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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 29, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> her racist rant that killed abc's top show. inside their swift decision to pull the plug, and what the comic's costars are saying today. plus -- bachelorette becca beware. why her front-runner is under fire tonight. after ex arie stirs up more drama. plus, is justin turow moving on from jennifer aniston with another actress? harry and meghan's royal honeymoon destination revealed? and -- >> i do. >> a property brothers exclusive. drew's first interview after his i dos. fessing up to wedding day tears. >> i was like -- i ugly cry. >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> look out, it's going to be fun. it is one of the most shocking developments in tv history. abc canceled its number one comedy after a racist tweet from its star. >> this really is a huge decision that will cost the network millions of dollars, but abc moved swiftly, just hours
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after roseanne's apology. roseanne was in damage control this morning, tweeting, "i should have known better, forgive me. my joke was in bad taste." she ceded, "i am now leaving twitter." at issue, a tweet that's been deleted, where the sitcom star compared valerie jarrett to an ape. the network didn't mince words when canceling the show just hours later. abc's president of entertainment issued a statement, calling the twt abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values and we have decided to cancel her show. cnn's brian selter was surprised by the decision >> abc would never walk away from millions of dollars from roseanne, but that's what the network did. >> before the cancellation was announced, cast member sara gilbert, who is credited with bringing the show back to tv, tweeted, "this is incredibly sad and difficult for all of us, as
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we've created a show that we believe in, are proud of and that audiences love, one that is separate and apart from the opinions and words of one cast member." roseanne was also dropped by her agency, icm partners. cast member sandra burn hardt shared her anger. >> kind of had it. kind of bummed out. i don't understand how anybody who is as smart as roseanne is can have gone this deep over the line. >> even before the cancellation, wanda sykes, a consulting producer on the show, called it quits. she was brief and to the point, tweeting, "i will not be returning to roseanne." after its march debut, roseanne became the number one series on abc. >> abc was incredibly proud to have such a ratings hit on its hands. roseanne barr was center at the tv upfronts. >> meanwhile, a production source telling "e.t." that
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people that worked on the show are horrified by the racist comment, adding that perhaps the reboot wasn't meant to be. roseanne is no stranger to controversy. it's hard to forget her national anthem performance in 1990. ♪ and the home of the brave >> and it's not the first time her tweets have landed her in hot water. in fact, on the day the reboot premiered, she accused a school shooting survivor of giving a nazi salute. in this fof toe, roseanne, complete with nazi arm bad. >> my parents, my grandparents were socialists, and because of that, i walways was political. >> she also talked openly about her struggle with mental illness. >> i didn't know what the truth was. >> and while roseanne has apologized today, heshe's often been defiant. >> as a person that's taken the
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hard hits and lost the job and been fired, me, for stuff i've said, maybe it's not so far that only some people have to apologize for what they say, and some, you know, get a pass. >> of course, we'll keep you updated on the shocking developments, but we move on, and there is an another issue that abc is dealing with, this one on "the bachelorette." >> the past has come back to haunt one of the men after last night's season debut. >> hello! >> hi. >> cool ride. >> my name's garrett. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> i hope to be a great dad, awesome his. >> the 29-year-old medical sales rep instantly became a favorite after becca gave him the first impression rose. and the first kiss of the season. >> since he pulled up in that mini van, i was smitten by him. >> but now, the front-runner is under fire, after anen staygram account alleged to be his liked posts the transcommuni communit
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undocumented immigrants and more. there is also new drama surrounding becca's ex-fiance, arie. >> arie is saying that the breakup with you guys is edited. >> no, it was definitely unedited. i mean, let's be honest, i would not -- you know, if it edited, i would want the snot off my face. that was all real. >> arie told "gq" he feels betrayed by producers and claims he tried to leave, but producers pushed him into staying. >> just leave. >> it turns out the interview isn't sitting well with arie or his new fiance lauren, who is claiming that the journalist bullied her and crossed the line. the couple cut the interview short. >> we have to get to the bottom of this. >> it's important stuff. >> yeah. >> while becca is looking for a second chance at love, it seems katy perry and orlando bloom have found it.
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>> not even being in the middle of her world tour can keep katy from her man, and she took a quick jaunt over to london to prove that. ♪ >> matching motorcycle helmets, check. speeding off into the night after dinner, got it. now, that's how you do a quickie 24-hour hookup when you're katy and orlando. katy, who is in the middle of her world tour, flew from belgium to london to check out orlando on stage in "killer joe." orlando is ready to settle down, according to a source. they are talking about a future wedding, but taking it slow and haven't pressed the subject of kids. >> i've been spoken for and i speak for myself and i'm very happy. ♪ >> also very happy, john legend and chrissy teigen, who had their first date since the birth of miles 11 days before. chrissy followed up with this giant dose of cuteness. luna giving her baby boy a pacifier. >> you have joked with us that
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luna sends to be territorial. how is she feeling sharing you with a baby? >> she's just becoming aware that he's the competition. >> next, has justin turow found a new woman three months after his sprint from jennifer aniston? well, these are the new photos of the 46-year-old on the beach in france, enjoying time with 28-year-old laura harrier. >> great party. >> so, is this a rebound relationship? not so fast. both he and laura are spokesmodels for louis vuitton. a source items us, justin is not in a relationship. he loves meeting new people and collaborating on idea with friends. nothing wrong with that. while justin seems to be moving on in france, have the royal newlyweds picked a honeymoon spoon? >> it's been nearly two weeks since they said i do, and a new report claims they are headed to north america, but not so fast. o canada?
