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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 6, 2018 9:00pm-9:58pm PDT

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fo. hat's where we find charles >> reporte there has not been a shelter in place issued. this is what remains of this fire. they've mostly got it under control but crews are still on the scene keeping it spg out. at the moment, it's li burning in a dumpster at a junkyard and they are trying to keep it contained to the area. this is pumping out a lot of smoke. if you are drme, probably couldn't he all this smoke. let's look at some video. this fire was reported about 5:37 pm today. it was described as a grass fire that into the junkya highway. ioch pittsburgh three people were injured and minor es. ns and thede they we scene
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and released. no serious injuries. firefighters were able to bring this under control. they are working on containment. i was told by the fire marshal there is a portion of the fire they are having trouble reaching and the plan is to let it burn itself out. it's no longer threatening structures in the area. the health advisory is still in place. no shelter in place has been issued. as we head into the evening hours, we will have more tonight on kron 4 news at 10:00. it's the latest here in contra costa county. charles clifford, kron 4 news. little change is forecast into thursday with continued cool teures and ovnight/morning low clouds in the bay area. patchy coastal drizzle may be possib o coast tracking overnight lows in the 40s-50s. daytime highs for thursday will range from the 60s-70s. a slight warming trend is forecast on friday before another trough cools nditions down s take a look at what ry gustythe interior portions of the east bay. specifically, fairfield and concord areas. winds out of the west moving east.
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but as we take a look at current wind speeds, not that much has changed. really still relatively gusty for those in fairfield and concord. breezy conditions but still well into the double digits. futurecast is going to show wi sts around midnight. those will start to calm down a little bit. heading into the single digits, we wake up to double digit wind speeds by around your thursday morning and even into the afternoon and by friday, back into the single digits. fortunately, we are heading in the right direction as far as wind speeds go because i am tracking, conditions later this evening. here is a live look in the east bay overlooking berkeley. i am tracking right now, june gloom making it's come back into the forecast. behind win...come from ((nats)) g to he a om be impactour thursday morning drive and some patchy drizzle as well with below average highs for your thursday. more in my full forecast. (ken)
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durrant finds it inside and throws it down. >> outside, delivers. kevin durantrom downtown. >> that will it. golden state come from behind w ((2shot/ken)it was a >> kevin durant pretty much carrying the doves on his back with an awesome shooting display. just like that, the warriors are now just one win away from back-to-back nba championships. it was a thrilling come from behind win on the road in a very hostile environment in cleveland. >> that didn't stop the doves from taking a commanding 3-0 lead in the finals. we've got live team coverage tonight. our allie readis at a watch party and kim smith is in cleveland but we begin with gary raddatz. we've got all the highlights. kind of cool. >> should be over by friday. i think vicki. the cavaliers, they really came out. james was his usual great stuff.
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iguodala helping the warriors a litt there's james just incredible stuff. 33 tonight. to go along with 10 rebounds, 11 assists, just packing his way down. ks up his third foul in the second quarter bu james a is going against four stars. official curry finishes the that's the thing. curry had a terrible night, terrible for curry. yet, it di'tmatter. curry only had 11 points. nance junior with one second left in durrant sced 24 tonight. curry made one three-pointer. one for 10 on the evening but they didn't need him. 11.6 assists and five for curry. durrant was just a guy. he finished with a career-high 43 points and . sesists. e warriors win 110-102. a huge (gary)
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an wrap it up and i like to tease a little bit. that's why you never listen to the media. we went on and on about steph curry is going to be the mvp. this is his night. this is his series. he will be the mvp for the first time and now durrant goes crazy. if they were voting tonight it would be durrant. part of our quad box, kim smith. we've got people all over the place. she is standing by in cleveland with the latest. (vicki) despite the game being in >> reporter: all of these people tainabout steph curry and what he could possibly do thinking he was going to get that not already
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in two games but kevin durant showing and proving tonight really carrying this team on his back, carrying the low for the warriors. as you said earlier, the warriors pretty much tapped out, could not knock down a shot to start this game and coming off of steph curry's amazing, historic nine three- pointer game, 0-9 until the d of the's game, pry. kevin durant from the very start. kevin durant getting it going in the 1st half with 7-10 from the field, knocking down 3-4 from the three-point line. and then 7-on-7 from the three- point line. he was basically perfect to start this game. his teammates, one for 3 from the three-point line. that's their game right there, so they could not get things going from the three-point line. kevin durant doing the week -- work and carrying his team. a career playoff high 43 pois for kevin durant and so much talk has been said about will kevin durant opt out of his contract coming out of the season as he could possibly be an unrestricted free agent? he has definitely proven himself in this playoff run.
