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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 5, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> kron 4 news, your local election headquarters. >> good evening, thanks for joining us on this election night. >> it's election night here in the bay area and all across the state. tonight, we bring you live election coverage across california. our top race tonight, the california governor race. >> here's a look at the returns so far. the latest numbers, just 7% of the precincts reporting, but gavin newsom is in front. lieutenant governor with 35% over john cox, and a surprise, in third place at this stage, another republican. the only two republicans are in the top three, and there are a number of prominent democrats who aren't even showing in the top three.
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antonio villaraigosa in fourth place, john chiang and elaine easton rounding out the top positions. >> gavin newsom's headquarters are in san francisco. he is the front runner. >> jared stone is there, folks must be feeling good about the numbers, even though it is early. >> reporter: they certainly are. it is a packed house at this club in the midmarket section of san francisco. you can see all of the people here. we have been going live all evening, but it has been within the last hour or so that these have started come in. we talked about gavin newsom, a man who has been busy over the past week. in the past seven days, he has been on a bus tour, visiting more than 30 cities, trying to get his message out. he is the front runner in his campaign. polls have him at around 30%,
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going into the selection. should be interesting to see what happens, but a lot of people out here are very optimistic about what is to come here in san francisco, and what will, for gavin newsom. i spoke with his campaign manager earlier, who said it was important to have this in san francisco, where he is based, he was governor from 2000 42,011 before taking over the lieutenant governor seat. he's been busy today as well, busy putting his vote in. he was with his wife and four kids in marin county, putting his vote in earlier today. i have yet to see him at this point, but i'm told he should be here soon. and he should be speaking on that podium soon. we will bring it to you live. >> yes, the hometown will give
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him quite a party tonight. let's check in with cody, live at the republican candidate john cox's reelection party in san diego. they must be feeling good down there, cox is in second place. >> reporter: same words, cautiously optimistic. you heard some cheers when the votes came up earlier. but still, as you've said, it is early, there a certain amount of percentage point in already, but john cox is clearly in second, way ahead of the other candidates. as i said, there cautiously optimistic, it's something that they have been for the last week as they would to see if they will be in a runoff, which could be with gavin newsom. this may come down to the turnout tonight, and the turnout may be good for republicans. how could the president factored the votes tonight? he showed his support for john cox weeks ago.
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the president isn't well liked in the state, but people are coming out and voting for john cox, and he could be that person. he came out earlier to talk to people in the media, listen to what he had to say. >> i'm cautiously optimistic, i'm hoping for a good result, and i hope the people of california see that we will have a good debate, we are going to talk about issues. it will be a civil debate, but it will be about the direction of the state. we sorely needed, given that we are now 50 out of 50 in the quality of life in this country. that shouldn't be the golden state, and it won't be the golden state after november. >> one of the big points of the john cox's campaign said they would campaign on moving forward, is the gas tax, they are hoping to repeal that. they want to make that part of the campaign if they will face
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off against gavin newsom. there are people here at the party, speaking we are hoping that john will go up there soon. he hasn't been up yet, but hopefully he will, and we will hear from him on what is turning out to be a good night so far. back to you for now, live in san diego. kron 4 news. >> we can go ahead and put up some of those numbers here just to show folks where things are shaking out at the moment, with fair returns coming in. >> now up to 9%, those precincts reporting in. it's a long night to go, we are just barely 10% into this. the numbers are coming out, you've seen who stands where. >> lieutenant governor at hernandez, they are pretty darn close with harris. really splitting hairs there. >> and looking at the race for centerstage, alex madia, the
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current secretary of state has 6% of the republican challenger who has 35%. 9% of the precincts reporting. >> controller betty yee incumbent, and constantine is ready test. several important races happening now, but no more important and more exciting than the governor's race. we turn now to pam moore. >> thank you, i'm here with randy, to talk about this governor's race. i want to get information from all of you. even though it's early, two republicans in second and third place. the republicans have to be feeling very joyful, and the democrats have to be pretty good -- concerned. >> it's early, but i was a democrats should be concerned, and republicans should be happy across the board. democrats were hoping that california is a top two primary state.