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a report surfaced that the newly wed duke and duchess of sussex were going to alberta, canada. they were even said to have booked a 6,000 square foot outlook cabin as their luxury destination. meghan has a fondness for canada. it's where she shot seven seasons of "suits." >> this is heartbreaking. >> despite the tmz story of the north of the border location, a rep for the property denies that meghan and harry are headed there. and meghan's mom is back in l.a. the 61-year-old royal mother-in-law was photographed heading to a yoga class and walking her dog. back to normal life for the duchess' mom. well, now to another couple in the midst of newly wed bliss, i'm talking about drew scott and his wife, linda phan. does drew feel any differently now that he's a married man? we were exclusively with him and his bro, jonathan, at their hgtv magazine shoot, and found out. >> i'm still on cloud nine, getting used to the new
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hardware. i constantly say, my fiance, linda, no, wife. >> you fell in love by chance, but today, you are making a choice. let's get you two married. >> drew and linda said "i do" just two weeks ago in southern italy in front of 300 guests, with both brothers bringing the waterworks. >> we're rugged, tough contractors. >> grown men cry, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> and the moment i saw linda come down the aisle, i was like -- i ugly cry. >> i made it two words into my speech and i fell apart. i knew it was going to happen. i was like -- and the good thing is, when you're wearing a kilt, it's a built-in tissue. i just took the snot off my face with the kilt. >> i do. >> i do. >> from the vows to the cake cutting, cameras captured the affair. and fans will get to see all the wedding day details in the new tlc special, airing saturday.
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>> oh! >> after their honeymoon, well, that's on hold until august when the couple heads to ecuador for a charity trip. >> i will not be on the honeymoon. i've third wheeled enough. >> after that, a new project. building a family. >> linda and i will have kids. one day soon. no rush. we'll have kids soon. still ahead, it's a night of tv premieres and we're with the casts, including j.lo revealing a tv first for "world of dance." >> super proud of it. plus -- >> first of all, gucci, gucci -- >> why giuliani marg lease return to tv required a makeover. >> a little different. >> and we're hanging with the guys from florida georgia line where there may be some baby fever going on. >> funny.
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portia de rossi told "e.t."
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why she returned to i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
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say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. john chiang's father came it'here with little money,on. but big dreams for a better future. now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo when it ripped off working families. and against the odds, he helped saved california from financial disaster during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive priorities like education, healthcare and affordable housing. john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future. looks like scott foley was wrong. he said he didn't think the "scandal" cast would stay in touch after the series ended, but there they are, celebrating a friend's wedding in mexico. they booked the entire oceanfront villa. >> this makes my gladiator heart happy. there is some good tv on the horizon that's going to keep me
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happy. kicking off our tv know and tell, why j.lo's been waiting for tonight. >> yes! >> it's a good show, ma. >> i know, it's definitely a great show. super proud of it. even better this year. >> j.lo promising lots of surprises for the return of "worldle of dance." last summer's number one new series kicks off season two tonight. >> we dance, all of us, the judges and i, all do a dance. it's just fun. >> also tonight on nbc, get ready for season 13 of "america's got talent." >> my favorite judge is mr. simon. >> going to make a prediction, my golden buzzer is going to win the whole thing this year. it's just amazing. probably one of the most exciting things i've ever seen. >> jamie foxx has a new partner for "beat shazam," his daughter. >> give it up for corinne. >> i blew everything on the first show. and she was just like, boom,
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boom, boom. i'm proud of you, man. >> should i have brought a tissue? >> and andy cohen plays cupid, again, on "love connection." >> this year, portia williams is on "love connection." and it's amazing. >> here's hoping the real housewife from atlanta meets a better match than this contestant. >> you just called me carly. not chelsea. >> oh -- >> i mixed her up. >> mixed her up? >> these things happen. i'm sorry! >> okay. coming up, the tv return of juliana marg lease. only we are on the set, where she's turning heads as a redh d redhead. >> not pun person knows it's me. >> plus, the life lesson she learned from george clooney. >> that was the first thing i watched. >> then, only we're at home with the florida georgia line star and his family. >> did you play her your music while she was in the belly? >> all the time. >> how he's giving his bandmate baby envy.
