every story. and in a story all new at ten: the other side of the opioid debate.. the legitmate pain patients. (ken)plus: residents of a san francisco neighorhood are noticing metal safety covers have gone missing. our stanley roberts uncovers why some people might be snatching the cast iron lids.
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a huge milestone in santa rosa today. the first home rebuilt in coffey park.. since last year's devastating fires... got approved for occupancy.. (ken) the home passed all inspections today. and the homeowner talked only with kron 4's justine waldman... about moving in.. and moving forward.
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sot brand new kitchen all new appliances, fancy cabinets they are the soft close cabinetsit is the little things that dan bradford appreciates the most about his new house.nats my fav feature is the spice drawersot 5 months to go from my foundation to this is pretty october, the vicious fires burned his coffey park homevto the ground..he lost everything.sot my wife's ashes i will never get those back stuff like that that is irreplaceable nats old nail at a time, this year, kron 4 has watched dan rebuild his dream home at 1613 kerry lanethe new house just passed inspections, and dan got the nod he can officially move in on friday. sot been a long haul been a long point from the fire and sleeping back in the room that i was in when i left i think there will be some emotionality thereeverything in here in brand new.the couch still has the tags on it.the
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mattresses are wrapped in plastic.and the walk-in closet - needs all new clothes to hang in here.sot cover i am thrilled while the construction with lake county contractors went smoothly, the slowest part of the process dan says - the payments.sot the flow of money back to me that was cumbersomedad is very proud of the accomplishments it took to get here, and how his community is slowing rising up from the ashes.sot the people is what makes the neighborhood and they will be backdan is already herenow he has to personalize his property and turn this house, into a santa rosa justine waldman kron 4 news. (pam) coming up: a life - long oakland resident faced police ... after a complaint that he was b-b-q-ing at lake merritt... but now he has been recommended for a new position. how he could be helping others feel
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safe and have fun at oakland parks in the future. (ken)plus: with the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults... psychologists are now warning parents about the longterm effects it can have on teenager's mental health. lk teases ten at ten
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♪ it's time for the semi-annual sale with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable. and snoring.... does your bed do that? right now during our semi-annual sale save up to $700 on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends soon. (pam) with the
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legalization of adult recreational marijuana there is a growing concern about the affect it is having on adolscents.(ken) kron4's maureen kelly spoke with a psychologist and addiction specialist about the long term mental health effects on teens ingesting pot with supercharged levels of thc. the majority of them are using cannabis at a variety of levels but the majority of them are using cannabisdr chanda rankin is the chief clinical officer at a teen rehabilation center in the north bay . her biggest concern is that there are a lot of pot strains out there is being cultivated with much higher levels of t-h-c, the psychoactive element in the plant that gets users high. the levels of thc in cannabis today even compare to cannabis 510 years ago and massively different then the thc levels that people were smoking in the 70s and 80s. she says those elevated levels can have very serious consequences... they're taking ingesting so much more but they're getting sick they're getting nauseous they end up having psychosis or hallucinations they end up in the er they end up in the er in emergency are there passed out from primarily from
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cannabis maybe some other substances are mixed in there but the problem is that the thc levels are so high there causing the kids to get ill sometimes leaving them to bomb it you can choke on your own vomit the danger is real she says chronic heavy use can have a negitive impact on a teen's developing brain.if you have a predisposition to a mental health issue and you have that much thc in your system it's a very high possibility that you can open the door to a significant mental health problem that may not have been opened at that juncture or if ever but you increase the likelihood of experiencing significant anxiety significant depression later on in life if you have used a fair amount of cannabis as an adolescent so. so in some cases the risk is immediate and the dangers immediate and another case is the risk and danger may come for the down the road further down the roadshe says we don't have enough data to know what the long term consequence of all of this adolescent cannabis use will be....but she expects we have not seen the worst of it.maureen kelly kron4 news.