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is not automatically the top republican against the top democrat. in a lot of these seats, democrats were hoping to have two democrats qualify, and no republicans, but it looks like a republican will qualify in several of these seats. >> is essential for the republicans to have statewide candidates. it's good for california to have a debate on policy, but la county hasn't been counted, and antonio villaraigosa has a good beef, so we have a long way to go. >> it is way too early. i have seen so many races where before the numbers from la started come in, people say look how close it is, and then it starts to expand. >> still, the top two spots, two of the top three are held by republican? >> there's already complaint about voter regularity in los angeles county, which antonio villaraigosa needs to be a huge turnout.
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it will be a long night, and maybe a long few days. >> talking about turnout, we hear that democrats don't turnout for the primary. why is that a given? >> we talked about this earlier. the given may be the democrats assume gavin is going to win. we know that they assume that diane is going to win. maybe this inevitability factor among democrats is, we know who we will get. my understanding is that election day turnout is low in orange county, where pelosi wanted to make a difference. it could be the inevitability factor of the big two, which is diane and gavin. >> you've been a strategist with democrats. while the democrats vote in the primaries? >> primaries are not very well contested, unless they are. seriously. statewide is not going to be an issue, but democrats generally keep their powder dry, and november will be a dish of --
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different issue. >> i want to ask you about no party preference. losing is a republican, he signed on to run for insurance commissioner as no party preference. that shifts the balance of power in the state. the republicans are in third place in terms of registration, behind no party preference. >> he was one of the last year wilkins to win state office. the year that arnold was in office. it's a huge year, donald trump's approval rating is 85% among california republicans, but they make up 25% of the electorate. where does that get you? so it's all about republican turnout, but as you said, democrats are not voting. a lot of that is latinos not showing out in numbers, energized by president trump. >> i just checked on the lieutenant governor's website. hernandez just jumped into
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second place. >> as the night goes on, we will see those numbers role in. trying to push the democrats. let's go back to the studio. >> good information from you and the knights of the round table, we will check back with you later. another big race we are following for you tonight, the mayor's race in san francisco. >> here's a look at the leaders now, london breed with 33%, mark leno, jane came with 18%. the sign at the top under the right corner so 0% precincts reporting, which we have to have some precincts to get these numbers. angela has 8%, and leesville has 6%, and greenberg had less than that. a lot of candidates for mayor in san francisco, but right now i'm a london breed is in front. but with a small percentage of precincts reporting. we go now to michelle kingston, who is live at london breed's election headquarters.
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it's early, but you saw the numbers. your candidate that you are covering is out in front. >> people here are very hopeful, very excited. you just missed it when those numbers came in, [ indiscernible ] one person is still missing, london breed is in here just yet. but it's been a very busy day in the city, take a look. >> are you excited? >> of course i'm excited. >> london breed in san francisco today to -- getting hugs from her supporters. >> san francisco is an amazing city, we have beautiful people in this city, and hopefully they will vote for london breed as their next mayor. >> she is currently the president of the board of supervisors who briefly served as general mayor after the death of former mayor ed lee. san francisco could make history if she wins by electing
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its first african-american woman for mayor. eight candidates are vying for the spot. >> it's time for someone who is bold and fearless, someone who will make the hard decisions to get the city back on track. >> breed is an advocate for safe injection supplies -- site where people can use drugs with staff and social workers on hand. kron4 was with her a few weeks ago as she picked up more than 1000 needles in the city, with local paramedics in less than an hour. >> addiction is not going away because we don't want to see it. part of what we need to do as a city is focus on trying to propose creative solutions to address the challenges. >> she is also a renter in the city, passionate about the housing crisis. speaking on this again this afternoon. >> these are challenging times. with homelessness and the need to build more housing, we have to have someone who is willing to push through the democracy and the redtape, that get in
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the way of effective solutions to get us to a better place. -- >> live here at the election party, you can see people here are anxiously waiting for her to arrive. there ecstatic, to see those numbers coming in. we are told it could be days until we find out the winner. live in san francisco, michelle kingston. >> it looks like you are at the right party. let's take a look at the returns as they roll in. regional measure three, the bridge toll hike, that affects all nine-day counties. >> a lot of buzz on this one. the yes vote, 54%. 70% of the precincts reporting, we will be right back.