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26-t two gas then 43 points tonight. definily showing that he can do the work and get it done for his team. with kevin durant out here tonight, basically showing everyone he can be the guy. lebron james also having to carry his team along but kevin durant doing that for the warriors, and we saw the cavaliers get those guys going around lebron james. that's what it seemed like lebron was doing from the very start of this ing gethttinem in smith, a guy that got a round of applause his fans her and then you see just the cavaliers having that momentum to start the game. it was all kevin durant keeping them alive, hitting that dagger three-pointer from deep downtown and getting it done for the warriors. now, they have a 3-0 advantage. you know what that means. not many teams come back from that deficit. >> gary will be back in a little bit. before we lyou go,
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what was it like being in the arena? the feeling seemed to be if cleveland would win the game tonight, thiswould have been the night they would do it with their hometown crowd. how is that hometown crowd feeling now? >> reporter: i quickly learned why they call this place loudllwith the start. they needed to get it done here at home. they needed to at least split the series. we will see what happens in game four. to get back involved in this game we have seen lebron down 3- 1 but it doesn't seem like that kind of team that can overcome this kind of deficit like they have before in 2016 when ey overcame that deficit. to not win this game, to not get it done e first game at home, especially when they have the starts that they had in this game. >> we are looking at you right
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now. it's deserted and you can imagine a lot of those fans drowning their sorrows tonight. thank you. fans packed oracle arena for tonights game.... the big watch party.. ali? it>>the game being played in cl fans packed oracle arena for tonight's game. ali reid joins us from the big watch party. it was close the entire time.but throughout all 4 quarters, fans were here cheering them got a bit scary because both teams played good >> reporter: what a game. iors stgglein amazing. first quarter, but found their grooveit was game on. although we were like 2000 miles away, fans were still here cheering their team on. the energy and excitement inside thiwas t of this world, and it was pretty exciting being here. i must say that. both sides missed a lot of shots. out enjoying this experience together ....they're happy to be going home with a win. .sot sotsotstandupa lot of fans were expecting an adjustment period while the warriors are
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in cleveland. so if this was it got scary because both of them were missing a lot of shots, playing defense but in th none of that really mattered to warriors fans because we did take home the win. they held oracle down while the doves represented in cleveland. there is such a difference watching the game a than it is at hnsfeed off of ea knee -- energy and entertainment as always. lots of families were enying th to gethbe going home >> we've got one guy who does 51 points in the first game and that's all he's got. one guy and no one else. >> we were on the road. we've got iguodala so -- >> reporter: fans are expecting an adjustment period wants the warriors went to cleveland. so if there was a game to lose, it should have been this one. so does this mean this is going to be a sweep? we will have to come up -- find out come friday. ali reid, kron 4 news. bank finals challenge...and it's all
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local election headquarters... and measure three has passed and that means it's going to cost you more when you cross baarea bridges... as we take this live look outside at the kron 4 news is your local e ans it's going to cost more to cross bay area bridges. this is wit of course, of the golden gate bridge.(ken) over a six year period, starting next year, tolls will increase by three llars. the money raised will go towards public
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transportation and improving roads to try to ease traffic. ston the higher tolls to exclude the golden gate bridge. th is nate operated bridge. over six years starting next year, tolls will increase over three dollars. the money raised upposed to tow and it -- improving roads to ease traffic. j.r. stone talked with some drivers today. probably getting some mixed reaction. >> i talked with people on both sides of this issue, but most of the folks i spoke with leave -- live paycheck to paycheck and a jority of those people are not happy with this plan. >> the thing is, the way things is going right noit going to al lot of people is scared to use public transportation. >> low income people it's very difficult. cars will be ordered so there can be longer trains. there is also the possibility of adding bart extensions to san jose. more than 60 percent of the money raised will go to capital projects involving public ansportation. 4 percent pay ae. >> reporter: the first dollar increase will come next year. the second will come in 2022, and the third will come in 2025.