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(topvo)(pam) new at ten: we often hear about the opioid epidemic from the perspective of those who are addicted. but what about the other side of the coin -- people who use prescription opiates as a means of treating chronic pain? alyssa paldo has an in-depth look at "the other side of the opioid epidemic". alyssa paldo takes a look at "the other side of the opioid epidemic" in this w-m-b-d special report.jennifer bowersock lives her life day to day.(14:28:31;15 jennifer bowersock "i am in pain from the second i wake up to the second i fall asleep.")open heart surgery put her on a
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painful road to recovery. (14:27:28;03 "some days i'm good i can get out of bed, function normally. and then other days it's very depressing you just can't move i can't get out of bed.")she takes prescription opiates to take the edge off and help her sleep--and three years later, she can't imagine life without them.(14:30:24;13 "i probably wouldn't be able to function at all.")for shari burdick it was a diagnosis with degenerative disc disease ten years ago. debilitating pain put her out of her longtime job in the school cafeteria. (13:46:06;13 shari burdick "i have a new normal, it's not the normal i used to have.") physical therapy and injections didn't help with the crippling pain. prescription opiates help her do more of the things she loves-- like cooking and spending time with her grandkids. shari has been on her medication for five years and in that time, has seen changes with every trip to the pharmacy.(13:24:25;06 "you
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can't get it early, mean if you pick up your prescription on a certain day it's exactly a month later that you can get it. not a day sooner. they're very strict with it.")but if anyone understands why new guidelines are being put in place to limit the supply of opioids available ... it's shari.(13:47:54;19 "my younger brother died from an overdose of opioids so yes i can see both sides of it.") (15:03:54;14 mike minesinger/alwan pharmacy "most people don't realize the other side of the coin, that legitimate pain patients are getting caught up in this hysteria over the opioids.") mike minesinger is owner and pharmacist at alwan pharmacy. he says if presciptions are going to be cut back, it needs to be done gradually ... and humanely.(14:57:48;15 mike minesinger "i'm just seeing reports of people who are being suddenly taken off of them you know their suicide rate goes up or you know alternatively they switch to street drugs cuz they can't get the prescription anymore.") doctor dennis mcmanus is director of the central illinois pain clinic--when it comes to prescribing to his
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patients at the clinic he takes a tough stance-- telling his patients it's the medicine contributing to their pain ... (13:40:58;17 "more people than died in the vietnam war, more people dying than the height of the aids epidemic, people are dying. and the question is what's going on? and my standpoint is there's just no good evidence for the use of chronic opioids in chronic pain.")dr. mcmanus says the evidence shows long-term opioid use actually increases our sensitivity to pain. (13:21:04;05 dr. mcmanus "the best way to avoid the problem is not to create the problem in the first place.")the centers for disease control published a guideline for prescribing opioids for chronic pain in 20-17-- in it, the c-d-c says clinicians should prescribe the lowest effective dosage and should prescribe no greater quanity than for the expected duration of pain severe enough to require it. going on to say three days or less will often be sufficient--more than seven days--rarely needed.if the benefits don't outweigh the harms, they should utilize other therapies and work with patients to taper opioids to lower dosages or discontinuatio n.still, for patients like shari ... and jennifer ... they wish they didn't need this treatment they call life changing.(14:36:52;28 jennifer bowersock "try living a day in our life to take them and somebody that doesn't need them you're making it that much harder for the people that actually do need them."
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(pam) (pam) to learn more about the guidelines health care professionals follow when prescribing opioids for chronic pain ... you can find a link in this story on our website at kron 4 dot com. (ken)also new at ten: a remarkable discovery in the south pacificcrews found a world war two bomber..that went down 74 years ago.the plane that was carrying a long lost airman from livermore. ((take full))2nd lieutenant tom kelly was one of 11 men who perished when the b-24 bomber crashed in 1944 after taking japanese anti-aircraft fire.the non profit organization "project recover", which includes marine scientists, archaeologists and volunteers, located the plane in new guinea under 213 feet of water.