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9:17 pm
>> it has been uneventful night, and we are all listening to the same tune. the night is still early, but antonio villaraigosa has been doing serious damage control over the last few hours. instead of getting people to enjoy the party, the results are in, with the requested that the la registrar keep the polls open longer than they were supposed to, in order to allow -- we were receiving reports three hours before the 7:00 hour, roughly 4:00, that roughly 118,000 voters were not appearing. on the voter role. they were being turned away as if they weren't registered. this is unpredictable, and unprecedented for someone like antonio villaraigosa , who depended largely on the vote of los angeles. one the seas to continue in the race, he came here to his election headquarters an hour earlier than he was supposed to
9:18 pm
to ask not only to the media, but anyone else, that the la registrar continue to keep the polls open for an additional hour, or longer. to allow those people to return to the polls and placed their votes. >> we needed to make sure the people understood that we had gotten reports about three hours before hand that, in la county, over 118,000 people were not on the voting list. they went to vote -- many of them really didn't know they had a right to a provisional ballot. so the question is, how many thousands and thousands of people wanted to vote, didn't vote, and this seems very unfair. at a minimum, there should be an investigation. how does an error like that happen?
9:19 pm
>> we have spoken to some representatives a little while ago, and they said they still don't know if the registrar was able to keep the polls open. like she said, this warrants an investigation at the least. it's not only going to be a long night, but a long couple of days as we wait. they're getting started here, it sounds like antonio villaraigosa is about to make his way out. we will keep you updated on all the business that we get. until then, kron4. >> we will try to get antonio villaraigosa when he speaks. speaking of races let's get back to san francisco. the numbers keep coming in. here's where we stand now. dear percent is incorrect, we have more than that, but london breed is still in front, 36% over mark leno. let's talk about mark leno.
9:20 pm
>> he is edging up, we're live at his election party. can you describe the situation there tonight? >> we are outside, because the headquarters closed up, and they went across the street so they could have a large block party. you can hear the music playing behind us. it could bethe first elected gay mayor of san francisco. leno announced his decision to run in the fall, his campaign slogan quote, a new direction for san francisco. leno has had a long tenure in polics. he was a san francisco supervisor, and california state assemblyman, and now continuing his public service by running for mayor. he has tried to run a platform of mental health. he wants to create a justice center tackling the homeless situation. housing needs, all subjects he is focused on.
9:21 pm
he is also very vocal and passionate spokesperson for the community. [ indiscernible ] and his plans for tonight. >> there's going to be a victory party here, and across the street. we will have a great celebration, people have worked hard for the last six months, really getting our message out, making sure voters vote and making sure that everyone knows that this is the best candidate to bring san francisco together. he has the experience to make the change that we want to see. >> it's a festive mood here in the castro. it's also chilly, but that doesn't seem to faze anyone. they are hoping for a big win. they are very optimistic that mark leno could be the first game area of san francisco. we will be here throughout the evening, reporting live in san francisco, back to you. >> another big race in the east that we have followed for you
9:22 pm
is the alameda county district attorney race. kron4 joins us live from -- prices party, she is facing off against the incumbent, nancy o'malley, who has a 64% of the vote right now, with almost 30% of the precincts reporting, compared to pamela prices 36%, but we still have a long way to go. is check-in. >> it looks like the party is starting to get going. pamela preis just walked in. this is a race between two democrats, and some people see different things from each one. prices supporters see her as a more progressive candidate. a volunteer at a supporter. here with me, sherita hansen, she will talk to us about why she supports pamela preis. why do you think she's the better candidate? >> pamela is a civil rights
9:23 pm
attorney, and she has fought for justice for everybody her whole life. >> we can from a situation where she was in foster care, and to be able to make this wonderful career. my grandkids go to school here, i love the diversity, and all of the different children, all of the different backgrounds. i just want all of them to have a fair shake at our justice system. >> do you not think that that's the case under the current da? >> i think that's not the case in our whole justice system, nationally. there's a whole new movement where we had put away people, incarcerated people, we would use the war on drugs, and a lot of situations, marijuana, to
9:24 pm
incarcerate the people that were uncomfortable with. it's time that everybody has the same justice system. nancy has done a lot of good things for women, especially, but it's time to move forward, and do more for everybody. >> i will let you get back to the party. the party is going on, the polls have closed, so we should have more numbers for you as the night goes on. reporting live from oakland, kron 4 news. >> thank you for that. we will check back with you later. >> we are going to take a break, but leave you with some numbers.