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the $4.5 billion will be used to try and improve the road congestion in the bay area. new buses will be bought and 300 new b.a.r.t. cars will be added with possible extensions to b.a.r.t. in san jose. more than 60% of the mud you -- money will go to public transportation and 34% will go to roadway projects. i also spoke with some folks who are excited about the project. you will hear what they had to say tonight at 10:00. campaign at the bay bridge, j.rstone, kr perior cort judge was recalled by voters over his handling of a high profile sexual assault case. judge aaron persky is only the 4th judge in california history to be recalled by voters and the first in 86 years. voters supported the recall by a margin of 60 to 40. rejecting persky's own plea that he followed the law when he sent brock in another closely watched
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campaign in santa clara county, a superior court judge was recalled over his handling of a high-profile sexual assault dg. aaron persky on off -- the fourth judge in california history to be recalled by voters and the first in some 86years. voters supported the recall by a margin of 60-40, rejecting persky's on plea when he said he followed the law when ntence6 weekin jail for sexu assault. >> people who voted for the recall thought they were voting for the best reasons when actually it had been turned into a referendum on sexual assault. instead of a careful examination of the record of the judge. warrants, restraining orders and other judcial matters. once the recall vote and election of replacement judge cindy hendrickson are >> persky will remain as a night judge for now handling requests for warrants, and other judicial matters. once the recall vote and election replacement, judge cindy hendrickson, are certified and hendrickson is sworn in, aaron persky will be removed from office . we have a new dramatic rescue video to show you from the first night of the wildfire that tore through neighborhoods around santa rosa. six bus drivers turned into heroes that night, driving
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around rescuing people trapped by the fire, saving more than 100 of them. gabe slate talked to some of s who lived through what they describe as a bus drive rough hell. >> you do what you have to do in the moment. that's what happens. a couple days later, i had time to digest it, i got's -- i got scared. >> reporter: steve boris cary steve roraus was one of 6 santa rosa citybus employees who answered the 2am call to come in, jump in a bus, head out into t firestorm to rescue people. citybus just released was one of six employees who answered the 2 am call to come in, jump in a bus and head out into the firestorm to rescue people. the city bus just released pictures and videos from onboard cameras of the dramatic rescue missions ou faces and make sure everyone's privacy was respected. sound from thers wenthrough. there reulnerable people who needed rescued. there was no other way to get out of those facilities. >> reporter: steve's mission was to head to the fountain grove neighborhood to rescue people at the ille senior ng ce of home could not walk on their own and were loaded on the bus. perintendent, santa rosa
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citybus"super fragile people >> these are super fragile people. some of them, it was hurting them to be moved. >> reporter: steve said what happened next was like a bus ride from hell. he had to get them to the ter a both sides of the road. everything was on fire. the visibility was super bad so i was just concentrating on route markers, stripes in the road, lines in the road and by the time i got to coffee lane and started heading south, that's when it was the scariest. you could actually feel the heat through the window -- windows. rivers of embers flowing down the street. there were no houses not on fire. rintendent, santa rosa citybusi was no more of a hero than any other city employee who is doing their duty that ght"steve says city bus will be ready standing by for the next disaster it's their duty in santa rosa gabe slate kron 4 news. (anchors) >> reporter: he and his coworkers were heroes rescuing those from the brookdale senior living facility and that was just one of their stops. >> i am no more of a hero than any of the other city workers on duty that night. >> reporter: gabe slate, kron 4
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news. we are going out live to thwarriors press conference in cleveland. we have kevin durant at the podiumw. >> we didn't want to panic and let them push the lead to 16 or 17 in the 2nd half, so we knew they were knocking down shots and we had some breakdowns we could correct. on the offensive side othe ball we just kept moving the ball and finding the mismatches. just being aggressive all of us. i thought jordan was tremendous tonight giving us that rim presence and opened it up for everybody else. stuff you really don't see as a normal fan or somebody watching i think that was key. in the1st half at the end of the1st half, those guys coming in and the bench did a great job of settling us down a little bit. >> reporter: how much did you beat yourself up after the late box out?