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this is video of that members of the airmen who lost their lives...say this discovery gives them closure. lawrence karnow: it was another day of low clouds and fog and below normal temperatures, highs today were only in the 50s and 60s. it was also very wet with drizzle at the coast. low clouds never fully cleared and are ready to return again tonight. the doppler continues to show dozens of lightning strikes across northern california and the sierra. on the satellite image you can see another area of low pressure spinning off of the coast. this weak low could bring some showers and even some isolated thunderstorms in the bay area late on thursday night and friday. thursday will be unseasonably cool again with partly cloudy skies and highs will be in the 50s and upper 60s. a chance of showers will develop late thursday night. showers are possible friday too with an isolated thunderstorm. high pressure will then begin to build in on saturday with warmer temperatures. offshore winds and much warmer weather is expected on sunday and monday.
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(ken) san jose police officers shot at three dogs ... which they say charged at them early this morning. a spokeswoman says, police approached a residence ... when the dogs charged at them. both officers shot at the three dogs.... and the dogs retreated to the backyard of the residence and hid under a vehicle. one was injured while the other two were unharmed. the officers were not injured. (pam) the man who was the target of a 9-1-1 call because he was b-b-q-ing with
10:40 pm
his family at lake merrit in oakland, is now being recommended to serve on that city's parks and recreation advisory committee. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. sotjust like that this man who thought he was just going to lake merritt in oakland to have a bbq with his family, as he has done for years and a woman calls the police on him for having the bbq in the wrong location, is now being recommended to help the city solve some of the problems associated with doing that very thing. oakland city councilmember rebecca kaplan explains why she thinks smith is the right guy at the right time to fill the vacant parks and rec positionsot
10:41 pm
part of this board to help make sure we handle these issues better in the future"> 37-year-old kenzie smith is a life long oakland resident. the founder of dope era magazine and has been involved in this community for years says his wife michelle snider sotsmith's nomination has to go through at least one adminstrative hearing before coming to the full city council for a vote which would not happen for at least a month from right oakland haaziq madyun kron4news coming up kron4news haaziq madyun oakland haaziq madyun kron4news
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coming upyou walk quite a bit around here, yea we walk about 5 miles that's a lot of miles yea you gotta stay healthy here this is san francisco and during his five miles he's noticed something missing which could be a huge safety problem what is it? i'll show you in the next edition of people behaving badly (sports) coming up i'll
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have all the day's sports highlights and scores. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies.
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and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein (pam) it seems
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to be a basic part of any sidewalk ... but now in one san francisco neighborhood.. many of the cast iron vent covers.. are missing. (ken) turns out - this isn't a newly stolen item.. but we are wondering why they're being stolen. when walking around san francisco you might want to watch your step, no, i'm not talking about doggie land mines i don't think the city know this is going on i don't think people have an ideal this is going onthis is antonio vargas he lives in the mission district of san francisco he and his wife noticed this, many of the cast iron vents have gone missing this is how easy you can just take it we walked around the mission district and noticed dozens of caps gone however the ones which are screwed
10:47 pm
down are intact well except for this one but many are missing so the the question is what's happening to them apparently back in the 80's a similar problem popped up they use them for hot plates or trivits put them on the kitchen table like out you hot pots on it hmm trivets so you think they are doing it again or they are just stealing them for metal that could be too so i headed over to the nearest metal recycling they said nope they absolutely would not accept cast iron vents this is more than just a missing metal issue this is a safety issue . how you say if a little kid walks down the street or a dog or a lady in high heals your snap your ankle and break a leg easy if
10:48 pm