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>> we are going to take you live to gavin newsom's headquarters ,
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>> yes, listen, this is going to be a long haul. that was not the rated pg-13 version. this -- i'm excited. i'm excited for california, because we are going to have courage for a change. you all know that the man and his family are upstairs watching these come in. can we make some noise loud enough for them to hear us? how excited we are? it is my job to tell you that it's going to be soon. the next governor of the great state of california is going to be coming down to talk to us soon. hang on, don't go away. it will get exciting, california. stay tuned, gavin newsom for
9:29 pm
california. >> we are expecting him to come out shortly, but in the meantime, former mayor antonio villaraigosa is speaking live now, let's go to that. >> we ought to take a good hard look at la. city of 4 million. 15 councilmembers. there are two women. we have to change that. we have to do something. we have to empower women in this town. we have to have more women. if you know these women, you know -- i'm not that tall, i'm,
9:30 pm
monica, thank you. for your friendship, your support, for coming out tonight. a lot of people are getting elected tonight, and you could have been anywhere, and you are here. i just want to say, i want to work with you. empower more women, stand up for the notion that in a democratic country like ours, the best country in the world, there should be a lot more willing on our city councils. stand up for families. stand up for women's reproductive health. freedom. stand up for equal pay for equal work. stand up for early child education and prenatal care for children.
9:31 pm
stand up for the least among us. thank you for your support. >> let me say a couple things. >> we have been listening live to mayor antonio villaraigosa. we will now switch to a very contentious issue in the south bay right now. the recall of court judge aaron persky. looking at the numbers right now, 59% for yes. >> we are live in the south bay where that rally has been going out, what do you have? >> those new numbers, it looks like the yes on recall is increasing his lead right now, with 39% of the precincts reporting. 58 percent to 41%. is all again here a couple years ago at the terrier court in palo alto.
9:32 pm
was look at some video of the for and against rallies that have played out around the south bay for the past several months. this stems from the case that judge persky presided over, a former stanford athlete, brock turner, convicted of sexual assault. persky sentenced turney to six months in the county jail, as opposed to state prison, which is what prosecutors called for. persky said he just followed the probation report. could ask of that said that persky has shown a pattern in his rulings. persky said he was just following the rule of law. we have a couple of soundbites here. let's start with the organized recall michelle, followed by judge persky. >> we were lling judge persky because he has a long pattern of bias in favor of privileged perpetrators, violence against women, especially college athletes. that kind of bias is unacceptable in the 21st century, and we are here to say
9:33 pm
enough is enough. we need judges to understand sexual violence and take it seriously. >> stop and think about the implications of this recall. someday, you may -- may be on the right side of the law, and the wrong side of public opinion. when you step into a courtroom, before a judge, you will expect , you will demand a judge who will follow the rule of law. >> voters tonight are also being asked to choose successor for judge persky, should he be recalled. it will be down to four prosecutor -- prosecutor cindy henderson, and angela story, a civil attorney. right now, hendrickson is leading 70% to 30% with it 39% of precincts reporting. i just had a chance to speak with judge le doris cordell, who has been leading the charge to support persky.