9:21 pm
>> i didn't. >>porter: did it refocus you at all to rebound more and when you do rebound, does that usually spread to the rest of your game? >> i didn't beat myself up about that. conference... but this team, cleveland peally i think a lot of teams just try to get more possessions than us. after game one i had nine rebounds but if i am just in the right spot or it's an uncontested rebound i knew coming in that should be my focus because these guys are so great at getting extra possessions for their team. draymond green, d west, they do a good b of boxing out. i just want to help as much as i can and push the break if we get a rebound.
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>> all right. you've been listening to kevin durant to talk about this crucial game three victory in cleveland. according to our esteemed gary radnich, he has the inside track on being the series -- named the series mvp. oh your leaving th all over the sidewalk no no no we own these.just because there is a temporary moratorium on morid scooters, it doesn't mean you won't see any scooters i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly > coming up, a new twist. >> there like you are leaving them all over the sidewalk. no, we own needs. >> just because there is a moratorium on motorized scooters doesn't mean you won't see any scooters. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. a u.s. trade dispute with mexico heating up. after the break, we will explain proposed tariffs against u.s. exports that could directly impact the prices at the grocery store.
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only at jack in the box delivered exclusively with doordash - order now. (vicki) 4 your money tonight... the u-s trade dispute with mexico is heating -- mexico imposed a series of tariffs against u-s exports to s market and that could direct for your money tonight, the u.s. trade dispute with mexico is heating up. >> mexico imposed a series of tariffs against the united states, our exports that could have an effect on prices for american consumers. camilla burnell reports. billion in tariffs against u.s. exports. the tariffs are expected to impact the price of >> mexico is fighting back announcing $3 million in tariffs against u.s. exports. the tariffs are expected to impact the price of products including pork, apples, potatoes, bourbon, and some cheese. >> these import tariffs are going to make american products more expensive and this is
9:26 pm
exactly administration's announced tariffs on steel and aluminum what we have been moving against and away from. >> reporter: the move is a retaliation for the trump administration's announcement for tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from mexico and a number of other countries. the president has long argued that international trade has not benefited the u.s. >> our industries have been targeted for years and years, decadect by fa foreign trade practices. second largest market for u.s. de go >> reporter: but the [null] for tat won't matter because the exports -- the u.s. exports more than it buys and it's the second largest market for u.s. goods behind only canada. >> we will do what's necessary cutting deeply into how much the u.s. exports the future.rn neighbor in to protect the u.s. and its workforce. >> reporter: the tariffs are expected to raise the price of affected goods between 15% and 25%, cutting deeply into how much the u.s. exports to its neighbors in the future. the tariffs announced tuesday will only affect about 1% of
9:27 pm
u.s. exports to mexico. but the full impact is yet de the eu and canada he announced plans to retaliate with tariffs against american products. washington, camilla burnell. man.. and it was all caught on camera... find out what led up to the beating... (ken) plus...police are searching for a burglary suspect who has hit many e east bay ha three police officers placed on leave after violently beating a man and it's all caught on camera. find out what led up to the beating . the police are searching for a burglary suspect who hit stores in the east bay. we are going to tell you why he is called the bumbling burglar . and a disturbing story out of the mission district. a woman accused of killing her roommate after a dismembered body was found in her home. details on the investigation next in a live report. maybe you could save energy by
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weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade lifornia. (ken) now at 9:30... a
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mission district of san francisco over the weekend.... body parts were found inside a plastic storage container..(vicki) police say a woman is facing a murder charge in the slaying of her shocked.. kron 4's gayle ong is san a gruesome discovery over the weekend. body parts were found in a trashcan. >> a woman is accused of dismembering her neighbor leaving neighbors shocked. here are the details. prosecutors say this all stems from a roommate dispute..that happened last month..police discovered her 61-year-old roommate's dismembered body on saturday..neighbors wond. randy brito was just coming home from work when he saw police swarming his building.. police
9:31 pm
triggered an investigation saturday when 61-year-old maggie mamer was reported missing her body parts found here...rotting in a pltic storage coainer..her roommate 47-year-old lisa gonzales is facing murder charge..brito didn't know them but prosecutors say gonzales told police she had an argument with maner on may 15thshe was trying to evict her, maner refused to move out gonzales does not rewhat happened next.. the san francisco d-a's office asked a judge today to order gonzales to be held without bail,our calls and emails to the public defender's office which is representing gonzales were not returned.a hearing on the bail issue will be held fridaylive in san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news.