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nice to see you. i think you have to have a shower now. >> i agree. and i'm not offended that you said that. >> oh, but the swifties were offended. taylor swift's fans in an uproar after a bbc radio dj made that comment to taylor after she performed in the uk for bbc's biggest weekend in swansea. mean while, taylor's never forgotten her country roots, including her friendship with the guys from florida georgia line. we spent time with the band in nashville, starting with an impromptu playdate. ♪ >> it kind of draws me even closer to hayley, just watching her be a mom. >> say hi. that's funny, huh? >> a ton of kisses to go around,
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as we visited the nashville home of tyler hubbard, wife haley and their daughter, olivia. >> have you been having fun dressing her? >> oh, yes. >> her closet is a little ridiculous. >> did you play her fgl music when she was in the belly? >> oh, yeah, all the time. >> what's her favorite? >> she -- >> she loved "meant to be." >> "meant is to be," is that it? >> brian kelley has his own adventure with his wife, a jean line. >> the clothing line was birthed on the road. she's been on tour with me the past couple years and we found ourselves altering our clothes and customizing things and doing things for the band. >> and they admit baby olivia may have inspired them on another team project. >> seeing olivia just small and how happy she is, it makes you want your own. >> yeah, it does. it does. ♪
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>> but don't worry, the country duo isn't too busy for new musi they are close to releasing a new single. >> i think this is going to be our bes albt yet. we're climbing over that bar. >> which makes all of us country fans very happy. >> it does. >> you can see much more from our florida georgia line interview on "e.t.'s" certified country on facebook. watch. they'll be at the 2018 cmt music awards on june 6th. let's talk tv news now, and the return of julianna ma margulies. >> she's doing a complete style transformation for am c's new dark comedy, "dietland." and we were exclusively on-set. first of all, gucci, gucci. this is a different kind of suit. "the good wife" suit was a little different. >> little different. >> how are you enjoying your time as a redhead? >> i love it. >> like, when you look in the
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mirror, you're like, i'm fierce, baby. >> i always forget that i'm a redhead, and when -- the bes part is when we shoot on location and i walk around the streets and not one person knows it's me. i love it. >> why julianna returned to tv? well, it's not for the sexy red wig or even the spectacular wardrobe, though those are big bonuses. no, julianna actually loves the chance to play a self-obsessed, deliciously evil fashion magazine editor. >> something you haven't thought about, all of those years being screwed over because we wanted to sit at the table with the big boys. >> "dietland" takes a look at culture's obsession with weight and beauty. >> 250 pounds, beautiful, smart, i thought, i can play that. >> now, what's really cool is julianna has kind of taken joy under her wing. call it her way of paying it forward after this guy taught her a thing or two about surviving hollywood. is there one thing that george taught you that you've used
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throughout your career that's stayed with you? >> oh, yeah. we're on a set with 100 crew members every day, so if you're late, that means they don't get to go home to their family. that was the first thing i watched him teach everyone. it's important to respect and love your crew. >> amen to that. meanwhile, here's a woman that commands respect on set and in real life. i'm talking about judge judy. only well were with her as she motivated a group of high school grads in ohio in true judy fashion. >> you have to get it right. we don't care whose kid you are. the question is, can you do it? >> judy's got tough love for the class of 2018. it's clear she thinks graduates need to get back to the basics. >> this is how you shake a hand. got it? >> senior nics ratay wte the letter that won judy's graduation contest. he grew up watching her with his grandmother and was tongue tied when it was time to meet her.
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>> right now, i'm kind of just a blank screen. >> but he pulled it together just in time for the big moment. >> judge judith shind lind! >> judy's never been shy of giving advice. >> it's time for you to get out of your parents' house. they don't want you anymore. >> but she says to speaks to students because of a special memory from her own school days. >> jfk spoke at my college graduation. i'm certainly not comparing myself to jfk, but i'm sort of hoping that this little sendoff will be a little bit of frosting on the cake. it will be memorable. congratulations, and enjoy the journey. >> well, coming up, kim and khloe bring their problems to the set of "family feud"? only our cameras were there. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: scary moments at a local high school after a
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teen is found with a loaded gun.we will hear from students who are now questioning just how safe they are on campus. that's next in a live the hunt is on the suspects who attacked three teens with a hammer while they one boy is fighting for his life. plus... uber launches two new features aimed at keeping riders safe. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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have you ever had family members play each other like this? >> yeah, my family was on the show. >> yeah. >> you're a big fan. >> khloe kardashian calling out sister kim on this exclusive clip from "celebry if i family feud." >> only we were behind the scene nls as they took their personal drama to the next level. >> let's talk about the kim/khloe moment -- >> oh, boy. >> and kanye west does something he hasn't done before. >> it wasn't the plan. >> we're going to have that for you tomorrow. bye, everybody.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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school.">(pam) students feeling on edge today, after a student brought a loaded gun to school ... and police arrest the teenager in the middle of class. (pam) good evening i'm pam moore. (ken) and i'm ken wayne. it happened this afternoon at san lorenzo high school. police say the student had the handgun in his possession when they took him into custody. kron 4's dan kerman is live in san lorenzo tonight with the details. dan?


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