9:34 pm
she and the recall camp is not quite conceding yet. she did acknowledge that it will be hard to make up any ground at this date. that's where we stand now. the yes on recall camp leading 58-41%. live in palo alto, kron 4 news. >> another sign of the wide variety of issues that voters are facing tonight. a judge recall, transportation issues, governors race, mayors race in san francisco. >> to try to make sense of all this, we will check back in with pam more in the newsroom with our political panel. what are you talking about right now? >> thank you, i'm with randy, tom, mike emma and scott, and we will start with what's happening with the governor's race. spew me! >> gavin newsom was declare the front runner, and it looks like republican john cox will finish second, and the questions going into tomorrow are going to be about the
9:35 pm
campaign of gavin newsom, where he -- he took out ads attacking john caught deck -- john cox's , it's just politics. >> tactically smart, but he will have some fences to mend in the party. >> he helps himself, but he hurts the party. he helps himself because he makes his election easier, but he hurts democrats chances in november. >> politics is not a one-on-one combat, you do what you can in order to win. that's the reality. the inevitability factor for both diane and gavin will hurt the democrats in the fall. because the assumption is that gavin is going to be governor. it hurt him today. the assumption is diane is going to win. she probably is, it would take a miracle not to. that inevitability means, why should i go to the polls?
9:36 pm
that will help the republicans hold onto the congress, especially if this result we see are down there where there is an under vote for -- >> that logic would say if you were a republican, why come out to vote? i don't know that that matters. that inevitability -- >> the answer is, we've been talking earlier, the gas tax pushes republicans. in the districts that matter, the congress, the seats down south. the gas tax is very unpopular. that will push republicans out. the sanctuary state pushes republicans out. not statewide. >> that gets more inflamed, the more democrats want to go out and make a statement. california wants to make a statement. >> not on gas taxes. >> you're right about gas taxes. >> the democrats and independents, they will come out to vote because they want
9:37 pm
democrats to stop the trump agenda. >> let's talk about that. scott? we are talking about orange county, and the demographics have changed in orange county. >> it's the seat of the resistance. john cox is running on the gas tax, and tied himself closely to it. it's an issue that is a simple vote to cast. you're paying too much for gasoline? come out, support me, support this balance. it's more theoretical when you have to make the case, please come out and make sure that this democrat wins, as we need 23 to seats to take control of the house. that's less exciting. >> let's hear some predictions. >> i will make a prediction, but i will say that there has been a lot of talk about democratic candidates being so excited, there was a stampede of candidates rushing to take
9:38 pm
advantage of this golden anti- trump opportunity. it's like a pot of anti-trump gold on a little island, and they all jumped into the same canoe, and it was too heavy. >> my position is, jeff dunham will be taken off the board. he will be safe. that will narrow it, and there's a small chance that the democrats get locked out of the roar back her seat, so they are not going to get what they wanted, which is california pastor taking back. >> california democrats have been itching to make a statement on president trump york they will do so in november. don't count anything out. >> they need a democrat on the ballot. >> it's looking like at least two out of the three really good ones. >> just following that bouncing political ball right there. we are going to take a quick
9:39 pm
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for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross (ken) >> welcome back, we will take you to san diego, republican candidate for governor john cox. >> he wanted to run against me, instead of anothedemocrat. well, as i told him in san jose at the debate, be careful what you wish for. [ applause ] gavin newsom and his corrupt cronies , they did a bunch of ads touting their opposition to the president. let's send him the very first message, and that is, it wasn't trump who made california the highest tax state in the country.
9:46 pm
it was gavin newsom and the democrats. it wasn't president trump who gave us a $52 billion gas tax increase without any reform of one of the most inefficient agencies in the country. it wasn't trump who give us that gas tax. it was gavin newsom, and we are going to repeal that tax in november. it wasn't president trump but gave us one of the most expensive and failing school systems in the country. this is absolutely criminal to deprive our children of the education they deserve. we know it. the extra tax money that they passed in proposition 30 isn't going to the classroom, it's going to administrators and pensions.
9:47 pm
we need to get that money into the classroom, and we need to give our children and parents the education -- >> we've been listening to republican john cox. he is the candidate for governor of california. let's pull of those numbers so we can see what the ranking is right now. >> he's the republican candidate endorsed by president trump. this is what gavin newsom wanted, he wanted a republican opponent. you knew that would solidify his vote and popularity with democrats. as john cox said, be careful what you wish for, because that's exactly what he got. here is where the numbers stand right now. we will be right back.