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(ken) another body was found on the campus of san francisco general hospital on monday prompting a police investigation. this comes less than a week after the body of ruby andersen was discovered in the stairwell of the hospital's power plant officials say there is no evidence of foul play in threce the woman died while in a bed in the hallway of the hospital's psychiatric ward. the woman had been there on an involuntary 72 hour hold. police are investigating the situation as is the hospital. the a woman's, has not yet been identified. (ken) n bay.. poce are r a suspect they are calling the bumbling burglar.they say the man broke into don's market an and stole thousands of dollars in loery tickets. (vicki) the dramatic and disturbing burglary was caught on surveillance video and police tell kron 4's hermela aregawi.. this isn't the first time the suspect has targeted
9:33 pm
the same store. (hermela aregawi)police and the store owners here tell me the same man dressed in the same clothes. tried to break in in november but wasn't successful. police say.. h tried it again this past sunday around 5:30 in the morning.. and managed to break through the glass door. let's take a look at the surveillance video.. you se the doors op.. but ends up breaking the handle instead and flying back on the ground. he loks like he's going to walk away but comes back with a rock.. and repeatedslams manages to make a hole.. loses a shoe, puts it back on.. and squeezes his body through the hole.. in this moment.. you see this vehicle driving by. police say.. that is the witness who happened to be driving by du the break-in and called police... so the suspect now inside.. police say.. he stole the cash register.. but left it nearby because it didn't have any money in it. they tell us.. the suspect also took 5- thousand dollars in lottery tickets.jillian hunt/concord what stands out to me, it's 5:30 in the morning and people are already into worate meially manufacturing industry and for this gentleman just to be able to break into this place and not get caught. i think there needs to be more patrol with police and whatnot. i know chp
9:34 pm
does a really great job coming through this area. i see them a lot. i think there needs to be a higher presence in this area because it's more unincorporated. james anderson/concordi've lived here for many years and they have bn severatimes, f noso rea t front door and the glass broken many many a time. they are our local lile store. i think it's crazy that right here in concord that this happens. and they only stole lottery ckets which are instantly cancelled. (hermela aregawi)and what he stole is part of why police are calling him the bumbling burglar. the stolen lottery tickets are immediately reported to e thate an haid. all the suspect's efforts didnt' walk away with anything. if you recognize the suspect or have any information about the incident.. you are asked to call concord police. reporting in concord hermela aregawi kron 4 news.
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(vicki) a teenager is speaki oafter she was gropped at a water park over meday weekend. 13-year-old kyleigh says she's signed up for self-defense classes after she was groped at sunsplash water pa in roseville. kyleigh says the men groped her and a friend in the wave pool. they were able to break free but hours later saw the same men in the pool. that's when they decided to alert the lifeguard.kyleigh/13-year-old victim: "as i was grabbing my thigh, kinda pulling me. and so i pushed him off. i told him get off me, leave me alone." several vicitms have come forward after the police were called. seven men were arrested cts against a minor but were released
9:36 pm
because of insufficient evidence. but kyleigh says as many as 30 men were a part of the groping group. he suspects are due back in court at the end of the month. (ken) a teacher at a santa teresa high school in san jose .... is accused of intimidating a student - with a noose. the teacher is caucasian -- the student - african american. the police department got involved -- but no charges have been filed. the organization - blacleadership kitchen was threatened with a noose made from rope in the school gym. policmembers of thcommunity alerted detectives....the school district did not. the black leadership kitchen cabinet says, it is considering filing a class action lawsuit against the school district. (vicki) in the east bay - a critical update to a story about a high school student drowning in the schools' pool. a completed autopsy report is now claiming the students' death was áánot a suicide. as kron four's terisa estacio reports-- the family is now demanding answers to their son's tragic death. (estacio reporting) this is
9:37 pm