you wear heels is that a problem yeah i'll fall on my face (i don't want you to fall on your face) no, that not a not a good idea know the city of san francisco has had issues with auto burglaries...and package thefts in fact this sign attest to the problem and of course recycling theft, to the point we now have to lock up our trash and we already know metal theft is nothing new.the water meters before they put the cement ones here, the use to be a metal old plate sais san francisco, city and county i didn't know that (they use to steal those too) that was the thingso if you are snagging them to use as hot plates, do me a favor put them back i don't don't get it why are they stealing them they are taking these and what are do they do with them ust when you think you heard it all in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news the warriors are off to houston... this morning the team boarded their charter... game five will be in houston tomorrow night... the team practiced there tonight last night the rockets gave the warriors there first playoff loss at home in 17 games... the last beng game 7 on the 2016 nba finals the series is now tied at 2 games a piece... game 6 will be in oakland
10:49 pm
saturday...nd if necessary game 7 back in houston monday... here is steph curry... speaking after tionight's practice...(sot: steph curry) "this the time that you live for. so we'll bounce back, get our rest. we all play the same 48 minutes as a team, both sides of the ball. so it's just a matter of who's more mentally tough, who's able to sustain that effort throughpout the whole series. and i like our chances with it."(wipe to cavs-celtics) lebron james... trying to get a win in boston.. and a 3-2 lead in the eastern conference finals... james... tied to keep it close... 26 points and 10 rebounds... but seemed to tire as the game went on jaylen brown... the former cal bear... 3-pointer... 32-19 celtics... he had 17 points jason tatum... the steal and breakaway layup... he had 24 points... celtics still unbeaten at home in the
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playoffs... final... 96-83 boston... they lead the series 3-2... game 6 in cleveland 3-2... game 6 in lead the series 3-2... game 6 in cleveland friday night it looks like reuben foster is in the clear... a judge has ruled that san francisco 49ers linebacker reuben foster will not have to stand trial on domestic violence charges after the accuser recanted her allegations at a preliminary hearing. judge nona klippen said that prosecutors didn't meet the burden of probable cause... that the evidence against foster was insufficient foster was also charged with felony possession of an assault weapon after a rifle was found in his home by investigators... that charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. it looks like foter will rejoin the 49ers... who starting activites this week... (wipe to anthem policy) and the nfl owners approved a policy that permits players to stay in the locker room during the "the star- spangled banner"... but requires them to stand if they come to the field... if not...
10:51 pm
they face a fine... the vote was technically unanimous... although 49ers owner jed york... along with the new york jets... abstained... york said he wants the team to take on a broader policy... like not selling concessions during the anthem... here is york's take on what they want to do moving forward...(sot: jed york) "we want to have an all-encompassing sort of solution to how we look at this, and not point the finger at one group or another. and do the right things for social justice reform, an do it in a way that we still want to bring attention to it. but do it in a way that it can be dignified in our entire encompassing approach." r with their best home run hitter... khris davis... on the disables list... the a's struggling for runs tonight... only 6,991 fans at the coliseum tonight... and this was the only run they saw... marcus semien...
10:52 pm
playing shallow... bobbles the hard grounder by kyle seager... gil heredia scores on the fielders choice... seagar safe at first marco ganzales.. was brilliant for the mariners... strikes out mark canha swinging here in the 7th...only gave up 2 hits in 7 innings... daniel gossett almost as good for the a's... giving up 4 hits in 7 innings... final... 1-0 mariners(wipe to giants) giants...wrapping up their two- game set in houston. bottom 4th-- giants up 1-zip... yuli gurriel...hits a right...should be a can of corn...but andrew mccutchen completely misses the ball. costly error that allows carlos correa to sprint home. astros tie the game at 1- all. --next inning, houston's bats working... george springer...tees off on jeff samardzija..with a deep homer to left. astros win 4-1. caps
10:53 pm
(weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
lawrence karnow: it was another day of low clouds and fog and below normal temperatures, highs today were
10:56 pm
only in the 50s and 60s. it was also very wet with drizzle at the coast. low clouds never fully cleared and are ready to return again tonight. the doppler continues to show dozens of lightning strikes across northern california and the sierra. on the satellite image you can see another area of low pressure spinning off of the coast. this weak low could bring some showers and even some isolated thunderstorms in the bay area late on thursday night and friday. thursday will be unseasonably cool again with partly cloudy skies and highs will be in the 50s and upper 60s. a chance of showers will develop late thursday night. showers are possible friday too with an thunderstorm. will then begin to build in on saturday with warmer offshore much warmer weather is sunday and monday.monday.sunday and monday.
10:57 pm
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