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>> continuing local election coverage. here are the latest numbers for the race for mayor of san francisco. london breed in front, followed by mark leno and jane kim. many votes to be counted, still. >> the night is young. let's check in with our correspondent live tonight at jane kim's headquarters. have you been able to talk to her? >> we haven't seen her yet this evening. supporters are inside, gathered, watching the results. volunteers worked tirelessly on this campaign. they were at the polls until the very last minute, and now they are inside, watching those numbers come in. the hope is that all the hard work jane kim has put in will resonate with voters, with more than a decade of service on the board of supervisors and the education board, she calls herself a progressive. she fights for middle-class renters, tenant protection, low
9:51 pm
income housing, and minimum wage. she also with the initiative that made san francisco the first city in the nation to make city college free for its residents. her team of volunteers have knocked on 100,000 doors and held over 100 house parties. they believe she is the candidate that can create change in this city. one supported we spoke to said her universal childcare proposal one over. >> i need childcare. i want to make sure the next mayor is supportive of childcare, that's huge. childcare is the second highest issue for all parents. childcare keeps is working, and because of that, that's the reason i support jane kim.
9:52 pm
>> in 2016, she ran head-to- head against scott weiner for state senate. she believes she has what it takes to be the mayor of san francisco. reporting live in san francisco, grant desmet kron 4 news. >> we will take a quick break and be right back.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
(ken) >> another look at the numbers for the race for mayor of san
9:55 pm
francisco. london breed in front, followed by mark leno, then jane kim. angela alioto is barely in the top six. number four with 8%. >> we're live at angeli -- angela alioto's party. >> it's a party, it's a family affair for angela, because we are commemorating the last day of polls, and her son's restaurant here. right next door to her law offices. her family just had a rich and long history in san francisco. her father was the mayor back during the civil rights movement. she is geared up, trying to make sure that she is able to reinstate the values that she believes have tapered off over the last few years in san francisco. she wants to bring it back to what it once was.
9:56 pm
people out here are just amped up, they are hopeful that this is a ranked choice system, there is still a chance, and we will see the next few days if she will move up in the ranks. in the meantime, this is her third time running for mayor, because she is passionate about this city and wants to be able to clean up the streets and find housing for homeless people, and find permanent solutions. >> i am one of the most persistent people you've ever met. that's just part of my nature. this time, the circumstances made it almost like i know how to take care of homelessness. i know how to take care of sick people who have alcohol and drug abuse. i know how to do that. i really took it upon myself to get into this race and try to do something about it. >> reporter: london breed is in the lead, but we won't know what will really happen in this grace -- race, people have their fingers crossed to see if third time is the charm. kron 4 news.
9:57 pm
>> it's a family affair, and it sounds like they're having a good time. >> and italian get together. that wraps up kron 4 news at nine. before we go, we want to leave you with some late numbers, coming on measure three. >> that the bay area toll hike, which will affect all tolls and bridges except the golden gate bridge to help transportation. let's hope that it does. >> our election coverage continues at the top of the hour , with pam moore and ken wayne. the top of the just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape
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(pam) now at ten: your local election headquarters:good evening .. and thank you for joining us tonight.. im pam moore. (ken) >> at ten, kron4, your local election headquarters. and you for joining us tonight. >> the polls closed about two hours ago, and the results are being counted. the results are in for our top race in california tonight, the governor's race. here's where the numbers stand right now. the top candidates, gavin
10:00 pm
newsom, john cox, and antonio villaraigosa, gavin newsom is being called the winner of the race for california in this primary. >> antonio villaraigosa, the former mayor of los angeles , john cox, the top republican in the race, is a southern california businessman. making his first run for state office. we're live at gavin newsom headquarters in san francisco , and we will check in with that later. we showed you those numbers, let's check in with another of the races. leibowitz is standing by with the john cox campaign. how's that going? >> it is all smiles here, celebration is there declaring themselves to be in the top two. that runoff against gavin newsom in november. john cox just to state a couple minutes ago, really speaking to his supporters, speaking also to gavin newsom, telling him that his policies havefa


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