the sixteen page autopsy by the contra costa coroner's office... on benjamin curry. curry was a 9th grade student at san ramon valley high school. (take sound) andrew schwartz, atty. "there was a false narrative about what happened and what the school did not correct. the family is devastated to think that it was out there that their son committed suicide. and he did not. andrew schwartz represents ben curry's family. schwartz. what happens next, unclear... curry was discovered by students and staff in the deep end at the schools pool back on may 8th. at a makeshift memorial at school following s death - posters on suicide prevention were put up. many students said on mera, they believed curry had commited suicide. now, in the autopsy a much highly detailed report, the corner now states quote " the decedent was found under the water in the san ramon valley high school school swimming pool. althought thedecedent suffered from depression, there is no indication the decedent intended to himslef." furthermore, this death will be classified as an accident." in addition, the report continues to include this revelation.... that during the investigation, a
9:38 pm
school resource officer reviewed surveillance video of the schools pool. he stated in the coroner's report shows curry submerged in the water during a swim class. as the class ended, students were seen leaving, but it is unclear he h others or remained. r, 10 minutes later as the next appeared, they found curry underwater. they removed him and a teacher began cpr until paramedics arri grieving but they are relieved the truth is finally out there." schwartz says it is too soon what if any action the family will take. the danville police continue their investigation in the case. the school district ssays they are cooperating with police. terisa estacio kron four news. (ken) still ahead... hundreds of homes-- lost-- and there's no end in sight. an update on the kilauea (ken) news. four terisa estacio kron four news.
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(ken) still ahead... ds of homes-- lost-- and there's no end in sight. an update on the kilauea volcano... (mabrisa bay area weather) (gary sports tease) mcdonald's new fresh beef quarter pounder is so good, garry's speechless. so here is gabrielle union. yoanu kn't resist l that 100% fresh beef juiciness. you're all i think about. ....the burger, garry. the new fresh beef quarter pounder burgers. game three in cleveland
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the cavs have won their last 8 playoff games at home golden state is 1-2 in golden state is 1-2 in game three's of the n-b-a finals under steve kerr andre he missed ixplayoff njy games with a bone bruise lebron james setting the tone earlfor the cavs goes off the glass for the dunk finishes with triple double 33 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds steph curry got into foul trouble early in the game picks up his third foul in the second quarter he pulls lebron down... james argues with the official curry finishes the first half with 2 points and 1-for-8 kevin durant picks up the slack for golden state hits a three over larry nance junior with one second left in the half scores 24 points on 7-for-10 6 at the break the by third... it was durant versus cleveland with a jumper
9:44 pm
over george hill scores 10 points in the quarter role players stepped up for the cavs rodney hood with big minutes off the bench ties the game at 90 hood... 15 points... 7-11 from the floor ty lue only played him 4 minutes in game 1 and 2 curry... 0-for-9 first... and only... three of the game warriors up 101-97 steph... 11 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds less than one minute to go... durant... deep 3-pointer over j.r. smith... 106-100 warriors... durant with a career-playoff-high 43 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists golden state win 110-102 the warriors are one win away from winning back to back championships game 4 set for friday night here are durant and steve kerr... ater the game(sot:durant anke) 'i found some good spots, and myteammates did a great job of setting screens for me,setting me up. coach did a great job of calling playsfor me, and i just tried to come through and beaggressive, just to do something,""he made so many great, difficult shots, but he also had seven moviball.y he's
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ewnine... now that the city of san francisco has put a temporary halt to all those motorized ghink yowopeople buzzing around. (vicki) but of course stanley roberts made an interesting discovery... .. this is a scooter running a red light near the corner of 4th and channel in san francisco nats: ambiance wait what? i thought there was a moratorium on motorised scooters i've said it once but i'll say it again for every
9:48 pm
action there is an equal and opposite reaction the action, motorized scooter companies dumped scooters all around san francisco so city ofresponded moratorium on the scooters the companies can get e required permits hold it there that scooter again, no helmet and riding on the sidewalk...nats ambiance so i was confused if there is a ratorium on these motorized scooters why am i still seeing motorized scooter like these guys riding legally in the bike lane and with helmets and one guy even waved toodle loo as he rolled by i they look like bird scooters i was propelled explore further nats: ambiance i found the scooters and the owners getting food on 4th street it turns out they flaouown the yet they are getting some backlash for their personal scooters they get pissied off becuse thier like oh yourall over thesidewalk no no no we
9:49 pm
own these i would never leave my property on the sidewalk so the scooters invasion has opened the door for people to buy their own personal scooters what made you buy a scooter, it's just you know cheain the long run, instead of spending a couple of bucka day, just one time cost it's just more economical i do a lot of short trips in re efficient timeisffiit would you have ever thought of buying a scooter if it weren't for the (probably not) it definitely created awareness for the concept it was good to try it out and now that it's good for me i was like let' s go for it how fast does that go ahhh 15 alright 15 . so in some cases we still have scooters astill s and are riding on the sidewalkstheir just not littering the city for now oh and by the way for any rental scooter seen on the streets without permits the company could be charged one thousand dollars a day per scooter in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (vicki) news
9:50 pm
(vicki) three officers in mesa, arizona have been placed on leave tonighafter vide of them beating a man outside an apartment building. the police chief ys he is investigating-- but some say nothing the victim could have said to police warrants the force they us on m. ta t you see 33-year-old robert johnson - who friends say go by junior - on his phone... and then he suddenly gets kneed and punched by the officers... this happened back on may 23rd on the third floor of an apartment complex. the department is wi and wants answers and is also making changes. (vicki) the victim's (vicki) the victim's lawyer wants mesa police to accept responsili. and before the police who ncd johnn arrived, another officer had already patted him down for weapons. he was at the building with a friend, who was allegetrying to get into his ex-girlfriend's apartment. (ken) more h
9:51 pm
the firseruption, hawaii's kilauea volcano has unleashed a new tidal wave of lava, wiping out hundreds of number eig ithe only one of the dozens of fissures that's still active.....and it's "very" active --- spewing enough lava to cover a thousand football fields three feet deep.... every day. the flow spread eastward at speeds up to 80 les an hour. residents on the island al airborne threat called "laze"....or lava haze....that occurs when lava hits ocean water. the mixture of gas, steam, and tiny bits of glass is potentially lyad... five weeks of fiery destruction .... and geologists say there's no way to tell how long it will last. little change is forecast into thursday with continued cool temperatures and overnight/morning low clouds in the bay area. patchy coastal drizzle may be possible from the san mateo coast southward, tracking overnight lows in the 40s-50s. daytime highs for thursday will range from the 60s-70s. a slight warming trend is forecast on friday before another trough cools conditions down for the weekend. high pressure will
9:52 pm
then rebuild over california. as a result, expect a more significant warming trend early next week increasing the threat for his fire danger.
9:53 pm
(vicki) (vicki) and next...two history-making gerber babies -- 90 years apart -- meet in the most adorable photo ever... just when you thought you were done painting...
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life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. baby from 19-28... met the wlselected gerber baby in person....(vicki) and they both are history-making gerber babies who are 90-years apart ann turner cook is 91 years old...and she is the original gerber baby after her iconic baby image became gerber's official logo in 19-31. gerber arranged for cook to meet one-year-old lucas warren this past weekend... the little boy made history this year -- as the first baby with down syndrome to be a gerber br in 20-10, the company began its annual tradition of taking photo submissions for year, spokes-baby, and this year, little lucas was the winner. (grant) that wrup kron 4 news at nine... but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore is here with kron 4 news at ten....pam?
9:57 pm
(pam) thank you vicki and ken... next at ten...the fire is outbut the smoke is still cause for concern after this massive blaze at a junkyard in the east details from the fire in a live report. plus...a grisly crime rocks a san francisco neighborhood.a woman..accused killing her roomate and dismembering her.hear from shocked neighbors...wh ips with what happened.(pam)plu warriors are just one win away from back to back championships after a thrilling come-from-behind win in game three of the finals. live team coverage...just minutes away. don't go away ws in primetime starts right ter the break.
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ten: a public health advisory tonight after a fire at a scrapyard in the east bay. (ken)right now - the fire is out but smoke is an issue. (pam) 3 people were hurt. thank you for joining us.. im pam moore. (ken) and im ken wayne. this is happeng n the 27-hundred
10:00 pm
block of the the pittsburg antioch hiway close to highway 4. tonight people with respiratory illnesses are being warned to stay inside. kron 4's charles clifford is live in the east bay. charhat is the lateston this breaking news situion? q and a with k (pam)


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